Saturday, May 28, 2016

Sweet Summer Days!

So far we are having a very adventurous summer! We have so far been to the Insectarium, City Park, Global Wildlife, and then Monday we went to the Cool Zoo.
Monday we were asked to keep Colby's friend Makyrin. His mom was still working this week. He got dropped off around 7:30. The kids played while we got ready and cleaned around the house a bit. We left around 9:30 to head to the Zoo. I knew it was best that we take them all somewhere and keep them busy. Last year when I kept him all day it was a LONG day. It was just hard keeping 2 active boys busy. 
I was glad we chose to take them to the Cool Zoo b/c they all had a blast! Luckily Lindsay's friend Claire met us at the Zoo as well so they were both happy to have friends there. They were all pretty independent which was nice. I was able to sit and visit with Tayna while the kids played. Austin did go with them to the Lazy River but other then that they could do things by themselves this year. We also saw Lindsay's friend Ebbie. They played hard from about 10 until noon. We then took a break for lunch. They then soon went right back to playing after lunch. We let them play until about 1 before getting them dried off and dressed. Afterwards they wanted to see a few animals. We took them to see the new Elephant exhibit, orangutans, bear, tigers, etc. It was good to see some but it was so hot and we were all so tired! We picked the kids up milkshakes on the way home to cool them off. When we got home I wanted them to relax some but they wanted to run around. Finally we turned on a movie and I tried to lay down and rest but they weren't very quiet. Finally they went outside which was nice. they just have so much energy! Makyrin got picked up around 4:30. I was exhausted but I was glad that we could help his mom out and also that Colby got to have a fun day with a friend! That night we were all ready to just relax.
Tuesday was a quiet day for us. It was my grocery shopping day so we mostly took it easy and did stuff around the house. We were WAY overdue for some quiet. It was busy though with our couches coming and fence being worked on. Colby spent that night with my parents so it was nice having a quiet evening with Lindsay. Austin had to work late so she and I had a nice dinner together and played outside. We missed him but its always nice to get 1 on 1 time with them. 
Wednesday we started the day a little early so we could get up to the church to work on VBS stuff. Again it was nice enjoying time again with just my girl. We ran a couple errands before meeting them up at the church. We had a good time working. My mom and Mrs. Doris came to help us. I think Colby enjoyed running into the staff members. He had been out of school less than a week but I think he misses life up there. We got so much done in 2 hours. That afternoon we rested. We had a meeting that evening so we were back up there at 6. They kept the kids though and we were able to meet and eat dinner. I think the kids had a blast. I don't think any of Lindsay's regular friends were there but Colby enjoyed playing with Makyrin and didn't want to leave! I was glad they had a good night. 
Thursday was another fun friend day. We were invited by Lindsay's friend Layla to go up to Park Timbers to swim. I was excited about this. I mean yes, my kids get to swim all the time since my parents have a pool but they don't often get to swim in a big pool. They got to swim there for the first time at Layla's party. At first Colby was a little pouty b/c he was the only boy but he got over it and had fun. The girls were so excited to see each other. I know Lindsay is going to miss them SO much! They played and played. I was shocked at them both diving off the diving board. Colby did it first then Lindsay finally warmed up to doing it and didn't want to stop! It was a fun morning! I love that they are getting so much time in the water! We played hard until about 1 then we had to leave to go pick up Jackson and Taylor. Their mom had a doctor's appointment and asked if we could watch them. We came back home and the 3 younger kids played and Taylor read. Finally I sent them outside with popsicles. Shortly after that Ashley came to get them. After that I needed a nap! It was quite a busy day! That evening we just had a low key night at home. I made hotdogs and mac n cheese for the kids and they played outside. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Weekend Adventures!

