Monday, February 25, 2013

Life Around Here

Well we have had a pretty decent weekend despite Austin being diagnosed with the flu on Friday. Life has pretty much gone on as normal. Friday was hard and tiring though. We made Austin stay in our bedroom all afternoon/evening. He wore a mask that evening when he did come out to eat dinner. I was surprised at how well Colby handled it, but he did really well (sign he's growing up). The kids and I just hung out. We watched Toy Story 2 and Fox and the Hound II. I didn't have the energy to do much else. We did get out and take a walk to change the scenery and to let daddy have some quiet.
Saturday morning I took the kids to the mall. It was a rainy day and thats probably what we would have done anyway. My parents met us up there to help with the kids and they both enjoyed that. Austin was able to rest that couple of hours while we were gone. We didn't make him stay in the bedroom this day. He hadn't run fever since mid-day Friday so as long as he wore his mask he hung out with us. When we got home from the mall we fixed lunch and then rested. That afternoon I took the kids on another walk so that Austin could rest. We didn't do much else since it was raining and Austin was sick. We have just been praying really hard that the kids and I stay well!
Sunday since the kids and I were again well we went on to church. I hated that Austin had to miss again b/c he missed last week due to Lindsay being sick. He had volunteered to stay with her last week. I am so ready for us to be healthy around here! I enjoyed getting to go to church though. The kids as always seemed to enjoy their classes. I think Colby and I may try to go to lifegroup later and Austin will stay here with Lindsay. I think the major threat of him being contagious is past but he will wear a mask to feed/bathe her stuff like that. We enjoyed lifegroup it was great being back! Colby always has a blast too with Christiano. Its nice just to "do life" with a great group of people! I always leave so encouraged!
Austin was off Monday...his final day before heading back to work. Not much going on Colby had school 9-2 so we did a Sam's run while he was in school. I really want to take Lindsay some where fun but the grocery shopping had to be done! Its raining again so we will most likely stay in all day! Last night we had some crazy hail weather again! Around 9:15 shortly after we put Colby to bed it hailed for 10 or more minutes and it was golfball size. We aren't sure how much damage we got yet but crazy this has happened in less then 2 years twice?!?
The rest of the week will be back into routine for the kids and I...busy but that will be good! Looking forward to what is to come!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Not Us Again

Austin just tested positive for the flu! I am so upset about this! I mean I wouldn't want the flu ever but first of all we just all had it less then a year ago last April and poor Lindsay just got over a really bad bug so I would hate to see her sick again! This totally sucks!!
He started feeling bad yesterday at work...he came home and ran fever overnight. He complained of a sore throat so I was honestly just hoping he had what Lindsay had. Anyway he went to Urgent Care and tested positive for flu. We are going to try our best to keep him away from the kids. Hopefully he can spend most of his time in our bedroom!
Anyway please pray for us I am not ready for this again at all!!! Please keep me and the children healthy! Please!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Big Wednesday

