Saturday, December 28, 2013

Mississippi Christmas

We had our annual Mississippi Christmas on Thursday. We always go up before or after Christmas to do Christmas with Austin's family. We headed out early that morning. We had a good drive did really well. Once we got there the kids went straight to playing with their cousins. It was SO much easier this year with Lindsay! She was able to play some with the bigger kids or keep herself occupied. Last year I had to watch her a lot more closely she was also not walking yet so things were harder. Plus she had a HUGE meltdown when we went to unwrap presents. Colby loves playing with Shelbi and Maggie. They mostly played Wii Disney Infinity before lunch. Both kids ate a great lunch. Lindsay ate and ate and ate! Colby sat on the porch with his cousins. I love that he's independent now so all I have to really keep track of is Lindsay. After lunch the kids decided to all go play outside. The weather was gorgeous too! Colby and Lindsay had a blast riding their bikes. It was good to see them enjoying the outdoors. They finally decided they were ready for presents. Colby opened all his presents pretty quickly. Lindsay even got into it. She did start to get tired around this time but no meltdowns she just wanted her paci and blankie. Again it was so nice to not have to deal with a screaming toddler. After presents we ate desserts and just enjoyed some visiting time. The cousins played some more video games. Afterwards we went back outside for a family picture and we let the kids play a little while longer before packing up and heading home. The car ride home was very peaceful. Colby again watched a movie and Lindsay slept the ENTIRE way home!
I have loved all our Christmas celebrations but I have to say I am ready for some downtime now! We have been so blessed though this Christmas season. I am so thankful that we have 2 families that live close enough we can see everyone without too much stress or hastle during the holidays!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas 2013

Wow I can't believe Christmas 2013 is here and almost over! We are really trying to soak it in this year. Having a 2 and 5 year old is so much fun! Probably the best Christmas yet! The kids are just at such neat ages! I know we only have a few of these "true kid" Christmases!
So Christmas Eve didn't start as planned but we worked through it and had a great day! Well we all slept in due to the late night the night before. We woke up and were planning to have a lazy morning around the house. We were cooking our annual breakfast of sausage balls and cheese grits when the doorbell rang! It was our maid who we had no idea was coming to clean that day. I was a little flustered at first. It meant now we had to rush around to get ready and leave the house b/c having 4 people at home while she tries to clean is always chaos!! We made it through the getting ready part and the kids and I left the house for a couple of hours. I was sort of grumpy but once we left I got back into the spirit of things. I had a great time just getting out and spending time with them. We hand delivered Christmas cards to our neighbors. Colby loved this! He was so sweet to hop out the van and put them in everyone's mailbox! We also went to the park for about 30 minutes. It was pretty cold but it felt nice! The kids had a blast! I am so glad they now can keep each other entertained. We can stay at parks longer b/c of this! They ran around and laughed and played which was nice to see! We left there and ran a couple more errands. I decided we needed a Starbucks fix so I got a coffee and got them cake pops! They had never had one before but were quite pleased! Once we got home we just tried to stay out of Maria's way. We ate lunch and Lindsay napped and Colby rested while watching a movie. When she left we enjoyed a little quiet before heading out to my parent's for Christmas Eve dinner. The kids were very excited to go over there! I love our tradition of having a family dinner that night. The kids were very well behaved and cooperative! The holidays were the easiest this year in a couple years! Lindsay is WAYY easier and can stay out later. She has been quite a trooper! Plus the kids play together more which is also nice! After dinner we have the tradition of singing some Christmas carols and reading Luke 2 and the Night Before Christmas. Its fun participating in that together as a family. I think the kids enjoyed it too. We ate our happy birthday Jesus cake and visited a while longer before heading home to get ready for Santa. It was fun this year feeding the reindeer and leaving Santa cookies! The kids were both SO into it! Luckily both fell asleep very quickly so Santa and Mrs. Claus were able to get things into gear! Luckily Austin had put the kitchen together earlier in the day so nothing took us very long this year! Colby got a new bike, a play city set, a couple car/plane type toys, spiderman, a couple movies, a book, and a few other small things. Lindsay got a kitchen, some cookies for it, some outfits, jewelry, a horse, and a Cinderella carriage!
