Saturday, March 31, 2012

Our Weekend

Wow I am so tired I feel so run down by this weekend. Weekends are different for us since Austin usually works on weekends mostly. Usually they don't feel any different then the weekday. Sometimes they are actually harder then the week. Saturdays are sometimes long, lonely days b/c most of my friends have husbands to hang out with and they do family stuff on Saturdays. Anyway enough of that so this is a recap of our weekend!
Yesterday (Friday) Colby had school. I brought him that morning then came home with Lindsay. Lindsay fell asleep in her carseat so I had about 30-45 minutes to get stuff done. When she woke up I took her on a walk. We go on so many walks now like we used to when Colby was a baby. Its just a good way to pass the time it seems! My parents brought Colby home from school. I had tried to get Lindsay down for a nap before he got home but that didn't work. I finally got her to nap around 2. Colby was up by 3. It was nice though b/c he and I went outside and had a snack and he played. It was really a bonding moment with him and I. I think the snack outside was the key to his heart he has talked about it since. I feel so bad sometimes b/c I feel like his needs get pushed to the side b/c I am so busy with Lindsay. I miss hanging out with him like we used to. It makes me glad though we did wait 3 years before having another one. I feel like I had those 3 years to really enjoy just him. Not that I don't enjoy him now its just different. So we had about an hour to ourselves outside. We don't spend much time out there now b/c of Lindsay. There's no good place for her to be when we are out there. Austin is going to hang the baby swing soon and I am hoping this will alleviate this problem some. Austin has been working really long hours so last night he got in around 7. We have basically been putting kids to bed and shoving food down and getting in bed ourselves. Its been a hard week!
Well Saturday Colby had his last soccer class. I am not sure how much he enjoyed soccer or if he will ever play again but I am glad we did it. I think its important for him to have different experiences so he can decided later which things he liked and wants to get better at. I will not force him to do anything my only rule is that if we commit to a season of soccer we will finish the season. I may sign him up one more year just b/c right now I think he's too young to "get" the sport but if he really tells me he doesn't want to do it then I won't make him. I think it was just good for him to have an outdoor activity and excercise. He doesn't get to go to parks and stuff as much as he used to between Lindsay and having a 3 day school schedule. I also wanted him to get used to following rules and working as a team. Anyway he did ok the last lesson. He got/gets antsy about 20 minutes into it. He does really well at first then by about 9:45 he starts asking me when it will be over. He's not the only one out there like that though so I figure its normal for a 3 1/2 year old. Anyway after soccer we came home. My parents were keeping Lindsay here. I had promised Colby that Grammy and Granddaddy could stay and play for awhile. Usually they leave right after we get home but with having such a long week while Austin worked long hours I was glad for the company and help. Its usually hard on Colby too b/c we get in from soccer at 10:30 then its like we can't really do anything else until after naptime. So we all went on a walk and he rode his tricycle. I hadn't planned on putting either of them down for a nap until after 1, but Lindsay was falling asleep on the walk which she never does so when we got hom I tucked her in and boy was I glad I did she ended up sleeping until 2:30. I put Colby to bed at noon which I felt bad he hasn't had that early of a naptime since he was a baby but he actually seemed tired. He did fall asleep and slept until almost 3. When they both got up we took another walk and basically waited on Austin to get home. He got home around 5:30 so we ate and took another walk! I was so thankful to have him home at a decent hour it had been such a long week of me feeding, bathing, and putting both kids to bed!
Today (Sunday) we had church. Austin had to work but he was able to go in late so he was actually a huge help with getting Colby ready for church. Its quite hectic trying to get all 4 of us out the door by 8:30. Anyway church went had a rocky start though. Colby ended up going to timeout twice over a situation involving cars in another room at church. He always wants to play with them but then when its time to go to Sunday School we expect him to leave the cars and go to his class. Well he pitched a fit....I'm sure I was a little short tempered too though and overreacted and I felt bad later on. But I am trying to make a point to him that just b/c my mom and I work back there it doesn't mean he can do whatever he wants. He ended up doing fine though the rest of the morning. Lindsay did great in her class too! We had a full house of kids especially in the toddler room where there were 7 children! Its always so nice to see so many kids though b/c a couple years ago we hardly had any!
I did make it into church though which was good. I feel like I miss church so much with working in the nursery or having something going on with one of my kids. I enjoyed the sitting and worshipping without having to worry with a kid. I think its a good time for me to get renewed. After church we did our usual lunch at McAlister's. Both kids were pretty good. Well Colby always wants to ride home with my parents. I didn't really mind b/c it gave me a chance to get home and settled with Lindsay before he got home. Although naptime was a total fail. He slept some maybe but Lindsay DID NOT sleep at all! I am not sure how I am ever going to get this little girl to take regular naps. Anyway Austin came home early which I was so happy to see. He and I and Colby were able to eat a snack outside while Lindsay sorta slept although it wasn't long before she beckoned me back inside. The boys stayed outside though and did yardwork. Its nice when Austin is home and we can split up like that. Colby loves it outside but its so hard to bring both kids out as much as he would like to be out there. That night we just had a low key evening and put both kids to bed early! I think we were both exausted from the crazy week!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tired Mommy

