Monday, November 30, 2009

Santa Claus is comin to town

So today Colby got to meet Santa for the 2nd time. He probably won't remember it though and I know he doesn't remember last year either. Last year he was only 4 months old when he met him so he didn't mind being held by him a bit. This year I was a little more concerned that being 1 and in the middle of separation/stranger anxiety that Santa would make him cry. But I knew we had to atleast try. I want his picture taken every year atleast until he is too old and tells me he doesn't want to. So we brought him to Lakeside today to go ahead and get it done. We went last year at the end of November and it was great no lines. Same way today we didn't have to wait at all. And he sat on his lap with no problem. He was antsy about wanting to get down and check out all the decor but he wasn't scared at all! I was so proud of him. Now 2 months ago it might have been a different story...but he seems to be growing up and not minding going to other people so much. So yay the Christmas Santa picture was a success! We then took him to ride the Christmas Express train. He loved it again. He got to ride it at Halloween and loved it then. I am so glad he is not scared of things like this! It was a big morning! He also got to help pick out his 2nd Christmas ornament. Each year I want to get him an ornament so that when he is grown and married he will be able to fill up his own tree. So the morning was a successful one for sure! We are leaving for our cruise in just a few days so I wanted to get a lot of this done so we are not stressing out when we get home! I wish I had a picture of him to post with Santa but we don't have a scanner so you will just have to imagine but it came out really cute!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday at home!

Well today is the famous Black we did not participate in the fun. I have never really wanted to get in all that craziness much less with a 1 year old this year. Colby and I instead enjoyed a peaceful day at home alone! We had no place to be all company had gone home it was just him and I. Boy was it nice! I guess our last day like this was last Monday. We enjoyed the cool weather and took a walk and played out in the front yard. We both slept in and took long naps which was awesome! I haven't felt that tired but between being sick at the start of the week and just being so busy with company and the holiday I guess I really needed to catch up. We had a great day I am excited about the upcoming Christmas holiday now. Last year Colby wasn't really old enough to enjoy it I mean he stared at the lights and all but that was about it. This year I know it will be so fun with Colby! He already loves seeing the decorations going up around our neighborhood.

Tonight Austin got off early and we just had a quiet evening and dinner at home just the 3 or us. Again after a busy week this was heavenly! I love the festivities and we had a fun time with his parents but its kinda nice to get back to our little routine of things!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving! I would say we had a good one and I am still reminded of all I have to be thankful for. I spent the day with family and friends all who would do anything for me and all love my son. That is just a huge blessing to have so many people who you care about and also care about you! Well our started with just hanging out with Austin's parents and Colby. We watched the Macy's parade and ate breakfast and chilled. Colby and I also took the time to play outside. He just loves the outdoors and I do too with this cool weather. We walked down the street and just enjoyed being outside together.

Later in the morning we headed to my parents. I wanted to get there before everyone else so they would have some time to visit and play with Colby. I knew once everyone else arrived it would get hectic. Colby really had a blast he loves exploring their house. We also played outside there. He loved opening Grammy's cabinets and climbing in Granddaddy's rocker. I was so proud of him for being able to wait until 12:30 to eat when we all did. I planned for him to try to wait because I figured this year he would enjoy our food too. Last year he was only drinking formula so we put him down for his nap around the time we ate. So at 12:30 though he was ready to eat! I think he finally realized that he hadn't had lunch yet. So I fixed his plate and got him settled before everyone else sat down. I fixed him a bowl full of turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, and cauliflower casserole. At first he dug in and seemed to enjoy what he was eating. Well I soon fixed my plate and sat down beside him. I tried to "help" him eat but he just got upset. Then he wanted my cup and fork and then it just all went down hill. He was only playing and refused to eat anymore. I really was dissapointed b/c I just knew he would love all the good food. He really is a good eater but he didn't show it today. I am not sure whether it was because he was so overwhelmed and tired or because the food was different and he just didn't want any part of it. I even had to take him upstairs once to get him to regain composure (he was pitching that much of a fit). It was a little annoying because I really love Thanksgiving and all the good food and I felt like I didn't get to enjoy it. I finally forced him to eat about 5 or 6 big bites. I gave up and gave him his peaches. Well he loved those and most of his yogurt. So after that fiasco I knew it was naptime so he got his milk and gladly went to bed. I then got to enjoy my dessert and visit with the company for a while. Well then at 3 some friends stopped by and really wanted to see Colby. Well he was sleeping. But they insisted on going up to see him well ofcourse he woke up. Well I about lost it...and in hind sight I probably shouldn't have gotton as aggravated but I knew he needed this nap. Colby really needs his naps he does not do well without them. Especially on a day like today he had been up since 7:30 and had a lot of interaction with people and needed that downtime. Luckily though he went back to sleep after the interruption. I felt better about that. So he slept for another hour then I went up to check on him and he was just sitting in the bed playing. Again this shows he enjoyed the time out from people. Once he got up he was feeling pretty good and played and snacked on goldfish. Most of the company was gone soon after. He got to play with Uncle Randall and Aunt Liz some though. At 5 I decided he should probably go ahead and eat dinner while we were still there. I fixed him some sweet potatoes and green bean casserole. Once again he wanted nothing to do with it. But I did convince him that the sweet potatoes were good and he ate like 4 helpings! So he had that and applesauce and cranberries. Basically all his food today was sweet but I guess it was healthy for the most part. I am just anxious to get him back on his routine tomorrow. We have also had Austin's parents staying with us which has been fun but that also kinda gets him out of his normal day so again tomorrow Colby and I plan to chill and have us a relaxed day! But all in all it was a good day and I enjoyed watching Colby play. I just wish he would have enjoyed the food part. But maybe next year......I also wish he had some little cousins or some other kids to play with but maybe again next year there will be someone.

