Saturday, October 31, 2015

Pumpkin Patch, B-day Party, & Costumes

Well, Saturday was a whirlwind day for us! We began the day bright and early. Ella (Colby's friend) came over around 7am. Her parents were going out of town for a wedding and she really wanted to attend Deanna's (Another school friend) birthday party. We worked it out with her parents that she could just stay with us all day. We were invited to the same wedding and I sure hated to miss it but with all of our other travels Austin just couldn't take off and plus the kids had a lot going on here that I wanted them to be able to attend. So when Ella arrived my kids were just waking up. I started breakfast for them while they played. For the next 2 hours they just played and watched a movie while I worked around the house. It was nice not having to rush out the house even though we had to wake up early. 
At 10 we left to go vote. Yes I took all 3 with me to go vote! I always bring my own so I figured what's one more?!? They were really good and we didn't have to wait long! Afterwards it was time to head to Lindsay's school for Family Day at the Pumpkin Patch. We got there a few minutes early so I let them have a quick snack in the car. We got there and there wasn't many people at first so the kids just meandered around and Ella got her face painted. It was nice to soak it up before it got crazy crowded. They jumped in the bounce house and played a few games. They started getting restless though and wanted to paint a pumpkin. By that time my parents had gotten there. They all 3 loved painting pumpkins. After that it was Lindsay's turn to sing with her school. They did a great job and she really sang her little heart out. Afterwards it was time to get them some food. They sat down to rest and eat. By that time the patch was getting super busy and crowded. Colby had spilled ketchup all over his clothes so I gathered the kids up and we came home to do a wardrobe change before the party. We got to the party just a few minutes late. They had a big bouncy thing there and a tent set up with chairs for the adults. At first I was a little worried that with it being an outdoor party I would be hot and worn out. Luckily they had it set up nice and there was a breeze. I was also thankful that my kids were old enough to play by themselves. I was able to spend the time visiting! The kids had a blast! The b-day party was 3 hours long and they played hard the whole 3 hours! I love how close his little class is and even how they love on the little siblings! Lindsay loved hanging out with the older girls! 
When we left the party it was already approaching 5 so I picked up Wendy's and we came in and ate. After dinner I promised them play time outside. They were riding bikes and playing when Ella's parents came to get her. All the kids were so sad. I love that even after being together all day they were still having so much fun! She was a great house guest and the kids got along so great! She's so easy going! I was tired that night and quite ready to get my kids and myself to bed! 
The next day was more continued fun at church! The kids were allowed to wear costumes as we wrapped up our October series on being Super Heroes. Colby and I went as Saints Fans aka Aunt Lizzie and Lindsay went as Rapunzel. It was a really fun day! One of those days I loved teaching! We had 8 kids despite the rain. Honestly that's a perfect number. I left though really feeling like it had been a great morning! I love when God blesses me like that after teaching. Some weeks are hard but I love when there are weeks where the kids really seem to get it and I just love what I am doing! The rest of the day was pretty low key. We watched the Saints and hung out at home. 

Monday, October 26, 2015

PACK 199 in the Patch and MERMAIDS!!

This was a busy week for us with many special things going on for both kiddos! 
Thursday night we had our first Pack meeting for this year! I just love Cubscouts and so glad we chose to make this a part of Colby's life. During the Pack meetings each Den gets up and presents what they have been working on and also earns their awards for the last few weeks. Colby's group earned their Duty to God belt loop. I love this time that he gets to be with other boys of various ages and we enjoy the fellowship the other parents. And as luck would have it most of the boys have little sisters in our group so Lindsay also has a blast! 
Friday I decided to take Lindsay on a little girl outting! The aquarium had mermaids last weekend and this weekend so I really wanted to take her! Friday she was missing school since she had gone the other 4 days so I thought it was a good opportunity. We first met a friend for coffee and breakfast. I enjoyed the visit time. Lindsay did pretty well...she mostly ate her muffin and played games on my phone. We met her little friend Ebbie at the aquarium. She was excited to have a friend to run around with. She wasn't quite as impressed with the mermaids as I thought she would be but I think she liked it. She also wanted to snack the whole time which was a little annoying. We saw most of the aquarium but kinda let the girls go at their own pace and see what they wanted to see. We had no real agenda. It was nice again to visit with another mom. I felt a little stressed by the time we got out of their and Lindsay was having a meltdown. We got home and had lunch and a nap and felt much better! 
That afternoon when I picked Colby up from school we had to go to Hobby Lobby to get craft supplies for Colby's pumpkin book report. The kids loved that store! We will for sure have to go back before the holidays! We also picked up Chickfila. We had a nice low key evening and watched Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin for movie night! 

