Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Much Better Week

So I will pick up this post from where I left off! Saturday was a good day! Colby and I mainly had a relaxed chilled day at home! We enjoyed another full day of not being run out of our house for work! We took a trip to Barnes and Noble though first thing. It was really time for us just to get out of the house so we wouldn't kill each other ha. While there I did pick up a couple books for Colby...one about starting preschool. I also got Austin Drew Brees book we hope to read that one soon too!

Sunday Austin was off which was great! It had been about a month since we were all able to go to church together. It was really nice just having him around for all that! Sunday School went really well. It was just Colby and Cade again. Both boys did really well and played together nicely. Colby is about to promote and I am a little concerned that he will be alone now a lot and so will Cade...I am thinking about talking to the 2 year teacher about combining some Sundays. There is just no point to have 1 kid in each class with 2 adults. That's no fun for anyone! It was very nice to actually sit in church service again. It was a great worship service. Afterwards we met our friends Josh and Laura at McAlister's. My parents were going out of town so we had Colby with us so we just went with our standard quick lunch place. Colby did really well but a 30-40 min lunch on Sundays is about all he can handle! That afternoon we all rested and hung out and got some projects done around the house!

Yesterday (Monday) Colby and I got out and went to the park. It was the first day in a few days it wasn't raining! I ended up being so glad we went too because we met another little girl who will be in his MDO class. She was there playing with her grandparents. It was so funny too because they were just overtaken with Colby! The grandmother just kept saying how cute he was! The little girl was pretty cute too! Hopefully those two will be good friends. They played really well together at the park which was fun to watch! Wished I would have taken pictures! After they left another grandpa came with a little boy who was also 2. Colby and he played a little together his name was Blake. Its always so much better when we go to the park and kids Colby's age are there too! He is always wayy more entertained! Last night Austin got off work early so we went out to eat at Chili's then went shopping at Target! It was a nice family outting. We don't go out a lot at night with Colby due to bedtimes and just plain tired at the end of the day but its always fun when we do. I would have to say Colby was pretty well behaved to have been at the end of the day too! He ate a lot at Chili's which was good also!

Today (Tuesday) was another rainy day. I had decided last night to go to the Children's Museum with Colby. He always loves it there! I invited my parents along to go with us. They like seeing him play and it had been awhile since they had gone with us. He had a really great time and was in a great mood the whole time! He played really hard! He's always so cute there! He seems to learn more though each time he goes so that is cool to watch! The rest of the day once we got home we just hung out here since it was raining which was again nice!

Oh and to Colby's sleep habits! Things have improved greatly! He has been taking naps every day! I pretty much have to go in there and sit until he falls asleep though he has napped 1 day without me doing that. Sometimes I just have to go in there for 5 minutes and the other times I am there for up to 2 hours until he falls asleep! I think its the right decision though for now I feel a peace about it now. I think God answered our prayers by making me think to do this. I can tell he is catching up with his rest and not overtired and overstimulated like last week. He's also doing fine at night. We have had a couple times of him getting up crying but we don't turn his music back on and so I think he is learning that sleep time is serious. His wake up time has been from 6:30-7:30 most days. Most days now he comes and gets in the bed with me after Austin leaves for work which is fine. I also don't have a problem with him waking up especially when Austin is already up I can't help he hears his daddy getting ready it wakes me too most mornings!

Our kitchen is still in temp mode. No more work has been done since last Thursday. He is coming this Thursday to paint and do the final touches. Then hopefully after Labor Day he will install our countertops! It will be so nice to have it all done! I can't wait to cook in a new kitchen! We have been doing better without having to leave our house everyday so its been a much better week!

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Rest of the Week

So we survived Week 1 of Kitchen Renovations! We did it without killing each other too! It honestly hasn't been that bad...I mean I have had my moments sure but all in all its gone pretty smoothly!
I will pick up with Wednesday. Wednesday was a pretty bad start..Colby was awake at 4 am. He was off and on in and out of his room for the next hour and a half. I never went back to sleep. On top of that I was sick and not feeling well at all. I was pretty outdone by that point. We headed to my parents house though that morning. We had to run some errands for an upcoming shower my mom and I are hosting. Colby surprisingly did really well on the errands to be going on such little sleep. I made the decision that day though that I was really going to crack down on his sleep habits. I think he is testing our authority so I am here to let him know I am the boss and can outlast him!
I have decided at naptime for right now I will either lay or sit in the room with him until I see him fall asleep. This is not for his comfort but more so I can see that he does not get up and play. So far it has been working. Especially at my parents house I would lay down for like 10 minutes and he was out. Ofcourse there he's still in a crib so he doesn't really have many options. His naps were typically about 2 hours there too which is good.
Thursday Austin was off which helped out with our morning routine. Its been so rushed trying to get myself ready and Colby fed and ready and to be ready to be out the door by the time the contractor shows up. So yesterday we slowed it down a little and played outside for awhile before heading to my parent's which was nice. I had a hair appointment that morning anyway so I dropped Colby off and went to that. It was really nice to have that break away from everything and everyone. After the appointment Austin met me at my parent's to have lunch. After lunch and Colby went to sleep I went to sleep for over an hour! It was so nice to start catching up on my rest. That afternoon when we came back to the house it was again nice to have austin around to help keep Colby out of the way of the work.
Today was the first day in 4 days we had no work going on! It was so nice to be able to wake up and lounge in my pjs. Our kitchen is not completely done yet but we are set up in temp mode right now. We have our cabinets up and can start loading up most of them. We have temp boards as countertops right now and our old sink in temporarily. Least we can cook and wash dishes. And atleast we weren't chased out of our house today! I had to go to the grocery store! I really hated to do this the first day Colby and I really felt good enough and could go somewhere but it had to be done. It was nice in a way though to take it easy most of the day at home. Ofcourse these kinda days Colby makes a complete mess of our house! I was looking forward to getting Colby back to a more set routine too...at naptime I put him to bed and left so I could eat lunch. Ofcourse he pooped and was trying to come get me so I cleaned him up and layed down by the bed. He fell asleep after like 10 min so I left out. Well the phone rang so I think it woke him up. So I went back in and had to sit there for almost an hour for him to fall asleep. I thought of many times getting up and just giving in but he really needs this nap. So I stuck it out and he finally fell asleep and stayed asleep for about 2 hours. I am so glad he's catching up on his rest! He was up at 6 am today too...even though thats wayy earlier then I like to get up atleast it was after Austin was up so I was halfway awake anyway. I don't mind him getting up by that point so much! We had a good day Austin got home around lunchtime so him and I were able to relax then we had a family afternoon. We worked in our kitchen together then grilled steaks and ate outside. It was a very nice to have that time the 3 of us.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Three S's (Sleeping, Sickness, and School)