Christmas morning Colby was up bright and early. Well he actually came out of his room at 5:30 to go to the potty and we don't think he ever went back to sleep and neither did we! Austin got up at 6:15 to make sure the cats didn't disturb any of the presents well when Colby heard us up he was up by 6:30. We went to wake Lindsay up but I think she was already stirring too! It was nice we got an early start though b/c it gave the kids plenty of time to play with their new toys before we had to dress them and rush out the door! They both loved their new toys! We went to my parents house at 8:30 to have our annual Christmas breakfast and presents with them! I love keeping this tradition. We don't really exchange presents much as adults anymore but we enjoy the kids opening things up and having fun. The breakfast is also a HUGE hit! We always just stay and visit for a few hours before heading back home. Once we got home we let the kids play for a bit before having lunch and putting Lindsay down for a nap. It was nice to all relax for a bit but we couldn't rest long b/c we had lots to do for that afternoon. We chose to stay in this year and cook dinner for ourselves and invite some friends over. It works out really well b/c we don't have to get the kids out and about again and we enjoy the fellowship with friends. This year we invited Samantha and Ryan over. They are actually our neighbors...they couldn't go visit family this year b/c she was on call. It was nice having someone to visit with us. The kids also really loved it! After dinner and visiting Samantha got called into work so we quickly bathed the kids and put them in pjs and went to go look at lights. We wanted to go somewhere more elaborate but we just ran out of time this year. Well glad we didn't b/c Colby fell asleep like 5 min into the trip. Lindsay stayed awake though and seemed to enjoy the lights!
We really had a great christmas. I love that it was mostly stress free! I love that we have scaled back and focused more on helping people. It was so nice to have the time and ability to help out others this season. Hopefully we are teaching our children that is what matters most! We have lots to be thankful for! I am a little sad that the season has already come and go and that next Christmas we will have a 6 and 3 year old! Wow how time flies!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Break

So we are really enjoying Christmas break now! Now that Colby is in school full time the holiday breaks mean so much more! I really look forward to them and cherish them! Yesterday afternoon we enjoyed playing outside! It was so nice outside...70s and very breezy! I enjoyed just letting the kids play. We don't normally go out much during the school week b/c we just have to much to do! Anyway I think they really enjoyed the fresh air and it helped tire them out by bedtime!
Saturday was our first full day off school. We woke up a little after 7 and got busy getting ready and eating breakfast. We met a friend and her little girl Esther who is 1 at the mall to play. It was a nice change of pace for the kids. I think they both really had fun. Colby and Lindsay play soo well together now! Its SO nice! They can pretty much entertain themselves! Usually when I bring Lindsay by herself she gets bored pretty easily. We stayed for over an hour which was nice just to get out the house and let them burn off energy. Afterwards we had a couple of errands to run! The kids did really well and I am thankful for that! The rest of the day will be pretty quiet. We will probably hang out and watch movies b/c the weather looks like it will get nasty.
