Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Letter N and keeping mommy awake

So this is a random blog of 2 stories. I will start our with the good one first. So Colby is starting to recognize letters! Its so awesome I never knew a 1 year old could start to figure out letters. Well for the last couple of weeks I have noticed that he always plays with his letters N and H. Even at Sunday School he always wants to get the letter N and H out of the letter mat in there. He has also started pointing the letters N and H out in other places like my sweatshirts. Anyway so I decided to really test him during bath time the last 2 nights. I would say Colby where's the letter N? And he searches and looks all through his letters until he picks the right one! He knows some of the letters! I am so proud! I am hoping this means he will be a good reader like I always was! Anyway he's gonna love preschool. I am trying to work with him on colors. He seems to know the color blue.

So on to the second of my stories. Last night was a wierd night for Colby. Although I have to confess first off it might have to do with the fact that he ate Zap's crawtator chips last night. So anyway we put Colby to bed like normal and we never hear a peep out of him well last night about an hour or so after we put him to bed he started screaming crying. Well I ran back there b/c sometimes he gets his foot stuck in the slats of the crib. Well I walked in and he was just sitting up confused. I guess he had a bad dream....again maybe the Zap's coming back to haunt? Well after going in his room and laying him back down he was fine. So at 3:30 this morning I hear him going ahhh ahhh not like an upset scream just like he was bored. So finally at 4 I went in there. I thought I would find him standing or sitting up atleast. No he was just laying under the covers but I guess he was awake? Maybe trying to put himself back to sleep. Well this continued until about 5:30. I was awake the whole time. Then by the time Colby quieted down Austin got up to get ready. So I figured skipping church was in the works for us. I knew I wouldn't get back to sleep until 7 and at this point neither Colby or I had had a good nights sleep and Sundays are long for us anyways. So with it being so cold and being tired we decided to stay in. I hate missing but I think its gonna be good for us to just hang out here.

Friday, January 29, 2010

a clean house is a losing battle with a toddler!

Ok so this morning I have felt a little stressed...well actually the "stressed" feeling began yesterday at like 6:30 when Austin still wasn't off work. Needless to say he didn't get home until like 7:30 so that is what sparked my stresses. When daddy doesn't get home from work until late it makes the day seem so long for Colby and I. Not to mention we stayed home all day yesterday. I felt like by 6 Colby and I had played everything there was in the house we had also taken a long walk and played in the backyard. I was also aggravated with our dog b/c we just had some landscaping done in our backyard and our lab decided to dig some of it up. So it wasn't a good end to my day. The night did get better though.
Now today I feel like I am the same way and I am trying to think of all I have to be grateful for but I just have to vent. So this morning we got up and I was in a pretty ok mood. We got dressed and headed to the grocery store first thing b/c I knew it was going to rain after lunch. Colby does pretty good in the grocery but I got a little frustrated today b/c he wanted to pick up everything and taste it. I mean yuck no tellin what grimies things have on them! So I had to fuss at home and once I did he behaved the rest of the time. I do have to give my little man that credit that he does straighten up pretty quickly when he knows mommy is serious. Once we got home I always have such a mess b/c I have to put away groceries and pick up other stuff around the house. Well here is where the catch 22 begins. I feel like I should start picking up the house while Colby is playing but then he seems to make more messes then we started with. So then I decide to go play with him which keeps him from making quite as many messes but then nothing gets done. Oh well I guess that is life with a toddler. I know these are fun days and 99% of the time I love it...its just times like these when I get frustrated and realize I probably need some time away. I am already feeling better though now that he is napping. Now hopefully he will take a 3 hour nap and the rest of our day will be good. I am thinking though about Austin and I taking some time off tomorrow and have my parents keep him for a few hours. I am thinking the WWII museum and lunch might be fun. Oh well thats all for now now I guess since Colby is sleeping I should try to pick up some of the mess!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

what we've been up to the last couple of days

So not much exciting has been going on but we have had a good week. Yesterday Colby and I started the day with a trip to the Educator. I love that store! I could spend hours looking at all the fun teaching stuff. I had to go to get some things laminated for Sunday School and also to get some fun stamps to let the kids play with. I am glad I still teach Sunday School. It enables me to get my teacher "fix" as Austin would say! I put Colby in the umbrella stroller which he really isn't very fond of. I guess its not nearly as comfie as his big one. So needless to say he started getting antsy. I think he really just wanted to get down. But he's not old enough yet where I can really trust me walking around a store espeically when its just me. Now if Austin had been there too sure we probably would have just let him walk. But since I was really shopping and trying to get stuff done he had to be contained.

