Friday, July 31, 2015

Slow Summer Weekend

So we have been SO busy on the week days that I tried hard to take it easy and have a restful weekend. 
Friday all we had to do was grocery shop. I was excited to stay in and take it easy with the kids. We even played school and they got to play A LOT! That night we had our movie night. We watched Planes Fire and Rescue. It was a sweet fun night. 
Saturday I really didn't know what we would do. Colby was scheduled to have tennis lessons but I didn't hear from the coach so we decided very last minute to go swim at my parents again. Its too hot so there isn't much else to do plus I knew after a pretty much stay at home day the day before we couldn't do that again. Ofcourse we heard from the tennis coach as soon as we were pulling up to my parent's. But I just decided to cancel. I knew the kids would not be happy if I changed the plans on them. Again it was fun swimming and just visiting and hanging out with my parents. This time we didn't stay for lunch though. I had a lot to do and was looking forward to some time at home. We did try to take a walk that evening but it started to look like it might storm so we sat in the garage and watched the storm roll in. A #1000 gifts moment! 
Sunday was again church day. It was just the kids and I. I was scheduled to teach. We ended up with 10 kids! I was mostly by myself but I found my groove and I found it to be WAY less chaotic then the previous week. Even though there was still a few kids that required a lot of work and patience ;). The 2 year old class also had 6 or 7 so I am so thankful we have decided to split b/c I cannot imagine having 16 or 17 kids in one class! That afternoon we once again had a lazy afternoon. Our weekdays have been so busy I really do like to catch up on rest on the weekends. Its ofcourse been WAYY too hot for much outdoor play as well. Looking forward to another summer week of fun! 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Sweet Summer Days....

Well here we are finding ourselves in the last 3 week of summer. I cannot believe it has gone by so fast! There are days I am ready for school to begin just so I can get a break from the fighting and screaming and also just the being with kids 24/7. But I know I will also miss them and I also dread the things that come along with school: tests, homework, projects, waking up early etc. 
Monday- It was a day I looked forward to b/c it was a family day for us. Since Austin was only off 1 day last week and Colby's party fell on his actual b-day we hadn't had time to just have a family day to celebrate him! We chose as per tradition to spend the morning at the aquarium and then have lunch at the Riverwalk. It was fun going to the Aquarium. It was the first time we had all been as a family since probably the summer before. I think the kids really had fun even though they have the entire place memorized ;) Lunch was great and just walking around the Riverwalk. They both love it I guess b/c we don't do it often! We came in and rested then Lindsay had her dance class that afternoon. I felt like a crazy lady. Ofcourse this was also the day we had to bury Bailey. I got to dance class early and was just sitting in the car. We got out and I realized I left her shoes! AHH I tried to call Austin thinking he could run them to me and she could go ahead and get started. Well he wasn't answering and when I finally got a hold of him he and Colby were locked out the house! AHH the one night I thought would be semi-relaxful b/c I didn't have to bring Colby turned into disaster. I contemplated just skipping so I asked Lindsay but she said oh no mommy I want to go! So we busted butt to get home grab shoes and head back. We were 15 minutes late but I felt like she still got enough of the class it wasn't a super big deal. 
Tuesday- Austin was off again. I love tuesdays and going to my book club. Colby opted to stay with Austin and work in the yard and I took Lindsay to my parent's house. It was another great week...we have had so many ladies...its been wonderful. I always end up staying around like an hour after and just visiting too which is cool. That afternoon we tried to clean up our house for company. We invited Ryan (Mr. Ryan) over for dinner. We have been saying we would do this for awhile and it finally just seemed like the right time. We had chicken alfredo and salad. I think he enjoyed it. The kids loved having him here and it was nice to visit with him and get to know him better. It was a late night for us though b/c he didn't leave until about 9ish. The kids were crazy wild but we finally got them settled in bed. 
Wednesday- Austin was back to work and the kids and I had a busy day planned. Colby had a doctor's appointment at 8:30. We woke up early and headed out to that. It was lovely b/c we were the only patients there when we got there. We only waited like 5 minutes in the waiting room and then about 10 minutes in the exam room. Colby checked out great! I always love visiting with our doc and she was pleased with his growth and Lindsay as well. We left there and went to Target for school supplies. I always enjoy buying those. We got that done and then came home to rest up. That evening we had church. I have really enjoyed going this summer and hanging out with not only my kids but all the others as well. Its given me a chance to get to know and love on the big kids since I am usually downstairs with the preschoolers. As always my kids had a great time. 
Thursday - the kids and I finally had a free day so we decided to go swimming. I couldn't believe it had been since June since I had been. It was nice visiting with my parents and seeing the kids swim like little fish. They have really learned so much this year! That evening Lindsay had ballet class. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July 20th 2015