Today has been a very interesting day! Let me begin with my first S (sleeping). Colby awoke around 5 am this morning crying. Austin went in to see the problem and turned on his music. We hoped/prayed he would go back to sleep. As you can imagine I was not happy at this point at all! I already knew it would be a long day and I had to wake up at 6:30. I never did return to sleep and neither did Colby. He awoke again around 6 crying...once again Austin went in turned on his music...once again I prayed he would fall back asleep. Nope! He stayed in there until about 6:45 but was then up for the day! Atleast I was able to get ready in peace I guess!
Naptime again took place at my parent's house...it really sucks that of all weeks when we are having trouble with his sleeping we have to be all misplaced from our house. Colby and I went to church this morning just to have some getting out time then we went to my parent's house for lunch/naptime. I knew by noon he should be down for his nap. By noon he had been up 7 hours! That's just insane! Instead of leaving falling asleep up to him and taking the chance he would play I decided to lay down in the room...not so much as a comfort but to watch him and make sure he stayed lying down instead of playing. It worked! He fell asleep after about 15 minutes. Granted he only slept for about 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours...I feel like he really needed 3-4 but least it was progress!
Tonight my parent's got the pleasure of putting him to bed because we had parent's night (more about that later) at Colby's school. My mom said he went down fine. When we got home Austin went to peep on him he was still awake. We both kissed him and closed the door. While I was in the bathroom he apparantly came out crying. Austin sat by him for a few minutes and said he went to sleep. We are not sure what is going on with him because he has NEVER done this. I mean he slept better at 6 months old then he is now!
Onto the second S (sickness). Colby started with a runny nose and sneezing yesterday. Today it was worse but still no fever. He was exposed to strep on Friday but I am praying that is not what he has. Hopefully its just a cold. I am sure his throat is hurting him also. He still has a good appetite though so again I am hoping/praying its just a cold and today will be his worse day. I really feel like if it were strep he would have already run a fever. Usually fever is the first sign of something wrong not that last....I also now have a sore throat though but again I hope by tomorrow its better and we are both better! We have plans to run errands with my mom but it will depend on if we are better or worse. If Colby is worse I may go ahead and take him to the doctor to get tested for strep.
The last S (school). We went to Colby's Mother's Day Out or school tonight. They had parent's night. Children were not allowed to go. I guess they want the parents to really hear the information and not have chaos of children there. We were excited to see 2 families we already know have children going to the school. This made us both feel good. The first is a neighbor down the street who have a little girl. She is only 1 though so she won't be in Colby's class. The other is a little girl from Colby's swim class. She is 2 and will be in his class on Tuesdays/Thursdays! I was so happy to hear that! The class is going to have 9 so that is not bad at all. He will go twice a week from 9-12. It sounds like they have lots planned and will really have fun! I think it will be good for Colby to interact with other people and kids. The teacher was young and seemed very sweet! I pray he develops a great relationship with her. She also has another lady helping out on the days Colby will be there...so 2 adults for 9 two year olds I guess won't be bad! He starts September 9th so in about 2 weeks! Its bittersweet for me! In some ways I cannot wait for him to start because I will finally after 2 years get some much needed time for myself! I can run errands, make appointments, clean house, or just come home and have some down time! Its sad though knowing that my little boy is growing up! I can't believe 2 years of staying home with him all day every day is gone! I could keep him home another year but he's just so active I think he needs this time! It will be fun to see how he grows and learns this year!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sleep Problems

