Friday, August 28, 2015

Girl Time!

So I am enjoying another week with some sweet girl time with Lindsay. There's that part of me that feels bad that we are having all this fun while Colby is at school but I also know we did TONS of stuff with him before she was born too! Anyway so here we are just trying to enjoy these moments with her while she is little. 
Monday-First Lindsay had a dentist appointment. Thankfully these are always quick and easy. They said her teeth looked great and there were no issues. We picked up some breakfast from PJ's and headed to the park. Two friends met us there---Ashley with her son Jackson and Tayna with her daughter Claire. I felt bad that Lindsay mostly played with claire and I visited more with Tayna but its always hard when there are more then 1 other friend. We had a great time though and stayed for 2+ hours. We were hot and sweaty by the time we left. Lindsay had a great time with her friends though! 
Tuesday- Lindsay and I decided to meet our friends Tayna and Claire again this time at the Algiers library for storytime. This is something we used to do a lot when Lindsay was 1 but for one reason or another haven't been in awhile. It was fun going with a friend. I think Lindsay enjoyed it more b/c of that. 
Wednesday- AGAIN Lindsay and I first started off our day with coffee and breakfast at Chickfila then went to a park and met our friends Tayna and Claire and Cindy and Layla. It was so nice outside. A cool front came through and left NOLA with 68 degree temp that morning! We ended up staying at the park 2 1/2 hours! The girls had such a great time and I had a wonderful time just visiting with the moms. 
I know it seems crazy that we have been doing so much with friends but I am trying to soak up this precious time I have with her at home! I am thankful for her sweet friends and mine as well! 
The afternoons have been pretty much the same with getting Colby and doing homework and cooking dinner. We've been able to play outside and take walks as well. 
Wednesday evening we also had Orientation for Lindsay's preschool. It was nice being back and seeing everyone for the first time since May. Its also bittersweet knowing that this was our last one...atleast for a few years ;) We are excited about all the new things happening at AUMC. We are also excited that Lindsay will get to have Mrs. Susan who was Colby's 4 year old teacher. We always enjoy a little night away as well. Even though its school orientation we get to go eat after and that's nice too. I know that she is going to love school again this year! 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Welcome Back Daddy!

So even though we had a good week and the kids and I survived Austin being away we were all ready for Friday and the weekend ahead! 
Friday though Lindsay and I decided to spend a little girl time at Barnes and Noble before going home. It was a nice outting with her. I remember doing this with Colby and really both of them when they were younger. It was a sweet time and she enjoyed just looking around. 
That evening Austin actually got home WAY earlier then expected. He arrived while the kids were having their baths. We got to do Movie Night as a family! It was so great having him home! The kids were also so excited! 
Saturday we looked forward to having a family day. Normally we might have tried to do something big or go somewhere but with Austin gone all week we had so much to do at home. We did go to the mall to order Colby some new glasses. We spent a couple hours there just walking around and ate lunch. It was fun...not something we do very often. That afternoon we stayed in and relaxed. It rained so it was nice to just slow down and not do much. We ofcourse watched the SAINTS game that evening. The kids stayed up for the first half and were extremely hyper but it was fun! 
Sunday was another very busy day for us! We did our usual first service. I taught and we had 10 kids. Lately though I feel like things have been really going well with teaching. I dunno if its b/c we switched rooms and I feel like I can do things more orderly or what. I also now have all 3 and 4 year olds so that makes things easier too! We stayed for the 2nd service as well this week. The church was having their annual lunch and celebration for the school. We brought the kids in church with us. We do this b/c 1 they have already sat through their classes and I don't really want them to repeat the same thing plus 2 they are old enough to learn to sit in church and 3 I think its important to sit in church as a family on occasion. I am glad that our church has the children's worship option but I also do enjoy worshiping as a family sometimes too. The kids usually do pretty good. They get antsy but that's to be expected for young kids. The lunch after was great. We got to visit with several of Colby's friends and their families. Always a sweet time. 
The rest of the day was very low key and we were all pretty tired. Thankful for another weekend with both my boys! 

