Thursday, March 31, 2011


The last 2 days have been wonderful days of spending with friends. Last night ofcourse being church. I enjoy going on Wednesday nights and fellowshiping with our church family. Last night I also worked in the nursery. We had 3 children: Jonathan, Zoe, and Colby. Its interesting because they are 3 different ages and all in various stages but they do really well together. Colby is the oldest at 2 1/2, Zoe is 1, and Jonathan is 4 months. Zoe and Colby play pretty well together and Jonathan was just fascinated with the "big kids". I enjoyed getting to take care of Jonathan I got to feed him some of his supper and hold him for awhile. I miss that baby stage so much! Colby loves both Zoe and Jonathan. He talks about them all the time at home. He's very tender hearted and gentle with them both. Cheryl worked with me and I really enjoyed talking with her and working with the babies. She used to be the nursery director so it was nice just talking about that the joys and hardships!

This morning I had my weekly Bible Study while Colby was at school. I have really been blessed by this study. I am the youngest there but its been nice to be able to get to know some of the older women of our church. I really don't mind being the youngest at all. While I was at Bible Study Colby was at school hanging out with his friends! I am so glad he loves school and has made some great friendships there. I get to hear about Max, Kiley, Mia, Cam, and Addie all the time!

Tonight we had our friend Laura come over with her baby Jonathan. It was so great to hang out and visit with her. Colby got quite a kick out of the baby too. He was so sweet with him. He would lay down on the blanket next to him and play. He also enjoyed entertaining him in the bouncer toy. He didn't act jealous at all when I was holding him. Once again I loved having a baby around! I miss that 4 month old baby stage. They aren't quite as fragile as newborns but they are still so sweet and will fall asleep in your arms! I told her how wonderful it was to hold a sleeping baby again! Colby loved talking to them both also! He would pat baby Jonathan and hush sweet! I hope he is this sweet one day when he has a younger baby sister or brother!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Wow last night we had the worst weather I can ever remember. Well not counting hurricanes. I have lived through many of those but the thing about those is you know they are coming and you know how to prepare. We knew last night it was going to rain and storm but we didn't know how bad. Austin got in around 6:30 and we ate dinner. As we were finishing up it started raining and lightning. He went out around 7 to make sure our drains were clear since we would be expecting a lot of rain. When he came in he said it had started hailing. I don't recall ever really seeing hail. I mean it might have come down a little but never anything like I saw last night. We had over an inch of it in our yard. It was coming down pretty steady and we were standing at the front door watching it. It was scary but yet amazing to see this power in nature occuring. Its a true testament to the power of God. The lightening was crazy! Well as we continued to watch the sky got really black then it was like the heavens opened and started dropping hail like crazy and the sky lit up green and blue. At this point we ran to the bathroom and stayed for about 10 minutes until we felt like it had passed. It was probably the scariest thing I have ever been through weather wise and I have seen several hurricanes in my time.

Once it started calming down we were able to snap a few pictures. I wanted to document it b/c I had never seen anything like it before. Our yard was white with ice pellets. It was stacked again our fence. I was so proud of Colby though the whole time he never got scared and when we took him in the bathroom he just sat quietly. I think kids take cues from their parents and since we weren't freaking out neither did he. Even when we went to the bathroom we tried to stay calm. I don't think there is any reason to make your kids fear weather I mean you want them to be smart and not go out and play in it but you also don't want them so scared of bad weather they freak out and can't sleep. It all calmed down about 8 and we were able to go on with our bedtime routine. Colby thankfully went to sleep about 9:30 and slept all night. The weather got bad again around 3 am but he never woke up. Thankfully, today it has cleared up a little and we were able to go grocery shopping. Its crazy though all the damage that is around. Our street is a mess no major damage just leaves and limbs down everywhere. Several parking lots are flooded with a few feet or water still. We are thanking God though for keeping us safe last night and today!

Monday, March 28, 2011

And the Birthday Continues

Today was a continuation of birthday celebrations! I feel like its been going on forever ha! Anyway Austin was off today so we decided we would go out to Lakeside and get a few things accomplished. One of the things was to buy me an ipad 2 that was going to be my b-day present from Austin & Colby. I also was hoping to get Colby's Easter picture taken with the bunny and ride the train. We don't go out to Lakeside too often but we do try to go each season when they have the train set up. We went to the Easter bunny first while Colby was in a great mood. He did so well! I am so glad he's not scared of "characters". We aren't playing the easter bunny up real big to him. I mean I'm sure we will say he visited and left the eggs but nothing major I mean I do Santa but I don't want to consume my child with too many characters I want him to realize the real reason for Easter. He was so cute saying "hey bunny" while he was on his lap. After taking pictures we took him to the train. He was the only kid on it but he didn't care! He smiled and laughed and I think the lady let him go around extra times! He was having a ball!