I know everyone is probably tired of hearing about Colby not sleeping and I am too honestly but I have to vent about it or I will drive myself crazy! The most frustrating part of this is that Colby has always been a great sleeper! My intuition tells me right now too that he is soo overtired that he's keyed up and not sleeping well. I have always griped about other people and hearing about their children not sleeping...honestly I have to confess that just a few weeks ago I was saying I was tired of hearing about other people's problems and maybe the Lord is doing this to bring me down a notch! I never viewed myself as a perfect parent but I always thought we had sleep down to a science with Colby! It has always come so easy! We put him in his crib the first night home from the hospital and he only woke up twice. He only was waking up once by the time he was a month...and by 2 months he was mostly sleeping through the night. We have probably had less then 5 BAD nights where I would say we didn't get much sleep! We have also been very routine and strict with his naptime. We have made it a point for 2 years to be home after lunch so he could nap. He has always consistently taken a 3 hour nap most days too! We did Babywise with him and it worked beautifully!
Now since the first week of August we are having issues! It began I think a little in July but nothing to the extreme it is now. We converted Colby's bed to a toddler bed in July. He adjusted really well and didn't even get out much in the beginning. Around his birthday we took the paci away. Once again no big deal he only asked for it one night. He has never cried or asked about it again! Neither of these do I want to go back with either even if they are the problem. My feeling is that he is 2 and he should be sleeping in a toddler bed I would rather deal with this now then with a 3 year old because at 3 he will be moved to a bigger bed. Its also easier to do this now then when/if we have another child or one on the way next year. I don't want to give the paci back because I have broken him of that habit and I think breaking it again at 3 would be horrible! By then he would be able to really talk and really have a memory of what was going on. Right now I think he has forgotton it all together so I don't want to go back.
We traveled in August to Hattiesburg and thats when I really remember the frustration starting...he wouldn't stay in his bed at naptime...now in the last few weeks he hardly naps at all and he is waking up at 6:30 most days...this is something he NEVER did before! Usually he slept until 8:30. I know things are going to change since he is older and probably doesn't need quite as much sleep but I believe a 2 year old needs more sleep then my child is getting. I believe he's in this cycle of being soo overtired he can't sleep well but I don't know how to break the vicious cycle! Its almost like he is going to have to sleep all day to ever catch up! But like a 2 year old will slow down to do that! I think if I could get him napping solidly for a week he might be ok its just how to get there. We have been given many suggestions one of them being getting the toys out of his room. We don't really have a place for all his toys and he has some in his room along with a large toy box. Without having a playroom in our house there is just no other place to put them.
Ok so tonight we put him in bed at 7:30 too like everyone kept telling me to put him to bed earlier. We already put him to bed consistently at 8...its hard to always get him bed earlier then that with Austin's work schedule. Tonight though we just didn't eat until after we put him in the bed. Well 2 hours later and I am still not positive he's sleeping. He has come out crying 2 or 3 times and i have gone in there 2 or 3 times because he was playing!
I am really trying to lay this down in front of God...I am sooo at a loss to solve it on my own! Please God, just help my son Colby to rest and feel refreshed. Just help his little body to slow down and rest the amount of hours it needs and also please help him to feel better if he is getting sick! Amen!

Busy and Out of Sorts

So this is going to be an interesting week...we are in the middle of having our kitchen remodled. We are also in the midst of a busy week plus life is just normally chaotic and busy with a 2 year old! Who is still not napping and waking up absurdly early to add!
Yesterday was church...all went well it was much better then the week before! We only had Cade and Colby in Sunday School though! Cade was a little out of sorts his mommy said he didn't sleep well the night before so I think he was just sleepy! I didn't have to stay in extended care which was good but my mom was in there with Colby so I knew he was in good hands!
Colby took a short nap yesterday after me going in his room 3 times and spanking him twice...I am not sure what its going to take to make him nap! We spent the afternoon/evening preparing our kitchen for the big remodel!
Onto today...since the guy was coming early to work Colby and I got up about 6:30 or 6:45 to get moving! We were going to spend the day with my parents. It would just be too hard to keep Colby here while he was working! It worked out well we were able to walk, swim, and eat lunch and Colby I think napped atleast a short time but I am not totally sure about that!
The bad news is I feel a little stuffy and Colby has been sneezing and having a runny nose! I am praying its just a cold but a friend just put on facebook that her little girl has strep and we were at the playdate Friday with them! I really hope that is not what Colby has! That would be really not fun with all the work going on at our house! He was pretty well behaved today but you could tell he was either tired or didn't feel 100% because he had a few meltdowns at my parent's house. Its also hard because the more adults he has doting on him the worse he acts. So it will be a long week as far as that goes because we will be spending a lot of time over there!
I just pray he sleeps well tonight! Our kitchen has been completely taken apart! All of our countertops and cabinets are gone....he put in 2 of the new cabinets though. We also do not have a sink or a dishwasher or oven or stove tonight. We didn't plan on cooking and I just have to wash what dishes we do have in the bathroom! It will be interesting around here but we are all learning patience and how to be flexible in the midst!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Not Me Not Today

Ok so I was already in a semi bad mood with Colby waking up at 6:30 and not taking a nap today...also knowing my house is fixing to be in major disrepair while we have our kitchen remodeled. The day starting looking up though when Austin got home at 2:30. But as soon as he came home he started complaing of a stomachache and not feeling well. Neither of us thought much of it just thought it was something he ate. Well now he has thrown up...we are not sure if its a virus or something he ate! I am really praying its something he ate...I can't handle all of us being sick with that not today not right now!
It also sucks though anyways because I was counting on his help as our house is in major mess right now...we also have to finish packing up the kitchen. I was also cooking white beans for our dinner tonight...guess Colby and I will be the only ones eating that! It just sucks...I know I know its not the worst in the world but right now I just want to whine because this is not how I saw our evening. I pictured relaxing with my family while watching the Saints Game having a low key night! I guess like the saying goes..."when we plan God laughs". I know in everything there is a lesson and a reason and I'm sure my lesson is patience...some days I just don't have much of that! So if you are reading this say a prayer for us...pray Austin feels better soon...pray Colby and I don't get it and pray that I have patience to take care of everyone and everything and be a good wife and mother while doing it!