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Days without Daddy

So this begins our week without Austin in the house. Its been awhile since he's left us especially for 5 days! He's had to do that a few times in our marriage but thankfully not many! He left for work this morning at his usual time and will not return home until late Friday. I just keep telling myself it could be worse! 
I know with school and other activities that we will keep busy this week so it should be fine. 
Monday- We brought Colby to school then we had a fun morning of errands planned. We stopped first at PJ's to fuel up ;) I am really going to miss our coffee mornings! I hope there will still be days we can do that even as she grows up! We went to the library next. She loves going and picking out books. She even wanted to sit in a chair and read one. Something Colby has NEVER wanted to do! Then we went on Target. Even with all of that we were home by before 11. It was nice to have a low key rest of the day with her. I let her watch a movie from the library while I worked around the house. That afternoon we finished Colby's homework in a short amount of time then they played. We had a good night and everything went smoothly. We even were able to take a walk. 
Tuesday- Beaux had a checkup appointment that morning so Lindsay and I brought him in right after dropping Colby off. He got a good checkup the vet just said he was a little overweight but we knew that ;) Afterwards we brought him home then went and met our friend Melissa and baby Emma at Chickfila. I know it seems like we do that a lot but Chickfila is the easiest place to go with children. It had been awhile since she and I had met up. It was great to catch up and be able to spend time with Emma. We missed the big kids but it was nice to have some mom time. Lindsay also loved the breakfast and time to play. That afternoon we did the same thing rest, pick Colby up, ate dinner, and went for a walk. I am glad I have been able to keep up the walking while Austin is out of town. With all the rain Colby hasn't had recess so I want him to have some type of physical activity/outlet plus its just good for us all and it helps the evening pass by. 
Wednesday- We had a good day on Wednesday. Lindsay and I had a playdate scheduled with her friends Layla and Claire. We met up at the Monkey Room. I was glad to finally get to go! Although sad Colby missed out! I kept saying I would take them this summer and we just never got around to it. Lindsay had a BLAST though with her friends! Its so neat to see her growing up and forming these little bonds with friends. They ran around for 2 hours! It was also great to visit the other 2 moms. It helped pass the day for sure. That evening we rested. My parents brought Colby home from school which is always a major help. Its nice when Lindsay and I can rest and not have to get out. My mom also brought chicken pot pie for dinner so that was great too! We ate but still took our walk. I was proud of us for getting 3 walks in this week. They really were sanity savers. Colby has missed recess every day this week so he needed some outdoor time! 
Thursday- This was a boring day. Lindsay and I had grocery shopping planned. Although shopping with just her is so easy! We came home after and just enjoyed the time around here. I love low key days and she plays really well at home and doesn't tend to get bored so that's nice too! That afternoon was filled with craziness though. First as Lindsay and I were waiting in line to pick up Colby there were gunshots. It really was scary! Lindsay had just in fact asked me to roll her window down which I did b/c it was cloudy out. Not long after I heard BANG, BANG, BANG! I quickly rolled the windows up. Soon after we saw all the EMS vehicles. I am still not totally sure what happened but someone was shot across the street at a redlight. Not sure why. Hoping it was isolated and they knew the person? Anyway needless to say it shook me up a little. That night though I promised the kids an outting to Chickfila. My parents also met us there. It was a nice outting and helped pass the time. The kids had a blast! I enjoyed not having to cook and clean up! 
By the end of that night I felt like I had conquered the week and was excited about Austin coming home! 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekend Roundup