After the train we went to the apple store to try and buy the ipad 2. They informed us though that you have to arrive at 7am and wait in line until 9am and the sell out by 10am. I found that to be ridiculous b/c you aren't even guaranteed what you want. So we ended up coming home and buying mine online. Since that didn't work out we went to PB kids to check on Colby's bunk beds. Colby loves that store and all the things to "play" with. He had a blast with their kitchen set! I wish we had enough room in our house to get him a kitchen but we just don't right now. After we played in that store for awhile Austin wanted to go spring clothes shopping for himself so I brought Colby down to the Disney Store. He loves just looking around in there. His favorite area though is ofcourse the "CARS" stuff! I found him some really cute Mickey Mouse beach wear. We are going to Destin in May and then with swim lessons I figured he could use just one more swimsuit. I think this is his 3rd that I have bought so far. Last year he had 5 or 6 which he will probably end up with this year when its all said and done. I also let him go to the "CARS" area and pick out a couple for his Easter basket. I figured he won't remember by the end of April. After our shopping we took a potty break then went to eat in the food court!

When we got home Austin wanted to work in the yard so I tried to rest while Colby rested. Colby didn't end up taking a nap though so I didn't either. I think he was too excited about the birthday party at Grammy's.

We went over to my parent's around 5. Colby loves the family get togethers. He played outside around the pool while the men grilled. He wanted so badly to jump in. I know it won't be long until swim season maybe by the end of April. Colby was a riot during dinner and the rest of the night. He talks so much and just enjoyed being around everyone and making us laugh. My mom blew up a couple balloons for him and he thought that was the best! It was so great visiting with everyone! I love that we have a family get together almost once a month. Its nice to go back "home" and hang out. By the end of the night Colby was exausted since he had no nap but he hung in there really well without getting cranky. I remember when he was a baby and it was harder to enjoy those gatherings b/c he would get so fussy!

We had a wonderful day and really enjoyed Austin being off again! Now we will be back to our normal routine for a few days! Today (Tuesday) Colby went to school so I was able to run a couple errands then enjoy my quiet time at home! I love when I can actually come home and enjoy that it doesn't happen often with our busy schedules!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Weekend

We have had a pretty low key weekend around here which has been kinda nice. Friday was a stay at home day for Colby and I. We had an electrician coming out so we had to stay in anyway. Its rare that we have a whole day to stay at home. I was honestly looking forward to it. Luckily it was a beautiful day so we spent probably 3 hours outside total. We played for a long time in the back yard after breakfast. I love being out there in the mornings its so cool and breezy. We came in for a while then while the electrician was working Colby and I played out front. I brought a bucket or water and some kitchen gadgets and he had a blast pouring and scooping. He also watered our grass and flowers. After naptime we went in the back again for about an hour. By the end of the day I realized though why we don't spend many days ALL day at home. They are exausting! Way more exausting then the days we go places! Colby was pretty good all day but he's a handful at times. I miss those days when we stayed home more when he was just a baby! I feel like I got so much more done around the house. But its ok I know these days will fly by all too quickly and I will look back and miss them. I am already sad thinking that my baby is growing up so fast. He already goes to school 2 days a week and next year it will be 3. So before I know it my little buddy will be off to school and not here to spend time with me! Saturday we decided to go visit my parent's. We hadn't been over there in a few weeks and every day Colby would ask me if we were going to see Grammy's house? So I knew I better take him soon! We also didn't have any big plans since Austin was working and I didn't want to stay home another whole day with him! We had fun again it was another beautiful day so we spent time in their backyard then took him for a walk down the street which he enjoyed. He came back home and took a 3 hour nap which was awesome! Today (Sunday) was quite a busy day. This is one reason we didn't do much the other days b/c I knew today would be so busy! We went to Sunday School this morning. Colby got to hang out with Broc in his class. We actually had quite a number of kids today! We had all 3 babies there which was good to see. We also had a visiting toddler. Colby and I came home after Sunday School since we were having The Gathering tonight. I wanted him to have plenty of time to rest. I also wanted time to get stuff done around the house and not feel like I was rushed all day. Colby didn't nap though but he's getting old enough to where he doesn't HAVE to nap every day as long as he is given the chance to rest some days he will nap some days he won't. He wasn't cranky though at all yesterday so that was good. I think he's getting to that transition stage meaning he will need naps some days and some days he won't. I think its important though to give him a "rest" time and his body will tell him if he needs to sleep or not. He did really good at the Gathering though. I thought for a 2 1/2 year old he paid attention and was all in all not bad. He participated even. He looks forward to the birthday cake though. Each month we celebrate that month's b-days so last night there was cake. He talked about that all day! He is getting into birthday cakes and sweets now! I am glad he doesn't expect them all the time though but he definitely now has a sweet tooth. He's had more lately just b/c of all the birthday stuff then usual. It was nice to know tonight coming home that Austin would be off the next day. Colby actually went to bed early. We put him to bed at 8 and I think he fell asleep shortly after since he didn't take a nap!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Birthday Week

