Monday, February 29, 2016

Days with Dad

Last week Austin was off 4 days! It was so nice having him home and we got so much accomplished. Life has continued to be very busy. It seems like since fall we have not slowed down. So Thursday we kept Lindsay home with us since he was off. We decided to run a bunch of errands and just spend time with her. We began our morning with a Chickfila breakfast. After that we did Petsmart, Best Buy (we needed a new tv) and we had to go to the bank to open up the kids savings accounts. While we were at the bank Austin casually asked me when I would be ready to start looking for a house again. I told him lets look while we are sitting here. So while we were in the bank we started browsing I found what I loved in a neighborhood we loved for a price we loved! So we decided when finishing at the bank we would just ride by and go see it! Well we still loved it. We called that afternoon and set up an appointment for the next day. 
That afternoon we hung out then had Cubscouts that evening. The boys learned about internet safety and about policeman. Nijel's dad came to talk to them. I love all the experiences Colby has gotten though Scouts. Its also fun b/c its such a family affair. 
Friday the kids were both back in school. Austin and I went to tour the house and we loved it! We ended up putting an offer in on it. We were busy that day with all that. Then that evening we had Randall's birthday dinner. It was a fun gathering and ofcourse the kids loved the family time. 
Saturday was another lovely day having Austin home. Its rare he's with us on a Saturday. He began the morning with yardwork. Colby wanted to stay here and work on that with him. Lindsay and I took a trip to Target. That afternoon we had a birthday party for Colby's friend Ella. It was at this place called Creative Cottage. The kids had a blast! It was fun seeing Colby with all his buddies. His classmates are so sweet and they are all so close. Most of them have known each other since they were 4. Cannot believe they are turning 8 this year!! After the party we had to go back to the realtor and sign the counter offer! We went out to eat and rode by the house that night! 
Sunday we had church. It was nice to go as a family. Austin ended up staying to help me. We had like 13-14 kids! It was quite busy! After church we came home which was lovely. We spent that afternoon getting our house cleaned. We went through the office and dining rooms. Our friends Brittany and Chris came over that night to see our house! 
Those 4 days were so busy! I cannot believe how much we accomplished though!! 