Today has been another great day! Today we ventured over to our old church. We like to go visit there around the holidays and my parent's birthdays. We decided this year it would be fun to go this particular Sunday b/c they were having a Happy Birthday Jesus party for the chidren. With my mom being over the nursery she was a big part of this. Colby was very excited to go back. He spent the first 4 years of his life at this church so it still means a lot to him. Lindsay doesn't remember as much. He did great going to his class. His 2 teachers he still knows very well so he was very comfortable. Lindsay was now in the 2 year old class which she has never been in. I tried to just let her go in and leave her but she flipped out and was crying, screaming, and kicking the door. Again my child humbles me b/c the very things I said I wouldn't do I am now doing. Well first I went in and sat just to see if she would warm up. She stuck close to me. Finally the teacher said she would get bubbles out if I left so I took that as my cue to leave. Well she screamed and cried...I tried to let her work through it. I waited over 5 minutes but I felt bad. Now I would never let her get by with this if this were our regular church b/c she goes to our church and school just fine. But this was all new to her so I understood it could be frightening for her. I finally gave in and went to get her. I am not sure if the teacher was upset but I really couldn't let her scream and kick and cry like that. Plus I didn't want it to disrupt the rest of the class. My mom took her back to the 1 year old room so she started having a blast. She even let us leave her with Jessica who worked with her when she was much younger. I was glad she was able to have fun. They did a Happy Birthday Jesus party for the last 30 min. She and Colby were both in there so it was fun to see them and hang out with them. They both enjoyed the cupcakes and little party. It was sweet! Afterwards she was having a really good time playing so I was able to slip out and go pick Colby up and head into big church. My mom did stay back there to keep an eye on her which I was thankful. I know she probably would have been fine but I just didn't want her getting scared in a place she isn't that familiar with. This was Colby's first official time to sit in big church. We have brought him in on occasion for like special music and services and a time or two when he was sick but he hasn't sat through a Sunday morning service in a long time! Anyway he did great! I was so proud of him! He stayed busy looking at the hymnal and coloring in a coloring book. Finally around the time of the invitation he whispered he was ready to go but other then that he never complained! Needless to say I was a proud momma! We did our normal McAlister's after that. It was a very fun morning and I am so glad we got to go visit our old friends and go to church there but it sure was tiring! I have no idea how we used to do that every week!
So far today has been a very fun yet busy day! We woke up early to head out to breakfast with my family. This has become a tradition for us to have breakfast at a local restaurant before Christmas. We have so many things to celebrate in December now its just become easier to just do a breakfast with everyone the week of Christmas. I think it was fun for the kids to see everyone. I enjoyed it and the kids ARE def getting easier to take out but it still felt like a whirlwind. Again why we don't eat out much b/c I hardly feel like I taste my food at all. But it was nice to see everyone and spend some time together. Just one of the many celebrations in the next few days! Afterwards we went to pick up Colby's friends Tripp and Cash. They are 6 and 4. They go to our church. Lindsay gets to hang out with them a lot b/c we have playdates with their sister Maggie a lot but Colby is usually in school. Maggie just had tonsil surgery and is trying to recoup so we thought it would be fun for the boys to come over here and give mom and dad and sister some much needed rest time. The kids had a blast! it was a great activity for them too! We played outside for quite some time! It was wonderful for our riding toys to get so much use! The kids also played inside and enjoyed themselves. They stayed until after lunch then Austin brought them home. That afternoon we relaxed. We had our new Lifegroup Christmas party that night. The kids had a blast but it was a late evening for us. They party didn't start until 7 and we didn't leave until almost 9 so the kids were 9:45 going to bed. It was fun though and thankfully Christmas break so bedtimes have been a little lax anyway! We really love our new lifegroup already. There were a ton of kids there and that wasn't even all the families. Colby and Lindsay had a great time. 4 of the kids also go to Calvary school so Colby will have some buddies! So far we are def enjoying school being out and this Christmas season!!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Parties

So this week has been a whirlwind of errands and baking and crafting to prepare for 2 children's Christmas parties! I love it though! I am also so thankful that I am a stay at home mom and can enjoy these things! I won't be attending either party which is kind of sad in a way but I also understand why teachers want to keep it low key. Lindsay had her party on Wednesday which was her last day until Jan 6. I am sure she had a blast and loved the assortment of sweets I am sure she ate! She ofcourse came home with a bag of sweets and crafts! I can't believe she is now halfway through her first school year! I know the 2nd of the year she will seem even more grown up.
Colby has his party tomorrow and gets out at 12:30 so I will report more about that! This afternoon though we are going to see the movie Frozen with some friends after school. This should be fun and quite a treat for the kids. We don't often do stuff on school nights but I figure since tomorrow is only a party and he has worked so hard this first semester he deserves it!
So we had a blast seeing the movie Frozen! It was def more fun going with some friends! I think Colby really enjoyed seeing it with his friend Ella and her 2 brothers. I really loved the movie and almost hope to go see it again with Austin and Lindsay =) We will see if we have time for that! It was a great way to kick off Christmas break! It was a little hard getting in late but the kids went right to bed while I stayed up and worked on Colby's Christmas party stuff!
