Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Monkey Room

Monday Colby and I had another special playdate. I love that our MOPS group is doing so many fun things this summer. Monday they were going to the Monkey Room. We have never been...we have talked about going for quite awhile now but just have never made it there. I knew it would be something Colby would like though! Its a big room with a lot of climbing stuff. They even have a toddler area. Colby went straight to the bigger one though. I thought he might be a little intimidated since it was a lot of other kids but he went straight to playing. At first I didn't think it was going to be too crowded b/c it was mainly MOPS people but I bet by the time we left there were 50 kids in there!
My friend Jenny and her little boy met us there again which was good I had someone to sit and talk with while the boys played. All the kids never bothered Colby. He just kinda did his own thing and played. He was really cute though. He would run back over to me about every 10 minutes and tell me what he had just done! When it was time to go I literally had to drag him out kicking and crying. I can't wait to go back and hopefully bring Austin with us next time!

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Week and Weekend

Wow I can't believe I went a whole week without posting! Time just got away from me I guess! So since last Monday we have been quite busy! Austin was off Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday we got up and ate breakfast at Parrot Pete's as a family. It was quite a nice treat and I think we all enjoyed it! We then went to Walmart to buy a few things. We rarely go to Walmart but we thought we would try it and honestly it wasn't bad...still not my preference to go every week but once in awhile during the day during the week isn't too bad!
Tuesday night we had dinner group for our SS class at church. This was our 2nd week to go. This week was Mexican Fiesta. We have enjoyed going and getting to fellowship with friends. Colby also loves it. This week the only other kid was baby Jonathan who it was his house so obviously he was there! Colby and Jonathan both did really well and colby seemed to enjoy playing with his "baby" toys and with Jackson their dog. Both weeks he has been very sweet and cooperative there which I am thankful for. We may not bring him every week but it has been nice to have him there with us.
Wednesday my parents came to pick Colby up that morning. He was going to spend the day with them while Austin and I cleaned out our closet. We are trying to prepare for baby number 2. But in order to clean out our guest room which will be baby 2's room we have to first clean out our closet to make room for stuff in the guest room. We did away with 4 or 5 LARGE trash bags of clothes. I don't think I had gone through that closet since we moved in so there was obviously things I was never going to wear again. We went with if it hasn't been worn in a year it went! It was hard to get rid of some stuff but I knew it had to be done! After working hard all morning we ate lunch and took naps. We went to church that night but first we met my parents at McAlister's to all eat dinner together before. Colby came into "big" church with us b/c they had a youth choir performing. I think he enjoyed it especially the puppet part of it!
Thursday Colby and I went grocery shopping so it wasn't a very exciting day. We did that and came home and hung out the rest of the day!
Friday my parents kept Colby while I had a haircut. I was so happy to get it cut although I missed the highlites for sure! i have chose this pregnancy like I did last time to not color my hair. I know everyone says its ok but I just don't want to take any chances. It sure felt good though to get some length off of it. I came home and got to enjoy a quiet afternoon to myself. It was sorta nice to have the house to myself. When I woke up from my nap though I got a few house chores done then went to my parent's house to swim with Colby when he got up from his nap. We swam for quite awhile. It was dinner time by the time we got out so I suggested us ordering pizza and Austin could meet us there and eat when he got off work. It was a great idea. I think we all enjoyed it! Colby loves being over at his grandparents house!
Saturday Austin was off. We enjoyed a leisurely morning at home then went to my parent's house again to swim. I know it sounds like we do that a lot! Colby loves it though and with all this heat that's about all any of us feel like doing! Our friends Josh and Laura and their little baby met us there. It was nice to have company and to visit with them. Both the boys did great! It was Jonathan's first swim but I think he really liked it! I think Colby liked the company but he did not want Jonathan touching his cars! After lunch we came home again for naps. Austin grilled steaks and I made homemade mashed potatoes that night which was soo yummy!
Sunday it was nice to have Austin off again especially since my parents were out of town. he stayed and helped me in the nursery during Sunday School which was nice. We were able to sit in church together though which was nice. After church we strayed from our usual lunch at McAlister's and went to Bravo. Colby was ok with going but he didn't really behave at all in the restaurant. It did take longer then McAlister's usually does and I think he was just tired and antsy. We all came home to take much needed naps then Austin and Colby ran errands and then got in the pool together!
It was a wonderful week and weekend...I can't believe how quickly the summer is flying by though! But I am honestly enjoying the laid back schedule and having Colby at home more!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Children's Museum

Colby and I went to the children's museum today. It had actually been awhile since we had gone. I think our last visit there was like March. Colby couldn't wait to go. He's actually been asking about going to the "museum" for about a month. My MOPS group was also going today and another friend and her little boy were also going to meet us there. Its fun when I have people to visit with.