Well today has been quite a big day for us. Its been a busy, but wonderful day! I love that Wednesday is the middle of the week. And today was extra special b/c Austin was off. I really love when he's off in the middle of the week. There's just something about him being off like that that makes the week seem easier! Anyway Colby had school today but we all went to bring him to school b/c Austin and I had errands afterwards. We ended our errands with a late breakfast at Chickfila. I really wanted to take Lindsay somewhere special but since she was still getting over being sick and it was pretty cold this morning we kept it simple. Normally she would enjoy it even more but she still wasn't feeling the eating. We had fun anyway though. Apparently though they were having mommy and me so there was a ton of moms and kids there. We did see some people from our church but we couldn't let Lindsay go play on the playspace b/c of all the kids! Also the little bully from GymRompers was there. I felt bad b/c I like the mother but I was too scared to go over there b/c I figured the little boy would knock Lindsay down and that's the last thing my screaming/fussy child needed.
After errands we came home...Austin worked in our bathroom (he's remodeling) and I just hung out with Lindsay. I put her down for a nap around 11:45 and thankfully she slept until 2! First good nap she's had since Saturday! I was so thankful she slept that long. Austin and I were able to rest a little before Colby got home from school.
Once Colby got home he and Austin worked/played outside. I brought Lindsay out to get some fresh air and that ended disastrous! She wanted to play in colby's coupe car. Well he got all upset and pushed her down. Which ended his playtime outside and a trip to his room. I let him "think about what he did" for about 30 min. Not only that but also to cool down. with a long day at school and no nap and going to church he needed some cool down time. He gets overstimulated when he goes from one thing to the next. Well we had a talk and he apologized. I put Lindsay in her bed around 4 to rest also before church. Well I went back in her room at 4:30 to get her dressed for church and she was conked out! I guess she finally decided she needed her rest after not sleeping well the last few days. I hated to wake her up but we really wanted to get to church. Once she woke up she was fine.
We went to church at Calvary for Wednesday night supper and Bible Study. This was our first time there. I had really wanted to get invovled in the fall but we never did. This time I knew with Austin being off to help me out the first week and I could figure out how everything works I could be in charge of taking the kids alone. Its a 10 week class so I hope we can committ and go each week even though its hard getting out at night with kids. Anyway so we went to supper first. The meal was awesome! They had Zea's catered. They don't do that every week but I guess for the kick off week they do something special. The food was so good! The kids even ate really well...even Lindsay! She was begging for food...bless her heart! It was nice visiting with some of our old friends from there. The whole atmosphere was just great. Families, kids, christian music...I loved it! And for only 14 dollars! We had more then enough food to feed the 4 of us! I got to visit with some old time friends too which was nice. After dinner Austin went ahead and brought Lindsay home since she wasn't feeling well. Colby stayed with me though b/c I figured he would enjoy staying and playing with his church friends. I am doing the class called Grace Based Parenting. It looks really good so far. A lot of my friends are also doing that one so its nice! The class was great and Colby had such a great time in his class he didn't want to leave! We didn't get home until 8! That's the only problem with going to this is that its going to be a late night for us. I really want Austin to be able to attend the class with me but I think I am going to have him go each week and pick up Lindsay so that she can go to bed. I don't think she will be able to handle that late of a night just yet. We may try during the summer but not now.
Anyway that was our day...a big busy day but a great one! So thankful for our church!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Off to the Doc

So I decided to take Lindsay into the doctor today. I probably should have taken her yesterday but we needed groceries really bad! Plus I thought she might improve on her own. By last night when I had not seen any improvement and I got worried she may have strep I knew today would probably mean a trip to the doctor. When she woke up this morning she was still very hoarse and still didn't seem to feel good at all. Luckily they were able to see her at 9:30. My parents came and got Colby for school which was a HUGE help. It was a hectic morning, our maid here, trying to get Colby ready for school, Lindsay sick, making a doc appt. Anyway we got there early and didn't have to wait long at all. The doc checked her out and said its a throat infection. Not strep basically her throat is just red. Her ears and chest were fine though. I have no idea where/when she got sick. I am guessing she got sick during our trip. Now I just hope Colby doesn't get sick again. He was sick in January and has continued with a cough pretty much since then. Atleast it wasn't strep though b/c I know that's pretty contagious. I feel so bad for her though...this is the worst she has ever been when sick and that's saying a lot b/c in her short life she has had RSV, Flu, and Stomach Virus, and none of these has she been as fussy as she is now. Basically she screamed ALL DAY LONG today...she screams when she sees food. she sceams when she doesn't get her was a LONG tiring day! I am so worn out! I feel bad for getting outdone with her b/c I know its not her fault but my mind can only take so much! I am not used to having screaming children. We have been blessed with happy kids although I think that's mostly do the fact they eat well and sleep well. But that's another story for another day! We are just praying she wakes up feeling better tomorrow!
Austin is off and I would really like for the 3 of us to hang out somewhere while Colby is in school! I feel bad him missing out on adventures but I also want Lindsay to have the same adventures that Colby had! I would love to go to the insectarium but we save that for a day Colby is off school. we may just do breakfast and the park or run an errand!
Oh she does weigh 20.4 lbs now...that's still so tiny but atleast we can face her forward now!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Back to Routine & Sick

