Saturday, February 17, 2018

Survival Mode and Mardi Gras Mambo

So last week was one of extreme busyness! Monday was our slowest day. The kids had school and I went grocery shopping. I was so relieved to be able to spend the rest of the day home alone. That night we hung out here and had tacos for dinner. It was nice to start the week on a slower note. 
Tuesday was the start to the busy. I had Bible study of course. As always that's a nice way to start the day. Afterwards I did come home and have a few hours to myself which was great. That afternoon Colby had art class. This meant I still had to pick up Lindsay though at 3:30. She and I went to the local library to do her homework and pass some time before heading back to get him at 4:45. I was happy he really seemed to love the art class. After art class we picked up dinner and came home to eat before starting on his homework. It was a very busy evening with all that. I am happy that they have some after school activities but my oh my I am gonna be a busy momma! 
Wednesday was ofcourse another busy day! I got the kids to school then went to my parent's house to bake cookies for Valentine's for them. It was early, but since they aren't actually in school on Valentine's and Lindsay had snack day that Thursday we did it early to celebrate. It was a good time visiting with my parents. I don't get to hang out with them often by myself. I left there a little before 11 though and got home to work around the house and rest. I have had this cough/cold for about a week and I knew it would be good to take it easy. That night we had church. I had a children's meeting. Austin got to come and attend that as well. Its always nice seeing friends and catching up on Wednesday nights too. 
Thursday was a SUPER busy day for me. Austin was off though and that really helped and changed things for me. So I had been toying with the idea of going to MUSES parade with some teacher friends that night. I had about backed out though on Wednesday though due to everything we had going on. So anyway Thursday I still had to work and teach music class. With being half sick and it being Mardi Gras/Valentine's season and knowing how much I had to do I really didn't much want to be there or feel too much on my game. Things went ok though, but I was sure happy to wrap that up. I came home and hung out with Austin for awhile. We rested knowing that we would both have a busy afternoon/evening. By 2:30 I was up busy and packing for our fun night ahead. Austin was able to leave around 2:45 to go get Colby which was a huge help and I left around 3:30 to head up there. I picked Lindsay and I up some chicken at Cane's then from there went to the school. Lindsay had art lessons so I went to hang out in her teacher's classroom. I just visited with her and her daughter and a few of the other teachers. Once she finished art at 4:30 I rushed to get her dressed and we all headed out. I ended up riding with Colby's teacher and her daughter over there. There was about 10 of us out there so it was a lot of fun. Lindsay just had a blast! I think she felt so big being out there. Mrs. G's daughter is 9 and Mrs. Schifflin's daughter is 13. She hung in there though like such a big girl. The parade was very crazy and crowded though. There were some intense moments. Not to where I didn't feel safe it was just very crowded and I basically had to hold on to Lindsay's shoulder the entire time. We left the parade by about 9 then got home about 10. It was such a fun night though. It was hard keying down though that night. I was so glad I went on and decided to go. 
Friday of course I was exhausted and so were the kids I think. But we were up and at em and off to school that morning. I was so glad we only had to get through that day before having an entire week off. I decided to treat myself to breakfast at Chickfila. It was so nice honestly to eat alone and take my time. I wanted to meet up with a friend, but I was still half sick so I felt it best that I rest. I ran a couple errands before coming home and enjoying the rest of the day from home. That afternoon I picked up the kids for what would be another busy evening though. Lindsay had a b-day party for one of her classmates that evening. Austin of course was working late with Mardi Gras stuff and my parents had dinner plans. Colby ended up spending the evening with Randall and Elizabeth. So we got home from school and shortly after Lindsay's little friend Mirabelle got dropped off. She was riding with us to the party. the girls were a little wild and I was honestly wishing for some quiet, but I tried to be thankful that 1) Lindsay has a sweet little friend and 2) that I could help a mom out. So we got ready and dropped Colby off with Randall and Elizabeth. From what I hear he had a great time. They actually went to a parade and then out to dinner. They had friends in town so he got to go hang out with all of them. I think he had a blast! We went to the bowling party. It was from 6-8. I think the kids had a good time, but Lindsay was definitely ready to go by 8. She had started getting clingy around 7:30ish. I knew she was just exhausted. It was good to see so many of my little kindergarten friends though and their moms. That night once again we were all to bed late. Colby didn't get in until about 9:30 and we let the kids watch some of the Olympic opening ceremony. 

