Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving Break Part 1

So Thanksgiving break commenced the moment I got all 12 of my kiddos signed out last Friday. I was so happy that was a short day! So after some clean up we were FREE!! Colby had a piano lesson though with Mrs. Carly after dismissal. She offered to do them at the church which was helpful. So while he was doing that Lindsay and I ran to Walmart to get a few items. We got back a few minutes early so we were able to visit with the school staff and teachers and listen to him play for a few minutes. As soon as he was finished though we were out of there and headed HOME! I picked up lunch for us and we scooted home. GOSH it felt so good to be home mid-day like that. We ate lunch and then all RESTED! Once we got up and got going again Ella came over. The 4th grade class was going to see Wonder. Normally I am not too big on getting out late like that but since it was a class field trip I knew we couldn't miss out. It turned out the majority of the class showed up and it was so fun. His teacher and even the principal were there! It was such a neat way to kick off the break! The movie was also so so good. Such a touching movie! I was glad both of my kids could see it. It might have been a tad over Lindsay's head but I know for Colby's age group its a must see! We got home around 7 and Ella stayed for about an hour. She got to stay and eat pizza with us. Again another fun way to start our break! 
Saturday we were up and at 'em early! We were driving to Hattiesburg for the day to see USM play. We decided to just make a day trip out of it. Since it was a day game we could do that and not get home too terribly late. We stopped on our way out to vote and eat breakfast. It was fun just having a family day the 4 of us. We got into Hattiesburg around 10:30. We stopped first at the USM bookstore b/c we all needed fall/winter USM wear. We then went by his Mom's house and visited with her, Shelbi, and Maggie. We could only stay an hour though due to the game being early. We got to the game around 1 and we ate our lunch. I think my dad enjoys having the kids there with him. The game was really good...they won by BIG. We need up leaving a little early in the 4th quarter since we were driving back. We said a quick goodbye to my parents and we set off to grab dinner before heading home. We got in that evening around 8. We quickly got the kids bathed and put in the bed. It was a tiring but fun day! 
Sunday we were all able to sleep in which was LOVELY. We were planning on attending 2nd service. Austin had to count so we figured we would go to the end of 1st and then stay through 2nd. I was glad we got to relax a bit that morning. Church was of course great. The kids were happy to see some friends. After church we went to eat lunch with Stephen and Courtney. They got married back in September and we have been trying to get together with them since. Anyway it was a fun time. Although we didn't get home until after 2. We rested and watched the rest of the SAINTS game but then ofcourse we still had so much to do. It did feel better though in the sense that I was off for the upcoming week so we weren't having to do all that we have been doing the last few weeks on Sunday. 