We just finished up our first weekend of summer! We had a great time and I feel like we have gotten quite a head start on our summer bucket list this month! 
Friday afternoon the kids and I just enjoyed relaxing. I love having them around the house and not having to go anywhere. We watched The Good Dinosaur that night for movie night. They also were able to eat their dinner outside which was fun! We have gotten a little lax on our walking/jogging but hopefully this week we can get back into that routine. 
Saturday we started the day bright and early! Austin had the idea to bring the kids to Global Wildlife for the day. We haven't been in many years. It was hard to believe the last time we went Colby was only 2. It was fun to take a day trip like that just the 4 of us. We headed out about 8 am. We stopped and had breakfast at Chickfila then got on the road. We got to Global Wildlife right at 10. We were pretty sure we wouldn't make the 10 tour but when we were walking in we heard that the 11 tour was sold out as well. We panicked briefly and I think I even said a quick prayer. We couldn't imagine waiting around for 2 hours but we were going to do it b/c we had driven all that way and the kids were promised we were going to feed animals. Well Austin went up to the counter and just asked for the first available tour and they just happened to have 4 tickets for the 11 tour that a family had just turned back in. AMAZING! We were so excited! I mean we had an hour to wait but that was better then 2! We took the kids to the potty and then walked around and looked at some of the other animals. We finally found a bench in the shade and rested there while we waited. The kids were able to run around in the grass and go see animals and eat a snack. The time went by fast! We finally lined up at 11 and got on at 11:15. They really enjoyed the tour! I think Lindsay even more so then Colby. He tends to get bored quicker then her. She even was more into feeding the animals then he was. They both enjoyed it though. I really enjoyed it too! I think our favorites were the big deer and zebras. I hated we didn't get close enough to feed the giraffes but we did get to see the new baby giraffe named Elsa. The tour lasts about an hour and a half so we didn't get off and back into the gift shop until about 1. 
We had planned to eat at Chimes on the way home. We probably didn't get in there until 2. The kids did well though. It was a nice lunch. We then drove home. I think we got home around 3:30 or 4 so it was a pretty long day. We had a low key evening.
Sunday was church. Austin was off and he helped me in my class once again. I had 14 or 15 kids I think. Its been super busy in there for a few months straight! Its an awesome problem to have though. I just love my kiddos. We had a great morning and I was feeling really great about things. The only downside to my morning was one of the moms that I just can't seem to have a connection with came in and confronted me about why her son didn't like coming to church and how we needed to figure out a solution to this blah blah. It was so weird and I honestly felt attacked. This particular morning he chose not to participate in the activities so he laid on the floor all morning. I chose not to make it a battle so I just ignored him and let him have his space. It was odd though b/c he really had been doing great lately. The thing about it is that this mom drops him off late every week. It was like 9:40 when she dropped him off. I mean I'm sorry but when he comes in late like that he misses the warm up time and play time. He asks me a lot when its time to play and I usually have to tell him not now b/c he misses that time. AGHH some people! It just really threw me off. Well anyway after church we ran an errand then went to eat Mexican. We came home to rest. Austin went to go play golf with a friend and I took the kids over to my parents house to swim. I felt bad since they missed Saturday. I want to try to get them swimming several times a week. Now that they are older its easier. We stayed in the pool about an hour and a half. My parents neighbors have a 12 and 8 year old girls so they joined us as well and the kids really liked that! 

