Sunday, November 28, 2010

Last Couple Days

So finally the weather has turned cold here and its so nice! I have really enjoyed the last couple of days makes me feel more in the Christmas spirit! Yesterday I took Colby to the park. My parent's met us there which was fun! He ran around and had a good ole time. The cold doesn't phase him at all. I think he made his grandparents nervous though with all his stunts. After we went over to Home Depot to help them pick out an artificial tree. Colby loved seeing all the Christmas decorations there and pointing out Santa. Afterwards we ate across the street at our favorite Mexican restaurant. It was nice just getting out and spending the morning with my parents and Colby. I think Colby really enjoyed it! Austin even got home early after Colby's nap which was nice too since he has been working so much this week! We spent the afternoon outside and enjoyed a walk after dinner. Colby has also really been loving the Christmas lights again! He has to go inspect everyone's displays! Today we had was ok not the best morning. Well we had Sunday School as usual and it was Colby and Cade. Cade was not very happy today I think being gone all week for Thanksgiving and all the traveling he was just worn out. On top of that we found rat droppings in our class plus we think one died in the wall. I got totally freaked out by that. We moved the kids to another room but still I wasn't sure about leaving Colby back there. 1) Since Cade was upset he didn't really have anyone to play with 2) I didn't want him exposed to more rat poop and 3) I am trying to keep him from getting sick before our trip so I kinda wanted him to get some extra rest today. I ended up bringing him in church for half the service. He suprisingly did really well! He sat like a little angel for most of it. He was also funny though each time a song would end or someone would finish talking or praying he would proclaim YAY haha he's such a ham! Anyway now we are home and planning to enjoy the day at home and relax some and start getting ready for our trip! One 3 more days until Disney!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Playdate

Today Colby and I got to go to a friend's house. It was nice to get out on this cold, dreary day. I really wouldn't have minded staying in all day but with an active 2 year old we had to do something. It was a perfect day for an indoor playdate. Colby had so much fun! It was so cute watching him and Kiley play together. It took a little while for Colby to warm up but once he did I don't think he wanted to leave! They were giving hugs and kisses before we left. I enjoy visiting with Angela Kiley's mom as well! It was a fun morning for us both! Glad we weren't stuck inside all day!
Now though we are home resting and just hanging out hoping Austin comes home early today! Not a very exciting Black Friday but I'll take it! I think all the people out there fighting crowds shopping are crazy...not my thing at all! We may brave some stores tomorrow though!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Colby's 3rd Thanksgiving

Colby's 1st Thanksgiving (4 Months Old)

Colby ( 1 Year Old)

Colby (2 Years Old)

I find it really fun to see the changes in Colby year to year especially around the holidays. This was his 3rd Thanksgiving and by far the most fun as far as "Thanksgiving traditions" go. The first year he was only 4 months old and he was very cranky. He was a teething overtired baby. Last year was a little better but he was still an overtired, overstimulated toddler. This year he handled everything better ofcourse it was a smaller crowd so that helped I think too! He has grown and changed so much even since last year. This was the first year he really enjoyed the food too. Last year we tried to fix him a plate and he really wanted nothing to do with it. This year he loved all the food!

Thanksgiving 2010

Wow this year was a very different Thanksgiving but I am still thankful for the day! It began this morning with a household disaster! Everything was going fine until I put Colby on the potty then left him and next thing I knew he flushed the toilet and water started overflowing everywhere. We are still not sure the culprit because I had not been to the guest bathroom all morning and all I knew was I sat him on the potty then walked away and then I hear water gushing out! Needless to say I was not happy! And ofcourse with Austin being at work and couldn't leave I was left to figure out this disaster alone! I freaked out a little...well a lot! I ended up calling my parents and they came over to help. I wasn't sure how I was going to get it cleaned up, turn the water off, fix the toilet plus keep up with a busy 2 year old. Thankfully they came quickly to my rescue! So glad they live close by!

