Thursday, July 28, 2011

Weeks 18-20

Wow I can't believe I am halfway through this pregnancy! Things are still going well. I am feeling great right more sickness really, energy is great, and I am sleeping for the most part well at night i have maybe 1 rough night here and there but its not bad. I am so ready to know what we are having though! I thought for sure by the time I reached week 20 we would probably know if we were having a boy or a girl but I unfortunately have to wait another 3 weeks.

I'm sure you remember from the last post that I was having blood pressure issues and had to take a 24 hour urine test. Well the results came back fine Praise the Lord! We also invested in a thing to take my blood pressure at home and I have been trying to take it daily. It has been reading fine here. I am pretty sure my issues at the doctor are nervousness and stress. For some reason I am just not as comfortable here as I was at my last doctor. Its not that I hate the clinic and don't really want to change its just different. Its bigger and therefore, not as personable. I was supossed to go back a week after that test but that fell right before colby's party so then I was going to go that Monday after and it flooded so my appointment fell yesterday.

My blood pressure was again raised but after talking with the doctor and nurse about taking it at home and it being fine they didn't seem too worried. The heartbeat sounded great! And I have only gained 5 lbs. I was shocked I don't think this baby will be as big as Colby was. I know I had gained a lot more by this point with him!

Anyway the most frustrating thing right now is they won't do an ultrasound until 24 weeks. I have had my hopes up for so long thinking we would find out this week or next. Apparantly they just scheduled it for the next appointment but they skipped a week b/c the doc will be out of town! BUMMER! I am so ready to know so we can start planning for this little one! But I am thankful that all still seems to be going well. But I am also ready for that ultrasound to have a little bit more piece of mind that he or she is growing the way they are supossed to!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Daddy Days

Austin was off the last 2 days so we were pretty busy. It always seems like on his off days we have so much to do and we try to cram so much into them to make the most of it. Poor thing he's probably exausted and ready to go back to work by the time they are over! Well Monday he had to mow first thing and we had an mortgage adjustor come out to our house. While all that was going on Colby and I mainly played outside and he rode his Big Wheel up and down the street. Once Austin finished the yard work and cleaned up we went up the mall for lunch and to buy a dishwasher. We ate at Chickfila which Colby was so excited about! We really only get that to eat when we visit a mall so he was quite excited about his chicken nuggets! We went and picked out our dishwasher next. Colby was fascinated with all the appliances. he opened and closed doors for quite awhile. Afterwards we promised him a cookie by the fountain. I am so glad we are starting this tradition with him. It was something my mom used to do with me when I was little. First he loves to throw pennies in so I gave him about 12 or so pennies and then we let him go pick out a cookie. He's still too young to really get how many choices there are so we just went with a little chocolate chip cookie. he gobbled it up though. After enjoying our little treat we walked down to where they have an indoor play area. While Austin and he enjoyed that I did a little shopping in Old Navy. When I came out Austin volunteered to go get the truck and pull it around to that entrance so Colby and I wouldn't have to walk so far and he could play awhile longer. I was happy about that. Colby was having a blast exploring all the riding things. Well when Austin got there Mr. C was not ready to leave. He sat down and pitched a fit. I had to literally drag him out the mall. He doesn't usually behave that way often in public and I know the main reason he did b/c it was after 1 and he was due for a nap! I was not happy with him plus I was tired at that point too! We made it home all in one piece. We stayed in the rest of the afternoon and rested. We cooked a nice homemade meal that night too which we all 3 enjoyed. it was nice to sit down and eat a peaceful meal as a family. I feel like a lot of nights our dinners are so rushed b/c by the time Austin gets home from work we scarf down our food clean up and put Colby to bed. So it was nice to have a real family dinner time!
Tuesday we wanted to take Colby somewhere fun. We decided on the splash park at the zoo since we knew summer was coming to a close and don't know if or when we will get to go back. Colby was very excited about this! We got there right when they opened which is a good time to go. Colby went right to having fun. Austin also wore clothes that he could get wet this time. This way he could follow Colby around more and play with him. Colby ofcourse loved this! They even went down a couple slides together. Last time Colby wouldn't try any of the slides but with daddy there to join him he was game! He ended up loving them! We stayed for about an hour and a half! I think Colby could have stayed longer but he kept coming over to our table and asking for snacks so we figured it was an easy time to scoop him up and get him dressed so we could go eat. We usually eat somewhere other then the zoo. I mean during the fall/spring I like eating there but when its so hot its pretty miserable. So we got ready and went to this place called Roly Poly. We have seen it several times on our way to the zoo but have never stopped. I am glad we did. Its rolled up sandwhiches and they have over 100 options to choose from. It was really yummy and seemed pretty healthy!
It was nice to come home after all that and just rest and hang out together as a family! We truly love the days Austin is off and creating memories as a family! Especially right now as a family of3 b/c come December things will be a lot different!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