Thanks God for all of our blessings and for our sweet little boy!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thankful for...

Today I am trying to reflect on all the thing I have to be thankful for. I know I don't say it or think it often enough. I am trying to focus today on a positive attitude and thanking God for all He has blessed us with.

1) I am thankful for my little boy Colby. I think back to 2 years ago and I can't even imagine the holidays without him. He brings such joy to us all. I am also thankful that he has been so healthy so far. We have made it through almost a year and a half with not too many major illnesses. I thank God every day for that.

2) I am thankful for my wonderful husband, Austin. I couldn't ask for a more patient, hardworking man. He puts up with me even when I am moody. He works hard at work so that I can stay home with Colby. He also works even harder at home. I also am thankful that he is a godly man and I know will be an awesome role model for our son.

3) I am thankful for my family. Austin and I have both been blessed with wonderful parents and I think we are really lucky. They all get along too. In fact we are doing Thanksgiving down here with my parents, his parents, Randall, and most of Elizabeth's family. Its really great we all get together and there is no fighting about where we will spend holidays!

4) Most important I am thankful for my relationship with Jesus. I know without Him I would probably not have all these other wonderful things in my life. I am also thankful we live in a country where I can freely worship and not have to worry about anything!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! I am looking forward to spending the day tomorrow with family and friends and lots of good food too! I think it will be a little bit more interesting with Colby this year. Last year he was very young and slept or fussed most of the time. This year I look forward to what he enjoys about Thanksgiving and what are his favorite foods! So I'll be back with an update on our turkey day! The pictures included are from last year's Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Big Boy Hair

Well another milestone has taken place that brings Colby out of babyhood into full little boy/toddlerhood. He had his first haircut today! He has really good hair and probably could have waited on a haircut for a few more months but some days the back would look straggly and other days it looked fine. Ofcourse today his hair was perfect but we already had the appointment so we had to go. It made me a little sad on the way over there to think this is just one of many ways my little boy is growing up all too fast. I knew he would look different ya know. But at the same time it is exciting and I figured he would be cute and all trimmed up before the holidays! We took him to the ONLY kid place in the metro New Orleans area. It was out in Kenner so kinda a long drive but I figured it would be worth it since they are trained to work on kids hair. We got to the place and it was really cute. They had cars and airplanes for chairs and movies going and lots of toys. I knew Colby would do just fine! He loved sitting in the car. He even did wonderfully for the first half of the haircut. He was content just "driving" the car and playing with toys. He did not like though when she brought out the trimmer. But I don't blame him I would not like that part either! He definitely hit a melt down at this point but it was almost over anyway. I think she did a great job although it is a little shorter then I really wanted but hey its hair it will grow back. She said he is going to have lots of hair so it will probably grow in even thicker now which should be cute! Anyway we are all done now! They even gave us a certificate and a lock of his hair....aww sad but least we can put it in the baby book!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Just a little outdoor fun!