Colby enjoyed everything. He first wanted to do the grocery shopping which I was glad he did that first b/c usually it gets crowded later on in the morning and its no fun going in there with 15+ kids. Colby actually shopped, checked himself out, and put everything away which was a first. Usually all he wants to do is put the groceries in and then I have to pick up. After doing the grocery shopping he went to the toddler area. This is usually is his first place to go and where he stays the longest. He still enjoyed it a lot but got bored faster. The room is only for 3 and under so I can tell he is quickly getting too big for that room! I like it though b/c the whole room is closed in so you can sit and visit while they play. Especially now that he's bigger and I don't have to worry about him falling or anything I pretty much just let him go! After that he was anxious to go see the boats. He also enjoys this section a lot. We went to the Mr. Roger's area but neither of the boys seemed quite into that today. So we went downstairs. Usually Colby really only plays in the cars down there but today he played with a lot of blocks. So I was excited to see he's starting to branch out and do different things. I like going there though b/c the whole visit is about him and he gets to choose what we do! There's not much trouble he can get into either so its a pretty relaxed trip its basically all about playing which is good for him!

Circus and Father's Day

Austin unfortunately had to work all of Father's Day weekend except on Friday. We had our family outting then. We took Colby to the circus! It was his first time and our first time to go in probably 4 or more years! I figured he would do well b/c he has such an understanding of things now and more of an attentions span. We have struggled for the last 2 years on whether or not to take him. I am really glad we waited until he was almost 3. He did great. He got antsy a few times but no where near like he has for previous shows we have attended with him. He loved the elephants, tigers, and motorcycles. He talked and cheered throughout. During his antsy times we got food to entertain him. I figured it was the night of junk couldn't hurt! And he did get his fill although not as bad as some kids were eating...he had pizza and nachos and coke. Luckily though he doesn't know about snoballs or cotton candy yet. It was nice to do this as a family of 3. I have made it a goal/promise to myself to really do special things with him this summer while life is easy b/c next year going out won't be quite as simple. Not that we will stay in all the time but we will either be hauling a baby with us or having to find a sitter (grandparents).

I think Colby truly loved the circus. He has talked about it the last 2 days. He was so cute on the way home he told us " I had night on the town" "I go downtown"...I swear I don't know where he gets these things! He's so funny!

Onto Father's Day I said Austin had to work so we went to church as usual. I had extended care and ended up in Colby's class. I really prefer to work with the babies or toddlers but they needed an extra hand in there. Colby did really well and its amazing now how he talks and relates to other kids. He's still on the quiet side but not as much as he was a year ago. He doesn't have too many friends at church his age but he does play with Broc who is 3 and Glenn Paul was back who is exactly Colby's age so that was exciting. I think Colby and GP could be really good friends b/c they are the same age and have similiar personalities. Colby doesn't really like loud/boisterous kids! So after church we did our usual lunch at McAlister's. We came home took a nap. Austin got home around 4:30 and we went to my parent's house for dinner.

It was nice to hang out with them and Randall and Elizabeth. Colby was a hoot as always. He loves those family dinners and holding the spotlight! Granddaddy even took him in the pool which he really enjoyed. He gets over there and hates leaving though! Especially since he hasn't really been there much in the last 2 weeks. But we promised him 2 visits this week!

I hope Austin had a good Father's Day even though it was rushed. I feel so blessed to have married a man who is such an awesome father to our son. He's a great role model of a sweet, generous, caring father. He always takes time for us. I hear of so many husbands who spend more time hunting, fishing, or golfing they aren't home with their family. I am honored that he choses us first to hang out with!

I am also thankful for my dad and the example he has been to me my entire life. He's a very generous, loving man who has taught me many wonderful things. He's also a wonderful granddaddy who loves playing with his grandson!

