Friday, September 30, 2011

Week without Dad and Trip to the Doc

So we survived our first week without daddy. Austin has been gone a night or 2 here and there since Colby was born but never for an entire week. I worried a little about how we would do but I figured we could stay busy enough to make the week go by and we did! I am actually surprised now looking back how fast the week did go. But we did miss him a WHOLE lot and are so ready to see him tonight. Here's a look at how we kept busy this week!
Monday- Colby had school that morning and I had a doctor's appointment. Both helped to make that morning/day go by. That afternoon we went over to my parent's house for dinner. We figured getting out the house at night would also help our week go by quicker. My mom cooked spaghetti for us and we enjoyed visiting and hanging out with them!
Tuesday- We went over to the church this day to work in the nursery. My mom and I had a few "housekeeping" things to do and plus Colby always enjoys playing in there. We worked for a couple hours then had lunch at McAlister's. We didn't get home until about 2 which really made our day fly by. We were going to have a dinner date that night with friends but with our long, busy morning and Colby having a cough we decided to take it easy that night and just eat leftovers.
Wednesday- Colby had school again. While he was in school I did the grocery shopping. That afternoon we rested and I tried to clean up the house. That evening we were going to spend the night with my parents. The original plan was to also go to church but once again with Colby's cough not getting any better we decided not to go. Instead we went to eat at Applebees then went back to my parent's house. We enjoyed getting out and having something to break up our week but neither of us slept well. It was fun though being back at my parent's house. We haven't slept over there like that since colby was about 8 months old. I know my parents enjoyed having us around for a night too!
Thursday- We went to eat breakfast with my parents and brother that morning at Parrot Pete's. We do this on occassion. Its really yummy and nice to visit over breakfast. It works out better then dinner b/c everyone is fresh and not tired at the end of the day! Plus Colby loves his pancake breakfasts! Afterwards we went with my parents to Target. Afterwards we were pretty anxious to get home and relax. Colby was still coughing so we decided not to do anything that evening. I ordered pizza though for Colby and I and we just had a stay in day. We did get to play outside.
Friday- Colby was supossed to have school but we found out late Thursday afternoon that school was cancelled due to water being shut off. I was dissapointed b/c I was really looking forward to the break that morning. I also was a little relieved b/c with Colby still being sick and thinking he should go to the doc I was glad he wouldn't be missing school and he would have an extra day to recover. So that morning we went to the doctor. We had to wait about 30 minutes but then once we got back to the room the doctor came in immediately. The doctor checked him out and said he had bronchitis. He said his ears and throat were clear and he had no wheezing. He did give us a prescription for albuterol. This is second time having this...he had bronchiolitis at 6 months old. The doctor said most likely it was due to stuff in the air I think he might have had a slight cold or allergies and it just progressed to bronchitis. I hope he doesn't always get this..Austin and my brother are very prone to it. Luckily in 3 years he's only had it twice so I guess that's not too bad I have friends whose kids are sick all the time. I just wish he could get over the coughing. After the doc though I promised him a trip to the toystore. We usually only go to ToysRUs for his birthday and I like to avoid the place with all costs b/c I don't want Colby thinking he has to have every toy there is its wayy too tempting for me and him! Anyway we were going to go there a few weeks ago while we waited on Austin to get his truck serviced but when we tried to go in they were closed so Colby remembered that and knew next time we went to the doc we would go back. Luckily we made it out with only a small blue truck for him. He was very thrifty in what he picked out so I let him get it! We also bought some baby things like bottles and breastfeeding supplies since they have a big baby section as well! After shopping we dropped of Colby's prescription and headed home. It was so nice knowing Austin would be in that night. We napped and cleaned up the house a little! He got home right at dinner time and it was so nice to be together as a family that night. We missed him so much! Colby was soo happy to see him! Although I can say we did fine by ourselves...I am glad that we were able to have a good week on our own. A lot of my friends would have gone to stay with their parents the whole time but I believe in being independent and honestly it wasn't really that bad! Colby and I took care of each other I kinda enjoyed bonding with my little man! Probably the last time we will be together like that alone for a looong time!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Weeks 28 & 29