Today he had a half day and his party! I think he had a lot of fun! Again I wish I could peek in on this but I know they like to keep it low key! He also came home with tons of treats and books! I will enjoy sorting through it all with him over the weekend! I am really excited about Christmas break and spending some time with the kids! Today will be pretty low key. We will just stay in tonight and probably watch movies...maybe play outside some! Tomorrow we will run some errands and just enjoy a free day!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Breakfast with Friends & Crazy morning

So today was just one of those days I guess...I felt like I was on edge from the moment my feet hit the floor. I hate those days b/c I know I snap at the kids over small stuff. Anyway first of all austin and I forgot to move the silly elf from Colby's room last night...AHH how many more days of this? Anyway so I told Austin to sneak in there and move it. Well lately Colby has been sleeping until almost 7 and this was 6:15 so I figured he would still be in a deep sleep. Well not so much he woke up right after! We are hoping he didn't see anything. Well Colby coming out in the morning and wanting to play games with Austin and being loud and whiney just set me off. I put him back in his room. UGH I felt bad for snapping at him but first thing in the morning is really the only alone time I get besides at night when the kids go to sleep and then I am usually too tired to enjoy it? Well I got him back out after I finished getting ready. Things mostly were going fine but it just seemed like the kids were extra needy this morning...honestly they probably weren't but with my bad mood they were. It was one of those days. I just felt like nothing was falling in place like it usually does.
Thankfully we met some friends at McDonald's for breakfast so that helped lift my mood. It was nice to visit with another mom and let our littles play for a bit. Although Lindsay and I had to go to Target and it was a crazy place! I just want to finish all my shopping and stay home for the next week?!? I hate this time of year when people get so crazy and selfish!
Also on my mind is a decision we made about our Lifegroup party and its really plaguing my mind. I feel like we are also losing friendships over it. Anyway our lifegroup was planning on a Christmas party last Saturday. We were all excited when we first heard about it b/c we haven't been able to hang out with our lifegroup much the last month. Well we quit meeting before Thanksgiving and even though they have done a few get togethers we just haven't been able to make them. We either had sick kids or other stuff going on! Well a few days before the party they started saying they were going to do $15 dollar gifts per person. Well I hated to hear this! First of all it was like one more thing I was going to have to deal with, second if I was going to do one more thing I wanted it to be something that impacted someone for Christ not exchanging presents. Well I suggested that instead we adopt a family and use our 15 dollars for that. Well no one got on board which saddened me greatly. I couldn't believe it! Well finally they decided to get on board but to still do the gift exchange as well. Well after much prayer and thought we decided to not attend the party. We wanted to make a sacrifice for a family so if we did that but still had to pay 30 dollars to attend this party just seemed like too much on top of all the other things we have going on this month. I hope we haven't lost any friends or hurt friendships but we wanted to stay true to our conviction. Thankfully we found a family to adopt and are sending a nice card their way with other donations from friends and family. We are trying to really change our ideas about Christmas. We want to give back more then we get. Anyway its still a work in progress but atleast we are working on it!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Breakfast with Santa and Preparing for Christmas

Today was a really fun morning! We took the kids to Lindsay's school (Colby's old school) for breakfast with Santa. This is a tradition we began with Colby but we missed last year. We took him when he was 2, then Austin took him the next year when he was 3 but Lindsay wasn't even a week old so I missed it. Last year we missed it b/c it fell the same day as Lindsay's party. Anyway it was a lot of fun this year! The kids are at such great ages to enjoy Christmas! Lindsay was really into it and honestly I was kind of shocked...Colby actually acted more shy then she did! Although she still refused to sit on Santa's lap. We saw several friends, teachers there as well which was fun!
After the breakfast we had a few errands to run to get ready for the kids Christmas parties. It was fun just going out and running errands as a family. We are also enjoying our Advent Calendar. This year we are really trying to focus on Christ and helping people and also enjoying time together as a family. We are tying Santa, the elf, our countdown calendar all into this activity! Each day we have a different message from the elf. Some of the activities are doing things for others, others are silly things we do, etc. Its given Colby something to look forward to each day!