For these 2 men I feel so blessed and thankful!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Kiley's B-day Party

Today we went to one of Colby's very best friend's b-day parties. It was a fun time but it wore me out I think more then him haha! We first began the morning by going shopping at Target. I felt bad by saving getting her b-day present until literally the last minute but with swim lessons for 2 weeks I really haven't been anywhere. Colby was adorable searching for her present with me. I first asked him what Kiley would want and he said CARS...well her theme was Mickey so I thought we would start out in the clothes section and try to find a cute Mickey or Minnie shirt or pj's...well nothing like that existed. Well while I was looking I caught colby picking our little girl shirts or swimsuits going "pretty cute"! It was adorable...I'm not sure if he was thinking pretty cute for Kiley or pretty cute in general. He then proceeded to line up all the coat hangers on each wrack. My little OCD child!
Well after no luck with clothes we went to the toy section. We went down the Car aisle b/c I figured it would be cute for Colby to get her a car. She likes cars too and her mom told me she really likes firetrucks so I found a cute little firetruck from the movie Cars. Well that wasn't big enough to be the only present so we went to the game section. I asked Colby what game we should get Kiley and he immediately picked out Elefun the one game he has! So I figured you know what its his friend so we got it! I think its so adorable he pretty much picked out the whole gift himself.
When we got to the party I think Colby was a little shy. I am not sure if he kinda expected to have Kiley and her house all to himself! He did fine though he didn't cling on to me he was just quiet at first. She had a bounce house but for the first hour he wouldn't get in. He made his way back and forth inside and out. He loved playing with all her cars inside. He didn't actually get to play with Kiley too much though with all the activity and other kids. Towards the end he was outside and calling Kiley to come play with him! So adorable! He finally decided he would play in the bounce house also. I think he had a great time. I had to drag him out he didn't want to leave! He told me "no I stay with Kiley"! The party was nice to get to visit a little with other moms but I was mostly following colby inside and out b/c he wouldn't stay in one spot! It definitely wore me out!
I hate I didn't get any pictures but I was so busy following him around!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Swim Lessons Week 2

So Colby has had another good week in swim lessons. He's learned so much! He's learned to go underwater and then flip over to his back to get air. He's doing better on kicking and blowing bubbles although I hope to make him practice those throughout the summer. He definitely has no fear of water and that showed throughout the week! He's very comfortable in there which I think makes him a good floater. He worked a little on arm strokes as well.

The last 2 days he was his most comfortable and even got a little spunky. Yesterday my parents came to watch him so I think he tried to show off for them. He was just a little more friskey than normal. Today the last day he really let it all out! Today they let them stand and dive they had been sitting and diving in previously which didn't excite him although he was always good in going in head first. He's not afraid to let his face go in for sure! Well today she did a few practice runs with them standing and diving then she gave each the opportunity to go by themselves well Colby sure enough went by himself although instead of diving he basically flung/jumped himself into the teacher's arms...I'm sure he shocked everyone! Then after that that is all he wanted to do so he got upset when it was his turn to just kick with the kickboard. Mrs. Joan had to drag him in and out and he kept saying "I want to dive".

I think he definitely left them all with an impression not a bad one but I think they will remember little Colby. He was the youngest in his class atleast out of the boys who did the hard stuff (there were 2 little girls but they were with parents) and basically only did what Colby did last year. Anyway he was full of life and personality all week! Every day he would climb out at the end of class and say "Have a nice day" to all the teachers then he would repeat that and say "bye kids" to the rest of the class! He's too funny! I am so glad he has gotton to take swim lessons these last 2 years I feel like he's far ahead for most children his age. I am also glad he's so comfortable around water. Swim lessons has been so fun both years and he's done so well! Already looking forward to next year with him!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Weekend

We have had a good but very busy weekend so far! I'm already exausted from it! I am kinda ready to get back to our normal week schedule just so I can rest! Let's start out with Saturday morning...Colby and I went over to my parent's house for a swim. I know he's been in swim lessons all week but 1) I have been so jealous sitting in the heat watching him swim every day and 2) I wanted my parents to see his new skills. It felt soo good we stayed in about 2 hours. Colby is doing really well...he can partially swim alone. He's very comfortable and brave in the water also. We ate lunch with them then came home to relax and take naps before Austin's parent's arrived.

Neither of us really got a good nap...I couldn't sleep well thinking that any minute the doorbell might ring and Colby was up most of the time too. By the time they got here he was awake at 3. We sat around and visited until Austin got home. Then we cooked dinner and ate and visited. Colby enjoyed them being here and had fun playing with them. After dinner we even drove down to Belle Chasse for icecream. Once we got in and got Colby bathed it was 9 before he got in the bed. I knew he would be exausted from all the activity plus the no nap so I think he fell right to sleep!