So on July 20th 2015 of this year we lost our cat Bailey. We have had him for almost 13 years. He's been sick for quite sometime. It all really started I think last fall. He's been in and out the vet a lot lately and they finally diagnosed him with kidney disease and basically he was in kidney failure. Throughout all this he has remained a pretty active cat and other then a lot of weight loss he still appeared healthy. He went down really fast over the weekend though. By Saturday we noticed his eyes weren't bright anymore and he was getting really weak. We were pretty sure the end was near. We also noticed that we think Allie dug a hole in our flower bed and that is where he has been laying lately. We think she knew he was close to dying and basically she gave him a safe place to die. By Monday we knew we were going to have to put him down. Austin brought him in that afternoon and sure enough that's what they decided to do. 
It was sad but we knew that was what was best. Lindsay doesn't really understand she keeps asking things like when Bailey comes back? Colby gets it and still tears up about it. Its been a wonderful life lesson for him though and a time to truly talk about death and the process of life with him. 
We will miss Bailey a lot. He's been with us through so much! We got him when we were dating so he has lived in so many different places and seen so many changes. He's been in 4 apartments, lived through 4 hurricane evacuations, seen us through 2 more pets and 2 kids. We always imagined he spoke in a British accent and was the ring leader of all the pets. 
Austin buried him in our backyard and it was a sweet moment for us all as a family to remember all the fun times we had with him. The kids keep asking when we will get another cat but I think right now we will stay with just Allie and Beaux. Beaux we only got b/c he was another Maine if something like that occurs again we might get another but for right now we are content. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Colby's Birthday Weekend

Wow so here we are! Celebrating Colby's 7th Birthday! So Friday was his actual birthday and also the day of his party! This has happened one other time when he was 2 and his b-day fell on a Saturday along with the party. In some ways I like it but I did miss having our little family birthday with him. Anywho this is a recap of the day! 
Colby requested donuts for his b-day breakfast so we had those. This year he got a wheelbarrow from us and the Disney store trip (previous post). That morning was pretty rushed. i had to go to the grocery and Austin stayed here with the kids and worked on cleaning the house. 
We left the house around lunch and headed to my parent's to get ready for the party. (Back story: It was supposed to be a camping party but due to circumstances with Austin's parents it ended up last minute being changed to a pool party at my parents.) We dropped the food off there then took the kids to eat lunch and pick up the cake. It was nice to slow down for a few minutes with them and eat lunch at Subway. We spent the next while getting things set up for his party. We tried to get the kids to quiet down and watch a movie so that they would be well rested for the party. Austin's family arrived around 1 or so. Basically everyone worked on setting up or just visiting. It rained for about 2 hours and we were a little concerned about the party plans. Luckily right at 4 it stopped and cleared up and never rained again. He had quite a crowd this year for his b-day. Ofcourse all the family, then there was Shelbi (11), Maggie (8 1/2), Nijel (7), Colby (7), Makyrin (7), Ella (7), Max (7), Mia (3 1/2), Lindsay (3 1/2) Makylee (2), and Emma (1 1/2 Months).  So the kids enjoyed the pool for about an hour and a half. We got them out to eat then they all got back in. I was glad to see them having so much fun and swimming. It was also nice b/c most of the kids were pretty independent in the water. I enjoyed visiting with everyone ofcourse as the party hostess I always feel crazy trying to be everywhere at the same time. After all the swimming we finally did cake and that was it! We didn't have time to open presents. I think the party went really well and God was so awesome with the weather. After all the party guests left while it was just family we let him open his presents. It was such a fun day/night. So worth all the stress and craziness leading up to it. I love seeing him hang out with his friends! 
That night we got home and we had Wendi, Shelbi, and Maggie staying with us. We got all the kids bathed/showered and headed off to bed asap. It was nice to finally sit down! 
I know they were all tired b/c no on had a hard time going to sleep.
Saturday was another busy day for us. We got up early so that we could all eat breakfast together. We met at McDonald's with my parents and Austin's family. It was nice to have one more little time together before they had to head home. The kids and I didn't stop there we had to run to Target for a few things. That afternoon Lindsay and I had a birthday party. I really didn't feel like going but I felt that we should. She really wanted to go and she had been such a trooper letting Colby have all the attention the day before. It was a Frozen themed party so I knew she would love it! Well we got there and they let the girls do crafts outside first thing. Well the crafts were adorable but it was SO hot! It was in the triple digits by that point so we were all just pouring sweat. She and I finally went in along with most others. We ended up visiting with a mom and little girl that actually went to Aurora. They soon gathered up all the little girls for ANNA and Elsa to visit. It was neat to see all their little reactions to the princesses. Lindsay was very shy though and didn't want to take a turn going up to see them. It was also very crowded and hot during this part of the party. I was honestly tired and ready to go but I knew Lindsay wanted to stay for cake. Finally they did cake and she enjoyed that part. She even got to speak to Elsa on the way out. We left soon after. It was nice to hang out at home that evening.
Sunday we were off to church. I had to teach and man was it exhausting! It was the first week I've had like this in a long time. I just felt all off and the kids were WILD! We only had 9 but it felt like 19! That afternoon the kids and I just relaxed which was lovely! So thankful for the weekend and all we got to do though and celebrating Colby! It was all great! 