Ah the joy of weekends!! Now that school has started I am remembering the sweet joy of a weekend! 
Friday Lindsay and I helped at the church all morning. We were preparing for promotion Sunday and Carnival Day for the preschoolers. She was a great helper and we enjoyed helping Ms. Laekan. I am thankful that since I stay at home I am available for this type of thing and i love that my daughter gets to serve alongside me! 
That evening we did our Friday night movie night! I also love having Colby home on weekends. After him being gone all week its so good to see him and hang out! We watched James and the Giant Peach. The kids loved it and I thought it was a cute movie as well! 
Saturday we were happy to not have any REAL plans! I love birthday parties and being with friends but I also love Saturdays with no commitments. We decided with no plans we would go to my parents house and go swimming. Now with school starting they don't see the kids at all during the week so they were missing them a lot. Plus I figure there are only a few swimming Saturdays left this fall I am sure. We also invited Randall and Lizzie over. It had been since July 4th that we had all been together and with our upcoming trip we won't be here for Labor day. We thought it would be fun to have a family hang out. They had errands to run so they didn't join us for swimming. As always the kids did great in the pool and are little fish. Randall and Lizzie got there and picked up lunch for us. It was so fun visiting and laughing with everyone! The only thing I hated was that Austin was working! We stayed for quite awhile just hanging out! That evening was very low key. 
Sunday was a BUSY day for us! Thankfully austin was off and could go to church with us. We had promotion Sunday. Colby promoted to the 2nd-3rd grade class! I cannot believe he's one of the bigger kids now :(. Lindsay stayed in the same class with me. She actually has this year and next. We had a busy day with our preschoolers. We had CARNIVAL day. Our class stayed the same except the ones that promoted up to Jumpstart. It was mostly boys and I will miss them but it was time for them to move on to big kid things. We have so many 3 and 4 year olds now they needed their own space. We had 12 just in first service and I think they had 4-5 2 year olds. Its so wonderful to see so many children at church. We had a great time although it was very busy! Thankfully I had several helpers but I still felt like a crazy lady by the time it was all over. We went out to lunch after which was nice. The kids love eating out on Sundays since we don't do it often. The rest of the day Austin mostly prepared for his trip! This week he is going to Atlanta. We will miss him! He hasn't had to travel like this in awhile. Hopefully the week will go well and the kids won't be too crazy! 

Friday, August 14, 2015

BACK 2 School

So this week Colby started back to school and we have made it half way and we are finding our back 2 school groove! The waking up early has been an adjustment and I do miss my boy but I think we are liking getting back to "This life"
So Monday Colby only went to school for a 1/2 day. We went to Chickfila for an early lunch with Lindsay's friend Claire. I wanted to do something special for her since so much fuss has been put on Colby lately and starting back to school. I think she enjoyed the mommy/daughter time and playing with a friend. I also had a moment of weakness and got them both chocolate shakes ;) It was nice to have him home in the afternoon. I honestly wish every Monday was a 1/2. I told Austin I really think it would increase productivity in students and teachers. Plus I love having him home for those extra hours. 
Tuesday Austin was off. We had a busy start to our morning though. Late Monday night Allie got hit by a car. We were so worried. With Bailey just dying about a month ago it would be so hard to lose or have something happen to another pet this soon! Luckily we brought her to the vet first thing Tuesday and she was FINE! Just a little sore and a couple scrapes. So relieved! Afterwards Austin and Lindsay and I went out to Lakeside. It was fun to do a little shopping with just our girl. We for sure missed Colby but it nice and calming only having 1 kid! We got them a few things for our upcoming Disney trip. We ate lunch out there and just enjoyed the morning. That afternoon we enjoyed hanging out. With no homework or anywhere to go its nice to have long evenings. We had home cooked burgers and just hung out. We let the kids play outside for a bit even though its been SO hot! 
Wednesday Austin was off again but Lindsay and I had already set up a girl's day. Plus since he had hung out with us Tuesday I knew he would enjoy some time at home plus he needed to do yard work. We dropped Colby off then went to get PJ's. We've been doing this since she was 1. I love the girl time! I hope she still wants to get coffee with mommy when she is 13! Our friends Melody and Mia met us as well so it was nice to visit. We then went to the Children's Museum to play. Again I try to have some special outtings with just Lindsay once Colby starts back to school. I always feel a little bad but I know he had me to himself for 3 years! The girls had a blast the museum. Our friends Cindy and Layla met us there as well. It was so fun watching Lindsay play with her little best friends. That afternoon we once again had a low key day. 
Thursday Austin was back at work and it was once again a mommy and Lindsay day. Although we just went grocery shopping and came back to the house. Lindsay does really well playing at home alone so we enjoyed the down time! We have had a full week! I think we are enjoying the school routine although we miss Colby. Its nice getting out early and getting so much done! We also haven't had anywhere to be at night so we've enjoyed some family down time. 
This weekend we have no HUGE plans other then swimming and church so that'll be nice too! 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