Sunday morning we went to church and Austin's parents joined us. It was nice to have them at our church and to see what we do on Sunday mornings. Austin's mom even joined us in the nursery to see Colby in his class. I think Colby enjoyed having her around too. We enjoyed sitting in church as a family. After church we did our usual lunch at McAlister's. Then we came home and by that point I was exausted and figured Colby was too! Luckily Austin and his parents went down to the Base to look around while Colby and I napped. I definitely needed some down time and so did Colby.

Once we woke up and they got back we went to my parent's house for swimming and dinner. I was still exausted at this point and had a horrible headache but it was nice to swim and be with everyone. We swam and then ate dinner. I think Colby enjoyed the visit. It was nice like I say to be with everyone I just wish I would have felt better. Sundays are such long days anyway and combining company and doing something like that after an already full day about did this pregnant momma in! So when we got home we got Colby in the bed and I was not long after him. I think everyone was exausted though!

Its always nice to have company but it sure was nice Monday morning to get back to "normal" around here! Onto Week 2 of swim lessons!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Week 1 of Swim lessons

Colby is still doing great in swim lessons. I am very impressed with how well he has adapted to the big boy classes. He does everything he is supossed to and doesn't seem afraid at all. He relaxes well and therefore floats on his back very well. They are still working on climbing in and out of the pool safely...Colby can't do it as well as the other kids but I think its b/c he's younger and therefore not as strong but he's getting there. He loves going underwater. He hasn't swam by himself yet but I hope by Week 2 he does! He is getting braver trying to climb in the water by himself. I have been so proud of him this week though! He's gotton in every day excited and happy to be there. He hasn't fussed or complained once! I hope the same stays true for Week 2.
Saturday we went swimming at my parent's house and I was anxious to see him try out his new tricks. He did really well. He can about swim alone. He wanted so bad to break away from us and just swim! We let him go a couple times and he could swim a little bit by himself. He knows to move his arms and legs to keep afloat and get somewhere! I think he's even more brave this week then the week before. He was doing cannon balls into the pool before it was all said and done!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Funny Stories

Colby is getting so funny now that he's talking all the time and starting to pretend play! Its so fun to see how his little mind works. Yesterday I heard him opening and closing doors I finally asked him what was going on and he said he was putting his animals to bed. He had lined up all the stuffed animals in his bed and tucked them in. About 20 minutes later I said what are you going to do when they all wake up...he said "I change them". So next thing I know he's getting them all lined up in his room on the floor saying I change pullups. He even went as far to get a wipe and wipe all their little booties....soo funny!
Yesterday he also had Bailey in his arms rocking him back and forth singing Amazing Grace. I am sure the cat loved this!
He also has started getting a little sassy...a few examples...when I was fussing at him recently he looked at me and said "cool down mommy"! He also told me last night when I told him I was going to punish and ground him from fun activities this week he told me "no mommy you grounded!" Its funny now but in a few years not so much!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weeks 11-13

Today I went back to the doctor for a prenatal checkup. Once again it was an easy, quick visit. Everything seems to be going well. So far I have gained 2 lbs from my starting weight but counting the 2 lbs I lost I am up 4 but only 2 total. I guess that's not bad for the 4th month. I am trying to not gain as much as I did with Colby. They said the heartbeat sounded good. Austin came with me today and got to meet the doctor. It was the first appointment he could make with his work schedule. I am starting to feel better and definitely have more energy. I am still getting a little sick at night but not as bad as before. I am starting to be able to eat more too. I still throw up occassionally but its not as bad thankgoodness!
I am so thankful everything is going well for now! I go back at 16 weeks. I am really ready to know if its a boy or girl but we have about 7 more weeks until that! We haven't started doing anything yet in the room but I want to start soon. I want to paint the room soon after we find out the sex so we gotta get busy clearing it out!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Swim Lesson Day 1

Colby had his first day of swim lessons this year! I was excited to take him back since he did so well last year. He seems to remember a lot too once we started talking about Mrs. Joan's house and swim lessons a few weeks ago. Last year he did parent and child swim classes since he was 1 1/2 going on 2. This year when I registered him I asked her opinion if he should repeat those classes or be bumped up to regular beginner classes. She said since he went last year and did well and is turning 3 in in July he could go to the regular class. I was kinda glad I wouldn't have to get in the pool every day!
I was a little nervous though wondering how he would act without me getting in with him. But I knew he remembered Mrs. Joan and remembered the house and he doesn't have stranger anxiety like he had last year either so I hoped it would be ok. When we got there he was very anxious to get in the pool! He went right in too no worries about leaving momma or daddy behind! He did awesome too...he followed instructions really well and wasn't nervous with the water at all....he's totally a fish.
He was also the youngest...well there were 2 younger girls but they didn't do as much b/c both were crying but he was in a group of about 3 or 4 other boys who were all older then him. I can't wait to see his progress by the end of next week. Last year he learned a lot of basics like blowing bubbles and putting his head under and just overall getting comfortable in the pool. Today they worked on climbing in and out of the pool safely and did a little swimming and kicking. I am really anxious to see him swim by himself though! I don't expect him to be an expert but I hope he will learn enough to kick himself to the side if he were to fall in.
Anyway today was a great start to the week look for more updates as the week goes on!

