Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Well another Thanksgiving is in the books...come and gone! Hard to believe! It was Colby's 6th and Lindsay's 2nd! I have enjoyed reflecting this week over each Thanksgiving and how each year we are in a different place in life and how each year has been different and special in its own way!
I would have to say though that this was probably my favorite Thanksgiving in a long time! I used to get really stressed out over holidays, family, etc. I have been working on that the last couple of years and this year I feel like I had really made progress. We have really been talking a lot about Thankfulness this month and Colby is really old enough now to really "get it". I have also begun to count my blessings in the every day and not just the big blessings! Its made me view Thanksgiving and life so different! The things that used to stress me don't really bother me anymore. I feel like I've become more "relaxed" as a parent. Not in discipline but just letting my kids enjoy life!
So anyway on to our day! This Thanksgiving we once again had it at my parent's house! This is pretty much tradition except last year when we hosted it here b/c Colby was still really sick. The kids and I arrived early so that we could hang out and help my mom. I really enjoyed the time that the kids and I had alone with them. My dad got to play with the kids and I think they really enjoyed that while my mom and I cooked and reminisced of past Thanksgivings. I was so thankful for this time! Life goes by soo fast and I just wanted to really soak in this holiday! We had a pretty low key affair this year it was all family which I think made it really special. Austin's parents, his sister and husband and 2 girls and Randall and Elizabeth were our guests. I really was thankful to have Austin's family with us. It really made it more fun and special for Colby to have his cousins there! I tried to get creative this year as well and make it special for the kids. I didn't have time to do all I wanted to do but we did have Thanksgiving coloring books on the table and I think they all liked that! We sang a few silly songs and made a Thanksgiving Tree. After lunch the kids also all decorated turkey cupcakes! It was just a great day I just felt so relaxed and enjoyed watching the kids make memories with their grandparents and cousins and aunts and uncles!
I feel like I also got to visit more with the adults then most other years. With Lindsay being older and also taking a nap it allowed time for me to just enjoy myself!
All in all it was a really great day and so thankful for all we have and for the memories made!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekend in Hattiesburg

Well I think we are FINALLY all well in our house! Thursday we thought we were well and Colby went back to school and Lindsay and I went to the park. It was a good day and I was sure we were all back to normal! That afternoon Austin's parents came in town and came over that night to eat dinner with us. The kids had a blast and acted like they were back to normal! Colby was having grandparents day Friday so they were in town for that! We were all so excited about going!
Well Friday was not at all what we had planned! First Lindsay was up at 5:30 b/c she had pooped ALL over herself and the bed. Well my alarm was set for 6 so there was no way I was getting back to sleep! We weren't too worried though b/c she poops at the drop of a hat! Colby came out at 6:45 he immediately went to the couch and said he was going to throw up! And he did all over the blanket! Well at that point we knew our plans were cancelled! I hated it especially for him! We were sick last year at his Thanksgiving program also! He took it wayy better then I expected though! So basically we spent the day around the house. Lindsay and I did bring her snacks to the school that we had promised. It was nice just getting out the house. Even though we were home bound it was still a good day. Both kids even took long naps that day! That night we were all sick of being home so we did go out to eat at McAlister's that night. Colby still wasn't feeling great but he tried to eat and have a good time! I was just thankful for no more puke!
Saturday everyone woke up feeling much better so we decided to go on with our plans to Hattiesburg. The kids were REALLY excited especially after spending most of the week at home. They woke up in great moods and ready to hit the road. Both of them traveled great! They watched Charlotte's Web on the ride up. When we got into Hattiesburg we stopped at the apartment to get unloaded and settled in. After letting the kids play and stretch their legs we loaded up and went to Zaxby's for a quick lunch. We then went to Austin's parents house. I think the kids really enjoyed playing there. Lindsay really seemed to remember this time! Colby chose to stay with them during the game rather then go with us. After visiting for about an hour we took Lindsay back to the apartment for her nap and Austin, my dad, and I went to the game. It was fun just going with them and not having to keep up with Colby. I did miss him but he gets antsy. We did only stay until halftime though b/c it was starting to rain, it was really cold and USM was losing anyway. We picked up Colby and headed back to the apartment. My parents left to drive home so we had the apartment to ourselves that night which was kind of nice. We picked up O'Charley's and just had a low key night. We tried to put the kids to bed early but they kept each other awake for awhile. We relaxed and watched tv for awhile though.
