Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Old Friends and Singing

The weekend was a much welcome sight after a VERY busy fall week! Friday evening we didn't do much...just our usual movie night. Colby was supposed to start Piano lessons but they got cancelled. I was honestly a little relieved b/c after being away from home most of the week it was nice to come home. We had white beans for dinner and just enjoyed being together. We watched the Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin movie that night. 
Saturday it was nice to sleep in a bit and also move a tad slower. We did have a park playdate scheduled so couldn't dilly and dally to much. We made it to the park right at 10. We met up with Lindsay's little friends Layla and Claire. It was so fun getting to hang out and catch up with the moms. Layla and her family will be moving in a couple of months so its very bittersweet now when they get together. Lindsay has known Layla since she was 1. Anyway we stayed about an hour and a half. It was a nice day but very hot! The kids and I ran a quick errand to the grocery then picked up Chickfila and came home. We relaxed and watched football and mostly rested that afternoon. Colby did have some reading homework so we did work on that a bit. Lindsay also worked on letters and handwriting. That night we had spaghetti for supper. We once again got to eat as a family. We took a walk after dinner too which was nice! 
Sunday was a different day for us. Well my preschoolers were singing at Aurora so I had to go there for that. Lindsay also tagged along with me. The boys went to church at Calvary b/c Austin had counting duties. I hated we all couldn't be together. Anyway the morning went great at Aurora. I just love that little church. We had like 20 kids show and participate so that was great and fun! They did amazing! After church Lindsay and I went to pick up Colby then we came home to eat lunch and watch the SAINTS game. Austin finally got home around 1. We all napped and then just relaxed while we watched the game. That evening Colby had some more homework so he and I mostly worked on that. We also took breaks to get outside. 
It was a lovely weekend! We weren't too busy but we were also busy enough. I also feel we got some rest in which is always nice as well! 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Fall Full Steam Ahead

So this week as I suspected we jumped back into life with full force. 
Monday everyone was back at school/work. My only thing was grocery shopping so it was very nice to have the majority of that day with the house to myself. I mostly caught up on laundry and putting away stuff from the beach. 
Tuesday I had my Bible study. We ended our first study. We mostly had a time of Fellowship which was nice. That afternoon was pretty busy as well. Lindsay had a haircut after school and Austin had Men's Group. She had a 4:00 appointment so after that we decided to go ahead and pick up dinner. I came home with the kids we ate then started on homework. We finished homework about 6:15 and from there I sent them outside to play. With the days getting shorter I am trying to make sure they still go outside and play even if its just for a few minutes while I clean up for dinner. 
Wednesday was a SUPER busy day for me. After I dropped the kids off at school I had to run to Rouses to pick up a cake for Lindsay's class and also pick out her snack for the next day. I then ran the cake and supplies back up to their school. They were celebrating her teacher's b-day but with all I had going on I wouldn't be able to return that afternoon for it. Then I was able to come home for just a short bit before my haircut. I always love getting my haircut but I also dread it in a way b/c it takes up so much time! Especially having an 11:00 appointment right smack in the middle of the day. Anyway I do love my stylist though and she and I always find a lot to talk about. Well I didn't get home until 1:30 and I hadn't eaten lunch yet and I was greeted by the termite people. They were here until about 3. It was just a hectic day and I was so tired. We also had church that night. I wasn't super excited but I knew we needed to go since we had missed the week before. It of course ended up being a good night though. Its always fun to visit with others and see my kids have a good time with friends. 
Thursday was another CRAZY day for me. Well its of course my music day. I also had lunch plans with Carly from the church. She and I had a nice lunch at Parrot Pete's. I really enjoyed the time but by the time I got home it was after 2 and I had a very short window of time before heading back out to pick up the kids. Thursdays are also crazy b/c its SCOUT night. So we always rush home have to get through homework and dinner in about an hour and a half time frame. Again I was exhausted. I know though how much Colby loves scouts and I do it for him. So we all ended up going that night. They did a lesson on First Aid. We had a smaller crowd but Colby was happy to just see his best friend Nijel. 
Friday I was so relieved it would be a slower day for me. I had to rehearse with the kids at Aurora but then I was able to come home and enjoy the day at the house. It helped me unwind after a crazy, busy week! 

Friday, October 13, 2017

Hurricane Nate or Lack Thereof

So as you recall we had to head home early from the beach Friday night. So Saturday we got up early and began our Hurricane Prep. We didn't have much to do just pick up a few things and secure stuff around the patio. The day was lovely though b/c we were all 4 home all day. It was nice to not have anywhere to be. We got to spend time outside since the weather really never got bad here. We also watched tv and got to be lazy! It was honestly nice to have a day with no obligations. We hunkered down that night and nothing happened here. Praise God for putting his hand of protection on our city! 
So Sunday we were up and at em like normal for church. Since there was really not Hurricane here church went on as normal. We went to first service and it was a beautiful time of worship. After church we ate lunch together at Olive Branch. Once again we spent the afternoon around the house. It was again nice to not have anywhere or anything to do. I was super thankful for this "pause" in life. Fall can be so busy and I am thankful we had the "Break" from activities! Now I hope we are geared up and ready for a return to the crazy! 

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Destin 2017

Well we just got home a couple days ago from our annual beach trip. We chose once again to go in October since the kids had a 3 day fall break. This year Randall and Elizabeth couldn't go due to a wedding they had to attend. We decided to invite Austin's mom to go with us since we would have extra space in the condos. 
So Tuesday Austin drove to Picayune to meet his sister and mom and bring his mom down to NOLA to go with us on our trip. They got in about 3:00. I was pretty much running out the door to go pick up the kids when they arrived. I got the kids and got home and we were able to visit a bit. It was a pretty busy afternoon/evening though with all the packing and trip prep. We ordered pizza for dinner though and were able to visit then and we even took a walk. Those parts of the evening were nice and I think Linda enjoyed herself. 
Wednesday we were off bright and early! We had a light breakfast and left about 8:45 for the beach. We drove and stopped at the Mississippi Rest Stop to get up with my parents. As always the kids were great travelers. We also stopped again at the Alabama stop. It was nice breaking the trip up and having time to stretch our legs. We also stopped at the Florida stop and at this point we let Colby ride with my parents the rest of the way. He was sitting in between Mawmaw and Lindsay and I think he just felt cramped plus he and Lindsay had started to squabble some. We stopped for our usual lunch at Ruby Tuesday. The lunch was yummy and we were then set to get to the beach. We got to the condo around 3. There were a few mishaps though with checking in but we were finally all settled and unpacked about 4. Ofcourse the kids were dying to get out to the beach so we dressed in our swimsuits and headed out there. We were smart this year and brought along our camping chairs so Austin and I set those out and we were able to sit and read while the kids played in the sand/water. From there we took them to the pool and then went upstairs to get cleaned up and ready for dinner. My mom made us another amazing meal. We had honey baked ham, mac n cheese, and green beans. I think everyone enjoyed it. It was nice to sit around and visit and spend that time together. By about 8 the kids were super tired so we brought them back and got them ready for bed. 
Thursday we were up bright and early and ready for another day! Well actually Austin was up early...I slept until 7:45! I think that's the latest I have slept at the beach since having kids! We all got up and got dressed and went over to my parent's condo for our infamous breakfast. We had a big breakfast of pancakes and omelets. It was so yummy! After helping clean up we got in our swimsuits and hit the beach. It was interesting this year b/c the entire family came down. Austin's mom joined us along with my parents. It was nice visiting with everyone. The kids were so happy and content playing in the sand. We stayed out about 2 hours before heading to the pool. We all swam for about 30 min then we went up for lunch. We had lunch out on the patio. After lunch Austin had to run an errand so I took the kids back to the condo. Colby had some homework to do so he and I worked on that while Lindsay did some crafts. After they watched tv and I took a nap. Once Austin got back he and Colby went back down to the beach. Lindsay relaxed and I showered. That evening we decided to try something new and went to LuLu's for dinner. I was happy we tried a new place. It was really yummy too! We all loved it! It was a nice evening of good food and visiting! After dinner we decided to take the kids to The Track. It was mostly Colby that wanted to go and drive race cars. Lindsay wanted to go to the mall...I was with her. We at this point started hearing reports that NOLA was going to get hit with a hurricane over the weekend so we decided we would go home a day early. I was glad Colby got to drive his cars before we left. He drove the rookie car and also rode with Austin on the Wild Woody. Lindsay wasn't really interested in anything there but we finally convinced her to ride the carousel. That night we stopped by my parent's condo for cookies before bed. It was an exhausting much later night as we were trying to figure out our game plan for the next day. 
Friday we got up and ate breakfast with my parent's as usual. We had a yummy breakfast of sausage biscuits and eggs. After breakfast we went on down to the beach. We had promised the kids we would spend half a day out there before heading home. We spent 2+ hours out there. The weather was just amazing and the kids were having the best time! I so hated to leave! Finally around 11:30 we decided to go on up. Austin stopped with them at the pool to cool and rinse off and I went upstairs to start getting our things together. We all got dressed and got our stuff loaded up. We ate a quick lunch at my parent's condo then headed out. We stopped in Alabama at a Starbucks. With traveling in the afternoon like that after lunch and a full morning we were all dragging. It was a nice refresher and kept us going until Picayune. Yes, Picayune...we had to drive Austin's mom back to meet up with his sister on the way home. Originally they were supposed to come to NOLA and stay at these cabins but their reservations got cancelled due to the hurricane. We got in to Picayune right about 4:45. We visited briefly with Wendi, Shelbi, and Maggie then hit the road. We decided we were all hungry that we would stop in Slidell and eat dinner in hopes that the traffic would also die down. We stopped at Red Robin. We enjoyed it! It was nice to get out the car and have a little downtime. Once we got back in the car it took us way longer then expected to get home due to crazy NOLA traffic. We were so happy when we finally got home around 7:30. We quickly unpacked and got the kids bathed. We let them unwind and play though until about 9. I think we were all happy to see our beds that night! 
It was once again a great trip! A different trip but still great nonetheless! Can't wait to go back! 