Monday, February 12, 2018

Mardi Gras Kickoff

So last weekend kicked off the Mardi Gras Parade season in NOLA. Saturday we had plans to hang out and do the Westbank parade with my parents and some friends. We got up and got going bc I had to make potato salad to bring. We got there right at 11. Some friends were already there so we left almost immediately to walk down to the parade. Lindsay's teacher and her daughter also met us out there. Then we met up with some other church friends as well. We all had a blast. To this NOLA girl this truly represents Mardi Gras. Neighbors, Family, and friends all meeting up on the route. The parade is very low key and probably only lasted about 30-40 min, but it was a fun start to the season. Afterwards we all went back for po-boys at my parents house. It was great visiting with everyone especially Mrs. Schifllin and getting to know her better. My kids thought it was great too to have 2 older girls to hang out and play with! We didn't get home until mid afternoon. We all crashed though for awhile. We enjoyed staying in that night and just taking it easy. 
Sunday we went to first service. We also made up our mind we would do parades after church. We did this last year and it worked out well. Since we get out of church so early we were able to grab a quick bite of lunch then head uptown. We got there to see the first parade of the morning finishing up. The kids were already catching tons of stuff! We moved to another spot then caught the Krewe of Carrolton and part of King Arthur. We stayed out there until about 2:30. By that point the kids had caught a ton and we were all ready to go home. We just had the best time though. The weather was great and the kids did awesome. I just love this time of year. That afternoon we rested and worked on Colby's homework. It was nice to have a family night in again! 

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Another Week =)

So last week was a pretty usual week for us here. Nothing too major to report. I did sub on Monday. I worked at Aurora in the 4 year old class. There were only 6 of them though and they were so sweet and well behaved. It felt like a cake walk. Honestly if I were ever to work every day that would be the job I would want! It was a pretty day so we spent an hour outside as well. After teaching I had lunch with Melissa (the director) there. It was nice to visit with her and just have some girl time. It made for a short afternoon for me, but it was totally worth it. That evening we stayed in and just did the normal dinner/homework thing. Its always nice on Mondays that we don't have anything. 
Tuesday I was able to get back to Bible study which was nice. We had a smaller group but I was glad to get back to that! Afterwards I had to grocery shop though so once again it was a very busy and rushed day. That night Austin had his men's group so the kids and I just stayed in and did the homework and dinner thing once again. 
Wednesday I met Virginia at was nice to have some more girl time and hang out with a friend. I was happy to come home after that though and have a nice long day here! My parents always get the kids so I appreciate the extra hour that gives me to rest and get stuff accomplished. That night we had church. Its been great getting back into that groove. Lindsay is really enjoying having her little friend Morgan there. Colby has also had his friend Nijel there so its been a win for them both. 
Thursday I of course taught music then that night we had Scouts. It was another extremely busy day and of course by that night I am exhausted. Colby always enjoys his friends at Scouts though and its so good for him. 
Friday I had a free day. Felt good to not have anything on the agenda. I ran some errands that morning then pretty much spent the day at home. After school Colby had piano lessons then we picked up take out and enjoyed the night at home. After a crazy busy week I just love Fridays at home with the family! 