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Pumpkin Patch

Wednesday Lindsay had her field trip to the Pumpkin Patch. I love that her school does this! This was my 4th and perhaps final field trip. So bittersweet! It started at 10 so I started my day with coffee with one of Lindsay's little friends moms Cindy. It was nice to visit before going back for the field trip. We got there and the kids were lining up and Mrs. Shelly was going over with them what to expect during the morning. They first just got to explore and check out the pumpkin patch. Its always fun to observe her in her school surroundings. She was way more independent then the year before. I really didn't have to stay with her much at all. Her group then went to the story blanket. They do fall themed stories under the trees. I was proud of how well she listened and participated. Afterwards they made a craft. She wanted my help but seemed to enjoy making something. We took a few pictures after the craft while they set up for snack time. They gave them a snack of apple cider and donuts. Lindsay ofcourse LOVED this! They then got to pick out a pumpkin and went back to class. I decided to take Lindsay home after the field trip. Our day is always short enough with going back to church on Wednesdays so I wanted to get home early and get her down for a nap. I think she had a really great time! I am so thankful I get to join in these things with the kids. 
That night we got back to church after missing the week before. As always the kids LOVE it! They love hanging out with friends and playing. We had 11 kids in my class again! This is the second time this semester that we have had that many! It sure is tiring but its awesome we have so many young families coming to church on Wednesday! Lindsay was so happy to have her friend Ebbie back and Genevieve and Mia! I love her little group of girl friends! 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Hattiesburg Weekend

We spent last weekend in Hattiesburg and we had so much fun! It was nice b/c Colby was off school on Friday. We were able to get up that morning and leave about 9:30 to get on the road. We arrived right around lunch time. The kids were super excited to see MawMaw and Pawpaw. We went to there house and had lunch and let them play. We visited and hung out there for awhile. After lunch Austin and I decided to go unload our things at the apartment and run a couple errands before going back. We got back and had about an hour to relax before heading out to the country. The kids always love going out to Wendi and Harvey's house. They get to experience things they never would here in the city. They love playing outside with their cousins. They have chickens, cats, dog, etc. They also liked riding their bikes and jumping on their trampoline. It was fun sitting outside and just visiting as family. Harvey fried catfish for us so that was yummy. We stayed and visited after dinner and the kids played outside some more. They did a fire and the kids just loved that and roasting marshmallows. Finally by 7 Lindsay had had enough. She even requested we leave. Without a nap and such a busy day poor girl was wiped out! We got the kids bathed and gave them a short while to play before putting them to bed. I think we were all ready to crash! 
The next morning we slept in a little then got ready for another busy day! We went over to Austin's parents for the kids to eat a quick breakfast then left from there to go to USM's Homecoming Parade. We took Colby when he was 2 or 3 but haven't been back since. It was fun just walking the kids around the campus looking at the traditional homecoming floats. The kids loved it! It was also a BEAUTIFUL day. I enjoyed the scenery and reminiscing. We met up with Austin's family and watched the parade. Again the kids loved it. I know it wasn't as big as a Mardi Gras parade but they had fun and caught a lot of stuff nonetheless. Afterwards we went to the Campus Book Store to do a little shopping then the 4 of us had lunch. It was nice to eat a quiet lunch just the 4 of us. I love visiting family but its tiring at the same time and the kids get so wild. It was nice to have a more calm lunch. We then went back to the apartment to rest. We knew the kids needed to rest up before the ball game that night. Colby has been to several games atleast one a year since he was 3. Lindsay had never been so we were anxious to bring her. In my opinion 3 is the perfect age. We got to the game around 5 and ate dinner. I love my dad's seats and the fact that we can eat a real dinner before the game. They had a pork roast, baby carrots, cheesy potatoes, and salad. I felt like we had a real meal and it was pretty healthy. We then got in our seats. Lindsay had fun b/c there was another little girl right in front of us who was 3. They played together a lot of the game. They also ate popcorn and m&ms. It was probably the most fun I have had at a game in awhile just having my whole little family there! I left with the kids after halftime though b/c it was getting late and they were getting restless. My mom picked us up and we went back to the apartment to let them get baths and play a bit before bed. That night we had to put them on inflatable matresses since my parents were there too. We got up the next morning and got ready then stopped at Starbucks before hitting the road. We wanted a light breakfast so we could eat lunch when we got home. 
It was a great weekend! Weather was awesome and the kids had so much fun and were so well behaved. Not sure when we will get to Hattiesburg again but it probably won't be until December. The next month is super busy! So thankful for this long weekend though! 

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Columbus Day!