Looking back Summertime

August 2008 Colby was 1 month old!
August 2008 Colby went to church for the first time!

August 2008 This is how he played back then!

August 2009 Ready for the Saints Season and playing with his toys!

August 2009 First trip to Chuck E. Cheese

August 2009 He was still crawling everywhere!

August 2010 He loves to play at parks now with other little kids!

August 2010 He also loves to bathe Allie in the backyard!

August 2010 He can also now go down big water slides!

Thought I would look back at the last 3 summers we have now had Colby how much he has changed!

What will he be like next summer? He has grown, changed, and learned so much! My how our summers have changed!

Park Date

Colby and Braden on the seesaw
A seesaw full of boys!

So today I knew I wanted to take Colby to the park and one of my friends called earlier and wanted to take her little boy as well. It ended up a park playdate! I knew this would be good because Colby usually gets bored when its just him and me.

We got there first and at first there was no one there but then a dad and grandfather came with a little boy. He was also 2. Colby and him hit it off right away. It was so cute to watch them copying each other and chasing each other. Finally my friend got there with her little boy Braden. He is 1 1/2. Him and Colby also hit it off. Braden was shy at first but they quickly warmed up to each other. We stayed out there longer then we ever stayed. We were there a little over an hour! It was hot too! But all the boys seemed to have fun. After awhile another little boy came who was also around their age. At one point all 4 were on the seesaw it was so cute!

I am hoping this physical activity is enough to wear Colby out so that he will nap for me! He was up once again around 6:30 this morning! I am so tired...I am excited though tonight is the Saints game so atleast that leaves us something to look forward to the rest of the day!

Tomorrow is church too so it will be another busy day! But looking forward to it! We really don't stay home much anymore...Colby is just wayy too active! Sometimes I miss those days of him being 6 months old when we could just happily stay in on Saturdays!

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Rest of Our Week

So I thought I would just catch up on what all we have been up to this week. Wednesday Austin was still off so we took Colby over to my parent's house to swim. He is still doing so well with his swimming. He uses his arms and kicks his little feet...I think he is a natural born swimmer. Both of his parents are good swimmers so I guess he just inherited that! A rainstorm cut our swim off early but that was ok we had to get back to the house anyway. In the process though of getting ready to leave somehow my dad pulled Colby off the bed and he hit his head. It was tragic for them both! My dad felt awful and Colby ofcourse cried and pitched a fit! My poor dad is always soo worried about Colby and telling the rest of us to be careful with him! I know he probably still hasn't let himself forget that yet! Luckily for them both though Colby was fine! He has a very hard head! The rest of the day we spent doing house chores...we are fixing to have our kitchen remodeled so we spent some of the day packing up our cabinets.
Yesterday was a pretty dull day...we had grocery shopping to do. I don't mind grocery shopping in itself and Colby usually does well in there. I just hate that it pretty much takes the entire morning therefore Colby doesn't get to do anything fun! We had visits from Mrs. Doris and my parents though so that gave him some fun time. Speaking of though Colby hasn't napped at all this week except Tuesday! Yesterday I even went in there 2 or 3 times and spanked him on the 3rd and he still didn't nap! I am not sure what we are going to do. I would be fine with him not napping and playing quietly if he were sleeping until almost 9 in the morning but now he is waking up at 6:30. So he is awake for almost 14 hours daily! He sleeps fine at night its just the waking up early and no nap! Its driving me crazy!
Today Colby and I had a playdate with the MOPS group. It was at one of the mother's house. Gosh there were probably 20 moms there and 25 kids or more! It was crazy! We only stayed a little over an hour! I just couldn't handle the chaos! Colby did really good but there was just too much going on that I don't think he got to really meet any new friends! I love playdates but I think they need to be smaller groups of children...that was just overwhelming for him and me! He never did get upset though which was good! I hope this means he will adjust to school well! He went off on his own a few times and even sat down at the table and started eating without me in there haha! It was fun though nice to get out of the house and see some other moms and atleast give Colby a chance to see some kids and get out the house for a bit! The rest of the day we don't really have plans...I am just praying he will nap...then I have to work in the kitchen! We think tomorrow the guy is coming to take out our countertops and cabinets. Its going to be quite a crazy week but honestly I am trying to not even think about it! Its better for me not to get stressed and just see it one day at a time. I will panic if I think too much about not having use of my kitchen for a week! So we are taking it one day at a time. Tomorrow while he is working we are going to go hang out with my parents. There is no way Colby can stay here while all that is happening! He will just get in the way. We will still come home and sleep here at night but we just won't stay while the work is going on! I am hoping Austin will be off tomorrow so he can help and oversee the process! Wish me luck and pray for us that we all stay patient and understanding with one another!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Days with Daddy

Colby and his buddy Cade playing

Colby and Cade in the backyard

Colby and Cade at the Children's Museum

Colby helping daddy bathe Allie

So Austin has been off a lot this week...starting with getting off early Sunday afternoon! It has been so nice to have help around the house and help with Colby! I will be at a loss Thursday when he goes back to work I'm sure!