After we got that all taken care of our morning could proceed. We finished getting ready and headed to my parent's house to get ready for Thanksgiving. Our plan was Austin would get off work at noon, his parents were coming at 11 and we would eat by 1. Well we plan and God laughs. Noon approaches and Austin was no where getting off work. I call him at 12:45 and he says to go ahead and eat that its still going to be quite awhile so we did. It was a little depressing just me his parents and mine but we still had fun. I am thankful for 2 wonderful sets of parents/grandparents. Colby had a blast though and enjoyed all the attention. He also ate soo well! After the last 2 years I was worried this Thanksgiving would be another flop considering all the other stuff going on but he did soo good. He sampled everything on his plate: including, ham, turkey, green beans, sweet potatoes, cauliflower casserole, roll, and dressing! Then he took his usual Thanksgiving nap which I think lasted about 2 1/2 hours. The afternoon was a little long but once the Saints Game came on it was a little more entertaining. Austin did not end up getting over there until around 4:15 or so. I felt so bad for him...I know he was looking forward to spending time with us and his parents. I also felt bad for his parents although I know they still enjoyed the visit and were able to spend a lot of time with Colby.

Colby was very open and loving towards them this trip. It used to take him awhile to really open up to them he would be very shy but now he remembers them and knows who they are even though we don't see them but once a month. He really got a kick out of them and them him so it was a good day as far as that goes!

We also started Elf on a Shelf with Colby will be interesting to see how it goes. I know he won't totally get it until probably next year but we wanted to start this year so that next year he would hopefully remember and enjoy it more. We are going to move the elf around and I think he will enjoy looking for him each day. We named him Peppermint!

Today wasn't the "ideal" Thanksgiving for us but we still have so much to be thankful for! I mean we have 2 awesome sets of parents who would do anything for us. Atleast Austin has a job to provide for our family even though it means sacrificing some holiday time and we can afford to have a nice Thanksgiving filled with great food. That is a lot more then some people have so we need to thank God for those blessings. We also have our health. And the biggest blessing of them all is a God who loves us enough to give us these things.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

City Park + Drama

Today was supossed to be a good day and don't get me wrong it has been but it started out rough. Austin got a phone call early this morning saying their night guy called off which made it look like he was going to have to fill in tonight plus work a shift tomorrow. I was not happy at all....needless to say after 2 hours on the phone he got it worked out. It added a lot of stress to our day. But I am not happy at all about the way I acted. Its moments like these I wish I could just hit rewind and re-do. I hate that I acted the way I did in front of Colby. I hate that I lost my patience with Austin when it wasn't his fault. I just was angry at whoever called off b/c Austin already has to work part of the day tomorrow I didn't think it was fair for him to have to work all night and be up for over 24 hours going into Thanksgiving plus work all weekend. I wasn't thinking of anyone but myself that and I am sorry. I am sorry to Austin and Colby who had to deal with my anger and dissapointment. I know I have so much to be thankful for and I have been trying this whole month to focus on the positive rather then complain about the negative. I know Austin could be called in all the time or he could be fighting in a war overseas.
Anyway enough of that our morning did go on to be a good one. We enjoyed City Park with Colby. He loved the playground although there was a really rude person blaring rap music with many curse words dispersed in the music...this did not help my mood at all. We also took him into Storyland which he loved. By this time the moods had calmed and we were able to enjoy some good ole family fun. Colby once again loved the firetruck. He also really liked Peter Pan's and Captain Hook's boat. Some other highlites were the slides...he even went down the really big one. He got a little scared though because he almost turned over sideways when he went down but he still did it 3 times!
We stopped at McAlister's on the way home which Colby really enjoyed! Then we got home and it was naptime I think we all 3 needed. Colby was a little off today like either he doesn't feel 100% and is a little sick or he's teething or all the stress from this morning got to him. But I hope now that we have all had our rest we can really enjoy this afternoon and be thankful for all we have.
I hate we didn't get any pictures but silly me was so concerned with my bad attitude that I forgot to even check my purse which is where my camera was the whole time! AHH well live and learn!
Update: We did have a good the Christmas decorations up outside well most of them. It was a nice afternoon to be out too...Colby had a blast out there with his car, tricycle and trucks. Now we are off to eat dinner then get started on cleaning and baking!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Holiday Time

Today has been a fun day! We first got to sleep in a little...thankfully Colby let us all sleep until about 7:40 this morning which was so nice! Then we all got ready and brought him to our church's playground. We wanted to check it out because its like the one we are planning to get him for Christmas. We let him play for about 30 minutes and managed to snap a few cute pictures too in hopes of finding a few for Christmas cards!