Whew its been quite a week for this momma since only Tuesday. If you remember Austin was off Sunday and Monday and man were those good days! Now we are back to daddy working long hours and mommy holding down the household! Austin has been between 8-9 coming home every night. This is very hard when you have children...especially 2. I used to hate nights like this when it was just Colby and I but now I look back at how easy that was. Now when he works late I have to balance a baby who is fussy in the evenings, cook dinner for my big boy, bathe both kids, feed Lindsay, put both to bed, plus somehow clean up from the day's disasters! I don't know how single mothers/fathers do it or people who their spouse travels often.
Lindsay has been protesting her naps again this week which makes it really hard. Its not only frustrating to hear her cry and be grumpy pretty much all day b/c she is tired. Its also sad b/c I feel like when she doesn't nap it takes away from so much time I could have with Colby. I also am in a bad mood so I know my patience is paper thin with both kids...and I hate that!
So let's recap since Tuesday: Tuesday our cleaning lady came. After she arrived we headed out the door to go to my parent's house. I had to renew my license. Oh fun! So my mom sweetly offered to watch both kids while my dad went with me to the DMV. We got that done and ate lunch at my parent's house. They also offered to watch Colby that afternoon sicne the maid would still be there and its just hard for her to clean with a 3 1/2 year old running around! I had hoped to get some rest that afternoon but Lindsay had other plans.
Wednesday Colby had school. I feel like these days are good and bad. Its nice to have the break from having to entertain an active 3 1/2 year old but I hate the waking up early and rushing out the door. Honestly I don't get that much done either. But it does help that my parents have been nice enough to pick him up after school so I don't have to get out twice! I really appreciate that! This was another rough nap day for Lindsay but she did FINALLY settle down at 2. Well I didn't get much of a break though b/c Colby was up at 2:45. It did work out well though b/c I was able to take him to the backyard to play for about an hour while she slept! It was nice to have that one on one time with him. Its something we don't get often so I enjoyed being out there with him like old times! That night Austin didn't get in until 9 so I had to do the whole bathtime/bedtime alone which was HARD really HARD!
Thursday...well today my parents once again came to my rescue. My mom offered to watch Lindsay b/c she knew I had to grocery shop. I haven't yet taken both kids to the store at once. I know the day will come when I have to do this...probably this summer but the thought of it overwhelms me. So she came over to keep Lindsay. It worked out nicely b/c I was able to take Colby to the park before. Well we went to one park and played for about 20 min but then 2 school buses pulled up with a ton of kids so left. He wanted to go to another park so we hit another close by. Well he was the only kid so his playing didn't last long. I miss the days when he was entertained by himself at the park but now he gets bored after like 10 minutes. So we went grocery shopping. He really hasn't shopped with me much lately. I have been going on his school days or when he is with my parents. So he probably has been less then 5 times since last summer. He was a handful! He wasn't bad but I guess I'm used to bringing Lindsay now and she just looks around I had to constantly answer questions tell him we weren't done yet and blah blah! I think next time I'll bring Lindsay haha! Although if I weren't so tired I might have enjoyed it more b/c I feel like he can learn so much just going on errands with me. My mom always brought me with her and I truly think I learned how to grocery shop from those days when she brought me along. Anyway we came home to have lunch and try to do some housework. Well Lindsay did not nap at all today! The only way I could ever get her to sleep was rocking her. So she had several 20 min catnaps during the day but that was it. I'm so exausted and I feel like I did nothing all day. I mean I guess babies are like us some days they just need extra love. I am not sure if she was overtired or if she's teething or separation anxiety. I lost my patience a couple of times with her and Colby and I feel terrible. Some days just being a mom is so hard. Anyway it looks like this weekend will be long hours for the hubby so it will be long days for me. I am just thankful for good nights sleep. Thankfully she does sleep well at night. Now just couting down the weekend until Monday when he is off!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Time for a Comparison

Its been awhile since I have done a comparison post of my 2 sweeties so here they both are at 3 1/2 months. Colby is on top Lindsay on bottom.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Church and Visit with the MawMaw & Pawpaw