Well this is my 29th Birthday week....I can't believe I am 1 year away from the big 3-0! Wow that seems so old. The last 10 years have flown by! Anyway I have had a great week so far. Austin has been off the last 3 days which has been wonderful. Monday was a pretty low key day for us. We started the morning with a trip to the park. The weather here has been so nice! I love spring time. We have had highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s the last few weeks. I am trying to soak it up as much as possible b/c I know all too soon how hot it will be! So we stayed at the park for about an hour! Colby had a blast! He loves when we both can take him to the park. Afterwards we went to Petsmart to stock up on some pet items. He loves this store. He loves seeing and talking to all the animals. Its almost like a field trip for him! The rest of our day was pretty low key. We stayed at home and just enjoyed the time together. We grilled steaks out and I made mashed potatoes and green beans. I love when we can all sit down to a family dinner like that!

Tuesday was a busy day! Colby had school so after we dropped him off Austin and I went to breakfast. This has sort of become our "new thing". The days Austin is off and Colby goes to school we go on a breakfast date. We have tried many different places all over town. Its been fun doing something a little different like that! Afterwards we came back home so Austin could help our friend Josh with some furniture. We actually gave our guest room furniture to them. We have been wanting to get rid of it for awhile. For one thing it was big and bulky for that room. The furniture came with the house which was great when we first moved in b/c we had no guest room furniture but now as we are thinking of having baby number 2 sometime in the future we knew it would have to go anyways. We are also in the process of turning Colby's nursery into a big boy room. We have bunk beds ordered and we already took his crib and changing table out. Therefore, we needed a place to put these things. We did put the crib in storage but we figured the changing table we could just leave in the room for storage right now. After picking Colby up from school we spent some time relaxing around the house before our dinner plans. Austin made reservations for us to eat out at Des Familes. This is our "traditional birthday" place. I have been eating there for my b-day for many years. Austin and I continued the tradition even after having Colby. Although this was the first year we would go as a family. We went 2 years ago just us b/c Colby was a baby and we didn't know how enjoyable our dinner would be. Last year we just went to get Mexican though b/c Austin worked on my b-day and we just didn't have as much time. So this year being as Colby is 2 1/2 and we figured he would do ok plus it would be nice to celebrate as a family so we all went. Considering his age I think he did pretty well. This was his first semi nice restaurant to eat at. It was fun getting kinda dressed up and heading out though. Colby especially enjoyed running around on their patio/deck that overlooks the swamp. He had a blast spotting alligators and fish too! After dinner we came home for some b-day cake!

Wednesday was my actual b-day. Originally we thought Austin would be working that day so we had nothing "special" planned. I had to go grocery shopping anyway so we went to Walmart the 3 of us. After arriving and spending a short amount of time there we realized why we don't shop there! It was way more stressful! It might be a little cheaper but not worth the stress! We did get what we needed for the week though. But I was so happy to get out of there! The rest of the day we spent relaxing before church. Once again church was already on our calendar so nothing changed since it was my b-day. We have been enjoying going on Wednesday nights. We hadn't really been since Colby was a baby. He loves it though! We always enjoy the family dinner time and then the prayer service. This week I got to go into church with Austin. My mom stayed and worked with the little ones in the nursery. I had planned a water activity for them. My mom said Colby ofcourse had a blast with that! They also got to go outside which she said he loved too!

