Thursday, June 27, 2013

Daddy Days...

So Austin was lucky to have 3 days off this week! Oh how we loved having him home! Its always so great to have him home mid-week! Especially this summer b/c we have had such a crazy, busy routine.
Monday the kids had swim lessons. Its been nice that he has been able to come with us for that. I am glad he has been able to see the kids progress. Usually he only gets to go see Colby like once or twice so I am glad this time he saw them 5 times total! That afternoon we stayed around the house. It was nice to have a slower paced day. The boys did get out and run some errands but we mostly just had a relaxed day which was great! That evening I met Casee at B&N for our weekly Bible Study/girl time session. That time has done me so much good. Its a time we talk about the Bible study, work on the Bible study, and hold each other accountable for memorizing.
Tuesday was a CRAZY busy day! First off we had our maid and bug lady coming. I also had Bible Study. Austin stayed at home with Colby and I brought Lindsay with me. On days like that its just easier to divide and conquer. I know Colby enjoyed his time home with dad. I think Lindsay did ok at Bible Study but I think she def missed her big bro being there. I am so thankful for these Tuesday morning Bible Studies. I have been going now for a year and its been a life changer. It gets me deeper in the Word plus its something just for me and I get some downtime away from the kids. I had to leave early at 10 though to get myself and Lindsay ready for her lesson. The boys already left for swim when we got home. We quickly changed and headed there too. Both kids are doing so great. Colby has really gotten his confidence up and Lindsay is doing great no more tears! The only thing she is still not fond of is being flipped onto her back! After swim we came home and ate lunch and got the kids in their rooms for naps. Again it was a little crazy. We had a quiet afternoon but then had dinner with friends that evening! The children's minister Rick and his wife invited us over for pizzas. They have children close to our kids ages. They have a daughter who is 4. Colby knows her pretty well b/c they were in the same Sunday morning lifegroup until recently when Colby promoted up to kindergarten. They also have a daughter who is only 3 weeks younger then Lindsay. We enjoyed visiting with them while the kiddos played. Both kids did really well especially Lindsay who was out past her bedtime. I hope we can make this a regular thing with them so that our kids can grow up close!
Wednesday Austin was off again so we had a laid back morning before swim lessons. It was nice to not be rushing off anywhere. After swim lessons we came home to rest but we had different people here working so it wasn't as restful as usual. The boys got out and ran errands that afternoon. I have to say I enjoyed the quiet with just Lindsay. That night we had a nice homecooked meal and took a walk. We did a mile walk with both kids. Colby rode his bike and I pushed Lindsay in the stroller. I really wish we could get back to doing this every night. It sure was hot though but I know we would all feel better if we got that type of exercise each day! We hated to miss church but with the business of the week we decided to stay in. I hate keeping the kids out too many nights in a row so it was best for us all to have a calm night!
The rest of the week will just consist of swim lessons. Looking forward to wrapping them up. Its been a great experience but it will be nice to move on to something different next week! The kids have made great progress though and I am proud of them both!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Weekend Fun

