Saturday, March 17, 2018

Field Tripping

So today I got to go on another field trip with my big boy. I enjoy going on my kid's field trips for the most part. I think I have attended them all except maybe 2? Anyway I looked forward to spending time with Colby and his friends as well as the teachers. Since I taught up there I feel like I am close now to mostly all the teachers. 
Anyway this field trip was to the Chalmette Battlefield, but they were going by boat! I got to the school and went in for their assembly time. I had picked up coffee for Colby's teacher and I. So I went in and visited with the teachers a bit. I also helped by walking a couple kindergarten students to their classroom. Once assembly time was over I just went and waited in my car for a few minutes before going on the field trip. I waited until the bus got there then I left to drive over. I parked at the Riverwalk. I was a little nervous since I was going alone and wasn't 100% sure where to go. It all worked out well. I walked the mall then got down to the boat launch. After about 5 minutes the school kids walked up. We had to stand in line about 10 minutes before boarding the boat. It ended up being really nice though b/c we had our own room on the boat. This made it a lot more relaxing and fun I think. I enjoyed again getting time to just visit with the teachers. Once we got to the Battlefield we all got off the boat in our groups. I was assigned 4 boys: I had Colby, Bricen, Noah, and Zachary. I found Bricen thought to be quite the pain! He had trouble keeping up and just overall didn't listen as well as the others. Anyway we only had about 30 min off the boat. It was completely stressful! I did not like that part at all. We didn't have time at all to explore the battlefield. It was just off---run to some monument thing that all the kids climbed up in and ended up getting scared then I took them to the gift shop which was just crazy! Anyway I was completely overwhelmed and happy to be back on the boat. The ride back was nice. The kids ate lunch and I got to sit and talk to the 3rd grade teacher and Colby's teacher. Its really been great getting to know them this year. The kids seemed to really enjoy the boat ride. I think that part was the most fun for them. Once we got back downtown I left the group and made my way home. It was a very quick afternoon...I only had about 1 and a half hour before going to pick them back up! 

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Much Needed Girl Time and Friendship

So this weekend I got some much needed friend time in. So Lindsay's teacher Wendy and I have just totally hit it off in the last few months. Ever since she came back after Christmas we have gotten to know each other and seem to share a bond almost. Not to mention we have HUGELY similar personalties. Anyway so Saturday we made plans to hang out. Our hang out turned into breakfast and mimosas! Let me say how much fun we had! We went uptown to Another Broken Egg cafe. We talked and laughed and just had the best time. We then spent about an hour just walking down Canal and shopping. I left at 8:15 to pick her up and didn't get back home until about 12:30. It was just the best morning! I haven't done something like that in SO Long! I mean sure I meet friends for coffee and lunch and that is usually refreshing and fun, but this was the type of fun I had before kids. Anyway it was a nice start to the weekend. The rest of the day we hung low. Austin was working in the yard when I got home so we mostly just stayed around and played outside. It was nice though. The weather was nice so we really enjoyed our patio and backyard. We took a couple walks too. 
Sunday was church. We woke up early and went to first service for the first time in awhile. It was good...afterwards we went shopping at Academy then went out to lunch. The weather got gross so it was nice to come home and relax and nap during the rain. That afternoon it cleared off and we were able to once again get outside. Colby worked a little on homework...He and I both had a bit of a meltdown though. I just am burnt out from having to do homework every. single. Sunday. afternoon. I love his teacher and I think she's doing great things with them...but I am a little over all the homework. We finally just gave up after getting what we could done and went outside. I feel like now with Austin off on weekends we get a lot of family time. It was a great weekend to have some girl time and family time. It was also pretty low key which was nice too. 