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Birthday Prep

So this week we are preparing for Colby's birthday! I cannot believe my baby boy is almost 7. So far this week has been pretty busy as is any week before a big b-day party! 
Monday- I had a doctor's appointment. It worked out well b/c the kids were already spending the night with my parents. I was really nervous and dreading going to the doc since I hadn't been in 3 years. So thankful to God though that everything came back fine. And it was also super quick. I was able to pick the kids up and we ran to the library. We haven't been able to go to Storytime this summer but the last 2 times we have gone on a Monday Colby has complained he didn't want to go anyway? I think they would enjoy it but I didn't want to force it either. They are always happy though to pick out books. We have read a lot this summer so that's been great! That evening Lindsay had her dance class again. I think she really loves jazz&tap she does so well! She seems to really have fun! I am glad I made the choice and are making the sacrifice to get her to these classes. I still haven't made up my mind about doing this in the school year though. 
Tuesday- I had Bible study. Once again the kids went to my parents. I know it must sound like they go over there a lot but this past week has been out of the ordinary. But I am so thankful for their help! Again Book Club was amazing! We had 15+ women show up! I am really loving it and feel God speaking to me about thankfulness. Its also nice to get back into that routine for me and my walk with Christ. That afternoon we enjoyed a low key day! I knew it was our only stay at home evening the whole week so I tried to soak it up! We took a walk that night even though its like 500 degrees outside! 
Wednesday- We had to make a trip to Sam's to buy food for the party. The kids were patient and then we picked up lunch and came home. That afternoon we tried to rest up so we could go to church that evening. We have had a lot of nights out lately but I am glad they get to see their friends mid-week like that. I know they always have fun and it tires them out for the night.
Thursday- This was my fun day with the kids. I had promised Colby a trip out to Lakeside. We haven't been since like November so I knew they would enjoy it. Plus I figured I could also buy his school shoes. They both got their feet measured. Poor things I have been so off on their shoe sizes. Colby measured a 12 1/2 I think? He's been wearing a size 1 now for awhile. They tried to get me to buy size 13 1/2 but I really want his shoes to last all year. Lindsay measured a size 9 1/2 I think so she was good with shoes. They were both very cooperative. This was the first year she let us measure her feet since she was a baby. After that we went to the Disney Store. I promised Lindsay she could get one small thing since it had been so long since we were there and we used to always get Colby a small something since its a rare occasion. I told him he could get whatever he wanted for his birthday. He ended up with 2 cars and a drinking cup. That's all the kid wanted! We walked around a little while longer then ended up eating lunch with some friends who we ran into. It was fun to visit with them for awhile. She has 2 sons 5 and 2 1/2. My kids know them from church so I think they enjoyed the company as well! 
It was a very busy week but we were so excited about the upcoming birthday weekend! 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Friends, Tennis, Swimming, and Concerts