Wow so I can't believe I am down to about 10 weeks left! Crazy! I have hit the 3rd trimester. I still feel good most days I just don't have as much energy or can't be on my feet as long. It is nice though not having to be on my feet like I was with Colby at this point. I haven't really experienced much swelling and I think its b/c I can rest throughout the day. I try to work for awhile and take breaks that way I am not sitting or standing too much. It has helped so much though Colby going back to school. It gives him somewhere to go and burn off energy without me having to drag him all over creation trying to wear him out myself! We got the nursery painted now we are trying to organize and hopefully we will get the crib set up sometime this week.
My doctor appointment today everything went well. My blood pressure has been fine...I haven't seen the last 2 times how much weight I've gained but I must be ok b/c she hasn't said anything either. I don't think I have gained quite as much as I did with Colby. I am now going every 2 weeks. Its hard to believe I'm already at that point! We go next week for the 4D ultrasound which is exciting! We didn't get to do that with Colby so it will be fun getting to see Lindsay up close 1 more time and see some of her features!
We all can't wait for her arrival! I think Colby is so excited to have a little sister he talks about her all the time! I know he is going to take great care of her! We are so thankful for a healthy pregnancy so far! Oh and my diabetes test came back fine thank goodness so no worries there! I guess I am also not anemic this time around b/c they didn't recommend iron pills either like they did with Colby. So all in all we are doing good and I am so grateful for that!


We had a pretty low key weekend which was really nice. Now that Colby is in school 3 days a week I don't mind staying in on Saturdays. This Saturday especially I thought we needed a stay at home day. We don't have them very often and I wouldn't want them often but it was nice to have a break in our schedule/routine. We didn't get to sleep late though Colby was up at 6:30. We had pancakes for breakfast (that has become our Saturday routine) since school started back. The movie Cars was on tv so I let him watch that. That is most definitely his favorite movie and really the only one he will sit through and watch! So he watched half of it while I cleaned the house then we took a break to go outside and ride bikes. It was nice playing outside with him. We don't do as much of that now since its been so hot plus we are usually so busy going places we don't have the time except when Austin is home. After playing outside for about an hour we came back in to cool off and watched the rest of the Cars movie. We just hung out then ate lunch and took naps.
Austin got in pretty early b/c USM came on tv at 2:30. he got in and we all 3 watched the game. Then he had to do yardwork so he and Colby were outside for a couple hours that evening.
Sunday Austin was off so we all went to church. I was in the nursery the entire time. Colby had just 2 kids in his class him and Broc. Austin and I worked in his class during extended care. It actually went really well although its getting tough as I am getting into the end of the pregnancy. I was thankful Austin was there to help us! There were 5 kids total. We had Colby, broc, and veronica who are all 3 and then there were 2 kindergartners in there b/c their moms also were working. We stayed outside mostly. I think the boys really liked having Austin out there. He pushed them in cars and pushed them high in the swings. Colby did really well. I was worried since we would both be in there that he would act out but he did just fine so I was proud of him. He didn't really play with the other kids much none of his buddies were really there. I finally had to go in early from the was getting hot and my feet hurt. So Austin and the other lady stayed with the kids and I went in to fix them cold water to drink. Once they got back in the classroom they all sat quietly and colored and listened to music I was really pleased at how well behaved they were!
We ate our usual lunch at McAlister's then headed home to watch the Saints game. We all took good naps though. Then we got up and did some work around the house and ate dinner. Austin did some more yardwork so he and Colby spent time outside. I am loving that he is a daddy's boy like that and will go outside and play while he works that gives me time to rest or get housework done! It helps out a ton! We had a really great weekend...almost sad to see it come to an end. Austin is leaving town Monday and won't get back until Friday evening. He has a business trip to Miami. We will miss him a ton! He hasn't been out of town in a long time especially not for that long. I know colby is really going to miss him. I hope he understands and does well all week. We have a pretty busy week coming up so I think that will help. It also is good that he's in school 3 days a week so I will get a break! Looking forward to what the week holds though! God is Good!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Our Week

