Friday, December 31, 2010

A Look Back at 2010

I can't believe 2010 is coming to a close! It seems like the year just began! It has been a very, fun and busy year. Colby grew from a toddler to more of a little boy! He has learned to run, jump, and talk lots! I have continued staying home with him another year. It has been a fun journey. This year we have gone on lots of playdates and many adventures. We took 2 big trips to to the beach and one to Disney World. Colby also started school this year. He is going to a Mother's Day Out program 2 days a week from 9-12. So far we have both really enjoyed this! Its been nice for mommy to catch a break to run errands or come home and clean house or just relax. Colby has learned so much. He has learned most of his ABC's and counting to 10. He has also become very social. We have really enjoyed the holidays with Colby this year. He is learning more and understanding more which makes everything so exciting! He also turned 2 this year. We have experienced ups and downs with that. He transferred to a big boy bed which in turn created sleep problems but those are worked out now. He also gave up the bottle and pacifier this past year. We also began potty training and he is doing very well with that! This year Colby has also become very verbal...his talking has exploded especially this December he is saying lots of 3 word sentences now! Its so fun seeing him learn!

This year Austin and I also celebrated our 6th Anniversary! I can't believe its been 6 years since I walked down that aisle! Its been a wonderful 6 years! I can't wait to see what 2011 our 7th year of marriage brings! I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful husband! Austin also started a new job this year...he's still with Marriott but he transferred across the street to the JW Marriott and is now over the front desk. I am still enjoying staying home with Colby. Not sure when/if I will go back to work but definitely not until Colby is in full day school. I feel like right now God wants me home with him and I honestly can't picture it any other way. Its one of the hardest jobs being a mommy, wife, keeper of the house during the week but its also one of the most rewarding.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Children's Museum

Today we met our friend kristie and her son cade at the Children's Museum for a playdate! Since its so cold out and we haven't been there in awhile seemed like the best thing to do today! Colby was so excited! I think the last time we were there was during the summer. He went right to the toddler room...I was amazed though at how much he has grown since our last visit. He now seemed like one of the big kids in the toddler room...its also a big change since he was in school b/c he used to be sorta intimidated by other kids...not anymore! He's still very sweet and patient but he just gets right in the middle of stuff now! He and Cade didn't play too much it seemed like they kept wanting to do different things! Colby loved the grocery store and boats too! He shopped for quite awhile then he climbed on boats and pretended to be the captain!
He also liked going in the houses and pretending to cook and drink coffee haha! At the end of our visit we took the boys into the snack room for a snack...they sat next to each other and shared was really cute! It also gave the mommies a chance to visit! It was really nice to get out on this cold day so Colby could run around!
We don't have much planned this afternoon although I am sure we will get out and play on his swingset later. I really am enjoying having him off school. I thought the 2 weeks would be long but really they have gone by so fast! We have been so busy! I have enjoyed just hanging out with him and doing what we want to do!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Memories

Colby's First Christmas....He was 5 months old

Colby's second Christmas at 17 Months old or 1 Year

Colby's 3rd Christmas at age 2

I can't believe Colby's 3rd Christmas has come and gone! I know each year will be more and more fun! This year he is starting to understand some of it more. He knows who Santa is and knows about baby Jesus and his mommy. He kinda got into the presents a little more but still not as much as I am sure he will next year! Its been fun seeing the progression of him from 5 months old to a toddler to now a big boy 2 year old who is more like a preschooler!

Christmas Number 2

Yesterday we celebrated Christmas with Austin's family. This is our yearly tradition on the 26th. We drove up first thing that morning. We get together with his parents, 2 sisters, their husbands and kids. Its always fun to see Colby play with his cousins plus it makes Christmas last a little longer for us so its not so depressing the night of the 25th when it has all come and gone.

When we got there it was just us so Colby got to play and enjoy Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw all to himself...he loved walking in and out of their house...they have a closed in patio that he could open and get outside he loved that!