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


So the week leading up to Thanksgiving break was nice b/c 1) it was kind of a short week and 2) I could totally see the light at the end of the tunnel. It was an extremely busy week though! 
So Monday we were back at things! It was a good day teaching wise. The kids had library which always helps to pass the time when they go somewhere in the afternoons. I have been blessed in this season of teaching that nola has had a gorgeous fall so we haven't missed a day of recess yet!! That afternoon after school we had to bring cards and cookies to Lindsay's actual teacher. It was so nice to see her and get to visit for a short bit. It did put us later getting home though. We were 4:45 getting in and then it was a mad rush to get dinner prepared and homework finished. We managed though. 
Tuesday was a pretty regular day at school as well. We have staff devotion though on Tuesdays. Its always nice though to stop in the midst of the crazy and pray and choose to be thankful. The kids had Art that again its always a good day when they go to an extracurricular. That afternoon we were able to come straight home which was heavenly. 
Wednesday is always a LONG day. For starters we have no extra curricular classes except chapels on Wednesday. That afternoon I let them work on their grandparent pictures though which they enjoyed. We also stay after school so we can go eat dinner at church. That's become my day that I do some "housekeeping" in the room. All the other days I am super ready to just get out of there that I don't spend a lot of time cleaning. So on Wednesdays I wipe down the desks, sweep, sharpen pencils, and overall just tidy up. We then went to eat dinner. I had promised Colby he could stay for church. In this season I hate we are missing Wednesday nights but its just so hard for me to be gone from 7am until 8pm. I also can't fathom working with kids after being with them all day. So we have just been coming home after eating with the exception of the FALL FEST night. Anyway I let him stay and I brought Lindsay home. It was nice to have a little quiet time with her. Austin ran some errands then picked Colby up from church. Its not perfect but for right now its working. I look forward to in January hopefully getting back to our normal schedule. 
Thursday was another LONG day for us! The school day went well. The kids had computer that afternoon and since it was the last "real" school day for us before the holidays I decided to let them have a fun afternoon. We painted pictures of corn, ate popcorn, then watched a movie. I am trying to keep kindergarten fun and full of surprises for them. I think they all enjoyed it. We talked a lot about the first Thanksgiving throughout the week which was fun as well. 
Friday was of course Grandparent's Day. It was different this year to be on the teacher side of this. Last year was actually the first one I was able to attend. This is because all the years Lindsay was at Aurora her Thanksgiving Feast was always the same day/same time. Anyway the kids had carpool like normal but instead of doing pledges and announcements in their we went into the church and did all that with the grandparents. It was really a cute program. They added a lot more to it this year and did that rather than the other stuff. My group performed in the 2nd half of the program and they did amazing! I was so proud of them. Everything wrapped up about 10:30. All my kids had grandparents there and they all got signed out so I was happy to be a FREE LADY!! Oh and my kids loved having my parents there of course. I was also happy to have their help since I was wearing a "teacher" and "mom" hat. 

Sunday, November 19, 2017


So this weekend Austin's family came into to stay in Bayou Segnette in the floating cabins. They goto here Friday night but we had already decided that with the busy of the week we would just hang out at home and see them on Saturday. I was so glad too since I ended up going to bed at 8:30. So Saturday morning we were all up fairly early. I think I was up before 7:00...sigh. But I did feel good after such a long night's sleep. We all had to get up and get going though. We had to divide and conquer and get a bunch of errands done. Austin and Colby went to get haircuts, to the bank, shoe repair, cake place, and grocery. Lindsay and I went to the library, Target, and Hobby Lobby. Its really taking some getting used to with now running errands on Saturday. Anyway we got it all done by like 11. We came home and re-gathered then headed out to the Bayou. Once we got there everyone was getting ready for lunch. The kids were excited to see Mawmaw and their cousins. They also were excited about fishing and such. We basically spent the afternoon fishing, hiking, reading, relaxing, and just visiting. Everyone went for a hike at one point except myself, Lindsay, and Harvey's mom Mary. I enjoyed the quiet for a bit. I think Lindsay also needed some quiet time. That evening we had a big dinner. It was very yummy! We also celebrated Wendi's b-day. We hung out and watched football then had birthday cake with the family. After that we decided to come on home. We had been away from the house all day and we were all pretty tired. 
Sunday we were up early of course for church. We were excited b/c Austin's family met us there. It was the first time his sister and her family had been. It was just nice having them there so they could see that piece of our life. I mean our church/school is a LARGE piece of our lives so I was glad they were able to get a tiny glimpse of it. After church we went to the grocery store. We decided to go as a family this time. We got all that knocked out then came home to rest and watch the SAINTS game. We had a lot to do that afternoon though. That seems to be the new theme of Sundays. With me working and us all being out the house all week it leaves Sunday afternoon as our only day to really play catch up. Its always nice though to be together. We even got out and took a walk. Between the time change and our busy schedules we don't get to do many. 
It was a fun weekend and now we are on the final countdown to Thanksgiving break!! 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Another Week of Teaching