Monday, May 23, 2016

Last Week of School

Here we are already! Its May and we are in the last week of school! As always that last week is extremely busy! 
Monday-Both kids went to school. I did my normal Monday routine of grocery shopping. I came home was able to do a few things before Austin picked Lindsay up and they came home and we ate a quick lunch before heading back up to Colby's school. We had a baby oak tree spring up in our flower bed back at our old house. We kept it alive and moved it to a pot before we moved. We really didn't have a place here at the house to put it so we decided we would plant it at their school. We got permission and figured it would be a great project for the 2nd grade and it would be fun for them to watch it grow each year as they grow! The kids enjoyed watching the planting process. I was so thankful Austin could help with it. They were fascinated with the digging the hole and watering. I was so happy we could do this with them and create this memory for the class. Mrs. Gartman had to leave shortly after we planted the tree. She had a doctors appointment. She is having a baby the Monday after school. The sub decided to let them play out on the playground awhile longer which was probably a good thing. When they finally went upstairs it was time for cupcakes and b-day celebrations! We got all that passed out. While they ate I read the book "The Giving Tree". I enjoyed being in a classroom again. The class was so wound up though but I it did make me miss things. After reading I knew we still had a lot of time to spare so I had them draw a picture of the tree we had just planted. Again they were noisy and loud but I think they were all just excited and already in summer mode! We left around 3 to just bring Colby home. It was nice to get in a few minutes early. I think we were all exhausted. We stayed in and grilled that night. 
Tuesday- Again both kids went to school. Lindsay had Splash Day and Colby had Field Day. It was nice that Austin was off and got to be around for all this. Usually he is at work for that type stuff. We dropped Colby off then went to bring Lindsay. She was super excited about Water Day and wearing her swimsuit to school. Once we got her settled we went back up to Calvary to help with Field Day. I was glad we were both able to go and we stayed busy the whole time. Since it was raining they had most of it in the Worship Center. They did a bunch of different relay games. I think Colby enjoyed it. I enjoyed getting to interact with his class and the others as well. It was 1st-5th grade. They went outside to do a Whip Cream activity that was quite messy! After they got cleaned up they were going to lunch so we just checked Colby out then. I felt like it would be nice to have a family day and not have to drive back over there and get him at 3:30. We went to Lindsay's school and they were enjoying Popsicles so Colby got to get in on that too. Finally I got her changed and we came home. We picked up lunch and enjoyed a low key afternoon. That night we cooked jambalaya and the kids played outside. It was a nice afternoon but once again we were all quite tired! 
Wednesday- Once again the kiddos were in school. This was a full day for Colby. While Lindsay was at school I worked at the church making copies for VBS. That took the entire morning so I picked her up then we came home to rest. My parents have been picking Colby up on Wednesdays and bringing him home so its nice to have an extended quiet afternoon. We met them at church. Lindsay was super tired b/c she didn't take a nap. She fell asleep on the way there and then was in quite the funk. It ended with me having to take her to the bathroom and spank her. She's been quite sassy lately! We ate dinner and then I taught my little class. It was the last of the spring sessions. We only had 5 kids. We played outside for quite awhile before going in and then we had popcorn and a movie. It was a fun way to end the semester. 
Thursday- This was a short day and I was thankful for it. I ended up meeting some friends at Chickfila. I really wanted to come home and have quiet time but I knew this was my last kid free breakfast for quite some time plus April will be moving soon. I enjoyed the company and then ran a quick errand at Target. Lindsay got out at 12 and Colby at 12:30. I got them both and we came home and just rested that afternoon. I loved having them home and getting a jumpstart on our summer! It was great having them both around...even though they fight a lot. We have been working on school work as well. Colby is working on some math and language and Lindsay is working on letters. I hope to do "school" with them most days this summer. That evening we had dinner and just hung out around the house.
Friday- This was another short day! Colby had Awards Day and it was Lindsay's last day of school. My parents came and got Lindsay from Calvary to bring her to school. I hated to miss dropping her off but I also hated to miss Awards Day. I had even thought about keeping her out that day but with it being her last day at Aurora ever I figured it was only fair to send her to school and not make her sit through a 2 hour awards ceremony. The awards ceremony went well. Colby didn't get any awards this time. I think he was a little bummed but we told him we were proud of him anyway. He still ended the year with a As and Bs for his final grades. It was also his principal Mrs. Spears' last day. It was very bittersweet when she told the kids goodbye. I hate to see her leave! She's been at the school for 5 years and Colby just absolutely loves her! She did so much for the school. Luckily Mrs. Price the 7th grade teacher is taking over. So we are happy about that! Atleast the kids are familiar with her. After the awards and telling everyone goodbye we went to Lindsay's school. We got there around 10:30. Colby was excited to go in. He loves going back there. When we arrived they were having ice cream sundaes. He was happy to help out and then eat some himself. I think he enjoyed being the big kid around. I think Mrs. Susan enjoyed spending time with him too. It was so bittersweet thinking we wouldn't be back there. Atleast not for awhile. Although I do hope to sub there over the summer and next school year. After they ate their ice cream they went outside to play. The kids had a blast. it was so fun just watching them so happy and with their friends. I am truly going to miss that place. Its such a special little school. I enjoyed visiting with the teachers and I think they were all a little bittersweet about us moving on as well. After we left I promised them a lunch out. Its a tradition we started when colby graduated kindergarten. Ofcourse that year was a bigger deal and we had all our family with us but the last 2 years its been me and them. We don't go out that often just me and them so its a fun treat. They chose Panera Bread. Its just a fun way to tell them I am proud of them and to kick start the summer! 

