Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Old Friends and Singing

The weekend was a much welcome sight after a VERY busy fall week! Friday evening we didn't do much...just our usual movie night. Colby was supposed to start Piano lessons but they got cancelled. I was honestly a little relieved b/c after being away from home most of the week it was nice to come home. We had white beans for dinner and just enjoyed being together. We watched the Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin movie that night. 
Saturday it was nice to sleep in a bit and also move a tad slower. We did have a park playdate scheduled so couldn't dilly and dally to much. We made it to the park right at 10. We met up with Lindsay's little friends Layla and Claire. It was so fun getting to hang out and catch up with the moms. Layla and her family will be moving in a couple of months so its very bittersweet now when they get together. Lindsay has known Layla since she was 1. Anyway we stayed about an hour and a half. It was a nice day but very hot! The kids and I ran a quick errand to the grocery then picked up Chickfila and came home. We relaxed and watched football and mostly rested that afternoon. Colby did have some reading homework so we did work on that a bit. Lindsay also worked on letters and handwriting. That night we had spaghetti for supper. We once again got to eat as a family. We took a walk after dinner too which was nice! 
Sunday was a different day for us. Well my preschoolers were singing at Aurora so I had to go there for that. Lindsay also tagged along with me. The boys went to church at Calvary b/c Austin had counting duties. I hated we all couldn't be together. Anyway the morning went great at Aurora. I just love that little church. We had like 20 kids show and participate so that was great and fun! They did amazing! After church Lindsay and I went to pick up Colby then we came home to eat lunch and watch the SAINTS game. Austin finally got home around 1. We all napped and then just relaxed while we watched the game. That evening Colby had some more homework so he and I mostly worked on that. We also took breaks to get outside. 
It was a lovely weekend! We weren't too busy but we were also busy enough. I also feel we got some rest in which is always nice as well! 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Fall Full Steam Ahead

So this week as I suspected we jumped back into life with full force. 
Monday everyone was back at school/work. My only thing was grocery shopping so it was very nice to have the majority of that day with the house to myself. I mostly caught up on laundry and putting away stuff from the beach. 
Tuesday I had my Bible study. We ended our first study. We mostly had a time of Fellowship which was nice. That afternoon was pretty busy as well. Lindsay had a haircut after school and Austin had Men's Group. She had a 4:00 appointment so after that we decided to go ahead and pick up dinner. I came home with the kids we ate then started on homework. We finished homework about 6:15 and from there I sent them outside to play. With the days getting shorter I am trying to make sure they still go outside and play even if its just for a few minutes while I clean up for dinner. 
Wednesday was a SUPER busy day for me. After I dropped the kids off at school I had to run to Rouses to pick up a cake for Lindsay's class and also pick out her snack for the next day. I then ran the cake and supplies back up to their school. They were celebrating her teacher's b-day but with all I had going on I wouldn't be able to return that afternoon for it. Then I was able to come home for just a short bit before my haircut. I always love getting my haircut but I also dread it in a way b/c it takes up so much time! Especially having an 11:00 appointment right smack in the middle of the day. Anyway I do love my stylist though and she and I always find a lot to talk about. Well I didn't get home until 1:30 and I hadn't eaten lunch yet and I was greeted by the termite people. They were here until about 3. It was just a hectic day and I was so tired. We also had church that night. I wasn't super excited but I knew we needed to go since we had missed the week before. It of course ended up being a good night though. Its always fun to visit with others and see my kids have a good time with friends. 
Thursday was another CRAZY day for me. Well its of course my music day. I also had lunch plans with Carly from the church. She and I had a nice lunch at Parrot Pete's. I really enjoyed the time but by the time I got home it was after 2 and I had a very short window of time before heading back out to pick up the kids. Thursdays are also crazy b/c its SCOUT night. So we always rush home have to get through homework and dinner in about an hour and a half time frame. Again I was exhausted. I know though how much Colby loves scouts and I do it for him. So we all ended up going that night. They did a lesson on First Aid. We had a smaller crowd but Colby was happy to just see his best friend Nijel. 
Friday I was so relieved it would be a slower day for me. I had to rehearse with the kids at Aurora but then I was able to come home and enjoy the day at the house. It helped me unwind after a crazy, busy week! 