Sunday night we were able to go to a Sunday School Fellowship. My parent's also kept Colby for the night. It was nice to go hang out with other couples and visit. It was also nice to relax that night and sleep in the next morning!

Monday morning I went to pick Colby up...even though it was nice having a break from him we missed him a lot! Austin had to do the yard first thing in the morning so when I went to pick Colby up I hung out with my parent's. Afterwards we came home and played inside until Austin was finished with the yard. When Austin finished the yard we went to lunch at Parrot Pete's. I had just been there last week with some friends and raved about how good it was. Colby did really well once again. He sat in the a big boy chair and ate and played with his cars! I guess the highchair days are coming to a close! We also ran into some friends of my parents from Calvary. They now live in TX so it was really a surpise to see them! We decided after lunch to go on to Target. Normally we wouldn't do this...we have always been in a rush to get Colby down for a nap. Well this week he hasn't been napping so we figured why are we rushing back...if anything maybe an extra stop will wear him out! No such luck though he still didn't nap that afternoon!

After we got him up we let him play in the backyard in his pool...it had been awhile since had done some water play! He and the dog had a blast!

Today since Austin was off again we took Colby to the Children's Museum. It had been awhile since we had gone. We went a lot in the spring but hadn't been much lately. Colby had a blast! It was funny because we saw many people we knew. First off we saw 2 families we knew from church. One being his little buddy Cade. They ended up playing by each other most of the morning. Then the MOPS group was there so I saw about 5 mother's and their kids from there that I knew but Colby didn't really get to play with any of those kids. On Tuesdays they do Toddler Time...well usually Colby doesn't really have much to do with it...but today he sat and listened to the story/songtime pretty much. I was proud since he will have to do this in school soon! He also wanted to participate in the art activity which was good! They painted with fly swatters which was a neat idea. After the museum we went to lunch then came home for naps. I was soo worried he wouldn't sleep. It took him over an hour to settle down but once he did fall asleep hard for a couple hours! I am hoping this gets him back in his routine of napping.

Tonight we had friends over for dinner. It was Brent, Kristie, and their little boy Cade I talk about alot. I really enjoyed having them over! It was the first time in awhile we had a friend over for Colby! Both boys had a blast and it was so cute to watch them play together. They are 10 months apart which the older they get won't seem like a lot at all! I thought Colby did really well sharing his toys too! We even decided to put them in the tub together since they were here at Colby's bathtime...neither of them were fond of this...I think if we did it again maybe they would warm up to the idea. Colby is very picky though about personal space so I think he just didn't like sharing his space. He's also kinda private already so he might not have liked the spectacle either of 4 adults leaning over taking pictures and watching them haha! It was a great night though...we hope to do more of that now that Colby is getting older! He needs lots of friends especially good Christian ones so we hope they stick around for awhile so our boys can grow up together!

Its been a great few days! We have another day to look forward too tomorrow also! Austin is off one more day! It will be sad to see him go back to work though!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

whewww what a day!

Ok wow so I feel so tired and its been one of those days where you honestly have to laugh at all that happens to keep from crying! The end of this week has been tiring for me as my little boy has decided not to nap for a few days straight. On top of that I have pms so I am already tired/grumpy and add a 2 year old who doesn't sleep to the mix! EMOTIONAL overload!
So last night he didn't go to sleep until almost 9. We tucked him around 8 and he chose to play. We never went in because since he didn't try to come out I think it almost worsens it for us to go in and correct him. I don't want it to become a battle of the wills so I left it alone and he finally went to sleep. Since today was church I honestly thought that I might have to wake him this morning due to his lack of sleep this week. Well I was wrong...he was awake at 7 right when I got up. This threw me into a tizzy because I am used to atleast 30 min to myself on Sunday mornings to get ready and also get mentally and physically prepared for the day. So right off the bat I felt off my game. And luckily Colby wasn't bad he was able to entertain himself while I did what I needed to do which for that I am very grateful!
To top the morning off though the cat vomited which I knew and cleaned up but what I did not know was it got on my pj pants which were on the floor. So I had them on for a good 20 min before I discovered the cat vomit...yes gross! That also proves how busy I was this morning and in a tailspin that I didn't discover the vomit immediately. Anywho we made it off to church at our normal time. I stopped at Starbucks to get my coffee. Yes I am addicted but I figured with all else that has gone wrong I deserve a treat...well ofcourse I get some on me! Whatever we still make it to church and all seems ok with the world. In our Sunday school class typically we have 3 boys. Broc ( 2 1/2) Colby (2) and Cade (1). All was going fine...I brought Colby to the potty around 9:30 as usual. Well when I came out the baby teacher wanted me to hold Zoey (6 months) who was crying at the time. I picked her up and told her I had to get back to my room. Well she said she would come get her. So I brought her down and for a good 20 min she was fine just chilling out in my arms. I continued to try to tend to the boys also. Well finally her teacher came back in and by that time she was getting fussy again. Well instead of taking her back to the baby room or calling her mom they proceeded to stay in our room. I was not happy about this at all....nothing against the little girl but keeping a 6 month old who is screaming in a room of 3 toddlers who are all fine is not a good idea!
Then the baby teacher let Mrs. Shirley try to calm the little girl while she picked up Cade. Well he was doing just fine until she picked him up and had him by the door. So then he got upset! Well at this time I was ready to leave. This teacher had come in and disrupted our entire class. I realize she was by herself but I don't feel like she should have upset our whole class. It was very stressful. There was no one in charge today either because the girl who normally checks people in was not there.
So at 10:15 when the bell rang I brought Colby and Broc to the 2 year old room. I quickly realized no one was coming to watch them. I knew I would have to stay. It was fine but I was supossed to work with the 3s today. I had to tell Laura who I was supossed to work with that I had to stay in that room with the 1s and 2s. It all got worked out to where she and I kept the toddlers and someone else stayed with the 3s. It was crazy hectic! They ended up taking Cade into the baby room which I didn't really agree with but I wasn't about to rock the boat anymore. I guess he ended up taking a nap but I wouldn't have minded him staying with us. So then we ended up having Broc, Colby, Glenn Paul who is also 2 and then two twin girls who I guess were 2 as well. They were all very well behaved. Broc actually fell asleep. The others played very well together. And I have to brag on my little boy he was soo well behaved today. He did not give me a bit of trouble. He also stayed dry all morning with no accidents at church. He went potty 3 times. It did make me feel good that he could be soo good in this kind of situation! So yes I am very thankful for him!
After church we did go eat at Mcalister's even though I could have come straight home I knew Colby would want to eat out. He loves that place! Well I made the mistake of ordering him a ham/cheese sandwhich instead of mac n cheese. He has eaten sandwhiches more lately and likes them plus he had mac n cheese last night. Well when he got his plate he pitched a fit. I felt bad and got him mac cheese instead. Poor guy he just thinks that is what he is supossed to eat at Mcalister's. I couldn't be mad at him! He did well at the restaurant too considering his lack of sleep! Now we are home and I am just praying he takes a good nap for me so I can get some rest as well! We have a Sunday School party this afternoon/evening! More on that later! Colby is going to my parent's house. We techinically could bring him but I think we will have more fun and be able to visit more without him and after my morning I think I need a break for little ones!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The End of An Era