Monday, May 16, 2016


This weekend was a nice and quiet one! Honestly I love weekends like that. Friday night we did our usual movie night. We have also been able to walk a lot lately too so we did that after dinner. I love that time after a busy week to just unwind and have the kids and Austin home. 
Saturday we were able to sleep in a little then we got ready and went to my parent's house to the pool. The kids had been in a couple weeks ago but this was my first swim day of the season. It was still a little chilly but I think it was 82 degrees. We stayed in about 2 hours. Colby is such a great swimmer now and can swim back and forth to the deep end without any assistance. Lindsay uses her floaties but I am really hoping once swim lessons is over she will be able to swim some independently. They both had a blast! I hope we can start a new routine of swimming atleast 3 times during the week. I want the kids to stay active and me as well. After swimming we came in and had sandwhiches. My mom also made cupcakes ahead of time so the kids could frost and decorate them. I love that she does that type of stuff. And the kids love it!! So after the cupcakes we came home. We had a nice afternoon resting and watching movies. The kids also did some "school" work. Lindsay is working on writing her name and writing her letters. Colby is working on sentence structure in language. I hope to keep them working throughout the summer. 
Sunday was a nice day b/c Austin was off. We ofcourse went to church. I had 14 kids in first service. Thankfully I had enough help and even with 4 adults we all stayed super busy! I love though that we have so many families with young children in our church. We went out to eat Copeland's which was super nice for a change. We then enjoyed our Sunday afternoon of getting things done and relaxing. It was a lovely day! 
Now we are headed into our last week of school and I just can't believe it...summer is almost here! 

Sunday, May 15, 2016

More Teacher Appreciation & Time with Lindsay

Well this is it...we are in the final days of school. So bittersweet to think Colby is finishing 2nd grade and Lindsay preschool at Aurora. I think the one good thing is she still has another year of prek left. So this week has been Teacher Appreciation at her school. 
Tuesday they did a special breakfasts for the teachers. I didn't have to bring anything for it but I was able to hang out in the class and let Mrs. Susan go enjoy her breakfast without feeling rushed. I enjoyed visiting with them actually. They are such a cute group of kids. After that I had to go to a luncheon for my Bible study. It was our last meeting of the spring. We had our lunch at a lady Pattie's house who lived in English Turn. Her house was HUGE! It was beautiful. It was nice to just sit and visit with the ladies. 
Wednesday both kids had school and I was able to spend the morning at home which was nice. That night we had church. We had 8 kids and we were super busy! We had 4 older ones and 4 younger ones! 
Thursday was the day this week that I chose to keep Lindsay home with me. We went to Chickfila. This is like our favorite thing to do. I will truly miss these breakfasts next year! Our friends Ashley and Jackson met us too. After breakfast we went to Petsmart then came home to enjoy some down time at home together. 
Friday was another busy day! It was the Teacher Appreciate lunch at Lindsay's school. I dropped her off then rushed home to make pasta salad for the teachers. I got back there around 10:40. I had also signed up to help in the classes. I was assigned to the 2 year old class. I hated missing out with Lindsay and her friends but it was neat to get to know the 2 year olds. They were sweet and cute! Just a busy age! I am hoping to sub up there next year so maybe I will have some of these same kids when they are 3! That afternoon we came home and rested! 