Monday, March 12, 2018

Open House...Among other Things

So this week has definitely been calmer and more normal then last week was. I have had a lot of time at home which honestly has been nice...although now I am feeling a little "bored" and just having withdrawals about teaching. Crazy I know! Anyway so Monday I went grocery shopping then had the majority of the day here. It was nice to get caught up on stuff and just to enjoy that time I had. That night we just had a quiet night in. Austin did have a work function so it was just the kids and I. 
Tuesday was one of my crazy day! I had Bible study. Well actually before that even I met my friend Virginia for coffee. We then went to Bible study. After that I came home for my few short hours before it was off to the races. I left to get the kids for 3:30 but also had to stay b/c of it being Open House. We had set up with Lindsay's teacher to eat dinner with her and her daughter in her room and just hang out. It was a sweet time. Gosh I just love Wendy! We have had the best time getting to know one another. I basically chatted with her all night and had the best time. Definitely the most fun open House yet! We just have a lot in common and seem to hit it off. Anyway it was a fun, but late night. We were all exhausted when we got home. 
Wednesday was a pretty chill day for me. I was able to go have breakfast at Chickfila (alone) ha, then hit up Target and SAMs. It felt good to not have much going on. I was able to rest and catch up around the house. We also missed church that night due to the late night before. Fortunately neither kid was terribly upset either which was nice. I think they understood we needed the rest too. It felt good to be home and get everyone to bed early. 
Thursday was another BUSY day! I had music class of course. That seemed to go well. I do enjoy teaching, but I feel myself longing for more now too. I am just praying about what the future holds. I mean I love my schedule of work and staying home, but honestly I find myself getting bored now? Who knows...if things don't work out at Calvary I'll still be happy to teach one day a week at Aurora. So once I got home from there I did my usual lunch and rest before heading up to get the kids. Well Lindsay had art so Colby and I stayed and watched the Flag Football game while she was in art. I got to visit with some teachers and the pastor's wife so that was nice. We left there and went to my parent's house to eat dinner and do homework before heading off to SCOUTS! Such a marathon day! Dinner was nice...its always fun being at my parents house like that. I know they enjoy it too! Scouts was great...we had an ambulance come and so that was really neat. Most of the night was outside with that which was cool! The kids had a TON of fun! Getting in late though we were all so tired. 
Friday was pretty low key for me. I ran a few errands before coming home. I had a lot of time home this past week. I am trying to enjoy that and be thankful for it...especially not knowing if I might be working full time in the fall. It was nice and I just tried to soak it up. That afternoon Colby had piano. Makes for another busy afternoon. Lindsay and I do always have about 20 min at home though while he's there which is enough time to empty and go through book bags and such. That evening we stayed in. Austin brought home pizza and we watched Inside Out with the kids. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Weekend to Get It all Back Together

So this weekend we ended up having a very low key time. Friday after school we were all so exhausted the kids and I came home to re-coup. Austin got in and we watched CoCo for our fun family Friday movie night. We also discovered our cats had fleas and they were in our house so we stayed up late performing SHOCK and AWE on those little boogers. 
Well Saturday it was nice to sleep in as well as just stay around the house and clean. We had a very productive day. We got out around lunch though and ran errands and went to lunch. That afternoon we rested and played outside. It was a lovely day just to get in some family time. 
Sunday was church...we once again went to 2nd service b/c we had lunch plans after 1st. I really like going and seeing my teacher friends that service. After church we had a lengthy lunch at Rivershack with our friends. It took forever, but the kids were super patient and good. We got in and again relaxed and played outside. Colby also had some math homework that he and I had to work on. 

It wasn't a super exciting weekend, but it was nice nonetheless. Helped get our lives back in order before the next couple months are super busy! 

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Dr. Seuss Week and Back to Teaching