Wow this past weekend was packed! It was fun though! Friday we kicked off the weekend with a trip to Confetti Park. I really thought we were going to be alone b/c I had asked a couple friends and no one was for sure. Well I got up that morning and got 3 texts from friends. First was Colby's friend Makyrin. He and his mom met us there. Second was Lindsay's friend Claire. I was so happy they would both have a friend. Its always hard to balance 2 kids now with friendship needs. We luck out with a few friends that are brother/sister but most of the time its a balancing act. Also I had volunteered to keep a friend's son. He and Colby were friends as toddlers and in preschool. We have sort of lost touch but re-connected this summer. Anyway so she also dropped him off at the park. So we had 5 kids in our little group! The kids played hard for about 2 hours. I love going with friends b/c my kids don't get bored. 
That afternoon we had Max here so it was pretty busy. The kids played pretty well and I only had to run interference a few times. His momma picked him up about 3:30. I was pretty worn out after everything though and it wasn't a good night. I feel bad for the way I acted towards my family. I feel like I have been running myself ragged since June. I really needed some momma down time. 
Saturday we started bright and early for Colby's tennis lesson. He only has a couple left so I wanted to make sure we went this week. He is improving greatly. His coach is moving after this year so I am not sure what next year will look like. I would love now that he's had 3 summers of lessons to get him more into a group setting. I think he would have more fun. I also kind of hope that Lindsay will want to join him next year. After tennis I dropped the kids off to swim. Normally I would go to but 1) I just got my period and 2) I needed to go to the grocery store. It was just easiest to get this out the way while they were happy and swimming. We came home after that and had a lovely low key day which was really nice. 
Sunday Austin was off. I had made the decision after our rough Friday night that I needed to take a week off teaching and just be with Austin in church. We rarely get to sit in church together and I just felt we needed this. It felt weird missing my class but oh so nice to go into church. We also brought Max with us to church. I am so glad he is getting to come with us and we are able to help out even in such a small way while his family goes through this difficult time. After church we brought him home then came home for lunch and to rest. That afternoon we dropped the kids off at my parent's house. We had a concert! We ate dinner at Olive Branch first. It was a nice outting him and I. Again something we needed! The concert was amazing! I was dreading it slightly just with so much going on but it ended up being so worth it! I loved every second of it! I was so thankful we had that opportunity! 

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sweet Summer

This week we are marching right on through summer and the month of July! So crazy that in a month we will be returning to school and starting 2nd grade! YIKES! 
Monday- we had a busy day. Colby had a dentist appointment and then we had to grocery shop! The dentist appointment went well. They said his 6 year molars are coming in and he's got atleast one loose tooth. No cavities so that was a blessing. The afternoon we relaxed and then that evening Lindsay started DANCE! I never really pictured myself as a dance mom but we talked with Colby's 1st grade teacher who teaches at the Christian dance studio here and she encouraged us to try the summer classes. I have been bouncing back and forth between trying dance or gymnastics with her. She told me she preferred dance so I thought since we had a friend in the business we would start there! So Monday was her first night. I signed her up for 4 tap/jazz classes and 4 ballet. Monday was tap/jazz. She did really well and really seemed to like it! I was so proud of how well she listened too! 
Tuesday- I started back to Bible study. Its always funny I don't realize how much I missed it until I go back. We've had a nice long break which has been nice but it was wonderful to be surrounded by godly women again. We are doing a Book Club of 1000 gifts. I read it already but I am enjoying re-reading it. I really need this time for myself and my Christian walk as a mom. This summer I have mostly been with my kids 24/7 with not much adult only interaction time. We had about 10 women and a lively discussion so that was great! I picked the kids up afterwards and we ran a couple of errands before getting home. We enjoyed the afternoon and having Austin around and getting some family time in. 
Wednesday- a free family day for us. We debated a few different things to do on this day but we finally settled on the WWII museum. The kids had never been. The last time I had gone was when I was pregnant with Colby. It was neat getting to do something like this with them. I believe its important to teach kids respect for their country and soldiers. Colby was really into it. I was surprised at how well he liked it. I cannot wait until he starts learning about that stuff in history class then we can re-visit. Lindsay had fun but I don't think she understood much or cared haha! We had lunch out at Dat Dog which was fun. It was just a fun family day. We need those every once in awhile. We came back and rested up for church that evening. We brought Colby's friend Max with us. I am so glad he's been able to go to church with us some. He really seems to enjoy it. As always the kids had a blast. Lindsay had her friend Zoey to hang out with and Colby had Nijel and Max. It was also nice having Austin with us since he rarely gets to go. 
Thursday- I had a dentist appointment to start out the day. BLAH! The kids went to my parents during this. I picked them up right after. We ran a quick errand to Party City before coming home. We rested up before Lindsay's dance class that evening. She had ballet. I was glad her friend Claire was in this class or I am not sure she would have enjoyed it as much. There were a lot more older girls and it was WAYY more structured. I think she liked it though and I think it will be good for her I just think a lot went over her head. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