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Slow Weekend

So this weekend has been one I needed. It seems like since school started we have always had something on the weekends. We've either been traveling, having friends over, birthday parties, weddings, etc. Anyway this weekend I was super happy to not have any plans. 
Friday night we had a nice night in. We had a spaghetti dinner and celebrated together that Austin got a new job! He will now be the GM of a hotel! I am so happy and excited for him. God's timing has been amazing as well. Anyway it was fun to have that night in. We watched BFG for our movie night. It was almost 10 though before we got our kids to bed. By that time everyone was tired and cranky. I think we were all happy to have a little downtime that night and go to bed. 
Saturday we had a FREE day. We really had a lazy morning around the house. I also tried to get some stuff done. Plus I slept in for the first time in awhile. It was almost 8 when I got up. We had to bring Colby to my parent's house though for the USM game. I had decided to let him go up to the game with them and Austin for the weekend. We had hoped to do that a few weeks ago but the timing wasn't right bc of all his school work he had. Anyway so this week they haven't done much at school due to his teacher being out with the flu so there was definitely no homework due. I am sad his teacher has been out but honestly its been nice to have a break from all the work. The first 2 months of school we worked so hard so I have enjoyed a less hectic week. Anyway we got him dropped off at my parent's house and visited with them for a bit before Lindsay and headed out to do our own thing. I wasn't really sure what we would do? I mean we had the whole day to ourselves. I had contemplated something big like the zoo or City park but honestly we were so late getting started and it was already like 90 degrees so I just wasn't feeling it. She really wanted to go to the mall...I debated that too but I knew she wanted to go to the big mall across the river. I would have liked to take her there but due to our late start I felt like by the time we got there it would be super crowded. Anyway so we settled on a more low key day close to home. I told her we would start out by going to the Farmer's Market to pick out some pumpkins. On our way there I thought about their little friend Ella. She's actually Colby's friend but she gets along great with Lindsay so I wondered if she was home if she would like to hang out with us awhile. My heart really goes out to her b/c there aren't a whole lot of girls her age at our church/school so I try to reach out to her. I also know being 1 of 4 kids she often probably feels like she's just along for the ride. She's such a sweetheart and is always easy to please. Anyway so it turned out she was home and her mom said she would love to spend the day with us! we got our pumpkins and fall decor then went to go pick her up. my original plans were to go to Hobby Lobby and Chickfila with them. Well traffic was awful so by the time we got on Manhattan I figured it was lunchtime. So we went on to eat lunch. Well while we were there I noticed I didn't have my debit card. Thankfully I had a $20 bill in my wallet and that was enough to cover lunch. I got really panicked and worried about where I left/lost it. Well I thought to call the Farmer's Market and sure enough I had left it on the counter there. Thank God for honest people! They had set it aside for me. So we ate lunch then went to pick that up. While by the time we did that I was ready to just come on home. We got here about 1:30 and the girls had a blast playing. They played princess, made some Halloween art, and ate chocolate cake. We left at 4 to bring Ella home. Once Lindsay and I got home I made dinner for us and we watched football. I got her to bed at a decent time and enjoyed some quiet time! 
Sunday was easy getting just the girls ready for church! We arrived super early! The boys met us there. By the time we got out of church it was Pouring rain! Austin went to get us lunch and I came on home with the kids. Streets were already starting to flood so I was anxious to get home and hunker down. We ate Popeye's and watched the SAINTS play. We mostly had a relaxful afternoon. After the game we did do some chores and Austin did yard work and we decorated our front door for Halloween. It was a fun family afternoon. We then had waffles and omelets for dinner! 
I am thankful for the weekend to re-coup after a couple busy months! This upcoming week is a short week of only 2 days of school then we go to the beach!! 

Friday, September 29, 2017

The week of sickness and not much going on....

So this week has been an overall quiet week. I've had a lot of downtime which has been nice. I've had my regular routine things like grocery shopping, Bible study, Wednesday night church, teaching music, and scouts but that's been about it. I feel like we've settled into our fall routine and currently we aren't nearly as stressed/tired as we were a couple weeks ago. We've been busy but not SO busy that we are overwhelmed by it. The school was supposed to have WalkAThon on Friday but it got cancelled due to an overwhelming number of students/teachers coming down with the flu. I was sad but also relieved to have a quieter day. I will be going up there shortly though to bring Colby's class pizza. That should be fun! I hope to get a peek at both of them. Its always fun to see them in their school atmosphere. So with everyone sick I also haven't seen much of friends which is a downer though. I am looking forward to a fairly quiet weekend though. The boys will probably be going to Hattiesburg for the football game and Lindsay and I will hold down the fort here. I am looking forward to girl time and also the quiet that comes with that! We've been praying hard that we stay well and also that the illness stops and everyone who has gotten sick quickly heals! Next week things hopefully will be a little more normal but they also have fall break so it will only be a 2 day week for us! 

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Lessons and Weddings

So Friday started in the most awful way. Well actually it started nicely but quickly went downhill. Colby woke up in the most terrible mood and I ended up letting loose and screaming at him for 10 minutes straight. I ofcourse felt so bad later on but when he has a bad attitude and is disrespectful it just gets to me. I was also hormonal though so I am sure I was more edgy then normal. Well anyways we pulled it together and tried to salvage the morning before getting them to school. It was Lindsay's Career Day! She was so excited. She looked adorable. She chose to be a "boat person" aka sailor girl. After dropping the kids off I had to go by Aurora and drop off a recipe and also pick up Colby's scout book he had left the night before. Then I had to go by the grocery and get a snack for Lindsay b/c of course Friday was also her snack day. I felt bad not being more prepared but with the crazy of the week that was all I could do! I got that dropped off to the school then CAME home! It was so amazing to spend the day at home. I really try hard to schedule one day a week where I come home. It really helps my sanity but also I can be productive around the house. I've realized that God blesses me with those days and I need to use them. I have also learned the importance of being still and having slow days. 
That afternoon I looked forward to having the kids home and us not having anything on the agenda! The kids were in great moods and I just enjoyed our time together. I cooked tacos that night for dinner and Austin got home in time to enjoy that with us. After dinner we played outside for a bit then came in to watch our movie. We decided on The Good Dinosaur. 
Saturday it felt amazing as always to sleep in a bit. Even though I really only slept until like 7:15 it was still nice to slow down. The kids and I had a pretty lazy morning. We were able to even work on school work. Colby had a very light amount of homework so we focused on his reading and questions then I even had him do some language review. I am trying to keep up with that but not make him feel like he's doing work all the time. Lindsay also worked on letters and phonics. She loves doing school papers so its not a struggle at all with her. She enjoys it so much! We took it easy and then had lunch around 11:30. Austin also got home about that time. We had a 2:00 wedding to attend and had a babysitter coming over so we tried to spend the morning straightening up around the house and also getting ready for that. 
Katelynn our babysitter arrived around 1 and we headed out the door. The wedding was for Stephen and Courtney. Stephen is our children's pastor so it was important that we go for this. The wedding was very sweet and pretty and the reception was nice too. It was also nice to get away for a few hours just the 2 of us. We got home right at 6 which was in time for some good college football games. I was pretty exhausted that night so by the 3rd quarter we headed the kids off to bed and we were actually in bed early ourselves as well. 
Sunday we were all so happy to not have any major plans other than church. We went to first service. I have so been enjoying my time back in church. After many years of serving in various children's ministry roles its been so good for my spirit and soul to be back in church. This is not to say that I don't want to get back involved. I am actually hoping to talk to our children's pastor next month about starting to teach every other Sunday upstairs. Anyway the study of Joshua has also been amazing and so impactful! After church the kids wanted to go to New Orleans Hamburger and Seafood. It was a yummy lunch then we came home to watch the SAINTS play. It was a great game! We enjoyed our afternoon around the house. We got some work done but also relaxed and hung out as a family. We had breakfast for dinner and then took a walk! 