Friday, June 3, 2011


Today Colby and I ventured out to the aquarium. The main reason for us going today was b/c the MOPS group was going there for a playdate. They have playdates throughout the summer so I figured I am trying to do as much as I can this summer with Colby since next summer I will have 2 kids to bring around and it won't be as simple. Most of them were riding the ferry but I chose not to do that b/c it takes as long to drive to the ferry as it does to actually drive to the aquarium. Some day I would like to ride the ferry with Colby but we will probably save that for when Austin is with us.
We arrived a few minutes before the aquarium opened. I saw the group and we got to speak to them. When the doors opened though I could see them going one way and we went the other. I let Colby choose which side he wanted to go in. I did this b/c we weren't in a hurry and weren't there to see anything in particular. I don't think either way was very crowded today though which was nice.
Colby seemed to really enjoy it. I thought he was going to be very timid the whole trip but he livened up. I gave him the choice of walking or riding in the stroller and he chose to ride. It was probably good b/c it was a little walk from the car to the aquarium. When we got in though I told him he could get out and walk up to the exhibits but he just wanted to ride. I was afraid he would do this the whole time. But finally when we came up on some buttons he wanted out and from there he pretty much walked the rest of the time.
He seemed to really like the big fish tanks, the penguins, otters, sharks, turtles, and frogs. He was naming the animals today and talking to them. He got a big kick out of the alligator and even petting the sting rays. I am glad he's getting to the age of actually learning about the different animals. His attention span though still isn't too long so we finished in an hour. He also enjoyed the play areas. Its nice that they have some spaces for the young kids to stretch their legs and run around. We only stumbled upon one MOPS mom once we were in but that was ok I enjoyed the one on one time with Colby. We didn't do the new parakeet exhibit. I wasn't sure how Colby would do and I figured we would save his first time doing that until Austin could join us.
Well since we finished the aquarium in an hour we called Austin to see if he could meet us for lunch. It was nice to see him in the middle of the day. It worked out well we went and ate pizza in Canal Place. Then we dropped him back off at the hotel. I hope to do that again this summer. Even if we don't do the aquarium we could go drive and pick him up and eat somewhere then bring him back.
Anyway we got home and I for sure thought Colby would take a nice nap...he was falling asleep in the car. He didn't nap the last 2 days but he was at my parents Wednesday and Thursday we had a lot going on around the house. Well around 2 the doorbell rang and next thing I know he's standing at his door. I don't think he ever went to sleep I don't think the doorbell would have woke him up like it did. He also had pooped. I gave him a firm talking to about both. He has been doing so great pooping on the potty I hope he will get this down before summer is over!
I also don't know what is going on with the naps...we went through this last summer and we finally got him back on a good nap schedule and now he seems like he's trying to fight them again. Honestly I wouldn't mind if he stopped napping but still had a quiet time if he didn't need the nap and part of me thinks he doesn't b/c when he does he is late going to bed but he is still falling asleep in the car like today so it makes me think his body still does need a nap so I dunno.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Playdate w/Kiley

Colby got to have another playdate today. We went to Kiley's house this morning. He was so excited. He hasn't seen her since school got out. I can tell she is one of his favorite friends. They get along really well I have never seen 2 kids so young play so well together but they really do. They have been friends now for about a year b/c we met her in swim lessons then they ended up going to school together. We are sad that Kiley won't be at school next year with Colby but I hope we can still get them together!
Colby was very excited to be going over to Kiley's house. He talked about it all morning. He remembered so much from the last time we were there which was November! He and Kiley played downstairs, upstairs, and outside. The way they talk to each other is adorable! They are so sweet. Colby even wanted to hug and kiss her before we left which he won't do to many kids! It was also nice for me to get to visit with another mom. The kids played pretty independantly so we were able to talk. I can't wait to get them together again! Kiley's b-day is in a couple weeks so that should be exciting as well!