I had a great week and it was so nice to have Austin home for 3 days straight! We always have fun when he's home and it creates special memories the 3 of us spending time together! The rest of the week Thursday and Friday were just me and Colby getting back into our routine. Thursday he had school and I had Bible Study. I am really enjoying getting to grow closer to God and some wonderful ladies from our church. Today we stayed home all day. We had an electrician coming so we had to stay in but it was honestly pretty nice. Colby and I rarely stay in all day so it was kinda nice to have that break. We played in the front and back yards and even did the water activity they did Wednesday night in the yard so I think he had fun!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Weekend

So our weekend is already half way over! We have had a fun one though. Yesterday (Friday) was a busy day. Colby had a haircut first thing. My parent's decided to tag along with us so that we could go to lunch and spend some time with them though after. Colby immediately knew I think where we were headed as we made our way there. When we pulled up at the place he started saying "no no" so I was nervous how he would do. All in all he did way better then the last 3 times. He cried a little but for the most part remained composed. I think he's finally getting old enough to reason with. He also understands that mommy and daddy aren't doing this to hurt him or aren't going to leave him. He still doesn't enjoy it but he sucks it up and deals with it!

Since he was so good and we finished up early we took him to the park. My parents love watching him play. He had a good time running off some energy. He went down the big slide over a dozen times...each time saying "last time". He's such a ham now that he can talk! After letting him play for awhile we all went to lunch. It was a great morning full of memories. I know days like this are special for him and my parents especially. He loves spending time with them! He wanted to stay with them all afternoon in fact he heard them say they would be running errands after they brought us home so Colby kept saying "run errands grammy granddaddy".

We had a not so fun afternoon/evening though. Austin has had to work a lot this week so its meant him not getting home until almost 9 every night. So we are both tired/grumpy and let emotions fly. Last night we had an argument on his way home. We finally got over that and savored most of the night. But he got a call around 1 am that woke us both up. I am a HUGE grump when awoken like that. Probably why its such a good thing Colby was a great baby not sure I have the patience to deal with no sleep! So we got in another fight. I know at this point we were just exausted. Well a lot of times when I wake up like that suddenly I can't go back to sleep. So there I was laying awake until about 4:30 this morning.

Today has turned out to be an awesome day though! Colby and I started our day leisurely. We both slept until almost 8 thank goodness after the sleepless night I had. We then had our eggs and cheese for breakfast. We got ready and went to the park. I am trying to make the most of our lovely spring weather. We met a friend there too. Colby had a blast we stayed for an hour and a half. There was a church there so there were inflatables to play on. Colby really enjoyed this! I was surpised how brave he was to get in there with other kids and me not get in with him. He had such a good time though! I was glad he got to play hard!

Yesterday was wonderful too because Austin got home around 4. This hasn't happened all week! We were able to spend sometime in the backyard with Colby. I love spring! I also love the days are longer. We grilled and ate hamburgers outside. This was the first time we had eatin outside since early fall I think. Its great now Colby is big enough to eat at the table with us so no dragging a highchair out there for him. He ate really well too...he ate half a burger and a few fries. I then thought I would let him have some more fun since it was a "special" night and gave him a they are the all fruit kind but still it was a treat to him. He rarely gets things like that in fact most nights his dessert is fruit or pudding or yogurt. He was more then excited to have icecream as he called it! He gobbled it up but made quite a mess. This is one reason he doesn't get popsicles often and they will have to be eaten strictly outside! We had to take off his clothes and throw him in the tub. Usually he doesn't bathe until after 7 but we just let him play in his pjs for awhile after.

Today was Sunday and we just went to Sunday School. Colby and I came home afterwards b/c we have a church meeting tonight so I wanted for us to have plenty of time for naps and things to get done around the house. Sunday School went well...Colby was in his class along with Emily who is now 4 and a visitor named Brian who was 3. He did ok but he's starting to be a handful in there I think b/c he knows my mom and I are sitting outside. He also always wants to drink his juice in there so I am not sure whether to take that away or just let him have it to not make a huge fight. I guess I might just let him have it when he wants b/c I am not sure its worth the fight every Sunday. I just don't want the other kids to think he is treated special since his mommy works back there. He is starting to get really comfortable at church I think he thinks he's king of that nursery! I got to interact though with Zoe who was really good today in the toddler class and also baby Jonathan. Tonight we have that meeting which I am a little nervous that I have to be the one to conduct it but it will be more a discussion then a led meeting with me talking the whole time. I am praying it goes well though and we can make some good decisions for the church and nursery.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Our week so far...