VBS Family Night

I was so proud of my little man this year he got up on stage and sang with the big kids! We decided to let the class or 3's and 4's participate in Family Night if they wanted to. Colby ended up being the only one though that wanted to. It greatly surprised me that he wanted to get up there with the big kids. He has never gone up on stage for anything. He didn't really know the songs but I figured he could clap/dance a long which he did! He was such a stage ham! He clapped, raised his hands, and mostly stared at hte little girl Sara next to him. I think everyone was surprised at how well he did. I was worried he might try to come running off the stage to me but he stood right there in line with everyone else! After it was over I had to coax him off the stage then he said "I wanna go again"! I knew we were raising a little ham! He's such a mess! He did well the rest of the program and enjoyed hearing the other kids sing. Ofcourse when it was all over we had to stop at the church playground a few minutes to burn off some energy! I was glad VBS was over b/c I was so tired but its also sad in a way when you have to pack up all the decorations and say goodbye to the kids! It was another great year! Not sure if we will participate next year but I will look forward to 2013 when we can go again!

Friday, July 22, 2011

VBS Day 3-5

The rest of the week of VBS went well. There were times the kids seemed to fall apart but all in all for their age I think they did awesome. We gained a 4th child by the 4th night. It was Broc who is 3. He's one of Colby's Sunday School friends so I think he was glad to have another boy in the mix. Poor little Zoe was so tired by the end of the week. The last 2 nights she ended up falling asleep. Colby held out really well but thankfully with him going home early it didn't hit him as hard as the others. He did get a couple timeouts and cried 2 nights though when it was time to go home. Broc did really well...his first night he was a little shy and seemed out of place but he did really well by the last night. Emily did great she always knew our story. Poor thing I felt like she was bored sometimes being the oldest in the class but I think she did well and definitely enjoyed going to music and rec with the big kids!
They all continued to enjoy crafts and really made some cool things. I am not sure how much the others learned from the stories other then Emily I think Colby listened some and probably knows more then I think but its still hard to base it at his age. Each night we had great food. Our kitchen crew did wonderful with kid food and adult food I think we were all happy with everything we ate. Austin continued to pick Colby up around 8 each night. But he got to participate in the Worship Ralley, crafts, bible story, snack, and some games each night. It was another great week. I am so glad we got to participate even though its soo tiring. I thought the Big Apple theme was very cool and fun also!
Not sure if we will get to do it next year...we will have a 6 or 7 month old so not sure how that would work unless my mom came to keep them and I did it but still not so sure. Colby would still be in the nursery class and not really in the "real" VBS yet. I might just send him to one on the Westbank if I can find one that takes 3 year olds or young 4s. He loved it so much I hate for him to miss out. But I am sure we will definitely do it the next year.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Colby's 3 Year Checkup

