Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another Great Afternoon

We have been using our backyard so much lately! Way more then last year! 1) Because Colby is older now and wants to play outside a lot and 2) Because we did some work in our yard this winter that keeps it from being wet and muddy all the time.

The weather has been great and we are enjoying the longer days. We pretty much stay outside from the time Colby wakes from his nap until dinner time then we either go back out or take a walk! I am loving it!

ZOO day!

Today was yet again another gorgeous day! Gosh am I loving this spring weather! I feel like God has really blessed us this spring. Its so wonderful I think I appreciate it even more with a young child. Colby loves the outdoors so it has been great to soak up all this great weather. We had a really cold and wet winter so I think God is blessing us after dealing with that! The flowers and plants have been blooming so pretty this year after our unusually cold winter.

Anyways back to today. Well Austin was not orginally supossed to be off today but he said work was slow so he decided to take advantage of it and take another day off. Ofcourse Colby and I would not object! Once again we wanted to take advantage of the pretty day and go do something fun! We ended up picking the zoo. We figured it would be really quiet today. We were wrong but thats ok we still had fun! There were a lot of school groups there so we couldn't let Colby walk around the way I had hoped. I think he enjoyed himself though! He got a kick out of the elephants and giraffes again. He also enjoyed the birds and jaguar. He recognized the jaguar as a large kitty! He got to walk and climb some but it was too crowded to really let him go as he pleased. After the zoo we ate at McAlister's and once again he did really well! It was a great morning. Ofcourse again we plan to enjoy some more nice weather this afternoon in our yard and by taking a walk! Again can I say how much I love spring??? I mean I loved winter and cold weather too but I am just really enjoying our spring this year! I guess last year Colby wasn't old enough to do all these fun things so this year its so fun to take him places and let him explore and learn! The springtime is such a fun time to have a toddler I must say!

Monday, March 29, 2010

A little tough love

So tonight at dinner we had to show Colby a little tough love. I'm sure some people would think we were being too mean or strict with him but I want Colby to be a good eater and not turn into a kid who has to eat the same thing at every meal.
So tonight we cooked grilled chicken, sweet potato fries, corn, and green beans. These are all things Colby loves! He was also starving by dinner time so I gave him a piece of cheese before dinner was ready which was probably a mistake. So I made him a plate first of green beans and corn b/c they were ready first. He did eat a lot of the green beans and a few bites of corn. Well then when we sat down to eat I figured he would eat the chicken b/c I gave him ketchup to dip it in and some sweet potato fries which he previously loved. Well he turned his nose up at all of it. I tried not to pressure him b/c usually if you just leave him alone he does better. He gets mad when you try to feed him or force him so I tried to ignore him but most of dinner he just sat there playing and such. So by the time we were finishing up we were both getting annoyed b/c he was throwing his cup and begging for more to drink after he had already guzzled his juice. I told Austin he was going to stay in his highchair for extra time then while we cleaned up. I didn't want to fight with him or spank him b/c I don't believe in turning mealtime into a fight b/c then it does truly become a power struggle. So my idea was ignore him and let him stay in there with no distractions for a little while. He fussed a little but I couldn't really see if he ate anything else. He might have eaten a couple bites but not enough to make a big difference but atleast he kinda saw that hey I played at dinner and refused to eat so I'm not going to be rewarded by playing right now. After about 10 minutes I did go in there and feed him his yogurt b/c I wanted him to have something in his tummy. He also slugged down his milk too. But I didn't even offer any other treat. Usually he gets vanilla wafers but not tonight. Its not like he even asked for any though.
So we aren't sure what actually is the source of tonight. It could be he was just wanting to play a toddler game or trying to be in control, or his teeth could be sore b/c he is working on a canine, or his throat might be a little sore b/c I think all 3 of us have a small cold. So anyways hope he enjoys his meals better tomorrow b/c he has been eating soo good this week! I guess thats just all part of it though! He was also probably really tired b/c I think he only napped about an hour today!

Another Great Family Day!