We then went to the mall...our goal was Santa pictures and letting Colby ride the train...I know it seems early but with our trip to Disney World next week december is going to fly by. Plus I like to get it done early when the crowds are light. We went to Santa first Colby was hesitant and I didn't think he would sit with him but he warmed up...he ended up doing really well! I was so proud! We have made it through the 3 hardest years as far as crying...I think next year he will do great b/c he will really understand and want to tell Santa what he wants.

After Santa he rode the train...for some reason this year though he didn't seem as into it...he didn't cry and at first he was smiling then he put his hands over his ears. This is a new thing anytime he is in a new situation or a situation he might be nervous about he does this...not sure if he really thinks something is loud or he has seen other kids do this when they are upset I dunno. I think everyone thought it was kinda funny though! I just hope his little ears aren't still bothering him!

After the train we shopped for a bit...Colby had the most fun in PB Kids...he loved playing with all the toys and sitting at all those little tables! I don't blame him he's got good taste that is my fav store as well! I could spend thousands in there!

We then went on to eat lunch....Colby did pretty well but was a little more squirmy then the other day when I took him. For some reason he acts up more when he is around mom and dad. When he's out with one of us alone he's really good but with both of us for some reason he thinks he can act out more...hmmm.

Now we are home and all resting. Its been a wonderful day enjoying Austin being home and reflecting on all we have to be thankful for! I feel very blessed to have such a sweet, caring husband who spends his days off with us rather then out on a lake fishing or a golfcourse! We made many memories and I am excited about Thanksgiving coming up!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mommy and Colby's Special Morning

Today has been a wonderful day so I am truly thankful for. I woke up knowing this might be a really long day since Austin isn't getting off work until 7 pm but I knew I could also turn it into a special day for Colby and I. First Colby slept in which was great! Well he slept until 7:40 which for most might not be sleeping in but it was wayy better then his usual 6:30. It allowed me to sleep until 7 then to have 40 quiet minutes to spend alone.
Once we got dressed I took him to the park. We haven't been to a park all week...last week we went 4 or 5 times and this week it just hasn't worked out. I knew Colby had energy to spare. He even got to play with another little boy who was 21 months. They played cars/trucks together. Colby seemed to enjoy going back to the park and ran around and enjoyed climbing and sliding. He is soo good at all the climbing now it amazes me!
After the park we came home for a potty break then met some friends at the mall. We met my friend Jenny with her little boy Braden who is just 2 months younger then Colby. We ate Chickfila and just visited. I was so proud of Colby. He sat there and ate all his chicken and acted like such a big boy. I didn't have to correct him once. Moments like that make me soo thankful! We didn't get to do any shopping...I really wanted to but I decided not to push Colby since it was already almost 1 by the time we finished eating/talking. Maybe next time!
Its been a lovely day and now we are both about to settle into naptime! Looking forward to Austin getting off tonight so we can cheer on the Golden Eagles in their game!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Getting better and Thanksgiving Feasts

