Sunday, January 31, 2016


This has been a very BUSY week with all that happened last week in addition to normal life. 
Tuesday Austin was back at work and it was me bringing the kids. I find myself being very aware and cautious now of every car. The kids went to school and I had breakfast with some friends. It was lovely to hang out with them. One friend was so nice and bought me breakfast and also gave me a new purse/bag. Its been amazing the good that has come out of this whole ordeal. Anyway my day was crazy with running back and forth between the schools. That night Austin had his Men's Group and I stayed home with the littles. 
Wednesday another fun and busy day. I had a dentist appointment that morning. UGH I hate going and I knew it had been awhile but honestly it didn't hit me that I had waited a YEAR since my last appt. I knew I was due to go in the fall but life just got busy and I couldn't ever seem to fit it in. Ofcourse I had a cavity too. It was only like my 3rd ever! That night we had church. Its been nice to get back to that routine. The kids love it and we have had a sweet little group on Wednesday nights. 
Thursday was my day to come home and enjoy some downtime. It was so peaceful and nice to get to have a couple hours to myself. With all the crazy I hadn't had that opportunity in awhile so it was much needed. That night Colby had Scouts. The boys made maps of their neighborhoods. As always the kids had fun and I am so thankful for that group of friends for us and our boy. 

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Trying to get back to normal

Since my purse was stolen last Friday it has been a week of just trying to process it all and trying to get life back as we knew it. 
Sunday I knew we all needed a change. There was a parade that day and I had thought about going but wasn't sure we would be up to it. I decided though that we needed to get back to normal and it was a gorgeous day and that it might very well be the medicine we all needed. 
So we went to 1st service. It went well we had about 10 kids. It was busy but I had plenty of help so for that I am always thankful.
After church we stopped to eat at McAlister's. It felt good just to be out as a family and forget the last couple of days worries. We got the parade and it was SO fun! We met up with several friends. The kids had a blast and it was so fun seeing it and hanging out with friends. Lindsay is a parade natural and just had the best time! I loved watching her! 
That afternoon we relaxed and tried to get a few things done around the house. 
Monday was another busy day. Austin was off so he went with me to bring the kids. I was still feeling a little shaky about dropping Lindsay off alone. He also went grocery shopping with me. It was fun being able to spend some time together like that and get our life back to normal. The day was ofcourse busy with carpools and dinner. We were able to walk that afternoon which was nice. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016


So as I left off in my last blog about my car. I was so shocked when I discovered the window broken. I was truly in shock. I stood there for a moment not even sure if it was real. I at first thought maybe someone had just bashed the window to be mean or something had hit it. I really didn't even think about my purse. But I looked in and saw it was gone. I was just absolutely stunned. Not only that this could happen at my daughter's preschool but that it could happen in five minutes while I walked her in. 
I immediately called Austin b/c I wasn't even sure of what to do. Thank God they didn't take my cell phone. He immediately left work and was on his way after stopping at the bank. I then called 911. I then called my parents. I figured while Austin was dealing with the bank and the cops were trying to get there they would come out. They got there. Ofcourse half the school ended up staying with me as well. We were all stunned, angry, and upset! We ended up waiting 2 hours or more for the cops! And the only reason we got them out there that quickly is b/c of our friend that is in the force. I was thankful for all those who kept me company while we waited. 
Finally about 11:15 or so the cop got there. It took awhile for us to get through all that. It was 12 or after before we were finally ready to leave. Austin drove the busted out van and I drove his truck. We came home...regathered our thoughts then went for some lunch.  We were both STARVING! We then stopped at the bank. We came back picked up the van dropped it off and went to the DMV. I was never so glad then when I picked the kids up that afternoon and we all got home. It was such a relief after everything. That night was spent trying to sort through details and pick up the pieces. We had many phone calls to make. 
Saturday I already felt crazy just trying to adjust to this new life of no purse and no money and no way to pay for things. I had semi-decided on taking the kids to the mall so I could shop for a new wallet and Colby could get some new glasses. While we were getting ready Austin called and said they had written checks. So that made our day crazy. We ended up meeting at my parents house and going to the police station. I was mad that half my day was wasted! I love my weekends and I hated all day I felt like a crazy lady. We were blessed though to run into the same cop and he was able to add the checks to the rest of our report. We ate lunch with my parents then he went back to work and I brought the kids home. We tried to rest and relax the rest of the day and just re-coup from the crazy! 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

