Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Weekend after VBS

It was nice to come home on Friday and know that VBS was behind us. Although I will truly miss it! Its always bittersweet when it ends. We had movie night that night and enjoyed family time. 
Saturday we had to get going pretty early b/c the kids had a make up swim lesson. We went to that as a family then Austin and the kids came home to hang out while I went to the grocery store. After shopping we went out to lunch and just enjoyed some time together. 
Sunday was church...we went to 2nd service b/c we were going out to lunch with my family. It was a longer/later afternoon, but we enjoyed the time with them. My brother is about to be gone for almost a month on his motorcycle venture. So we sorta celebrated Father's day a week early. That afternoon we just hung out and enjoyed our family time! 

Monday, June 18, 2018


So last week was VBS for us. It was truly a wonderful week and we had a blast! Since quitting preschool ministry last year after VBS I knew this year I would want to be involved in big kid VBS. Especially since now both of my littles are in that age group. I had signed up for k-2nd grade. I ended up being assigned 2nd. The first day I was a little overwhelmed just b/c it was all new to me. I feel like I quickly found my groove. I felt like big kid VBS was a breeze compared to the little kid VBS. So our daily schedule was something like this:
We would leave our house about 7 each morning and arrive at 7:30. From 7:30-8 I would look over the curriculum and supplies in the room and make a game plan for the day. From 8-8:30 the kids play outside. This part of the day was probably my least favorite b/c for whatever reason it seemed to overwhelm Lindsay and she would basically hang on me the entire 30 min. I mean I did get to visit with other adults during this time, but still I found it exhausting. From 8:30-9:10 we had large group time. During this time they sang, played games, and had their morning devotion. I really enjoyed this time. After that our group went outside. We were grouped with 2nd-5th. I was able to see Colby's little group of friends hang out. I didn't really get to see as much of Lindsay's group. We were outside from 9:15-9:50 each day. It was nice during that time that the kids just got to play and have some down time and time to get their energy out. From 9:55-10:30 we went back to our classroom for our learning time. I really did enjoy this time of teaching and it went by SO fast! This was the time you really got to know the kids and hear about their life. From 10:35-11:05 the kids went to Missions. During that time it was a little bit of a break. Since there were so many adults in the room during that time I didn't feel bad taking a restroom/water break or making a phone call or what not. I tried to stay around to help corral the kids, but it did allow for some down time. After that we would go to art, this lasted from about 11:05 until 11:30. During that time I tried to assist as much as possible and also go around and just try to talk to the kids. After that they went to their last rotation Music. This was our scheduled break time which was nice. It was nice every day to just sit and visit with friends. Afterwards we did dismissal from upstairs in our classrooms. I usually tried to escape by 12:15 if not earlier due to the kids having swim lessons. 
Our week was pretty routine with coming home and eating lunch then resting for a short bit before getting dressed to head out to lessons. With the 3:00 lessons it really shortened our afternoons. It wasn't bad though. I feel like it kept the kids active and from getting bored. On Tuesday we had bad weather though and they were cancelled and it was such a blessing to have that free afternoon to just rest/relax. 
I think my kids had a blast! Colby is super independent and does his own thing and loved every second of being with friends. Lindsay was a little more shy especially first thing in the mornings. Colby had just about all of us 4th grade friends there so he was in heaven. Lindsay had 2 school friends and then Genevieve who she's grown up with. It was a wonderful week and I am truly thankful! 

Monday, June 11, 2018

Family and Dinner on the Lake

So last Sunday we had a nice day together. We went to first service at church and then came home and had a light lunch. We spent some time resting and hanging out. Austin's family came in that afternoon. It sorta fell at a bad time b/c it was the start of our VBS week and also swim lessons. I wish we could have seen them more, but it was nice to atleast spend time with them Sunday evening. So about 4 that afternoon we got ready and drove downtown to see them at the hotel. They stayed where austin works. It was also nice getting to see his hotel. We hadn't been to this one. I really liked it. We hung out and visited for about an hour then left to go eat dinner. We decided to try this place called The Blue Crab. It was a fun new place. The food was also great. They were super busy, but we were able to eat outside. It was a little hot and sunny at first, but not terrible. We enjoyed being able to sit out there and watch the boats go by. After dinner we were able to spend time on the lakefront. I think the kids really enjoyed being with their cousins. I feel like now as they are getting older all our schedules are so busy so we see them less and less. It was just a nice summer evening. I wish we could have hung out longer and later, but with VBS starting the next day we had to call it a night. We were already like 9 getting home! 