After our outting we came home and went on a walk. The day was pretty laid back with the exception of us having work done in our backyard. Austin got home early and brought dinner from Outback which was really yummy! Who can resist a good steak???

Today Colby and I have had another just stay at home kinda day. Its been nice after how busy last week was. Casee and baby Jax did come over for a brief walk though. It was really nice having a friend to talk to while we walk. It goes by so much faster. Again both boys did really well. Jax slept the whole time and Colby snacked and babbled to himself. They really didn't get to interact today b/c we walked then Casee had to head to work. The rest of the day I feel like I got lazy I don't know why but I am just so tired. So I haven't been nearly as productive as yesterday. Tonight I think we are just going to grab some mexican food because I am not in the mood to cook. Tomorrow we have to go to the grocery store which is good b/c we are running low on a lot!

I posted a couple pictures of Colby at his snack time yesterday! He's such a big boy!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My lil man is getting SO BIG!

So today we started back to GymRompers. This is Colby's 3rd session and probably the last...we'll see I may do the summer too that way he has a complete year of it. He just loves it so much. He started back last June when he was only 11 months now its January and he is 18 months. Its been so fun to see what all he has learned to do in those 7 months. When he began GymRompers he couldn't even walk he would just crawl around on the mats and he was very timid and scared of the other kids.
Now he is one of the "big" kids and walks around like he is a pro at everything. Its crazy how just week to week he learns to do new things. This week I noticed how well he climbs. He has been climbing for awhile but he would climb to the top of something or on something and not be sure how to get down. I was always worried he would fall off of something. But lately he has learned to climb on all the furniture in the house so he has naturally learned spacial awareness. Now when he climbs on stuff he doesn't try to just walk off of it or act like he doesn't know how to get down. He scoots to the edge on his butt then gets off like a big boy. He did this over and over today at GymRompers. He has also learned the art of climbing on slides then sliding down with no help.
I am so glad we have chosen to do this class because it has taught him so many motor skills. When I see him interact with other kids other places he is usually a better climber and braver then the others who probably haven't had a class like this. Some of it may be his nature but I put a lot of credit to this class. He has also learned how to interact with other children and not be scared of them. He used to be real intimidated of the other kids but now he is right there in the midst of them. He is still careful around other children which I am thankful he usually just tries to stay out of their way and not bully them. He has taken a few toys away at GymRompers but he doesn't really do it mean he just thinks that oh I can take that I think since at home mommy and daddy give him toys all the time. I think its good for him to be in this social type environment. He also lately will stop and observe the other kids which I also think is cool. It shows that his world around him is widening and he realizes he is not the only one on the planet!
He used to sit in circle time very well but I think that was partially because when we first started he wasn't as mobile. Now he would rather be up moving around. He does like the instruments and the animals and bubbles though. The teacher always says not to worry though that he is probably learning all the songs while he plays. Which is true b/c he knows when the instruments come out he heads over there. So he is paying attention he just wants to play. I also like this class because he does get such a good work out while he is there. I don't want him to ever become a couch potato so getting him involved in something like this helps him to love being active. My goal this spring too is to take him to parks a couple times a week to burn off some energy outside as well!
He's such a little man though and I wish I had pictures from today b/c he was so cute decked out in his long sleeve polo and jeans! Oh well I will try to snap some later though b/c he looks so adorable!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Who Dat Superbowl

Wow I still can't believe it that the Saints are going to the Superbowl. Its really something I never thought I would see! The closest we have ever been was in 2006 when we made it to the championship game and lost to the Bears. Its so exciting though to say we are going to the Superbowl. We watched the game last night from home and it was such an exciting game we were glued to the tv the whole night. We would pause the game when we needed to bathe and put Colby in the bed. Once they won the whole city went nuts. I can't imagine how it even was downtown because by us fireworks started going off and people were screaming and honking their horns. I swear if we wouldn't have had a sleeping 1 year old in the house I would have been doing all that too!