Ok so I am not saying that Colby is giving up his nap because I don't believe that children give up naps and I don't think he is completely ready to give up his nap but he is definitely in a transition. I have read up on toddlerwise/preschoolwise this week about naptimes. It said there is a transition of children weaning themselves from a nap. This usually happens between 3 and 4. It still recommends though that the children have a "Rest" time even if they don't sleep.
Well Colby is only 2 and just turned 2. But since we converted his bed and since his birthday naps have been very hit or miss. Colby has always been a good napper...I mean he has always had days even since he was a baby that he might not nap or might not nap good but for the most part I have counted him as a good napper. I think that is mainly due to us making him nap. Its always been a part of our day no matter what.
I know the days of 3 hour naps are fading out of the picture or gone but I think Colby still needs a 2 hour nap atleast. During our trip to Hattiesburg last week he didn't nap. We came home though and he went back to 3 hour naps. Now the last 3 days he hasn't napped at all. He can pretty much make it through the day without completely falling apart but he is just soo exausted by dinnertime. Last night we couldn't even take him outside after dinner because he was just soo tired! Today he stayed in his room almost 3 hours playing then thought he was going to come out. Well I took him right back to his room b/c I didn't feel it was time for him to come out plus I was mad that he had been playing for 3 hours. I knew his room would be a mess but it was completely trashed! I don't think his room has ever looked that bad! That made me furious so he got a spanking and put back in his bed. Its quiet now so I am not sure if he fell asleep or is just scared to come out! I really hate though that it took him until 3:30 to settle down. He goes down for a nap at 12:30 which is the perfect time because then he has several hours after he gets up to wear himself down before bedtime...now he will be wound up tonight if I let him sleep too long!
I just don't want him to give up naps yet not this soon...like I say I won't allow him to give it up...many parents give up the battle and just deal with it but I am right now not going to do that. Even if he does spend 3 hours in his room playing atleast he's in his room and it still gives me a break. He has to understand that he needs some down time and so does mommy. This is another reason I am so thankful he is starting to school next month. Hopefully it will wear him out enough he will start taking good naps again but also it will give me a break!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Busy Morning

Today Colby and I decided to get out of the house and do some running around. We haven't had a busy morning all week since we got back from the trip. We first decided to start our day with a trip to Randall and Elizabeth's house. Today is their anniversary so I figured since we were getting out anyway we would go by and wish them a happy one. Colby always loves going by their house. He loves chasing Nick and Zack around their 2 cats! Aunt Lizzie also gave him some blackberries which he turned himself purple with! We stayed about an hour which was nice to hang out with them.
Afterwards we went to the library just to waste some time. There wasn't storytime or anything going on so it was pretty quiet! Colby loves playing in the castle though and was the only kid in the children's area so he was free to run around and do what he pleased! I tried to get him to look at some books but he wasn't interested at all.
Our next stop was Parrot Pete's. I was meeting some friends there with their 2 boys. We got here early so Colby was able to run around outside some before the rain started. We all have boys in different stages so it was fun to see that. Colby is the oldest, Jax is 9 months old, then Kale is 3 months old. Colby had fun checking out the babies and I think Jax kept a good eye on him too! Colby did pretty good...I was a little worried because I haven't had him in a restaurant by himself in a long time and he is entering a very independent stage so I wasn't sure how it would go. He whined some but once his food came he was very good. He even sat in a chair with no problems! I missed having one though that was a baby that was quieter and sat more content...I don't know what stage is easier honestly. I mean like the 2 babies couldn't get up and walk around but then their moms had to feed them. Colby could feed himself but he needed constant attention in other ways. It did show me though that he and I need to start going out the 2 of us for lunch dates!
Once we got home I was sure he would nap for a long time! Not the case. Its now 3:15 and I know he hasn't slept a wink! He has been in his room playing and I'm sure making a HUGE mess! Now I guess that just means an early bedtime!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rainy Days