School Days....then CRAZY

So we are back into the routines now after a long weekend. Tuesday morning I was excited to get the kids back in school so I could get some me time. I was able to meet some friends for breakfast at Chickfila. I love this time to just hang out and visit. I feel like it encourages me and blesses me for the rest of the week. That night Austin was back to his Men's Group so I enjoyed a quiet evening with the kids. 
Wednesday I was able to come home after getting the kids to school and running a couple errands. It was nice to have a little time around the house. We started back to church Wednesday night. It was hard to break the routine of having that night at home but also good to be back. Dinner is always a nice time to catch up and visit with people and then I enjoyed being back with my preschoolers. We had 7 I think so it was busy but not CRAZY! 
Thursday I ran a couple errands and once again enjoyed coming home. Its always nice to have that time to myself. That night Colby was supposed to have Cubscouts but it was cancelled. 
Friday was when the CRAZY hit. So it was like any other day. I dropped Colby off at school with his king cake. I was in a great mood b/c 1 it was Friday and 2 I was meeting some friends for coffee. Its rare that I do that twice in a week but it just was going to work out this week. I got Lindsay to school. I noticed a black car parked on the street...only b/c her teacher drives a black car. I didn't think anything of it though. We get to her school early so we usually just sit and wait most days. Mrs. Lyn one of Colby's old teachers and a lady I have gotten to know very well arrived about 8:55. I told Lindsay we would get out. We got out and I put on Lindsay's coat and grabbed the king cake and we were visiting with Mrs. Lyn. I never once thought anything of it. We waited for a minute or 2 for them to open the door. We brought the kids in and I headed back to my car. Only to discover the window was broken and someone had stolen my purse!! 

Sunday, January 24, 2016

MLK Weekend

I love January and the fact that 2 weeks after Christmas break we get another break. I love the long weekend in January. Its like a slow start back into the busy life. 
Friday Lindsay was off of school. My morning began very busy. I had to drop Colby off at school then bring Lindsay to my parents. It was the 2nd Friday this month she got to spend with them. I know they enjoy having her! I then ran to the grocery then ran home and put it all away. I had a parent-teacher conference at her school at 9:45. I enjoyed meeting with Mrs. Susan. It feels like it was just yesterday I met with her about Colby. She had all great things to say about Lindsay. She said she's so cute and super sweet. She said she participates and gets along well with others. She also mentioned how great her fine motor skills were. She said she can be quiet at circle time but that doesn't surprise me b/c she's quiet even at church sometimes with me as her teacher. After the conference I picked Lindsay up and we headed to Storyland. We were meeting her friend Claire there. We like to do special outtings with the girls and it had been awhile with the holidays and all since we had been on one. Lindsay was super excited to hang out with her friend. The girls pretty much played on their own while we visited which was nice. They ran around and we found a central bench that we could pretty much see the park from. We even brought our lunches and had a little picnic while we were there. Once we left and drove home ofcourse Lindsay fell asleep in the car. I find after that sickness she still isn't back 100% energy wise. I picked her up a milkshake and the two of us came home to rest for a little while. We then picked up Colby. It was a beautiful afternoon so I let them play outside awhile. Austin got home pretty early and brought us take out which was nice. I really don't like cooking on Fridays. That night I was busy baking muffins and the kids watched Cinderella. 
Saturday we had to be up WAY early. It was like a normal school day for us. I had a shower at 10 and I promised the hostess that I would be there early to help her set up. I got there around 8:30. It was nice to visit with Ashley and see her home. The shower went well. We had about 10 ladies I think. It was nice to have that adult time. Afterwards I rushed home b/c it was already after 1. I was so tired from the busy week and early morning. I got the kids home and we took a nap. The rest of the day was super low key. 
Sunday we had church. We stayed for both services. Since Austin was off and the kids were out of school Monday we figured it was a good time. Plus they were doing the Lord's Supper so we figured that would be good too. It was special being able to go to worship service with the kids. We try to do it once a month or so. They love kids church and I am glad they have their own places but its nice to all be together too! They were both great in church. After church we went to lunch with my parents and Randall & Elizabeth. We rarely ever do anything like that. It was fun getting to visit with everyone. It was a long day though and our afternoon was cut short. We did enjoy some outdoor time though. 
Monday was MLK day and ofcourse the kids were out of school. Colby had a Cubscout field trip again. This year they were doing a Flag Ceremony. It was neat for them to learn about the flag and respect for our country and flag. We then took a hike to accomplish one of our other trips as well. The kids had a blast! Its neat that all 3 boys have little sisters! I know our two had a great time and it was so neat just to see them out enjoying nature. We spent the rest of the day at home trying to then get ready for the week ahead. 