We have had a pretty good week around here especially once Wednesday came and we had a day to ourselves! Colby went to school that morning and I went grocery shopping. I missed having my shopping buddy but it was also to nice to go alone. I had about an hour and a half when I got home to unload groceries and work around the house. Colby had another great day at school. He made a picture of "Things I do at School" ofcourse his was mostly cars and blocks which is truly what he plays with at school. I am so thankful he's already having another great year! We love Mrs. Lyn and he is making lots of friends and enjoying hanging out with his buddy Max from last year.
Thursday was our first day in what seemed like forever that we had a break from going somewhere. We had a leisurely morning around the house then went to the park. We went to Confetti Park again. This seems to be Colby's favorite b/c they always have trucks or riding toys. We were the only ones out there at first but another mom with 2 little girls came soon after. I was glad that someone else came b/c Colby is always happier when there are other children around. The oldest little girl was almost 3 and then she had a 1 year old. Colby loved playing with the girl his age. I think he was more into playing then she was. They ran around and rode cars together though! It was adorable to see him playing with another kid! We stayed out there about an hour. It was warmer then last time but still wasn't unbearably hot. I treated him again to Sonic on the way home. I love our mommy/son days and will miss them. I can't believe next year I will be sending him off to school 5 days a week! I really will miss these times! These 3 years have gone by WAY too fast! I know it also won't be the same with another one. I can't wait to have 2 but I will miss the 1 on 1 time that Colby and I have had.
Friday Colby had school again. We were once again going to bring Max to school and Colby was excited. Its so cute that he already has a good friendship with a little boy. They are very similiar in personalities. Both into cars/trucks, quiet and sweet boys, with blonde hair! Once again they both talked the whole way into school. Max's mom volunteered to pick Colby up since I brought him and she had a half day. I was a little sad but knew Colby would love it! I enjoyed the extra time but I also missed going and seeing him walk out of school. This was a big moment the first time ever riding with a friend without mom or dad...I honestly had no idea that would happen at 3. I expected more like 5? I guess my little man is going to be a social butterfly! I tried to make Colby understand that Mrs. Honey was going to be picking him up and not mommy. He said ok and didn't seem bothered in the least! I walked them both into school and they both ran to their classroom and started playing! I am so happy he loves school! I hope he stays this way for quite some time. I think its been so good for him. So while Colby was at school I made him blue cupcakes. Guess I was really missing him! I also got a lot done around the house. Well around 12:15 when I was expecting him home Honey called and said the boys both wanted to go play at her house. She asked if it was ok I said sure and I would come get him around 1:30! Again so cute that he's already arranging playdates with friends without mommy but also said...who said this happens at 3?!? I wasn't too worried about him I knew he was in good hands but ofcourse the mommy in me worried if he would go to the potty or eat lunch etc. When I went to get him at 1:30 both boys were eating popcorn watching a movie. Colby seemed really happy. He also seemed happy to see me and go home. I would have let him play longer but since he still takes naps and mommy needs a nap too I wanted to get him before it was too late to do that! I am so happy to have a friend and Colby to have a friend and that they live less then 5 min from our house! I look forward to lots of good times this year!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Happenings around Here

So it has been quite busy around our house lately. Last Thursday we started some home projects with a contractor we have used off and on since we moved in. He was going to paint Lindsay's room also along with fixing a few things around the house. He came Thursday morning. This always makes for a hectic time trying to get ready and get out the house all while someone is coming into your house to work. That day I had MOPS so Colby and I were trying to leave the house early. My parents were planning on keeping Colby any way that day which worked out well with my mops meeting and us having someone working in the house. He was excited about spending the day with them! I dropped him off around 9 and headed to my MOPS meeting. I am so glad to have that to go to. This is my 3rd year. I really wish I would have joined when Colby was a baby but I have enjoyed it so much. They plan great events and I have met lots of other stay at home moms which is nice. I missed the first meeting of this year so I was glad to get registered and get all that done too. This meeting they had several mother's sit in the front for a question/answer session. I didn't say or ask anything but it was nice to hear other mom's concerns and hear that you aren't the only one thinking things sometimes! Afterwards I came home. My parents were going to keep Colby until after his naptime. It was nice to not have him here with all the work taking place. I didn't get much rest though since there was work going on! That afternoon my parents dropped him off around 5.

Friday was a school day for Colby. I dropped him off then went and got my haircut. This was my second haircut while being pregnant with Lindsay and probably will be my last. I will be due to go back in December but I know I will wait until after she comes and hopefully before Christmas so I can get it highlited again! I miss my blonde! I have chosen both times not to highlite my hair I know everyone says its fine and it probably is but I think its best just not to take chances plus its not that big of a deal to me. I did get it cut pretty short though which I actually really like. Its so much cooler and easier to manage! After my haircut I still had time for Target. I did some more shopping for Lindsay and got a few other things. I love my shopping time alone! Colby is a good shopper but its still so nice to browse alone and take my time. I was able to come home and put my things away then head back out to get Colby. Ofcourse we still had work going on around our house so neither of us really got a good nap!