So Monday was Columbus day and Lindsay was off school. We had contemplated doing a big, fun day with her but then I remembered we had Parent/Teacher conference so I knew it would be busy day. We still wanted to do something special though just on a smaller scale. We ended up going to breakfast at Another Broken Egg Cafe. It was yummy and fun just to spend time with our girl. Afterwards we went to Lakeside to walk around and let her see the train. I usually try to get out there with both kids during the fall season but this October has been so busy I didn't know when else we might go? We were shocked b/c she wanted to and rode the train all by herself! She had never actually ridden the holiday train before! We were proud of her! I guess Disney World gave her some extra courage. We went in the Disney Store and got her and Colby both a small toy. We also went into Macy's to try and by a wedding gift but that was a total bust! 
It was a nice little outting with our girl! I am sure going to miss those when she starts full day school! 
That afternoon was busy b/c we had Parent/Teacher Conference with Colby's teacher. The conference went well. She said he's really sweet and smart. We went over his grades. He had his first ever D on a report card. I nor his teacher though are too worried b/c she thinks a lot is a maturity problem and not an academic problem. We both think he rushes to finish or he gets test anxiety. Both of these we hope will improve with time. His D was in Language. Language/Phonics he has struggled with since he started kindergarten. I am going to really work with him this next quarter to hopefully get it up to a B. I really love his teacher and believe she will do everything in her power as well to help him. It worked out well with Austin being off that he was able to care for the kids outside while I did the conference. We had a nice evening but I woke up that night running fever. I had felt a cold coming on so I knew at this point it was going to be a bad week. 
I ended up with a sinus cold and its Sunday and I am still recovering. This past week we had to miss a lot but I always say God sends sickness when we need rest. This fall has already been busy and the rest of the month and November will also be busy so this week forced me to rest. I had to miss Bible Study, church, and cubscouts with Colby. It was hard saying no to a lot but I know I needed to heal plus not get anyone else sick. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Weekend Stories

This weekend was a nice one. Friday we had a low key night at home and watched USM play. Saturday I took the kids to the park. That's what they always wanted to do on Saturday and I really believe in just free play on Saturdays. They had a great time and the weather was perfect. There were a lot of people out so it was nice that there were other kids out there! We ate lunch at Chickfila. I like treating them to lunch also on Saturday's. Its become our little tradition. The rest of the day we relaxed and watched college football. The kids have also gotten into riding their bikes so we did that that evening. 
Sunday was a crazy day. I woke up not feeling well. I guess I have the cold/allergy stuff that's going around. I also had to teach. We had 11 kids. They were pretty good except for 1 or 2 of the little boys that are just a little wild. I had 2 helpers so that helped. Service went long though and I was in there until 11. And no other teachers showed up so i finally just had to walk my kids next door to the 2 year room and bolt! I felt bad but I had been there since 9 and my kids were ready to go plus we had to go to the grocery store after. I hate grocery shopping on Sundays. We don't do it often but because Lindsay had off on Monday and Austin I really didn't want to spend our holiday in the grocery store. 
The kids were very patient and we finally made it back from the grocery. We had lunch and watched the Saints game and relaxed. That evening Austin got home and we did our usual bikeride/walk. 
I am thankful for these low key weekends b/c our mid-week is so busy! Sadly this is the last one for awhile so we will really be head on into fall madness but that's ok lots of fun things to look forward to! 

Friday, October 9, 2015

Weekend and Healing

So as you recall we started our weekend with Lindsay being sick. Friday she stayed home from school. I was thankful Austin could bring Colby and my parents could pick her up so she and I didn't have to leave the house at all. In this busy season of life that is a rarity. I always say I think when we get sick its a way of God telling us to slow down. I kind of enjoyed my day with her. We took a walk and watched a lot of tv. That night we had our movie night.
Saturday we left like she was feeling good enough that we could hit up a local pumpkin patch at City Park. Austin was leaving later in the day for the USM football game but I wanted to get out with the kids b/c I knew we would be in all that evening. Oh and let me also mention how great it was Saturday that we all slept until 8! Anyway we all enjoyed the leisurely morning then going out to the pumpkin patch. Last year we did the big one across the lake. I would love to go this year but our fall just got so busy so quick! This was much smaller but the kids still enjoyed it. They were able to play in bounce houses while we waited for the hay ride. The hay ride was neat. Afterwards we picked our pumpkins then headed to lunch. Like I mentioned the rest of the day we stayed home. We watched football and played outside. The kids are really into riding their bikes right now so that is what we did. 
Sunday morning we actually had plans of attending both services at church. I haven't been able to go into church in awhile plus with a late Saints game we knew this would be a good opportunity plus Austin wouldn't have to leave as early from Hattiesburg. Anyway Lindsay got up and still wasn't her self at all. I figured by this point she was no longer running fever it was probably more due to the lack of not eating. I decided to skip church and let her heal. My kids are not ones to lay around ever and so I knew she needed the day at home! Colby actually wasn't upset about staying home either. I don't want my kids to ever get in the practice of just skipping church on Sundays but he's gone all week up there so I knew and understood that maybe we all needed a home day. We lazed around and watched tv and the church service on tv. Around the time Austin got home I had convinced Lindsay to eat some fruit snacks. Once she ate those it seemed to give her enough energy and pep to get going. She finally wanted to get dressed and play outside. We enjoyed just hanging outside as a family. We also got our fall stuff put up...FINALLY! We came in around lunch and just enjoyed a relaxful afternoon. We rode bikes that evening and watched the SAINTS game. Even though the weekend didn't turn out like I had thought or planned it ended up being better and we had a blast! I was thankful for the rest especially while we are in this busy season of life! 