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Hattiesburg Weekend

Last weekend we made a trip up to Hattiesburg. We went b/c 1) we really hadn't spent the night up there since November b/c when we went for Christmas we only went up for the day, 2) b/c Austin's mom's b-day was the next weekend, but it falls over Mardi Gras season so we wanted to celebrate early with her. Anyway we left after the kids got out of school Friday. We picked them up and drove straight there. We arrived in Hattiesburg around 6. We picked up some chicken and went to his mom's house. Wendi, Harvey, and the girls were all there. We ate our dinner and just enjoyed visiting with everyone. We had also brought up a kingcake for his mom so we all got to enjoy that as well. We stayed until about 8 then we went to the apartment to get settled in for the evening. Traveling like that on a Friday is always exhausting! 
Saturday we woke up to a cold and rainy day. It felt so good though b/c we all slept until almost 8. We got ready though and got over to his mom's house about 9:30. We ate a quick breakfast then headed out to a local trampoline park. We had promised the kids and Maggie we would take them. Since it was rainy we knew there wasn't much we could do and I sure didn't want to just sit around all day. The 3 kids had a blast! It was so good for them. I enjoyed just seeing them have fun. After our time was over we went back to his mom's house for hotdogs and chips. We had a nice lunch and visit with Harvey, Wendi, Maggie, and his mom. We mostly sat around and watched tv after lunch. I got SO sleepy! Finally by the time Wendi and them got ready to head home I told Austin we needed to get out the house. He and I went to Target for a few things. The kids stayed back at his mom's house and played and watched tv. Once we got back we all got ready for dinner that night. We chose a new place to go eat at called Cotton Blues. It was so yummy and such a nice atmosphere. We had a wonderful dinner. After dinner we brought his mom in and we went back to the apartment. Since we had literally been over there all day and it was still raining at this point we were all just ready to get in our comfie clothes. The kids had a good time playing and we just enjoyed winding down. It was a relaxing night. 
Sunday we woke up around the same time, but quickly got dressed and packed so we could head home. We had a quick breakfast at Panera before coming home. That afternoon we mostly just worked on getting unpacked and prepped for the week ahead. 

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Back to Normalcy and Teaching

So this past week it felt good to re-gain some normalcy...although having a full week made for some tired peeps as we get used to the full schedule again. Monday it was back to routine and I must admit I was a little excited. That morning I had to grocery shop and then I had lunch plans with a friend. Well I got to the restaurant and waited and waited. I finally texted her to see what was up...well turned out they had an emergency at the preschool and she couldn't come. I felt a little flustered by all this. By the time I got home it was 1. I ate my lunch and then just worked on some stuff until it was time to go get the kids. That afternoon evening was just our normal homework and dinner. 
Tuesday was a BUSY day for me. I had been asked to sub at Calvary in the kindergarten class. Even though its as a full day it was nice knowing it was only the 1 day. It was a great day. I was happy to be back with all the kids. They were also super well behaved. I just did their usual school stuff with them. It was a little harder being "back" and trying to figure out where Mrs. Schifllin put everything again. I enjoyed it though...but man oh man was I exhausted! That night I felt like a truck hit me. I guess just having the month off I was out of practice from a full days worth of teaching like that. That night Austin had small group so the kids and I did left overs. 
Wednesday also ended up being a busy day for me! Well I didn't really have plans, but I wanted to go to the uniform store to check into buying a blue jacket that Lindsay had been asking for. The problem was they didn't open until 10. I didn't want to come home then have to get back out. Anyway I ended up picking up a friend and meeting for coffee. By the end though I was feeling awful. I woke up with a little headache but by the time I left my friend it was a full blown migraine! I had banana bread and coffee at Starbuck's that morning, but I guess all the sugar and lack of protein just left me feeling BLAH! I seriously thought I was getting sick. I still had to run 2 errands though. I even picked up a sausage biscuit b/c I thought my body needed more protein. I felt a little better but still not great. I ended up coming home and passing out on the couch. My mom called and somehow she and I got in this giant fight. Its been years since that's happened. I mean I think we both get agitated now and again, but she ended up telling me she was angry with me. Anyway the day was just kinda blue. I mostly laid around just trying to feel better. Luckily by the time the kids got home I felt better. We went on to church that night. It was good to be back! Going on Wednesday nights isn't always easy but my kids love it so! Colby had a bunch of friends there and so did Lindsay! It was great getting to see them have fun. I also love the kids as well. 
Thursday was back to normal thankfully. I taught music. I really enjoy that job. Its perfect getting to hang out with kids a couple times a week, but not full time. I mean I loved teaching but I do still love my time at home alone too. Its always nice after music that I do have a few hours to myself. Its not much but it helps me to get in a better mood to deal with my own kiddos when they get home from school. We also had Scouts that night. It was fun going there. Colby always has the best time. Lindsay was a little bored though b/c it seems like the little sisters aren't coming as much anymore. 