This week has been back to routine for us. I find it hard though to get motivated after last week. Last week was Mardi Gras week for Colby so we didn't have to leave the house early any day. Not that we didn't get out and do stuff we just weren't waking up as early. So now this week not only that the time changed. It has been so hard for me to get up in the morning and I also want to take a 2 hour nap every day! Not good for a house mommy who has lots of stuff to get done!

Monday Austin was still off. Colby spent Sunday night with my parents so we woke up that morning to go get Colby. I skipped Bootcamp and I felt a little guilty for doing so but between not getting to bed until after 1 that night and the losing the hour the night before and the fact that I hadn't seen Colby in almost 24 hours and the fact that Austin was off that last day I just couldn't make myself go! I hate that I missed though since now I have been out of excercise for 2 weeks. I know next week is going to be rough!

We picked Colby up and just came home and let him play in the backyard. Normally we would have taken him somewhere but we were gone all weekend so it felt good to come home. I think Colby enjoyed being home with his toys also. We worked in the flower beds making them spring like again. That afternoon we were even able to take a bike ride before dinner which was nice. We ordered po-boys out which was yummy! Colby loves ham and cheese ones and a couple fries. It was a treat for all of us!

Tuesday it was really back to reality for Colby and I. It was his first day back to school. I had to be up at 7 which normally isn't bad but felt soo early because of the time change. I did enjoy coming back home to a quiet house for a couple hours though. The morning was going great though until I left to get him. Well let me back up a minute...I sent Colby to school in undies for the first time. I talked with him about the importance of going potty. I sometimes think she is too shy to ask his teachers or if they ask him he tells them no b/c he is too busy playing. Although he hasn't had many accidents there b/c I send him in pullups but they are usually dry when he comes home. I even talked to the teachers and told them to make him go. He hasn't had an accident in months and wears undies everywhere else now even when we travel in the car. So onto picking him up: I left the house a few minutes early and thought I was doing really well when I remembered I forgot his juice. Well Colby always flips out when I do that...they only give them water at school so I always bring him a cup of juice to drink on the way home. So I figured ok well I have plenty of time to turn around and go get it. His school is only about 10 min from our house. So I turned around well ofcourse on the way home and the way back I hit every red light between here and there. I pulled into the school parking lot at 11:57 so I ran down the breeze way. I could hear they were already standing outside and Colby was yelling "MOMMY" quite loudly. He wasn't upset yet thankgoodness! So as he walks around the corner he is carrying a plastic bag and wearing different shorts. His teacher goes on to tell me he had an accident 30 minutes after being there...WHAT? I mean I wasn't mad at them or him but I was just thinking what happened....he wears undies all the time now and never pees on himself oh well I think we will go back to pullups for awhile!
Well the rest of the day was pretty normal we have been enjoying this wonderful weather though and getting outside and playing on Colby's playground!
Wednesday ofcourse was our grocery shopping day. I like that it falls on Wednesdays b/c even though I don't always enjoy going atleast its a morning we don't have to rush to be anywhere. We take it easy around the house then make our way there sometime before lunch. Its also a good day to have a low key morning b/c we go to church at night. Last night at church things went well. Austin didn't get off work though to meet us there which was a bummer. I had to work childcare. We decided to combine them b/c the mission friends leader is out of town plus we didn't have too many kids. Since the time change and the gorgeous weather I thought the best idea was to take them outside. They loved it. We had a 6 year old, two 4 year olds, a 2 year old, and a 1 year old. We also had a baby but he stayed in with one of the workers. Colby had a blast watching the bigger boys play he thought he could do everything they did. The RA's even came out and all 3 boys wanted to go play. Colby kept saying "go play" I was like baby you aren't quite big enough to play with those guys!
Today has been a good day. Its been busy. Colby had school then I had Bible Study. Our ladies at church have decided to do a daytime Bible study during the week. I was so excited because I have always wanted to attend a daytime study. Nights are just too hard right now. Between Austin's schedule and I hate running off at night anyway and leaving my family. Its in Kenner so its a long way from Colby's school. I enjoyed getting to be with various women of differing ages though from the church. I had to leave a little early though so that I could be back at Colby's school. He had a good day at school and now calls everyone by name and greets them when they come soo cute!
We also got to enjoy the outdoors for awhile. We are now waiting on Austin to get home so we can enjoy our Mexcian taco fiesta I prepared. I know he can't help it but its so frustrating anytime I cook big meals like this he's late. I hate that we have to eat a cold dinner. Anyway I am going to go ahead and let Colby eat and if Austin hasn't called by 7 I may eat too! I had a small lunch!
I am looking forward to the weekend although Austin isn't off but Colby and I am sure will find stuff to do keep us busy!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

our weekend

We have had a wonderful weekend. The weather has been great...austin has been off and we have had some fun times. The day started yesterday with Colby and I having a playdate with the MOPS moms and kids at the park. There were about a dozen moms and probably 20 kids there. It was a good time. I think Colby thought he was as big as some of the "big boys". He played trucks with some of the little boys though.