Saturday & Sunday we were in Hattiesburg see previous post!
Sunday when we got back in town we watched the Saints play. I fell asleep during the second half. I had woken up at 6am that morning and hadn't had a nap in 2 days so I was exausted. Austin had to go into work when the game ended. He wound up working until about 7. Again I was exausted that night. Poor Colby was very wound up too since he had spent most of the day pent up and didn't get to expel any energy!

Monday was another school day. I have now started taking a little boy from Colby's class to school some days and today was our first day. He lives in our neighborhood and is one of Colby's best friends. His name is Max. he and Colby are very similiar. Its so cute how they have hit it off the last 2 years. His mom and I actually grew up together which is funny too! They were very cute sitting in the backseat carrying on a 3 year old conversation. the only downside is it was pouring! That made it interesting getting them in the door to preschool! They both did well though! I was going to go grocery shopping but decided to come home with all the rain. I was kinda glad I got to come home and relax some. We still had work being done though so it wasn't completely restful. Today also started carpool for Colby which I wasn't exactly fond of. First they didn't even get the kids outside until almost 12:15. Then when they put Colby in the car they didn't buckle him. I had to pull over and almost climb in the backseat to get him buckled. It was kinda annoying! I would really rather just walk to his classroom. Before we were getting home at 12:15 now we didn't get home until 12:40 or so. I think some days I will still just walk in and get him. Our contractor finished up around 2:30 so I did get a small nap but I was still so exausted yesterday. And to top it off Austin didn't get in until 8 so I already felt like I had a long week!
Today-Tuesday Colby and I went to my parent's house. Our housecleaner came today so we needed to get out the house. Once again though we have work going on so I knew it wouldn't be a restful day. I woke up flustered and tired. I tried to make blueberry muffins and for some reason the batter didn't turn out right so I had to throw it away. I know I am in my last trimester and so I am going to get more and more tired. I feel bad b/c my patience is running low too and I don't have as much energy or patience to always play with Colby. I am still trying to make sure though he gets out the house and has fun as much as possible! Thankfully today he got to play with my parents so I was able to just kinda sit back and relax. they went swimming. I didn't get in today...usually I kinda get out of the mood of swimming after Labor Day anyway. The water was 82 degrees which we swim in but by now that would feel really cold. Colby had a blast though with them. Now that we are home he's down for his nap and I am hoping I can get a short one in before he wakes up! I am just praying I can keep my patience and get some rest. Its been a hectic busy week since last Monday. Austin was off 3 days which I love but they are very busy, then work being done then a trip then more work I have just had it! Looking forward to a day tomorrow where we can come home by ourselves!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Colby's 1st USM GAME!