Sunday we were up bright and early. The kids were awake before 7. We decided to go on and get ready and head to Cracker Barrel for our breakfast! We had really been looking forward to a good country breakfast there! Poor Colby still didn't have his appetite back though but Lindsay sure did! She ate 2 bowls of grits and an entire huge pancake! It was fun just visiting and hanging out! Although eating out with 2 kiddos is always hectic and I rarely remember even tasting my food.  The rest of the day we mostly spent around the house once we got in. Again both kids traveled well. Colby watched Polar Express and Lindsay slept mostly. When we got in we were busy unpacking and cleaning house. Neither took a nap so they played outside for awhile then we ran a couple of errands. That evening we had a nice homemade dinner of spaghetti. Seems like we have eaten out so much lately it was nice to have a family meal at home! We had a great weekend even though it didn't start out as we had planned! Just thankful that we are all feeling better and we can enjoy our Thanksgiving week!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Unexpected Family Days

So this week we have been plauged with the stomach bug once again in our house the week before Thanksgiving! Serisously 2 years in a row?! Well anyways once again Lindsay was also the culprit who brought it home! Good thing she's cute and we love her!
Well so Lindsay was sick Saturday and Sunday. I got it Sunday and Monday. Colby was down with it Monday and Tuesday. Austin got it Tuesday and Wednesday! So due to all this we've had a lot of famliy time together but in the spirit of Thanksgiving I am choosing to look at it from a different light this year!
Ok so Monday the kids went to school...I was not feeling well so it was nice to have some downtime to rest that day. Monday evening was when we figured out Colby had it b/c he was running to the potty. That morning he still seemed to not feel great so we chose to keep him home. Our plans that day had been to go shopping with Lindsay at Lakeside so we kept our plans. By 9 when it was time to leave everyone seemed to be feeling good so we went on. I was glad we did b/c we really ended up having a fun time! The kids loved just running around they even had an improptu picnic of crackers and juice around the fountain! It was so good seeing them play together! They usually fight a lot on weekdays when Colby gets home from school. Anyway we first went to the Disney Store. Well they were entertained in there for atleast 30 min. We let them just browse and dream about Christmas ideas. We did choose to let them both pick one small item. Colby chose a small plane from the movie Planes and Lindsay chose some princess jewelry. We don't really make a practice of buying them stuff when we are out but we figured this was a special occassion. After the Disney Store we went to PB Kids ...their other fav store. Again we spent about 30 min in there. Colby loved playing with all the trains/cars and kitchen stuff and Lindsay had a blast pushing the toy stroller around. When we left that store Colby was begging to go eat. Even though none of our tummies really felt like it we went ahead and ate Chickfila...probably a BIG mistake for poor Austin who was the next victim!
We went home and all rested for awhile. Austin got out and picked up Colby's school work and ran a couple of errands. That afternoon Colby and I did his homework and worked on some handwriting. That afternoon Austin also got really sick! It was a rough night b/c I had to take care of the kids and handle Austin being so sick!