After the park we came home to get ready and pack for our last minute trip to Hattiesburg. We left after lunch and drove up. I was so glad Colby slept the entire way in the car. He was nice and refreshed when we got there. It was such a nice day we mainly let him play outside. He rode a tricycle at Austin's parents house and ran around in the backyard. That night we went out to dinner. Colby was so good the whole time. I think Austin's parents were amazed at how grown up he is and how much he talks now. After dinner we brought him back to the apartment to play on the playground. He played until dark and had a blast! He was so happy to be with his mawmaw and pawpaw.

Its so nice to have the apartment we were able to tuck Colby in his own bedroom and then hang out and watch tv. Its really relaxing when we go there because we get to be on our own for some of the time and feel like we have no responsibilities.

When we woke up this morning we got ready so we could go back over to his parent's house. Wendi and the girls were coming over to hang out and eat lunch. Colby was so excited about seeing them! We had thought about taking them all to a park or playground to play. Once the girls got there though they all started playing in the backyard they were having so much fun we decided to just stick around their house. They played with a wagon and then Austin and his dad took turns taking them for rides in a wagon attached to a riding lawn mower. They thought this was a blast! They even rode bikes in the driveway. Colby thought he was big enough for the "big" bike. It was so cute seeing them all play together. Its taken awhile for Colby to really get to the point of "playing" with them but since he turned 2 he has really enjoyed them. Its nice they are all 2 years apart. They are 2 1/2, 4 1/2, and 6 1/2 right now so they play pretty well together. It was such a beautiful day we stayed outside for quite awhile. Once we went inside they had fun in there too. We ate lunch then packed up and headed home.

It was pretty late in the day when we got home so we pretty much unloaded the car and hung out around the house. We put Colby to bed early due to the fact of him not getting a nap and the time change.

Sunday was another good but busy day. Ofcourse it began with Sunday School and church. Colby did good again in the 3 year class. It was only him and Emily. He was so funny when she came in the class he was going "hey" "hey" until she talked back to him! During extended care it was him and Zoe in the toddler room. I think they played outside mostly so he enjoyed that! After church we went out to eat with my mom then we dropped Colby off with her. Austin and I were going to the Rascal Flatts concert. Austin and I were able to enjoy a childless relaxing afternoon.

We really enjoyed the concert. We saw Luke Bryan and Rascal Flatts both put on a very good show. We were fortunate to have "club level" seats so we got to eat at the good food stands before the concert. The seats were also more spacious and the crowd was calmer which was good. We didn't get home until after midnight so that combined with the time change we were both so tired. I knew I probably wouldn't be able to get up and go to bootcamp. I hate I didn't go but I wanted to sleep plus I wanted to enjoy the morning with Austin and Colby since Austin goes back to work tomorrow and Colby goes back to school.

We have had a good day since we picked Colby up. We spent a lot of time outside working in the flower beds then all took naps. I don't think we will do much the rest of they day just hang out here and play since we were gone pretty much all weekend!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Children's Museum Playdate

Since Colby is out of school this week I have been trying to keep him busy and entertained and we are trying to take advantage of our extra time together and go do fun things. As you recall Monday we did the zoo, Tuesday we went to the park, yesterday was church, so today was a free day. We found out his bunk beds weren't being delivered until this afternoon and a friend told me she was taking her 2 girls to the Children's Museum. We figured this would be a good thing for us to do as well. We hadn't been in awhile. Its always fun to bring him each time and see what is his favorite and what all he can do. He's changed so much since the first time we brought him. He used to mainly stay in toddler room the whole time. He still likes that but he enjoys some of the other stuff now too.