Colby had his 3 year checkup this past tuesday. I was interested to see how he would this year. He used to HATE the doctor's office. Over the last year though he has made great progress and started doing a lot better. I think when he was younger it was just all about stranger anxiety and someone taking him from his mommy. He's a social butterfly now and totally over that! I talked to him the night before and that morning about where we were going. He seemed excited and happy about going. I was so proud of him he was so good the ENTIRE time. From the moment we got there he was cheering Yay doctor! I thought that was so cute and funny. he waited very patiently in the waiting room with me. Then when they called his name and the nurse took us back to measure & weigh him he did wonderfully! They even took his blood pressure and did well with that. His height was 37 inches, his weight 35 lbs, and his blood pressure was great I don't remember the numbers now. He grew 2 inches and gained 2 lbs since his 2 year checkup. He's still in the 50-75%. His growth has slowed down but he's obviously still growing at a nice pace b/c he's been in the same percents since he was a baby.
We didn't have to wait long in the room until the doctor came back which was nice. Colby did great with the doctor too! This was only our 2nd time to see her and he did wonderful. She checked him out all over and he talked to her and had a great time. She said it looked like he was doing great. She was impressed that he had only been in twice since last year. I am so thankful each time we go for a well child visit. I know we are so blessed to have had such a healthy little boy! I pray he stays that way! Since he did so well at the doctor and we finished up so quick I promised him a trip to Target. I have been wanting to let him pick out a baby toy for baby brother or sister so he picked out a little toy to attach to their carseat! He was so proud of himself! I am too I know he's going to make a great big brother!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

VBS Day 2

Our 2nd day of VBS was Monday. Monday was an interesting day. It flooded in our area that morning. It messed up all of our plans but still ended up being a good day. Austin's truck battery had died the day before so he and my dad set out early that morning to try and get it fixed. Well we had torrential rains very early on that morning and so most of the westbank was flooded. My dad got stranded somewhere for 2 hours and Austin couldn't make it to the shop so he just went on to work. He ended up getting it fixed later that day. It also messed Colby and I's day up. I had a doctor appoinment at 2 but I was going to drop Colby off at my parent's house around 10 so that I would have a few hours to get some housework done and relax. Well my parents didn't want us getting out and risking getting stuck so we stayed in which was probably for the best b/c it rained ALL day! It was honestly kinda nice staying in although I think days we stay in are more tiring as a mommy b/c Colby just gets whiney, needy, and bored. But we had a pretty good day overall.
We were both glad to have VBS to go to that night though. Everything went well I think the kids did excellent this night. They seemed to all be on their A game that night. We didn't really have any issues at all. They fed the kids pizza, apples, & pudding for dessert. I think they all cleaned their plate. Austin got there once again to bring Colby home. All in all I think it was a great night. Oh and during storytime Colby said "I say my prayers every night" everyone thought that was so cute!

VBS Day 1

VBS began Sunday on Colby's birthday. I have been looking forward to see what he thought about it this year. He really enjoyed it last year and so I knew this year he would love it even more. He ended up being in the class with my mom and me mostly. We tried to avoid this this year b/c we knew he would probably act better if he was in a class with someone other then his family but it was unavoidable. He did well though considering. I think he does think he owns that nursery and can go anywhere he pleases. Since we usually arrive early being teachers he goes in whatever room he wants and plays with toys mostly cars.
This year there are only 3 kids in his class. Zoe, Colby, and Emily. They are a wide range of ages so planning activities is interesting but they are all doing well. Colby seems to really enjoy the open assembly time with everyone. I think he likes the music and videos. The first night it was really hard to get them all to sit still for storytime in the classroom but I think they are getting some of it. Colby also seems to really enjoy the craft time. A lady in there too has adopted him and worked with him and he seems to really love it! They made 3 crafts the first night. They bring dinner (snack) to our room since we have the little ones. The first night they had turkey and cheese sandwhiches, apples, and a cupcake. My mom also brings fresh fruit for them as well. Austin brought Colby home after the Bible story around 8 that first night. This is what he did last year as well. This year Colby does get to stay about an hour longer though since he's older. I am glad he can go home early b/c my mom and I don't usually get home until 9:45. he's already tired and if he didn't get home until that late he would be really cranky. The other 2 hang in there pretty well. Poor Zoe I know has to be exausted since she is only 18 months but she didn't fall asleep. I take Emily to Music & Rec with the 4 and 5 year olds since she is the oldest and can participate in those things. I think she likes that!
I think all in all the first night went really well and I am excited to see what the rest of the week brings!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Colby's 3rd Birthday Weekend