So last week was another extremely busy week for us! Especially after getting back in town after a trip. It was a full week with 5 days of teaching. I feel like I am getting the hang of it though. I have one kid though who is a MAJOR handful. I feel bad b/c I think his home situation isn't the best but oh my he tries my patience. It was mostly a week filled with routine. Nothing major which was kind of nice to have a regular week without holidays. Most of our afternoon/evening plans got cancelled too which was honestly nice. Wednesday we only stayed for dinner at the church. Thursday we had dinner with my parents then came home b/c kickball and scouts were both cancelled. Friday's piano lessons were cancelled too so we came home that night and watched CARS 3. I was so tired and grump though! I went to bed at 8:30! That has never happened except when I am sick. Anyway we are all still adjusting but I would say for the most part things are going well. I am just trying to soak in the season and enjoy this month even though its filled with chaos and busy. I just want to absorb it for what it is! Life is going by so fast! I feel like Colby should still be 5. Anyway we were quite ready for our weekend! 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Family Reunion Dallas Edition

So last weekend we had a quick trip out of town. My mom's family gets together every other year for a family reunion. They always fall between October and November. They are also always in a different location. We have enjoyed going throughout the years. So this year it was in Dallas at my Aunt's House. We had chosen to get a really early flight out b/c originally we thought we would be meeting up with friends there. Those plans fell through. We also had planned on going to this really cool Dinosaur park but as the time got closer and we looked at a map we realized that was going to be really far. We decided the week before to check out a Science/History museum in downtown Dallas. Also when we planned this trip we also had no idea I would be working. It was painful to have to wake up at 4:30 on Friday. We survived though. Our flight out was at 7:50. We ate breakfast in the car on the way there. We got into Dallas around 9. By the time we got the rental car and got to the museum it was right about 10ish. We got to the museum and it was HUGE! It was also very busy with field trips. There were about 6 different levels and each level focused on a different part of science. The first floor we stopped at was the prehistoric level. This was really cool b/c it had a lot about dinosaurs in it. The next level had a lot to do with Biology and Life. The kids really enjoyed these exhibits. The next floor we did was about Rocks and Geology. Lindsay was interested in the minerals. After that floor we decided to go ahead and eat lunch. We chose to eat at the museum b/c leaving there and coming back would be a pain and since the kids had such an early breakfast they were getting hungry. As expected the food was not that great at all in the museum cafe. We ate though and moved on to look at the rest of the museum. The kids really enjoyed the physics floor. We let them play and enjoy until about 2 then we decided it was time to head out and check into our hotel. By that point we were all exhausted. It felt good to get to our room and rest for a bit. I quickly conked out on the bed. We got up though around 4 and headed to my aunt's house. We got there and visited with everyone. Its always neat and fun to see all my aunts and uncles. Plus my cousin Brant was there with his 3 kids. They are 9, 6, and 4 so it was perfect for our kiddos. It was nice having kids there for them to play with. We soon packed up around 6 and left to go to dinner. My aunt and uncle treated everyone to dinner at a local Mexican Restaurant. It was so yummy! You realize what true Mexican is compared to what we have here. After dinner which it took about 2 hours...we went back to their house for dessert. Ofcourse we were all wiped out so we didn't stay long. We were anxious to get back to the hotel and bathe the kids and get them in the bed. 
Saturday we all slept until 8 and that felt AMAZING! We took our time getting up and going. We watched the news and slowly got dressed for the day. We were at my aunt's house about 10 though. That morning they had donuts and pigs in a blanket for everyone to enjoy. It was nice getting to relax/visit some more. The kids had an awesome time with their cousins which I was so happy to see. We mostly just hung around and visited. We tried to sit outside mostly since it was a nice day and also to encourage the kids to stay outside and play. For lunch they had sandwiches for everyone. Gosh we ate so much good food on this trip! After lunch we visited for a bit, but then made the decision to take the kids back to the hotel. Swimming had crossed our minds, but I think we were all tired and really just wanted to take it easy. We ended up just hanging out in the room and watching football. After awhile though we knew we needed to get their wiggles out. We ruled out swimming b/c by the time we all got moving again it would have been late and I really didn't feel like dealing with wet kids and swim suits at this point. We instead freshened up and set out to find a park. In Texas basically every neighborhood has a park of sorts so we found the one there and the kids had a blast. It was nice for them to play/run. Lindsay met 2 little girls who were her age so she had a great time playing with them. We got back to my aunt's house and we did more of the same visit and eat. It was a fun night though. We had a big BBQ dinner and we watched LSU/Bama. We stayed until about 9 that night. We got back to the hotel late and got ready for bed. 
The next morning/day were a busy blur! We got started early and got to the airport and all that fun. We ate a quick bite for breakfast there. Our travels went great until we got back to nola and realized someone had taken my parent's luggage by mistake. Luckily they did retrieve it that afternoon. We finally got home around 12. We ate lunch and watched the SAINTS. Sundays don't seem as restful now with me working b/c on Sunday we have to now cram in so much. House cleaning and grocery are the main things! We are making it work but I do miss being home during the week and where Sundays were truly our Sabbath. I mean we do still try to take it easy in a sense but with a trip crammed in a weekend it truly made for a busy day! 
It was a wonderful weekend though! I am thankful for my mom and her family. I am thankful for laughter and memories! I am thankful we have been able to make it to all of these and have a good time with family. Now onto a continued busy fall season! 