Friday, January 26, 2018

Weekend Already?!?

So with the crazy snow week the weekend seemed to roll around so quick! I felt like we had just started our week and here we were with a weekend! Well Friday the kids went back to school and I had a hair appointment. It was nice to get that done and also have a little down time and time to chat with my hair dresser. Austin got home early so he was here when I got home. We were able to visit for a bit before heading out to go pick up the kids. The weather was gorgeous this day too! It warmed up to the 60s which felt amazing after the bitter cold week we had. Colby had piano immediately after school so Austin and I let Lindsay play out on the playground. I think she enjoyed just running around. After he finished we took off on a family adventure! We made up our minds to go see "The Greatest Showman" again. Well Austin had never seen it and the kids and I loved it so much we wanted to see it again! Its rare we go out on Friday nights so I think the kids get really excited when we do. Plus this was a total surprise to them. We went to Panera first for a really quick dinner before going to see the movie. The movie was just as great the 2nd go around as well. By the time we got in I let the kids have a piece of kingcake then it was off to bath/bed. 
Saturday we slept in again and honestly it felt weird to have another "break" day. We had a nice day though. Austin worked so it was just the kids and I. We decided to have a pretty low key day. We went to Target and picked up Subway for lunch. The kids were happy to play around the house which was nice and I had plenty to catch up on around here. 
Sunday Austin was off with us. We attended second service which felt a little weird, but at the same time it was nice to sleep in and not have to be in a rush out the door. We picked up lunch on the way home and just spent the afternoon around here. Colby had some school work to catch up on and such. 
It was a nice weekend and very low key! 

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Nola Sneaux Week

So this past week was quite an usual one in NOLA. Well Tuesday the day was like normal and the kids went back to school. I was excited to begin back to Bible Study. Since I had been out since the fall I was anxious to return. My friend Brittany also came so it was great having her as well. We had a small turnout but it was still nice to fellowship and get to know the ladies. After Bible study I had to grocery shop. I didn't want to go on Monday when the kids were off but having to go after Bible study meant for a long morning. I got home and made myself lunch and rested before going back to get the kids. It was a VERY busy day! Well by that afternoon there was talk of snow/ice in the New Orleans area and we found out that school would be cancelled the next day. It was nice to spend the evening snuggled in the house knowing we wouldn't have to wake up early the next day. The snow started around 10 but wasn't sticking so we went on to bed that night. 
Wednesday we woke up to snow on the ground. It was less than an inch, but still the kids were super excited. They wanted to hurry up and eat their breakfast and bundle up and go out. Austin had picked them up donuts the night before so they had that and then dressed and went outside. I was still hanging out in my pjs so I didn't go out really with them. They stayed out about 45 min. They were having a blast! I think they finally got too cold though and came in. We just really took our time that morning. I cleaned up around the house and they also worked on some school work and we did "piano lessons." The nice part of them being out of school it gave us more time to focus on that. By lunch time though I knew we needed to get out. We dropped off some library books that were due that day and went and picked up lunch. That atleast help break up the day a bit. We came home and ate and relaxed. That afternoon we spent more time working on school stuff and they played outside some more. Church activities were also cancelled so it was nice once again to have time around the house. 
Thursday school was cancelled again. We once again devoted the morning to doing some stuff around here. Once again though I knew the kids needed to get out the house at some point. We got some school and piano done that morning though which was nice. We ended up meeting my parents at Chickfila though. It was fun getting to visit with someone and eat out. I think the kids enjoyed it too. We came home for another low key afternoon. Once again we did a little school then mostly prepped for the next day. We found out that Friday they would be going back to school HALLELUJAH!!