Yesterday Austin was out washing his truck so I decided to take Colby out to play. He loves it outside. Typical boy I guess---he could spend all day out there! So we first began our time outside with walking down the sidewalk. He loves to do this. The whole time he pointed out every "truck" and "dog" in sight or that he could hear. He just loves his trucks and dogs. Again typical boy I guess! Next he decided he wanted to drive his coupe car. We are still working on him actually moving it...right now he can only scoot backwards. I'm sure though by his 2nd birthday he will have that thing going every where. After that he wanted to go in the back and swing. He misses Allie (right now Allie is at the vet being boarded since we just got back in town). But he enjoyed swinging. Then he wanted to help his daddy finish washing the truck and touched all the flowers in the front. He also loves sitting in our chairs in the front. He can almost climb up by himself but I think it makes him feel like such a big boy when sitting in them! We are trying to teach him though that you can't stand up when sitting on furniture. Anyway it was a fun time with him. I'm sure we will enjoy some more time today like this I just love the cool weather and I think he does too!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Football Madness and a Sick Mommy =(

Well this has been a whirlwind weekend. We left early yesterday to go to Hattiesburg for USM's final home football game. Once we got there we met my parents and Austin's parents at Olive Garden for lunch. It was ok but Colby was definitely not in the mood to sit in a restaurant. He did pretty well at first but I know he was hungry b/c he chose not to eat a huge breakfast and normally I would give him cereal as a snack midmorning but since we were in the car he missed his snacktime. So he had some goldfish crackers to tide him over. I ordered him ravioli which he loves. He really likes any kind of pasta. So he did well at first but then got cranky and started pitching a fit. I am not sure if it was due to him not wanting to eat b/c I think he liked it I think he just was done being contained b/c he had sat in the car for 2 hours and then had to sit in a highchair. It got a little stressful though for me b/c you have 2 sets of grandparents trying to help and asking what is wrong...that is all fine and good and I know they are only trying to help but sometimes that just makes it harder. So finally when I had mostly finished my plate I just took him outside. It was easier then listening to him fuss and everyone worrying about him. Once we went outside he was fine. So next we went his parents house which he had fun walking around there. Then we took him to get a nap. Around this time was when my head started hurting but just thought it was a headache. So we all rested and napped. Colby woke up around 4. But he was still not in a good mood. Finally around 4:30 I figured he was probably starving b/c again he didn't eat much for breakfast and didn't eat a huge lunch so poor guy. He started begging for puffs. I mean he was literally begging...poor little guy! Luckily my mom had started cooking him dinner so we just let him eat at like 4:50 and I think he gobbled it down too!
At 5 it was ready to head to the game. I was kinda excited about it but at the same time I could just sit through a game until halftime and then go home and watch the rest on tv. Especially since it was cold and rainy. But I knew it would be good just to get out and I know Austin and my dad really wanted me to go. And the grandmothers were looking forward to keeping Colby. It was a good game so I was glad I went. Although in the 4th quarter they had a weather delay. I have never been to a game when this has happened. So we waited like an hour before it restarted. Luckily though our seats are on the club level so we have access to an indoor area with tvs and food. So it wasn't so bad. And again I was glad I stayed. But during the game my nose kept running and I thought it was just because of the cold weather. Well this morning I woke up and was all stuffed up. My head just feels like it could explode! I guess its just a sinus cold thing. I am going to take some medicine tonight and hope by tomorrow I am a new woman. I really don't have time to be sick this week. I need to go grocery shopping tomorrow for company and Thanksgiving, then we have a hair appointment Tuesday for Colby and Wednesday Austin's family is coming. I am also really praying Colby doesn't get this mess...although I am pretty sure he will. He is already coughing slightly and sneezing occassionally. I just hope if he does its not a big deal. Because again a cranky little boy on Thanksgiving will be no fun. He was cranky last year and it was really stressful. Well just pray we all get well by Thursday! I look forward to how Colby enjoys Turkey Day this year and seeing what good food he will eat!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