So we have had a lot of rain over the last 2 days. Its actually been a blessing though because we have had a very dry, hot summer. The plants needed the rain so bad. I guess since we haven't had much rain though its almost been an adjustment for me. I feel my mood/energy level has dropped significantly the last 2 days. We haven't been very busy either since we got home from Hattiesburg which I think has also left us with some cabin fever.
Tuesday all we did was grocery shop then hung out at home the rest of the day.
Yesterday we went to my parent's house to swim. It was fun we are trying to get over there atleast once a week so Colby can keep improving his swimming skills. It also gives him something to do where he burns off energy! He has so much! We even swam in the rain that is how much I wanted that boy to swim haha!
Today we took off in the middle of the tropical rain (it really wasn't bad) to go visit my old school and the place I taught before having Colby. I wanted to see some of the teachers. They have also done some renovating too so I wanted to see that. Plus I figured it would be a nice outting for Colby. He was unsure at first I think he thought I was bringing him and leaving him. He finally warmed up to everyone! It was fun to show him off! It had been awhile since we were up there last. I think he was only 8 months old the last time I went up there like that! It was great to see everyone! It made me miss teaching for a split second haha...I do miss the kids and all the preparation. But I wouldn't trade staying home with Colby either! I feel like I would have missed so much over the last 2 years otherwise! I did sign up for subbing though. Not sure how much I will do it because I don't want to be called up there twice a week or more but a couple times a month won't be bad. I also plan to make more visits up there too so Colby can play with the 3 year olds and get used to "school". He is starting MDO in September also so we should be pretty busy this fall!
Today was also the start of the Saints Season! It looks like they are going to lose by 3 points. That is a little dissapointing but least its only preseason! I was excited though about the start of football season again! We had Colby saying "Go Saints" and the touchdown sign all night! He watched up until halftime and really got into it! This is going to be fun this year with a football buddy! The last 2 years he has been too young to understand but I think this year he is going to love football...he already has some moves on him!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Two Year Attitudes

So lately it has become very obvious that we have a 2 year old on our hands! I hesitate to complain a lot because I know he is a well behaved child in most aspects and we are blessed to have a healthy child who sleeps all night in his own bed and who eats most of what is placed in front of him! He is also pretty content and can entertain himself.
With all that said he has gotton a little attitude lately. Its almost funny/cute though but you hate to laugh/encourage it because it won't be cute when he's 6! Well today we went to the mall. Colby usually does pretty well at the mall. We don't go often though and probably haven't been with him since April. And usually we ride a ride there. But in the middle of August the train is not set up and will not be until October. Well he started out on a bad note...we first went to Stride Rite to get him some fall/school type shoes. He wouldn't even come into the shoe store...not sure what the deal was. He pitched a royal fit and therefore Austin had to stand outside of the store with him. I was embarrassed knowing that he usually does not behave this way. He continued this attitude of wanting in/out of the stroller wanting to carry his cars and not carry his cars. Later we went in PB Kids which he usually likes. Well once again he pitched a fit...so much so Austin had to corner him in a "room" and get him to straighten up. Once again I was sorta embarrassed! I finally decided to take him to the Disney Store while Austin shopped for himself for awhile! Well ofcourse he loved the Disney Store...he could have stayed all day in there looking at all the "Cars" stuff! He ofcourse left with the police car that matches his firetruck he got for Easter! Well we decided it was time for lunch after all that then to go on home. He did pretty good at lunch....he is in a middle stage or really getting to big for highchairs but he can sit in big chairs but then he plays more and doesn't focus on eating...he focuses more on climbing in and out of his seat. He ate good so we let him up the last 4 or 5 minutes we were sitting there. What did he do? He flipped the chair over ending in a major fit of tears, screams, and well you get the picture! WOW we call him Dennis the Menace for a reason! Some of the stuff he does is just so funny but you can't laugh at him.
Later tonight at dinner we had ham, black eyed peas, cornbread, and pasta salad. All of which he has eaten before and loved. For some reason though when we all sit down as a family these meals turn into power struggles. Well he wanted to pitch a fit and not eat. Austin finally had to get him to eat. We are in agreement he eats what we eat or he goes hungry...he finally ate but not a whole lot but that's his choice because his next meal will be breakfast. He ate yogurt and will get a cup of milk later but we don't really do desserts with him. He gets them on special occassions but not every night because that becomes a big issue with kids when they expect desserts. So now I know he will be extra hungry in the morning but thats ok! He won't starve!
So that's all for now...2 year olds are fun in many ways but they are also tiring to parent because they are struggling for independence and also communication. They are finding out the way the world works. I just want him to learn self control and obediance now because an out of control 2 year old will be an out of control 6 year old and so on!
Most of the time though he is really sweet he just has his moments! the end!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hattiesburg Summer Trip

Colby blowing Seymour a kiss!

He loved the mascot!

Maggie's birthday party...cake time!

Colby playing with the girls in the pool

He loved the water slide!