Well we started the celebrations Friday with Colby. His mawmaw, pawpaw, and cousins came in that night. We went out to eat and hung out at the hotel some with them. Colby was so excited to be with his grandparents, cousins, and aunt. Colby loves his Shelbi and Maggie. Its been so neat to see them grow up since they are stairsteps. They are now 3, 4 1/2, and 7.
Saturday ofcourse was the big party day! We woke up early to get all the last minute details completed. His party started at 10:30 so we had lots to do. Austin's parents and sister got here around 9:30 and helped us finish setting up. The girls were able to keep Colby busy too which was nice. He had been waiting so long for this party and was anxious for guests to arrive. Around 10:30 everyone else started arriving. I directed the kids to go ahead and go swimming since we didn't know how the weather would hold this way they could get their playing out and then we could eat. They all seemed to love the kiddie pool and water. We also rented a spacewalk...our original order was a spacewalk/slide combo which we thought would be perfect for Colby's age group. But apparantly something happened to that one and they brought us the firetruck slide instead. The slide was really too big for 3 year olds but it all worked out. The girls really liked it and I think all the 3 year olds tried it at some point. The kids played until a little after 11 and I told everyone it was fine to eat. People started fixing their plates and enjoying the food. We had Chickfila nuggets, finger sandwhiches, spinach dip, corn dip, chips, and a fruit tray. Once everyone got fed and the kids had more time to play it was cupcake time then present time. Colby got into the cupcake part and singing this year. He definitely enjoyed that more then the previous 2 years. He still wasn't very interested in the present part. maybe that will come next year. It always seems that the first thing he opens he just wants to play with and could care less about presents. He opened a car and that was on his mind. He got a lot of cool and different presents. I was glad he got a variety and not just all trucks haha! I am so thankful for our friends and family who showed up to show this little man how much they love him. We definitely had more kids at this party then any others b/c he actually has friends now! The kids were: Baby Aidin (7 Months), Baby Jonathan (8 Months), Colby (3), Kiley (3), Cameron (3), Max (3), Braden (2 1/2), Shelbi (7), and Maggie (4 1/2). It was a lot of fun though having so many of his friends there to celebrate with us.
That night we continued to celebrate after napping and went downtown to visit with Austin's family again. We ordered pizza and once again the cousins ran around enjoying some time together. It was cute to see them play alone. Colby played with them some at the party but had so many other people to hang out with it was good they got some 1 on 1 time with him.
Sunday was his real birthday. He woke up to presents from mommy and daddy. We had already given him his big present the bike but he woke up to a bunch of "Cars" stuff. He was quite excited about that. We went to church like usual. We brought him donut holes to share with his class at church. He and the other kids enjoyed that. We only stayed for Sunday School though due to that night being the first night of VBS. It was nice though to come home just the 3 of us and have some down time. We went to VBS that night. This year I am preschool director. My job is just to check on all the preschool classes and make sure everyone is where they are supossed to be. I mainly assist in Colby's class though since they are the youngest. Colby's class is still under the nursery and is only open to worker's kids. There are only 3 kids in his class Zoe (1 1/2), Colby (3), and Emily (4).

Monday, July 11, 2011

What's been going on...

So I thought I would do a quick post on what we have been up to...mainly for my own records to be able to go back and look at.

Saturday we had to grocery shop but that afternoon Colby woke up from his nap early so we went swimming at my parent's house. I am so glad we have that option! That night Austin got home early enough we were able to grill hamburgers and hang out as a family!