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Mother's Day Weekend

This past weekend was Mother's Day weekend. I had a wonderful weekend and truly felt blessed, loved, and spoiled. 
Friday morning I had to go to Target then my friend April and her baby James came to visit. It was nice to have that time while the kids were at school. That afternoon we relaxed and I made Lindsay take a nap. We went to get Colby from school and Austin called and said he was on his way home. What a nice surprise! Actually he and Colby went for haircuts! They were both due a summer cut! Lindsay and I went home but first drove by our old house. Its so strange to ride through our neighborhood. We still miss it and that little yellow house. I love our new house though! But I will miss that house and neighborhood always I am sure! so many memories! We didn't really see any neighbors but it just felt good to ride through there. 
That evening our church blessed us by having a Mom's Night Out. I was super excited b/c this is the first time the church has had an event like this that I have been able to leave the kids!! I usually stay and help out. It was nice that this time I wasn't even asked to help out. We had chose to go to dinner at Des Familes with our friends Scott and Ashley. It was a lovely night! We rarely go out much less go out with another couple so we really enjoyed it! We went to pick the kids up just a tiny bit early. I figured Colby would be the one who wouldn't want to leave. It was Lindsay though! We got there and the preschoolers were still watching a movie. She cried and screamed and tried to run away when we got her!! I haven't seen her act like that in a long time! I know part of it was she was exhausted but she's just that headstrong!! I cannot imagine her at 14! We got home and quickly got the kids ready for bed.
Saturday Austin was off. It was great having him off like that over the weekend. Its rare that he's off on Saturday and we have no place to be. We chose to have a family fun day. The kids were wanting to go back out to City Park. We chose to play Putt-putt. The kids and I had gone last summer but Austin had never been. I was impressed at how well they did. They both stuck with it the entire time even though it was getting hot. We then took them over to the rides area and decided to re-new our memberships. Lindsay first wanted to ride the Lady Bug coaster with me. She rode it and loved it!! She had been on a coaster in Disney World and loved that one too! I am glad she likes thrill rides. Colby has only been on the lady bug once and he hated it! She also rode it with Austin! She's our little daredevil! Meanwhile after Colby wanted to do the Bumper Cars which Lindsay was not tall enough for. So I took her to do the Carousel. We then met back up and they rode some kiddie rides together. I love their ages and that they enjoy doing stuff together! They were so cute! After the rides we went to go eat lunch. We decided to go try a new place called Blue Oak BBQ. It was delicious but not very kid friendly. The kids were good though even though the food was not their thing. We were excited to try a new place though! I love when we find new local restaurants! 
That afternoon Austin got their water slide out and let them play on that for awhile. Needless to say they were super tired that night! 
Sunday was Mother's Day. I was thankful to have Austin off with us this year. I taught in the first service. Luckily I had lots of help! We needed it b/c we had 15 kids!! I cannot believe how much our preschool has grown! We used to average 5-8! And now we average 10-15! We stayed for the 2nd service. I was glad to get to FINALLY go into church again. It had been since Easter. We like to try atleast once a month but with our crazy schedules its just been hard to find the time. That afternoon we were able to rest which was nice. We had a simple lunch at Subway. That night though we went to Randall and Elizabeth's house for our Mother's Day dinner. It was very sweet of them to grill burgers and invite us over! We enjoyed some family time over there before coming home and getting ready for a new week! 