Again can I say how much I love Mondays? Austin was off again today and we planned another fun filled family day. Originally we wanted to take Colby to the Global Wildlife Center. I even checked times which the earliest was 10 but it had limited availability. I was worried we would get there and there wouldn't be anymore room. I know Colby would love this trip and it was such a beautiful day but we just decided to not go that far today. Plus all 3 of us have minor colds I think...well I think Colby actually passed it to Austin and I. We both have tickles in our throats which Colby had the runny nose/sneezes Friday. I just love how we pass all this stuff around!

Well we came up with plan 2 which was to go out to park in Metairie and feed the ducks. We had never done this before so I figured Colby would be fascinated. We got there and first thing fed the ducks, geese, seagulls. Colby just watched and laughed he didn't want to actually feed them. He kinda stayed his distance away from them too not sure if he was a little scared or would just rather watch. Afterwards we took him to the playground. He had a blast as always and did his tummy slide several times! So cute! We finally left when the area got taken over with like 9 year olds! We were right by BabiesRUs so I talked Austin into taking a little trip in there. We have only been there 1 other time. Ofcourse when we go we spend wayyy too much money I guess its a good thing its located so far from us!

We got Colby some pjs, cd for Easter, pacifiers (b/c they aren't going away anytime soon I dont guess), sippy cups, snack bowls, diapers, etc. Yea I probably went a little crazy but ooh well!

Afterwards we headed to PF Changs for lunch. Austin wasn't too thrilled with the idea...he isn't one really for Chinese food...but I have had a craving for it for awhile and I want to expose Colby to different types of foods so he doesn't get stuck on one particular thing. This week he has done very well laying off the Graduate meals and eating what we eat. We have tried to do various things this week (mexican, cheeseburgers, chickfila, pizza, sandwhiches, and now chinese). I figured he would find something he liked there. I ordered him stir fry noodles with chicken. He gobbled it up! I was so glad I ordered him that! He wouldn't eat any of my fried rice or sweet n sour chicken though. I think he would have if he wouldn't have had another option though. He also liked the chip type things they give you with the egg drop soup. I have to say though he was soo good today! I mean eating out with him is hit or miss. I feel he usually acts the best when its just Austin and I. But he just sat there the whole time eating or looking around. We were probably there over an hour too! Glad he let Austin and I eat in peace somewhat!

So now we are back home and planning to all relax and nap. This afternoon I'm sure we will get back out in the yard and take walks. We are also planning to grill chicken and do sweet potato fries and have green beans. I know this is a meal Colby will love! That's all for now off to enjoy my nap!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Metairie Baptist's 80th Anniversary!

Today was our church's 80th anniversary celebration! The weather couldn't have been better for this day either. It was another gorgeous spring day! I feel like NOLA has had one of the prettiest springs I can remember. It has stayed fairly cool and not muggy!
First the church had a outdoor breakfast/fellowship time. We got there late to this. I didn't feel like we needed to rush to get to this because I didn't know what Colby would do for an hour anyway. So we got there around 9:40 just enough time to let him play outside for a little bit. Once again he decided to be very shy and clingy. I am not sure what is up with this new phase he is going through. Close to 10 we brought him back to the nursery to go to extended care while Austin and I sat in worship. I was a little worried how he would do since he has been so shy these last few days. But once he got in the nursery he headed right for his classroom and didn't even notice me slip out the door. I always pray that he has fun while he is back there. I think that he does because he always seems happy to be at church and is never crying when I pick him up.
The worship service was very nice. They even showed a slide show and Colby and I were both in it!
After the service there was a churchwide meal. They had chicken and many many sides and desserts. Its always a little hectic at these type events with Colby but we enjoyed ourselves nonetheless. They had it set up really nice for people with young children. They had it to where we got to go to the front which was really nice. Its not for my benefit but for the fact that the children are starving. Colby loved his Grammy's green beans but wasn't into the other food. I got him to eat some chicken a few strawberries and applesauce but he was more interested in playing.
Overall it was a great day! We came home and all took naps. But this evening we had a great time outside. We ate dinner out there and let Colby run around with Allie and Bailey then we went for a walk. Colby's new thing is to walk the block like a big boy. So much for the stroller. He still lets me push him during the day but at night with the family he wants to walk. Only problem is it takes him twice as long b/c we have to stop and smell the roses (literally) and touch every flower or truck/car in sight! Oh well we had a great day!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Easter Celebration

Today Colby had his first Easter party type gathering. Our church held a celebration/party for the preschool age group. Infants-5 year olds were invited. It was such a cute idea! There were different stations that each told part of the Easter story.