Friday, October 13, 2017

Hurricane Nate or Lack Thereof

So as you recall we had to head home early from the beach Friday night. So Saturday we got up early and began our Hurricane Prep. We didn't have much to do just pick up a few things and secure stuff around the patio. The day was lovely though b/c we were all 4 home all day. It was nice to not have anywhere to be. We got to spend time outside since the weather really never got bad here. We also watched tv and got to be lazy! It was honestly nice to have a day with no obligations. We hunkered down that night and nothing happened here. Praise God for putting his hand of protection on our city! 
So Sunday we were up and at em like normal for church. Since there was really not Hurricane here church went on as normal. We went to first service and it was a beautiful time of worship. After church we ate lunch together at Olive Branch. Once again we spent the afternoon around the house. It was again nice to not have anywhere or anything to do. I was super thankful for this "pause" in life. Fall can be so busy and I am thankful we had the "Break" from activities! Now I hope we are geared up and ready for a return to the crazy! 

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Destin 2017

Well we just got home a couple days ago from our annual beach trip. We chose once again to go in October since the kids had a 3 day fall break. This year Randall and Elizabeth couldn't go due to a wedding they had to attend. We decided to invite Austin's mom to go with us since we would have extra space in the condos. 
So Tuesday Austin drove to Picayune to meet his sister and mom and bring his mom down to NOLA to go with us on our trip. They got in about 3:00. I was pretty much running out the door to go pick up the kids when they arrived. I got the kids and got home and we were able to visit a bit. It was a pretty busy afternoon/evening though with all the packing and trip prep. We ordered pizza for dinner though and were able to visit then and we even took a walk. Those parts of the evening were nice and I think Linda enjoyed herself. 
Wednesday we were off bright and early! We had a light breakfast and left about 8:45 for the beach. We drove and stopped at the Mississippi Rest Stop to get up with my parents. As always the kids were great travelers. We also stopped again at the Alabama stop. It was nice breaking the trip up and having time to stretch our legs. We also stopped at the Florida stop and at this point we let Colby ride with my parents the rest of the way. He was sitting in between Mawmaw and Lindsay and I think he just felt cramped plus he and Lindsay had started to squabble some. We stopped for our usual lunch at Ruby Tuesday. The lunch was yummy and we were then set to get to the beach. We got to the condo around 3. There were a few mishaps though with checking in but we were finally all settled and unpacked about 4. Ofcourse the kids were dying to get out to the beach so we dressed in our swimsuits and headed out there. We were smart this year and brought along our camping chairs so Austin and I set those out and we were able to sit and read while the kids played in the sand/water. From there we took them to the pool and then went upstairs to get cleaned up and ready for dinner. My mom made us another amazing meal. We had honey baked ham, mac n cheese, and green beans. I think everyone enjoyed it. It was nice to sit around and visit and spend that time together. By about 8 the kids were super tired so we brought them back and got them ready for bed. 
Thursday we were up bright and early and ready for another day! Well actually Austin was up early...I slept until 7:45! I think that's the latest I have slept at the beach since having kids! We all got up and got dressed and went over to my parent's condo for our infamous breakfast. We had a big breakfast of pancakes and omelets. It was so yummy! After helping clean up we got in our swimsuits and hit the beach. It was interesting this year b/c the entire family came down. Austin's mom joined us along with my parents. It was nice visiting with everyone. The kids were so happy and content playing in the sand. We stayed out about 2 hours before heading to the pool. We all swam for about 30 min then we went up for lunch. We had lunch out on the patio. After lunch Austin had to run an errand so I took the kids back to the condo. Colby had some homework to do so he and I worked on that while Lindsay did some crafts. After they watched tv and I took a nap. Once Austin got back he and Colby went back down to the beach. Lindsay relaxed and I showered. That evening we decided to try something new and went to LuLu's for dinner. I was happy we tried a new place. It was really yummy too! We all loved it! It was a nice evening of good food and visiting! After dinner we decided to take the kids to The Track. It was mostly Colby that wanted to go and drive race cars. Lindsay wanted to go to the mall...I was with her. We at this point started hearing reports that NOLA was going to get hit with a hurricane over the weekend so we decided we would go home a day early. I was glad Colby got to drive his cars before we left. He drove the rookie car and also rode with Austin on the Wild Woody. Lindsay wasn't really interested in anything there but we finally convinced her to ride the carousel. That night we stopped by my parent's condo for cookies before bed. It was an exhausting much later night as we were trying to figure out our game plan for the next day. 
Friday we got up and ate breakfast with my parent's as usual. We had a yummy breakfast of sausage biscuits and eggs. After breakfast we went on down to the beach. We had promised the kids we would spend half a day out there before heading home. We spent 2+ hours out there. The weather was just amazing and the kids were having the best time! I so hated to leave! Finally around 11:30 we decided to go on up. Austin stopped with them at the pool to cool and rinse off and I went upstairs to start getting our things together. We all got dressed and got our stuff loaded up. We ate a quick lunch at my parent's condo then headed out. We stopped in Alabama at a Starbucks. With traveling in the afternoon like that after lunch and a full morning we were all dragging. It was a nice refresher and kept us going until Picayune. Yes, Picayune...we had to drive Austin's mom back to meet up with his sister on the way home. Originally they were supposed to come to NOLA and stay at these cabins but their reservations got cancelled due to the hurricane. We got in to Picayune right about 4:45. We visited briefly with Wendi, Shelbi, and Maggie then hit the road. We decided we were all hungry that we would stop in Slidell and eat dinner in hopes that the traffic would also die down. We stopped at Red Robin. We enjoyed it! It was nice to get out the car and have a little downtime. Once we got back in the car it took us way longer then expected to get home due to crazy NOLA traffic. We were so happy when we finally got home around 7:30. We quickly unpacked and got the kids bathed. We let them unwind and play though until about 9. I think we were all happy to see our beds that night! 
It was once again a great trip! A different trip but still great nonetheless! Can't wait to go back! 