Monday, January 18, 2016

The Busy Life

Last week we were officially back into the swing of things and it felt like a very busy week. Monday was my usual grocery day while the kids were at school. Tuesday the kids had school and I went to Target. Wednesday was my day to come home. I always enjoy some down time at home while the kids are in school. Its a much welcome break. That evening we had a children's leadership training meeting. It was good to be back and see everyone and get excited about a new year ahead in children's ministry. It did mean for a late night though which after a couple months break is going to take some getting used to again. Thursday the kids were in school and I had a hair appointment. I enjoyed the couple hours of down time and visiting with my hair dresser. That whole day was busy then that night we had Cubscouts. They are still learning about the flag and how to properly handle it. It was a good night though and as always Colby and Lindsay had a blast! I cannot believe this year of Cubscouts is winding down though! 

Friday, January 15, 2016

Sunday Adventure

Sunday morning we knew church was out since Lindsay had run fever late Saturday afternoon. We had already planned to skip and the idea hit me about going to see the Spillway opened. I have lived here my whole life and never gone to see it. Its only been opened 11 times in almost 100 years so its a pretty big deal. The last time it opened was 2011. We woke up early that morning and got ready for an adventure. Lindsay still wasn't herself but she seemed much better so we decided to try and make it a fun day. 
We left the house a little before 9. Our first stop was to get a kingcake from Haydel's. I have been wanting one from there for several years now. We enjoyed telling the kids that's where our wedding cake came from. We continued the drive down River Road which was interesting in itself. Colby really enjoyed the drive but I think Lindsay got bored. We finally made it into Norco. A lot of people came out for this so we had to park over a mile away and walk on the Levee. It was a LONG walk and it was COLD outside. The temps were in the low 40s I think. Poor Lindsay still wasn't feeling good either. We finally made it all the way there and by the time we got there she was coughing and in tears. For a moment I felt like the worst parent ever and thought we were stupid for even trying a trip like this. She wanted to leave so I started the long TREK back with her by myself. The boys stuck around b/c Colby actually wanted to see it. I was glad that he and Austin did get to see it b/c Lindsay and I didn't. We got to see the river and how high it was but she could have cared less. Even on a well day that's just really not her thing. It took us forever to get back. We finally all made it back to the car half frozen. We continued the drive back and again just enjoyed the sights. Lindsay perked up in the car after some juice and snacks. We decided to go ahead and go to lunch. We stopped at Five Guys and had a nice lunch. It was a fun family day...sometime that I felt we needed. It was a great way to end a sickly and long week! 
That afternoon we enjoyed time at home and being outside together! 


So in keeping with tradition we have begun our January (winter season) with someone being sick. About every year one or both of our kids or us has been sick at some point in January. 
I noticed on Wednesday that Lindsay sounded a little hoarse/croupy when she cried. She sounded a little congested but otherwise acted fine. She went on to school like normal. That afternoon I had a parent/teacher conference. She also had celebrated King's Day at school. I should have known something was up when she fell asleep in the van at carpool. She rarely sleeps in the car anymore. I figured it was b/c I let her skip her nap though and stay up and watch tv instead. 
Thursday we had Colby's Awards Day. Again she sounded congested but really didn't think too much of it b/c she mostly acted fine. By that afternoon though she was running 100 degree fever. I knew I would need to keep her in instead of going to Cubscouts. That night though Austin didn't get off in time so I had to bring both kids. I hated to get Lindsay out but he got there soon after and I was able to bring her home. She mostly acted ok but she seemed tired and wanted to come home. 
Friday she still woke up with fever and then a cough. She also had been complaining of her legs hurting. I just had this feeling it was more then a cold so I brought her in to the doc. Thankful for our ped who squeezed us in first thing that morning. Basically the doc just diagnosed her with a winter virus. She ofcourse wasn't running fever or really coughing or saying her legs hurt! I took her to my parents house b/c I had a meeting that morning. They said she did ok but that she acted tired and mostly just wanted to watch movies. She and I had a restful afternoon together which was nice. 
Saturday we had hoped to have a fun play day but with Lindsay still sick we decided to stay in. She woke up and her cough was horrible and she was still running a bit of fever. We took a long walk and they rode their bikes. I could tell it wore her out though and I felt bad that maybe it made her coughing worse. By the time lunch rolled around I was getting really worried about her. I was able to message our ped though and she said to go pick up the cough meds she had ordered from Walgreens. That afternoon we just rested and tried to take it easy. 