Wow today was a busy day for us! We all went to church to Sunday School and Worship. Its always quite a task these days to get there with 2 young kids but we made it! Sunday school hour was good...we had a decent amount of kids. Colby seemed to be a little out of sorts though...not sure what was going on with him. Lindsay seemed to do fine in her class. After Sunday School when I was headed into church I notcied Colby coming out of his room. I realized he was the only one in extended care and he acted like he did not want to stay. I asked him if he wanted to come into big church with daddy and me and he said yes. I knew this wouldn't last the whole service though. I like to encourage him to sit with us though. Our childcare only goes through age 4 so it won't be much longer before he will have to sit with us anyway. So we want him to get used to the idea. He seemed to enjoy the music but was getting antsy. Austin ended up walking him back to the nursery and this time his friend Glenn Paul was in there so he was happy to stay! I was kinda glad b/c I rarely get to sit in service with just Austin so I wanted to enjoy it and feel like I truly went to church to worship. After we picked them both up it seemed like they did well we got to the car and headed to McAlister's. Colby always wants to ride with my parents so they met us there. Both kids did well which I am thankful for. We rushed him to get them down for naps/rest time b/c we knew Austin's parents were coming around 3. We all layed down but Austin decided to go out and do yard work around 2 so I just got up. Colby never went to sleep in fact he stood at his door asking if they were there yet. I finally gave in and went and got him and sent him outside with Austin. I didn't want him to wake Lindsay up. When his parents got there around 3 we just all sat outside and let Colby play. I think it makes him feel special to get to not nap and play with his grandparents while his sister was inside sleeping. I kept going in and out to make sure she wasn't crying. Well around 3:45 Austin and his dad and Colby were going to go get stuff for dinner and I came in the house and heard Lindsay. Well I knew she would be tired the rest of the day b/c on Sundays she usually sleeps until almost 5! She hung out with Austin's mom though for awhile while I did a few chores around the house. Then I fed her while they got dinner ready. She was ready for a nap though while they were cooking so I rocked her. She wasn't too keen on other people holding her...she is starting to be a moma's girl. I can't say I don't like that either. Colby was like that at that age but now he's totally about his daddy and grandparents and mommy gets put on the back burner a lot since he sees me most. So I have to admit I enjoy right now that I am the one she feels most secure with! She did well while we ate dinner. It was nice to visit and sit down to a meal with them. We had not seen them since January. We will probably try to go to visit them soon in April or May. Its so hard for us to get away with Colby being in school and so much going on. But he has a week and a half off for spring break so we may go up then! After dinner we all took a walk. We have had some nice spring days since all the rain last week so it was nice to get out and enjoy it! Colby talked pawpaw into pulling him the wagon. Austin walked Allie and I pushed Lindsay! I felt like we were our own parade! After we got home it was bathtime/bedtime for the kids. It had been a long, busy, tiring day and they were both very tired and overstimulated! Lindsay did fine winding down but Colby was another story. It got very chaotic around here. He's usually a handful as it is when its just us around here but add grandparents to the mix along with no nap and he was a complete mess. First somehow a glass plate got knocked to the floor so we are trying to get that cleaned up so no one cuts their feet, then in the midst of that chaos Colby and pawpaw were horsing around and Colby bonked pawpaw's nose. For awhile we thought it was broken. Colby felt really bad after this but at that point I was so ready to get everyone to bed. Well Austin was still dealing with the glass issue and I was feeding Lindsay so he asked his mom to bathe Colby. Well Colby was very disobediant to her. He splashed her with water and even peed on her. I'm not sure where he is learning all this bad behavior. Its very disheartning to see him act this way. He immediately was taken out of the tub and put to timeout in his room. I dressed him and put him to bed. It was a good thing though b/c he fell asleep almost right away which he never does! He was just an overtired mess and add in the mix having all the attention from grandparents! Lindsay also fell asleep right away. After we got them to bed his parents left and it was nice to finally sit down that day and have some quiet!
Today (Monday) Colby ofcourse had school. Well his parents came back over here to go with Austin to bring him. I hated to not go with them but I didn't want to get Lindsay out twice so I stayed here with her. They did pick up Max though. I know his parents were excited to see where he goes to school though and meet his teacher. When they got back to the house they visited for just a bit then left to go home. Austin went to work in the yard so I had some quiet time with Lindsay. When it was time to get Colby I told Austin we would all go and pick him up then take him to eat mexican. It was a nice treat to go out to lunch we rarely do that anymore when we pick him up. We wanted Lindsay to go down for a late nap though that way we could all rest at the same time. Its been a nice afternoon the 4 of us. After Colby woke up from his nap he and Austin washed the cars and Colby even got to play in the sprinkler. He had so much fun doing that! It kept him busy for over 30 minutes! Afterwards we cooked and ate dinner. We then went on our usual family walk. Well Colby got the idea to ride this old riding toy he had when he was 2 around the whole block. We didn't think he would be able to do it but his hard head ofcourse proved us wrong and he went around just slowly. I swear that boy! He's such a strong willed child if I ever saw one! I have a feeling though he gets that from me. If you ask my mom I don't think I was the easiest child at times. Anyway we had a great weekend and enjoyed Austin being off. Now tomorrow is kinda back to reality. I am praying for a good week though. I always hate when Austin goes back to work for a long stretch but we will make it!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Preschool Easter Event