We have enjoyed our quiet weekend together as a family. Last weekend was so busy its been nice to chill out around the house! I can't believe there is only 1 more weekend until Christmas!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Zoo Day!

We brought Lindsay out today to the Zoo. It was really our first play day all week. The last 2 weeks have been crazy with birthday planning and Christmas and anniversary that we haven't had any free days just to take our little girl out to play. We chose the Zoo b/c Austin hasn't been there in a long time plus it was a gorgeous day...cold but blue skies we couldn't resist! Ofcourse the place was empty too which was wonderful! Lindsay was cold at first therefore only wanted us to carry her but she warmed up! She loves the reptile house...weird girl! She really enjoys the frogs and snakes! She also loves the Sea Lion exhibit even though today there were no sea lions in there! She also really got a kick out of the flamingos and primates. We also saw the giraffes. We only stayed an hour b/c it was cold and b/c we wanted to go ahead and eat lunch early. We went to Dat Dog for lunch. It was just a fun outting together! Hope to enjoy lots of special outtings when the kids both get out for Christmas!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Celebrating Lindsay

This week will be one filled with celebrating our sweet 2 year old little girl! Today kicked off the celebrations with a party at her little preschool. We never got to experience this joy with Colby as much due to a summer birthday. Her birthday is tomorrow but this will be her last day of school this week so we wanted to make sure she got to share some birthday fun with her friends. We baked sugar cookies and put pink frosting on them! I also brought apple juices. Low key and simple but that's all a 2 year old really needs right? Apple juice and cookies!
Thursday was actually my little girl's birthday! She woke up this morning to a brand new doll stroller and Sophia the First playset from her big bubby! We quickly got everyone dressed and ready so we could drop Colby off at school then enjoy a morning with our little princess. We took her to breakfast at Chickfila. We then ran a bunch of birthday errands. Our first stop was Party City and we got her some balloons and she loved it! She carried them for the rest of our errands! Its been a pretty low key day so far but we are all going out to Christmas in the Oaks tonight!
Thursday night we did Christmas in the Oaks! We had SO much fun! I honestly think it was one of the best years! We first went out to eat at our traditional Mexican place. We headed out to Christmas in the Oaks around 5:45...traffic was awful so we were after 6:15 or so getting there! We met up with our friends immediately. It works out great our kids get a long great. Addison is 4 1/2 and MacKenzie is 1 1/2. We all bought our tickets to the park and train tickets online so we headed straight towards that. Addison and Colby sat together and they were SO adorable! Our friends sat in front of them and Austin and I and Lindsay sat behind. I know Colby really loved the ride and I think Lindsay did too! After the train we all rode the carousel. well I stayed and watched everyone's gear. I rode last year with Lindsay so this year I let Austin take her on. Once again though she didn't want to stay on the horses so he ended up just holding her! Maybe one day she will appreciate a carousel! After that we went into Storyland and let the kids just run around and play. It was such a great night to be there b/c there were no crowds so we really were able to let the kids run and do their thing. I think they really enjoyed having friends! We split up after Storyland for a bit b/c Colby wanted to ride rides and Addison wanted to go see the lights with her parents. We met up again the train garden. Colby loved the rides. I think Lindsay kind of wanted to go too but she was too short =(...maybe next year baby girl! The kids enjoyed running around the train garden but by this time we were all pretty weary since it was a school night after all. We stopped in Morning Call and got the kids chocolate milk to keep them happy and awake on the drive home! It was a wonderful night and I love this tradition for Lindsay's birthday! IT will be a MUST each year as she grows up! I just love Christmas time with a 5 and 2 year old!
Friday was a very busy day! Colby had school and we dropped Lindsay off at my parent's house so we could get some Christmas shopping done! It was nice getting out a lone! I love Christmas shopping for the kids! We first went to a local toystore to get Colby's bike and a rescue station he asked for. We finished up there and went to Lakeside. We went in the Disney store and got them each a couple items then went to PB Kids. We finished up early so we came back to the WB and stopped at Applebees for lunch. It was a nice date day! We picked up Lindsay then came home. When we got home Austin's parents were here waiting on us. We spent the afternoon just visiting with them while Lindsay napped then they all went to pick up Colby while Lindsay and I went to get the cake. That night we had dinner togther and just enjoyed some family time!