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Halloween and Fall Fest

Wow last week was quite a week with all the excitement! Tuesday was Halloween. I have decided I dislike very much for Halloween to fall on a week day. Its just so hard. This is the first time in our kid's lives though that its fallen on a Tuesday. Since it was a regular school day for us we got home a little after 4 and hurried to get homework finished then prepared for company. My parents and Randall and Lizzie were coming over to hang out! This is our tradition. I hated we couldn't include friends this year but between me working and it being on a school night there was just no way. We had fun though! My parents got here around 5 and my mom was a HUGE help getting everything prepared. We ate around 5:30 and left shortly after to Trick or Treat. The kids had a blast! Its amazing how grown up they are though! I sorta miss the toddler days! But I do say we are in the sweet spot of life. They still love this stuff but they are also old enough to go up to the doors alone. It was great just being out and socializing! 
Wednesday was another big day for us! It was our church's Fall Fest. We stayed after school. Its just too hard now to try and drive home on a Wednesday. It also gives me one day a week where I can truly focus on cleaning up the classroom. I choose not to stay late any other day so I feel like I make up for it on Wednesday. That's the day I sanitize the desks, sweep, sharpen pencils...those type things! That night I was so tired but I had to hang in there for my kids' sake. I did enjoy getting to visit with a few friends. The kids had a blast though. Once Colby's friend Nijel arrived I didn't see much of him. Lindsay never really ran off with anyone. She did spend some time in the bounce house I guess but i felt like she was a bit more "needy." Those events are hard for me when it starts getting dark and there are kids everywhere. Lindsay started having a meltdown at around 6:30 over a popped balloon. Finally I looked at Austin and I said ITS time to go! We left out of there! I was so relieved to leave! Again I am glad we went for their sake and had I not been working all day it would have been different. But Halloween and Fall Fest back to back in the same week made for a hard and long week. 
Its all fun though and I do love seeing my kids have fun especially this time of year with all the holiday stuff! 

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Back to Teaching

So last week began my new life of working full time. Mrs. Schifflin was still there though on Monday. It helped getting to be there with her for 2 days to see how she does things. Tuesday was my first day alone and of course it was Halloween. I felt like things went well and that the class responded to me. I planned a fun craft and book for them that day. They don't really celebrate Halloween but I wanted to make the day slightly different and fun for them. 
Wednesday I felt like the day was a little more stressful and tiring. Part of that could be that we have chapel on Wednesdays and then we don't get another break. That makes for a tiring day. The class was also a little bit more wound up. I had to clip a few down. I think it was a combination of all the changes plus the day after Halloween. 
Thursday was a good day. I felt like the kids did much better except this kid named Melvin. I felt like he was out of control all day. I even asked several other staff members about him. I was thankful though that that was my "Friday". That afternoon after school Colby had a kickball game. After that we got to come home. I was glad Scouts was cancelled for the week. With everything else going on I really wouldn't have felt like going to that too. Plus I was able to spend the evening packing and preparing for our upcoming trip!