So this week has been a slower one then it originally was intended to be...but since Colby and I both came down with ear aches earlier in the week we have tried to slow life down and take it easy. I am not sure Colby's ear was infected at all...the doctor said there was fluid but he has never seemed to feel bad at all...he had a cold last week but even that didn't slow him down although not much does. But thankfully we must have caught his early in the game he never really got sick. Mine on the other hand was worse not to mention I still have a little cold symptoms and I think I have had pink eye as well. I read online that pink eye can follow a bad cold or ear infection so I guess that is what happened. I am not sure if it was true pink eye or my cold infection somehow got in my eye? Still I have had red, itchy eyes the past 3 days. I skipped MOPS today because of this. They are much better now but still didn't know if I was contagious and I know how I feel about people coming around me and my children sick plus I felt I needed the rest too.
Fortunately Colby didn't miss any school with this mess. Since he never ran a fever I figured he was fine to go today. Today was their Thanksgiving Feast and I didn't want him to miss that. They had a special snacktime again today like at Halloween. I sent cheese and crackers this time...not much came back so I figure they must have liked that. I figure a lot of moms are going to send the cupcakes/cookies type snack so I try to think of something different. I could tell when I picked Colby up he had a cupcake again his shirt was covered in icing...when asked about it he said no at first then yum haha....I think he really thinks he's getting away with something eating that b/c he rarely gets dessert at our house! Whenever he came out from school he was wearing a little feathered indian cute I will try and get a picture later I really want him to wear it at Thanksgiving so I may save it until then so he doesn't tear it up. He also made a Thanksgiving placemat...that too will probably come with us to my parents so he can use it. I love when he comes home with little crafts!
The rest of the day I guess we will hang out at home and wait on Austin then tomorrow I have a hair appointment so Colby will stay with my parents for a couple hours then we will probably just come home. Saturday I am trying to find something for us to do...hopefully get together with a friend but we'll see we will definitely get out and visit a park!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ear Infections Times Two

So today has been an interesting day. It was all fine until late this afternoon. Let me begin by saying Colby and I have had slight colds this week nothing major no fever he has had a slight runny nose and me a little sore throat but I didn't think too much of it.
I noticed today after school he was a little grumpier then usual but I attributed it to possibly being overtired...he woke up around 5:30 today and he's also getting his 2 year molars. I did notice a couple times him holding on to his ear though and the thought crossed my mind...ear infection. Its been a little over a year since his first ear infection.
Well this afternoon he was still a little grumpy after his nap but nothing out of the ordinary sometimes he takes a little while to wake up. So we went about our normal routine...snacktime played outside the usual. While we were sitting outside I noticed that my ear felt funny. I thought surely not...I haven't had an ear infection since I was like 13 and before that I was probably 3 or 4 years old...they aren't something I get often at all. Well the more I thought of it and the more my ear felt bad I called Austin and said we were going to go to Urgent Care. It was already 5 at this point so the pediatrician wouldn't be open plus I wanted to get checked out too. So we went to our usual urgent care downtown...they have seen Colby 3 times now! Its really a wonderful place for after hours. Austin got there before us and was able to sign us in and then we got there and pretty much walked right in! Sure enough we both have fluid on our ears...Colby's is in both but I don't think they are too bad and mine was only in one but he said it was worse. So we both got antibiotics. Neither of us have fever so I think we can assume our normal activities. As long as he isn't any worse he will still go to school Thursday. I am glad we don't have much planned for tomorrow though just a trip to the grocery store is all. So we should get some rest hopefully.
My ear hurts and the pressure is awful...other then that I feel fine. I just hope the pressure relieves itself by tomorrow it feels like I am sitting on a plane and my ears need to pop....not a fun feeling for 5+ hours! Anywho I am just grateful its nothing worse and hopefully we caught it early enough especially Colby's that he shouldn't miss out on anything this week!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Daddy Days...