So we got back into town Saturday morning from our Mardi Gras trip to Hattiesburg. Wouldn't you know the same day we got home we discovered Lindsay is sick. We should have known friday evening. She was a little fussy and started refusing to eat, but showed no other symptoms. Saturday afternoon she took a 4 hour nap! She never does that! When she woke up she had 102 fever. The only other time she has run fever that high is when she had the flu last April. Don't think this is the flu though....she also had diarrhea the rest of the weekend. Doesn't really seem like a stomach bug either though. Must just be some crazy virus. We went on to my brother's b-day gathering Saturday evening. I gave her tylenol before we left and by the time we got there her temp was between 99 and 100. She seemed ok as the night went on still a little whiney but she perked up towards the end of the evening. We enjoyed the gathering but it was hard on all of us after getting back from a 4 day trip. Austin had gone back to work earlier that day so he was exhausted...Colby was acting like a crazy person from being around grandparents so much! That night I think we were all glad to get in our own beds!
Sunday morning we had church. Since Lindsay had run fever and still wasn't seeming herself Austin came home to stay with her and I brought Colby to church. I really appreciated him doing that. I worked in the nursery the week before and I just really need to have that time in church for myself or I feel like my week just goes crazy! Colby also enjoyed getting back to his class. We came home though and spent the rest of the day around the house. We skipped lifegroup with Lindsay being sick and the rest of us just being so tired. I hated to do it but I think we could all use the break.
Today (Monday) Colby went back to school. It was hard waking up at 6am but it felt good getting back to routine. Plus I think Colby was ready to get back to school! I have enjoyed his time home but it was time for me to get back to my routine too! I had to grocery shop which I really hate doing with both of them it just feels like it takes twice as long. Lindsay is still not back to normal. She's very hoarse sounding today so I have no idea what type of bug this is. If she's not better by tomorrow I may call the doc just to get her throat and ears checked. She's waking up whimpering some which makes me think she's in pain. I know she's also getting teeth though so its just all around bad for her! I hope she feels good tomorrow so she can go to GymRompers. Since she hasn't run fever since Saturday I think she is ok to be around other kids and she isn't coughing or even have a runny nose. She just seems like she feels blahh. She's not eating much but she is still drinking so that's good! The rest of the week will be busy with GymRompers, MOPS, and coffee with a friend. Don't know what else we will do but its good to get back to routine life! But I am sure by Friday I will be ready for the weekend haha...isn't that the way life goes!?