So it's been a busy weekend for just me and the kids! Austin had to work the entire weekend which always stinks but we've had plenty of fun activities to keep us busy!
Friday the kids had swim lessons again. I feel like this was their best day yet. Colby is doing well but still not confident enough to "swim alone". Lindsay definitely had her best day! There were no tears at all. She is grasping the concepts so quick too! I can't believe how well she is doing! Its amazing how fast they learn that young! So after swim we came home for lunch and naps. Friday evening Colby had tennis again. This was his 3rd lesson. I think he's doing great and seems to be learning. His attention span definitely doesn't last much past 30 minutes and this past week I think it was more like 20. His coach still says he's doing great though and has great hand/eye coordination! Anyway after lessons Colby went home with my parents to spend the night. I honestly enjoyed some down girl time with Lindsay. With Colby being out of school now for a month I haven't had the one on one time with her I was used to. It was also so much easier just bathing/putting 1 kiddo to bed! Austin was later then usual that night so I had a little mommy time which again was nice!
Saturday was busy even though I had just 1 kid. I also kind of had a fallout with Colby over the phone. He had a birthday party at 11 which we originally planned to pick him up at 10:30 for and drop Lindsay off at my parent's. Well he had a very ugly attitude with me so I got mad and told him we weren't going. I probably shouldn't have done that...looking back...but I wanted him to know it wasn't ok to do that. Well I calmed down and he calmed down so by the time I got to my parent's I made up my mind that we would go by the party for a little while but not stay b/c I would now be bringing Lindsay. I hated to mess up so many plans but I was tired the kids were tired and that's just what needed to be done. Anyway so he had a good attitude so we went on to the party. He was really looking forward to seeing one of his "old" school friends. I was so glad we ended up going b/c only 2 other party guests came. So my kids were like half the party. It was a swim party which I was a little worried about watching both by the pool but I just didn't let Lindsay swim. Colby went in and luckily they had some extra floaties that he used but he was so brave and had a blast! He swam around and jumped in and basically had no fear! I sat by the pool watching Lindsay and visiting with the other moms. It was hot and I was tired but watching my little boy have so much fun made it all worth while! By the time we got back the kids and I were exhausted. I felt like naptime didn't really happen the way I had wanted...that's the way it goes the longer you are out usually the less naps they take. That evening Austin came home early so we took the kids to chickfila. A real dinner would have been nice but the stage we are in with 2 young kids its usually not worth it. The kids enjoyed the food and they could be loud/move around and play on the playground after! Its a win-win! Afterwards we came home and let them play outside a while longer! I love times like that just enjoying each other!
Sunday Austin had to work so the kids and I went to church. I was thankful I didn't have any childcare so I was able to attend worship. This is always what I need to feel refreshed and refocused for the week. The kids seemed to do fine in their classes as well. It was nice to come home just the kids and I and have all afternoon to relax! That night we did have lifegroup. My parents came and watched Lindsay. It was a great night as well!
So thankful for a busy but good weekend! This summer so far has not slowed down! I can't believe how fast its going by too!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Swim Lessons Week 1

So this week has been consumed with swim lessons in the morning. Its been going well though! Colby goes first at 10:30. He's in a class with older boys but he does great. Mrs. Joan mostly works with him and is working on building his confidence. I think physically he could swim but he's not confident in himself yet to do it. Last summer he was swimming across the pool! I know he will do it in his own time just like everything else! I'm thankful though swim is every day so I think he learns faster this way plus he gets the added practice at my parent's house.
Lindsay is in a parent/child class at 11. She's really doing well to be so young. She's the youngest in the class but Joan says she's a natural. She cries when Joan takes her from me but she also stops crying in plenty enough time to be dunked under water its actually pretty funny! I am not even sure she is crying b/c she is scared I think she is just being dramatic! GIRLS! Anyway I am loving to watch what they are learning!
So not only are we having swim lessons we have also been busy each day with other things as well.
Monday-Since Austin was off on Monday he was able to go with us to swim and help out which was great...especially being the first day! That afternoon after the kids naps we took Colby uniform shopping. One step closer to kindergarten! It was early but I was glad to get the checked off my list! Still so much to do though: supplies, book bag, shoes, etc! Going to big boy school is a BIG deal!
Tuesday-A busy day! First I had Bible Study at 9. I definitely didn't want to miss! I knew I would have to leave 30 min early but I still wanted to go and get the most out of it. I am glad I went this so far has been a great study! A lot of homework but a great study nonetheless! I left at 10 and came home...btw my parents kept the kids here so they immediately drove Colby over to his lesson then I followed behind after Lindsay and I were dressed. That afternoon my parents took Colby home. It was nice to get the break with just 1 kid. That night he was quite exhausted. The kids ate dinner around 5:15 and I had them both in the bath around 6. This is our routine when Colby doesn't nap. Well I knew he was tired b/c he went swimming at their house too on top of his swim lesson. Well around 6:30 he went to his room and shut the door but I really didn't think much of it b/c he does this often to go play and keep Lindsay out. Well austin got home around 7 and asked where he was. He went to check on him and Colby was sacked out! I couldn't believe it! He's never gone to bed that early! I was worried he would wake up but he never did! Needless to say Austin had an easy night because at 7:30 I went to meet Casee for coffee and to go over our Bible Study. This is going to be our new "thing". I am grateful for the time to meet and visit with another friend who is the same place in life and discuss our Bible Study. I think it will be good for both of us and keep us accountable.
Wednesday-We had swim lessons that morning then we had a low key afternoon. That evening we went to church. This was our 2nd week back to church on wednesdays this summer. I have enjoyed getting back into this routine. Now that Colby has promoted to kindergarten at church he gets to do all the really cool things that the children's ministry does this summer. They are learning about missions and other countries. Last night was Asia and they had rickshaw races which I think Colby loved! Lindsay just goes to childcare but I think she does fine. Usually I would go to prayer meeting but I had a meeting last night with the women's ministry. I was asked last week if that was something I would pray about and do. I am excited about this new thing in my life. I always have worked with children's ministry but never women's so I think this will be a cool new thing! I am excited because it will be time for me!
So Thursday...oh Thursday this was a VERY busy day for us! Austin was off though thankfully I'm not sure I could have done it all by myself! First of all we had our roof being re-done. That was a pain in and of itself. Anyway the kids also had their swim lessons. Although Lindsay's ended up being cancelled. So we came home ate lunch and tried to rest with all the banging! Thankfully Lindsay did sleep that was the main thing! So while she was still napping Austin and Colby went to the grocery store! I was so thankful they did that b/c I had no idea when I would go this week! Afterwards we put everything away then all jumped in the car and went to Target! We then came home and cooked hamburgers then put the kids to bed! I was glad we accomplished so much in one day but it was a very tiring day!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's Day Weekend