8 Years

It was 8 years ago today that Austin and I started dating. Wow I can't believe we have been together that long! I guess I would have never thought 8 years later where I would be. I remember though after our first date going home and thinking I could marry that guy. Little did I know that a couple years later we would get married...and now we are going on 5 years and have a precious 1 year old son. God is so Good! I am just thankful that he brought Austin into my life. I can't imagine where I would be without him. He is a wonderful husband who often puts his needs aside to keep Colby and I happy. He is an awesome father. I couldn't have asked for better. He does so much for us. He works hard so that I can stay home and be a mommy to Colby. But he also comes home and works just as hard. Many men come in from work and just sit on their butts in front of the tv. But not Austin he comes in and helps clean up from dinner and other chores that I didn't have time to get to during the day! So Colby and I just have to say we love you and we are so thankful for you!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

16 Months

Today Colby is 16 months old! I really can't believe how fast time flies! He is learning new things every day. I would say this month his accomplishments are: he is getting to wear he can step up to things (we are still working on stepping down), he has several new words (truck, easy, up, and many others I can't think of). He is getting really good at communicating with us. One of his latest things he does which I think is adorable whenever he hears the garage door go up and Austin backing in he starts saying "truck" and heads for that door. He loves when his daddy comes home. He also says "dog" anytime he hears Allie barking. These things prove that he is not only smart but has great ears. He is really slimming down I don't think he was ever fat but he had the usual baby fat. But he is losing a lot of me he looks like a little skinny minny but he's so active so its easy to understand plus he really doesn't eat any junk food so he should be in great shape! He is still in gymrompers and loves it. He has learned to do so much more. He loves the outdoors I think he could stay out all day if we would let him. He has discovered a love of popsicles and ice I think the cold just feels good on his mouth. He is wearing size 18-24 month clothes. His pants are a little long but for the most part that size is really perfect for him. He is in size 5 diapers. He loves to eat but like I said he eats mostly healthy stuff. He loves fruit so we always keep stock in strawberries and bananas. He still eats fruit baby food especially in the morning with his toddler cereal. Other then that though he is on table food. He loves all pasta. One of his favorites is ravioli. He has also started eating baked potatoes. So he's a mess what can I say...I love him so much and I really can't imagine life without him now. He keeps me very entertained during the day and I love having a little buddy to go run errands with me! Its just hard to believe last year he was only 4 months old around Thanksgiving. He was still taking bottles every 3 hours. He still drinks milk in a bottle twice a day. Once before nap and once before bed but we are going to work on this after the first of the year. But he just loves those milk bottles before sleeping so much. He doesn't go to bed with it so I don't really see it as too big a deal. He also still takes a pacifier to sleep with but I don't let him have it during the day.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Another fun weekend with friends

Well we have had another busy couple of days. Yesterday was Sunday and church fills most of our day. Sunday School was good although Colby was the only one there =(. Its a little sad when its just him although he has just as much fun I guess it just doesn't seem as fun to me. I had planned to let them play in sand but didn't even get it out since it was just Colby there. Oh well maybe next time. He was good though...much better then the previous week. Austin and I actually got to sit in church together (this is a rare occurance between nursery duty and the Sundays Austin has to work). After church we went to McAlister's with our friends Josh and Laura. This was fun but not too relaxful since we did have Colby with us. We should have sent him home with my parents but I was just thinking they had company all weekend and probably wanted to rest some plus Austin had a deacons meeting that night so I wanted him to get to hang out with Colby some. Colby was good at first but then I think he wanted to poop but he won't poop in public places so he got a little grumpy which is understandable. He was fine once we got home and he got that out his system. Poor little guy he comes and finds me to come change him immediately. This is something new which hopefully means he will be easy to potty train. In fact we bought him a potty today not really to hurry up and train him or anything b/c he is only a year. But just to get him used to the idea. We figure we will start putting him on it at night b/c he always pees between getting his clothes off and getting to the tub. So we will just cheer and make a big deal out of it. I am thinking he will be easy but who knows?!? So we had a good afternoon we all rested then Austin had his meeting.
Today Austin was off again so we all went to Target. We got a lot of things that we needed and did a little Christmas shopping in the process. Afterwards we picked up stuff for dinner for our friends tonight. We cooked for our friends Josh and Laura. They came over tonight and we ate and watched football and talked and the guys even played playstation. It has been so great for us to have another couple to just hang out with. It kinda mixes up our week from just the daily routine that we have really been in for the last year and a half. Colby also seems to enjoy their visits he seems to have really taken to Laura. He is so good too when we put him down to bed he doesn't even make a peep even while we still have friends here. I am so glad we can do that. Anyway it has been a fun couple of days. I hate to see austin go back to work after these fun times. But Colby and I have Gymrompers tomorrow which is always fun. But I think tomorrow afternoon him and I are just going to enjoy some downtime at the house! We plan to go see baby Jax one day this week and then we are going to MS this weekend so the week won't slow down much!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Finger Painting and Visit with Baby Jax Round 2