Our first station was Palm Sunday parade. All the kids were invited to ride the donkey around the room while the others waved palm leaves. Colby really didn't get into this...he seemed really unsure I think he was scared I was leaving him. Our next station was outside to plant seeds. He enjoyed this a little more but was still unsure about leaving momma's sight. I think he just mainly liked being outside. So then when it was time to come in he pitched a fit. He was just in a bad mood all together! Then our next station was decorating cookies. I would say this was probably his favorite. He enjoyed licking the icing off his spoon and dipping his finger in the icing on his cookie. He wouldn't touch the cookie though! He also started to loosen up and walk around the room. I was just disappointed he wouldn't really interact with any other kids. The next station was washing feet. This was to demonstrate how Jesus washed the disciples feet. My mom (Grammy) was running this station. Colby was thrilled to be in her room. He wanted no part though of washing his feet but he did enjoy splashing his hands in the water. I didn't force him to take his shoes off since he was already in an iffy mood I didn't want to really make him upset. Once he again he kinda loosened up and had some fun. The last station was making tamborines and shakers. He wasn't into this at all. I couldn't even get him to sit at the table. All he wanted to do was walk around with a plate. After the kids made their instruments they sang a few songs. At first he seemed to enjoy the music part but quickly turned to tears and only wanted me to hold him. Poor baby just wasn't feeling it today. I hope if they do this next year he will get more into it. I was excited though b/c there were 3 other kids his age. A little girl Amara, Glenn Paul, and Broc.

Once we got home Colby did his "business" so now I am wondering if that was why he was in a bad mood. Poor thing won't poop in public places so that might have been part of why he couldn't enjoy himself. I feel bad for getting aggravated with him. I am just glad though we got to go and he got to experience it. Its good for him to go to things like this to get him used to being around lots of kids. I think once he starts Mother's Day Out in the fall he will be more outtgoing!

The rest of the day we just plan on hanging out at home we will I'm sure take our daily walk and play in the back! He still has the sniffles a little not as bad as yesterday though so I am hoping its just an allergy thing. Because he still is acting like he feels fine!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Morning at the Park and the Sniffles

Today we are having another great spring day. Its actually a little cool though not getting out the 60s today. Well I haven't had time to bring Colby to the park this week so today since we didn't have anything else planned I figured it would be a good day to go. We even invited my parents to join us. So we headed to Mel Ott park we haven't been there in a while. When I pulled up I saw like 20-30 school kids running around. So that wouldn't work so we went to Terrytown playground. We had never gone there to play but since it was so close I figured we would try it. Well wouldn't you know when we got there there were school kids on that playground too?? Well we decided to just let Colby play on the baseball fields. He had a blast running on the bleachers and in the dugouts. He also liked running through the clover on the fields. Finally the kids left so we took Colby to the playground part. He had a blast...turns out its really nice so we'll have to take him there more often! We stayed out there for like an hour. It was so fun to watch him have fun and enjoy the beautiful weather. I love going to parks with him its great free entertainment for him.
All today though I have noticed he has been sneezing a lot and also has begun a runny nose! I am just praying its just allergies with all the springtime flowers and weeds coming up! I don't know if I can handle another sick week. Luckily though colds never seem to phase him much so if that is what it is I guess we can live through it. I just really feel like since October we have been through it with him. He was never sick as a baby and since the fall I feel like every month he has something. I know we are fortunate though b/c none of it has been major its just more of a pain then anything! So I am just praying its nothing big and he will still feel good. He was in such a good mood yesterday and so far today!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Haircut Round 2

Colby's new haircut!

Before the haircut

Today I took Colby for his 2nd haircut. His hair wasn't completely out of control or anything but it was getting long and I wanted it shaped up before Easter. Its always sad though to see his haircut b/c after the first time he looked so big afterwards. We decided to take him again to the Children's Haircut place. They did a really great job last time and with him still being at the age where he will probably cry I think its best to take him to someone who specializes in children.