Today we had our annual Preschol Easter Celebration. This was the 3rd year we have had this. The first year I was just able to attend the event with Colby who was 1 1/2 at the time. The last 2 years I have been one of the hosts/planners of the event. Its a lot different when you are in charge! I feel like I'm overwhelmed and so busy the whole time! In fact I didn't even get pictures today! Last year wasn't quite as bad when I was just in charge of Colby and he was 2 1/2 so he could do a lot on his own. This year was hectic though with 2 little ones in tow. In fact I feel bad b/c I don't feel like I was much help to my mom. I think she understood though. Lindsay was in an awful mood for most of it. She was happy when we first got there and I was able to help set up while she sat in a bouncer and looked around. Colby though was in a mood at that point. He gets upset when we go to church and he doesn't get to go play cars. He finally got ok and then it was her. It was her naptime. I had hoped she would sleep on the way over b/c I knew once we were there that there would be too much noise for her to sleep. She did ok being carried around but I wasn't able to ever put her down again. She had to eat while the big kids hunted for eggs which I was sad I didn't get to see Colby do any of that! Colby seemed to enjoy the whole morning once all the kids showed up. Once again I really didn't get to see him do much other then eat his snack and work on a couple crafts. I guess thats part of being a mom of 2! I eventually had to leave early with Lindsay though b/c she was so tired and cranky. I knew there was no way I could keep her there until noon it just wouldn't be fair! We did have a great turnout though! I think we had about 20 kids and about 20 adults! That's way more I think then we have ever had! We might have had close to that the first year. Anyway I hope its something we can keep up. Next year will be fun when lindsay is 1 and Colby is 4! I will really be busy though!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Turning 30!

Wow I can't believe today I am 30! That seemed so old to me several years ago but now its here for me! I really don't feel all that different. It feels like just yesterday I was in highschool but it wasn't just yesterday it was 12 years ago! I am having a low key birthday today. Austin had to go back to work today and Colby had school. Its just been me and Lindsay hanging out at home! I hope Austin can get home early though and we can enjoy a nice family dinner the 4 of us and maybe some birthday cake ;)
Austin and I did go out last night to celebrate and we had our annual birthday dinner at my parent's house a week ago. I have already been blessed with cares, messages and phone calls though!
I can't wait to see what the next 10 years has in store. These last 10 years have been very exciting. I got engaged and married to my best friend. I graduated college and got a job teaching 2nd grade. I experienced my first awful natural disaster in my own hometown. Austin and I bought a house. We had our first 2 children! Wow God has truly blessed us! Its hard to think about what will happen between now and 40!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Past Few Days

We have had a good week around here. Nothing really big going on but still enjoying it. Its been pretty routine with Colby having school. Austin was off Wednesday and Thursday so we have enjoyed that extra time with him. We haven't gotton to do a whole lot because we've had some crazy rain/storms over the last 2 days! Today in fact was really rainy we did get out and go to Target though. It was honestly nice though to not have to wake up early and rush off anywhere. I feel like every day we have somewhere to be now that Colby is in school 3 days a week!
Tonight Austin and I went out to celebrate my birthday a day early. We figured tonight would be better since he was off today rather then trying to go tomorrow night when he's working. We chose to just go out the 2 of us this year. This kinda made up for Valentine's, Anniversary, and tomorrow's birthday. We haven't been out alone since Lindsay was born. Usually we would have taken Colby with us but now since there is 2 of them we figured we would enjoy a night out without kids. We left Colby at home the year he was a baby with my parents, the next year we did a casual dinner at Trashy Mexican, and last year the 3 of us went to dinner at Des Familes. We may do another casual dinner next year when Lindsay is 1 so we can all eat out as a family! I can't believe I will be 30 tomorrow!
Like I say its been a quiet week...I had Monday morning while Colby was in school with just Lindsay and I...and then Tuesday my parents picked Colby up and spent the day with him. It was nice to have a few quiet days with just Lindsay. We will have a busy weekend to make up for it though!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Birthdays & Church

Well our last 24 hours have been extremely busy! Yesterday afternoon after the kids' naps we went over to my parents house. We were having our yearly birthday get together for Elizabeth and I. We had to do it a week early b/c of everyone's schedules. Colby loves these gatherings! He gets more into them each time. Now that he's old enough to understand he sings happy birthday and talks about birthday cake all day! He also loves being around all the adults and the attention I think! He did really well. Lindsay got antsy and we had to pack up and leave around 7. She turns into a pumpkin at 7 plus she hardly napped at all yesterday. Anyway it was a fun time! Always fun to hang out with family!
Today we had church. This was my first official Sunday to get both kids up and out to Sunday School by myself. My parents had always been picking Colby up around 8 and that left me time to get myself and Lindsay dressed. Austin was off the last 2 weeks so I got a little practice having them both ready by 8:30 but today was our first go at it with just me. We did great! Its not as bad since we have to be out the house by 8:30 on school days. Plus Lindsay has been sleeping until 8 lately so that makes it easier as well. I get totally dressed and ready and get Colby dressed and fed then by 8 all I have left is to dress/feed Lindsay and head out the door. Well I am proud to say I got both kids and myself to church by 9:00. We have to do this for school so I guess we have gotton in a good routine of having everyone ready to be out the door at 8:30! Church was quite busy we had a lot of kids! Its always exciting when we have a full nursery although it makes things hectic for my mom and I. Lindsay did well during Sunday School and church. It was her and one other baby who is a few months older. Colby did well as far as I know in his class...he only had 2 in his Sunday School class but they had 5 or 6 during church. He said he had a great time! He always has more fun when there are lots of kids! I ended up having to work with the toddlers. I was hoping to get in church since I missed last week with Lindsay but I enjoyed getting to know some of those lil guys. It takes me back to when Colby was that age! We had 5 1 and 2 year olds! It was quite busy! After church we did our usual McAlister's which was nice. Both kids did well again. The rest of the afternoon was pretty much rest/naptime. Austin got home early which was so nice! Its been a long week of him working and coming home late so anytime he's home before 6 is a treat! He and Colby even got to play outside some before bathtime! Now we are getting ready for another busy week and looking forward to Austin's next days off!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patty's Day, Soccer, & Cousins