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Second Quarter

So the 2nd quarter at school has come and gone and now we are a week into the 3rd. It amazes me how fast the school year goes! 
Yesterday I had a conference with Colby's teacher. The meeting went well and I am so thankful for her. She said he has drastically improved since the first quarter. I pray he can keep up the hard work b/c I know the 3rd quarter is the hardest. The only thing she said is he is starting to let some of his peers rub off on him behavior wise. This is really no surprise happens at home. I figure he will learn. She said she might have to clip him down for it...I told her I was more then ok with that b/c usually clipping down for him is a major deal. I think some of it is just returning from Christmas and remembering the rules again. 
Thursday he had Awards Day. I was proud of him for making Beta Honor Roll this quarter. We don't really stress grades with him though. I tell him to do his best. I do remind him though of how good he feels when he does make the Honor Roll. He's had to sit through a couple ceremonies where he didn't get anything. I know that is hard. It was nice b/c his whole family was able to go to support him. I also love the way the school makes such a big deal out of it! Its sweet! 
Praying for a great 3rd quarter as well! 

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Back 2 School

So far smooth sailing with the kids returning to school. I think they were both excited and ready by Monday morning. I am thankful for good teachers, friends, and great schools that make my kids excited and happy about returning to school. 
Monday I overslept...great way to begin a new semester. Well Austin was off though so he was able to bring Colby in to keep him from being late which helped a TON! I brought Lindsay then was able to go grocery shopping. It was nice coming home for a little while though to a quiet house! That afternoon was busy with homework and dinner. We have started a new practice of walking before dinner that has worked out well.
Tuesday Austin was off again. We had made an appointment for our cat Oliver to be de-clawed, neutered, and get his Rabies shot. Anyway much to our surprise we got a call after Austin dropped him off saying Oliver wasn't a boy! He was in deed a girl! Crazy! Anyway so now we are calling her Olivia. It will take some getting used to but I am excited about a little girl in the house. Austin and I were able to go to breakfast at Parrot Pete's while the kids were in school. Its always nice to have some couple time like that. We then ran some errands. Again it was fun to just hang out and be together. I picked up Lindsay and again it was another busy afternoon. I love our family afternoons and evenings though! 
Wednesday Austin was back to work and both kids were in school. Its a little more routine day for me. I am home cleaning while the kids are at school. I have a 3:30 conference with Colby's teacher. I really wish I didn't have something extra to do but it will be good to catch up with her and see how he's progressing. The first quarter he had a D in he has all A's and B's! I am so proud of how hard he has worked. Tonight will be low key. I am glad we don't have church tonight. It will be nice to have another slower paced night at home. 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Christmas Break Cont.

Saturday our first day just the kids and I with nothing to do we decided to go to the park. It was lovely to get out of the house and let the kids run and play. Unfortunately the weather this Christmas break has been rainy, muggy, and just overall cloudy and nasty. Needless to say there hasn't been much outdoor time. Our friends Ashleigh, Makyrin, and Makylee met us too which ofcourse made the trip more fun. We stayed for about 2 hours. We then had to stop by the grocery to get a few things. 
The rest of the day we spent home waiting on our AC to get repaired. Yes you read that right...our AC went out on Christmas day! It was a big mess the guy had to come out twice but by about 7:30 pm we had working air and slept MUCH cooler that night. 
Sunday was back to church. I was thankful to have a place to go and that the kids could see friends. Since it was the Sunday right after Christmas our church decided to have only 1 service and all the children were in church. I was thankful to have a week off teaching and be able to enjoy church with the kids and my parents. Pastor Michael had told the kids to bring their favorite gift and they got to go up on stage and have a special moment with him. It was a sweet and cute time. The kids did well in church. Their friends Ella and Eli sat near us. That afternoon the kids and I just spent hanging out. 
Monday and Tuesday were spent in Hattiesburg. 
Wednesday the kidsand I had a free day. We decided to go to the library and to Target. Colby was anxious to exchange some Legos. It was a rainy and nasty day. When we finished up at Target we picked up Chickfila and came home for the rest of the day. I feel like we have spent more time at home lately b/c this Christmas break the weather has been very dreary. Its ok though I think God calls us into seasons like this so we can rest. I have honestly enjoyed the slower paced days and the kids have done very well playing at home. 
Thursday was NYE and Friday New Years Day! 
Saturday was another free day for us! I decided to take the kids to the Monkey Room. It had been awhile since we had been. They had a blast. My friend Jenny met us with her sons braden and jude. They all had a good time and played hard. It was nice to sit and visit with a friend. We came home and enjoyed the rest of the day at home. 
Sunday was church and Austin was off. It was nice to get back to going as a family. I taught and we had 12 kids. It was very busy but I had enough help thankfully. We stopped and had lunch before coming home. We enjoyed the last day of vacation. The kids enjoyed a walk/bikeride. 
I cannot believe Christmas break has come and gone! It was a wonderful break that went by too fast! We got to spend time with friends and each other. We had lots of good food and family time as well! I will miss my babies come Monday. This is probably the first year I have not been ready to send them back. Don't get me wrong...routines will be nice again but I will also miss them being home with me. I will get back to more regular cooking and cleaning though! 