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Slow Weekend

So this weekend has been one I needed. It seems like since school started we have always had something on the weekends. We've either been traveling, having friends over, birthday parties, weddings, etc. Anyway this weekend I was super happy to not have any plans. 
Friday night we had a nice night in. We had a spaghetti dinner and celebrated together that Austin got a new job! He will now be the GM of a hotel! I am so happy and excited for him. God's timing has been amazing as well. Anyway it was fun to have that night in. We watched BFG for our movie night. It was almost 10 though before we got our kids to bed. By that time everyone was tired and cranky. I think we were all happy to have a little downtime that night and go to bed. 
Saturday we had a FREE day. We really had a lazy morning around the house. I also tried to get some stuff done. Plus I slept in for the first time in awhile. It was almost 8 when I got up. We had to bring Colby to my parent's house though for the USM game. I had decided to let him go up to the game with them and Austin for the weekend. We had hoped to do that a few weeks ago but the timing wasn't right bc of all his school work he had. Anyway so this week they haven't done much at school due to his teacher being out with the flu so there was definitely no homework due. I am sad his teacher has been out but honestly its been nice to have a break from all the work. The first 2 months of school we worked so hard so I have enjoyed a less hectic week. Anyway we got him dropped off at my parent's house and visited with them for a bit before Lindsay and headed out to do our own thing. I wasn't really sure what we would do? I mean we had the whole day to ourselves. I had contemplated something big like the zoo or City park but honestly we were so late getting started and it was already like 90 degrees so I just wasn't feeling it. She really wanted to go to the mall...I debated that too but I knew she wanted to go to the big mall across the river. I would have liked to take her there but due to our late start I felt like by the time we got there it would be super crowded. Anyway so we settled on a more low key day close to home. I told her we would start out by going to the Farmer's Market to pick out some pumpkins. On our way there I thought about their little friend Ella. She's actually Colby's friend but she gets along great with Lindsay so I wondered if she was home if she would like to hang out with us awhile. My heart really goes out to her b/c there aren't a whole lot of girls her age at our church/school so I try to reach out to her. I also know being 1 of 4 kids she often probably feels like she's just along for the ride. She's such a sweetheart and is always easy to please. Anyway so it turned out she was home and her mom said she would love to spend the day with us! we got our pumpkins and fall decor then went to go pick her up. my original plans were to go to Hobby Lobby and Chickfila with them. Well traffic was awful so by the time we got on Manhattan I figured it was lunchtime. So we went on to eat lunch. Well while we were there I noticed I didn't have my debit card. Thankfully I had a $20 bill in my wallet and that was enough to cover lunch. I got really panicked and worried about where I left/lost it. Well I thought to call the Farmer's Market and sure enough I had left it on the counter there. Thank God for honest people! They had set it aside for me. So we ate lunch then went to pick that up. While by the time we did that I was ready to just come on home. We got here about 1:30 and the girls had a blast playing. They played princess, made some Halloween art, and ate chocolate cake. We left at 4 to bring Ella home. Once Lindsay and I got home I made dinner for us and we watched football. I got her to bed at a decent time and enjoyed some quiet time! 
Sunday was easy getting just the girls ready for church! We arrived super early! The boys met us there. By the time we got out of church it was Pouring rain! Austin went to get us lunch and I came on home with the kids. Streets were already starting to flood so I was anxious to get home and hunker down. We ate Popeye's and watched the SAINTS play. We mostly had a relaxful afternoon. After the game we did do some chores and Austin did yard work and we decorated our front door for Halloween. It was a fun family afternoon. We then had waffles and omelets for dinner! 
I am thankful for the weekend to re-coup after a couple busy months! This upcoming week is a short week of only 2 days of school then we go to the beach!! 