This time he did worse though then the first time. Not sure if its b/c he is more aware of things, or because he remembered from last time, or stranger anxiety seems to be coming back too. He was upset when we first got there thinking that we were going to leave him I think. Once he calmed down and got comfortable though in the surroundings it was time to cut his hair. He pitched a fit even when we tried setting him in the car now I think had she given him time he probably would have done better in the car. Honestly she seemed more patient with him last time. This time she only left him in the car for a second then moved him to a chair b/c he wasn't cooperating. Well then he was really mad. He screamed, cried, kicked, and jerked himself around. It wasn't a pretty picture at all. I hate that he acts this way. But this is the same reaction the doctor, and dentist get. I am looking for the day when he outgrows this. He just is so headstrong and doesn't want anyone making him do something. Luckily he's a good baby for us but he can sure pitch a fit when he's not happy with something!

Glad his hair doesn't take long to cut he was done in less then 10 minutes. Once he got down he just wanted to be held and get out of there. He looks so cute though with his big boy hair again although I do miss his long hair! But good thing about hair it grows back quickly!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Colby at his bathtime tonight!
My birthday cake

This is what happens when little boys come in while mommy is in the bath...needless to say we had to change clothes before going out to eat!

Today is my 28th birthday! Its been a fantastic day! I just love having a spring birthday because it seems like every year God blesses me with a gorgeous day!

So I woke up today with 2 sweet cards from both my hubby and Colby! Colby and I headed to Gymrompers. It was a blast...Colby seemed happy to be back! He did so great I don't think he fussed once! He also made a little friend this was the first time he actually played with another kid I mean truly interacted and played together! They played peek a boo in this tunnel thing it was soo cute! It was a little girl I don't know her name but she was 17 months so close to his age! They seemed to follow each other most of the class very cute!

After Colby's naptime today he and I hung out in the back yard and soaked up the wonderful weather! We had a blast! Once Austin got home we went and ate at Trashy Mexican! Yes this is what I wanted for my b-day! The food is soo good and its a good child friendly atmosphere and they are quick so its a perfect place to take Colby. It was nice just to have a low key dinner the 3 of us! Colby is so funny too he chowed down on rice, beans, cheese enchilada, and guacamole. After dinner we decided it was still early enough we could go to Best Buy. We wanted to get Season 2 of ER since we watched all of season 1 and its no longer coming on TV. Ofcourse we ended up with more then that but I guess that was part of my b-day. We bought Blind Side and The Princess Frog both of which I haven't seen yet! So I am excited to watch them sometime this week! When we got home we did birthday cake and Colby ate his piece of cake...Austin and I are waiting until later for ours! Then we all took a walk. My birthday was nothing extravagent but it was perfect...it was just a low key family day but I had lots of calls and messages from friends and family and it was just a great day! Thanks to everyone who helped make it special!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Fun at the Mall

So far today has been another awesome day! I just love Mondays! Mondays are usually when Austin is off and we always try to do something fun as a family! Today we decided to take Colby out to Lakeside...we probably would have chosen something outdoors if the weather hadn't been so dang cold for March! So we thought the mall would be fun we haven't been since December I don't think. We figured he would have fun seeing the Easter Bunny and riding the Easter Eggspress train!
First we began the day by stopping at the post office we had a package to send to Shelbi and Maggie. Colby had never been to the post office before I think he had a blast. I just let me him stand by me in the line and he was soo good. A few months ago we probably would not have been able to pull this off but now that he is getting older he is pretty well behaved in these situations. He just stayed close to me and enjoyed looking around at all the people. After that we headed to the mall. Once we got there our first stop was the train. As always Colby loved it. I put him in and he doesn't even make a peep. He just sits there like such a big boy! He is the only child his age that I have ever seen ride that train without an adult! I am so glad he's so big and enjoys that type of stuff! We didn't do Easter bunny pics just b/c I felt like he was dressed more like Christmas then spring. If it had been warmer and he had been in some shorts or something I probably would have done them but oh well! He enjoyed walking around the middle of the mall. We took him to Pottery Barn kids and let him walk around and check out that store. We actually didn't buy anything for him it was very hard though they just have such cute stuff! After that store we went to the Disney Store. Oh my this was by for his favorite. He ran around checking out all the stuffed animals then ran over to something with Mickey on it and started saying "Mickey Mickey" It makes me so proud that he already seems to love all things Disney! He ended up making out like a bandit in that store...I found some sunglasses, pjs, and a toy firetruck, along with a sippy cup he just had to have, and a thumper bunny. Most of this will go in his Easter basket though.
We then went to Williams Sonoma. This was a store for mommy and daddy. We both found some yummy things to cook. I am going to try this lemom poppy seed mix to make muffins sometime this week! By the time we finished in there Colby was getting antsy. We took him to Chickfila. Oh and my big boy ate almost the entire kid's meal. I was so proud. Now that he has discovered ketchup he loves chicken nuggets. Its so much easier now though that he can sit there and eat like a big boy! It used to be such a pain to bring baby food and bottles! I was proud all in all how good he was in the mall. He acted like such big boy the whole time! He also got sooo many compliments in every store we went in how good he was and how cute he is! I have to say he did look adorable in his fireman romper! Glad he got to wear it before the weather got warm! So that was our morning...now we are all settling down for naps and rest time! The weather has warmed up some so I am sure we will get in some outdoor playtime before the day is over!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Today has been a great day! I love Sundays! It was a very busy day for me! I feel like I worked all day but thats ok I still had fun!