Well we had a good weekend around here! Friday I took the kids swimming at my parent's house. We ofcourse had a great time! The kids love the water. There were a few spats about balloons but otherwise they were both sweet and had fun! Its so funny to watch sibling rivalry already! That afternoon we all took naps. Colby had tennis lessons that evening. Austin met us there this week. His coach decided to turn his lessons into 30 min private lessons at 6 rather then hour long sessions with other kids at 5. I was thankful for this..1 hour is really too long for a 4 year old! Colby ended up doing really well! The main coach worked with him this time and Colby did a lot better. You could tell this coach was more used to working with young children. It was nice having Austin there with me especially since I had Lindsay there. Lindsay did wayy better then I expected. It was hot though poor thing was beat red! But she held in there like a trooper! We picked up pizza after and all went to bed early! Well little did we know that night Lindsay would keep us awake half the night. She cried/screamed from 2am until 5am! This was very unusual for her and we still aren't sure what caused it. Maybe overtired from the heat and swimming and staying up late? I guess we will never know!
Needless to say Saturday I was pretty tired and grumpy and once again Austin had to work. The kids and I had a low key morning and we went to Target and that was it! We got everything we needed and came home. I knew we all needed naps that afternoon! We didn't do much that day at all. I knew Sunday would roll around all to quickly and it would be VERY busy!
So Sunday was Father's Day but sadly in our house Austin had to work that day. So we went to church as usual. It was my week to teach the 3s and 4s. Colby has now promoted to the kindergarten class. This makes Sundays when I am by myself slightly more challenging. I go to my class to set up and get prepared but by the time I am finished with that I have children arriving. So then I have my 2 kids who need to get to 2 seperate places. Luckily for me my mom and dad were there Sunday and were able to help me out! I still have no idea how I would have gotten them to where they needed to go if I had been there alone. I miss having Colby in my class but I know its best for him to get adapted to other teachers and kids. Right now he's still feeling a little unsure of the "big kid" room but I know in time he will be at home there. Anyway so it was a busy morning for me. I was the only teacher with 6 kids...finally I went next door to the 2 year room and asked if they wanted to come help b/c they only had 1 kid. Which that worked out well there were 3 teachers and 7 kids! We were all still very busy though! After church we went straight on over to my parent's house. It was nice to go ahead and get settled with the kids before the rest of company arrived for lunch. The kids played and Lindsay ate her lunch early and I put her down for a nap before everyone arrived. She was definitely tired and ready. She's still at that age of being very hard to keep up with so I am glad she naps and gives me a chance to enjoy the visiting. Colby is really good about sitting at the table and conversing with the adults and then when he gets bored he goes and watches tv or plays by himself. It was a nice afternoon. I enjoyed spending time with my parent's and Randall and Elizabeth. Holidays on Sundays though are exhausting especially with young kids. We didn't get home until after 4! Needless to say it was an early bedtime for everyone!
We had a great weekend despite Austin working although we did miss him! I am so thankful for him and the wonderful father he is to our 2 children. I am also thankful for my dad who has been a true example of fatherhood to me my entire life! I am also thankful for a great father in law who raised a hardworking christian young man and who is a great paw-paw to my kids!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Summer Week 3

