Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Weekend Stuff

Gosh I am so behind on posting! So 2 weekends ago...after Fun Friday after the school...I was worn out. I did end up cooking spaghetti though and we watched "The Greatest Showman" once austin got home. He got in around 7 and it was so nice for him to be home and for things to feel "normal" again. 
Saturday morning...life didn't stop. I had a Ladies Brunch to be at. I hated to run off right after Austin got back in, but this was also something I couldn't miss. It was really nice. I got to visit with some friends and just enjoy the "me" time. I got in around lunch. We mostly just hung out the rest of the day. Colby had homework and we worked on getting the house back in order. 
Sunday we went to church. We got to sleep in though and go to 2nd service which was nice. I honestly now enjoy 2nd service better b/c most of my "Teacher" friends go to that one. Its always nice to see them and catch up. That afternoon we again worked more on Colby's stuff and just hung around the house. It was a pretty relaxing and nice weekend! 

Back to Reality & Back to Work

So after getting in from Washington I feel like we all really hit the ground running. austin left bright and early Monday morning for Chicago. The kids and I were up early b/c I was subbing at Calvary that day. Wendy was there for the morning, but went home after lunch. It was a good and fun day. I could tell she was quickly worn out though so I was happy to relieve her. I had a good afternoon with the class though. It felt so good and so natural to be back up there. That night the kids and I came home. I made tacos and we did homework. We had a good first day without dad! 
Tuesday we were back up for the teacher thing. I once again was filling in for Lindsay's teacher. Again she showed up for the first half of the day then left at lunch. I enjoyed just being up there with her though. She's such a great teacher and we just get along and work so well together. When she left at lunch once again though we had a great afternoon. I mean I really feel like I got the easy part. After lunch they go to recess and their enrichment and all I really had left was snack, science, and nap time ;). not a bad gig! Anyway Colby had art that afternoon after school so we just stayed up there and cleaned up her room while we were there. We got in that evening and ate dinner and worked on homework. I was quite ready for bed that night! 
Wednesday was another full day! I brought the kids to school then I was able to come home for a little while. I was thankful for even a short time at home alone. Next up I had a hair appointment. That of course is always a couple hours. After that I had promised Lindsay's teacher I would come up to help so she wouldn't overdo it. It was fun just hanging out once again. I got there while they were working on stuff in their class. They had snack then went down for a nap. During nap she and I discussed graduation stuff. Once they woke up we practiced a song for it that I have been teaching them. We stayed for church that night as well. That meant a full hour of still getting to hang out/visit with her teacher which I enjoyed. Its so funny b/c no matter how long we are together we still come up with plenty to talk about. That night we went to church. I was completely exhausted after all that though. I was definitely ready to get in and get my littles to bed that night! 
Thursday I taught music at Aurora. That afternoon I was able to enjoy a little time home alone which was nice too. Lindsay had art class after school so I brought Colby to my parents. They were going to keep him and bring him to Scouts since austin was out of town. Lindsay and I had plans to meet her teacher and kids at Chickfila b/c her husband too was out of town. We ended up staying probably about an hour and a half. We had the best time. She had her son and his girlfriend there, her daughter who sat with Lindsay and she and I. By the time we got home I was ready to get Lindsay bathed and ready for bed. We were able to chill out a tiny bit before Austin got home. I honestly couldn't believe how fast the week went by! 
Friday I was busy again. I had breakfast with Virginia at Panera and ran a couple errands. I ended up going up to the school though after lunch to spend the afternoon with kindergarten. Lindsay's teacher planned a fun Friday and since she was still recovering from surgery I told her I would come help. Plus just hanging out with her and the class is so much fun I don't really mind it. We had a really good time! 