First Day of 2nd Grade!!

Oh my goodness how is it possible that Colby has started back to school and is now in 2nd grade?!? That is the grade I taught before he was born! Doesn't seem right! 
So we are excited about this school year. We found out a week ago that his teacher is Mrs. Jennie Gartmen. Funny thing is that I knew her from our old church from about 12 years ago! So funny how God works! I have to say we have honestly been a little stressed about the teacher situation due to what happened last year. I finally turned it over to God and knew He would provide and care for my boy and did he ever! I am so at peace knowing that I know her and she is a mom of two boys. She has teaching experience so I think she will be great! 
Last week we had orientation night. I felt like it was already old routine now that he is in his 3rd year of big boy school! On Thursday we had meet the teacher! 
I think he has been excited about starting school. I know he has missed his friends. 
Today was just a half day...I am glad its a gradual warm up. It would be hard to leave him all day. Even though its his third year I still get a little teary leaving him. When I spend 12 weeks with him over the summer and he's with me 24/7 its hard to let go again and turn him over to someone else. I prayed today though for the Lord to just watch over him. I am so excited that he has a few best friends to be at school and church with him.
He seemed pretty happy about the first day. He said the teacher left notes on their desk about herself then they had to write notes about themselves. They had lunch and recess so I think all in all it was a pretty good day! 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Layla's Birthday Party

This weekend my gal was invited to 2 b-day parties on the same day at the same time!! Its always hard to choose one friend over another but we got Layla's invite first and it was located closer then the other. Layla is Lindsay's BFF from school. The other party was for Genevieve who is her BFF from church. I was sad we had to miss one but in the life of 2 kids and many friends sometimes that's the call we have to make. 
Anyway Layla's party was at Park Timbers Swim Club which I was super excited about. 1 b/c it was convenient to go to and 2 b/c I knew this would be a party that both kids would enjoy. I don't always bring them along to b-day parties it just depends on who it is and where the party is located. I knew though a swim party would be good for both. Plus the kids have been dying to swim in that pool! 
We arrived right at 11:30 and they were getting things set up. The kids were super anxious to play in the pool. Thankfully another friend has older siblings so Colby was able to hang out in the big pool mostly with them! I am so proud of his swimming skills this summer. He even dived off the diving board!! Lindsay was back and forth between both pools but did fine with her floaties. I didn't swim this time (female issues). It was HOT though! I was sweating so much! I visited mostly with Claire's mom and Layla's grandparents. I had hoped that we would be able to leave around 1ish but the kids were having such a great time I pushed it back until after 1:30. When I finally did round them up and get them out the pool Layla's mom begged us not to go until after cake time. Needless to say we weren't out of there until 2:30. 
The food was awesome and the kids ate great! They ofcourse also loved the cake and cupcakes! I was so happy to see Lindsay having so much fun with her little friends! She has missed them dearly this summer! 
We were all worn out when we got home so we watched a movie and lazed around the rest of the day! It was a great ending though to our summer! Colby starts school on Monday!! 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Last Week of Summer