So yesterday I got the wild I idea I would try to let Colby finger paint. Again I am trying to allow him to do messier things and fun things at the same time. I figure he can learn and also have fun! I hope that soon we can do even more projects. Well he wasn't thrilled at all about putting on the smock...but once I got it on him and in the high chair I think he realized we were going to be doing something fun. He seemed to really enjoy it at first he played in it with his fingers and also used this little sponge thing I had given him. So he made 1 pretty picture I figured maybe he would make 2. So I went and got more paper and by that time he was done. No more painting fun! He was also in a bad mood I think because he was tired and also hungry. Once he got refueled with red beans and rice and some fruit he was good to go again.

So today we made plans to go visit Casee and Baby Jackson again. Colby was pretty good. He was pretty entertained at first with their dog Roux and just another house in general. He seemed a little curious when Jax would cry but other then that didn't seem to notice even when I was holding him. It will be fun seeing them grow up together. As Jackson gets bigger it will be interesting to see what Colby thinks. We stayed for about 2 hours but Colby was getting restless. He kept wanting to climb their stairs and get into mischief. So maybe we will go back next week! He didn't get into too much trouble around their house just broke a coaster haha...I guess it could be worse!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

sandbox= no fun for Colby

So last night we went out and bought some sand a small box so that Colby could play. I am not really big on actual sandboxes because they seem as if they wouuld get so nasty. I figure this way there is a lid so it can be closed up and its small enough and we have so much sand that whenever this gets yucky I can just replace it. Its also to try out in Sunday School because that was one of the ideas for the kids to do. So Colby has never really played with sand. He was 9 1/2 months old the last time we were at the beach. He wasn't too fond of it then but I figured he was still young. I really think now he would like the beach. But I figured this would be a fun, new experience for him. Since I get to stay at home with him I try to do creative things with him.
So today after his nap I got the sandbox out gathered up some appropriate toys and set him in the yard with it. Well all he did was throw toys into the sidewalk. He only even touched the sand once and when he did he was like oh yuck. He doesn't like to be dirty which I am not sure if I created that monster because I never let him get dirty or what! So basically our little adventure ended after 5 minutes because he wanted to just walk down the sidewalk. Oh well maybe another day! Now my next crazy idea is painting! I'll let you know how that goes!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Exciting Night

Well our evening has been very eventful to say the least. Well it began with us going to eat Trashy Mexican. We hardly ever go out to eat on week nights...I mean like never since Colby was born. Just because I feel its more of a hassle then anything. But he's finally to the point where he can eat off the menu most places so I had a craving for mexican. Plus our house is clean so I really didn't want to mess the kitchen up making my own mexican fiesta! So we ate which Colby was really good he ate a ton of beans and rice. He loves mexican! I just think its funny because I ate so much of it when I was pregnant with him in fact I ate at that place the night before I had him! It was my last meal so to speak! So afterwards we decided we would go in Home Depot! Austin mentioned they had the Christmas stuff out and we wanted a light up snowman for our yard plus I needed playsand for Colby. This is going to be my experiment this week...Colby and sand watch out!
Well we came home and found Allie barking her head off. We thought she was barking at our neighbors. So Austin went to check and she had something fluffy in her mouth. We were worried it was a cat and she had killed it. So we put her up and went out there. Turned out there was a possum in our yard playing possum. Needless to say 5 minutes later it was gone. He probably won't come back! Well the next part is we had Colby bathed and ready for bed ...his milk was heating. Well he was walking around with his blanket in tow...and he tripped and fell head first into the door. Not the flat part of the door but like the open part! OUCH! Well he bawled and his forehead quickly became a big gooseegg. It looked pretty bad. But 2 minutes later he was back to playing and walking around. I think he is ok. It even looked better by the time he went to bed. But I guess we will still look for signs the next couple of days. But he was squealing and playing even during his bottle. But man is he tough I swear I have never seen a tougher kid. Not much knocks him down. I think he is going to be a football player for sure. I will try to get a pic tomorrow of his lovely bruise if its still there and I'm sure it will be! I didn't get one tonight I was too caught up in the trauma!