In Sunday School today it was just me and we had Colby and Broc. Both boys did really well though so it wasn't really a big deal that it was just me! Sometimes I almost think they do better with just one adult. We played, colored, sang songs, read books, and had snack time! During church I had extended care. I worked with the 4 year olds. I really enjoyed myself. It had been awhile since I had been with that age I am usually in the toddler room. I forgot how cute and funny 4 year olds are! It will be interesting when Colby is that age to see his personality really come out! There were 5 kids in there and they were good the whole time. They had snack, played, we had story time and games, then worked a puzzle.

After church we went to McAlister's with our friends Josh and Laura. My parents brought Colby home. We wanted a chance to enjoy our food and visit with friends. It was nice to sit back and not have to worry about keeping a toddler happy! After we came home we had the goal of cleaning out our guestroom closet. It was horrible! I don't think we had ever organized it since we moved it we basically through stuff in there. After going through it all we came out with like 4 huge garbage bags of old clothes to give away. I have held on to clothes for several years thinking one day I will wear it again but I went with the theory if I haven't worn it in over a year it was going! It was kinda depressing but oh well I mean after you have a baby there isn't much hope that I will fit in those highschool/early college year clothes anyway! So we felt accomplished afterwards! Then we took naps! I think I slept for an hour and a half. It felt soo good though to just crazh like that on the couch! After I woke I went and picked up Colby. My parents said he was really good today. Glad to hear that! Our night has been short but good we just cooked breakfast foods and have hung out trying to get the house in order for the week! Colby discovered his love for fried eggs sunny side up style! He ate almost my whole plate! I guess now I know what I can cook him for breakfast sometimes! So that's all today it was a busy but fun day!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Kitty/Doggy Love

So this week our pets have done something new. Bailey has decided that Allie's kennel is a nice place to nap! The funniest part though is when Allie comes in ready to nap Bailey just stays in there too. So they stay there for about 30 minutes until 1 of them gets annoyed and starts making a lot of noise and then I have to boot Allie out...but in the mean time it makes for fun photos!

If You're Happy and You Know It

So I have taught Colby the song "If You're Happy and You know it". Awhile back he learned the clap your hands part and just this week he has learned the lifting his hands up to shout hooray part! He's so cute when he does this! I caught him at lunch time in action!

Birthday Girls

Last year's b-day!

Tonight's b-day celebration!

So tonight we had our annual birthday celebration for Elizabeth and I. Her birthday is the 22nd Monday and mine is the 23rd Tuesday. Every year we celebrate with getting a carrot cake. We both love it! Tonight we went over to my parent's house. It was fun but boy have times changed since having a kid! Colby just turns into a handful at events like this. I don't think he's so much bad as he just gets overstimulated and overtired which create a handful of a 1 year old. He hung in there pretty good but my poor boy turns into a pumpkin at 7. It used to be 8 but now its 7. Which is a good thing when you are home but boy its hard when you want to do stuff at night. This is why we don't really do much at night. Oh well I know it won't be like this forever so I just have to look at it that way! So I am turning 28...I can't believe I am that close to 30!