So we are into our third week of summer! I can hardly believe that! I know I will soon be writing a back to school post and that just depresses me! But here we are on our 3rd week and we are still having fun and still getting a long! So far we have had a great summer and I am thankful for that!
So now that VBS has ended and we have a week before swim lessons we were left with a somewhat slower schedule although we still have several things going on!
Monday Lindsay had her 18 month doc visit scheduled. Luckily Austin was off so I didn't have to haul both kids in. He stayed at home with Colby and had some bonding time with him. Lindsay did great at the doc and it was easy peasy dealing with just her. She and I came home and picked up the boys. We went to Barnes and Noble and Best Buy. We weren't really shopping for anything just out to look and let the kids burn off some energy in the AC. They both love B&N and the train table. Ofcourse a major fight broke out between them...yea that was kinda embarrasing. We did buy Colby a couple books and a movie. He's really into Monsters Inc. all of a sudden and he calls it Monster Tales. After shopping we went to eat lunch at a place called Da Wabbit. We had never been there but it was quite delish! We all enjoyed our dishes. After that we came home to enjoy a quiet afternoon. After last week we have all been in need of that. After naptime the boys did yardwork and I mostly hung out inside with Lindsay. Austin did blow the pool up and I brought Lindsay out to swim with her big brother but it ended very quickly bc of a certain 4 year olds ugly attitude to his little sis! That night we put the kids to bed early and just enjoyed some down time!
Tueday morning I had Bible Study. My mom was originally going to keep the kids. She was even going to keep Colby all afternoon b/c of our housekeeper being here its just easier to have 1 gone. Well she got sick. But it all worked out. I brought both kids to childcare and I think they had fun. My friend Casee's kids were in there as well so I was glad they had someone they knew pretty well to hang out with. I am so excited about this Bible Study. This is now my 4th one at Calvary and I loved each one! This one definitely seems the most involved. I am excited though but glad that I've been doing this a year before hitting a "harder" study. Anyway after Bible study we ran errands and picked up lunch. I tried to keep the kids out of the maid's way as much as possible. They did well though. That afternoon we just mainly relaxed and hung out.
Wednesday was grocery shopping day! This year its SO much easier then it was last year...or maybe at this point I am used to hauling 2 kids in and out! They are both very well behaved though. Lindsay rides in the buggy and Colby walks and helps me pick out food. I really enjoy his company and help. He misses most of the grocery shopping experiences during the school year so its nice to have him along. I have friends who do not bring their children with them to the store and I can't imagine why b/c its a great place to learn! He gets to make choices, understand how to plan a meal, pick healthy foods, interact with people, etc! We got home and just enjoyed the afternoon together. That night we went to church. I actually brought both kids with me. They didn't have a meal though so I quickly fed the kids mac cheese before we left. Lindsay went to the nursery. She cried at first but I think did fine. Colby now goes to JumpStart and gets to hang with the big kids. They play games outside and have snacks then go upstairs for a Bible Study. I went into the prayer meeting they had for the adults. It was truly a neat time. We sat at 3 tables with groups of about 10 and just prayed straight for 45 min. It was awesome. We prayed for the group going to romania, the children that attended VBS, our country, and individual requests. I got to see Colby with his group after it was over for a little bit. It was a great night! Although going to church like that is tiring with 2 littles b/c I had to rush them home and get both in the tub but it was worth it!
Thursday i took the kids to the local Bounce Place with my friend Casee and her 2 boys. It was nice to especially let the big boys bounce and run around. Lindsay had an ok time but she mostly wanted to stay close to me and snack. she wanted nothing to do with the inflatables! She did play on their little toddler playset though. Luckily it did wear them both out and we came home and had lunch and naps! That afternoon we relaxed and hung around the house. It was another busy week and I can't believe how the summer is flying by! We have stayed so busy but we have had a somewhat slower schedule so that's been nice!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Well we made it through VBS and had a wonderful weekend. It was nice to have a relaxful Friday afternoon after the week long VBS. The kids and I took naps. That afternoon we picked up Chickfila b/c I was just too tired to even think about cooking. We let Colby stay up late and watch a movie as a reward to finishing up VBS week plus he had a long nap so he wouldn't have been going to bed early anyway!
Saturday the kids and I enjoyed sleeping in! It felt so good not to wake up early and rush out the door! We had a leisure morning around the house then got ready and went to my parent's house to swim. We sure enjoyed the swimming and time hanging out with them! I always think we are going to swim so much during the summer but we end up so busy that we really only get to go like once a week! The kids are definitely warming up to the pool and I am anxious to see what they learn after swim lessons in a couple of weeks! That afternoon we came home and just enjoyed time around the house.
Sunday was church. Thankfully Austin was off and could go with us. It was nice b/c he and I were also able to go into church together. I love serving in the children's ministry but some weeks I need the renewal of actually going into church. It was a great worship service. It was focused on VBS and summer missions! 2 great things obviously! VBS saw 300 kids come through the church that week. Our church is also sending a group to Romania for 10 days this summer. I hope to one day do something like that! I think in a couple years when Lindsay is older Austin and I may try something like that! Also there was a baptisim so it was a great Sunday! This was also Promotion Sunday for the children. This means Colby will no longer be in my class and I will have a new group of kiddos to work with and teach next Sunday. He was promoted up to Jump Start into the kindergarten room. He was shy about it at first but I think he ended up having a great time! He is learning so much there and can always tell us his Bible story from the week! I am so glad he has such great children's things to attend! Lindsay did not promote this year. Since she is already in the toddler room she will stay there until next year. I am so glad they both enjoy church!
We rested that afternoon then went back to our Lifegroup that night. My parents kept Lindsay that evening. Colby loves going and playing with his friend Christiano. We started our new summer session and it looks like its going to be a great one!
It was a wonderful weekend and a nice change of pace to somewhat slow down! Now we are preparing for a different routine this coming week but a slower week which will be nice!