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Another Week full of Fun and Busy

Wow so here we are another week almost under our belts! I feel like they are flying by! Anyway Monday started our week out well with Austin being off! I went grocery shopping then came home. He and I spent some time together. We took a walk then came home and hung out. He picked up salads for us for lunch so we ate those and watched tv. I love stay home/low key days with him! That afternoon he picked up the kids. I enjoyed a little bit more of quiet before the crazy! Colby had a lot of homework so I worked with him on that while Austin cooked. That night we had a nice home cooked meal of ribs, mac n cheese, green beans, corn, and corn bread. We were able to spend time outside as well! I love our Monday afternoons b/c the rest of the week is always crazy! 
Tuesday it was back to routine. I had Bible study and the kids had school. It was a good morning learning and fellowshipping with the ladies. I am also thankful for the couple hours I have by myself at home after. That evening Austin worked late but he didn't go to his Men's Group so he was home a tad earlier than normal. The kids and I had a low key night though and also again enjoyed some outdoor time. 
Wednesday was full on BUSY! So the kids had Parent Visit Day at their school. I always enjoy this day. I cannot believe this was my 5th one. It was Colby's 5th and Lindsay's 2nd. My mom also joined us again this year since Austin had an interview that morning. I hate for the kids to feel left out so it works out well that they can both have an adult visitor for the entire morning. We started the morning in Assembly. I tried to go back and forth to both their tables and see them and their friends. Fortunately both of their tables are near each other so that made it easy. Well once it was time to split off into their classes I went with Lindsay and my mom went with Colby. We started the morning with Chapel. The Chapel was very cute. Kindergarten has chapel downstairs with the preschool still. My mom got to see Jumpstart Chapel. After that we went back to the kindergarten room for class. During that time my mom got to see Colby in class and in computer to take a math test. Lindsay's class worked on phonics. I enjoyed watching all the ways her teacher is teaching them how to read. They sounded out blends and then had a chance to make words with some cut out letters they had on their desk. It was fun and interactive! After that they went to library and Colby's class went to PE. My poor mom got to go to PE with both of them. Library was fun...their theme this week was camping so she read "Going on a Bear Hunt" with them and they played a couple games after that. Once that was over it was time for my mom and I to switch. From there she got to go outside with Lindsay's class for PE and I went upstairs to see Colby's class in action. During their class time they reviewed math. They did a Mad Minute then played a game. It was fun just seeing the class in action. I really love his teacher and classmates this year. They all just seem so sweet. After that his class went to library. Again they read "Going on a Bear Hunt" and a couple other books I hadn't heard but they all were about outside or camping. I think some of the kids were a little bored but I think it was a nice downtime for them. I think even big kids like being read to. By the time that was over it was time to say goodbye. I was able to sneak a peek at Lindsay too before I left. It was a fun morning but I was exhausted when I got home. Not to mention I got home around 12 and then had to eat and I felt like most of my day was gone. I did appreciate my parents getting the kids though b/c that extended my day a bit. That night we had church. The kids are always excited about that even though it makes for a long day. I am glad they love going to church. They also love the friend time. They both lucked out and had their best friends there that night. Such a blessing! I taught the girls class. That night we combined k-5th grade. I felt like they "got" the lesson and things went well. I can tell though some of the 5th grade girls are "over jumpstart" its the same look/feeling you get with the 5 year olds in clubhouse. They are just bored and ready to move on to something else. 
Thursday another full day! Well I got asked that morning to sub instead of teach music. I was a little disappointed but figured it would be fine. And it was there were no major issues all morning until the end. I subbed the 2-3 year old class. Its basically got 2 1/2 year olds up to early 3s. Well there are still several in there wearing diapers so I had to change 2 dirty diapers which really isn't my thing! UGH I couldn't do that every day! Anyway the kids were cute though and mostly well behaved. At the end of the day though I had the kids in circle time and they were all doing so well. Well the class across the hall uses the little potty between my room and the other room. Well kids were coming back and forth so I didn't think too much of it. One little girl from my class said she had to potty but then she said someone was in there so I was just like wait until they get out. Finally she went in so I assumed whoever was in there was finished and out. Well in the process her mom came to get her. Well I really didn't know any of the parents so I was like oh she's in the potty. Well then she came out and behind her came another little girl from across the hall. That little girl had her panties and shorts down to her ankles and acted completely oblivious. Well I felt so bad that I seemed so flustered when that mom got there. So after she left I was making sure her little girl didn't leave anything and then I am trying to usher the little girl back across the hall. Well as I cross the room I see water everywhere in the bathroom and it slowly seeping under the wall. OMG she flooded the bathroom. So I quickly got the director and got all the kids across the hall so they wouldn't slip down. Whew! That was quite a way to end the day. I was so anxious to get home and relax after that. I didn't have long before it was time to go get the kids. We came home and did homework and I started on their dinner. It was scout night. Well the night before Lindsay didn't sleep well and she hadn't been eating well so I really felt like she needed a night home. I had told her if Austin was able to get home in time that she would stay home with me. We usually all try to go to Scouts since it is a "family atmosphere" but I felt it was in our best interest to stay in. I was so thankful! She and I caught up around the house then I worked on Bible study while she played then we just kinda relaxed and hung out until the boys got here. Well they got in and Colby was in an awful mood. Apparently he had forgotten his book there and Austin was telling him the importance of responsibility and he got all upset. Anyway from there I was definitely ready to get them all to bed! LONG day! 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Aquarium Field Trip and Best Buddies

Friday was quite a fun day for my little man! Colby had his first Field Trip of the year tot he Aquarium. I was excited to get to go hang out with him and his classmates. He went to the Aquarium I think his kindergarten or first grade year. Anyway this one was much different! We got there right at opening time. Actually I was there about 9:45. Once we got everyone lined up and counted all the chaperons and such we went on in. There were also 4 other school groups around that day. We went in and our little group I was assigned consisted of Colby, Noah, and Zachary. All 3 boys were great and I had no problems. For the first part of the day we stuck pretty close to Mrs. G's group. We had an hour to browse the first floor and part of the second floor. She had also given them clipboards with questions on it for them to answer. I liked the idea to keep them focused instead of just thinking they were there to run/play. At 11 we had to meet back outside and go to the IMAX theater. The kids were all excited to go to the Concession Stand. I was proud of Colby. I told him for this field trip he could bring his own money if he wanted to buy something. He stood in line and bought an Icee that with his own money. The IMAX movie was very good and it was enjoyable to just sit and enjoy. After that the kids got their lunches and we set off for the Food Court so that they could eat. I was worried when we got up there and there were no tables left b/c the other school groups were also eating as well. Well luckily after about 5 min some groups starting getting up and leaving so we were able to find some tables. Our little group had to be at separate tables but it was so noisy in there I just wanted to eat my lunch and move on. Once I felt like all the boys were finished we got up to go see the rest of the aquarium. One of the boys wanted to check out the gift shop upstairs so he went ahead and purchased a toy otter there. He was short about 90 cents so I gave him a dollar. I just have a soft spot I guess for 9 year old boys! We then finished up the rest of the exhibits upstairs. We went downstairs where the large viewing tank is and we stumbled upon a crowd and noticed that it was almost feeding time! I texted their teacher so she and her little group would also come down. It was a nice, informational time. I also enjoyed the time to just "sit". The boys did start getting restless though by the end. Once the presentation was over I let them go to the big gift shop downstairs. Well that took up the rest of the time. Colby ended up picking out an aquatic truck. We also chose a little purple penguin for Lindsay. Once everyone finished shopping I had them gather by the fountain. They all met up at 2 and we parted ways. I was so tired after the morning but also thankful for such a fun morning with my boy! Its not often he and I get to hang out like that so I really enjoyed it! He's so funny! I drove over to my parent's house to visit for about 30 min since I got across the bridge about 2:30. I wasn't going to sit in carpool and hour but I also didn't want to come home. Anyway I had a nice little visit with my parents. From there I picked up the kids. We came home and I think were all exhausted. But we had Colby's friend Nijel coming over! Luckily we had about 2 hours of quiet before he arrived. He and Austin got here around the same time. We had pizza then sent the kids outside to play. They had fun riding bikes and running around! i was happy to see them get their energy out! once they came in they got cleaned up and put on pjs. We started the movie. The boys wanted to watch a "Wimpy Kid" movie so that we did. I think everyone enjoyed that time. After the movie we had them brush teeth and go to bed. It was about 9 so we instructed the boys that they could stay up until 10 then they had to turn off the lights and try to sleep. Well by 10:30 they were still awake when we got ready for bed. I am not even sure what time they actually fell asleep but I'm pretty sure it was after 11. 
That morning they were all up bright and early! I rolled out of bed at 7 and it was full on busy! We cooked breakfast for them. Austin made pancakes and bacon. While we cooked we let them play on the iPad for a bit. Nijel had brought his tablet. I didn't mind them playing for an hour but I really didn't want that to consume them the entire time. So after breakfast we had them clean up the room and make their beds then they got dressed and went outside to play. Austin and I got everything cleaned up then we all got ready to go to my parent's house. I thought that taking them over their to swim would be good. I knew we really needed to get them out the house to expel some energy. Also I knew it might be our last time to swim this season. Well we got there and Colby pouted almost the entire time! I got so angry at him! I probably handled it all wrong b/c its obvious he was hurting but I was so frustrated b/c we did all this for him and it was only his friend and little sister playing and having fun. I had many stern talks with him and finally one clicked. I made him go apologize to everyone and shortly after that he was back playing with his friend. I think it was a combination of tiredness, hunger, and just missing Nijel. I used to do the same stuff as a kid...if something set me off and I started pouting well It was hard for me to get out of that funk. I really felt so bad for him. Recently during another lecture and talk with him I figured out that part of his bad attitude since that day is b/c he misses Nijel. I guess being around him compounded in his head the fact that they aren't at the same school anymore. Well the day ended up being salvaged. We had lunch with my parents then brought Nijel home. We spent that afternoon resting, cleaning, and watching some football. We all really enjoyed watching the MS State/LSU game that night! GO DAWGS! 
So Sunday Austin was off again. It was sure nice to have him with us the entire weekend. So we got up and ready for church. The service was good... Austin had to count though so we took separate cars and the kids and I came home after first service. Again we were anxious to watch the SAINTS game at noon. We had a relaxing afternoon. Football, outside time, naps, and getting ready for the week! It really was a great day and weekend. 