Austin will have to work Tuesday so I don't know what we will do on my birthday besides me take Colby to Gymrompers...maybe Austin and I can eat out that night? We are going to celebrate as a family Monday by doing something fun just the 3 of us!

So again Colby was good tonight but he did get tired. He did love the carrot cake though which I think is adorable because his mommy loves it so! He also showed off by saying his prayer when it was time to thank God. He folds his little hands and bows his head! So cute! Anyways it was a good night spent with family!

Family Ministry Day at MBC

Today was Family Ministry Day at our church. I decided that the best way for Colby and I to participate was to go around and hang things on people's doors about the church. The day started at 8 and went until 1 but I knew Colby and I would not be there the whole time. If we weren't having a birthday party tonight at my parent's house I might have been inclined to stay the whole time but its just hard with an active toddler. So we got there around 9 and helped them finish stuffing bags. It was about 10 before we were ready to start walking through the neighborhood. I went along with my parents b/c this was also the ministry they had signed up to do. They did most of the talking to people just because I was pushing Colby's stroller and trying to keep him happy. We ran into a lot of nice people though. Most of them said they were Catholic though. I was glad though that most were friendly and accepting. Honestly they were probably nicer then I would be if some stranger knocked on my door!
So anyways we walked and delivered about 20 bags. My parents were going to stay the whole time but Colby was getting fussy and antsy because it was stop and go. He likes being strolled but he likes a continuous pace. So we left and came back home. I am glad we got to go though and atleast feel like we were supporting what the church was doing. I hope they continue to have things like that because I feel like its good for the whole family to do something together. And even though Colby is too young to understand I want him to see what being a servant is all about. So that was our morning hopefully Colby takes a nice nap though since we are going out tonight.

Friday, March 19, 2010

So Thankful

So it really has hit me lately how thankful I am to be a stay at home mommy. Words can't express how much I love my job. Don't get me wrong some days are long and frustrating and there are the days where I miss being a school teacher but for the most part I couldn't love what I do more! I have friends who are working moms and I can't even imagine leaving my baby every day! I have been so fortunate to get to hang out with my son for 20 months! Now that he is getting older its become even more fun. He's become like a little buddy. He's older now and so therefore more fun to take places. He is actually understanding more so I can even talk to him some and he can understand what I am saying. We can take field trips and have mommy/son dates! I even love the days where we hang out at home. With this spring weather we have been taking lots of walks and enjoying our backyard too.
I can't say that I won't ever go back to work in fact in our house we have come up with a take it year by year basis. I don't want to think ahead and worry about the future. All I want to think of is right now it is what is best for our family. Next year Colby will go to Mother's Day Out 2 days a week. I might even talk to the people there about a subbing position. I wouldn't mind working parttime. I just don't want an every day committment. I want to be available to help out with Colby's little class. So we'll see I had once talked of subbing these last 2 years but can't make up my mind that I really want to. So who knows maybe next year or the next when he's involved in school I wouldn't mind subbing at the MDO but for now I am happy with my job as a mom. Some people might say I wasted my college degree but I don't feel like it at all. Luckily I majored in elementary education so I feel like I already use so much of what I learned raising Colby. So there it is I love where I am at and just so thankful that God has blessed us to where I can stay at home. I know it might not always be like this but I am sure enjoying my time!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Beautiful Weather

Well today the weather is just gorgeous! Its cool outside and blue skies! I love the spring weather we have been blessed with this year! So today Colby and I headed to the park. I think this is going to be a our new Thursday tradition. I am going to try to make every Thursday a mommy/son special outting. Our weeks seem to fill up so fast with Austin usually off on Mondays, Tuesdays Gymrompers, Wednesday grocery, and Sundays are church that really only leaves a few days in there where we have nothing going on. So my new thing has been taking him to a park on Thursdays.
We enjoyed our outting today its fun to get out just me and him now that he is getting older. I hope to take him to the zoo soon just mommy and Colby too! But anyways there was only one other mom and little boy there today. I was suprised since the weather was so nice. They didn't even stay that long either. Colby enjoyed playing we stayed for about an hour. Afterwards we came home and enjoyed our backyard too. Colby wasn't ready to come in yet! I'm sure late this afternoon after his nap we will talk our usual afternoon walk and play outside then too! No pictures yet today I should have taken some at the park but oh well!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

20 Months

My baby last year at 8 months old

Now my big boy at 20 months!!!