Saturday, June 9, 2018

VBS Prep

So this was our first full week of summer. It was busy, but most filled with VBS preparations. Tuesday we were up and out the house early. I brought the kids to my parents to spend the morning. I try to be careful about how much time they spend at the church/school. And especially since Lindsay had spent so much time the week before I wanted to give them a little break. They were able to swim and play and I was able to focus on VBS. So we started out the morning by meeting Tracey at PJs for coffee. We then went to the church and got a glimpse of our rooms and gathered ideas. We then went in the Worship Center to spend time helping Virginia decorate. Everyone wrapped up by 11:30. I was able to pick up the kids and head home for lunch. We had just a little time before it was time to head out the door for swim lessons. In a way its hard getting out at 2:30 every day, but it also keeps the afternoon moving and from being so long with tired/bored kids. They are both doing great in swim lessons and Lindsay moved to the deep end by day 2. Austin worked late that night so the kids and I had dinner and I let them stay up a tad bit later then normal.
Wednesday we were up and out early again. I had plans to run VBS errands then lunch with some friends. We dropped Colby off at my parents. I figured 1) he wouldn't want to join the "girls lunch" and 2) its easier to run a bunch of errands with just 1 kid. I think he was happy to get out of all that. Lindsay and I hit up the Educator, Dollar Tree, Walmart, and Party City in record time! I was so proud of my little trooper. We even had time to drop all the stuff off at the church before going to lunch. We met our friends Wendy and her daughter Emily, Karen and her daughter Cali, and then another lady Andrea and her son met us as well. It was fun catching up and just having some mom time. Lindsay of course had a blast with the big girls. I was happy to be able to see Wendy and Emily. Even though it had only been like a week of us being finished with school it was crazy not seeing them all the time and talking every day. After lunch we came home to get ready for swim lessons. The kids did really great again. That night it felt good to just stay in. There was no church so we enjoyed the off night! 
Thursday I thought it best to take a break from all the church helping. I really needed to grocery shop and I felt like the kids needed a break from being up there. It was a nice day spent at home. We were able to work around the house and they even did some school work. We did have swim lessons that afternoon though, but it was nice going to swim lessons and not being exhausted. 
Friday we were back to helping at the church. We got there a little after 9. We helped in our classroom about an hour then helped in the sanctuary about an hour. I hope we were atleast some help. That afternoon was swim lessons and then we did movie night that evening! 
Saturday we were back at helping at the church. I hated to spend our normal only real family day working, but I also know serving together as a family is a good thing too. So we were back at the church about 9. I helped in our room for awhile then we all went to the sanctuary. It was actually pretty fun though. There were some hilarious moments of adults trying to ride bikes on the VBS ramps. we all got some laughs and I think also helped in the process. We didn't leave there though until 12:30. We then ran errands and had lunch out. It was a long day, but it was still fun to spend as a family. 

Friday, June 1, 2018

Memorial Weekend

So Friday began the official start to our summer. It felt so good to sleep in and not be rushing out the door! I wasn't sure what we would do. Several thoughts crossed my mind of things to do with the kids. I really wanted a more relaxed day though and honestly didn't want to cross the river and deal with parking. We ended up just going to the park and then having lunch at Chickfila. One of my teacher friends..actually Lindsay's prek4 teacher was babysitting a little girl Lindsay's age so she ended up meeting us. It was nice having someone to visit with at the park. I think the girls had a great time! Colby on the other hand was a little bored though. Its hard when one has a friend the other complains. Anyway we had a good time and stayed about 2 hours until we started hearing thunder. We all went over to Chickfila and by the time we got there the bottom fell out! We all got soaked! It was fun though. We ate lunch and visited. We stayed there about an hour. All in all it was a nice start to summer. It also helped that "let down" feeling of school being out. Once we got home we had a low key afternoon. It was nice to just stay in with the kids and not have to go anywhere. 
Saturday it was nice having everyone home! We had a pretty low key start to the day. Austin stayed home to work on yard work and I got out and ran a couple errands. We rested and hung out around the house until about 3:30. We then left to pick up a few things and head to my parent's house for the Graduation Party. My mom decided that she wanted to host a little get together for some of the interns at the church that are graduating this year. It was a sweet get together. The kids had a blast! Since it was all mostly people who have worked in the kid's ministry they felt right at home. I enjoyed getting to visit with everyone. My mom loves hosting stuff like that! It brought back memories of growing up and us having stuff like that. It was a late night for us too. We didn't get home until after 9 I think. 
Sunday we went to first service at church. Afterwards we went to eat sandwiches at Jimmy John's. We then came home. It was the first Sunday we had like that in awhile. It felt good to just come home and relax. It was nice spending the day together as a family.
Monday was of course Memorial Day. It was nice having Austin home with us and a LONG weekend to kick off summer. We slept in and enjoyed a slow morning around the house. We then got ready and went to my parents house for swimming and burgers. It was just us and them this year. It was nice though to have a chilled gathering. We came home soon after lunch b/c the kids had swim lessons. It was a short afternoon. Austin stayed home to get some stuff done...plus I think he liked having the house all to himself for awhile. Its rare he gets that. The kids started the week great in swim lessons! Its hard to believe how many years we have been going! Even though its a pain and honestly they can both "swim" I want them to continue to improve and plus it something active for them to do. After swim lessons we just came home and enjoyed a night together. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Last Week of School