I think since Katrina New Orleans has changed for the better. Not only has our football team greatly improved there just seems to be more unity around here. Having a winnning football team though surely helps that! Last nights game couldn't have been more exciting. And either team I would have honestly been happy to see in the SuperBowl. I mean Brett Favre played his heart out and at times I felt sorry for him. But I am really glad to have our Saints make it to the SuperBowl for the first time ever! Its exciting also for Colby to see this history making at such a young age. I hope that maybe the Saints will be good for awhile but atleast we can tell him when he was 1 they went to the Superbowl!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

first accident

So today in Sunday School Colby had his first accident that involved blood. He has fallen or hit his head a number or times since he has been walking. He has had bruises and bumps but none have involved blood until today. He was having a great time at Sunday School climbing on chairs until ooops he fell off the chair and must have hit his chin on the table which caused him to bite his tongue. Poor guy!
He got up screaming bloody murder. I ran over to check on him immediately. Thankfully I am his Sunday School teacher. I am glad this didn't happen when someone else was caring for him. I was scared that he either bit his lip or I wanted to check his I pryed his mouth open and sure enough I saw blood. I didn't panic but it did concern me a little. Me checking his mouth though only led to him screaming more and I couldn't get a clear view to tell if it was just his tongue or if it was his gums or a tooth. So the only thing I knew to do to get peace of mind was take him to his daddy and have him look at him. By the time I got him to Austin he had calmed down and we couldn't even see blood anymore so all we can think is that he bit his tongue when he fell. Poor guy though! This is after hearing this week that one of his little friends Blake had to go to the ER for a busted chin. I knew and still know its only a matter of time. Colby is such a climber now and a dare devil that I am sure this is not the last of bobos. But I am so thankful he's ok things like that do scare mommies!
He's been in a good mood since a little tired but he was that way even when I woke him up this morning. He has been sleeping until almost 9 lately so waking him at 7:45 this morning he wasn't too happy plus he has had quite a full week! He's still napping now at almost 4 after finally going down about 1 or 1:30.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

walking playdate

So this week has continued to be a busy one. Casee and Jax came over today so we could walk. We are going to try to start doing this atleast once a week for some extra excercise. Colby and I walk atleast 1 time a day anyway so it works out perfect! Both of the boys seemed to enjoy themselves. Baby Jax slept the whole time and Colby just ate his snack and took in the sights. We went about 2 miles I think. They spent a little time in the house baby Jax just looked around and probably wondered who that big boy was. I think Colby was curious about him too. He did pretty well around him he wanted to play with his toys on the carseat. A couple of times he got too close with some toys but other then that he did good. He showed off a little by being a little rough I think mostly he was showing off probably out of jealousy being another baby in the house...hmm wonder what he'll do one of these days when he has a baby brother or sister. This is why I am kinda glad we are waiting though until he is preschool age. Right now he's just so hard to keep up with on his own I can't imagine adding a baby to the mix. Plus he is just getting to where he's pretty easy as far as getting out with him so I want to enjoy this for a little while. I had fun visiting with Casee though it was good to have some mommy time. Its been quite a busy week for us but its been a good one!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Aquarium Playdate

Today Colby and I went to the aquarium with my friends and his. We went with Kim and her daughter Cameron who is like 21 months and Kristie and Cade who is 8 months. We had a blast. This was Colby's first trip to the New Orleans aquarium. Whenever we first got there and went through the tunnel they were all excited. Cameron and Colby kept pointing and saying oooh whats that? It was so cute! Colby also would say "fish awww". He's so funny. I think they enjoyed seeing all the fishies. Colby also enjoyed snacking while riding around. I think his favorite parts were the tunnel and the toddler play area. He climbed to the top and loved sliding down. It was cute! This made me realize we need to have more playdates. We used to do them a lot but kinda quit for awhile. So maybe this will inspire us to get together more! It was a fun outting to get out the house and enjoy some visiting with other moms also. We stayed about an hour and a half by then the babies were all getting sleepy and hungry. Cameron brought her lunch and Cade still drinks bottles. I didn't pack one for Colby since I knew we would be home by his lunch time. He just enjoyed snacking though. The weather has also warmed up so Colby was able to wear a t-shirt for the first time in quite awhile. Now he just needs some shorts. Luckily he has a few t-shirts that are 24 months from last summer that still fit him. Looks like we need to do some spring shopping soon! Now he is in just a onesie this afternoon napping. Well I guess the rest of the day Colby and I will just hang here and not really do much. I'm sure we will take a walk though later on.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Children's Museum

We had another "Colby" day today. We took him to toddler time at the Children's Museum. This was his first time to ever go. I think he really enjoyed it. We spent about 30 minutes in the toddler area. I think this was his favorite. There was plenty of stuff to climb on and play with. The actual toddler time though I was a little dissapointed. They were supossed to read a story and then do whip cream art. The lady read this book fish eyes and had some things for the kids to touch and feel. But you could hardly hear her reading and then she took all the stuff away like immediately when she finished the book. I just expected her to talk and relate to the kids more. Colby really wanted to play with the instruments but she kinda scolded him for putting them up to his mouth. I mean he's 1 really? Oh well the rest of the time was good. He was actually a little upset to leave the toddler area we probably should have just let him stay in there it was age appropriate for him.