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Mardi Gras Beach Trip

We just got back from Destin...yes Destin in February. A while back when we saw the kids had a week off for Mardi Gras we decided to go to the beach then. We went this summer and weren't sure if it would work out this coming summer for us to go. We are taking a trip to Tennessee and just can't see us doing 2 big trips. We will probably wait and do an early fall trip if possible. 
So we left Mardi Gras morning. We planned to stop at the Battle Ship. We have said for 7 years we were going to stop and do that on the way to the beach but never have. The kids were excited about stopping especially Colby. We got there around 11. We did one tour which took us a little over an hour. I think Colby really enjoyed all the climbing and looking around. Lindsay had fun but she definitely wasn't as in to it as her brother. We ate lunch around 12:30. I think everyone was starving. It worked out great b/c I had packed a picnic lunch for us. We then went to tour the planes and Submarine. My mom, Lindsay, and I found some chairs and waited for the rest of the crew to finish the submarine. I wasn't really in the mood for anymore climbing or crawling. Once they finished that we got back on the road for the beach! 
We got to the Condo I think around 4:00. We unpacked and rested a short bit before going out to dinner that night. We usually stay in on the first day but since it was already so late we decided going out would be easiest. We went to our usual Back Porch. The food was ofcourse delicious. We went back to my parents condo that evening for kingcake. It was Mardi Gras afterall! 
Thursday we got up and our traditional pancake and sausage breakfast. It was a nice leisurely morning.We woke up to a pretty chilly day though so we knew the beach would be out. We knew we had to get the kids out though. We decided to take them to the outdoor mall. We usually go there at night but since it was so cold this trip we figured going during the day might be best. The kids love going in Bass Pro Shop. They love looking at the boats and little sporty 4-wheelers and such. We walked around for awhile then stopped to get coffee. We even got the kids a special drink. We enjoyed the beautiful but chilly day for awhile. We then had to stop at Target for a few items before going back to the condo. We went back and had lunch. After lunch we decided to go check out the Native American Burial Mounds in Ft. Walton. It was interesting and something we had never done before. They had a small Civil War Museum, a one room school house which we all loved, and a Native American Museum. It was interesting and fun doing something different. My fav was the one room school house. It was fun showing the kids what school was like 100 years ago. 
We got back to the condo about 4. We decided to rest for awhile. We let the kids watch a movie and we just hung out. That night we had dinner at my parent's condo. It was nice to stay in and not have to get back out. We enjoyed visiting with everyone and we got the kids to bed early that night.  
Friday we had made plans to drive out to Seaside after breakfast. We had another delicious breakfast of bacon, biscuits, eggs, and grits. As soon as we finished breakfast we left to go to Seaside. It took us about an hour to get there. Lindsay actually took a nap on the ride there which was nice. She got a few car naps on this trip since there were never any real naps. We arrived about 11:00. The kids were really wanting to go to the beach so that is what we did first. They loved playing in the sand for about 30 minutes. It was a beautiful day! Afterwards we did some walking around Seaside. The kids enjoyed looking at the houses. We then went to the park/playground and let them play for another 30 minutes. They really enjoyed that! We all worked up an appetite by then and walked to eat lunch at a Hamburger place by the beach. It was really delicious and eating outside was neat. It was a nice relaxing time. After that we walked around a little more before stopping for icecream! Vacation should be about treats right?!? The kids loved it and again we just enjoyed the beautiful weather and hanging out. We headed home after that. We got back into the condo and much to our surprise they had come in to do major renovations while we were gone. They had taken down our blinds and moved furniture around. We had to go down to the office and try to figure everything out. We ended up staying in the room and they put our bedroom blinds back up. We were ok for just one more night. Finally we were able to rest a bit after a VERY Busy day! We went back to my parent's condo that night for leftovers and pizza. Honestly it was nice to eat in 2 of the nights. It was a break from having to get dressed up and head out. I think the kids enjoyed it too. I also feel like we were all able to visit more. That night we had more excitement though. We got a knock on our door about 9 that night saying our van alarm was going off. Austin went down there to find out van dead! We knew it stemmed from the broken window incident b/c it had done funny things since then. They couldn't get it to stop so they had to unplug the battery. The next morning we got it started but then it died at the gas station. Come to find out it just wasn't plugged in well! We were really worried though and anxious to get it to the shop ASAP! We got home and tried to bring it to the Honda Dealership. They were busy and couldn't take it. We brought it to the glass place and they took the door apart but weren't exactly sure what might be wrong? We think though them taking it apart fixed it! 
We had a great week at the beach and enjoyed the break! 

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Mardi Gras Break

So Mardi Gras break began for us last Friday. I am so thankful to live in NOLA and have this random week in February off. Friday was a busy day for me though. I got the kids to school then met my friend Tayna for coffee. We had a nice relaxing visit then went to see the girl's preschool parade. They had a parade and party. It was bittersweet knowing this was our last official preschool Mardi Gras parade. Lindsay enjoyed riding this year. She and her friends were so cute! 
After the parade we came home to rest awhile before time to get Colby from school. After school we had to stop at both banks. We then picked up dinner and came home. Austin was in the hotel for the weekend so we had a quiet night at home. My brother did come to back my van in and my parents came over to take a walk with us. It was nice having them do that---it made the night go by faster. I let the kids watch a movie and we just hung out. 
Saturday we enjoyed sleeping in and having a lazy morning. We did end up going to the park though. We haven't had many park dates lately so it was nice to finally do that. We went to one that we haven't been to in awhile. It was nice except this obnoxious mom and her 5 girls were super loud. They finally packed up and left. I enjoyed the rest of the morning with my kids. We went to lunch at Panera Bread. My parents ended up meeting us there since Austin was still in the hotel. It was nice having their company. We came home and had a pretty lazy day from there. 
Sunday we were off to church. Again another day without Austin. Church went well. I think we had like 8 or 9 preschoolers. After church we had to go grocery shopping! Ofcourse it was a madhouse with it being Bacchus Sunday and Superbowl but we survived. We enjoyed a low key afternoon after that. Austin got to come home that night which was lovely. 
Monday (Lundi Gras) was a pretty quiet day for us. We ran a couple quick errands to the library and to get a kingcake for our trip. The rest of the day we spent getting ready for our trip! 