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hattiesburg Trip

We just got home from Hattiesburg. This was our wintertime trip we usually always try to plan. We like to go sometime between Christmas and April. With Colby being out of school all week for Mardi Gras we figured it was a good time to go!
We went up Wednesday. We took our time getting going that morning which was nice. I usually feel like we are in such a rush to get there I get stressed out. We left our house around 11 and got to Slidell at noon. We decided to just have a nice lunch at Cracker Barrel. We knew the kids would be hungry and it was a nice way to break up our trip. Ofcourse they both had to get a toy! CB was really crowded so the whole process took over an hour but it was ok we were in no hurry! The kids were good but they were KIDS! It always reminds austin and I why we don't eat out much! Its just crazy! i don't feel like I even get to taste my food! We arrived in Hattiesburg around 2:30 and just went straight to his parent's house. His mom and Shelbi were there waiting on us. Colby was so excited to see his big cousin! They ran off playing and we just hung out until his dad got back with Maggie. The kids enjoyed the beautiful weather playing outside. Austin was smart to bring Colby's bike so he and the girls had bike races in the driveway! Lindsay had to even find a pint sized big wheel to scoot around on! It was great seeing them all enjoy the fresh air like that! We ate an early dinner and hung out for a bit just letting the cousins play! I love that Colby has such a great time there! Its hard though with Lindsay...I very well remember these days with Colby. Since their house isn't baby proof I have to constantly watch her. She is also more whiney. This is how Colby used to be too...I guess its just b/c they are out of their element. I mean she had fun but she was also whiney. We went back to the apartment around 6 and got the kids ready for bed. They both crashed around 7:30! They do so well sleeping together in a room! Austin and I enjoyed the downtime!
Thursday we woke up bright and EARLY! Our plan was to go to Jackson for the day. We went to Jackson 2 years ago for his sister Dianne's wedding and we had so much fun we have been wanting to take Colby back. We also mainly wanted to try out the new children's museum. We didn't know when we would ever make it up to Jackson to spend the weekend so we figured going during the week for the day was a good option! We woke up really early and rushed out the door to leave for 8. The kids were really good on the ride up although Colby got a little anxious. It was about an hour and a half drive. It was worth it though! They loved the museum! It was so nice! i think we all enjoyed it! Its new and big and really nice and clean!! Lindsay loved being able to walk and check everything out on her own. They had a lot of stuff to climb and slide on which they both liked a lot! We will definitely be visiting there again! After the museum we went to eat at Cock of the Walk. This is a catfish house that sits right on the water in jackson. The food is really yummy and it has a nice atmosphere. After lunch we headed back to Hattiesburg. The kids were exhausted by this point. Maybe when they get a little older we can do something else after lunch like a park ...Colby probably could have hung in there but Lindsay was tired and in need of a nap. They both fell asleep...Colby wasn't asleep long but Lindsay pretty much slept the whole ride home. Once we got back into Hattiesburg we dropped his parents off b/c they rode up with us. We took the kids back to the apartment to unwind and hang out. Austin ran some errands and I hung out with the kids. It was nice to just unwind. Being Valentine's day we weren't going to try to get out anymore that day plus his parents had a thing at their church. We took a nice walk/bikeride around the apartment before dinner. I think both kids enjoyed getting out in the fresh air. Colby rode his bike. We took them to the playground. They both seemed to enjoy was full of school age kids though so we didn't stay long. Once we got back we ordered and picked up dinner. It was another low key night. Kids were in bed by 7:30 and we just hung out and rleaxed after.
Friday we wanted to sleep in after such a busy day Thursday. I think we all woke up around 7:30. We took our time getting ready then went over to Austin's parents for breakfast. They always enjoy cooking a big breakfast for us when we go up there. We hung out there until about 10 then headed over to the Bounce place to let the kids play! Colby has been to that place a few times. We took him over the summer and when we had to evacuate! He loved it!! This was the first time Lindsay got to go to this one...she also had a BLAST! They have a huge toddler room and so she mostly hung out in there! She really thought she was big stuff! By the end though she was wanting to try the big stuff with her brother. She went through the obstacles with daddy and big bro! She even came down the big slide by herself! There is no stopping this girl! She's so much fun! After the kids played for an hour and a half we went back to the apartment to have lunch. We wanted to all rest up before heading out to the country that night. The kids both took naps which was nice since the last 2 days they really didn't get real naps. We left for Harvey and Wendi's around 3:45. They live about 30 min away from the apartment so its a good drive. Once we got there the kids had a blast playing outside. Colby loves the 4-wheelers, animals, trampoline, and just running around! Lindsay got her fill of the fresh, country air too. She thought she was just as big as the BIG kids. she walked all over and didn't want any help. She also found a big wheel to ride around on. I remember how hard this age was though with Colby. There are so many hills and things she can get into that I had to really watch her. After 30 min of that I was exhausted! So I brought her inside which she wasn't happy about. She finally got over it and played some but she was still a little fussy! Colby meanwhile just had a blast with his cousins. They grilled chicken and had a bunch of veggies with it. Lindsay refused to eat but Colby ate great which is normally just the opposite! we could tell after dinner that Lindsay was getting tired and we needed to head home with her. We left Colby there to ride home with mawmaw and pawpaw. He was thrilled with that! We brought Lindsay back and got her bathed and ready for bed. Austin picked Colby up around 8. We got them both to bed and then relaxed and started packing.
We woke up early Saturday to head home. Austin had to go back into work and we had a birthday celebration that evening for my brother so we were all anxious to get home, unpack, rest, and get some stuff done!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mardi Gras Break

