Friday, April 29, 2016

Lindsay's farm trip

Lindsay had a field trip to the farm today. They went back out to Sugar Roots Farm. They did this last year and it was a lot of fun. The farm is just a little over a year old. She has chicks, ducklings, chickens, turkey, roosters, llama, goats, horses, cow, donkey, rabbits, and pigs. It was neat to see all the animals this year as they were a little bit older. The kids got to feed and pet all of them! Its such a neat experience. I got to hang out with Lindsay in her classroom also for a few minutes this morning before the trip. I love watching her in her classroom environment and hanging out with the kids. Her little friend Zoe rode down to the farm with us. They were a little crazy though and ended up dumping fruit loops out everywhere and slurping down my water! I think Lindsay enjoyed the trip. She was def more brave than last year. They got a snack at the end and it was fun to just watch them interact. We brought Megan and Zoe back to the school so my van was full of little girl sounds and squeals! We came straight home after the trip. It was nice to relax this afternoon while we are having some stormy weather. 
Its been quite a busy week here! Monday was grocery shopping and other errands while Austin was off. That afternoon we babysat our friend Jackson. He's 3 and the kids got along great! I was tired though after keeping up with 2 preschoolers. They ate lunch, played cars, watched Wall E, and played outside. We've also been busy each day working on Colby's pinewood derby car! 
Tuesday Austin and I had to run errands. We had to update our license and get the homestead exemption for this house. Again another busy day! He also painted our bathroom and there was more work on the car! 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Life Lately

April seems as if its just been one big blur! Honestly this whole year has! It all started with everything with my purse that kept us busy for a month then everything with the house! 
So between packing, moving, unpacking life has still gone on. I cannot believe we are less then a month out from the end of the school year! Each year is bittersweet...on the one hand we are very excited for summer and downtime but on the other hand I see my babies growing up before my eyes! The fact that Colby will be a 3rd grader and Lindsay will start real school and won't be home with me anymore. Its mind blowing...exciting...and sad. 
This month has also been full of b-day parties and church activities! We are winding down my Women's Bible Study for the spring! Its been great to have that in my life and be able to grow in my relationship with the Lord. 
I have also ofcourse been teaching on Sundays and Wednesdays. Its tiring but I love it! We have such a sweet group of kids! I will be so sad this summer when most of them promote! 
We are loving our new house! We have been here now almost 3 weeks. I thought it would take awhile to have that "home" feeling but I already feel it. It has made me realize that the house is not the home but the people in it. Since we had been in our other house 10 years and the majority of our marriage and brought both kids home I thought it would be hard to adjust to a new place. We love the space though and the lay out of this house! Its been a lot of work and we aren't anywhere near done but its been fun! 
The kids are growing and loving school and life! We haven't been able to do as many playdates lately like I would hope but life has been crazy! This last Saturday though life slowed down enough to meet some friends at the park. I am always thankful for good park days. Colby had his friend Makyrin. And Lindsay had Makylee. They are 2 years apart though. It was still fun just having them all outside on a pretty day playing together! 

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Preschool Parties

Since our life has been so crazy and busy lately I haven't had much time to blog. Lindsay had 2 birthday parties this month for good friends. The first was at the beginning of the month for her friend Claire. That is one of her best buddies at preschool. Her party was at her house. It started at 11...I brought both kids with me. Last year Colby stayed with my parents but this year they were at a funeral (for my dad's brother) so I had to take him with me. They both had a blast though. I was glad that he had fun even though it was a party for 4 and 5 year old little girls. The party was mostly outside but the kids trickled in and our the whole time. It was a beautiful day so I just enjoyed sitting outside and visiting with some of the other moms. 
The next party we had was last Saturday. This was for another preschool friend. A little boy in her class Ryan. His party was at a park which just happens to be down the street from our new house. It was nice to not have far to go. It had been wet and raining so when we got there there was a little confusion of if the party would be inside or outside. It wasn't raining at the time though so a few of the kids enjoyed playing on the playground. after awhile we went inside to check on everyone else. The party was set up in a room with big gymnastics mats on the ground. they also had several balls and balloons for them to play with. The kids had a blast even though they had to go to plan B. Again even though this was a party for 4 year olds Colby seemed to have a good time. They played hard and had a blast. I enjoyed visiting with other parents. After the kids ate the cake it was time to go outside to break the pinata. I think the kids all enjoyed this for the 2nd time in just a couple weeks. We left soon after that! We had to go by the old house and get a few things done. It was nice that Austin was off shortly after we finished these parties. We've had so much going on! 