The last few days have been such a blessing to have Austin around. I know I say it often but I can't say it enough...we love when he's home.
Well ofcourse yesterday we went to church. Sunday school went really well. I had Cade and Colby. They play so well together its precious! During extended care it was austin and my turn to work. We had Colby, Cade, and a little girl named Veronica who is also 2. We took them outside which I think they all liked especially Colby. Colby is such an outside boy! He was loving the church's new playground and going down the slide head first! I swear my boy has no fear!
After church we ate at McAlister's. Colby was really good...he is pretty much out of the highchair and now always sits in a booth with us. He squirms some but all in all he's pretty good. He was so cute though when we were ordering me and my mom were going to go ahead to the table but he didn't want to sit until we had everyone. He's so attached to each of us its adorable!
The rest of the afternoon we just hung out at home. We cooked jambalaya and enjoyed a nice family evening with a walk.
Today was a rainy day but we knew we had to get Colby out of the house for a little while. We took him by to see Randall and Elizabeth. He had the best time in their house. He loved Uncle Randall's cars and Aunt Liz gave him some chocolate milk to drink! He also loved chasing their cats! After we left there we took him to Storytime. He was a little wild but he also sat down on the rug and listened to the story pretty good. I think he did well having Austin there too. We even checked out some books for him. We have pretty much read all his books so I want to start checking books out at the library so we can have some new options. Afterwards we just ran a few errands like the vet to board Allie when we go to Disney and the Post Office...not too exciting. Now we are home enjoying this rainy day. I love rainy days I don't know why people complain...I mean I don't like when we have them for many days in a row but one rainy day once in awhile is very nice! We probably won't do much the rest of the afternoon maybe play some fun stuff inside with Colby and watch a movie!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Park Playdate #2

Today we met up with another friend at the park. I feel like we are popular this week all these playdate invites! This was with a little girl from Colby's school. They also took swim lessons together over the summer. We enjoyed meeting up and the kids get a long really well! I think this is someone I could hang out with during the week. The little girl's name is Kiley. She is about a month older then Colby. I thought they played really well together! It was so fun watching him play with a friend again! I guess now that he is getting older the more social we will get! I want him to have lots of friends and enjoy playing with other people!
We went to Mell Ott park and they both climbed and played for over an hour! I forgot the camera though so we have no pictures!
The rest of the day I guess Colby and I will spend hanging out at home not doing much! Looking forward to Austin coming home though and him being off the next 2 days!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Playdate

Colby and I had another playdate this Friday! I am loving these Friday playdates. This week we went to the park by the lake. Austin and I had just been there Monday with Colby and he had so much fun I figured it would be a good playdate place. Our friends Kristie and Cade and Kim and Cameron met us there. There was also another mom from Seminary there with her little girl. It was so fun seeing Colby play with his friends. He played a lot with Cameron and it was cute he recognized Cade as soon as we got there. We let the kids play for about an hour and a half. Colby and a blast! He was so well behaved too. He shared his toys and played nicely and didn't bother anyone. He just loves being outside so much!

After the park Kim and I decided to go to lunch. It was nice to have some more visiting time and also to see Colby and Cameron interact more. They were so adorable sitting across the table from each other. They talked some and shared snacks. I called this their first lunch date. Cameron is Colby's first true friend. They have been buddies since they were infants in the church nursery. We have had many playdates together and its been so fun to see them at their different stages! Its crazy to remember back when all they could do is sit up and play on the floor!

Today was a wonderful day I am thankful for such great friends and the opportunity to get to have a fun day like this! Now we are home and probably going to stay in the rest of the day. Its been a very busy week and we have had several nights out lately so I think I am going to cook a lasagna and try to get the house cleaned up some!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Precious Memories