So far I think Colby's Mardi Gras break is off to a great start! This morning since it was Saturday and Austin was working I figured a trip to the park was in order. That's usually our Saturday "thing" when the weather is nice and Austin is working and we don't have any other plans. Its something easy to do and stay close to home! Colby has always loved parks and it seems as if Lindsay is going to love them as well! I love parks b/c they are free entertainment! We know just about every park in the city! We have tried them all! Today I thought we would try a park we haven't been to in awhile. Its a fairly new park and its really nice. I called my parents to meet us though. The thing about this park is it has a lot of really big stuff to climb big that I feel Colby still needs supervision. Most parks now he's big enough that I can sit on a bench and let him go to town but this one I feel like I need to watch him but now with Lindsay being mobile also and wanting to climb I have to REALLY watch her. So it worked out great to have some extra help! My mom mainly watched Colby do his thing! We all couldn't believe how well he climbed. He climbed up this huge rock wall and went down one of the biggest slides...headfirst!
Lindsay stayed on the smaller area which is designed for toddlers. She is a mess though! She's so brave so we had to REALLY watch her! She loved this tunnel that went up. After awhile we just held her though while she ate her snack so that we could all watch Colby. It was a really fun outting. We don't get to go to parks as much now since Colby is in school all the time although I think Lindsay and I are going to start going b/c she loves them so much!
That afternoon after the kid's naps a little boy Jonathan from church came over to play. His mom just had her 5th baby about a month ago and her husband has been deployed for a year! I have no idea how she does it! My mission is to really reach out to her and help her out this coming year. She has 5 kids ranging from age 6 to newborn. The little boy who is 4 1/2 is ofcourse the closest to Colby's age. She also has a little boy who is 1 who is in Lindsay's class at church. The boys seemed to really enjoy each other even though they didn't know each other that well. He only got to stay about 2 hours but they had a blast! They played cars and trains and then they had a snack and watched the movie CARS. Its so good for Colby to have little friends over like that! It seems to do him a world of good. We don't get to see his little friend Max much anymore so he hasn't had a friend over in quite awhile.
Sunday was church. Austin was working and there was a threat of rain but we made it! I am always so glad when we go. Since it was just the kids and I I kinda volunteered myself to work with the babies. Well when I dropped Lindsay off there were only 2 workers so I had a feeling they may need help! Its a good thing I stayed too b/c they had like 10 kids. It was nice seeing who all is in there and how the kids interact. Lindsay was high maintance but I don't think she is like that when I'm not in there...although most of the time i pick her up someone is holding her so maybe she is the drama queen? She played well though...she loved the riding toys and the tent with balls. She seemed to like playing with Maggie most...they are about the same size and 1 month apart. It was exhausting though working with that age group! I was glad to come home and take a nap! The kids and I had a quiet afternoon as we always do on Sundays!
Monday was a rainy, yucky day but I knew the kids and I HAD to get out the house! With Colby being on break this week I have to find stuff for us to do so we don't all get on each other's nerves! Thankfully we are going to Hattiesburg Wednesday-Saturday so my job isn't too hard! Well since it was rainy we decided on the mall. Its close by and we could go and stay a little while and come home. Well the kids had a blast! We haven't been up there much lately. We used to go a lot just to get Colby out the house. This was the first time L had been since she's been walking. She LOVED the children's area. I am thinking this will be a great place to take her during the week to burn off some energy! We can eat breakfast and play! Anyway they both had fun! My parents met us there which I was thankful b/c it was pouring when we got there. So they were a big help getting the kids in/out the van! Once we got home we had a low key afternoon. With Austin working so much the last 3 weeks though we are all getting tired and testy! Afternoons/evenings have been really rough! We are in def need of some daddy time off and a change of pace!
Tuesday (Mardi Gras) no parading for us. It sucks that we never get to go out on Mardi Gras day but with Austin working usually I am not going to brave going out alone. Colby actually went and is spending the day with my mom and dad. Since we are going out of town the rest of the week this was the only chance they would have to hang out with him. I know he's having a blast plus its helped me to stay at home and clean and do laundry and pack!
Again I am so excited about our trip and the chance to spend time together the 4 of us! We need this time! Look forward to a fun Hattiesburg trip post in a few days!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Mardi Gras parade & the week