Wednesday morning was a little better. Austin was starting to feel better. We went on and made the decision though to keep everyone home. Colby was still saying he didn't want to go to school although we think he was really wanting more fun time with mommy and daddy then anything. His tummy might have felt a little off but nothing major. Lindsay woke up with a HUGE poop mess so we decided to keep her home too not knowing if we were all still contagious. At first I thought it was going to be a really bad day b/c of the way it started. I left around 8:30 and went on to the grocery store. It helped for me to get out a little while by myself. It put things back in perspective! When I got home we put away the groceries. The kids were kind of anxious to get outside so we let them play in the front yard. Austin still wasn't feeling great at this point. We just pretty much went from outside, watching tv, doing a little school work throughout the day. By that evening everyone seemed to be feeling much better! We thought we we were well on our way to getting over this mess! Even though it wasn't what we had planned I did enjoy all the family time we had with the kids. That afternoon we even got out and took a walk. The kids also played so great together which was nice! And I honestly enjoyed "homeschooling" Colby. I am not sure I could do it every day but it was fun to teach him math, phonics, and handwriting for a couple days!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Spider Man & Stomach Bug

We had a pretty low key weekend which I guess is a good thing from time to time! This fall has been full of family stuff, church stuff, birthday parties, and various other things on Saturdays. Our Saturdays and Sundays aren't usually very restful. I know sometimes God orchestrates this stuff when we need it though. So I'll begin with friday. Friday was a low key day...Lindsay and I shopped at Target then spent the rest of the day at home just hanging out. That afternoon we picked Colby up from school and just planned a low key night at home. He was invited to a birthday party at 7-9:30 but there was no way I was going to do that. It was rainy that night and Austin worked pretty late plus it was a girl from his class that I don't really know and Friday nights we are all so tired anyway. I felt bad since he wanted to go so badly but he also has to understand we can't go to EVERY single birthday party! We ended up having a nice evening at home.
Saturday he did have a birthday party at 1. I had already talked to my friend Casee though about bringing him to the party. Being at 1 I knew it would fall right when Lindsay was napping. I was glad we worked this out though b/c Saturday Lindsay actually was sick. We stayed in that morning which was actually nice. The kids did play well together they did art, they played trains/cars, and we enjoyed the nice weather outside that morning. Poor Lindsay pooped almost all day though. I wasn't sure if she was sick or just her poor sensitive stomach? So Colby went to the party and she and I picked him up a little before 3. We stayed and visited for a few minutes but not long. I could tell Colby was sweaty and tired and with not knowing if she was really sick I didn't want to hang around and spread germs. I hated to miss the party though b/c so many of our friends were there but it seemed like Colby had a great time! That afternoon Austin got in a little early and we just enjoyed hanging out together as a family.
Sunday well we had planned on going to church but Lindsay woke up that morning not feeling good at all...she basically spent the entire morning curled up in a ball. I was pretty worried about her but she was eating/drinking so I knew she had to be pretty ok. I figured she must have been nauseated b/c she was pale and just seemed to want to keep really still. After naptime though she seemed back to herself thankfully. Austin made him home early to watch the Saints 3:30 game. Well by that point I was starting to not feel good. I ended up being nauseous and sick the rest of the night. So apparently Lindsay had a 24 stomach bug. I feel better today (Monday) but still not 100%. I am really praying Colby doesn't get it though! Both kids went to school as planned though b/c Lindsay hasn't had anymore diarrhea since yesterday and she never ran a fever and is acting like her old self. We are going to spend the day in though helping everyone get better then hope to take Lindsay on a special outting tomorrow!

Friday, November 15, 2013


Lindsay and I had another fun adventure this week. We picked going to the Zoo. Its been awhile since we had been..August maybe? The weather has been so nice and mild I figured it would be an awesome time to go! We again invited our Stewart friends. Its just more fun to do stuff like that with a friend! Lindsay really seemed to have a good time! This was the first time she really "walked" around the zoo. We spent a lot of time in the reptile house, the sea lions, the african savannah area, then the swamp. Lindsay really loved the reptiles, fish, birds, and giraffes! I was really surprised at how well she did! She never even pitched a fit not once! She mostly walked and kept up with the kids really well! We even brought a picnic lunch in which was fun to do! I enjoyed visiting with Audrea and just enjoying the outdoor time! Ofcourse the Zoo always wipes me out and Lindsay fell asleep on the way home which meant no nap in her bed that afternoon. We had a great time and I am really enjoying these little dates with her!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Breakfast, Feast, and Family Time

This Saturday we had a fun and busy schedule! Like always it seems like every Saturday we have so much going on but we always have such a good time! This Saturday we were blessed b/c Austin was able to take off and spend the day with us as well!