Sunday as usual we went to church. Colby and I only stayed for Sunday School though due to having a meeting back up there at 4:30 that afternoon. I was glad we did come home though and get some rest. That night we went back for the VBS meeting. Since Austin was working it meant I had to bring Colby. I figured the meeting would be fairly short but it ended up lasting until 6:30. Colby was quite cranky and ready to come home when it was all said and done!

Monday Colby and I had plans to go see the Patchwork Players. I was excited to see them b/c I had been before when I worked with summer camp and they were really cute! I knew Colby would like it and be into it. Our Mops group was going so I thought it would be fun too to visit with some other moms. Well I braved going over there alone knowing parking might be interesting. Well sure enough we drove around for 20 minutes looking for a spot and never found one. I didn't feel comfortable parking far away on a street with it just being Colby and I. We decided to go to the Monkey Room since we were already uptown though. Colby was just as happy doing that! I missed having friends to chat with this time but we still had fun! By the time we left the place was really crowded but I think Colby enjoyed his time and I was glad he got to get out and climb some.

Tuesday Colby and I went swimming at my parent's house. I was glad that we did b/c I knew there probably wouldn't be another chance for us to do that all week. He ofcourse had a blast like usual and was a complete fish. We stayed and visited and had lunch...then ofcourse Colby always hates to come home!

Wednesday Austin began his long stretch of days off leading up to Colby's b-day. We ran errands that morning to Walmart and Party City to get ready for his party. It was nice running errands like that with my 2 boys. We came home and got a few things done around the house and rested b/c we had to go back to church that night. We left early and ate dinner at McAlister's then went to church. My mom and I had to work in Mission Friends. I enjoyed working with the kids. We had Jonathan (8 Months), Zoe (1 1/2), Colby (2 1/2), Emily (4), Nathanael (4 1/2), and Caleb (6). We had a great group but quite a span of ages. I hate we can't divide them up. I hope to get back to doing that once school starts but this summer we have had to combine them. The kids do well though and Colby sure loves being around all the other kids.

Thursday was another big preparation day for Colby's party. We stayed in all day trying to get the house in order. That night though I think we were all ready for a break so we went to Chili's for dinner and then to Target. We decided to go ahead and get Colby a booster seat for Austin's truck. He was getting wayy too big for the carseat we had in there. We figure he doesn't ride with Austin that often and we usually travel in my car.

Friday was yet another preparation day. We stayed in and worked again most of the day. Austin's family came in that night so when Colby woke up from his nap we went to meet them downtown. Colby was very excited about seeing his mawmaw and pawpaw and his cousins. We went out to eat at Deanie's. The kids were all pretty good but all were getting antsy by the end. We went home after dinner so that we could come home and finish the final touches for his b-day party!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Playing at Kiley's

Colby had another playdate with his bestfriend Kiley. We went to their house again as it is easier since they also have an 8 month old baby. Colby loves going over there to play and seeing his little friendship develop with her is adorable. They play so well together. I never hear a cross word out of either of them! I would say it his first "real" friend. He's got lots of other friends but they are mainly my friends that have kids. he talks about Kiley all the time. Its so fun to listen to their little conversations! She won't be attending school with him in the fall which makes me sad but I hope we can still get them together often!
I always enjoy hanging out with Angela (her mom). We usually have lots to talk about and its fun now that they are old enough to go play on their own we can sit and talk! Looking forward to another playdate in the future!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Daddy's Days Off