Gosh my little boy is 20 months today! Hard to believe really! He's getting so big and looking like such a big boy all the time! He is talking a lot lately. He learns a new word about every week. And he is now starting to use a lot of the ones he learned a while back all the time! I don't think it will be long before he will start saying simple sentences. He already says "Whats that" and " I do". He wants to know what everything is. He still loves trucks and dogs. He also loves pretty much any animal. He adores being outside and would prefer being outdoors to anywhere else. He loves parks and has figured out the art of climbing, sliding, running, and stomping through puddles like any boy should! He also loves to be on the go. Which is a new thing for him. I used to feel like he liked staying home more then going places but now he wants to take a ride in the car or truck every day! He definitely keeps me on my toes! He's a good eater except this past week since he was sick but that is starting to go back to normal.

He probably weighs about 30 lbs and is 33 inches tall I think. He won't go back to the doctor until he is 2 unless we have to bring him because he is sick. He is in between size 18-24 months and 2T clothes. It just depends on what it is he can wear both right now. He is in a size 6 shoe but close to a size 7. He has crocs now and loves wearing them! He looks like such a big boy in his shorts and crocs! He is still in Gymrompers class and absolutely loves it! He climbs on just about everything there. He is a very sweet boy not aggressive at all with other kids. He is also very smart. He knows about 7 or 8 letters now which amazes me. I think he also knows some of his colors. He recognizes a lot of animals. He also knows nature items like trees, flowers, sun, bushes, etc.

His new favorite song is "If you are Happy and You Know it". He has known the clap your hands part for awhile but now he loves to lift his hands when you say shout hooorayy! Hopefully I can teach him stomp his feet before long! He knows where is nose is and his feet. He knows also where is hair is and how to brush it! I think he also knows tongue. We are working on eyes and ears. So thats him in a summary! I just can't believe he's not a baby anymore! He's closer now to 2 then 1 hard to believe I will have a 2 year old in a few months!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Baton Rouge for a Day!

We went to Baton Rouge today for a little day road trip just the 3 of us. We decided with the weather so nice and Austin being off that we would get out and take advantage of it. Colby was supposed to have Gymrompers today but we decided with him being sick we should not go this week. 1) we don't want to share our germs with any other kids and 2) I don't want him picking up anything else while his immunity is probably still low.

We left bright and early this morning. I think Colby was excited to get on the road and go somewhere. We decided we would first head to the State Capitol building. Once we got there we parked and let Colby just walk and explore the gardens outside. It was such a nice day and the grounds outside of the Capitol were really pretty. He had a blast walking through the grass and down the pathways. We then went into the Capitol and saw the sights there. He loved squealing in the Rotunda and hearing his echo. Somehow he can always figure out the places where he echoes...smart boy! He did really well though inside. He seemed to just enjoy the scenery. We decided to walk out down the stairs we did not go in this way but figured Colby would probably enjoy seeing outside from that high up. And man did he! He also loved going up and down the stairs. So we just let him go for about 15 minutes doing that. We then explore the outside some more and found a cool horse statue. Afterwards we went to the State museum across the street. It was pretty small but Colby enjoyed walking around there too. He found some boats, fishes, ducks, and houses that interested him. By that time it was getting to be lunchtime and we had already decided we were going to eat at Jason's Deli so we stopped there. Colby did pretty well but was getting antsy by the time we left. He managed to eat some mac n cheese though. He didn't scarf it down like he normally would but least he wanted to eat and he didn't throw up either so I felt like that was good. After we left there he dozed in the car for about 20 minutes then we stopped at Cabella's. We had wanted to go to the Bass Pro Shop but Cabella's was more on the way home so we went there instead. I think Colby liked seeing all the animals and fish. He also got a cute t-shirt there. All in all it was a fun family day! It was just nice to see new sights and take a road trip on a pretty day! Baton Rouge is a really nice city so I wouldn't mind going back sometime!