He liked scattering groceries in the grocery store but really didn't get the idea of shopping. They had some New Orleans type playhouse for the kids to play in and he really liked that. Especially the shot gun b/c he would just run from one end to the other. There was a section with boats that he liked pretty well too but he got upset when none of them would make noise! The Mr. Rogers part was also a hit. He liked watching Mr. Rogers on the Tvs so we got him a Mr. Roger's DVD when we left! I actually can't wait to watch that one either b/c I loved that show! He also enjoyed the bubble room but mainly wanted to play in the bubble solution more then anything. So after a fit about leaving that and having to put down the trains I knew it was time to go. But I think all in all he had a good time and he will enjoy it more and more the older he gets. Most of the museum is about "pretend" play so once he is into that he will have a blast. By that time we will probably have to get a membership.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Playtime in City Park

After Colby's doctor appointment today we decided to bring him to City Park to enjoy the beautiful weather. We had planned on taking him to Storyland but for some reason it wasn't open today. So we just let him enjoy the playground area. He loved it! It made me think we need to be doing this more often now! He played and played and really enjoyed the slides. We also let him walk all around the park areas since we couldn't go in Storyland. He enjoyed the fountains and plants and swings as well! It was a fun day. Hopefully we will get to do it again soon!

18 Month Stats

So today was Colby's 18 month doctor's appointment. We had the 8:40 appointment which seems so early but it was worth going b/c by the time we got out the waiting room was packed. Anyhow Colby now weighs 29.6 lbs and is 32 inches tall. I think he gained about 2 lbs since 15 months and grew 1 inch. He is in the 50% for height and 75% for weight. He is still a big boy but he's not fat he's just solidy I think. I knew his height would go down and be more around average b/c Austin and I are both an average height. Again his growth has drastically slowed down from last year. The doctor said everything was normal and good for his age. He did try to talk me into getting a flu shot and H1N1 shot for Colby which I refused. I don't really have a problem with the other vaccines but for the flu I don't see the point. I have never had a flu shot and have also really never had the flu. Not saying I can't get it but still. Colby is not in daycare and he seems to have a good immunity as well. He sent me home with a website to check out but I will probably never get those shots for him. He is also caught up on all his other vaccines until he is 4! Praise the Lord! I thought he was going to have to get more today and I was sorta dreading a sickly week with him. But he didn't have to get any!! I know Colby was glad too!
He did well getting weighed on the big boy scale and measured but he does not like the doctor holding him down and looking him over. He was ok at first but then he went into tears and crying mode quickly. Once he put him down on the floor though he was all good!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My baby is a year and a half old today!! 18 Months

These are Colby a year ago at 6 months! He has sure come a long way!

My big boy now at 18 months!

So I can't believe I can now say my little baby is officially a YEAR and a HALF!! Wow! He is so big now. He's all little boy too. He is very into being rough and tough. He is one of the toughest 1 year olds I have ever seen. He falls and trips and hardly ever crys. He loves to climb and now can climb on all our furniture! He's also running full speed. He loves to play hide and seek and chase. His favorite toys are blocks and instruments. He still likes anything that makes noise. He is now in size 2t clothes and wearing a size 5 diaper. He has a very hearty appetite but eats mostly healthy things. He is addicted to the Gerber puff snacks. He has also recently started eating real oatmeal and loves it! He still loves fruits. He also has graduated to eating gummy fruit snacks and loves those too. He is eating more and more food that we eat. I had a sausage biscuit this morning and he was begging for that too. He also still loves mac n cheese.

He is still talking a lot but no real talking like sentences yet. But he loves to point out "Trucks" when we are driving somewhere. He's a sweetie and has learned to lay his head down on your shoulder and go "aww" melts my heart every time! I just can't believe he is growing up so fast! He loves church and Sunday School and has many friends there. His closest friend is Glenn Paul that is his age. They share a birthday and are about the same size so they have lots in common. He also enjoyes playing with a little girl named Ysabel. He is still taking Gymrompers classes and loves it! The climbing and excercise he gets there is wonderful! He is also getting to associate with friends there too. He still loves the outdoors and begs to go outside. I am looking forward to warmer weather when we can be out more!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Good Day!