We always go to the toddler room first so he checked out everything in there. He loves the slides and the cushy steps. He ran around, bounced around and had a grand ole time. He then started saying "go shopping" so we went to the little grocery. I am glad we went when we did b/c soon after we got in there it started getting crazy. He shopped for about 10 minutes then we put it all away to let the other kids have turns. There were 2 field trips there so it was a little crazy. He then found the boat section and played in there awhile. Its funny too he used to be so intimidated of other kids he would not have enjoyed himself but today he was right in the midst of them. I think going to school this year is why he's so comfortable around lots of kids. It was cute to watch him running around and pretending to "drive" the boats. He interacted with the bigger kids too trying to mimic what they were saying/doing. He visited the Mr. Rogers section for a little while too and enjoyed the letter boxes that you can open up. He also liked all the buttons. We didn't see our friends until the very end. I figured we were in opposite parts of the museum the whole time. But I try to let Colby go where he wants when we are there. So we finally ran into them at the end in the bathroom and only got to visit for a few minutes before we were all ready to go. Colby kept calling out "firetrucks" he remembered the little cars they have downstairs so we went and I showed him those and he climbed in and out of those for awhile. I am sure he could have stayed another hour but we left because I wanted to get home to have time to get some stuff done before lunch/nap! I am so glad we went though we had a wonderful morning and it was just so fun for me to see him having such a fun time!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Mardi Gras Y'all!

Today was Mardi Gras for us New Orleanians. As usual Austin had to work so we weren't parading. I haven't actually been to a parade on Mardi Gras day in quite awhile. Its ok though I am usually a 1 or 2 parade a year kinda girl anyway. Colby and I planned a low key day. I love watching all the excitement on tv though and Colby even enjoyed that this year as well! He has developed quite a love for parades and floats!

We decided to take a drive to return some library books though and mail off some letters. Rain was in the forcast so I figured we would stay close. But after our errands it wasn't raining yet so I asked Colby if he wanted to go to the park! Ofcourse he did! We went to a park we haven't tried yet. I am not sure why b/c it was really nice. Colby loved it. We are definitely going to go back there. There were a couple other families out there as well. Usually when there are other kids he has more fun. There were 2 little girls probably 1 and 2 years old I would guess. Then another family with 2 older girls who were probably 6 and 7 and then a little boy who I would guess was 2. Colby ran around and talked to them. Its so fun to see him becoming more social! He used to be scared of other kids and prefered to play alone but now he loves the company! He didn't even want to leave today. He kept saying "one more time". I was glad we got to go so he could expel some energy. The rest of the day was lazy for us although we did get to play in the backyard too. Now we are waiting on austin to come home. I hate he has to work so much during Mardi Gras but I guess that's all part of it!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Lundi Gras @ the Zoo

We decided to celebrate Lundi Gras today at the zoo. We have been wanting to go back its been awhile since our last trip. Its always hard to go it seems during the week either Colby is in school or since they aren't open on Mondays that means we can't go a lot. Today they were open with it being a holiday and the weather is gorgeous so I told Austin that we should really go! Colby was excited too when he heard us talking about the zoo.

Its so great having a membership we can go for a couple hours and not feel like we are missing anything. We decided to do things today that we haven't done with Colby. We went straight to the Reptile House. He really liked that! He loved all the snakes, lizards, and turtles! Typical boy! He was saying oooh cool the whole time! After that we went over to the Sea Lions. We were lucky because they were about to do a show. We watched some of it but Colby's attention span isn't quite to the point of sitting there for very long. All he wanted to do was climb the steps and stand on the back of the theater. I was so nervous he was going to fall. After we left and were heading back to the bathroom the train passed us by and Colby kept saying "train" so we knew we had to try to ride it. We hit it just right because by the time we got to the area where the bathrooms are the train was unloading and while Austin took Colby to the potty I found us seats on the train. Colby was so excited. This was the first time for all of us to ride it. It was actually pretty neat because you saw most of the zoo. The last thing we did while we were there was let Colby play on the playground. We can't ever leave the zoo without letting him play. It was such a nice day I am so glad we chose to go though b/c I don't know when we will get to go back again and the weather was so nice. It wasn't crowded either which was awesome!

We enjoyed the rest of the day at home we had lots to do around the house plus we all took a short rest. We are in the process of converting Colby's room from baby to big boy. We had to take apart his crib and changing table. It was very bittersweet doing this. I can't believe how fast these 2 1/2 years have gone. It seems like yesterday Austin and I were putting his crib together. I am excited though about his new room. I know he will love the bunk beds and the new "truck" bedding! All in all it was a wonderful day and I really enjoyed spending time with Austin and Colby especially since Austin has been working so much lately with Mardi Gras!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Weekend

The Kindergarten Sunday School class

Colby being silly at home

3 Year old Sunday School class

Its been a fabulous weekend. I can't complain at all. Yesterday was a rainy, day and Colby and I were in together since Austin has been at the hotel all weekend. We decided to go to my parent's house for a few hours to get out the house. Colby was so excited. I had been promising him all week we would go over there. It was nice to break up the day and help it go by faster since I was alone all weekend with Colby. We stuck around and ate lunch. Colby got to play in their backyard too inbetween the rain showers. I was glad he got to burn off some energy out there.