This week has been really good... a lot better then last week! Austin was off tuesday and came home at 11 on wednesday! It was nice having him around mid-week to help around the house and with the kids! it made the week go by so much faster! He also got in at a decent time yesterday which helped! We haven't done anything too exciting since Colby has had school every day! Lindsay and I have run errands, gone to GymRompers and hit the park! She is getting to that fun age of taking her places! I am really looking forward to this spring with her! I am thinking a trip to the insectarium and aquarium await!
Anyway today Colby finished up school before Mardi Gras. They are now out for a week! It will be nice having him home and having a break from routine although honestly Christmas vacation seems like was just here! We will have fun though! Looks like we may spend most of next week in Hattiesburg which will be nice!
Today at school they had their annual Mardi Gras parade. This was Colby's 3rd year to participate. His first year he was just a spectator. They let the little kids watch and catch the beads. Last year they paraded at a nursing home so he got to ride then. This year they moved it back to the school. They had it on the playground. The prek and kindergarten students got to ride while the 1-3 year olds watched! It was precious! I love his little school events! I think Lindsay enjoyed watching all the kids too! Its hard to believe next year she will be with the MDO kids watching! Yes she will attend school next year! I can't believe that! She will be able to go to the 2 year old class. My plan is to send her 2 days a week hopefully T, Th just like her bro. I can't believe that time is sneaking up on us and it makes me sad in a way but getting back 6 free hours a week of just me time will be kinda nice I have to admit!
Anyway so Colby had a blast today and it was a nice way to kick off his Mardi Gras week! Looking forward to having a low key week of sleeping in a little and just enjoying having my boy around!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

14 Months

Today Lindsay is 14 months old! I can't believe how quickly time is going! She has really taken off walking this past month. She still crawls a little but I think she walks more now then she crawls! She is also quite a climber! She is already climbing up stairs and onto furniture. Her brother didn't do any of this this soon! I think she is going to be our little athlete! She is constantly getting into things! She would much rather be making messes then playing with her toys! She is very social. She's still a mommy's girl but she is definitely not bothered by bigger kids or crowds. She has gotton a lot easier to drop off at church. She doesn't cry much anymore when we drop her off! She has 10 teeth! She got her top 1 year molars this month! She still eats well and will eat pretty much anything. She still takes 3 bottles a day but we are slowly working on weaning her. I mainly let her have them in the car b/c she is still facing backwards so it keeps her from screaming!
She loves her brother but also likes to irritate and bite him! Thankfully she hasn't bitten other kids though! She's still petite. I would guess she weighs 20 lbs? She wears a size 12 month but could still fit in a size 6 or 9 month if I really wanted her too!
She is fiesty but also tenderhearted! We are enjoying watching her grow up although she's growing up too fast! I can't imagine life without her in it! I enjoy having her as my little buddy now that Colby is in school 5 days a week! She seems to enjoy running errands and going places with mommy! She is doing great in GymRompers. She really enjoys the climbing and activity! She is also mimicing a lot of hand movements from the songs. She doesn't talk to much other then mama, dada, bye, ball, stuff like that! She just rambles a lot! We love her and can't wait to see what the next month brings!