Austin had 3 days off this week b/c of the 4th. Monday was ofcourse the 4th. Tuesday we took Colby to see Cars 2. This was colby's first movie theater experience. We waited on purpose for this movie. We found out last July that it was going to be out this summer. We figured that would be the best "first movie" plus he would be about the right age. I knew he would like it but was unsure how he would do sitting in the theater for 2 hours. He has watched Cars at home pretty much from start to finish but that was only once...we don't watch a lot of movies with him yet. He watches like PBS cartoons but even that is usually limited to 3 shows a day an hour and a half of tv. Some days though he doesn't even watch tv. Anyway he loved the movie and did great!
He got wiggly a few times but only had to potty once and that was the only time he actually left the theater. Austin got popcorn and an Icee and that helped to keep him still too! He loved both ofcourse! And it was a special treat since it was a special day trust me he doesn't usually get snacks like that!
After the movie we came home and ate a quick lunch then put him down for a nap. I wasn't surprised at all that he didn't sleep though. he was off his schedule from the day before, he sat in a theater all morning and didn't get excercise, and also was probably keyed up from the movie. As much fun as it was it won't be something we do often. We will probably wait for another big movie like that to take him back. I would like to see Winnie the Pooh but I doubt he would sit through that and another movie this summer might be too much!
That afternoon we were meeting Austin's parents at Cracker Barrel. Colby fell asleep in the car on the way there which he usually doesn't but since he didn't take a nap it was obvious he was tired. Then he woke up when we got there but he was still groggy so he wasn't his usual self at all. I think austin's parents were dissapointed he wasn't as talkative and fun as he usually is. But we enjoyed our visit and dinner ofcourse!
Wednesday I had a doctor's appointment and Austin took Colby to get his haircut. Austin said Colby did really well. We usually take him out to a kid's place in Kenner and we were going to for this appointment but my car broke well the battery died so it was in the shop meaning Austin had to drop me off at the doctor. He couldn't do both so he just brought Colby to the barber shop. He has been dying to do that anyway. I wasn't sure how he would do but Austin said he did great he didn't cry and acted like a big boy the whole time!
That afternoon we all rested and Austin worked in the yard. We went out for dinner to Raising Cane's then took Colby to ToysRUs to pick out his b-day presents. We have done this each year with him. I think its a fun tradition letting him pick out his b-day present. I don't think it necessarily has to be a surprise! We still make him wait to play with it until his birthday though. Anyway its not a surprise that he picked Cars stuff for his b-day. We let him pick one big truck to store little cars in and then about 4 or 5 smaller cars. We also bought him a Towmater bike. He's all fixed up now! He really had a great time in that store! Glad we only go 1 time a year!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Weeks 14-17

So wow I am already 17 weeks. I went to the doctor yesterday. Things are still going well. The heartbeat was good. I think I have gained about 5 lbs overall. The only problem was my blood pressure. The last 2 visits my blood pressure has been like 140/90. The doctor recommended yesterday that I do a 24 hour urine test to make sure its not early pre-eclampsia. I really don't feel like that is what it is. I feel great and I think my blood pressure tends to go up anytime I am nervous, upset, mad, or stressed. I can feel when it goes up. Ever since having blood pressure issues when I had Colby I am always on edge when I go to the doctor and I think worrying about what it will be sends it up. I am anxious to get the results from the blood and urine tests just to make sure its not more serious. She also said if it doesn't resolve I may have to get on medicine which I really don't want to do.
I think at my next visit I am going to talk to her about keeping a log of it at home. I don't feel like I would have the high readings at home when I am most relaxed and comfortable. I also am going to make more of a point to excercise. I have gotton out of the habit since ending boot camp and finding out I was preggo. First I was too nauseous to think about excercise now its just too dang hot. But I know its something I need to do atleast walking and swimming. And we have been swimming but I know that means more then just getting in the pool I need to swim laps which I do sometimes but not always.
I am just praying that everything will be resolved b/c other then that I feel great now and am starting to feel little flutters which means the baby is in there kicking around which is always a good feeling! The nausea has passed I still get a little sick some at night but this week and last that has even about disappeared.
I am very anxious to find out boy or girl we hope to know by the end of this month but I haven't gotton a date set I am also anxious to see the ultrasound and no even more that the baby is growing and developing at a good pace. Its hard to believe though I am 4 months pregnant already! December will be here before we know it!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July Weekend