This weekend we got to take Colby up to Hattiesburg for his very first USM game. Even though we have been going to games the last 4 seasons and bringing him to Hattiesburg he has always stayed with my mom and Austin's mom during the game. We were very anxious to bring him! We have talked about it each season but decided to hold off until he was 3.
I wish we could take him to them all this season but I don't think I will be going up to many since I am now in my last trimester of this pregnancy. So I knew this weekend was probably the best option to take him. Plus the game started at 6 which is better for bedtime anyway!
We left yesterday morning and got into Hattiesburg around 11. We stopped at Austin's parent's house to drop off Allie plus Colby was anxious to stop in and see them and play. He was really hoping to see the girls but they were off camping plus shelbi has had strep throat this week so I think they thought it best for them not to play together this time! Colby enjoyed playing then we went to lunch with his parents and mine. We were going to go to a new 50s cafe type place that just opened but the wait was over an hour! NO THANKS! So we went to Sweet Peppers. We all love that place anyway. Colby did really good. It was nice to visit with everyone also. After lunch we went back to the apartment to rest. We knew Colby would need a nap before the game.
We left for the game about 5 and ate when we first got there. My dad has club level seats so you get "free food" each week is something different. This week happened to be tacos and hotdogs. I think the hotdogs were mainly for the kids and people who don't like Mexican. I fixed Colby a hotdog and chips and he scarfed it down! I was really surprised at how well he ate. This has always been one reason for not taking him b/c we weren't sure what he would eat. But he really has just gotton into hotdogs recently. When we went to the seats I think Colby was fascinated with all the sights and sounds. He sat really well through the 1st quarter. By the end he started to get antsy and wanted to walk up and down the steps which I probably would have let him walk around more if it weren't for the people around us. I didn't want him to bother them. So my dad and Austin both took turns getting up with him. He came back in time to see a touchdown before halftime. We knew that me and him would probably only last until halftime so we had planned on our moms picking us up. It worked out really well. We got home right around 8. My mom and I let him play for a while then he took his bath. We got him in bed soon before Austin and my dad got home. They stayed for the whole game. We all stayed up and visited for a little while but I think everyone was tired so we weren't up late.
The next morning I got up around 6. I had a hard time sleeping...I don't always sleep well away from home but especially being 7 months pregnant I was soo hot. Colby woke up crying for one of his blankets at 6 so I knew I should go ahead and get up I had no idea he and Austin would stay in bed for almost 2 more hours! I should have slept longer. It was nice though I got to sit and visit with my parents. Austin's parents came over that morning for breakfast. My mom though it would be nice to cook for everyone. It was yummy...after eating we quickly packed up and hit the road. We might have hung around Hattiesburg longer that morning but the Saints game started at noon so I wanted to be home for that. We watched the Saints game and ate lunch and napped. Austin had to go into work for a few hours so colby and I hung around the house. It was a long day and I was so exausted by bedtime!
We had a great weekend though and loved experiencing Colby's first football game! I can't wait to take him to another! Not sure if we will bring him to another one this year or if we will wait!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Our Week

Whew we have already had such a busy week and its only halfway over! Austin was off this week 3 days so that made for some fun/busy times! Monday I had my doctor's appointment so he brought colby into school that morning. Since it was my glucose test he also met me at the doctor after dropping Colby off. Luckily we were out by a little after 10 so we still had time to come home and rest/get things done before heading back out to pick him up. We arrived at school and went to peek at his class on the playground...little did we know the disturbance we would cause. Colby saw us and was fine but then when we told him we would see him inside and walked off he started wailing. He was mainly calling after Austin. For some reason he is more dramatic around daddy then he is mommy =). He dropped into an all out fit when we got inside. I was surprised to see this side of him at school b/c he never even did that last year! When we got back to the car and he pulled it together we decided to stop and eat lunch at Wendy's. It takes so long to come home and cook after school that especially when Austin is off we usually pick something up or go eat somewhere. That afternoon after naps we ran a couple errands and came back to the house and cooked dinner. After dinner Austin and Colby went on a bikeride. We were doing lots of bikerides in the spring but since I got pregnant and the weather got so hot we haven't been at all well Colby started begging us Monday. I hate I couldn't go but I don't think being 7 months pregnant I should exactly be on a bike!

Tuesday we decided to take a family day and go to the Insectarium. We always try to plan atleast one fun thing for Colby when Austin is off on a week day. I love taking him to different places and letting him explore. This was his 3rd trip there. We have gone each September since he was 1. Each year I think he "gets" a little more but he still isn't as intrigued with the bugs as I had hoped. This time I think he was even more "bored" then he was the previous trips. Before he was intrigued by pretty much anything and just walking around but now that he's older and has developed certain interests bugs were definitely not his thing. He still enjoyed it I think. We were finished in an hour or less though! After the museum we went uptown to eat at La Madeline's. We all really enjoy it! Colby had a turkey sandwhich and he loves riding down St. charles and seeing the streetcars or "carstreets" as he calls them! After lunch we came home and took it easy. We just pretty much hung out around the house the rest of the day. Austin did yardwork so Colby got to play outside a lot while I caught up on inside housework!
Wednesday Colby had school so Austin and I both brought him in. He was excited to go. I think he's really enjoying school this year. Now with him going 3 days a week it seems like he goes all the time. Austin and I came home to do a few things then we went to Lowe's to get paint for Lindsay's room. We have a contractor coming out this week to do some work so he's going to paint the room for us. When we picked Colby up we just picked up sandwhiches and came home to eat. We were wanting to get ready for naptime soon b/c we had church last night. We don't go often on Wednesday nights especially now that I am pregnant just b/c its so hard to get out at night and I'm so tired. But I had childcare so we had to go. Colby always enjoys going although he thinks he's just there to play. Choir/music class started up last night for the preschoolers 3-5 year olds. I was glad b/c its so hard to keep up with that age group. It took some convincing to get him to go but I knew he would have fun once he went. I also think it was good for him to be with someone other then my mom or me. He thinks he owns/runs the nursery since his mommy and grammy are in charge. I know its hard for him to understand that when we go up there and work he can play with anything but then when we are there for church he has to go on to his class. He seemed happy when we picked him up so I know he had fun. I think it was just him and 2 little girls. I worked in the nursery with the babies. It ended up only being Jonathan. So his mom Laura and I stayed there with him. It was good to only have 1 kid and get to visit with her. I was so tired I honestly didn't have a lot of energy to give towards kids anyway!
Now to get back into some type of routine around here since austin goes back to work Thursday!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Weeks 25-27