So we have had a pretty good week since I last posted. Austin went back to work on Wednesday so its been just me and the kids during the day. We haven't done much but our normal routine for the most part. Colby had school Wednesday and Friday. Those days are nice b/c it gives me a little time at home to accomplish things. Plus I enjoy the one on one time with Lindsay. My parents picked him up those 2 afternoons so I had more time around the house plus I try to get Lindsay down for her nap before Colby gets home so then I can enjoy one on one time with him while we eat our lunch. Friday he had his St. Patty's day party. I don't know much other then he had cookies and said they were green with sprinkles. He also mad a big leprechaun hat and a shamrock. He informed me it wasn't a clover it was a shamrock!
Thursday we met my cousin Ashley and her family at a pancake house in Metairie. They had been in town this week in their RV. I was glad we were able to get up with them but it was hectic at breakfast with 5 kids six and under. She has 2 girls who are 6 1/2 and 5 and a little boy who is 1 1/2. Then ofcourse I had my 3 1/2 year old and 3 month old! All the kids did really well considering though! The last time we saw them was in Austin for our family reunion. Colby was only 15 months at the time so I don't think he really remembered Zoey and Fallon.
Today Colby had his 4th soccer class. He did really well. He gets bored though after about 25 minutes. After that he kinda acts out...he's not bad but he just gets distracted and doesn't really want to listen to the coach anymore. Elizabeth came out though to see him which that was special he had someone else besides mommy to cheer him on. He only has 1 more week. We will miss next week b/c of an Easter thing at church. I think its been a good experience for him. Not sure he LOVES soccer but its good excercise and I like he's getting to learn to work as a team! I will probably do this again next year with him and then see after that if soccer is something he will want to continue!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Last Few Days...

We have had a busy last few days! It was so exciting Friday night when Austin got home. He got in late though so we basically ate dinner and put the kids to bed. Saturday he had to work. I took Colby to soccer. He did really well for the first half but something happens about halfway through where he wants to run around and not listen. I'm seeing a new side of him that he's wanting to be a little mischevious I think its even starting to show some at school. His teacher hasn't reported anything to me but he told me that he went to timeout again Friday. Anyway he said he had fun at soccer. I am not sure if he will want to play soccer every year but atleast we tried it and I feel like he has learned a little bit. Plus its just good for him to get the excercise! After soccer we hung out at home. Austin was late again so once again we bathed kids and put them to bed.
Sunday he was off! This started his 3 day vacation time! I was so ready for him to be home after working late and being out of town all last week! We went to church. It was hard getting up that morning with the time change. We had to wake both kids up too! Both did well in their Sunday School classes. We took Lindsay into church with us b/c we don't really approve of one of the ladies that works on the 2nd Sunday. She gave us a hard time with Colby so we will keep Lindsay out on those Sundays. She only lasted for about 15-20 min. I had to take her out and just keep her in the nursery the rest of the time. After church we ate at Applebees with my parents. Colby got really upset b/c we didn't sit at our "usual spot" he got it together though and we were able to enjoy lunch. That afternoon we all took good naps then we got out and took a walk which was nice!
Monday Colby had school and Austin was off. I brought him and Max to school then went grocery shopping. Its so nice to go alone I can get it done so much faster! After shopping I came home and fed Lindsay then rode with Austin to pick Colby up. Lately Austin has been going by himself to get him so that I could feed Lindsay and put her down for a nap but we are trying to slowly back her naptime up b/c when she goes down too early it makes for a LONG afternoon! So we figured this way she could get a catnap in the car but not nap too much so we all ate lunch then everyone took naps again! This time change has made us all SO tired in the afternoons! We spent another afternoon hanging out as a family. It rained mostly all day so we were inside although Austin and Colby were finally able to get out and let him ride his tricycle around the block!
Today (Tuesday) Austin was off again! Yay for 3 days off! Anyway we had our housecleaner coming so on those days we HAVE to get out the house although I'm sure we would have gone somewhere anyway. We had talked about a daytrip either Baton Rouge, the Coast, or the Northshore. Our last plan was to take Colby to the Wiggle Room in Slidell then eat lunch at Cracker Barrel. Well it turns out the Wiggle Room is closed! So that changed our plans. We decided to not go out of town b/c it would be hard leaving after 9 and trying to be back before the maid left. Plus with Lindsay that would be a long day with her. My parents were also busy so we couldn't leave her with them. Colby had been asking about the children's museum lately so we just decided to do that! We took him back in December by himself but this was the first time we attempted to bring both. Now that Lindsay is getting older its a little easier to bring them both out places like this. Colby had a blast! We pretty much just tell let him tell us where he wants to go and we follow him around...I don't know what we will do when Lindsay can walk and wants to go her own way...we might have to split up then! Lindsay did so well...she didn't fuss at all. She ate once while we were there and other then that she just sat in her stroller and looked around. We would have never attempted this with Colby at that age...but she's so laid back! I guess 2nd children have to be! After we played for over an hour we decided to head back to the westbank and eat lunch at Chili's. Colby ate really well...he requested a cheese quesadilla and salad. I love that my 3 year old loves salad! Lindsay once again was a peach! She slept most of the time but even when she was awake she just sat there in her carseat quietly. We came home and all rested again...after naps Austin and Colby went for haircuts. I am loving that Austin can take him for that now! Guess I will have to bring Lindsay with me though to the beauty salon! After dinner we took a walk too! I have loved having Austin home with us the last 3 days...especially after the hard week last week!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Day 3