So yesterday was a really fun, good day. It began with Colby and I just staying home and skipping MOPS. I hated to miss it b/c we have missed the last 2 and haven't been in forever. But I felt like we both needed the extra sleep. I was awake a couple hours during the night coughing. Plus since he and I have both been sick we have been sleeping until 8:30 or 9 every day. So we skipped and enjoyed a slow morning around the house. We got out and took our walk too which was nice.
Austin had told me he was going to try to come home early but not to expect it. So I was laying on the couch resting at 1:30 when I heard the garage! You can't begin to know how happy I was. He has been on a 6 day work week and has had a few late nights lately with work well not late but he he sometimes hasn't gotton in until 7 which makes a loooong day for me! Well anyways he got home and we all rested. Once Colby got up and played in the back and front yards while Austin cleaned out a few of our flower beds since the cold snap has basically killed everything.
Afterwards we came in and started getting the house cleaned up for our friends coming over. Josh and Laura came over to play Mario with us. They called a little before 6 and said they were on their way. We went on and bathed Colby. We have never actually done that before we were going to bathe him early then let him run around until his bedtime. I was a little worried at how he would do. But he seemed to grasp that he just got his pjs on early and could still play. So he played with them for a little while but by 7 when we got our dinner you could tell he was fading fast. So by 7:30 I gave him his milk and he layed on the couch and drank it like a big boy! Another first! Anyway so after that he went to bed. Well Austin brought him to bed usually we bring him together. He did fine except at like 8:30 we heard him in there so I went in and kissed him and started his music again. I think that's all he needed to see his mommy's face one more time before bed. My lil angel! We enjoyed the time with our friends hanging out and playing games. It was a nice break. Although I wish poor Austin were off today so he could rest some! But I am up and at em and Colby is still in the bed its 8:30 now. We will probably go to the grocery though at some point this morning!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lunch with Grammy, GrandDaddy, and Uncle Randall

Today we went over to my parent's house to have lunch with them and my brother. It was a nice outting for Colby and I. I think Colby was glad to get out the house but by the end he was tired and restless and ready to go home. He didn't eat as much of his lunch as I would have liked so I gave in and let him have a bottle when we got home. I just wanted him to nap well and didn't want a hungry, tired toddler later on today. I am hoping he'll sleep until 4 or so he needs it! Part of his problem at lunch is he wanted his dang pacifier and blanket. I am getting to the point where it drives me crazy sometimes. At home he is pretty good without it but I am about to the point of throwing the pacifiers all away if he doesn't leave me alone. But basically at lunch he decided he wanted those things and basically shut down as far as eating anymore. I hate when he does that he is normally such a good eater at home! Oh well guess its all fun of the toddler years! But I was glad to get home also b/c I feel like I haven't had a moment alone all day. Because we woke up I fixed breakfast for Colby, got us dressed, and headed to my parents. So I am glad to have a couple hours to myself! I am hoping Austin gets home at a decent hour tonight too. He didn't get home until 6:30 last night which made for a very long day for Colby and I. Well thats all going on now. Colby and I will probably take a walk when he wakes up from his nap!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fabulous Fifties!

Colby with his snow hat!

Colby this time last year!

I never thought I would say living in New Orleans that 50s is warm. Usually this is our winter. So the last 2 days it has gotton out of the 30s into the 40s and 50s and its been so nice. I love cold weather but it really has been too cold lately. Although I do like the idea that we have experienced a true winter. Well anyhow the last 2 days have been great. No more cabin fever.

Yesterday Colby and I got out with my parents for a trip to Target. It was nice just to browse the store and get a few necessities. That afternoon Colby and I were able to get back to our walking which we haven't been able to do in over a week. That was nice too. We didn't even have to bundle up in a million layers. Just a light jacket!

This morning Colby and I got out and walked again. It was probably in the 40s when we walked so we bundled up a little but nothing like last week. The weather is beautiful too. So when he wakes up we are planning on playing in the backyard!