Every year in August we go spend a few days in Hattiesburg. Its always a nice getaway and kinda closing of the summer. It also coincides with Austin's niece Maggie's b-day. We went up Thursday night and got back yesterday afternoon. It was quite a fun time!

It had been several months since we were there before. It was nice to get away and see Austin's family. We got to do a lot while we were there too! Here's just a quick rundown of all we got to do and see!

Thursday- Ate at Cracker Barrel in Slidell. Colby did really well and pottied there twice and stayed dry the whole ride up!

Friday- Went shopping at the USM bookstore for football gear! Took Colby to a playground on the campus so he could run around! Went to visit Austin's parents and they took us to lunch at Movie Star Restaurant! It was yummy good home cooking kind of food! Also good for kids! Colby loved it! Shopped at Target for swimsuits and Maggie's birthday present! Went swimming that night at the apartment!

Saturday- Maggie's 4th birthday! Colby had a good time! It was a lot different this year then the last few. 2 years ago he was only a few weeks old so we didn't make it...last year when we went he was still not walking so he mainly stayed inside with me and played!

Went to USM Fanfare! Colby loved Seymour (mascot) and followed him around! Ate at Sweet Peppers and visited with Austin's parents.

Sunday- Ate breakfast at McDonald's with Dianne then drove home.

Colby was really good the whole trip and it was cool to see him remember things. Its really the first trip there we can officially say he remembered. It was neat to see him interact with Austin's family too! I think all in all he had a blast! He didn't nap well at all but slept well at night! This was the first time he slept without being contained on a trip. He has outgrown the pack n play and since he sleeps in a toddler bed at home now we bought him a toddler blow up mattress and he did really well on that!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Swim, Church, Fits, and Dentist

What a week! Its been a fun one filled with a variety of activities! Monday Austin was off so we went to my parent's house to go swimming! Colby is once again doing great in the water! He wants soo badly to swim and he can swim a little by himself! I am so glad we put him in swim lessons this summer! By next year he should be a fish!
Tuesday Colby and I decided to get out of the house for a bit and go to the church to work in my Sunday School classroom. Colby always enjoys playing up there while I work. He was really good and played while I got the room cleaned/straightened up.
Yesterday (Wednesday) was my usual Bible Study day where Colby goes and stays with my parents while I am there. He usually does great and he loves going there. For some reason yesterday though he was off the whole time. He was fine at home but even when we first got there acted like he was not into it like he usually is. I think since he had been there 3 other times in the last couple days he just honestly wanted to do something else. They also threw him off by my mom having a friend over with a little girl then my dad left to get a haircut and they didn't take Colby swimming. So I guess all the changes just had him upset. My little guy is so into routines stuff like that sometimes upsets him. He was fine though when we got home. Poor guy I think he just wanted to be home with his toys! I am just glad thats all it was and he's not sick!
Today Colby had a dentist appointment. It was his 3rd. Its just a routine checkup/cleaning and literally takes like 5-10 minutes. I think he did MUCH better today! He still cried during the cleaning but he didn't fight and squirm and kick like he usually does. The dentist said his teeth looked really good! Suprisingly though she said there was no sign of his 2 year molars! I knew they hadn't come out yet but I figured maybe they would be out soon! He sometimes acts sensitive with them so I figured it might be shortly but he might have a couple more months before we see any sign of them she said!
We are leaving today/tomorrow to go to Hattiesburg. We usually make a trip in August around this time for Austin's niece Maggie's b-day! It will be fun to get away for a few days! The party should be fun too for Colby!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


It was nice to get back to our Sunday routine around here. We hadn't had it this way in awhile. The whole month of July was chaotic as far as Sundays go.
1) Fourth of July we went to my parents for lunch
2) Went to church but left early because we thought Colby broke his fingers
3) Skipped church because of VBS that night
4) Church was cancelled because of tropical system Bonnie

So today we were actually going to Sunday School and church then to lunch! Sunday school went really well it was a very busy room today! We had 4 boys! There was Broc (2 1/2), Cub (2), Colby (2), and Cade (1). It was fun though! It was great to see the boys play together especially the 3 two year olds! I am so glad Colby has some friends at church now! During extended care they got another boy Glenn Paul who is also 2. The boys did a lot of coloring today and really enjoyed that! They also played in the tent and with all the cars!
It was nice to sit in church with Austin after all that! I only got to sit in church once in July so it felt like forever since I had been in there! Afterwards we had plans to go eat with our friends Josh and Laura. My parents were keeping Colby for the afternoon. We were excited to go out to eat with friends with no child! I miss Colby but sometimes its nice to eat in peace! After lunch we went back to their place to visit for a little while! When Austin and I got home we took naps then I had to go pick Colby up! It was a great day and I feel refreshed and Colby is in such a good mood too! I think it helps him to get away from us from time to time! They also said he did great in extended care he didn't even cry today when I dropped him off! My parents also said he was great at their house and now he's in the best mood! We haven't heard anything cross out of him all afternoon!
I am also so proud of him he went all day yesterday with no accidents! He has only had 1 today that I know of and that because we were outside for like an hour and he drank a lot of water! He also pooped today on the potty which I am so happy about!
Its been an overall great day! We spent some time outside as a family even though its still like 103 degrees out there! Colby should sleep well tonight! Austin is off tomorrow so we are trying to think of what we will do with Colby all day...we may go to a park then go swim!