Saturday, September 16, 2017

A Much Better Week

So after a few rough weeks I feel like we are finally clicking and things have improved greatly! The month of August was so stressful with getting back into school routines and Lindsay's surgery! I just felt like I was going non-stop. I felt already burnt out and we had only been in school a month! 
We are fully into our fall routines now but I think we have all adjusted! 
Monday Austin was off...he and I spent the day together. It felt really good to have the day with him. We went out to the Scout store to get Colby's stuff for his upcoming year as a Webelo. We then went grocery shopping. We got home and worked on some projects around the house and just enjoyed hanging out. Its really nice to have him home on a week day. That evening we had a nice night. He grilled steaks, we had mashed potatoes, and green beans as well. The kids played outside a lot and then there was a SAINTS game on tv. It was all around just a fun fall day/night! 
Tuesday it was back to routines! I had Bible study though. I was glad to be back and not have to leave out early this week. We are doing a 3 leader study and its been really great so far! That afternoon I was able to have some time around the house which is always helpful before picking the kids up. Tuesday nights are pretty low key which I like. Austin has Men's Group and I honestly kinda enjoy the quiet nights with the kids. I made jambalaya then we went for a walk. They were pretty much ready for bed by the time he got home. 
Wednesday was an amazing day for me! It was my dream Stay at home Mom day! I love when I don't have anything going on on a Wednesday. I went to SAM's first thing then came home. I changed into my workout clothes and took Allie for a walk. I wish I could do this more mornings but I am always excited when the stars align and I am able to do it. I got home and had a very productive day of housework and lesson planning. I also got to rest! I used to feel very guilty about napping but I have learned that God gives me quiet days and I need to use them. I rested up so that when the kids got home I would be ready to hit the ground running with them. We of course had church. Its hard sometimes to head off at night like that but the kids love it and I love being there. Its refreshing to see everyone then to be upstairs in Jumpstart. Lindsay's little friend Maribelle from school was there so it was nice to see her playing with a school friend. Colby mostly hung out with Makyrin and Ella. Our little group of girls is so sweet and I enjoy getting to know them as well. 
Well Thursday was a Marathon day for me! I had first off had music class. I am really loving being back with my preschoolers! Its exhausting but it really is something I enjoy doing. So far I feel like things are overall going so much smoother this year too! I have been able to accomplish a lot with them in just 2 weeks. They have already learned so much! After music class I ended up meeting some friends for lunch. It was a blast! Its not something I would want to do every week since I treasure my time at home but it was fun to catch up with some mom friends over lunch. It was a great stress reliever! After that I came home for about 2 hours before it was time to head out to go pick up the kids. Thursday afternoons are always crazy b/c we have to get through homework, dinner, and then be out the door by 6 for scouts! We made it though. Even though its a lot I really am glad for my boy to be back in Scouts. Colby is a Webelo this year! Its crazy to think he's in his 4th year of scouting. Its been so great for him though! We have 10 boys now in our den! They mostly went over "rules and guidelines" for how they should act at meetings. They then quickly went over some First Aid things. I am excited about all he will be learning again this year. And he loves the time with his buddies! Lindsay was also happy to hang with the little sisters! 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Weekend Slow Down

So this past weekend we were able to slow down a tad which was so nice. Friday I went shopping at Target then came home to enjoy most of the day home by myself. It was lovely! It was much needed. That afternoon after picking up the kids we came home and first off worked on school stuff. Colby had a big science project due so we worked a bit on that. That evening I cooked spaghetti and we were able to eat dinner as a family. We got a little outdoor time in before movie night as well. Austin came home to do yard work. The weather has been amazing so that was nice. 
Saturday we woke up and had no where to rush off too. That was really great. It seems like lately we have been so busy that I think the kids and I just needed a leisure morning in our pjs. Once again Colby had homework to do so he and I worked on that a bit before getting dressed. We had a b-day party to attend at 12. I was in a way looking forward to the party b/c it was somewhere we could go to without being a major production but the kids weren't super excited so I felt like in a way I was dragging them off somewhere they didn't want to be. Well we ended up getting there and having a great time. It was for a little boy named Miles at our church. He and Lindsay are the same age...well he just turned 5 but they are both in kindergarten. They have known each other forever! Also he and his big brother I've taught in clubhouse and even started having the little brother Rett before I took a break. Anyway I knew it was a party we should go to. The party was nice and very low key. Which I loved! The kids mostly did their thing while I visited with some friends. We stayed about 2 hours. Colby was invited to another party that afternoon for a classmate but I knew we couldn't do 2 parties. I've always told the kids we just can't make every. single. birthday. party. Plus we were invited to Miles' b-day first. Anyway we came home and worked on Colby's project and relaxed. Austin was going up to Hattiesburg for the game so we had a chill night at home. I picked Chickfila up for the kids. It was nice just having some downtime. I enjoyed our trip last weekend but it takes so much out of me when we travel like that. Anyway we were able to get outside and even take a walk after dinner. 
Sunday Austin met us at church for the 1st service. After church we went to Ground Pattie to eat lunch before coming home. Again we relaxed and mainly worked on Colby's project. The kids spent some time outside again. We have been blessed with such lovely weather! 
It was really a good weekend and I am thankful we had the time to stop and relax some. I mean we had Colby's homework but because we worked on it all weekend we were able to sit down and work in little bits at a time. That's what works best for him. He gets overwhelmed and tired when its a lot at once. 