So things are still going well with baby number 2. I am entering the 3rd trimester this week and my body is starting to feel it! I am still comfortable most of the time but I have my moments where I hurt or my body just aches. I honestly think I am more comfortable now then I was a few weeks ago though she seems to have shifted positions and she's a little higher up now which helps.
I just got back from the doc today. I saw another doc and so far this one is my favorite! I think I will stick with her if I can. She said things are going great. I didn't even notice the weight gain today but I would say I have atleast gained 10lbs by now. My blood pressure was the best its ever been also 132/80. Its usually lower then that at home but for some reason I must freak out at the doc!
Her heartbeat sounded good and strong and they found it right away. She is very active...I thinks he moves more then Colby did. She moves all throughout the day.
We are hoping to start working in her room this week getting it painted a lovely shade of pink. We have picked out her bedding and she already has lots of clothes! I am loving buying girlie stuff!
Still so thankful everything is going well. I had my glucose test today so I am praying everything is fine with that. It wasn't bad just like with Colby so I am hoping thats a good sign!

Friday, September 9, 2011

School Days

Colby's first day of school 2 year preschool 2010

Colby's first day of school 3 year preschool 2011

I can't believe my little man has started his 2nd year of school! He has grown up and changed so much since that first day last year! This year he is at Aurora United Methodist Preschool again in the 3 year old class. He will be going Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays from 9-12!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Colby's 1st Day of School 3 Year Prek

Yesterday (Wednesday) was Colby's first day of school for this year. I think he was excited about going back and seeing his friends. I think it will be good for him to get back to some type of routine. I am also looking forward to a break as I am quickly entering the 3rd trimester! I tried my best Tuesday to wear him out so he would go to bed early Tuesday. This summer we have slacked with bedtime...I mean we usually have him in bed by 9 but a lot of nights he doesn't fall asleep until well past 10 due to late naps or whatever. So between our trip to the park and Colby playing outside with daddy until dark I figured ok surely he will be tired and will fall asleep!

NOPE! He was still wide awake at 11. I know a late nap was not the problem. Was he too excited about school to sleep? I don't know! Well I figured least school didn't start until 10 maybe he would sleep in some? NOPE...he was awake before 7! needless to say he began the day in a very dramatic, overtired, cranky mood.

He first cried b/c Austin had to go to work. He later cried when we were about to leave b/c he somehow closed his foot in the door. Well we pulled it all together and things were going peachy on the way to school. We arrived at the same time as one of his best friends from last year. We walked in with them. Max and Colby in front and the moms in the back talking. As we neared the school the boys took off running...well somehow when they rounded the corner Colby must have stopped and Max kept running and knocked Colby over. He got up bawling so I knew he was hurt. Sure enough checked his knees and they were all skint up. My poor baby has actually never skint his knees. As wierd as that sounds for an active 3 year old boy...Colby is very careful and very type A so I think he has great balance and rarely falls. I think it upset him as much to be hurt as also to fall and wipeout like that! He wanted me to hold him and I thought oh no so much for a good morning for school. It took some encouragement but he was finally ready to walk into his room. Once he got there he went right in and never turned back. I didn't even get to tell him bye! I felt a little bad and wanted to so badly to walk in and hug him but I know from being a teacher the best thing I could do was just leave while he was happy! I knew he would have a great morning he loved school so much this year and least he was in a comfortable environment and around people he knew!

They only had school from 10-11:30. This is sort of the preview day for the students. Its mainly time for them to get adjusted to mom and dad leaving and get to know the teacher and other kids. Its not a whole lot of time for mommy though! I had to go pick up a dress I ordered for Lindsay so by the time I did that and got home I only had about 30 minutes before it was time to head out again!