When the rest of the family arrived we ate lunch. Colby had already had lunch by that point...if he doesn't eat by 12:30 he gets grumpy! But ofcourse he nibbled some again when we all ate. After lunch was present time! Colby opened one truck up and was done! By this point it was 2 and he is usually napping by 1. We hated to do it but we had to go lay him down for a nap. He didn't fuss he ended up going to sleep and sleeping for about 2 hours...he missed all the presents. I hate he wasn't in there for that part but he's not that into opening presents anyway so he probably would have just fussed on and off. He got some really neat things though...he got several trucks, some books, puzzles, pillow pet, and many other things! I think we could open up a toy shop now after all of our Christmases! Austin's nieces Shelbi and Maggie were ofcourse very much into it...they are 4 and 6 so they loved opening up stuff! They got lots of little petshop toys, clothes, books, games and puzzles. Soon after we finished unwrapping Colby got up. So he got to spend a little while playing and running around with his cousins.

We had promised shelbi she could spend the night with us so we packed up around 4:30 and headed to the apartment. I was excited to keep Shelbi for the night. I knew that Colby would love playing with her plus we used to keep her all the time when she was a baby so it was fun to have a little girl around. We got back to the apartment and they got to open up one Christmas gift and play with it. Austin went to get us dinner...he came back and we all ate then they played some more and watched a movie. At 7:30 we bathed Colby then put Shelbi in the tub with him...they had a blast! We read them a story and put Colby to bed...we knew Shelbi wouldn't be ready for bed quite yet so we let her stay up and watch tv with us then we played Dominoes. We all went to bed around 10:15. I slept in the bed with Shelbi and Austin slept with Colby...although he had to get up around 3 b/c Colby woke up and was all excited that his daddy was in the bed with him...he's not used to sleeping with anyone else!

We all woke up around 7 I think Colby was the first one up. Colby and Shelbi played and watched cartoons then they ate breakfast and we all got dressed and ready for the day! As soon as we got ready we dropped Shelbi back off with Austin's parents and headed back to Nola. It was a wonderful Christmas and I can't believe another Christmas season has come and gone! Each year becomes more and more special with Colby. We are very blessed with 2 wonderful families! Looking forward to what 2011 brings!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

So its Christmas Day...hard to believe! Anyway we are so far having a great day! We woke up this morning Colby got up around 7:15...I got up around 6 so that I could shower and be dressed by the time we got up so we could do presents. He was excited but still didn't completely understand the concept. He saw all his cars and other things and was excited. He mainly just wanted to collect all the cars and tote them around. He didn't pay much attention to the books or dvd's or clothes but I know he will enjoy all those things too! Ofcourse it was raining first thing this morning so we couldn't take him out to see the swing set so we waited to even tell him about it.

We went over to my parents house at 8:30 to do breakfast and open presents there. He was quite the ham again talking so much and playing around. He didn't get into the opening presents over there at all...I mean he liked the first one he opened then he just wanted to play with it and run around so I still opened up most of his gifts...He got a plane set to go with his Thomas Train set and some more Cars lego sets. He also got some Crocs and some Clifford books.

Now that we are back at home we are waiting until about 5 to eat our Christmas dinner. My parents are coming over around then and we are going to just eat and relax. It worked out well to do it later in the day so Colby could nap and we could all rest and straighten up the house a bit.

My parents came over around 4:30 and we ate dinner around 5:30. Everything was delicious! It was nice having a nice, quiet meal like that for a change! I think Colby enjoyed the downtime as well. He took another 3 hour nap and then we just played and relaxed inside. He didn't get to play on his new playground much...he played on it when we first got home this morning but only for about 20 min because it was so cold and wet outside. This afternoon we made him stay in b/c I don't want him sick when we still have another trip to make tomorrow! Its been a wonderful, low key kinda day! Now tomorrow we will take off for hattiesburg and complete Christmas number 2!