We are still all trying to get over this yuckiness that has fallen on our family. I think Colby and I are getting well just slowly. I don't really feel bad I just keep coughing and hacking and blowing my nose. He still has a slight runny nose and cough too! I am hoping the outside air though will do us some good!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A lil outing can do a sick family good =)

So we skipped church today since we are all 3 still sick. I hated to do it but I felt it was best especially for Colby and I not to be around all the other kids. I know I don't like when teachers or other people bring their sick kids to church so I didn't want to be one of those. I felt it would also be good for us to all get to sleep in because I would have had to gotton up at 6:30 this morning which it was probably 20 degrees then b/c it was still in the 20s when we all got up after 8. We had discussed last night since we weren't going to church that we would still go eat lunch somewhere just to get out of the house. So we went to Texas Roadhouse and got there right at 11 when they opened. It was so nice we didn't have to wait or anything. Colby was also so good. He was very content just looking around and playing with straws and munching on a roll. I had chicken and it was very yummy. Colby enjoyed eating all his food too. After we ate we walked over to Petco to get the animals some food. It was nice to just walk around a store. I think Colby enjoyed this too. He loved looking at the turtles, fish, and birds. He also liked the ferrets. I think it did us all well mentally to get out and see something other then our 4 walls we have been looking at lately.
Update though on our sickness...Austin woke up today with a sore throat so he seems to be getting what I have. My sore throat has gone away now I am just hoarse and stuffy. Colby still has a yucky runny nose and is somewhat congested. He coughs a little but never really has a coughing spell. I am hoping by later this week we will all be over this mess. The weather is supossed to warm up some which means we will be able to start getting out again! We plan to all take a walk this afternoon after Colby's nap while the sun is still out. I think we all need our vitamin D.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cabin Fever and sickness sets in

So this week has been freeeezing...very untypical of a Nola winter. This week the highs have been in the 30s and at night we get in the low 20s and the wind chill is like 10 degrees. I like cold and I don't really want to complain b/c in some ways its cozy and nice to have a cold winter but its not good when you have a toddler. I think if I didn't have a kid I would be enjoying laying on the couch watching tv but I can't do that with him. We haven't gotton out a whole lot b/c of the cold. Its just too cold to even take walks. It feels like we will never get back on our usual walking routine. December was too rainy and now January is too cold. Again though welcome to winter. I definitely sympathize with northerners and understand why soo many of them are "snow birds". We have also had a week of sickness in our house. It started about a week ago with Austin having a sore throat. Then Colby has had a runny nose for almost 2 weeks! He hasn't really developed anything else a slight cough but even that seems to have gone away today. I'm not sure if he has had any fever because he doesn't let me take his temp. So I have been giving him tylenol once a day just in case. But thankfully he is eating, sleeping, and playing all the same. So he's one tough cookie. I on the other hand have known the last 2 days that I was coming down with something. Now today my throat feels like it is on fire. It hurts so bad. I just hope its part of this cold thing that's going around our house and I will wake up better tomorrow. We have church tomorrow which ofcourse I teach Sunday School but I am also supossed to work in extended care but I hate to be around the kids if I am sick. So we'll see. But I also hate to miss since we have been cooped up so much! Colby really is taking it all well though. He has stayed pretty entertained but I think if we can't get out soon we will all go crazy! Luckily though I think we are supossed to see highs in the 50s mid next week! That will be warm!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Dentist Visit, Cold, and giving in

Wow its only 1:00 and I feel like I have done so much today. I woke up around 6:30 which is qyy earlier then I like to wake up. Plus I kinda tossed and turned from 5 something so I feel like I didn't get much sleep at all. The reason though for waking up so early is that Colby had a dentist appointment. This is actually his 2nd appointment he went back in June so this was a normal 6 month follow up. Well getting out the door for 8:30 with a toddler is pretty hard...we do it on Sundays but for some reason today I could not get it together. I think the fact that it was in the 20s this morning had something to do with it too. Also Colby and I both are a little under the weather with colds.
So we got to the dentist and Colby loved touching their Mardi Gras tree and looking out the windows. He had no idea of what was in store. But once we got back to the room I think he was like ooh yea I remember this place. He was not fond of being held down at all. He didn't even want them to put the little bib on him. Well he screamed and cried the whole time the dentist was in his mouth. I felt so bad for him. But fortunatly she was only in there for about 5 minutes. She said this is normal I just hope by the time he is 2 and goes back he calms down a bit! She put some blue stuff on his teeth to show us where we were missing. There were quite a few so we are going to have to try a new technique when brushing his teeth. Its just not easy to pin down a 1 year old with sore gums! Other then that she said his teeth looked great!
After the dentist we went to my parents house and hung out for awhile. It was nice just to get out. That is about the only place we can go with it so cold. We are missing our walks a lot lately so it helps to get Colby out. I wish we could walk today but it hasn't gotton out of the 30s so I doubt we do. Once we got home I fed him lunch and gave in and gave him a bottle before nap. I hated to do this because I know consistency is the key with raising kids but 1) he hadn't drank a lot today and 2) I felt bad for him since he is kinda sick and 3) I didn't want him to get dehydrated. I am hoping by tomorrow he will be able to go without it once again. I gave him milk with breakfast but he only drank a couple sips out of it so this is why I felt he needed something b/c he also only drank a few sips of juice at lunch. He mainly played though so I took it away after a few minutes and just put him in the bed. Well I will update more tomorrow but I guess we will be in because of the cold tomorrow too!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 2 of no nap bottle