So our day began early...about 7am or a little before is when everyone started waking up! gotta love this time change! My kids used to sleep until almost 8 on weekends now they are up before 7! Anyway I had to jump up and get ready anyway! I had a breakfast at 8 with the Women's Ministry Team at church. This was the main reason Austin was at home to keep the kids so I could go. I was so thankful I was able to go! We discussed the fall Bible Study and the upcoming Fall study. We brainstormed ways to make these better as well. Even though we were mostly discussing/planning it was just a fun morning to fellowship with other women!
I left the breakfast at 9:30 and rushed home to pick up austin and the kids for our next stop. Our previous church was having their Annual Preschool Thanksgiving Feast. This is actually something my mom and I started the first year we were co-directors. I looked forward to going back and seeing our friends. We haven't been able to visit there since July. Colby was really excited about going back to his old church. We aren't really sure how much Lindsay remembers since she was a baby when we left but ofcourse Colby remembers! So they started the event with a few crafts. Lindsay really had no interest in this part at all. She was still being really shy at this point and just wanted Austin or I to hold her. Colby really got into the craft making! He loves this stuff! I was so proud of how well he did too! After all the children finished the craft making they had them decorate a cupcake to eat after lunch. Both of them loved this! Lindsay had already had her eye on this project so it was right up her ally! Poor thing though just didn't understand why she couldn't eat it then. Everyone ate lunch next again I was so proud of the kids. They both ate well and Lindsay sat away from us and just ate her lunch like a big girl! It was nice to visit with some of our old friends during this time. Colby had some friends there he remembered. After eating we brought the kids back to the nursery area to potty and change Lindsay's diaper. It was so cute b/c Lindsay seemed to remember that baby room. Her eyes lit up and she started pointing at everything like HEY I remember this place! Anyway they both enjoyed remembering for a bit. We took them back to the feast for the last activity which was planting a plant. They both really got into this. It was adorable how proud each of them were about their plant! Afterwards we went home to rest!
That evening we were looking forward to another family adventure! We rarely I mean RARELY go out to eat at night...its just not something we do! Its expensive as a family of 4 and to be honest not really always enjoyable to have squirmy kids hanging all over you! Well so this was a treat on a Saturday night for our kids! Ofcourse we only went to Chickfila but this is perfect dining when you have a 5 and 1 year old! It was nice to just get out the house awhile and have fun together! After dinner we went to Target to shop for our Operation Christmas child boxes. I really hope to start this tradition with our kids. This is the first year we have done the boxes and now the kids are really getting old enough to "get it". We picked a 2-4 year old girl and 5-9 year old boy. The kids had fun shopping for them both. I was so proud that neither asked for a toy for themselves also! We had tried to mentally prepare them ahead of time! This really got me into the Christmas mood! I am so excited about all the upcoming holidays this year! I mean they were fun last year but now Lindsay will enjoy them more and its just so fun getting out and doing things together!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Aquarium Playdate & Days with Lindsay

Tuesday Lindsay and I had a fun little playdate with her friend Maggie and her 2 brother's. Maggie's second birthday was that day. I invited her momma and kids to do something fun and we chose the aquarium. I told them I could get them all in on our membership pass so that worked out great. Lindsay and I arrived a little before them. We went on in and started checking out some of the front areas. I didn't want to go too far b/c I knew they would text us when they got there and we wanted to meet them. We started out downstairs and Lindsay's favorite part was the big Gulf tank with all the big fish and sharks and sea turtle. She oohed and ahhed and said shark shark shark and fish fish fish. She actually got out of her stroller for the very first time ever at the aquarium! She usually is too shy and scared to get out. I was so proud of her for walking around and checking things out. She really loved climbing the stairs.