When we left the weather started getting really bad so I was thankful we made it home before the worst of it began. We were even under a tornado warning. We got in and I tucked Colby in I was glad he isn't scared of bad weather so he felt right to sleep. Within an hour it started clearing up. We had a pretty lazy layed back afternoon. The day went by a lot fast then I thought it would. Colby was also very well behaved. I think he senses when Austin is gone like that he does usually behave and let mommy get things done.

Today was Sunday which I was glad we had lots of activity to get us out the house. I am exausted though b/c I didn't sleep really well last night with Austin being gone and couldn't take a good nap today either. During Sunday School Colby went into the 3 year room again and Broc and Emily were also there. I was glad he was able to go in there and be around kids. They also do a lot of activities so I know he's learning a lot too. During extended care though I moved him back to the toddler room b/c Zoe came and then a visitor named Sam. All 3 of them did so good! They all played together so well especially Sam and Colby. But Zoe did awesome she didn't cry hardly at all today! I am so thankful for Colby and his little church friends!

Ofcourse after we went to eat with my parents then came home. It will be another low key afternoon. We will just be waiting on Austin to get home! I am excited he's comign home plus he's off tomorrow so that will be nice!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Mardi Gras Fun

Thursday was a busy morning for colby and I. He had school and I had MOPS. Atleast they are down the street from each other I don't have to drive far. MOPS was good we learned about arranging flowers and doing ribbons. I wish I had more time to have stuff like that around my house. Maybe when Colby is in school more. I feel like right now I am meeting myself coming and going though just with housework I don't have a lot of extra time to spend on decorating. Colby had a good time at was his last day before Mardi Gras. They are out for a week!

The rest of the day we were pretty lazy I have been so tired lately.

Today was a busy morning as well. We went over to the church to do some spring sprucing. Now that my mom and I are in charge we have taken over the decorating also of the nursery. We had previously decorated it for Valentine's and so we had to take all that down and get the spring stuff up. After working in there Colby and I drove back across the river to go to his school Mardi Gras parade. Even though he doesn't go to school on M, W, F his teacher invited him and I to come back for the parade. It was really cute. At first he didn't want to go in but then he warmed up once he saw a couple of his friends and his teacher. The older kids decorated wagons and their parents and or older siblings pulled them around the gym. They tossed beads to the younger kids. I think Colby thought it was fun! I was glad we got to go! Again the rest of our day has been lazy...its been raining so we didn't even get to go outside. We will be enjoying some indoor activites I guess the rest of the day. Austin is going to try to come home tonight which I am glad...I hate when he has to stay at the hotel. Tomorrow though he will have to stay so Colby and I plan on getting out to run errands in the morning then maybe go visit with my parents tomorrow evening.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


So this has been a week so far filled with our regular activites. Nothing really special. I just like to write down what we did so I can look back. Monday I had bootcamp. It ended the first session. I can't believe 6 weeks has gone by. I can feel a difference. I have gotton stronger and more flexible. Overall it has just made me feel better about myself. I haven't weighed myself we don't have a scale I hope I have lost a little. We have Session 2 coming up soon and I am going to do it also still only 1 day a week. I wish I could commit to more b/c I know then I would probably see some weight loss but right now our schedule is too busy as it is and I just can't committ to that much.

Tuesday Colby had school. I was able to come home and get a few things accomplished which was great! I love days like that when I have a little while to breathe and also get things done without entertaining a toddler. He loves school and for that I am thankful. I am so glad we made the decision to put him in this year. He loves it and has so much fun and has learned a lot too!

Today was just our usual grocery shopping day...Wednesdays are usually low key. I like to keep them that way since we go to night church. This gives me time to do housework but also time to rest since we don't usually get in until almost 8 on Wednesday nights. I am looking forward to it though. I shouldn't have childcare tonight which will be nice to actually go in the service.

Church went well tonight. Colby did really well. It was just him and Zoe for Mission Friends in the younger room. The older kids though had a full house! My mom and Mrs. Jana worked in there and said they both did really well. I was glad I got to go sit in church it was a nice break since I have worked back there the last 2 weeks.