Well we have made it to day 3 and Austin comes home tonight! YAY! So glad! Today was a really hectic day but first we survived night 2. Both kids did well...Lindsay only woke up once around 12 but went right back to sleep after retucking her in her swaddle. Colby did well going to bed early and staying in bed. He came out once to go potty and then he wanted his door opened but I told him he had to close it...if his door is open he stands there and watches all that we do. After that I didn't hear another peep. I still didn't sleep very good though...its just hard for me to relax and get into a deep sleep when Austin isn't here. Today was crazy though! I got up at 6:15 b/c I knew I would have more to do without Austin being home. I still felt like I was running behind though. Plus it was raining this morning which always makes bringing Colby to school and having Lindsay along an adventure! I forgot to put his raincoat on him but fortunately it stopped when we got there and it looks like its cleared up before he gets out too! I just felt completely rushed...Lindsay didn't even get to finish her bottle! Well it was good to get back home and have a little time to get stuff done before Colby gets back home. I feel really bad b/c I snapped at him this morning...I know it was out of stress/tiredness. Anyway Lindsay is down for her nap and Colby will be home in about 45 minutes so I am hoping she will stay asleep for a little while after he gets down so that I can rest. We are so excited daddy will be here by dinnertime though!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 2 Without Daddy

Today has been a good day...I think honestly better then yesterday! I have been less emotional about Austin being gone and more encouraged b/c I got 1 night behind us and only have 1 left! Last night was not too bad..I worried about how Lindsay would do. I put her to bed at 7:30 and she never cried...until about 12:30. At this point I really worried what our night would be like but after about 30 min she went back to sleep. I had to go in there 2 or 3 times and reswaddle her and give her the pacifier and turn her music on but that was it. I texted Austin while I was up and he called me. That made me feel so much better. Poor thing he had his own issues...he ended up getting sick on the plane. I went back to bed around 1. I slept ok but not nearly as well as when he is home. I woke up a lot wondering if Lindsay would be waking up! Thankfully we both slept until 7. I was so happy to see morning! I got her up and fed her then did some normal "routine chores" around the house. We left around 9 to go pick up Colby. I was anxious to see him! The house had been so quiet without him and Lindsay. Even though its more work with him home I think tonight will be easier b/c the house won't be so quiet. We hung out at my parent's house till about 11. I figured it would be good to pass the morning this way! When we came home and I fixed Colby's lunch and mine I was starving! I then let him watch tv while I fed Lindsay and got her to bed. I just kept telling him over and over how glad I was to have him home! I read to him then put him down for a nap. I could tell he was tired I don't think he got a good nights sleep at my parent's house. I was thankful though b/c it allowed me to get a nap. I was so tired from not sleeping well the night before! After they woke up from their naps we hung out and waited on my parents to get here. They came over to help me feed, bathe, and put the kids to bed. Its overwhelming some nights with Austin here so I was not ready to take on that challenge alone just yet! My mom came over and baked pizzas for us. I was so thankful to not have to cook or clean up. My dad played a lot with Colby which was nice b/c usually that time of day I can't pay much attention to him between dinner/cleanup/and feeding taking care of Lindsay. She has gotten very high maintenance from 5 until we put her to bed. She did cooperate and sit in her swing while we ate which was nice. But once again at 7 she was ready for bed. I bathed/fed her while my parents played with Colby. My mom also bathed him which was a HUGE help! I can't imagine how single moms do this every day! They left after he got his pjs on. He wanted them to stay but I knew he would never wind down while they were here. I read to him and put him to bed...he's not asleep yet and I knew he wouldn't be since he took a pretty long nap but I'm so exausted I need the break! Lindsay did well when we put her down at 7:30. I really pray she sleeps all night and I sleep good. We have to be up at 6:15 to get ready for Colby to go to school! So thankful daddy is coming home tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Days Without Daddy