Monday, January 4, 2016

New Years 2015

Thursday was New Years Eve. I had to make a quick stop at the grocery but otherwise again we stayed home. We were able to atleast play outside some that day. The ground is just so wet though. That afternoon their friends Nijel and Mia came over to play. I was glad we were able to have some friends over during the break. The kids played together great! I love brother/sister friends! That night we did some small fireworks with the kids and let them stay up a teeny bit later then normal. After they went to bed Austin and I watched football and NYE stuff then hit the hay about 11:30.
Friday was New Years Day. It was nice to sleep in and not really have to be anywhere early. We had a slow morning before heading over to my parent's house. We got there around 11:15. The kids are always excited to go over there. They enjoyed playing inside and out. I helped my mom in the kitchen. We had a pretty big crowd. Lunch was yummy and as always the visiting was fun! We hung out for several hours before heading home. That afternoon austin came home early and we enjoyed some family time together! 
Looking forward to all 2016 will hold! 
2015 was a great year. Colby finished 1st grade and began 2nd. He lost 3 teeth and learned to ride a bike with 2 wheels. He's growing up so quickly! He also got saved and was baptized at our church. So proud of him! He's still enjoying cubscouts. Lindsay went from 3 year preschool to 4 year preschool. She is enjoying her last year at Aurora. It will be sad in May b/c we have had kids at that school for 6 years! She's growing up so quickly as well! Austin and I celebrated 11 years this December. Austin is also still loving his job at the Courtyard. We adopted a new kitten this fall and are enjoying having a new member of the family. Life is busy with kids at 7 and 4 but we love it! 

Friday, January 1, 2016

Mississippi Christmas 2015

We celebrated Christmas in Mississippi this year on the Monday after Christmas. Typically we choose the 26th or the Saturday after but this year Austin's work schedule just didn't allow for that. We went up Monday morning. The weather was nasty and rainy. We got to Hattiesburg around 11:30. Shortly after Wendi, Shelbi, and Maggie arrived. The kids ofcourse went straight to playing. They even were able to ride their bikes up and down their long driveway. I was glad the rain stopped and they were actually able to get outside a little. They couldn't play out back though b/c it was so wet and muddy.
We all ate lunch around 1. I was glad the kids were able to wait that long. It seemed like everyone enjoyed the lunch. After lunch we played this game called KaHoot. It was really cute. We played Disney Trivia which was fun. The kids played more but got antsy so we let them open up their presents. This Christmas was very different as far as traditions go. His other sister and her husband couldn't make it. And with it being on a Monday Harvey was at work. Lindsay got some My Little Pony things, a dress for her doll, a puzzle a few other small things. Colby got a couple Lego sets, a book, and a few other small toys. After the presents the kids wanted some down time to watch the movie Cinderella. We turned that on and the girls def enjoyed that. Colby got bored so he and Austin went to shoot bb guns. I think we all got relaxed during the movie. By the time it ended  Harvey had gotten there after work. Shortly after we exchanged a few more presents then played a white elephant game. The kids were ready for dinner so they ate a quick bite. Austin and I wanted to wait. We ended up stopping at Ward's on our way back to the apartment. We let the kids stay up and play for a bit before heading them off to bed. It was a pretty busy day so we were all tired. 
Tuesday we got up and went to his parents for breakfast and to tell everyone bye. We stayed about an hour. The kids ofcourse enjoyed more cousin time. The drive home was nice. We had a busy day back at home taking down all our decorations. I cannot believe the Christmas season is over!