We had a very good and busy 4th of July weekend. Saturday Colby and I took the free day to go swim at my parent's house. It felt great. Colby has turned into such a fish this summer. He's always loved the water but this year he has swam even more then the other years and is almost swimming alone. He's very brave and keeps you on your toes while you are out there though. He will take off and try to swim alone. I am glad we can go over to my parent's house and swim...its nice to visit with them Colby loves it and its a great "cool" thing for us to do this summer.
Sunday we had church. I worked in the baby room during Sunday School. We had 2 babies and were very busy... Colby was the only one in Sunday School that morning with his teacher Mrs. Betty but I think he kinda enjoyed the 1 0n 1 attention!
I sat in church with a friend since both our husbands were working. After church we ate at our usual McAlister's then came home for naps!
I was definitely looking forward to Monday when Austin would be off! Monday we had a nice relaxing morning before heading to my parent's for our 4th celebration. When we got there we ofcourse went swimming. Aunt Lizzie and Laura and Baby Jonathan joined us which Colby loved. Afterwards we ate and visited. It was nice to be around everyone. Colby did well but started getting very tired towards the end. We came home and all took long naps. Poor Colby slept until 5 pm. We decided that night after dinner to go ahead and take him out to see fireworks. He has seen some in our neighborhood but we have never taken him out to see the big ones on the levee. I figured this was our best chance...we felt he was old enough to handle it and we will have another baby in a few months and will probably have to wait 3 more years to go again with both of them. It was also good b/c he had taken a late nap so we knew he wouldn't be going to bed early anyway. The fireworks started at 9 so we didn't get home until 10 and he was probably in bed at 11. It was a late night but I think he really liked it and enjoyed it. He wasn't scared at all and he behaved really well. I am glad we got to go create that memory with him!

Friday, July 1, 2011


So this has seemed like the longest week ever! I hate weeks when Austin is on a 7 day stretch! Last week we got spoiled b/c he was off tues and wed then was off sat and sun. I knew we would have to pay for it after that! Not to mention this is Essence Fest weekend and so he is really having to work hard! On top of that its soo hot that Colby and I can't get out and do much plus our schedule just hasn't allowed for too many outtings. Austin also has to work this weekend his next day off isn't until Monday and I already feel like I am dying!
The week hasn't been bad but just looong for some reason. Tuesday Colby and I went to swim at my parents to get out the house. Wednesday I went to Bible Study and so my parents kept Colby most of that day. It was nice to have a few hours that afternoon to myself to rest and get some housework done b/c that's about the only day I have gotton to do that and also had a break! Wednesday night Austin had a social after work so he was after 7 getting home. It helped that my parents had Colby during most of the day but it still makes for a long afternoon/evening. Thursday Colby and I went to his school to drop off a birthday invitation then we went to the park. Well we only lasted about 20 min it was miserable! I don't know how we used to go to the park all the time last summer! He hardly even wanted to play! Plus we were the only fools out there! Today-Friday we had to go grocery shopping. Well these are hard days anyway I hate grocery shopping plus its a day where we are mostly pent up in the house and colby doesn't get his excercise! Due to the lack of outtings and Austin's late nights I feel like Colby's sleep schedule is all off too! Last week we were getting him in bed around 8:30 and he was sleeping until 8 in the morning. Now this week due to Austin's schedule he has been getting in bed about 9:30 but not falling asleep until almost 11 and is waking up at 6:45 in the morning. He's also not napping as long...that part doesn't bother me b/c I know 3 hour naps are phasing out and he doesn't really need that long anyway b/c then he does really stay up late.
Its just been a hard week especially being 4 months pregnant. Colby for the most part has been well behaved I have just felt bad that we haven't been able to do more "fun" things. Tomorrow should be better we will go swimming again and then Sunday will be so busy with church. I just can't wait till Austin is off we miss having daddy around!