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Washington DC Day 5

Well by the time Day 5 rolled around I think we were all a little ready to head home. We took our time getting moving that morning b/c it was cold and we had seen mostly all that we wanted. We took the Subway down to the Smithsonians though b/c that was our main goal of the day. We saw the line for the Natural History one and quickly decided on American History. We got in pretty quickly. We were able to do the highlights and get out of there by the time it was getting crowded! the kids really enjoyed the transportation exhibits. We spent a lot of time in there. After that we quickly headed upstairs to see The Star Spangled Banner exhibit and then to the 3rd floor to see the Presidential and First Lady stuff. That was all we did in the museum. By that point the kids were kinda over it and hungry. It was nice though. i think what they did see they really liked. I wish we could have spent more time though. So after we left we set out to find a place for lunch. We ended up finding this local restaurant that turned out to be really good. We ate then went to the Spy Museum. Now this museum we had heard great things about and bought tickets for, but honestly I wasn't that into it. Maybe we were just tired by that point and it was crowded and hot in there. Anyway I think Colby enjoyed a lot of it, but it was over Lindsay's head. We spent about 2 hours there then we took the Subway back to the hotel. We got in early that afternoon. We were just tired and over the crowds. We went back to the hotel and all rested and watched tv. We also ate dinner in that night b/c we had left overs from the night before. It was nice to just kinda gear down from our travels that way. 
We were up early that morning to get ready to head home. We were all anxious by that point. It was a long day though. We ate breakfast at the hotel then packed up and took an UBER to the airport. We arrived at our gate about 2 hours early. My hopes were we could get there and enjoy a nice lunch, but they unfortunately really didn't have any eating places. We snacked and just waited on the plane. We got home about 4 that afternoon. We went into unpacking and settling in for a new week mode! Look for an update on our first week back! 

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Washington DC Day 4

So Friday was our 4th day in DC. And honestly this was my favorite day. It was also probably the busiest. Well we started the morning early b/c we wanted to get down to the Bureau of Printing and Engraving to get tickets. Well we got there about 8:30 and we had 3:15 as our come back time. We were glad we rushed out there though. Afterwards we decided to spend some more time in the National Mall. We went to see the Lincoln Memorial and enjoy the Reflecting Pool and such.  It was a long walk down there, but the kids were troopers. We took our time in that area then went to see some of the War memorials. After that we took an Uber down to the Zoo. Lindsay's teacher had told the class all about the panda bears and Lindsay was insistent that we go see them. I also really wanted to go since I had never done that before. We got right in and headed to the pandas. We saw a few other animals on the way, but our main goal was panda bears. We spent about 15-20 min just soaking that up. They were so cute! Afterwards we went to the gift shop to buy a couple things. We then ended up taking another Uber down to the Ford Theater where Lincoln was shot. The middle school from Calvary was also in DC this week and they had extra tickets and told us to come join them. It was so neat seeing familiar faces. We had a blast with them. It was also nice to check another thing off our list. After the tour we went on to eat lunch. We had thought about having lunch with them, but the Food Court they chose was super crowded so we stopped at McDonald's instead. After that we made our way to see the White House. It was neat checking that out. I hated we couldn't get an inside tour, but it was neat nonetheless just for the kids to see it in person. We went to the front and back sides. After that we were all getting pretty weary so we found a nice bench near there and sat down for about 30 min. It was nice just to refresh and let the kids have a snack and relax. Afterwards we started walking closer to where the Bureau of Printing and Engraving is. We parked it again on a bench and took it easy before our tour. We got there and only had to wait in line a few minutes. I think everyone enjoyed the tour there. It lasted about an hour. After that I think we were all ready to head back to the hotel. We walked to the nearest Subway and rode back. We had a little while to relax and chill before heading out to dinner. We were tired of all the restaurants close by so we decided to do something different and take an UBER back into the city and eat at a Family Italian place called Carmine's. The food was super yummy and it was nice to have that nice dinner like that. I think this contributed to it being my favorite day. After dinner we walked a little bit and just enjoyed that part of town before heading back to the hotel. 