Birthday Party and SuperBowl Weekend

Wow this week has been crazy with the superbowl festivities in our hometown! Austin has been working like crazy! The downside to having such a big event in your town! Also we never get to participate in stuff like this b/c he is always working!! It has been exciting though just knowing its all happening and watching it on tv!
Saturday Colby had a birthday party for one of his little school friends. I was glad we had something to do to get us out of the house! I love birthday party gives him something to do plus it usually wears him out enough to take a nap! The birthday party was fun. It was for Morgan who is actually in the 3 year old class but I think he and Colby play together at lunch bunch. It was at the bounce place near to our house. That was Colby's 3rd birthday there I think plus he's been there a couple other times. Its nice that its so close by! My mom kept Lindsay during the party though. I hated to bring her since it was for Colby's last time we were there she had a blast but she was on the move constantly! She would have kept me busy for sure! It was also nice to just have that time with Colby! After the party we picked Lindsay up and headed home. It took us longer then normal to get home b/c there was a Mardi Gras parade in the area. Lindsay fell asleep in the car so I was worried she wouldn't nap when we got home but by the time I got them both fed and to bed they both ended up napping again like on Friday!
Sunday Austin had to work so it was just me and the kids for church. Things went really well though. They both love their classes! We got home and ate lunch and took naps! Well Colby didn't nap but he still stayed quiet in his room. That night we were supossed to go to our lifegroup Super Bowl party but with Austin working such a crazy week even though he was home by 5:00 we decided to hang out at home. We were all exhausted so we watched the game from home. I hate we never get to do anything exciting for Superbowl but that's just the season we are in. Its hard to get out at night with 2 little ones!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Parent/Teacher Conference Day

Well today was my 2nd official parent/teacher conference. I am glad that they do this even in preschool to give parents a real sense of how their children are doing. The conference went well. His teacher had good things to say about him but was also honest about his weaknesses. I was glad to hear it all even though that is sometimes hard to hear. She said he's very friendly and outgoing. He speaks with confidence and gets along great with others. He's very patient with Sean who is autistic. She said there is definitely a difference now that he has glasses and how he partcipates in circle time. She said he isn't always excited about the art projects which surprises me b/c now at home he begs to do that type stuff. I figure though he would probably rather be playing. She said he sometimes lacks the confidence in himself to complete a project if he doesn't think he can do it. She said they are working with him on this and telling him he CAN do it. I see this at home sometimes too so this doesn't suprise me. She said that he does sometimes say "no" too and I guess they are strongly encouraging him against that. All in all I think he's a great kid who gets along with others and is smart but he can also be stubborn and mischievious but nothing major. She did suggest that we might want to hold him back and put him in half day kindergarten next year and give him another year to prepare for kindergarten. I totally respect her saying this and I did give it a lot of thought but I really feel a peace about going ahead with full day kindergarten.
Its been brought to my mind before about his late b-day and how he will always be one of the young kids. But so far Colby is super smart. He's on target for any 4 year old boy his age I think. He's also not a small kid. He is one of the biggest in his if he were held back he would be a GIANT. He does not seem overally immature. He may be in some scenarios but what 4 1/2 year old boy isn't. I mean I am sure he will have to work hard at first in school but I think he can do it. I know his can do spirit and his stubborness will actually come in handy for this. His fine motor skills are just now really developing but he's getting SO much better with this. I have been worried all along about that and his writing. I have picked up the pace with helping him at home so I really think he will be fine. I am a former teacher and a stay at home mom so I feel like I can help him with anything he may need. Sending him to Calvary which is most likely where he is going to go I think he will be alright. Its a small enough school I think he will get one on one attention I also don't think it will be soo hard that he will get frustrated. But i think it will also challenge him. Anyway we are still praying about it but I feel a peace about going ahead and sending him to big boy school next year. Also Lindsay will be starting at AUMC next year in the 2 year old MDO class and I am just not sure it would be good for them to be together at school this young...they wouldn't really see each other but still I think this year is the best year for him to break away from that and now let Lindsay have her turn at the preschool. That will give him 3-4 years of getting settled in big school before Lindsay joins him. It will be good for them to have "their own" places! Plus it would be difficult for me time wise. It would be easy in the morning b/c they would both go at 9 but very hard in the afternoons b/c if Colby went to AUMC next year he would do lunch bunch M-Th well Lindsay would need to be picked up at noon so my days would be chaotic. Whereas if he goes to CAlvary next year we will drop him off at 8:30 then drop her off at 9. she will be picked up at noon and he will be picked up at 3:30. Much easier! That way it shouldn't interfere with her naptimes either! Anyway it was a great conference I am glad to have that insight into how he behaves at school. I can't believe the last 3 years have flown by and he only has a few months left there! I am looking forward to these last few months and seeing what all he learns though!