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Back to the Busy Life

So we had a wonderful but busy Labor Day weekend. There wasn't much time to recover from that before we jumped straight into the craziness of the week and the start to many fall activities. 
Tuesday everyone was back to work/school. I had Bible study. I was glad to be back in that routine after missing the week before. The only thing I had to leave early so I felt a little on edge all morning. I missed most of the video which is always a bummer. The reason I had to leave is b/c I had a work thing. This was the Parent Coffee/Meet n Greet day at Aurora. I had been asked to help out. Well I ended up helping out in the 1 year old room. I stayed busy the whole hour. I mostly carried around this little boy who was 9 months old and played with Nolan who is the little brother of one of Lindsay's besties. It was fun but also exhausting. By the time I got home I was tired and hungry and wanted to relax. That evening we were busy with homework and such. I picked dinner up at Panera Bread for the kids b/c Austin had small group and I hadn't been to the grocery yet. The kids and I had a nice night in. We played outside a bunch and it was nice to have that slow down. 
Wednesday turned into quite a busy day for me. First off I had to do my grocery shopping. I really don't like going mid-week like that. Wednesdays are usually my free/quiet days! Anyway so I got that done then I only had about 2 hours from the point I put everything away until it was time for me to leave again. I did enjoy the 2 hours though! I had to leave though at 12 to go pick Lindsay up so she could go to her post-op appointment. My mom wanted to ride over with me so it was nice having her and some company along for the afternoon. We got to the hospital right about 1 and her appointment was at 1:30. By the time we made our way up to the clinic it was 1:15. I was hoping it would be quick but the waiting room was packed! I don't think we even got called back until 2. We got in the room and the nurse pulled her bandages off and looked at the scar, then a doc assistant/student came in, then FINALLY the surgeon. It was good to see him again! He's so sweet and friendly. Lindsay was pretty shy throughout. I think she would have been less clingy if my mom wouldn't have been there but oh well! So we headed home and got to our house around 3. Again it was fun having my mom around a little while. We visited and Lindsay did some art and I studied the lesson for church. My dad brought Colby home around 3:45. From there it was a quick turn around to get ready for church. I honestly had thought about skipping but we had missed the night before so I knew we really needed to go. We had a good night and I think the kids enjoyed themselves. Colby's little buddies haven't been there much lately but atleast he has Ella. Lindsay had Genevieve and Ebbie so she was happy about that! Our little class that night had 11-12 little girls in it. They are all so sweet and cute! I am really enjoying getting to know that age group. That night we got in and Colby still had some homework to do. They don't normally give homework on Wednesdays but due to the volume of homework Colby is having this year we usually end up working on something on Wednesday to just spread it out. 
Thursday was my "working day". I honestly was dreading getting back to this routine a bit. Its just so hard getting up on Thursdays after a busy Wednesday. Anyway I have to say though I really had a good time teaching though and the kids were great! I feel like things just "clicked" this year as well. We changed the room where we meet and so I loved this room a lot better. Its closer to the school and I don't feel so secluded for one thing. Its also cleaner feeling. They also got me these circle things I can use for the kids to sit on. That worked really well. It kept them from moving around the room and wanting to stand on top of each other. I had 4 classes this year instead of 3 which was a little more work. My voice felt like it was about gone by the time I finished! But it was nice to have smaller groups of kids this year. Once I got home I was so hungry and tired. I ate lunch and pretty much passed out on the couch. That afternoon was of course really busy as well. After homework it was a marathon to feed the kids and get to Scouts. This was our first meeting this fall. It was mostly a preview for the adults. I am looking forward to getting back to this even though it makes for an even crazier week, but Colby loves it so much. It was so fun seeing him and his buddy Nijel together. Since Nijel isn't at school this year and doesn't come to church as often he seems a little bummed a lot. So it was fun seeing them reunited. 
Once we were past Thursday night I felt like I could finally relax a little! I sure was looking forward to the weekend! 

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Labor Day Weekend

After the week we had I was so glad it was the weekend and a LONG weekend at that. We had debated leaving Friday afternoon/evening to go to Hattiesburg but we ended up opting to leave early Saturday. Austin had a really busy day at work and with all we had going on here I felt like we all needed that extra night at home. When the kids got home from school I had them both sit down and do some math even though it was a Friday. It was quick and easy I just wanted them both to have a little extra practice. Colby just needs to build his confidence with math facts and work on taking his time and writing neatly. That night Austin picked up dinner for us which was nice. He brought home Chili's. We ate and then did movie night. We watched the Lion King. I was so happy to see that movie again! It had been forever!! 
Saturday we were up bright and early. In fact I had set my alarm for 6. We were wanting to get on the road since we were heading up for a football game. We got the kids up about 7 and got them dressed and loaded up the van and headed out right about 8. We stopped first at Chickfila for breakfast though. The car ride up went fast and the kids were great. We got to the apartment and unloaded and spent a few minutes visiting with my parents. Yes, they were already up there. We then went by to visit with Austin's mom. We could only stay about an hour though. We did get to see his sister's whole family and his mom which was nice. We left at 12 and went back to the apartment to freshen up and head out to the game. We got to the game a few minutes before 12. We got to see the Eagle walk and walk around a bit. From there my dad, myself, and Lindsay decided to go on up to the seats. We hung out and visited then ate our lunch. Colby and Austin went to find Austin's boss who was there tailgating with Kentucky people. We enjoyed the lunch provided in the club level. They had burgers, sausage, mac n cheese, potato salad, etc. The kids also love the popcorn mix and candy! The game didn't start until 3 so it felt like we had a lot of time to just hang out but it went by pretty fast. The game was a LONG game! It didn't end until about 7. They lost but it was still a good game. I was so proud of the kids how well they hung in there. The end was HOT! Our seats were right in the sun for the last quarter. We got back to the apartment and picked up sandwhiches to eat. I think we were all dead tired so we just took shifts in the bath and getting ready for bed. I think we all passed out that night! 
Sunday it felt good to sleep in! It was also nice to not be in a rush. We were going to church with Austin's mom but their church doesn't start until 11 so we had a relaxing morning. Austin picked up some pastries and coffee for us at Panera. I helped Colby with some of his social studies homework and we just hung out. We got to the church about 10:40. It wasn't long before Wendi and her family arrived. The kids did really good in church considering they hardly ever sit in church with us! It was neat being in a different atmosphere. I enjoyed the service but I also really missed my own church. After church we went with his mom to eat at Olive Garden. I think she enjoyed having us all in and part of her Sunday routine. After lunch we split ways and went back to the apartment to cool off and change clothes. We ended up hanging out and resting for about an hour and a half. We got up and ready and went to the ZOO about 3. The kids have been there a couple times and always enjoy it when we go. It was a little hot but not terrible in the shade. They had a blast checking out all the animals. Around 4:30 we decided to head back to his mom's house. Well she wasn't home so we went to the apartment to let the kids swim. I stayed in the apartment while Austin took them to the pool. I enjoyed the alone time and catching up on my Bible study. Austin's mom ended up coming there to watch them as well. We then picked up chicken and went to her house to have dinner and hang out. We stayed until about 7 but then we were all so tired we went to the apartment for the night. It had been a full 2 days! 
The next morning we set our alarms again at 6. We wanted to get home in plenty of time to have some time around the house. We left about 8. We stopped and had donuts at Krispy Kreme on the way out of town though. We got home about 10. Ofcourse there was lots to do. Well tempers got the best of us all and Austin and I ended up having a little fight. It was probably the worst we had had in awhile. I think we were both just tired/hungry and felt a lot of stress with all the upcoming things we have going on. Things finally calmed and we had lunch and then all took a rest. It was nice to be home and relax. That afternoon we went over to my parent's house for Labor Day celebrations with them. We had dinner with everyone. It was great visiting. I always love when we are all together. I guess the last time was Colby's b-day. It seemed like there was plenty of catching up. I feel bad b/c we never did get to take the kids swimming but I think we were all so tired and with it being in the evening it just seemed like too much. We had a nice time though. We got home in time for baths/bed. 
We had a great Labor Day weekend and I feel like we accomplished a lot! It wasn't relaxing but it was a nice change of pace. It was nice to get out of town and get away from "school" for a few days! Now we have a month until fall break so I know we will be ready again for another break when that rolls around!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