Once our friends got there we repeated a lot of what we had seen. By this point Lindsay was a little over the walking too...she did a little walking and a little playing with Maggie. She finally got over being stubborn and started playing in the boat section but then our friends were ready to move on so she pitched an epic fit! I've really learned to just tune her out though I just mostly feel bad for those around us. Had this been Colby at this age I would have gone crazy and probably taken him to the bathroom and spanked him but age and having 2 kids now I just ignore my little drama queen! She finally got over it. We spent about an hour and a half total then it was time to go! It was a fun and nice time with my sweetheart! I think she really did enjoy seeing the sharks ...for some reason she is into sharks and cows??
Lindsay and I also had time together on Thursday. We spent a little while at Barnes and Noble sipping coffee and playing trains and looking at books. I really do love this age and our little outtings. I mean this time last year we had outtings together but she was still baby and not as interactive. Anyway I am trying to soak up her toddler/preschool years b/c now I miss Colby so much and I know it won't be long before she will be in kindergarten too! We spent the rest of the day around the house. Oh and at Barnes and noble she suckered me into a My Little Pony...we try not to buy our kids a lot of toys throughout the year but she and I don't go shopping a lot so I figured it was ok!
Friday we had to bring Bailey to the vet. He apparently has another tapeworm. He had one back in July also...anyway Lindsay went with me. I can't remember if this was her first trip to the vet it seems like she went one other time but usually I bring Colby but she did really well. She loved looking at the bunnies and she sat in the chair while Bailey was examined! I was so proud of her! Once we got home since it was such a beautiful day and it was so nice outside I took her over to the park for awhile. This playground we haven't been to since the summer. I couldn't believe how much she had grown since that last time. She was able to do a lot more! She had a blast running and sliding! I just love these special days with her!
I forgot to mention Thursday afternoon Colby had a sweet little playdate as well. We brought Ella home from school. She is the pastor's daughter but she and Colby are in the same class. They have been friends now for a little over a year. We have been trying to get them together the last few weeks and its been one thing after another so we finally made it happen on Thursday. She rode home with us from school. She and Colby were adorable talking in the backseat. They came home and ate snacks and did their homework. They then colored, played in Colby's room, and then we all went outside for awhile. I was impressed at how well they got along. I don't think they ever disagreed about anything. It was so sweet! I think Lindsay enjoyed the company as well! She stayed for about 2 hours. It was a nice change of pace for Colby I think. I hope to do this more often!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fall Break

So today Colby had his first holiday off school since Labor Day. Going from the first week of September until the first of November is a really long time with no breaks! I could tell the last 2-3 weeks he really was getting tired. That much school is a lot for a little guy! I knew he would welcome a day off although he chose to go to school with his sister that day. His teacher from last year Mrs. Susan promised the kids that when they were off school they could come and be helpers in her class. I gave him a choice if he wanted to do that or hang out with mom well ofcourse he chose go to school with sister.
I think he really enjoyed being back at his old stomping grounds and being the big man on campus. I know it was a nice change of pace for him. He said they learned about the letter H. I am sure he could teach the class now! He seemed to really have a good time. I was also thankful for the break of having them both at the same place for a few hours that morning.
That afternoon the kids and I just had a nice afternoon at home. I didn't make Colby have his usual rest time. Instead while Lindsay was napping he colored and played with his train table. I think he enjoyed that. That afternoon we played outside for awhile. It was a nice break from our usual routine.
Saturday was a VERY busy day for us! Thankfully Friday was low key so we could gear up for the day ahead of us. Both kids had birthday parties that day and they were 2 that I didn't want to miss. This is one of the MAJOR downsides to having a hubby who works almost every Saturday. Means momma has to attend ALL the parties! Colby's party was first at 10 at Bounce De Lis. It was for his friend Jackson. Colby had a great time. He played with Jax, Christiano, Cooper, and some of the other boys. I enjoyed visiting with the mommas. After the party we went back to my parent's house for lunch and rest time. Colby only ate cake and icecream at the party. He ate a bowl of broccoli and cheese soup when we got in thankfully! I was able to rest and visit with my parents for a little while before getting Lindsay ready for her tea party!