Monday, May 9, 2016

Days with Lindsay

After last week and Colby having some special days I have been able to once again have some special time with Lindsay and soak up these last few days of her preschool times. 
So Wednesday I chose to keep her home with me since she had a field trip on Thursday. I love having her home with me plus it makes our days a little easier. Just going to two different schools 3-4 times a day is exhausting! I decided since the weather was just gorgeous that a park trip was necessary. We picked up chickfila b/c that's also our thing. We either get PJs or Chickfila. It worked out well picking it up and bringing it to the park. My friend April met us too with her little baby James. Lindsay was a little clingy but I think she was bored b/c she had no other kids to play with. After the park she and I stopped at the bank then went home. I loved having a low key morning around the house too. We even had a picnic lunch outside. She's great company. 
Thursday she had a field trip to Storyland. I was excited about this since both kids had done this trip before! Since we dropped Colby off at 8 we had some spare time so we went to PJs. We had our usual coffee and muffin. Afterwards we drove over to City Park. We got there a little early so we parked and just took our time walking around. She enjoyed checking out the scenery and the weather was just gorgeous! By the time we walked over to Morning Call her classmates were starting to arrive. We met up with her friends and teacher. The kids enjoyed running around while waiting on their beignets and milk. I as always enjoyed visiting with the other adults. They had a little picnic snack then walked over to Storyland. The kids had a blast in there. We pretty much just turned them loose. Lindsay's favorite thing was the Dragon Slide. They spent most of their time there. I got to visit with her little friends moms most of the time. We stayed until about 12:30 b/c I just couldn't pry her out of there. She was having such a great time! I had kinda wished I had packed a picnic for us but I knew that we needed the rest before going to get Colby. 
It was a great couple of days! I just want to soak up each precious moment with her b/c I know next year will bring so many changes for us both! 

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Teacher Appreciation Week

This week has been Teacher Appreciation week at Colby's school. Normally I try to do stuff for both teachers but its been tough this year for whatever reason but next week is Teacher Appreciation at Lindsay's school.
Monday was coffee/tea day. We did bring $5 gift cards to PJs to both teachers that morning. I would have loved to bring them actual coffee but I had no idea what they liked and logistically it would have been tough! 
Tuesday was spoil your teacher! We got Colby's teacher a $25 gift card to the movie theater. My hope is that either she and her husband can go on a date before their baby arrives or that she can take the boys to see a movie before little brother comes. I also got Lindsay's teacher a $25 gift card to Barnes and Noble. Tuesday ended up being crazy though with my van broken down and I was supposed to have Bible study and it was just a Crazy day that I was running late so we will give her teacher hers at a later date. 
Wednesday was Chocolate day! I got Colby's teacher a jar of M&M's and wrote Thanks for making my year sweet and colorful! Lindsay didn't go to school or else I would have done that for her teacher as well. 
Thursday was a hand written note...again I sent Colby with a card from us and he also wrote her a note. Again since Lindsay had a field trip her teacher will eventually get the card and gift card! 
Friday was flower day! We picked some flowers from our yard to bring them. Luckily we had several things blooming right now. I also gave Lindsay's teacher her card and gift card. 
I truly appreciate all teachers and especially Mrs. Susan and Mrs. Gartman. Lindsay has loved school this year and Mrs. Susan I know has a great part in that. I love that she has now taught both of our kids so she holds a special place in my heart for sure! 
Mrs. Gartman has been wonderful as well. Its funny b/c I knew her when she was just Jennie. We went to church together several years ago. She's so sweet and so patient with the kids. She has 2 young boys so I feel like she gets it! She has been wonderful this year. Colby just adores her and loves school. She has given them hands on learning and lets them move about throughout the day! 
I cannot believe this year is coming to a close! I pray next year we get 2 great teachers as well! 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Austin's b-day weekend