A New Week and New Challenges

So this week has been a little challenging to say the least. But I know there are always going to be weeks like that and I try to always look at them as "life learning curves". So Monday Austin was off work and the kids went to school. Lindsay woke up that morning feeling a little under the weather and complaining of a sore throat. She asked to stay home but I took her temp and she had no fever and I gave her IBP and cough medicine. She seemed to perk up a bit before school so I figured she would be ok. I figured it was all due to the surgery. I encouraged her to try and go to school but if she didn't feel good to tell her teacher and we would come get her. This year with her being in kinder her attendance is a lot more important and with her missing Friday I didn't want her to fall too behind. So I went on to the grocery while Austin worked and did things around the house. I got home and he and I got ready to head across the river to run an errand to the Scout store. Well as soon as we crossed the bridge the school called and said Lindsay was in the office saying she didn't feel good. So we quickly turned around and came home. I felt so bad for her. We picked her up and all came home and ate lunch. Although she first wanted to do her homework. Sweet thing! Even sick she wasn't going to miss that! We ate and then all rested. I think the downtime was good for her. That afternoon she and Austin worked in the office. Colby had a dentist appointment that afternoon so I picked him up from school and he stayed home with Lindsay. 
Well Colby has been so apprehensive about this dental visit b/c he currently had a loose tooth. He even cried before getting there. I had hoped he would suck it up and be ok with it. Well he did awful...he wasn't rambunctious but he basically wouldn't allow them to get the cleaning done. They finally pretty much gave up and told him to come back after the tooth fell out! I wasn't really mad at him bc I know he's not trying to be bad. He really has some anxiety about losing teeth. Anyway we got home and started the homework train. Once again it was a long and busy hour of doing homework. Austin thankfully was home and cooked for us so that helped the night go a little smoother. 
Tuesday Austin was home again. We were also under Tropical Storm conditions, flood warnings, and tornado warnings. The kids still had school though. The weather was bad when I took them and I was worried I should have kept them in but it cleared up by 9 and was fine the rest of the day. Austin and I had a nice low key day at home. We worked in Lindsay's room most of the morning so it felt good to get that accomplished. We had lunch here and just enjoyed our downtime. We rode together to pick them up that afternoon. We once again did the homework and all. It wasn't as terrible and Austin left for his Men's Group. The kids and I took a walk and enjoyed a quiet night. I think it helped all of our spirits. 
Wednesday Austin was back at work. So all week Lindsay had started with a sore throat and hoarseness but I chalked it up to being from the tube in her throat for surgery. Well by Wednesday morning it was a full blown cough. She didn't seem to feel bad though I sent her off to school. Colby woke up super agitated with his loose tooth and wouldn't eat or drink anything for breakfast. I had breakfast with a friend and felt it would be a pretty good day overall. Little did I know! I had breakfast with a friend that morning and then went to shop at Hobby Lobby. I enjoyed the longer afternoon since my parents picked the kids up at school. Well all HELL broke loose when the kids got home. Colby was still upset about his tooth and had basically not eaten or drank anything all day! I ended up telling him to sit his butt down and pull the tooth or I was going to do it! Well he got it out thankfully. Well then he had homework to do. We had planned on just going up to church for dinner and coming out but due to Lindsay's bad coughing and Colby's bad attitude we opted to stay in. We completed Colby's homework in about an hour then I took them to pick up food for dinner. The night ended up not being so terrible after that. Our moods improved and we even took a walk. It felt good to just slow down and go to bed early that night. 
Thursday I had the morning to myself with no plans so I ended up going to Target. It was refreshing to shop by myself. I then came home and had the majority of the day home alone. I picked up the kids that afternoon and we of course went right to homework. They didn't have too much though which was a good thing. I cooked taco salad for dinner and Austin got home in time to eat with us. They had mentioned to me at carpool that Lindsay had complained about her stomach hurting and they were afraid it was the incision. I just keep wanting her to be back to normal. Its been so hard worrying about her all week. Even though deep down I know she's fine I feel like its just caused so much anxiety  b/c I have been told about 3 times about her having various "episodes" at school. 
Friday I had coffee plans with a friend. I was feeling very stressed and flustered with my kids so it was nice to just put a "pause" on life and have coffee with a friend. I met up with my friend Cindy. Once I got home I had to really get busy around the house. We were going out of town this weekend so I had to get everyone's suitcases out and packed. I got an email that morning from Colby's teacher saying he had "checked out" basically that day. He had failed a math test and wouldn't even try to re-take it. I know he's so burnt out and tired. I have been as well! School really is taking it out of us this year. I know we will get used to it and adjust but he's had so much work to do! I think his poor brain was on overload. I really couldn't be upset with him. Right now he has a D in math. He's doing well in all the other subjects. I feel confident he can pull it up. He used to do really well in math but starting in 2nd grade it began to be a struggle for him. This is why I make him do some extra work in the summer. That afternoon I had him come home and work on some math review. It was simple but I want to start with some easy stuff for him to re-gain his confidence. Anyway a long weekend away will be good for us all! 

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Surgery and Recovery

So Lindsay had her hernia repair surgery on Friday. We had to wake up super early! I set my alarm for 4 and woke her up around 4:30ish? We were out the house by 5. I think we were all a little nervous and ready to get the day over with. I did feel an overwhelming peace mostly though. We got to the hospital a little before 6. We found the surgery center easily and went and checked in. We waited for maybe 10 min in the waiting room before they called us back. We got situated in a little room. From there it was very busy for the next 30+ min. It was a constant flow of nurses and doctors. They had her change into the hospital gown, took her temp, pulse ox, and blood pressure. They also asked us a bunch of questions. During that time too they tried to distract her with balloons, iPad, stickers, etc. She did ok up until the point they wanted to give her the "happy juice" to help the transition into the operating room. They had asked us if we thought she would need it. I figured she would cry and be tense so we said YES! Well it was a HUGE struggle to get her to take it. Once she finally did she was freaking out! They finally let her have one ice cube to calm her. By the time she got that it was about time to take her back. That was the hardest moment of all...seeing her upset and scared. Once they took her back though I think she was so overwhelmed and distracted that she didn't cry. We sort of slipped out the room and they took her right into the OR. We went out into the waiting room. Austin went and got us some breakfast and coffee. We sat and chatted for a few minutes while we ate then went back to the waiting area. I read and worked on Bible study and also answered texts. It didn't feel like we were in there long before the doc came out and said all went well! What a blessing! He told us she was still asleep and they would call us back when she started to wake up. Well about 20 minutes went by before a nurse came to call us back. When we got back there she was still knocked out! She went on to sleep about 30 min. Finally the nurse adjusted her bed and she woke up. She was really groggy and hung over acting. She was not happy with the IV placement in her hand. They quickly moved her from PACU to a recovery room. There she ate 2 popsicles and was well on her way to getting out of there. The whole process was about an hour. They released us and she got dressed and we were out of there! We were home by 10:30! It was amazing! We got home and we thought she would mostly sleep but NOPE she was wanting to do art projects and play board games. She was still very loopy though so she had to be watched closely b/c she was very dizzy and could hardly walk without assistance. After Austin and I ate some lunch we made her lay down. I knew her body needed the rest. I turned on PBS kids and hoped since the house was quiet that she would sleep. Not so much! I woke up to her kicking me forcefully in the side! So that afternoon she mostly drew and watched tv and played inside. Austin went to get Colby at the normal time. We pretty much had a normal evening. She also ate really well all day! After dinner we got ready for movie night! We ended up watching Inside Out. Well by about 8:30 she was DONE! She requested finally to go to bed and she crashed! 
Saturday I knew would be a low key day for us. We had nothing on the calendar and I planned a stay home day for us. It ended up being quite nice. We worked on Colby's homework and the kids just played. Lindsay didn't complain much at all. I had given her IBprofun Friday afternoon and then again when she got up Saturday at breakfast. We picked up chickfila for lunch. That afternoon we just hung around the house. I made red beans and we had plans for the SAINTS game. Lindsay ran around the house like a crazy person so I was pretty confident she was back to herself! 
Sunday again gave her some IBP but other then that she was completely fine. We made the decision to go ahead and go to church for 2nd service when they would be celebrating the school. The kids went to Jumpstart then we went back to their classrooms then went to lunch. She was a little quiet/slower then normal but nothing major. She enjoyed hanging out with her new friend Maribelle. It was nice to get out and see people and feel somewhat back to normal!! That afternoon though we rested and worked more on Colby's homework and just relaxed. 
It honestly was a great weekend as far as slowing down and re-charging our batteries! We were ready to tackle the upcoming week! 