4th of July

The 4th fell on a Saturday this year. Austin was off which was nice. We had a leisurely morning around the house then went over to my parents. We got there early so that the kids would have time to swim. Austin and my dad got in with them. I skipped swimming today. I really didn't feel like the extra work or having to change, plus I showered that morning and didn't feel like getting gross either...lame I know! Anyway I was able to relax a bit and visit and help my mom in the kitchen. 
Everyone arrived by noon so we went on and ate. It was our usual group: my parents, us, R&E, Mrs. Eva, and Mrs. Doris. My mom had a project for the kids when they finished eating. That was to design a flag. This kept them quite entertained for awhile. It was nice to be able to visit with everyone. I do love now that our kids are older and I don't have to stress about naptimes and such. We visited for a couple hours before heading home. The rest of the day was pretty low key. We took a walk that night and shot some of our own fireworks in the backyard. We contemplated taking the kids to the levee b/c I felt like Lindsay was finally old enough to handle it but b/c the 4th fell on a Saturday it would be hard to get everyone up early for church the next day. 
Sunday was a big day b/c things were changing in our preschool department. We were finally promoting the 2 year olds up. We now have 2 classes. We have tried this for the last 2 years and we just always ended up combining. I really pray it lasts this time. It was good we had 2 classes too b/c in all I think we had 13 kids. Our class was basically the same we just moved up a room. I am glad I get to stick with my usuals. I think Lindsay enjoyed the new classroom and it made them feel bigger! That afternoon again was low key for us. We just rested up for the week ahead! 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

SUMMA time!

Tuesday was one of those days we were able to get out and do something fun! I decided to bring the kids to play putt-putt at City Park. We had never been...Colby had played putt-putt before but never there. I wanted to do something different and so this was one of my bucket list things to do this summer. I tried to invite a few friends but no one could come so we invited my parents to tag along. They always enjoy being around the kids. 
I think the kids liked it although Colby got hot and Lindsay lost interest about halfway through but my parents and I had a great time! I think the kids liked it though and we will def return soon! 
After playing we found a shady spot with some swings and sat for awhile before coming home! It was a sweet memory. I have enjoyed our laid back schedule in the afternoons. We nap, then watch tv, then do some school work, eat dinner, then go for walks. We are truly loving summer time! 
Wednesday we had no real plans again just a need for a couple errands. I decided to take the kids to breakfast at Chickfila. With our busy summer so far we haven't had many if any breakfasts out. We ended up meeting up with Lindsay's friend Claire. It was a nice change of pace and I enjoyed visiting with Tayna. After breakfast we had to go to Target to get dance stuff for Lindsay. I also promised the kids a trip to Barnes and Noble. That was the first time we had been there in awhile. It was a fun morning...simple but fun. That evening we had church. It was good to get back after missing a week. The kids were glad to see their friends! Colby got to see Ella and Nijel and Lindsay is always happy to play with Genevieve. It rained so they had to stay inside this week but I think both still had fun and were worn out when they got home! 
Thursday was another busy day for us. I had an early hair appointment. My parents came to pick up the kids for me. I was glad to have that adult just me time! I haven't honestly had much this summer. Afterwards I picked up my 2 then we drove down to Belle Chase to pick up Ella. We had invited her over to spend some time with the kids. Its great b/c both really get along well with her. She is in Colby's class and they have been friends for quite some time. I was really pleased at how well they played. She is probably the easiest friend we have ever had over. She was very compliant and polite and we just enjoyed her so much! With a new baby at home and 2 brothers I figured it would give her mom a little break. She stayed until almost dinner time then her dad came to get her. The kids played inside and out and really were pretty low maintenance. I turned on a movie late afternoon just to keep them from getting bored. 
Friday was a hectic day for us. First of all our dryer broke the day before so I was really hoping we could get it fixed today. I called first thing. The kids and I had pretty loose plans. I had promised them a trip to the park though. We haven't done many park trips this summer. Colby chose Mel Ott. When we got there though they were sad b/c most of the play area was blocked off. Although I was encouraged it looks like they are building a new play area so that will be good. They played for about 20 min. We honestly would have stayed longer but the repairman called and said he was on his way so we scurried home. Thankfully it didn't take long to fix then we headed back out to the grocery. I felt all flustered and it was crowded in the store. Then when I got up there to pay I realized I forgot my wallet!! AHH! Anyway I was able to write a check and text Austin for his license number. Thankfully I shop at Rouses' all the time and I think they trusted me. Needless to say the rest of the day was low key. I hated we didn't get to do more fun stuff but after that I was fried! we did watch a movie that night so that was nice too!