Well this week has been INSANELY busy and crazy, but at the same time its been super fun and really great too. Well Monday started out as any normal Monday would. I got the kids to school then went grocery shopping. We also got an email about making these green eggs and ham snacks for the school so I knew I would have an extra errand that day. So once I got home and put everything away and started dinner...well Austin called. He called to say he was sick and heading home. My heart sank..I just knew this was going to mean a week of sickness and missing a lot of fun planned stuff. We were worried he had a stomach bug, but I think it ended up being a slight case of food poisoning. By that evening he was much better. Well I went ahead and ran my other errands. I picked up some stuff at Party City for Dr. Seuss. That evening was just pretty much a normal one with homework and dinner and getting everyone off to bed. 
Tuesday was a VERY  busy day. Well I had bible study then I was scheduled to read to Lindsay's class. I so enjoyed being back in there. After that I left with this feeling that I really thought I might want to return to work there. Lindsay's teacher and I have joked several times lately that it would be awesome if we could co-teach together. Well that afternoon Colby had art. I picked Lindsay up from school and she and I went to run errands for her teacher. Austin picked Colby up from art and took him to a baseball game. He had gotten tickets to the UNO/USM game so he, Colby, and my dad all went together. Lindsay and I went to Party City and Target then had dinner at Chickfila and came home to paint our toenails and hang out. It was nice and relaxing to just be home with her. 
Wednesday was another kinda busy day. Well I had signed up to work the Book Fair that morning so I dropped the kids off then went in to work that. It was nice just being on campus. I even went to talk to the principal and secretary about returning to work..eek! Well Lindsay's teacher and I have joked about it a few times that we would make an awesome team and she has told me several times I should work there so she and I could tag team kindergarten. Well the more I have thought about it and being up there has made me miss it so much. So I got the crazy idea to go tell them I'd be interested in an aide position. I really don't think I want to be a full out classroom teacher just yet. Even though it would be full time I would love to work with Wendy and be her aide next year. After getting to know her this year I feel like we are kindred spirits and we get along so well and have so much fun together. So anyways I figure I did my all I can do is let go and let God. I got to visit a lot with the new computer teacher. I was able to leave though about 10. I was happy to have a pretty quiet day at home. That evening we of course had church. Church went well and I really love being there with the k-2nd grade girls. Lindsay had lots of friends there and Colby had his best friend there as well so it was a good night. 
Thursday was a MAJOR busy day for me! Well I had my music class that morning. I had fun and it went well. I am enjoying it, but lately I feel disconnected there and my heart yearns to return to Calvary. I mean if things don't work out at Calvary I will be content to do what I do at Aurora b/c honestly its fine. Its enough "work" for me. It gives me something to plan and keeps me busy enough, but now I just find myself wanting to work at Calvary. Anyway so that afternoon I went home for a couple hours then went back up to the school. Lindsay's teacher had asked me if I would stay and help her decorate after school for Dr. Seuss day. So I stayed while Lindsay was in art class. We ended up having the best time! It took us until 6 though to finish. Well in the mean time Austin called and wondered where we were. Well since he was on his way home from work he decided to just meet us there and we would just go eat on our way home. Well the craziest thing happened. We were behind him in traffic on De Gualle when his truck made this loud sound and stopped working! It was nuts! Anyway after an hour of being stuck in a daiquiri shop parking lot he got it towed and the kids were on our way home. My brother brought him home from the dealership. It was a crazy ending to an already crazy week. I was so thankful though for God's provision. I mean he provided us with safety, having us all together, 4 big guys to push it into the parking lot, a brother who knows a tow truck guy, etc. It was amazing! What a teachable moment! Anyway we finally all fell into bed that night and were exhausted! 
Friday was officially Dr. Seuss day. I had signed up to help as I do every year. I was excited to spend the day around the school. i had also asked Lindsay's teacher if I could stay and hang out with them in the afternoon. She of course said yes! Anyway it felt like a trial run if we could work together. So my rotation was Myrtle the Turtle. This was the first year I ran a station by myself. I was nervous at first, but it turned out to be no big deal at all. I had a lot of fun with it. Again a confirmation that maybe I am ready to re-enter the classroom again. Lindsay's class was the last rotation so I pretty much just followed them downstairs to class after. Oh and I forgot to mention though that Colby's group was the most well behaved. I really enjoyed having the 3rd and 4th graders. So that afternoon I did the normal kindergarten routine with them. It felt so great being back in those shoes! I also absolutely adore Mrs. Schifflin and we work well and have fun together. That afternoon after lunch and recess we took pictures then they had snack. The rest of the afternoon was pretty much a designated reading time for them. The 8th grade class came in and read with the kids and helped them to take AR quizzes. The day ended up with cookies and milk in the cafe before going home. I was so tired when we finished, but it was a good tired! It had been a great week! 