Hurricane Day and Gymrompers

Monday Tropical Storm Ida passed by New Orleans. It really turned out to be nothing though. Which I am very grateful for. But it just seemed like the news and everyone got hyped up for nothing. Everything I saw from the news kept saying it wouldn't be bad but yet schools closed and I even had a friend who was like freaking out about it because she did have school. Anyways we didn't do much all day because they kept saying the weather was going to be bad. So a trip to Petsmart was about as exciting though as the day got! But I am thankful there was no damage or power outages.

Today we had Gymrompers. Colby is getting to where he doesn't participate much in circle time. I kinda think part of this is due to the large class. I think it is almost too big for him. Like there is so much going on and so many kids playing that he can't pay attention. Because the last time we went to the small class he did great. But I like having him around that many kids because he has to get used to a lot of kids so if next year he goes to Mother's Day out. Plus these kids are his age. He is also getting very distracted with my parents there. They like to go and watch him which I am cool with and I know they like seeing us and seeing him play but its getting to the point where I think it causes him to miss out on some stuff. Finally today they stepped outside because all he wanted to do was run to them. He really hasn't connected with any certain kid in the class which is typical for this age. I guess I would like to see him kinda interact with another child but for the most part he stays his distance. He doesn't seem as intimidated though by the big class as he used to be. Today he was right up in the middle of them grabbing puppets and instruments which was good. I can tell all the exposer from church, this and MOPS is really helping his social skills! Now maybe in another year he will have a friend =)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Food, Football, and Friends

Well yesterday was a great day! We started out by going to church. I ofcourse was in Colby's Sunday School class. It was a little dull because Broc slept the ENTIRE time and Colby was a little cranky. I think he is teething again. He just seemed easily aggitated not sure what his deal was. Well Austin had him in extended care and he said he was mostly fine just a little clingy and always wanting to be on daddy's lap kinda deal. I really wish I could have been in there. There were 2 two year old girls, Broc (who again slept the whole time) then Glenn Paul. I would have just liked to seen Colby interact with them. I wish Glenn Paul would come for Sunday School because they are the same age so they would probably have more in common. I worked with the three year olds. It was fine we only had 3 kids. But I guess I favor more working with the toddlers. I guess now having Colby I feel like I can interact with them better. But I can't be Colby's Sunday School teacher and extended care teacher that would be crazy!

Well after church we went to PF Changs with our friends Josh and Laura. It was really yummy we haven't been there in quite awhile. We enjoyed the food and visiting with friends. After we came home changed clothes and rested up for a bit. Then Josh and Laura came to our house to watch the Saints game. Oh and my parents had Colby during all of this. It was fun having a girl to chat with while the boys watched the game....usually I get on Austin's nerves b/c I am wanting to talk in the middle of a big play or something! After the game Laura and I went to pick up Colby. We then visited some more then the guys went to get dinner. We ate with them then took Colby and Allie for a walk. They went home around 8:30. It was so fun though! They are some great friends and people we can hang out with as a couple. We don't have many couple friends so this has really been a blessing! We want to make it a weekly thing I think it will be good for us all! Colby was very good at my parent's house they say...then he was also great once he got home so I don't know what the mood was in church...who knows! Well it was a busy fun filled day! I think we were all tired but had a blast!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

such a big boy!

Well I know I have said it before but I realize more and more how big Colby is getting. There is really not much "baby" left in him. I guess the reality has hit even more now that I have 2 good friends with newborns. Looking at their pictures and seeing them in person I am like wow Colby is so big but it feels like yesterday I was there with that newborn baby. I think every stage has been my favorite and I try not to even say I can't wait till...b/c I know those days will come all too fast. But I have been looking back at pictures and seeing where we were last year. And granted I miss my baby from that time but gosh this year with the holidays I think will be even more fun. I mean he was so young last year he didn't get the holidays at all and really they were even somewhat stressful with a young baby. This year he still won't get much of the point but he's gonna have fun as we have already seen with Halloween. I discovered today he really knows what a pumpkin is...we were outside and he was out by the sidewalk and I said Colby where is your pumpkin go get your pumpkin and he trotted up the driveway to the front door and picked up his baby pumpkin! It was just amazing that he has learned that just since October. Before then he had no idea what a pumpkin was. But I guess he saw so many and we talked about them so much he has learned. He also is saying truck, kitty, easy, blankie, those are his new words. He is walking so well he hardly ever falls. In fact I would say he is almost running. His new game is when you say Colby come here he takes off in the other direction and he is pretty quick!