Lindsay was invited to Maggie's 2nd birthday. I am so glad she has a few little girlfriends her age at church. I thought this party was going to be adorable and I was SO right! It was like a REAL teaparty. Mrs. Stefanie Conway hosted it and did an awesome job. I really wasn't sure how it would go with a bunch of toddlers and real china but the little girls were so good and nothing got broken! I was so proud of Lindsay. She was really shy for the first 5-10 min but then she warmed up and did so well! She made herself at home and ate all 3 courses! She even loved the real tea and the special juice blend Mrs. Stefanie made for the little ones! It was so cute and so fun! I love this little group of girls she has as friends to grow with! The party lasted a little over an hour. By 3ish all the little girls were getting tired. We left around 3:30 to pick Colby up. We came home and I felt like crashing! 2 parties in one day was exhausting! We just chilled that night but did take a walk that evening when Austin came home!
Sunday was church day and Austin again had to work well atleast the first part of the day. I had childcare as well so it was one of those very busy mornings. We had 10 in my class. That's a really big number for us! We had 2-4 year olds in one room. We did have 3 teachers though so that helped a lot so things went really smoothly! Both of my kids seemed to do really well in their classes also. We came home and rested that afternoon then Austin came home after lunch and he and Colby spent some time outside during the Saints halftime. We went to lifegroup that night. We brought Lindsay with us for the first time. She did pretty good but I did end up leaving with her early after the video.
It was a great, refreshing weekend for us a break from the normal routine! Now we are looking forward to a slightly slower week!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Farm Day & Halloween 2013

Yesterday was a very fun and busy day for the kiddos and myself! We first began our day with Farm Day at Colby's school. They do not celebrate Halloween so they instead have the kids dress up like farmers or cowboys and do all kinds of fun fall activities. I signed up to help ofcourse so I dropped Colby off in carpool then went to get settled. I am thankful for my mom and dad who kept Lindsay. In another year she probably could have stayed with me but this year she was just too young and still getting over being sick I felt like I wouldn't be able to focus as well with her there. Plus like I've always said I like to make each kid feel special when its their thing! I was assigned face painting and thankfully my friend Casee and Stephanie were too so I had lots of people to talk to and pass the time while we painted hands and faces! It was fun being around the kids. Days like that def make me miss teaching! I enjoyed watching Colby's class. I love thinking that hopefully he and some of these kids will still be together in 7th grade! He had a blast!
They were able to do face painting, guess the candy corn, a maze, pumpkin patch, trunk or treat, and the highlite was the ANIMALS! They had a traveling barn. It inclued goats, sheep, chickens, a mini horse, baby cow, puppies, bunnies, chicks, and ducklings! So adorable! Ofcourse Colby and the other children LOVED this! I was glad to spend a few moments with him during this time and a few minutes in his classroom before I left around 11.

Halloween night was another fun and memorable time! I can't believe this was Colby's 6th Halloween. I think it was his fourth time trick or treating! He ofcourse is a pro at a it. This was Lindsay's 2nd year of both. They both absolutely loved dressing up! We have started a tradition in the last 3 years of hosting Halloween night at our house. Usually my parents and brother and sister in law come over sometimes some neighbors and a friend. The past 2 years we invited Colby's little friend Max over. Well they now live across the river and the boys rarely see each other so we invited a church family instead. We invited Pastor Rick who is our children's minister over. He has a 4 year old daughter Addison who is friends with Colby and a 1 year old daughter Mackenzie who is friends with Lindsay. Our kids get a long so well so we knew it would be fun! The 4 kids had a blast going around the neighborhood. We pretty much only stopped at people's houses we knew. Colby and Addison walked around all night holding hands and Lindsay and Mackenzie rode in the wagon. I think Lindsay thought she was really big stuff! About halfway through though Colby got really hot and had to get out of his costume. I felt so bad for him you could tell her got really overheated and even a little dehydrated. Once we got home though he really perked up again. The kids all ate great! After they ate they enjoyed playing for a little while. Colby and Addison played in his room and the little girls were dying to get back there but ended up playing with shopping carts and strollers! We are so thankful for good friends and a fun and safe night just to let the kiddos have fun! Another great year Lots of great memories!