Friday, March 2, 2018

Springtime in NOLA

So the month of February in NOLA has felt like spring. Its been crazy b/c everything is now in full bloom and the weather has been warm for what feels like weeks! Honestly I am not complaining though. After the FREEZING cold we had in December and January. So Saturday we knew an outdoor family day was a MUST. We ended up going to City Park for the opening day of the amusement park. The kids had such a fun time and we adults did too. Ofourse the highlight is always the Ladybug Coaster. This thrills me so much since it was my very first coaster as a child. Anyway we rode that, then they did Bumper cars with Austin, then we went back to the Ladybug. Afterwards we decided to let them do the Fun House then we rode the Train. After the Train ride it was lunch time. We decided to just eat there in the park. Normally we leave and eat somewhere else...b/c obviously the food is expensive and not that great. We knew the kids wouldn't be ready to leave though. So we took our break and ate lunch before going back to do the Fun House and roller coaster again. After we left and went to get our first Snowball of the Season at Sal's. It felt like such a typical NOLA spring day...I just loved it. The flowers are so pretty everywhere. Once we got home we just rested and hung out. We spent a lot of time outside as well. 
Sunday we got to sleep in b/c we were attending 2nd service. We had a family dinner afterwards so it only made since to go to that one. I honestly have started enjoying that one better though b/c many of the teachers go to that one and I enjoy seeing/talking to them. The dinner for Randall's b-day at my parents house was fun. There were many laughs and funny moments as always. We stayed most of the afternoon. By the time we got back from there the day was about gone. We hung out outside some and tried to get things ready for the upcoming week. 

It was really nice a weekend. We are loving having austin home more on weekends now and that we really haven't had much we HAVE to do so we get to play and have fun! =)

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Struggle is Real

So this week has been a week of getting back into routines...also it was the first week of ALL our spring activities! So Monday was a nice ease back into the crazy though b/c Austin was off and it was probably our quietest day. I had grocery shopping to do, but once I finished that he and I got out and ran some errands then had lunch out. I really miss our Mondays. Now with his new job he is mostly off on the weekends which I love too, but having him home during the week while the kids are at school just reminds me of our "just married" days. Anyway it was a sweet time. That afternoon he got the kids from school which is always helpful. We had a nice night in with steaks and potatoes for dinner. 
Tuesday it was the start of the busyness. Well first off I had Bible study. Its always nice though to get back to this. After bible study I was able to come home though which is nice. That afternoon Colby had art lessons so I picked Lindsay up and we went to the library to do homework before venturing back to pick him up. We got home after 5 and I still had to help him with homework and cook dinner. I felt very stressed. Not to mention Austin didn't get home until after 10 that night. It made for quite a crazy day. 
Wednesday was the slow down I needed. I was able to run an errand then come home. I really needed that day at home to accomplish some house stuff, but also relax. We had church that evening. It was a hard night getting home...I exploded at Lindsay and was just tired. We had a nice night at church its just after a crazy Tuesday and getting in late and tired, cranky kids I think we were all ready for bed. Lindsay has enjoyed having some school friends there on Wednesday night. Colby had his friend Zachary there which was nice after the week before of him not really having anyone to hang out with. 
Thursday was a super busy day too. I had music class. We also had a staff meeting so I had to be there early. I felt the classes went well. I came home for my short little 2 hour break before going to get the kids. That afternoon I found out that Colby didn't work on his homework like he should have during the school day so I ended up taking him in the kindergarten room while Lindsay was in art. We got about half of it done. Afterwards we went to my parent's house to finish up the homework and eat dinner. I was so relieved when he finally finished everything! We ate dinner then went on to Scouts that night. It was a good night all around. Even though these are exhausting days I love seeing the kids blossom and make new friends. We were so worried last year when we found out his 2 besties would be attending a different school. God has just worked it all out though and blessed him with 2 new friends and seeing them all together at Scouts makes my momma heart happy. 
Friday was a really low key day which I think we were all ready for. I ran a couple errands then came home. That afternoon Colby had piano. That night we watched Wonder as a family. It was a nice start to the weekend.