So today is the second day that Colby has gone without a bottle at naptime. Again I feel like it is a sucess. He went to bed and I haven't heard a peep out of him! YAYY! I am so happy. But at the same time its sad to see how he's growing up. I also feel a little guilty taking it away because he loves it so much. But its like he understands that he is getting big and doesn't need that anymore. He still got a bottle at bed last night but he only drank half of it and started playing so I don't think it will be too long before we say adios to that one also! I also am proud to say he drank a whole cup of milk this morning. So my plan worked! With his breakfast I gave him milk. At first he was kinda confused like wait this is not juice but he sipped on it then when we went to the grocery he downed the rest of it! So yayy he is getting milk and its not in a bottle. Maybe this won't be as hard as I thought. At nap time I just went and got his pacifier and his blankie and rocked him for a few minutes then carried him to his bed. He did not really enjoy the rocking though. He never really has been big on it. He would want to lay his head down every now and then but then he would stand up and just want to climb down. So we only rocked for 5 minutes. Now I am really dreading the pacifier fight but maybe it won't be bad either but we will probably wait until summer to do that. Hopefully he will be off bottles completely by spring. Anyways we are taking baby steps here!

Other then that our day has been good we went to the grocery and Colby flirted with all the workers. Then we just played and he ate lunch. Tonight we are cooking grilled chicken sandwhiches and fries. I am hoping Colby will eat some chicken too. I will probably give him that and some type of mashed or sweet potatoes then I will let him eat a few fries. Well thats all going on but I will leave you with a few pictures from Colby a year ago! Man my little boy is getting big!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Growing up is hard to do....

So today I began the process of tough love with my little boy the process of taking away some "baby" habits in order to complete the move from baby to toddler. So Colby has been down to only 2 bottles for quite awhile but he loves those 2 bottles of milk. I know he looks forward to them. I tried the battle of putting whole milk in sippies a few months ago and it never really clicked. He would drink it sometimes but he never seemed to enjoy it as much in a cup as in a bottle. So I gave in and continued letting him have his nap and bedtime bottle. Well this month he will be 18 months so I know we have got to wean him from this. Today I decided I would be brave and put his milk in a sippy and pray he didn't notice. YEA RIGHT! Right away when I handed it to him he looked at me like I was crazy the he shook his head and shoved it away. Hmm well I thought I will try holding him and giving it to him. UM no that only made him more mad. So I gave him a few minutes to maybe changed his mind. NOPE so I went ahead and put him in his bed. Good news I haven't heard anything from him so obviously this did not make him so upset he can't sleep. Although the other vice he does have his paci! That will be my next battle. So I am going to try to just let him drink the milk this afternoon with his snack and just won't offer any other beverages. I am thinking I will have to change the way I do things like maybe give him milk in the morning in a sippy, then juice at lunch, then milk in a sippy with a snack after his nap, and then I will continue letting him have a bottle at bedtime for a couple more months. We'll see how this works out!

Back to the paci. Well my original goal was to have him only sleeping with the pacifier at 1 then take it completely away at 2. This was going great until recently. I actually started even earlier then 1 by putting it in his bed. He was fine with that until lately. Lately he either begs for it or has become smart enough to find one and get it for himself. His attachment to it also seems to be growing which worries me a little. I try to take it away but again I haven't been as strict lately. But now that we are going to work on breaking the bottle I am going to leave the pacifier alone some I mean I will still try to hide it during the day but I want him completely off the bottle before I start trying to take away his pacifer completely too. I don't want him to be 3 and really be attached to these things! So that's the latest on Colby's growing up...he takes things pretty well I mean he could be back in his bed pitching a fit but no he's sleeping so I hope it won't be too hard on him!