This week has been wonderful...last week was stressful so this week has been so nice! I have been trying to soak every moment and I want to record it so when I have another stressful one I can recap how precious this week has been. Its been so nice because Austin was off Monday and Tuesday then today he surprised me and came home at lunch.
But let me start with yesterday....yesterday Colby had school so Austin and I took him in then went to breakfast. That was the first time in a loooong time that we ever did something like that! It was just such a sweet time to have that early morning visit with just my hubby. It was very romantic just me and him it was simple but very sweet. After breakfast we went to Target. This was also nice because we were able to browse and take our time without having to keep Colby occupied. By the time we got home though it was about time to go get him again. The rest of the day we hung around the house but it was nice we all played in the backyard and cooked dinner together and sat down to a nice quiet dinner the 3 of us!
Today started out great Colby and I went to the grocery but it was just a good day. We were enjoying spending the morning at home. We even made a family tree to hang up in his room. My new goal is to do some learning activities at home. I mean I have been doing stuff throughout the last year and a half probably since he was 10 months trying to do different activities or crafts with him but I want to start gearing them more towards actual learning and have themes. Since its November and you think about thankfulness and family I wanted to center it around those. So this week we are talking about family. So we made a family tree and listed his immediate family. We hung it on the inside of his door...he is saying most of the family names now but I figured this would be a fun game for him to point out each person.
As we were enjoying our morning austin called out of the blue and said he was coming home for first I just thought he was taking a random lunch break but he said he was leaving for the day! I was so excited! So Colby went to bed and we were able to eat lunch and take naps. Colby even took another excellent nap that's 2 this week! For that I am very thankful! After his nap we decided to go the park and let Colby run around. It was fun enjoying the nice weather with our little boy! Colby loves playgrounds/parks so this was a blast for him! Afterwards we went out to dinner.
The only downside to our day has been when we returned we were greeted with the news that a police officer had been to our was our neighbors calling about our dog. We have been dealing with this off and on with the same house for over 3 years. We thought things were going fine b/c the mother had moved out and now her kids live there and we haven't had any issues until the last 2 weeks they have come to our door twice...once I didn't answer and the other night I did and they were asking what we could do to make our dog stop barking...well at the time I politely explained that there was a lot of commotion taking place outside and I couldn't help that she barked at that. I brought her in about 15 minutes later though just to avoid a standoff...well tonight while we were out they called the cops. Its ridiculous that we can't even leave our house for a couple hours without them doing this. But fortunatly for us I don't think the police care I think they think the whole thing is dumb so nothing happens. We just don't feel like all this drama starting again...just praying we can be Christlike witnesses to them and show them the love of Christ no matter how hard it is now.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Fun Morning

We had a very busy start to our day today but it was great! Austin was off so we decided to make the most of this beautiful day! First Colby had a haircut. This was only his 4th ever haircut....I try to space them out to where we only have to go 3 times a year. He hates it that much! He was definitely due one but I tried to prolong it to where it would be his "holiday" cut. He like always kicked and screamed. Luckily though the lady is very patient and does good work even on a moving target. He always looks so grown up and different though after a haircut. His baby look disapears!
We decided to take him to the park after his haircut. We took him to this really neat park by the lake. He had only been there once before and it was almost a year ago. This time he could do a lot more and really enjoyed it. There were like 3 other kids out there his age too he played with. He even played "cars" with another little boy who seemed to share his same obsession...they even traded cars for a little adorable!
After the park we stopped by our church for a potty break. It ended up being quite a fun stop because we ran into my parents, a lot of church people including the pastor, and Colby's favorite friend Cade! I was so glad we stopped by there!
When we left the church we went to the mall for lunch. We met our friend Laura there. She is supossed to have a baby boy any day now! I am so excited about her having a baby! I am also excited she is now on maternity leave and we can hang out during the week after she has her baby. We ate lunch there then walked around for a bit. We ofcourse had to make a visit to the Disney Store. Colby loves that store so I can only imagine what he is going to think in a month when we visit Disney World! He's going to love it! When we left the mall Colby was so worn out...he cried the whole way home which he never does! I could tell he was just soo exausted! When we got in I rocked him for a few minutes and he fell right to sleep....again he never does that! He took about a 3 hour nap today which was so nice!
I am looking forward to another fun day with Austin being off tomorrow...Colby has school so I think we may go for breakfast then hit up Target!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Growing Up Too Fast

November 2008 3 1/2 Months Old
November 2009 1 Year Old

November 2010 2 Years Old

My little guy is getting big so fast! I can't believe he will be 2 1/2 in a couple months! He is such a mess right now. He can be soo sweet and adorable but then sometimes he can be so aggravating and acting like a terrible 2! I still love him when he's sweet and bad. He's so full of life and personality! Its fun seeing his little personality come out more and more. He's definitely a lot like me. He's so smart and so particular about things. He has a memory like an elephant and ears like an eagle! He still loves cars and trucks! He's probably going to know how to drive by the time he is 5. He loves pretending to drive in any real car he gets a chance to! I can see him learning to drive in the country in our future!