Well even though Lindsay has been out a few days...this past week was the final week for Colby. Monday started out busy! I told the teachers I would come that day to help out. Well I spent a little bit hanging out and visiting with Wendy before heading up to 1st grade. I had offered to help her out some with her class and getting it packed up for the summer. Well while I was up there everyone was talking to me like I was for sure the new first grade teacher! I was honestly so confused. Anyway there was even talk about switching classrooms. Which if I do become the teacher and get to switch I am excited b/c its the biggest classroom in that hallway. We stayed until about 11 before going to meet Virginia for lunch. That day though ended up a little emotional though b/c by the afternoon I received an email from the principal about how we needed to keep everything on the DL about me being the first grade teacher and how we didn't need to create confusion. I felt a little betrayed. I mean I told a few friends that I applied for the position, but somehow it exploded into everyone assuming I had the job. Anyway my feelings got a little hurt, but by Wednesday I was over it. 
After that though I vowed I wasn't going to spend much time up there the rest of the week. With all my helping in kindergarten I had been up there just about every day the last 2 months. 
Tuesday I was upset...it was Field Day...I was torn b/c I honestly hated to miss. I have always participated in the past, but with all this going on at the school I felt like I just needed to fly under the radar. Also Lindsay had been up there so much that I knew I really just needed to enjoy time with my baby girl. Anyway..we dropped Colby off in carpool and I honestly think everyone was a bit surprised! She and I then went to the grocery. After that we came home for a bit before heading out to pick up Subway sandwiches and take them to the park to eat. It was a sweet memory. Nothing big and fancy, but its what she wanted to do! We stayed about an hour...after we ate she played. It was nice just to soak up time with her in the outdoors. Life has just been so busy lately. We got home and rested then I got a text from Virginia wanting my help in the sanctuary so we headed up to the church. I wanted to try and avoid school people as much as possible. I did have to walk through the office...then on my way to the cafe I was caught by Colby's teacher. She basically told me I could take him with me. We then went to the middle school class to talk to Wendy and another teacher Mrs. Dufrene. We worked in the sanctuary about an hour. I was happy to help Virginia b/c it would have been a lot of work to do by herself. Once we got in though it was nice to be in and no where to go. 
Wednesday once again I decided to skip out on being up at the school. It honestly felt weird though dropping Colby off in carpool. It was a 1/2 day though. Lindsay and I wanted to soak up the last few hours of girl time. I brought her to breakfast at Chickfila then we went to Target and the library. It was nice having one on one time with her. I mean I love having both kids home and I love time with just Colby, but there's something about girl time that's just oh so sweet! Once we got Colby home it was nice to relax for a few hours before church that night. It was also nice to go to church and not be exhausted! We had a VBS meeting so I was in that the whole time. My kids were happy to close it down since we left early a couple weeks. 
Thursday was Awards Day. It is always a nice closing to the year. Colby got Beta Honor roll again for 4th Quarter. I was so proud of him b/c he only missed the year honor roll by one quarter and 1 C in Math. He's come such a long way! We were also happy for his friend Zachary who got the Fruit of the Spirit Award. After Awards we took pictures and said our goodbyes then went to my parents house. Since austin was working it was nice to hang out with them. We went to lunch then went back to their house to swim. I was happy to do something special with them to close out the school year! Its hard to believe summer is officially here. Its always so bittersweet though leaving the school. Even though we are up there a lot and see a lot of the same people it still feels like a chapter is closing. Its hard to believe that now I have a 1st and 5th grader. That afternoon we got home and relaxed again. That night we had scouts. It was nice getting out though so the kids could see friends. Colby was excited to see Nijel and Zachary and Lindsay played with Makylee. 

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Feeling Like Sweet Summertime

So this weekend was lovely and with having one kid out of school already I definitely felt in "Summer mode". Plus grades have been turned in since the 10th so we have definitely had a more relaxed schedule too. 
Saturday Austin was itching to get out of town. We decided on just driving to the Coast for lunch. We ate at this place called "The Blind Tiger" I thought it was yummy and a neat place to go. I'm not sure the kids or Austin were super impressed though. The scenery was nice though. They had a lot going on in that little part of town though b/c there was a Pirate Festival. I think Austin wanted to walk around, but it was so hot and Lindsay was already whining I really didn't feel like it. We ended up driving around a bit before heading back home. It was a nice outing though. That afternoon we just stayed around the house and let the kids play. 
Sunday was church day. We opted to go to first service even though Austin had to count. I got the idea later in the week that if I took the kids after first service we could go swim while he counted then we would have a longer afternoon. It was a good service. I was so glad we were there b/c Wendy's son Philip was recognized as a senior graduate. It was also nice to see them and visit in church. After church I brought the kids to my parents house to swim. We picked up Canes for lunch. It was nice to spend a little quiet time doing that with them. We had a good time in the pool. By the time my parents got there we were getting out and drying off. We spent a few minutes visiting before heading home. We came home and picked up Austin and went to go get ice-cream and snowballs. It had been awhile since we had done that! Again it was a sweet weekend that just made me ready for summertime! That afternoon we just spent time relaxing and hanging out outside!