So Austin has left on another business trip. I always hate when he leaves town. Its exausting taking care of children alone I mean I do it all day but those 3 hours in the evenings without help always put me over the edge! Plus its really lonely! I'm a people person and being a stay at home mom already feels so isolating some days and then not having your hubby come home at night is hard. But I'm trying not to dread it too much more like take it hour by hour kinda thing. So far today as actually been a pretty good day. Luckily Austin was able to stick around this morning and help me get the kids out the door which I was thankful. I had to get myself and 2 kids ready to be out the door by 8:30 but also have an overnight bag packed for Colby and a diaper bag packed for Lindsay. It was hectic to say the least but I got Colby to school then Lindsay to my parents house then went to the dentist. After the dentist I picked Lindsay up and we headed home so I could eat lunch and then put her down for her long afternoon nap. I was thankful we had a busy morning though to help pass the time. My parents picked Colby up from school and are keeping him tonight to give me a break. Its so much work without Austin here I feel like I don't sit down as it is so I am thankful that they are watching him and keeping him very busy! I miss him and Austin terribly though. The house is so quiet without them. I enjoy Lindsay's company but since she doesn't talk I feel myself getting lonely...more lonely then when I had Colby for a week without Austin a few months ago. Lindsay took a good nap which was nice it gave me a chance to nap but also to get some things done around the house. After her nap Elizabeth and her sister Diane stopped by. It was nice to have time to visit with someone to help pass the afternoon. That's the longest/hardest part of this being alone is after naptime until bedtime! Well after their visit we took a walk. I figured that would help too so I wouldn't feel so pent up in the house. This evening has gone ok but I sure miss my boys. I hate the quiet at night! Lindsay was pretty restless from the time we got back from our walk until I put her to bed at 7:30. I had hoped she would fall asleep on our walk or in her swing when we got home but neither happened. She mostly fussed. I tried rocking her and then put her down for a catnap but she woke up. Finally at 7 I gave up and just went ahead and bathed her. She was all off her schedule today for some reason too. I hope she sleeps all night and that I sleep well too! I hate sleeping by myself! Anyway pray for me for peace this evening. Also pray for safety for my hubby..I know he isn't enjoying this anymore then me!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Beautiful Weather

We have had the best spring weather the last 3 days! We have tried to soak it up and enjoy it as much as possible! Sunday after Colby woke up from his nap he got to spend some time outside with daddy. They even went for a bike ride. Monday while Colby was in school after I got home from the grocery Austin, Allie, Lindsay, and I all went for a walk. That afternoon after naptime we all got outside to enjoy the day. Lindsay laid on a blanket in the shade and Colby rode his bikes around. We even all 4 ventured to the backyard and let Colby enjoy his swingset.
Today while we are still having this beautiful weather I decided to brave the park by myself! This is the first time I have taken both kids alone. Austin and I have brought them both a couple times before but its either been too cold or I just haven't been brave enough to take them both. I knew with such a pretty day we couldn't stay inside. I thought the park trip was going to be a disaster though. I rushed around early this morning preparing for us to leave which believe me was quite the workout! Lindsay screamed the entire ride there...I knew for sure we were going to just have to go home. She finally calmed down though and I think actually enjoyed it although she never fell asleep so I wasn't really able to "focus" on Colby like I had hoped! I think he had fun but he was ready to go after 30 minutes. I had hoped we could stay longer but when there are no other kids there he gets bored. We got home and Lindsay had fallen asleep in the carseat so I left the van door open and kept her in there and let Colby play in the front yard! I think he liked that! I plan on taking both kids for a walk after their naps! I love the weather like this and I hope we get to enjoy a lot more outdoor activities this spring!

3 Month Comparison

Thought I would do another comparison post of my two cuties at 3 months! Its obvious that Colby was a lot bigger at 3 months! Colby is on top Lindsay on bottom!

3 Months

Lindsay is 3 months old as of yesterday! I can hardly believe it! She's just getting big so fast! She is doing a lot of talking these days! I don't remember Colby doing that so young...I think she is going to have lots to say when she's big enough to really talk! She loves saying ug and oh. She's still a petite little thing. She just started wearing 3-6 month clothes today. She wears a lot of 3 month and still 0-3. She is still in size 1 diapers. I have no idea her weight I would guess maybe 11 or 12 lbs? She is sleeping great at night still. She goes to bed around 8:30 and sleeps to around 7 or 7:30 each morning. I am so glad she is sleeping all night. Sometimes she wakes up but we just go give her the pacifier and she goes back to sleep! no more middle of the night feedings! She still is eating every 3 hours. She eats between 6-8 oz now. She just got through a growth spurt though! We are working on naptime she cries when you first put her down off and on for 30 min and last week she was waking up at 45 minutes. I am hoping she is over that though! She still loves her swing and her playmat and will spend a lot of time in both of them! She enjoys walks and being outdoors. Now that the weather is warming up we are taking her outside more. She is also smiling a lot with her talking and cooing. Overall she's a very happy baby but she will let you know when she's hungry or tired! She's not big on being rocked to sleep which neither was Colby. She cries in the car when we are not moving unless she falls asleep! She has started going to the church nursery now. She does great in there! We just love her so much and enjoying watching her grow and change!