He really isn't a bad kid...he's very strong willed but that can be a good thing. A quote I have reminded myself of a lot lately is no president of the United States was a push over...I'm sure they were all strong willed as children! I was a strong willed child and now as an adult I feel like I have a lot of determination.

He loves school and has done really well. I can tell he is learning new things all the time. He can count and say his ABCs for the most part...he also knows his shapes and some colors. He loves Go Diego Go and Chuggington and Thomas he's into trains or anything with wheels. He doesn't watch a lot of tv though he would much rather be outside and for that I am grateful! He loves going new places and learning! He seems to have boundless energy so much in fact he has a hard time sleeping these days. I remind myself this too shall pass and just thankful he's so healthy and has so much energy and the physical abilities to express it!

He's still a really good eater. He only has a few foods he won't eat and even with those you can convince him to atleast try a bite or 2. He loves fruit especially grapes. He also has become a bread eater. He used to not have anything to do with it but now he loves it. He doesn't get it a lot but biscuits or sandwhiches are some of his favorites!

He has grown a lot I think since spring. But he still wears 2T clothes. He has been in that size now for quite awhile which has been wonderful. By spring I think he will need 3T though. He wears size 8 shoe and they are a little big but I am too cheap to buy a 7 1/2. I like his shoes to atleast last a season.

So that's just a little update on my guy!

Friday, November 5, 2010

City Park Playdate

Today Colby and I met some friends out at City Park. We had a great time. We met Krisite and her son Cade who is 1 and then Heddie and her 2 kids Nathanel is 3 and Zoe is 10 months. First we played on the playground. Today was a beautiful day...a little chilly but I love it like that! We played on the playground for about 45 minutes. I think the 3 boys had a great time running out some energy! Colby and Nathanel had races down the slides.

After we felt like they ran enough energy out on the playground we headed across the street to Storyland. We have been wanting to bring Colby here for awhile. That was his 3rd or 4th time to play at the playground but the only time he has been in Storyland is during Christmas in the Oaks last year. He was a little young plus it was so crowded he couldn't do much. I think now he will definitely remember!

Here is a recap of all the exhibits:

Playhouse-Colby and Nathanel loved this. They both climbed to the top and walked down the stairs.

Rocket Ship-Another favorite of the older boys. Colby lingered in this about 10 minutes he loved all the buttons.

Little Red Riding Hood's House-Colby was a little timid of this...he would walk up and say hey and then scurry away he never would get real close to the Big Bad wolf...funny thing this used to spook me too as a kid!

Pinochio and the Whale-Colby liked this but he was timid at first to cross the rocks then a little scared to go all the way in the mouth...once again I was the same way as a small child. He warmed up eventually though but I was scared he was going to fall in the water...a cold day and no change of cothes this wouldn't have been good so we moved on!

Jack and Jill's Hill-All 3 boys really enjoyed this! Colby loved the fast slide! He went down it many many times!

The old lady's Shoe-This was a fun one for the boy's also! They all seemed to enjoy opening and closing the door!

The Three Little Pigs- Colby loved this! He had to go up to each pig and speak to them in oink. He also had to shake their hands. He walked around looking at them closely for over 10 minutes. Then he had to check out the brick house!

The Firetruck- This was by far I think Colby's favorite exhibit. He didn't want to leave. He loved that you could climb on the side, in the front, and in the back. He sat in the drivers seat for a good 15 minutes I think!