This is our last official week of summer! So hard to believe! This summer has flown by! I don't feel like we have slowed down much but that also means we have accomplished a ton! The kids got to do VBS, swim lessons, go to the beach, children's museum, Cool Zoo, Aquarium, City Park, dance lessons, tennis lessons, camping trip, trip to Hattiesburg, Colby's birthday, playdates with friends, park trips, etc! 
We have been VERY busy! 
Monday- We went to the park. I was thankful we were able to do this the last week. I know Lindsay and I will still get park days and I will bring the kids to the park on Saturdays but there's something so sweet and simple about just playing at the park. Our friends Casee and her boys Jax and Mason met us. The kids really had a great time. We stayed 2 hours! 
Tuesday- I had my last Bible study/book club. I know I will miss the ladies during August but it will be nice to re-gain another free day. My parents also looked forward to keeping the kids this last time before Colby heads back to school. Its been a great addition to our week! 
Wednesday- Austin was off so we wanted to do something fun with the kids. We let Colby pick since Lindsay still has a month off and we can do fun days with her. Colby chose to see the Minion Movie. We set out to Elmwood early that morning. We enjoyed the was a little long but the kids seemed to enjoy it. We then had lunch out then ran some errands before heading home. It was nice to have a family night that evening and not have anywhere to go. 
Thursday- I promised the kids a swim day! I feel like we have gone swimming more this summer then any other year. Its been awesome and for that my kids are fish and little gingerbread men. Its always great to spend time with my parents as well. The rest of the day we hung out at home. 
Friday- Oh Friday! What a busy and tiring day you were! So I promised a friend I would keep her son. He got here before 8am Friday morning. I knew it was going to be a little bit hard but I had no idea how hard. He wasn't exactly very pleasant most of the time he was here. I have never been so aggravated in all my life! I ended up punishing him twice. it was that bad. But we did survive and I am thankful I could help her out in a pinch. It was also stressful b/c Friday was our only "non fun" day of the week. It was the day I had to run errands and grocery shop. We managed to survive intact but I was quite worn out by 4 when he went home. We had a low key night. 
Hope my kids have enjoyed summer as much as I have. I hope they also know how much I will miss them as summer comes to a close. Especially Colby...its always hard at first to re-release him to someone else all day every day again. I pray he has a great year though in 2nd grade! 

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Weekend Slow Down

We got in Friday from Hattiesburg and that afternoon and evening we just unpacked and relaxed. It felt so great to be home and know we didn't have to be anywhere that night. We didn't even do Friday Movie Night with the kids. We figured they had had so many late nights with the trip and all that they needed to go to bed early plus mommy and daddy wanted some down time. 
Saturday my parents offered to come pick up the kids so I could do my grocery shopping SOLO. I was so thankful for this offer. Not that my kids are really bad in the store...its just so much easier to focus when I am by myself. Plus if we only grocery shop they don't really get their energy out either. My parents brought them swimming. I hated to not be able to go but we were out of food. I picked them up at lunch time and we just enjoyed a low key afternoon. That evening I got out for a MOM's Night! I had made plans with my friends Melody and Ashleigh. These are Colby's 2 best friends moms. We see each other a lot between school and church but we have never just done something as MOMS! It was an awesome night and something I definitely needed. We stayed out for 3 hours! It was so fun and refreshing! 
Sunday was super busy for us! Austin was off and able to go to church with us which worked out well. It was a very busy morning though. I had 15 kids in my class!! He stayed to help me thankfully! Its a good problem though to have so many kids and new families! For so many kids though they were all well behaved and I didn't feel too crazy after. We went on to the 2nd service after. Our plan when I started teaching was to stay for the 2nd service twice a month but this summer it just hasn't worked out that way. Austin and I were able to go to church together in July. This Sunday they were doing the Lord's Supper so we wanted to bring Colby into church. This would be his first official time since he was baptized. The kids did really well in church and I was proud of them. It was a long day though. By the time we got home it was after 1:30. We were exhausted. Colby had gone home with my parents to spend the night though. Probably a good thing b/c Austin had to go into work so it gave me some down time with just Lindsay. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