Saturday morning we hit the ground running getting ready for Lindsay's party! We left a few minutes before 9 to get pick up the nuggets and get set up for the party. The night before we found out a couple friends could not make it so I was getting stressed that we were going to have SO much food and cake left! Plus everyone arrived late! December birthdays are just so hard b/c people are busy! Anyway the party turned out great! We didn't end up having nearly as many kids as I had planned originally but it was still fun! I had invited 16-20 kids. We had Colby and Lindsay, Addison and Mackenzie, Geneveive, Michael, and a little baby girl of a co-worker of Austin's. It was perfect though! The kids had a ball! Lindsay didn't stop the whole morning. She only got upset once right at the very end. I think Colby really had fun too! I am so glad we chose to have it at GymRompers it was the perfect location! It def made me miss taking the kids there! The teacher did say though that Lindsay and I could stop in to one of the classes this month so I hope to do that ! That afternoon we just took it easy around the house! We really thought the kids would take long naps but they both had other plans! Lindsay conked out in the car so she would never fall asleep in her bed and Colby just wanted to stay up and watch a movie. That night our church had their Christmas music. It didn't start until 7 so it was a late night for us and the kids but we enjoyed it! The kids did pretty well considering their ages. Lindsay had a meltdown in the beginning b/c she got in trouble but other then that I think she really LOVED it! Colby liked the first 3-4 songs but quickly got bored. Anyway it was the perfect way to end her birthday weekend!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

2 Years Old

My precious baby girl is 2 this week! I really can hardly believe it! It seems like the last 2 years really flew by! I mean they did with Colby too but they really did with her! I have been reflecting this week about her birth and even last year her first birthday! She ofcourse has grown up so much! She is definitely ALL girl! She's def sugar and spice! I love that she is still a mommy's girl at even 2! By this age Colby had def become a daddy's boy! I love that she LOVES being a mommy to her babies and I love that she LOVES dressing up! She never complains about wearing dresses and cute stuff! She can be ooh so sweet but she also has quite the temper! This girl has most def humbled me in the last 2 years! So thankful God saved her for our 2nd child! I would not have known what to do with her had we had her first! Thankfully my patience has grown and is still growing! Its funny how unique children are and I am finding out how you have to parent them individually. The things that worked on Colby DO NOT work on her! She is her own person! But speaking of her big bro...oh how she idolizes that big boy! I love how she LOVES him! I love that she tries to copy him! I love their sweet little relationship even though sometimes they fight like cats and dogs! He is the first person she searches for in the morning and the last person usually to tell her goodnight!
Our girl is still a petite princess! Last doc visit she was 23 lbs so I would imagine she is not over 25. She can wear 2T but can also fit in smaller stuff depending on the style. She can wear 6 or 6 1/2 shoes. She still wears a size 4 diaper. We have not yet begun potty training. Life is just too busy! I hope to introduce it over Christmas and hope for the best but I have a feeling we will be delaying it until next May.
She is now in preschool and has been since September. I think she really enjoys it! She is becoming more confident but can also still be really shy in new situations. She goes to MDO 2 days a week just like Colby did. She was younger starting though but I think it has been good for her. I also am now enjoying my time back to grocery shop and clean house. It makes my days with her home more enjoyable! We usually go and have fun on those days! She is talking more and more and says a few sentences/phrases! She loves baby dolls, animals, dressing up, anything pink, coffee, and sweets!
We love her so much and she is the perfect sweet little addition to our family. I love that I have a buddy now and can do girly things with her!
Update: At her 2 year doc visit she was 24 lbs and 33 inches tall! Still a my tiny princess!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving Week 2013

We have had a really great Thanksgiving Break! I am so thankful for everyone being well and able to enjoy the holiday!