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Weekend

So we had a pretty good weekend I would say. The first part was a little testing and rough. For some reason Friday & Saturday were really hard days. I was emotional and Lindsay was very hard at naptime. I finally figured out though it must be a growth spurt that was causing her to wake up early from her naps.
Saturday Colby did have soccer. It was once again cold and windy! So glad I didn't bring little miss again. Thankful for my parents coming to watch her. Colby seemed to have a good time. He said he didn't want to go though. He also had a hard time following instructions but he did a lot of running and laughing once he was out there. I'm not sure if I have a soccer player on my hands though. He doesn't seem to interested in the sport. I am glad he's getting exposed to it though and we may try it one more year and if he isn't into it by then then it will be his decision to carry on. I don't want to force my kids into sports or any extracurricular activities I want them to be exposed to and try different things but if they hate it I'm not going to waste their time or my money to make them keep it up.
Sunday Austin was off. It was like a renewal day for me which I really needed. We all 4 went to church together which was the first time since Christmas. We had a full house in the nursery which was exciting. There were 2 babies in Lindsay's room (I'm glad she has a friend now) we had about 3 toddlers and 3 in Colby's class. I think they ended up with about 8 in their for extended care though. Austin and I were able to sit in church together which was soo nice! It was the first time we have sat in church service together ALONE since November or before. I missed having Lindsay in there but it was nice to focus on the service and not worrying if she was going to start crying. She has been going to the nursery now for about a month but we missed a couple weeks in February. She does really well though. I hope both children always love church! We all went to McAlister's after church which was also the first time in a loong time. Once again it was nice to sit down as a family and eat and both kids were actually really well behaved! When we got home we fed Lindsay then put her down for a nap. We let Colby stay in the den with us and lay on the couches. We are trying something different. We think his naptime is coming to an end b/c the days he naps he stays up until like 11 or something crazy. We are wanting him to go to bed earlier so we figure he doesn't need naps much anymore just a "rest" time. We will still make him nap on school days I think for now or days when we have somewhere to be at night but he will get out of it sometimes now! He's growing up! Well after his "rest" time Austin took him outside and they played and worked and rode bikes. I wish I could have been out there but I had to stay in with Lindsay who napped until 5. Poor baby I think church wore her out! It was such a beautiful day though I think it made us all feel good!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The 45 minute Nap intruder

AH so this week has been hard really hard! Especially the last few days. Lindsay has not been taking great naps at all...for a few days she did great then she's started back. I have been putting her down consistently around 11 every day. This is after her 2nd feeding. I have given up trying to coordinate it with Colby's naptime. I just pray that atleast 30 min overlaps and I'm able to catch my breath! I've even had my parents pick Colby up from school so that I can consistently keep her on a schedule. I felt like the days we picked him up always messed her up but so far even being on a schedule isn't helping. The last couple of days she wakes up after 45 minutes. Finally yesterday I just fed her again and finally put her down around 1 and she slept until about 3:45. So I thought maybe it was hunger so today I fed her more at her first feeding. She went down fine only cried for a minute or 2 and then boom at 45 minutes she wakes again! I go in there and shush her and get her back to sleep so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will stick. Yesterday it did not. Its making it really hard with Colby too b/c my goal is to get her down before he gets home from school or before his lunch that way I can spend about an hour with him and where he is my focus. But the last 2 days she has not let me do that. I know its hard on him b/c I am constantly running back and forth to keep her from crying. I have tried "crying it out" but she only gets herself so worked up that she won't go to sleep. So I go stand over her crib I don't pick her up but she seems to settle down when I stand there but that becomes very tiring when you are doing it 2 hours every day!
I am also having an emotional 2 days b/c my mom has gotton onto me twice about how I disciplined Colby. It hurts my feelings that she is making me doubt the way I parent. I understand she loves Colby and doesn't want to see him hurt but I am his mom and if I don't agree with something he's doing I have to discipline him and its not like I am beating or yelling at him I'm just putting him in timeout. I feel like I have been very patient lately and I try my best to devote time to both of them. This is the reason why I take Colby to soccer and have my parents come keep Colby. I want to have outtings with him so I can focus on him...I want him to have special things. I also try to enjoy alone time with Lindsay. My parents keep Colby once a week so I get a day with just her. I will always try and do this I think its good. So I feel like I am trying my best and it just hurt that she fussed at me the way she did. They have never really gotton "invovled" in how we raise our kids before I have always wanted to keep from having that fight...they usually help us out but let us do the raising. I feel like they have spent more time with Colby since Lindsay was born and therfore he is looking to them for more guidance then he has before. I am not sure what to do...I don't want to stop him from seeing them and I need the help its just I don't want to get in fights every day with them about how I choose to discipline my children! Ah just venting...I hear Lindsay crying again so looks like its gonna be another hard day! If you are reading this which I don't publish it anymore so I'm not sure who reads it just pray for me b/c I am really emotionally stretched and very tired and discouraged right now!