So just like in the past we went to Hattiesburg this past week. We always try to make a late summer trip. Its usually our last trip of the summer then also a chance to celebrate Maggie's birthday. Now with 2 kids involved in so many things: school, church, extracurricular stuff it seems our trips there are getting fewer and fewer. We did actually go earlier in the summer on a weekend but the boys were camping and us girls stayed at the apartment. It was a different trip. 
This time Austin wanted time at the apartment and time to do actual stuff in Hattiesburg. We were able to leave Wednesday afternoon. We ate lunch then hit the road. We arrived around 4 in Hattiesburg. We settled in the apartment then went over to his parent's house. We visited for awhile. The kids were super excited about mawmaw and pawpaw's house. We ate dinner that night at Cracker Barrel. It was nice just visiting and catching up with them. We drove around then ended back up at their house for a little while. Again the kids just had so much fun. They played outside some even. We got back late and tried to get them straight to bed. It was a tiring day for us all! 
Thursday we got up and went and had breakfast with his parents. They always enjoy cooking a big breakfast for the kids. We ate and visited for a bit then decided to ride out to USM and walk around. We often drive around there or even visit the campus bookstore across the street but it had been awhile since we had really spent much time on campus. We parked and went to the bookstore on campus. We found a couple small items there. We then walked around for about 30 minutes. It was neat reminiscing and also showing the kids where we went to school. Once we got too hot we went back to his parents house. We stayed there for a bit then met Wendi, Shelbi, and Maggie at Sweet Peppers for lunch. It was fun having lunch just us "kids". Colby and Maggie chatted away for about an hour it was so cute! We spent the afternoon over there. The kids went swimming which they loved and just enjoyed playing with their cousins. We ate an early dinner and hung out some more before all heading out. We left earlier since it had been such a long couple of days and the kids were SO tired. I was so glad they got this chance though to be with grandparents and cousins before school started back. We got to the apartment and let them play for awhile after their baths until they got WAYY too cranky. 
Friday we got up early and got packed up. We got a wild hair and decided to try a new breakfast place in downtown Hattiesburg. We were so glad we did b/c it was delicious. It was something different then our usual donuts or McDonald's. I was glad we got to do a few different things on this trip. The kids loved every minute of it! 
We came home and looked forward to the weekend ahead! 

Sunday, August 2, 2015


One thing I ofcourse love about the summertime is the time we get to spend with friends. 
Monday we had a playdate set up with some sweet friends. We met them at Chickfila for breakfast. We met Tammy and her son Logan who is 4 and Ashley and her 2 sons who are 10 and 2. My kids had a blast. It was nice b/c the kids could play while we visited some. We also got to see our sweet friend Sarah who has been recovering from donating a kidney. I love the ages our kids are at b/c they are pretty well behaved and independent. We had a really great time. Afterwards we ran a couple errands and went to take care of our friends the Richardson's pets. It was a good morning and I enjoyed the time out with the littles. We rested that afternoon then got Lindsay ready for her last Tap/Jazz class of the summer. I have really enjoyed seeing her blossom in dance. Its given her confidence and also allowing her to do something athletic which is great too. Its been nice b/c its kept our days from being too long but I am also ready for some quiet evenings again! 
Tuesday I had my usual book club. As always my parents kept the kids and I enjoyed my time with adults! We are really having a great session. Afterwards I picked up the kids and we took care of the Richardson animals again then came home. Once again we rested then Lindsay had her last ballet class. We are thinking of signing her up for the fall though. I am glad she got this experience this summer. Its made for a busy July but I am very thankful. 
Wednesday we are heading up to Hattiesburg so look for most posts!