I was kinda sad Colby wouldn't go down the dragon slide...he was just more consumed with other was also hard being by myself...I think he could have gone down alone but had Austin been there one of us could have gone up with him while the other waited at the bottom. After checking out all the story exhibits we had a snack picnic. I think all 3 boys had really worked up an appetite. They all scarfed down their snacks. It was a very fun morning! So glad Colby got to go and the weather was perfect! Now we will just have to go back with daddy!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Maybe one day I will look back and laugh

So this week I feel as if my child is testing me more and more. We are back to a no sleep cycle. He's not napping...he's not falling asleep until after 9pm even though he is put in bed by 8 almost every night and he's awake at 6:30 am. I am just at a loss of how to make him sleep. You honestly can't make a child sleep without drugging them. People keep giving me advice I have even gotton a few read babywise :) which I think is halarious! I am a HUGE babywise mom. We did babywise since the day he came home from the hospital and we never had any issues until this summer. He was the perfect baby slept through the night at 2 months we only had about 3 nights where we were up all night with him. I am sure many say well you had it easy for 2 years now its time....and maybe that's true and I am sure the Lord has some reasoning for this probably to teach me patience and that I can do anything. But I know my child needs more sleep then he's getting. People also tell me well kids drop their nap at 2 but I don't buy that. Especially a 2 year old that isn't sleeping 12 hours at night. If he were going to bed at 8 and awaking at 8 I could get by with the no nap theory. But he's not...I know this is a cycle of overtiredness. We had it solved a few months ago or atleast we thought but now we are back in it and sometimes I just want to beat my head in the wall...Colby is soo active during the time he is awake that I need those hours. I hate to whine I know I have it pretty good and I know Colby is a good child but I feel like we are doing all the right things...he hardly ever eats sugar...he's on a consistent schedule...and he plays outside and does active things all the time! I thought surely school would be the answer to this that he would be so tired after 3 hours of school he would poop out when he got home but honestly I think its worse!
Anyway I hate to be a complainer because I know I have so much to be thankful for but I just had to vent and like I said I'm sure when he's 15 and wants to sleep all the time I will remind him of these days and laugh b/c that is what my parents did! Oh well I just pray Lord for more patience to deal with my child and his not sleeping habits!
Oh and to top it off Austin hasn't been in until after 8:30 every night this week. Again I know that could be worse I could be divorced or he could travel a lot or be in the military so I know its not that bad but it makes for a long day when you are awake with a very active toddler from 6:30 am until 9:30 at night!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Memories

Colby Halloween 2008 ( 3 Months Old) Dressed as a pumpkin
Colby Halloween 2009 (15 Months Old) Dressed as a dinosaur

Colby Halloween 2010 ( 2 Years Old) Dressed as a Construction Worker (aka Bob the Builder)

I can't believe this is my little punkin's 3rd Halloween! Its been fun to see how each year goes and he changes. His first Halloween ofcourse he was too tiny to really know the difference. He was 3 months. He didn't have a costume just a punkin outfit...didn't see the point of spending money on a costume for a 3 month old...we took him to our church's fall fest though. I'm sure he looked around at the lights and people and took catnaps!

Then last year he was a 1 year old so things were a little more exciting! We decided to do the trick or treat thing in our neighborhood. We wanted the people around us to get to see him decked out in his dino costume. He was adorable! He loved walking the street and also riding in his wagon. We also drove him to the firestation and to see his Aunt Lizzie and Uncle Randall. He didn't mind his costume a bit! In fact he seemed to like it.

This year Colby is now 2 and Halloween was even more exciting! We decided to go back to our church for Trunk or Treat. We knew it would be more fun now that he could actually do things. He loved the inflatables. They had an area set up for preschoolers and he played in that one until he saw the biggest slide and decided that was more his speed! He dressed up as a Construction Worker this year but many people called him Bob the Builder which was fine. He again seemed to like the costume...I talked him into even wearing the hat! None of these years so far has Colby been into candy. Honestly he doesn't know much about it. We don't have it often in the house and therefore he doesn't know to like it. He has had various pieces here and there but he made it through his first 3 Halloweens without a single taste! I hope he is never really that into it I mean I don't mind him having a piece or 2 but I would rather see him enjoy the festivities then eating candy all night.

So here we are 3 Halloweens with our little boy! I can't wait to see what next year is like! I am sure it will be even more fun! He may even want to pick out his own costume next year!