This past weekend was Austin's 37th bday. We tried to make him feel special and celebrate him all weekend. Friday I had a meeting for Bible study to discuss summer plans. It was nice to have coffee with some friends and have a low key morning. I even went back to Ashley's house to visit before Lindsay got out of school. Since we stayed at PJ's until 11 there was no way I could drive all the way home. Lindsay and I enjoyed a low key afternoon. That evening we did our usual movie night. We had tacos that night! It was a nice family time! We watched the movie Home and the kids enjoyed that. 
Saturday the kids and I enjoyed one of our slower paced mornings around here. Its so nice in the mornings when they can play and watch tv and I can take my time getting us ready and get some housework done! We left around 10 to head to my parents house. Austin wanted a home made cake this year for his b-day. He often requests it and some years I can make it happen and other years not so much. But with his b-day falling on a Sunday and us not having any Saturday plans it just worked out. The kids were also excited about going to Grammy's and going in the pool. We are usually always swimming by mid-April or early May. This was our first Saturday to get to try that. The pool was still in the 70s so still too chilly for me but they didn't notice. My mom and I stayed in and worked on the cake. They had a blast in the pool my dad said. Colby is a fish and Lindsay does great with her floaties. Although after swim lessons I plan on taking them away and hoping she can swim without! I enjoyed visiting with my mom. Once the kids came in they enjoyed playing with all the toys. We also had lunch there. It was just a nice break from the normal and loved being back home and with my parents. Now with school and being so busy we don't get over there nearly as much as we would like. That afternoon we came home in order to beat the storms and just enjoyed relaxing. Austin got home early and we had take out! 
Sunday was Austin's actual b-day. We went to church. I had about 13 kids in my class. It seems our preschool class just keeps growing and growing!! After church we decided to have a fun family day. We went out to eat at Mahoney's. We never go across the river on a Sunday anymore so it was a fun treat. Too bad the bottom fell out while we were eating. We escaped though without getting too wet! Our other idea was to take the kids to the Insectarium. Again we never do stuff on Sundays like this but since it was Austin's b-day we figured it was a must to do something fun! He was able to drop us off right at the door so that worked out well. We stayed about an hour and a half. The kids really liked it! We had brought Lindsay last year when she was 3 and she loved it. Colby hadn't been since he was a toddler so he didn't even remember it. We had a blast though. I think their fav exhibit was the ants and the butterflies! When we got home we rested then worked around the house. Again it was nice just to have everyone home. That night we had corndogs. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Colby's Big Day

So I feel like lately I've posted a lot about Lindsay and been doing a lot with her! It was time for my big boy to have a special day! so Thursday his class had won a BINGO. Basically that means the entire class gets complimented on their behavior they earn a number. If they make a BINGO on the 100s chart the class gets to vote for and pick their party. They had one earlier in the year I think that was a pizza party. This one they chose was an in school camp out. They were able to wear their pjs, bring sleeping bags, stuffed animals, books, and the teacher set up tents and they had smores. It was such a sweet idea! I volunteered to help her b/c she is 9 months pregnant and it sounded like a lot. 
So Lindsay and I stayed in that morning and got a few things done plus a friend stopped by. We headed up to the school a little after 12. We got there a few minutes before the kids arrived and were able to help the teacher finish her setting up! The kids and Colby were SO excited to see us! They were able to pick their "tent" and get set up shortly after we got there. Ofcourse Nijel and Colby bunked together. They were adorable with their sleeping bags, lights, books, and stuffed animals. I found an extra pillow and book for Lindsay to use. It wasn't long though before she was snuggled in a tent with some of the 2nd grade girls =) The teacher had wanted to show a movie but her smartboard wasn't working so they just read and talked. We passed out snacks too. They got to eat fruit, smores, goldfish, and popcorn. I think both kids had a blast! I couldn't believe how well Lindsay did. She would have stayed if I hadn't made her leave. I checked Colby out about 2:30 after they cleaned up the classroom. I didn't want to wait around for an hour plus with having Cubscouts that night it would give us a longer afternoon.
We got in and it was nice for everyone to chill out for awhile. We got dressed and left our house at 5 though. I took the kids to eat at Raising Canes and Austin met us there. We had to be at Cubscouts at 6 for the weigh in and getting ready for the Pinewood Derby Race. The kids were super excited about the race! Lindsay even got to make a car this year and race in the sibling division. The race went well and was so much fun! Colby won 2nd place! I think he was very close to getting first! so then the siblings raced. Lindsay's car obviously won! So when it came time for awards we were all waiting in anticipation. I think colby really thought he might get first. I think he was a little sad he didn't but I hope he was still proud of himself. 2nd place out of 12+ boys is a big deal! Not to mention he was the only wolf that got an award! I honestly think Lindsay's could have taken the whole competition. Hers could easily beat Colby so I figure she would have beat the other car as well. It was a super fun night! I love that he has this to get excited about! Since he doesn't really play sports this is a big deal! It was great! 
It was a long and busy day but I am so thankful for my big boy and that he got to have a super fun day! I loved watching the joy on his face at both events!