Monday we began our week with a trip to Lakeside to see Santa and ride the Christmas Train. Austin was off so we had a lovely family day! We went to Santa first and do their pictures! It was already crazy/crowded so I was glad we got this done early! Colby really loved this and did so well but Lindsay wanted nothing to do with the whole process! Last year she surprised us and did wonderfully but this year she kicked and screamed and cried! Finally we decided that the best option was for mommy to sit with her next to Santa. The picture wasn't perfect but hey its where we are in life with an almost 2 year old?! After pictures Colby wanted to ride the train! We have never atttempted to put Lindsay on the train until this visit. I knew when we were there with just her she would freak out but I was pretty certain that having her big brother she might just sit up there and enjoy it! Oh no she freaked out again! She is just such a timid child! Colby never went through this phase! I think had we not already scared her with Santa she might have done it so I hope to take them back before the season is over and let her try. She loved looking at it! So after this we went to the Disney Store to let Colby pick out a small gift for her. We then went to PB Kids and got her big birthday present. We didn't spend as long in the mall this time since we were just there a week ago but we still had fun. I was glad to get those 2 things done too! We ate lunch at Panera Bread and the kids loved it and ate so much! It was a wonderful family day!
Tuesday was a really cold and rainy day but the kids and I decided to get out and brave the weather anyway! You know us we can't stay home all day! We first went to order Lindsay's birthday cake. We finished that and decided to go to the library storytime in Algiers. The kids liked it ok. Colby probably more then Lindsay but I think she just enjoyed checking out a new place. We rarely get to do storytime anymore so it was nice to have this as an option this week. Ofcourse the theme was turkeys and thanksgiving so that was fun! Afterward we came home and we were pretty lazy the rest of the day!
Wednesday was our grocery shopping day! I hated to do this the day before Thanksgiving but it had to be done! The kids did really well though and the store wasn't as bad as I had thought. We came home and I let them play outside b/c it was cold but sunny so I knew they needed to get some energy out! The rest of the day was pretty chill. I had to bake cupcakes and pies for Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving day was awesome and I already blogged about that =)
Friday I wanted to do something special with the kiddos. Colby spent Thanksgiving night at my parents house so Lindsay and I went and picked him up that morning. We met our friends Honey and Max at the Children's Museum. Its been quite awhile since Colby was able to play there so I figured it was time! He had a blast! Lindsay took awhile to warm up which is pretty typical for her! She finally decided to start having fun in the grocery store. We did a few of the building exhibits which she enjoyed too with her big bro. We then went to the Toddler Area so Lindsay could get out some energy! They were having a great time! During all the fun though she climbed up the slide and fell off backwards. She hit her head pretty hard and was screaming so we made a quick exit. At this point we were thinking about leaving anyway so we could meet Austin for lunch. We did a couple more things for Colby and left. I hated we couldn't stay longer but I know they both did enjoy the time we were there and thankfully we have a membership. We picked Austin up and went to Jimmy John's for lunch. It was a nice change of pace! We haven't done that since Colby was about 2 or 3! I think the kids really enjoyed seeing daddy in the middle of the day too!
Saturday Austin was off and we had a very busy day planned! We had pictures scheduled for 8 am. We did those in Brechtel park with my friend Katie. She did pictures of Colby when he was 1 1/2 there. I am hoping we got some cute ones to use for Christmas cards. The kids did ok Colby was a ham and did great especially after last year! Lindsay did good in the end but it took her a good half hour to warm up. This 2 year old stage is soo hard! I remember Colby was the same way! After pictures we went to Pj's for a nice coffee and breakfast break! I think the kids enjoyed this! After re-fueling we went to pick out our Christmas tree! It was so fun seeing the kids run through all the trees! Christmas just gets more and more fun each year! Last year we took them both but Lindsay wasn't yet walking so we had to carry her the whole time! We came home and ate lunch and relaxed then set up the tree and outdoor lights! It was fun making memories and decorating together! I remember always loving that as a child! That evening we went out to eat and to Lowes to get a few more Christmas lights! The kids always have fun getting out like that at night b/c we don't do it often!
I can't believe Thanksgiving break has come to a close! It was a great week and I really enjoyed all the time I had with the kids! I will sure miss them especially Colby this week but it will also be good to get everyone back into their routines for awhile! I will also get a lot more done ;)