Friday, September 29, 2017

The week of sickness and not much going on....

So this week has been an overall quiet week. I've had a lot of downtime which has been nice. I've had my regular routine things like grocery shopping, Bible study, Wednesday night church, teaching music, and scouts but that's been about it. I feel like we've settled into our fall routine and currently we aren't nearly as stressed/tired as we were a couple weeks ago. We've been busy but not SO busy that we are overwhelmed by it. The school was supposed to have WalkAThon on Friday but it got cancelled due to an overwhelming number of students/teachers coming down with the flu. I was sad but also relieved to have a quieter day. I will be going up there shortly though to bring Colby's class pizza. That should be fun! I hope to get a peek at both of them. Its always fun to see them in their school atmosphere. So with everyone sick I also haven't seen much of friends which is a downer though. I am looking forward to a fairly quiet weekend though. The boys will probably be going to Hattiesburg for the football game and Lindsay and I will hold down the fort here. I am looking forward to girl time and also the quiet that comes with that! We've been praying hard that we stay well and also that the illness stops and everyone who has gotten sick quickly heals! Next week things hopefully will be a little more normal but they also have fall break so it will only be a 2 day week for us! 

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Lessons and Weddings

So Friday started in the most awful way. Well actually it started nicely but quickly went downhill. Colby woke up in the most terrible mood and I ended up letting loose and screaming at him for 10 minutes straight. I ofcourse felt so bad later on but when he has a bad attitude and is disrespectful it just gets to me. I was also hormonal though so I am sure I was more edgy then normal. Well anyways we pulled it together and tried to salvage the morning before getting them to school. It was Lindsay's Career Day! She was so excited. She looked adorable. She chose to be a "boat person" aka sailor girl. After dropping the kids off I had to go by Aurora and drop off a recipe and also pick up Colby's scout book he had left the night before. Then I had to go by the grocery and get a snack for Lindsay b/c of course Friday was also her snack day. I felt bad not being more prepared but with the crazy of the week that was all I could do! I got that dropped off to the school then CAME home! It was so amazing to spend the day at home. I really try hard to schedule one day a week where I come home. It really helps my sanity but also I can be productive around the house. I've realized that God blesses me with those days and I need to use them. I have also learned the importance of being still and having slow days. 
That afternoon I looked forward to having the kids home and us not having anything on the agenda! The kids were in great moods and I just enjoyed our time together. I cooked tacos that night for dinner and Austin got home in time to enjoy that with us. After dinner we played outside for a bit then came in to watch our movie. We decided on The Good Dinosaur. 
Saturday it felt amazing as always to sleep in a bit. Even though I really only slept until like 7:15 it was still nice to slow down. The kids and I had a pretty lazy morning. We were able to even work on school work. Colby had a very light amount of homework so we focused on his reading and questions then I even had him do some language review. I am trying to keep up with that but not make him feel like he's doing work all the time. Lindsay also worked on letters and phonics. She loves doing school papers so its not a struggle at all with her. She enjoys it so much! We took it easy and then had lunch around 11:30. Austin also got home about that time. We had a 2:00 wedding to attend and had a babysitter coming over so we tried to spend the morning straightening up around the house and also getting ready for that. 
Katelynn our babysitter arrived around 1 and we headed out the door. The wedding was for Stephen and Courtney. Stephen is our children's pastor so it was important that we go for this. The wedding was very sweet and pretty and the reception was nice too. It was also nice to get away for a few hours just the 2 of us. We got home right at 6 which was in time for some good college football games. I was pretty exhausted that night so by the 3rd quarter we headed the kids off to bed and we were actually in bed early ourselves as well. 
Sunday we were all so happy to not have any major plans other than church. We went to first service. I have so been enjoying my time back in church. After many years of serving in various children's ministry roles its been so good for my spirit and soul to be back in church. This is not to say that I don't want to get back involved. I am actually hoping to talk to our children's pastor next month about starting to teach every other Sunday upstairs. Anyway the study of Joshua has also been amazing and so impactful! After church the kids wanted to go to New Orleans Hamburger and Seafood. It was a yummy lunch then we came home to watch the SAINTS play. It was a great game! We enjoyed our afternoon around the house. We got some work done but also relaxed and hung out as a family. We had breakfast for dinner and then took a walk!