Well the rest of our week has been fine. Friday morning we went to my parents house which was really fun. I love being back "home" around the holidays. We walked over to the park and hung out. It really brought back memories of me growing up which is going to be so fun to take Colby over there the older he gets. He had a blast as well. Today we didn't do much. We kinda thought we were going to go to the park today with a friend to feed ducks but I woke up with a headache and got a slow start to the morning and really wasn't in the mood to rush off with Colby. We have had a pretty full week so it was nice to stay at home. Although usually by the end of the day I am saying to myself we should have gotton out! Oh well I guess it was good for us to rest and stay home. Because tomorrow will be busy. We have Sunday School then church which I am in the nursery for both then we will go eat with my parents, then they are taking Colby home and we are having friends over to watch the Saints game. So it will be a packed day but fun! So hopefully I will have more to say about the rest of our weekend tomorrow night!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Our week so far and visit with Baby Jax

Well this has been a good week so far! We have had gorgeous weather! I am loving this fall weather now I am hoping though it gets a little colder close to Thanksgiving. Last year it was hot on Thanksgiving so I hope this year its cold. far this week we've been pretty busy. Tuesday we had Gymrompers. Colby did pretty well he got a little aggitated towards the end and acted like he was ready to go...I don't think he does as well in the bigger class I dunno? I think he is more distracted and doesn't seem to pay as much attention the teacher. I guess it is a little overwhelming. But I do like the variety of kids he gets to see so I guess we will stay in that one plus the teacher is better. Yesterday we went grocery shopping that was our big outting for the day. Today Colby and I mainly just hung around the house for the first part of the day then we got out after his nap and went to visit Casee and baby Jackson. He was so cute and so little. I swear I don't remember Colby ever looking that little. I guess he really wasn't because Jackson is 7 lbs and the smallest Colby ever was was 7 lbs 9 ounces. Colby did really well. I was a little nervous about how he would act at someone else's house and around a newborn. But he did well he was mainly distracted with their dog Roux. He is a black lab just like allie so he felt right at home with him. I love that he isn't scared of animals at all. He let Roux get all close to him and didn't even flinch. I got to hold Jax a couple times and it didn't seem to bother Colby I am not sure that he really realized that Jackson was a real baby he gets more jealous with kids his own age I guess...I guess they seem more of a threat? Anyway we had a good time visiting. I hope Colby and Jackson grow up as friends. Casee and I grew up our whole life together so that would be kinda cool! They are 15 months apart but once they are older that really won't mean much! They will be 2 grades behind though but still I think thats ok. Well tomorrow we are going to visit my parents so I will try to take pictures of Colby over there!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Saints and Dinner with Old Friends

Well tonight Austin and I got to do something we rarely do! Go out to eat with friends! We went out to Chili's with our friends Josh and Laura. They moved back to New Orleans about a month ago. We have been wanting to hang out with them for a few weeks but our schedules have been so crazy! So tonight we finally go to go! My parents came over to watch Colby. It was nice to sit at a restaurant with adults and talk about stuff that didn't have to do with kids. I love my lil man but we rarely get to do stuff like this. Its rare that Austin and I even hang out with friends. I mean he has his friends at work and I have my friends that I mostly talk on the phone to but its rare we go out with another couple. So this was a treat! We came back to our house and my parents had already bathed Colby and put him in his pjs. That was a treat too b/c then all he had to do was drink his milk and he was off to bed. So Laura and Josh stayed and watched the first half of the game with us. We hope to do this once a week with them. I do think Austin and I need to make more of a point to do stuff like this. Its good to get out ya know and like I say we rarely do it. We are both homebodies and it seems like we get so into our routine of coming in after work and just dealing with Colby that we forget to have a life. So it was a nice refresher for us. Tomorrow though is back to mommy time. Colby and I have Gymrompers which I am excited to have him back to his big toddler class. Anyway I will close with a picture of Colby from a year ago and one from recent!