When I got to school he was on the playground. I was glad I got to sneak a peek at him. The 3's, 4's, and 5's were all outside playing. He was running around happily! I went back into the school to wait for him. When they got inside the teacher instructed them to go sit on the rug and wait for their name to be called. Which he did! Mrs. Lyn said he did fine and had a great day! I know he's going to have a good year I love the teacher she is really sweet and been teaching 3's forever so I know she will do a good job! I met a new mom with a little girl named Sophia I hope he becomes friends with her she seemed really sweet. Especially since Addie and Kiley aren't in school there this year!

Well when we got to the car the drama started again. He had a sticker on his shirt and wanted it off so we stuck it to his carseat well he ripped it and cried then he dropped his juice while we were driving! I felt like I was stuck in the "No good very bad day" book. When we got home he was still cranky. He got in a better mood after lunch. I figured surely he would take a nice long nap. He ended up not napping at all which led to a very cranky afternoon. The highlight was we did spend an hour outside with the weather being so nice and he did enjoy that!

Beautiful Fall Weather!

We have had a gorgeous week after that storm blew through! I think this fall weather made the long, wet weekend completely worth it! Its very unusual to have temps this cool in early September. We have had a very hot, dry summer for the most part and Colby and I haven't been able to get out and go to the parks like I like to. Even when I do take him he wants to leave after like 10 minutes. I knew with having such a gorgeous day I would have to take advantage of it with him.
We decided to go over to Confetti Park. I think it is one of our favorites. I like it because its fenced in, shady, and they have plenty of places to sit! I usually don't like to sit while Colby plays but now being pregnant and he can pretty much do all the equipment by himself I took advantage of the benches. This park also always has random riding toys that people drop off there. They seem to be different every time we go so Colby enjoys that. He had a blast and we stayed an hour and a half which is WAYY longer then any other time recently. Usually he's begging for juice in the first 5 minutes which he only asked once about an hour into the visit and I told him to wait until we left and he was fine with that! I know he has loved the weather too!
There were also several other kids there which helps. There was a little boy who was probably 2, then another that was maybe 2 1/2 then two little girls who were maybe 4. Colby played with them a little but I think he just enjoyed them being out there. He still mostly did his own thing but I think just having them out there was company enough for him.
He mainly played with all the trucks and ride on toys. He did a lot of pretending which I thought was adorable. He ran errands, picked up food, drove home, and visisted people! I love his little imagination! Anyway it was a great time and I look forward to many more visits now that the weather is cooling off! We have also spent more time outside at our house this week. Colby has stayed outside for over an hour every day riding bikes or playing in the backyard which is awesome too b/c like I say all summer we have pretty much been stuck inside!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Well our Labor Day was interesting this year. We had a tropical storm roll through the entire weekend which made for a long, wet weekend. Friday was when it started getting bad but it wasn't too terrible that morning. Colby and I decided to brave the weather and go to Target atleast I couldn't stay in all day! Besides his little friend Addie was having a birthday party so we had to get her a gift! Colby was so cute he picked out a babydoll for her himself. He loves shopping for his little friends. After Target we just came home though there wasn't much else to do with the rain. Poor Colby cried though when I turned onto our street that he wanted to go somewhere else!
Saturday the weather picked up even more. We were under all sorts of tornado warnings/watches and the streets were flooding. We decided to stay in. It wasn't too bad to have a slower paced day but my poor Colby really wanted to get out! The weather cleared up that afternoon so I took Colby outside to puddle jump! He really enjoyed that! My parent's also stopped by to visit so that helped pass some time too and good to see other faces! That night after dinner we did take a ride around since we had been cooped up all day! I think Colby enjoyed that!
Sunday even though we were still in the midst of the tropical storm we braved going to church. I think it would have had to been REALLY bad to keep us in another day! I was so grateful to go to church and get out the house. We did have a smaller crowd in church that day. Colby was alone in his Sunday School class so they brought Jonathan down from the toddler class to play with him. They also had a sub so they just played trains I think. But he still seemed to have a good time. During church there were 2 more kids there during extended care. A little girl Emily who is 4 and Glenn Paul who is the same age as Colby. I think Colby had a great time. Austin was off so it was really nice to sit in church with him again. I felt very renewed and refreshed after getting out and being in church. We went to McAlister's with some of the young people from our Sunday School class. After lunch we came home to rest awhile. Colby's little friend Addison was having a birthday party that afternoon at the Children's Museum. It started at 2:30 but I thought our naps were more important then getting there on time! I woke Colby up around 3 or so to get ready to leave. We got to the party around 4. They had already done cake and were about done opening presents. Colby didn't seem to care though he still got to eat a cupcake and go play in the museum for a bout 45 minutes. He didn't get to play a whole lot with Addie but he was glad to see her! After the musuem closed we had to run to Petsmart to get cat/dog food then we just ate at Chili's since we were already out and it was dinner time!
Monday (Labor Day) didn't really feel like a holiday. Usually my family does a cookout/swim type thing for Labor Day. Well this year ofcourse the weather was yucky but my parent's were also leaving to go out of town so they decided to take us all out for breakfast instead. We met at Parrot Pete's that morning. It was a very nice breakfast though. Colby did so well! It was also nice to visit with everyone and have a nice, relaxed breakfast out. Austin and I didn't want to take Colby right home after that since he has been pent up a lot lately. So we brought him to the Bounce Spectrum. I didn't really think it would be all that crowded but then again it was one of the few places open and it was inside out of the weather so it ended up being pretty busy. Colby had fun but we only stayed an hour I think it was just too crowded for all of us. There was really no place to sit, and there were kids everywhere so Austin didn't really like getting in the inflatables like he usually does. Colby played pretty hard but he's also always a little shy at those places like he doesn't quite know what to do next. He's getting better this was only his 3rd time there. That afternoon after resting our friends Josh, Laura, and their 8 month old Jonathan came over. It was nice to have friends to visit with over dinner. It was also so much easier to have dinner at our house then go out with them with 2 kids. Jonathan is mobile so he was really enjoying the new sights and toys. Colby wasn't too thrilled that Jonathan could mess up his cars but he did well for the most part sharing. He just wanted to share certain cars though. When little sister shows up he will be in for quite a shock I think!
We had a wonderful Labor Day weekend even with all the bad weather! Hope everyone enjoyed their time as well!