Monday, August 28, 2017

School Life and Lessons

So this week we are well into the school routine now. Here's a run down of the 3rd week of school. 
Monday I went grocery shopping then pretty much had the rest of the day to myself at home which was lovely! I mean I like when Austin is home too but I have to admit it was nice having a quiet day here. I tried to be productive. That afternoon we hit the ground running with homework and dinner preparations. Austin got home early enough to eat with us then we took a walk. That always makes for a good night! 
Tuesday I was back to Bible Study. We had met the week before but this was our first week starting a lesson. I enjoyed being back with the ladies and in the Word. We have had a good group so far and a lot of my friends are in there which makes it good as well. This summer I did a lot of reading but I feel like my studying of the Bible and my quiet time sort of went away. I am feeling convicted of not taking the time to study God's Word like I need to. That afternoon again I just took it easy knowing that once I picked the kids up from school it would be super busy! So that afternoon we got in and went right to work on homework. Luckily he didn't have a lot. We got it done then quickly got dressed and I took them to Cane's for dinner. That evening they were having a Scouts meeting at Calvary. This year someone went there to talk to the boys on Monday so they had an "interest meeting/signup" the following day. We didn't have to be there but I really wanted to go to support Melody and the school. Also I figured Colby would know any boys signing up. We had 3 new boys register which was exciting. We had 2 from 4th grade and 1 3rd grader. Lindsay was super bored during the meeting but Colby enjoyed seeing his friends so that made the hectic afternoon worth it. We got home and immediately went to bath/bedtime.
Wednesday I had a meeting at Aurora. I will be teaching music again this year. This was the Back to School Staff meeting. It felt good being back with these ladies who many have been a part of my life since Colby was a toddler. The meeting lasted about an hour then we were all asked to stick around and help them organize the supply room. I helped for about 30 min then told them I really needed to go because I had a SUPER busy afternoon/evening. So I got home right at 12 and ate lunch then had just a little while to relax before it was time to go pick up the kids. Usually my parents get the kids on Wednesdays but this week Lindsay was going to dance class with her friend Layla. I was excited for her to get to "try" dance again. For whatever reason she didn't want to to do the summer workshop this summer. I even asked her about doing it during the school year but she said she has to think about. I am not going to force the idea but wait and see if she inquires about it then if she did I would consider signing her up. Anyway I know she had a blast going with a friend. So after picking them up they both had to change and then I brought her by Layla's house. From there Colby and I went to get gas in my van then to visit with my parent's for a bit before going to church. We went on to church and had dinner. Lindsay finally got there about 6:15 or so. I got her changed again lol and she and I went out to the playground with all the other kids. Soon after getting out there we heard about one of our friend's windows in her car getting broken into. That made for a crazy night. I tried to help as much as possible since I know how that feels. I went on up though to help teach the k-2nd grade girls. We had 6 girls I think. I am really enjoying that group. By the time we got home that night I was so exhausted!! I was glad though to have gotten through the 2 most busy days of my week! 
Thursday I didn't have much on my agenda. I met a friend for coffee though. It felt good to let my mind escape with Lindsay's upcoming surgery. It was fun to visit. I then came home and tried to be productive around here. That afternoon we got to come home and not get back out which felt so great! Colby had a TON of homework too so I am glad we didn't have anywhere to be that evening! 
So the learning lesson this week has been for Colby. I recall that every year the first month he always has an adjustment period. Between getting used to a new teacher and just getting back into the groove of school. So he had summer reading this summer and he read 2 books and did book reports. Well we turned them in the first day of school. His teacher had told us they were extra credit. Well I put them in a folder and told him to hand them in. I never heard anymore so I assumed he turned them in and all was well. Well this last week he got his first progress report. I noticed his teacher had a 0 marked for summer reading. Well long story short...he never turned them in! Sigh....He had put them in his cubby and I guess forgotten and never told his teacher. I guess it was a learning lesson for us both. He needs to know that its up to him to get stuff like that turned in. It was also a reminder to me that I need to start backing off some. Anyway we live and learn! 

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Swim Time and B-day Party

Its hard to believe another weekend has already come and gone. Friday was super low key for us. Austin and I were both extremely tired. We also did movie night. It was also the first time in awhile we didn't get outside and play...but after Lindsay's wasp sting on Thursday evening and it was just blazing hot outside we decided to start on movie night early. The kids watched Planes so that was fun. 
Saturday I was once again so happy to sleep in. We repeated last Saturday basically. We went over to my parent's house to swim and have lunch. Its a great Saturday activity. It gets us out the house, we get to see my parents and they get to see us =), the kids get in some outside/physical activity so its just a win/win! We didn't get home though until 3! We rested for a bit. Austin got home fairly early and brought home Olive Branch. It stormed most of that evening so we didn't get to go take a walk or anything. 
Sunday was a super busy day for us! We got up and went to first service as a family. The worship service was wonderful. They focused on the Romanian Mission Trip from this summer. They also highlighted some ways the church can get involved in our community. I am excited about ways we can get involved as a family. The kids and I came home after first service. Austin had to stay and count. We ate an early lunch then rested. Lindsay had an afternoon b-day party to attend. She and I left the house around 2:15. The boys stayed behind and did guy things. I hated getting out the house on a Sunday afternoon but we had a really great time. The party was for her friend Genevieve. Those two have been great friends since they were babies in the nursery at church. Now they are 5 and 6! Its so sweet to see them continue to grow up together. The party was at a Gymnastics place. I have always tossed around the idea of putting Lindsay in Gymnastics. She's super strong and very flexible. I have basically been asking her since she was 3 if she would like to and she's always said no. I don't think she ever really understood what it meant though. She loved the party but even with me asking her if she wanted to do gymnastics she said no. She did say she would like a party there sometime though. we will see what the future brings though. I wouldn't mind her maybe trying a camp or atleast doing it for a semester. Maybe as she gets older? Well we got home from the party about 6 and it was dinner time. The guys ordered pizza so we ate that for dinner. There was a Saints game that night so we did let them stay up for the first half. It put them getting to bed about 8:30 then of course they stay awake longer but I want them to grow up being Saints fans so I figure once a week isn't that big of a deal! they had fun! 
It was a great weekend and it was the perfect combo of relaxing but also we had some fun stuff to do. Looking forward to another week of school and some fall activities! 

Sunday, August 20, 2017

That School Life

Well things are pretty much back in gear around here for us! School has now been in a week and a half and our fall activities are also starting to pick up. Monday Austin was off. It was once again great to have him home. He stayed home that morning while I did the grocery shopping. By lunchtime he was finished with yard work so the 2 of us got to go have Chinese for lunch. It was nice getting that time with him. I so look forward to our little weekly dates now! That afternoon we mostly just hung out then rode together to go get the kids. Its so fun to hear about their day on the car ride home. They both had a little homework that evening but it didn't take long at all to finish up. We had a yummy dinner of pork chops, roasted potatoes, Hoppin' John, and some veggies and cornbread. We even made it out the house for a walk after. 
Tuesday Austin was off again. I started back to my Ladies Bible study though so he had a morning at home. I know he sometimes enjoys time by himself at home since its pretty rare. Once I got back he and I had lunch and waited on the AC guys. The rest of the afternoon was CRAZY busy. We had AC people here. I had to pick up the kids from school. We also had to drop my friend's son off at home so we were 4 getting in. We then started on homework. I felt completely crazy with everything! Colby had over an hour of homework. I hope/pray this isn't normal and I don't think it will be. Its just his math was kind of tedious, then had to make science flash cards, then he had a language page. In the midst of the crazy though Austin made steak fajitas so that was a treat! We didn't take a walk that night since it had been raining off/on. We ended up just spending a little time outside so the kids could get some fresh air before heading off to bed. 
Wednesday was a busy day! First off I had plans to meet Tayna for coffee. It was nice to visit sans kids and talk about the first few days of school and our summers and such! I am so happy that we have remained friends despite the girls being at different schools now. After coffee I went up to Aurora for a bit. I have been telling the teachers I would come up and help and this was a good opportunity for me to do that since I was in the neighborhood. I helped Mrs. Susan set up her room for a bit then we mostly just discussed the music schedule for this upcoming year. I then came home and enjoyed a few hours alone. My parents got the kids from school. That evening we of course had church. It was the big Fall kickoff night...this meant free Chickfila and bounce things for the kids. It was a fun evening. My kids had an absolute blast. It was nice b/c some of their closest friends were there! Colby's best friend Nijel came. The boys were so happy to see each other. He also had a lot of his other school friends there as well. Lindsay had her bestie Genevieve. I was happy to see them playing with their sweet little friends. So after dinner we went to the Worship Center for the Bounce time. They had to re-locate it inside last minute b/c of the threat of rain plus it was like 100 degrees. I was thankful they did! After that we went up to the Small Group time. I was with the k-2nd girls. Kristen did most of the teaching but it was a sweet group of girls. They also played an escape room game. 
Thursday was another fun day for me. I had plans to meet Virginia at Panera for breakfast and coffee. It was really great to visit with her. I got home around 10:30 so it was nice to have that time to get stuff done around here. Austin went to Hattiesburg that afternoon so it was just the kids and I after school. We did homework then picked up Chickfila. I was quite tired by that evening but ended up having a restless night due to our alarm or something chirping obnoxiously during the first part of the night. 
Friday I woke up a little tired but not super bad. I had a dentist appointment that morning. I wasn't super pumped about having to go. First off it was at 9:30 which meant I basically had an hour to kill after dropping the kids off. I ended up just sitting in PJs and reading my book though. I left at 9 to go over there and luckily they took me early. It was also a quick checkup! No problems which was great! After I needed to go to Target. I spent the afternoon resting though. By lunchtime my tiredness really kicked in. I got the kids home and we were anxious to spend the weekend together! 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Quiet Weekend

So now with school I am always thankful and happy for a low key and quiet weekend. 
Friday afternoon started our weekend busy but the rest of our weekend was quiet with no plans just as I prefer! 
Friday Colby was invited to go home with Ella after school. I decided since he had had a big day. First his teacher brought their class donuts. Then he got a "Friend day" I thought it would be nice to do something special with Lindsay. I picked her up and treated her to the donut shop. She loved her donut and lapped it up! From there I asked her if she would like to visit the Book Store...ofcourse she said yes! Its rare we do stuff after school like that. It was fun though..I think I may start bringing them places on Fridays more often! Once she and I got home Austin was on his way so he picked Colby up from his friend's house. They picked up chicken and we all ate. It was a much later evening then we normally have. We ate at 7 and then didn't sit down to watch our movie until 8. The kids were troopers though and atleast we knew we didn't have to wake up early the next day. We chose James and the Giant Peach since we had read that this summer. 
Saturday it was so nice to sleep in! Saturday bliss again! We had no plans so we decided to go swimming at my parent's house. Now with school in full swing there won't be much of that and I know our days are limited so I figured we better take advantage while we can. We enjoyed our pool time even though we were kinda dodging rains and storms. We still got in about a 2 hour swim then we had lunch with my parents. Again nice to hang out with them. Now with school starting they don't see the kids nearly as much so I know that time means a lot to them. After we got home we mostly relaxed. That evening we had grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. Also austin got in early so that was nice. 
Sunday we had church. Austin had to work which was unfortunate but it also gave the kids and I a really relaxing day. I have so enjoyed being able to go into church. I mean I miss serving and hope to get back to that sometime later this year but for now I am enjoying going into church and working on my own relationship with the Lord. After church we picked up chicken and pretty much came home to relax. Austin got in fairly early and we just had leftovers for dinner. 