Monday, June 10, 2013

18 Months

So Little Miss just turned 18 months this week! Hard to believe she's already 1 1/2! She's changing so much! She's trying to talk a lot and she mimics her brother a lot! I think she has enjoyed the last couple of weeks having Colby home from school. We have already done so much!
She's entered a picky phase with eating. She LOVES cheese though and pretty much will eat it at every meal. She also likes fruit and yogurt. She's not big at all on meat right now. Colby did the same thing so I figure she will grow out of it! She also doesn't like many veggies right now either.
She has also started talking a lot! She can say 20 words atleast. She has also started singing. She will sing ABC's, Twinkle Twinkle, and Jesus Loves Me. She is so tenderhearted but also so rough and tough. I think she is pretty quiet and reserved around other kids but around her brother not so much! She is known to bite him and make him scream!
We took her to the doc today for her 18 month checkup. She weighs in at 22 lbs which is 10% and 32 inches which is 50%. So she is tall and skinny! Still my petite princess.
She's wearing a size 5 shoe, a size 4 diaper, 18 month clothes but sometimes pants/shorts are too loose on her so I think she could still wear a 12 month comfortably.
She will be starting swim lessons in a week and I can't wait to see what she thinks about that!

Friday, June 7, 2013


Colby started taking Tennis Lessons this week! I have been anxious to get him into a "sports" activity. I don't really care if he's athletic or if he plays one particular sport the rest of his life but I want to see him well rounded and atleast experience them so then he can decide for himself if he wants to continue. We did soccer when he was 3 1/2. He liked it ok. I started to sign him up for baseball this year or t-ball rather but I just felt like it was a big committment. So we opted for tennis. I started taking tennis lessons around his age and loved it! I think he will prefer individual sports.
He is going to take tennis once a week through the entire summer. We will see after that where to go from there but atleast its something active and he's learning.
The lesson was one hour long. I wasn't sure how he would do especially since it was after a long day of VBS but he ended up doing great! He hung in there WAY better then I expected. It was only him and an older boy but i think it worked out well that way. He didn't really start complaining until the end. He obviously has a lot to learn but he was already improving by the end! I am hoping this will tell us more about what sports he would like to do next year.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

VBS & Grandparents

So this week has been VBS for Colby and I. This is Colby's third year of doing VBS. He participated as a worker's kid when he was 1 1/2 and 2 1/2. This was his first official year though. I also got to be his teacher! We are in prekindergarten class. Its been a tiring week but I have enjoyed it. I think Colby is enjoying it but I can also tell he's getting tired. We have averaged 20 kids each day. I think we have 22-24 total though on our roll. He has some friends from school in his class so that's been good. He's also made some new friends.
Here's how our schedule has been every day:
8:00-8:30 Free Play
8:30-9:00 Craft Time in Room
9:00-9:30 Games outside
9:30-10:00 Clubhouse (Bible Story & Music)
10:00-10:30 Snack
10:30-11:00 Recess
11:00-12:00 Craft/storytime in Room

As you can see we have a full schedule! I have really enjoyed teaching and working with kids again! I sometimes miss this since I am a SAHM. But at the same time I have no idea how I would do this every day and come home to my own kids. I feel like I have been so useless at night and have no energy for them! I am so thankful for our church and that there are so many fun things for the kids to learn more about Jesus! Colby is learning so much! Oh and our stories have been:
Monday -Adam and Eve
Tuesday- Abraham
Wednesday- Moses
Thursday - Easter Story