Monday, February 8, 2016

The crazy continues

So after the phone call on Friday we honestly thought that things were going to calm down. We were relieved that our bank had realized the fraud and stopped the transaction on Friday. We were sort of breathing a sigh of relief. Monday we were ready to begin a new week. Austin went with me to bring the kids. Its his new Monday thing to now watch the parking lot. I wish more days would do this! Anyway we had gotten the kids to school and even stopped at PJs and honestly all was right with the world. After the kids were at school he and I went grocery shopping. We got our groceries and then went to check out and our card was declined! WHAT? So at that point we knew something must have happened again. We saw that they were somehow able to make more withdrawals. We put our groceries up...lucky Austin did have an extra credit card on him. We then got straight to the bank! We didn't get many answers on Monday about how/who or what. We spent the rest of the day dealing with and trying to figure that mess out! 
Tuesday was another crazy day! I had a dentist appointment to get a cavity filled =(. Anyway after that I had to meet Austin at the bank to take out what money we had left and to move to another bank. I hate all this has cost us so much time. Although luckily the kids were at school and my parents picked Lindsay up so we could take care of it. It was pretty much an entire afternoon ordeal. That night Austin had Bible study so it was just the kids and I. 
Wednesday I was able to finally come home and enjoy a little quiet while the kids were at school. That night we had church. I am really just loving my little group of kids. We had our own Lord's Supper with french bread and grape juice. They also learned how to set the table. It was a super sweet and fun night! 
Thursday was a good day. I kept Lindsay home with me. Even though the last few weeks she has only gone to school 4 days we have been busy. This was our first day to have a quiet girls day. We met our friends Ashley and Jackson at the park. It was fun to just do something her and I again. And ofcourse I always love park dates. We stayed over 2 hours and just had the best time! 

Friday, February 5, 2016

The Rest of the Weekend

The rest of the weekend was nice. We enjoyed our Friday night movie night and just enjoyed a quiet evening at home. That Saturday we were able to sleep in and enjoy a quiet morning at home. We then got ready and went to my parent's house for king cake baking and a parade. 
We ended up meeting some friends at the parade so Lindsay had Ebbie and Mia to hang with and Colby had Nijel. It was nice having people to stand and walk with. Somehow the boys got the idea of having a playdate afterward. So Mia and Nijel came back to my parents house after the parade. I think the kids all loved the parade and they caught a TON. Having the 4 kids back at my parents house was busy but it was fun! I was glad they had friends to play with awhile. We finished the kingcakes and had lunch and let them play a bit. By 2 I was ready to get home. We dropped off the friends and then came home for quiet. We have been so busy lately I was in need of some downtime! 
Sunday we had church and Austin was off. We decided to just go to first service. The morning went well we had 9 or 10 kids. After church we went to eat at Texas Roadhouse. We had contemplated some more parades but we were all tired and knew we needed time at home. We all enjoyed the quiet afternoon around here to prepare for the week ahead. 

Friday Field Trip

Friday we were all excited b/c Colby had a field trip to the LA Children's Museum. It was his first field trip this year that I was able to attend. They went to the library earlier in the year. The kids were so excited to go. I decided to bring Lindsay with us. I always keep her home one day a week and I knew it would be fun having her there with us. We went to coffee before which was nice. I still love my coffee trips with her. We then met them at the museum. We were put into groups and Ella was assigned into our little group. I was thankful to have a friend we knew very well. The kids played great together. They spent a lot of time in the boat section. We also joined up with Nijel and Mia so that gave my kiddos more friends to play with. After the boats the big kids wanted to go to the tree house area and the little girls wanted to go to the grocery. Melody took Mia and Lindsay and I took the 3 bigs. I loved just watching them play. I thought it was so good for them to be able to just interact and play with each other. I really wish this could be done atleast once a month. I think they learn so much. After the tree house area they all spent a good amount of time between the grocery and cafe. It was hard at times to keep up with everyone and varying ages and interests but all the kids were so well behaved. They were all finally ready to move on downstairs. We met back up with the group around 11:30. The day was going so well until shortly after Lindsay and I got home and I received a call from a Regions bank that someone was trying to use my Id at a drive thru in Metairie.