Monday, August 14, 2017


Hard to believe we are already winding up our first full week of school. School started back on Monday. The kids were anxious and ready! Colby has definitely been the most ready. He's been super excited about Mrs. G and the 4th grade class. Lindsay finally started seeming excited over the weekend but also still a bit apprehensive. They both have rocked their first week though. 
Colby has reported a great week and so far is doing wonderfully. This first week they are mostly reviewing things like multiplication and also mostly working on rules and procedures. He is loving the flexible seating! His teacher is awesome and keeps us updated nearly every day with the DOJO app. We get to see pictures/videos throughout the week of things they are up to. I know they had Chapel this week but haven't had their other extra curricular classes yet. 
Lindsay has had a great first week in kindergarten. They have begun talking about the letters I and U I believe. They are also doing simple things like counting. I feel like she is going to do great academically. She is older and also had the experience of being in prep 4 there last year. She is ahead leaps and bounds from where Colby was. Everything was pretty much new to him that year. She is quiet but I think has already opened up with her teacher and seems to love going. Its been hit or miss this week with recess between a soggy playground, rain, and the heat! I think they have gone out 1 or 2 times and played and the others had inside recess or drawn with sidewalk chalk outside of the classroom. 
I am enjoying getting back into the groove as well. The 5:45 wake ups are hard but I am adjusting. 
Austin was off Monday and Tuesday so it was nice to get some much needed adult time! Monday he went with me to the grocery store. Its always fun to shop as a couple. After the grocery he came home to do yard work. I got some stuff done inside while he worked then we ate lunch together. It was nice and peaceful to have a few hours of quiet. We both went that afternoon to pick them up! We were both so anxious to hear about their first day! That afternoon we cooked grilled chicken sandwiches. After dinner we took a walk and just enjoyed time with the kids. 
Tuesday he was home again and I didn't have Bible study or anything so once again I brought the kids to school then came home to pick him up. He and I then went to breakfast at Parrot Pete's. This is one of our favorite things to do! We love getting breakfast dates! It was nice to catch up and be able to talk and visit. We then left and ran a couple errands. We had Lindsay's money from her piggy bank so we got that counted and deposited into her account. We again just had a relaxing afternoon. He did get out and trim some bushes so I brought my book outside and sat in the shade and read while he worked out there. Again I just love the couple time. Simple but so sweet! That afternoon he went to get the kids and took Colby for a haircut. It was a busy evening for us though b/c once he got home with them: Colby had homework, I had a bunch of paperwork to fill out for their school, then we had orientation that evening. My parents came to watch the kids. They allow kids to come and someone watches them upstairs but after a full day of school I really don't want my kids up there for another hour plus. Plus my parents always enjoy an evening with them. The orientation went well. It was slightly longer this year. We all met together in the worship center first. Pastor Michael talked for a bit, then Mrs. Price. Afterwards we were instructed to go to the kid's classrooms. Austin took Lindsay's and I went to Colby's class. I was glad they did that even though it meant a longer night. I think parents want to be able to see their child's classroom and all that. After it was over Austin and I had our usual dinner out. Since orientation ran long we just went to Chick-Fil-A. Knowing the kids would still be awake when we got home. Once again though we enjoyed our time together. We got in and quickly got the kids off to bed. 
Wednesday Austin was back to work. It was my first official day alone in quite awhile. I dropped the kids off at school and my first thing to do was stop by and see our friends Brittany and Chris. They are the ones who bought our old house. She just had a baby a couple weeks ago. I was so happy to see the old house and see the new baby. I ended up staying over an hour and visiting. It was super fun to catch up. I also got some newborn baby snuggles which was also great. By the time I got home it was after 10:30. I did some cleaning around the house and enjoyed some downtime. My parents also brought the kids home from school so I had a long afternoon. It was wonderful!! They got in that evening and I made jambalaya for dinner. Austin also got in in time to eat with us which was nice then we took a walk. 
Thursday was a busy day for me. Lindsay had a doctor's appointment that day. Due to a couple weeks ago my mom spotting what she thought was a hernia our pediatrician ended up referring us to a pediatric surgeon. So her appointment was at 9:30. Austin went to work late so that he could go with us to the appointment. So first we dropped Colby off at school then we met up with Austin at PJ's for a little breakfast and coffee. The appointment went really well and we were out by a little after 10. I got her back to school by 10:30. After that I just came home and enjoyed my day at home. I picked the kids up from school and we had cheesy chicken over rice for dinner. 
Friday I had nothing going on so I pretty much just came home after dropping the kids off. I ended up taking Allie for a walk. I hope to get in this practice of walks in the mornings atleast 1-2 days a week. Its hard b/c I don't often come straight home but I was thankful for that time even though it was HOT as blazes! I had a pretty quiet day around the house! 

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Last of the Summer

This weekend was officially the last part of summer. I feel we sent summer out in an amazing way! Well Friday though we did have to go to the doctor. Colby had his 9 year old checkup. Lindsay also ended up having to get checked b/c we suspect she may have a hernia. We got to the doctor about 10:30...our appointment was for 10:45. I think it was near 11 before we got in the room and about 11:30 before the doctor came in. The kids were amazing though! We played games while we waited which was cool. Its so neat that they can do stuff like that now! We laughed and honestly it was just a sweet memory. Its stuff like that that now as a "seasoned" mom I have just learned to try to enjoy every moment. I took that was undistracted time to just play and talk to them. Colby did awesome for his checkup. He weighed in at 69 lbs and had grown a few inches as well. I think he's in the average percentile pretty much for both. Maybe a little over in weight and slightly under in height. After his check the doc checked Lindsay out. She was unable to fully determine if she truly has a hernia. She recommended that we go ahead and see a surgeon. She has a colleague who always tells her when in doubt to just send them to him. So we have an appointment scheduled for this upcoming week. She weighed in at 42 lbs...and she also had grown over an inch since her appointment in December. She is below average for weight and above average for weight. 
Anyway we finally got out of the doc office about 12:15 and we decided to come on home. We had planned to run errands but it was starting to rain but the kids were tired and hungry. We had a restful afternoon. Colby spent that night with my parents so we just had a quiet night with our girl. We watched SING and Austin picked up burgers for us for dinner. 
Saturday we got up and Lindsay and ran to Target to get a b-day present for her friend Layla then we went to my parent's house to swim. It was a nice visit and I sure enjoyed the pool. I know our pool time is limited with them starting back to school so I was happy the weather cooperated and we were able to swim for some time. We also had lunch over there. That afternoon we got in and again rested. We didn't get home until about 3 I believe so it was quite a busy day! That afternoon/evening nola flooded! It was crazy. We didn't have any issues on our side of the river but it kept Austin at work until almost 9 that night. 
Sunday was our last OFFICIAL day of summer! We went to first service. After church Lindsay's little friend Layla had a b-day party scheduled. It began at noon so we just decided to bring our swim clothes and go change at my parent's house so we wouldn't have to drive all the way home and back since the party was going to be right down the street from them. We got to the party at 12. Layla had only invited Lindsay and Claire so it was a small super casual b-day party. Lindsay was so excited to be with her besties and in the pool. Colby at first was a little bored with just the little girls but he ended up (as always) having a blast. I enjoyed visiting with all the grownups. I didn't swim...I should have b/c it was super hot. When we left for the party it was starting to rain and I hate swimming in the rain plus I had showered that morning and washed my hair. The kids did great though. I was shocked at how well Lindsay handled herself in the big pool with no assistance. The party lasted until 3. Actually the other friends ended up staying until after 5. We were all tired though since we had been gone since early that morning plus knowing the kids had school the next day! We came home and all crashed on the couch for about 30 min. We spent the rest of the day getting ready for the first day of school. We did play outside and take a walk. That night we just had leftovers for dinner.