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Field Trips, Cubscouts, and October sickies

This week has been a nice one. It has been fairly low key and the kids have had fun times at school. On Wednesday Lindsay had the Aquarium come visit her school. They got to see several different types of animals. She seemed to really enjoy this! 
That night we had went well again and we had 8 kids. Each week our number gets lower but I think that's pretty typical as we enter the fall and kids start getting sick and families get busy with other things. They are a busy group but a sweet group. Lindsay loved playing with Mia and Luke.
Thursday Colby had a field trip to the Library. It was the first ever field trip he went on alone without me. I would have gone but they said no chaperones were needed. I think he enjoyed it and it was a nice break from their normal week I am sure! 
That evening we had Cubscouts. I think the kids were excited about getting back to that. They learned how to tie knots and were also told about some safety tips. Both kids seemed to have a great time. That night we thought was a normal night just like any other. 
Lindsay woke up around 11 crying. I figured it was just her music of lights...this is a pretty common occurrence with her. But when Austin went to check we discovered she had thrown up all in her bed. We had to strip everything and bathe her. Poor girl I felt so bad for her. When we got everything cleaned up we put her back in bed only to wake up about 30 minutes later with the same ordeal? By this time we were out of clean sheets. Luckily we had already started the others washing but we had to sit up with her and wait for them to be finished. During this time she threw up again but this time in the potty. 
When we finally got her back to bed around 2 she slept until about 6:30 and no more puke thankfully! We knew school was out for her but Austin still had to get Colby to school. I knew it would be best to stay at home with her all day not knowing if she would get sick again. 
She and I had a pretty low key at home. We did get out and take a walk which was so reminiscent of their baby and toddler days when I did a lot of walking in the mornings. We mostly sat around and watched tv and looked at books. My parents picked Colby up from school and we ended up having a nice family evening that included a bike ride and watching Toy Story together. 

Friday, October 2, 2015


Last weekend we were able to really catch up on our rest. I like to have quiet weekends as much as possible and just enjoy the down time with my littles. I also think its beneficial to them as well. 
So Friday my parents picked Colby up from school and he spent the night with them. It was nice having a quieter day with just Lindsay and enjoying her that evening. We watched Aristocats that night for our movie. 
That morning she and I got up and did a few things around the house and enjoyed a lazy morning before going to pick him up. I picked him up a little before 10 and we went to the park. We are back to having park days on Saturdays which I love! I am believer in just letting kids play outside and having freedom. So many of my friends have their kids in sports on Saturdays. I mean Colby has no interest in sports and honestly I am kinda glad b/c I think its nice to have a no plans type day. My kids love just playing at the park together and I am grateful for that. We ran a quick errand then came home to watch Football. Right now the kids love football and they love being at home to play so it was a WIN-WIN! We just had a really low key rest of the day. It was lovely! Austin got in that night and got Colby started on Legos so he spent a lot of the weekend doing that as well.
Sunday Austin was off and we went to church. I was teaching ofcourse. We had about 9 children. It went really well. Lindsay loved playing with Sophia and Genevieve. I love that she has such sweet friends at church to play with! That afternoon again was kind of lazy. We watched the SAINTS. We also took a bike ride that evening. I just cannot say how much I love weekends. 
Monday ( I will include this as well since Austin was off) Austin was home and it always feels more like the weekend. We both brought the kids to school. It was nice to have him along. We stopped at PJs after getting Colby dropped off. We brought Lindsay then he and I grocery shopped. It was nice having him with me for a change. That afternoon was pretty low key. We had a nice healthy, family dinner then we took a bike ride!