He is also a little sniffly so I am praying we don't have a repeat of last January when he got bronchiolitis. He has had a runny nose for a week now. Its been clear up until today its been a little colored but not bad. I just pray it goes away without being anything big. I know some of it is due to the cold weather and being cooped up in the house. So I have tried to get him outside ...I think even when you are sick you need to be out some so we took a walk today. So I am just praying my little man gets to feeling better soon!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Freeeeeezing temps in NOLA

So lately the weather has been SOO cold. But I don't complain I actually love it! This is what winter is supossed to be like! Last year we hardly had any cold weather so I am enjoying this. Its been so great basically since Halloween we have had cool or cold weather. There have been hardly any short sleeve days! I am excited because I bought Colby all these cute winter clothes and he is getting to wear them all! Last year I don't feel like we got our moneys worth of most of his winter clothes.

I guess the only downside to this cold weather is we don't get out as much. Since last week Colby has had a runny nose. It hasn't turned into anything more then that but I am still afraid it will. It was this time last year he had bronchiolitis and we all got sick for like a month. I am praying we don't face anything like that this year. So this has been our last few days.

Sunday we had church. It was good to get out and do something. Colby was good in Sunday School. It was him and Broc. But Broc slept the whole time. Its kinda dissapointing that they never get to play because most of the time Broc is tired when he comes. As far as I know Colby did good in extended care too none of us were back there to witness it but there were about 5 kids back there and so I think he was entertained. After church we just did our usual lunch at McAlister's. Then we came home and relaxed.

Monday I had a dentist appointment first thing so Austin stayed home with Colby. I think the two of them had fun. Austin made him cheese grits and they hung out and played and ate breakfast together. Colby is really getting into "real" breakfasts now. He had enough of baby cereal and fruit. So now we have to cook for him! Once I got home from the dentist we headed out to Target. We hadn't been since early December so there was lots to stock up on. Colby did well but was getting antsy by the end of the trip. I was so upset though I picked out these really cute Valentine's place mats for our table and we ended up leaving them in the cart. The rest of the day we just hung around the house. We did get brave and went for a walk last night but BRRR was it cold! I think even Colby was cold b/c he didn't seem to enjoy it as much as he usually does.

So today Colby went back to Gymrompers. I was glad for him to get back too! Especially since the weather has been cold I knew it would be great for him to burn off some energy there. He did really well. He climbed on everything. Its amazing how much he has learned to do from there. He was even doing new things today! So the rest of the day I think we are going to just stay home and try to stay warm. I may bundle him up later and take him for a walk we'll see! We are having tacos tonight for dinner so excited...Colby loves the beans and rice!

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year 2010

Well I can't believe we can now say its 2010. In fact it makes me feel quite old b/c I graduated in 2000. I can't believe that was almost a decade ago! I remember how big of a deal it was when it turned 2000 its 2010! Anyway we had a great year in 2009. It was a year of firsts with Colby. We got to see him learn to crawl, walk, talk, and many other things in the last 12 months. We started the year with a baby and ended with a walking, talking toddler!

I would say we have had a great New Years as far as celebrating. In fact this is the first year in many that we have even gone out for New Years Eve. Usually Austin has to work New Years Day so we usually have a low key night. Last year I don't think we even stayed up to ring in the New Year. From what I remember we were all getting sick and we just went to bed early. So this year was much better. We spent New Years Eve with our friends Josh and Laura and another couple. It was a lot of fun. We ate and played the Wii and just visited. Oh and my parents kept Colby. It was nice just to get out and enjoy some adult time. I missed my little guy and since he isn't old enough to really understand New Years though I didn't feel too guilty about not spending the evening with him. Maybe in a few years we can stay up and shoot fireworks with him maybe even next year we'll see!

Today was also fun. We went to my parent's house this morning because my mom was hosting her usual New Years day lunch. So we went early to help her and take care of Colby so she wasn't trying to do both. He slept most of the time because apparantly he woke up this morning really early (he typically sleeps until at least 8) so my mom laid him down before we got there. Then once he woke up from that nap he ate lunch played for a short time and then took his 2 1/2 hour nap. It was nice though that he slept while we ate lunch after the Thanksgiving disaster. I defintely was not going to make him wait to eat with us today. So we got to talk and visit and just relax. Then he got up and was in a great mood and played with everyone. He also ate sugar cookies and strawberries which he very much enjoyed! So all in all I feel like the holiday season was so much more fun this year then last. I think next year will be even more so when he's old enough to understand what is going on! But holidays with a toddler is wayy easier then holidays with a baby so its been fun! Back to normal reality tomorrow though!