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Washington DC Day 3

Thursday was our 3rd day of the trip. We woke up early this day and got going. We had 2 major goals for the day. Austin got up and rented a car while I fed the kids breakfast in the lobby. Soon we were off in our car to go to Arlington. It was nice having a car for the day. Even though it was only our 3rd day it was just overwhelming constantly having to walk/ride subways/ubers/and taxis. It just felt good to have our own "ride". Anyway we got to Arlington and it was FREEZING! It was in the low 40s. We went on and did the entire tour though. I think the kids liked it. Colby seemed to get into it. Lindsay enjoyed the pretty flowers and such. It was about a 2 hour tour so once we got back I think we were all quite ready to go. We did enjoy the highlights though: we got to see the Kennedy burial sight, The Tomb of the unknown soldier, the Lee House among many other things. Once we got back to the car we drove into the town of Mt. Vernon and stopped at Firehouse Subs for lunch. Again it was nice to have that little break from the tourist action. We then made our way to Mt. Vernon. It was a beautiful day and had really warmed up by that point. We stood in line to get tickets, but were told our tour wouldn't be until like 5:30. We knew there was no way we would stick around that long. We went ahead though and bought them so we could see all the outside stuff. We probably spent about 2 hours just enjoying the grounds and seeing the sights. The kids got the biggest kick out of the live animals. Once we finished up there we made our way back into town to return the rental car. Well traffic was awful and it probably took us well over an hour to get back! We finally got there and took the subway back to our hotel. Well by that point we were all quite spent. We went back to the room and relaxed for a bit then decided on a simple dinner at Chipotle which was right next door. It really wasn't that great, but it filled an empty spot and we were able to stay close. We walked across to CVS afterwards though and picked up a few things before heading back to the hotel and getting ready for baths and bed. 

Friday, April 13, 2018

Washington DC Day 2

Wednesday we woke up and we were ready too start our first full day in DC. We had tickets to the Bible museum first thing that morning. We got dressed and headed out to eat breakfast in the lobby. We made our way to the Bible museum. We had to wait in line about 20 min before going in. Once we were in we really enjoyed ourselves. There was so much to look at. I felt like we breezed through some of the areas, but trying to keep 2 kids interested isn't always easy. I think Colby could have lasted longer, but Lindsay would get impatient. We stopped around 12 and went to the cafe to eat. The food wasn't great, but its pretty much what you would expect from museum food. After that we were ready to hit the rest of the museum. By 2 I think we were all ready to move on. We knew there was more we wanted to see. We stopped for Starbucks then made our way to the Air and Space Museum. It was nice getting that shot of caffeine. On the walk there we saw a lot of pretty trees and flowers. I honestly just enjoyed the walking outside and seeing the sights. I think the kids did too! We got to the museum and it was SO crowded! That has always been my least favorite anyway. There were so many people it was hard to get the kids involved and interested in any exhibits. We only lasted about an hour before we were all ready to go!! After that we decided to go to the Tidal Basin and see the Jefferson Memorial and the cherry blossoms. We ended up taking an Uber there b/c it had been a long day. Anyway I think that refreshed us all. After getting there I think we all felt revived and enjoyed the walk around outside. We took our time just exploring that little area. We even sat down a little while and let the kids take a snack break. we decided we would try the walk back though. It was a SUPER long walk, but we made it! I was so proud of how well the kids did walking on this trip. We went back to the hotel and freshened up and ended up going to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. It honestly wouldn't be my first choice, but it was close and I knew the kids could find something they would eat there. It was nice getting out. It was about a 2 hour affair so by the time we got back to the hotel it was time to get everyone ready for bed. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Washington DC Day 1

So we just got back from a Family Trip over Spring Break to DC. We had so much fun! So Tuesday was the day we left. We had a later flight...it wasn't until about 12:50. We were able to take it slow that morning packing and getting ready which was nice. The kids were up early though and ready to go! We left about 10 so we could grab an early lunch before getting on the plane. Our flight went well...we arrived in DC a little later than expected though. By the time we got to the hotel it was after 5. We got checked in and put our stuff in the room and freshened up a bit and set out to find dinner. Luckily there was a Shake Shack near our hotel. I think we were all starving and we all enjoyed the meal! After that we knew we wanted to go explore a bit. Our original plan was to go see the monuments that night. Well we had contemplated a HOP on HOP off tour but we discovered how costly that would be that we decided to just walk. We got on the Subway and got off near downtown. We walked a LONG way. We were able to get glimpses though of the Capital Building and White House though which were cool. The only monument we saw though was the Washington Monument. Oh but we also got our first glimpses of cherry blossoms and Lindsay was in love! They were so beautiful! By the time we got there it was getting cold and it was starting to rain. We made it back to the hotel room and we were all ready to crash that evening! It was a great first day though and the kids got to see what Washington was all about!