So also to make our week even crazier Austin's parents came down Tuesday. Monday my mom watched Lindsay while we were at VBS. So Tuesday Austin was off he kept Lindsay. His parents got here around 11. So when Colby and I came home we all ate lunch together. Then he and Colby and his parents ran some errands. It was nice that I got a little bit of quiet time after a busy morning. Plus it made it easier for Lindsay to take her nap. That afternoon Colby played outside on the water slide they brought for us to use for Colby's party. I kept Lindsay inside. She has been battling a cold this week and I was worried about her getting hot and or swimming. With VBS I hated for her to spend the week sick and me be gone every day. That evening we grilled hamburgers then we got the kids ready for bed. I hated that they didn't get to stay up late and play but we were all in need of bedtime!
Wednesday Austin was off again so his parents and my parents did breakfast with Austin and Lindsay. Then they ran errands before Colby and I got home. Apparently though they stayed out too long and Lindsay melted down. Well when Colby and I got home I was so tired and in a bad mood. We quickly ate then they packed up and left. Again I hated we didn't get to hang out and do as much but this was such a busy week for us. Plus we all needed to be fairly well rested to make it through the 5 day week!
Tomorrow is our last day! I think we will miss it but it will also be nice to get back into our somewhat lazy summer routine although next week is already shaping up to be pretty busy!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer Weekend # 2

So we are into our second weekend of the summer! I am already a little sad at how fast summer is flying by! I feel like we have already had so much fun though!
Friday was a low key morning. Colby spent Thursday night with my parents. Lindsay and I took our time getting ready that morning. We then ran an errand before going to my parent's house to pick Colby up. We did get in the pool just for a few minutes after arriving. It was mainly just for everyone to cool off! Summer has definitely arrived and we are having temps of 98 already! The kids seemed to enjoy the swim! We came home and ate lunch and took naps and just hung out. Austin came home a little early so we did go eat at Chili's and went to Sam's. Its rare we get out at night and its nice when we do although I am always so tired after we do that! But the evening out as a family was fun! And with it being summer I am not as worried about what time the kids get to bed!
Saturday the kids and I enjoyed another laid back morning! I am totally loving the sleeping in! After we got going we went to Target to pick up a few things. We came in and enjoyed some playtime and lunch. Lindsay took a nap I just told Colby to play in his room for an hour so I could rest and get ready for the birthday party that afternoon. His little friend Addison from church was having a party at 2. It was nice he had something to do in the afternoon. I feel bad b/c we don't usually get out much in the afternoons b/c of Lindsay taking a nap. Colby still naps a couple days a week but he can go without easily. Thankfully my mom and dad kept Lindsay while we went to the party. It was at an art place which was really fun and different. The kids got to paint a piece of pottery then make a stuffed animal. Colby painted a kitty and made a stuffed cat! He was so thrilled to have that to take home. He enjoyed playing with his little church friends. I am so glad he has such a good group of kids to grow up with. That afternoon was very low key. I was wiped out after all that. Austin picked up dinner and we just hung out at home the rest of the day.
Sunday was church day. With Austin working it makes it really busy for me. Plus it poured rain this morning ofcourse when it was time to leave for church. We made it in ok. Today was my morning to work with the kids. It was a little sad b/c its the last week Colby will be in there with me. Starting next week he will go upstairs to JumpStart. I will definitely miss him being in my class but I know it will be good for him to get to know some other kids and leaders. The class went really was a lot smaller then usual though probably due to the rain. We had fun though! After church we came home to rest and prepare for our busy afternoon and week ahead. Our lifegroup was planning a BBQ. Originally it was going to be at a local park but with the morning rain we figured even if it stopped the grass and play areas would still be wet. It ended up being at Christina's house. Honestly it probably worked out better. It was definitely easier with the young kids. It was a lot of fun just getting together with our friends and hanging out! The kids had a blast too especially Colby. He plays so well with Tiano. Tiano is 3 1/2 and they are good buddies. Lindsay is the next oldest...she had fun but she def got tired quick. There are 3 babies under 1 that were there also. I left with Lindsay around 6 b/c she was just so tired. She did good the first hour but after that she was just so hard to keep up with the slightest thing would make her cry. Colby stayed behind with Austin to help clean up. Needless to say we were all tired that night! It was a great weekend though! I can't believe we are through our 2nd weekend of summer! I hope all of our summer weekends are as fun as the first 2 though! We felt so blessed though by our evening with the lifegroup! We are looking forward to the summer semester starting soon!