Friday, September 2, 2011

The Week

This week hasn't been too exciting. I feel like we haven't done a whole lot. Monday Colby and I went swimming at my parent's house. This has become our usual thing to do when its too hot or we don't have anything else planned. Its always fun though and Colby has a blast. He has become such a fish this summer.

Tuesday Austin and I had a closing b/c we re-closed on our house with a better rate. Well the meeting was supossed to be at 11 am. The plan was for my parent's to keep Colby while we were there then I would pick him up and bring him home for his nap. Well as I was turning on my parent's street Austin called and said the meeting had been switched for 4:30. Since we were already almost there and I promised Colby that is where we were going I hated to turn around. So instead I brought him to my parents and asked if they could just keep him all day. That would give me time to relax and get some things done around the house. I ended up going to Target too and doing a little shopping for Miss Lindsay! It was so fun to buy pink little girl things! That afternoon we met for the closing then picked Colby up and took him to Applebees. He was wound up though...going out to eat with him lately is an adventure! I think he's harder now then when he was 8 months old.

Wednesday I had to make a doctor's appointment for Colby. He has had these little bumps on his tummy/chest for about a month. I didn't think too much of them but the last few days there looked like there were more. So I figured we should get it checked out before school starts. It turns out he has moluscum. So glad I took him. Apparantly its a virus he picked up from another kid and it could take up to a year for the bumps to go away. Its not anything serious though. Its basically just an annoyance. After we finished at the doctor we met Austin at the Toyota place his truck needed to be serviced so we were going to bring him to work. Colby was really excited about seeing daddy and getting to drive downtown! Afterwards I decided we should stop at the mall to burn some energy its just been too hot to do much else! Colby played on the play areas and rode all the little kiddie rides. Our friends Casee and Jax met us there for lunch. I think Colby really enjoyed "talking" to Jax. They sat across from each other and "talked" a lot while they ate! It was also nice to get to visit with a friend and another mommy.

Thursday we went to the church to get some work done in the nursery before the new church year. My parents went with us. It was a nice outting to get us out the house and Colby always loves playing in the nursery especially when he is alone so he can use whatever toys he wants! After we ate lunch at McAlister's.