Friday, April 22, 2016

Testing Week and Brain Breaks

This last week Colby had testing at school. I hated this fell right after our move when life was still crazy but it is what it is. He got in every afternoon extremely tired and cranky. Monday Austin was still off and we had sloppy joes and potato salad. 
Tuesday I went up to his school to help with the hall monitoring process. I sat in the middle school hallway. I was able to use the time to catch up on Bible study so that part was nice. It was nice to be able to observe and see some of the big kids. I did get to briefly see Colby too. That was a long and tiring day. That evening I was exhausted and my brain was fried. We ended up having left overs for dinner and Austin worked late. 
Wednesday we had horrible rains and storms. It was rough getting Colby to school but we made it. Had he not had testing we might have skipped. I kept Lindsay home that day though. It was nice b/c she and I picked up breakfast and had the rest of the day at home. It was the first day I was at home and really able to enjoy the new house. I was able to clean and unpack at a leisurely pace. I really enjoyed the day and time with her it was just what I needed. That night was hard though bc Colby got upset b/c I wouldn't let him go to church. Between I had lost my voice and had a cough again and him having testing and the move I felt it best for us to stay in. He didn't understand my reasoning and was upset for quite sometime. It was a hard night. Austin did get off a little earlier though and we were able to enjoy our night and eat jambalaya for dinner. 
Thursday the kids were back at school. I had a haircut. It was nice to get that time to myself but also makes the morning hard when I am away the whole time. Again it was another rough evening. The kids were in awful moods and Austin worked really late. I think we were all fed up! I cooked tacos but it was a survival night for sure. 
Friday was a great day! I was once again doing the hall monitor thing. I got assigned to the 1st-3rd grade hallway. I was kinda excited to finally be near Colby's class. I got to see him and interact with him and his classmates. I also felt a lot more comfortable going in and monitoring their classrooms rather then the big kids! Gosh it brought back memories though! So when testing was over around 11:15 I checked Colby out early. I did this b/c 1 I really didn't want to have to make an extra trip up there and 2 I felt he deserved a low key afternoon after such a long week. Plus they weren't doing much in the afternoons anyway. We went to pick Lindsay up and her class was at recess. We got to visit with the teachers. I think Colby even enjoyed playing some ;). We left there and went to eat lunch at Chickfila. It was nice to have a different type of day. We came home and rested and just enjoyed a low key night. Austin got off early and brought home Five Guys. We ate and had movie night! It was a wonderful start to the weekend!! 
Monday was another day our big boy got some time off school. He had his yearly eye appointment scheduled for 9:45 that morning. Usually we bring him late or check him out early but I decided this year to give him a day off. He hasn't missed any days since like the 1st quarter. And with the appointment falling late morning I knew it would be almost lunch time before I got him back to school anyway. We brought Lindsay to school then headed that way. Once again I think he got a kick out of bringing her to school. I enjoyed my one on one time with him. It reminded me of the days when it was just he and I. He was so sweet and well behaved the whole time. The doctor visit went well. The doctor said he really hadn't had any changes so just keep his prescription the same. I was glad to hear things weren't any worse. Last year they improved slightly so I am hoping as he grows they will continue to get a little better. He and I went to the grocery after the appointment. I was glad to get that out the way. He was a BIG help at the grocery too! I also thought it was a great learning experience for him. That afternoon we enjoyed eating lunch together and hanging out as a family. It was a great break from the normal life craziness. The kids played outside a lot. That afternoon I had the kids work on some "school" work. Lindsay practiced some letters and Colby worked on addition facts and sentence writing. I loved having him home! I really wish I had more days like this!! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Big Move!

This last week has been one of the busiest and craziest in a long time! First let me start off with last Saturday. Lindsay's best friend Claire had a birthday party. It was at her house. It started at 11 and we didn't leave until around 3. It was a lot of fun though. This year I brought Colby as well b/c my parents were out of town attending my dad's brother's funeral. It was a hard decision to not go and be with my dad but my parents and brother and sister in law all drove up at 6am and came back that evening. With an upcoming move that would be hard on a Saturday by myself with 2 kids. Austin couldn't get off work due to the week he was taking off for our move. The birthday party was a great distraction though. The kids had a great time and I enjoyed visiting with some other moms. When we got home we helped Austin start packing. 
Monday was the closing of the house. It was a very busy day! Austin and I ran errands and were gone from the house the entire day! The kids were at school luckily! Lindsay also spent the afternoon with Aunt Lizzie while we were at closing (my parents were at another funeral) so that was a big help! And from what I hear she had a blast! We picked Colby up from school and then went to get her. We then brought the kids to the new house. They were super excited to check it out! When we started the process in February and we had only been here twice...they were always in school. They loved running around and exploring. 
Tuesday was another busy day but slightly calmer. The kids had school and I had Bible study. Austin came to the new house during that time to do some yard work and some other random things. We had a normal afternoon and evening. We did decide to ride over to the new house after dinner though. 
Wednesday we spent the majority of the day packing things. It was nice to have a stay at home morning for that. My friend Brittany who is buying our old house also came over to visit and help! That evening the kids and I went to church. Austin came to the new house to paint Lindsay's room pink. We missed having him at church but I know he was glad to have that complete! We had a good night at church. I just love my sweet little class. We had 8 kids. They are all really well behaved though. 
Thursday was the first BIG moving day! We brought Colby to school then came home and got busy packing and moving. We kept Lindsay with us just to cut down on trips back and forth. It was a really busy and tiring day. We had my parents, Austin's parents, Randall and Lizzie, and us ofcourse helping to move! It was amazing how much we all got done! We moved everything out except our bedroom furniture. It was a stressful day on many levels but I was thankful to just get it over with. When Colby got home from school he was excited to pitch in and help too. We made a couple trips to and from the houses then that evening I stayed at the old house with the kids to get homework up. That night we went out to dinner with Austin's parents. It was nice to finally sit! We enjoyed visiting. They came back over to our house for a bit to hang out before we put the kids to bed. It was a long day and we were all in need of some rest! 
Friday was another big day for us. My parents brought the kids to school while we focused on getting the rest of the stuff out of our house. We got it all loaded and were happy to get settled in the new house that afternoon. It was a late day for us b/c the final thing we did was get everyone's beds put together. We were absolutely exhausted but it was so nice to sleep in our own beds that night. We all slept great! The kids were so excited!! 
Saturday we were happy to just be us! We got up that morning a little later. We had to go over to the old house and get a few final big things. This included the fridge and swing as well as our clothes. It was another busy morning. We had some friends come help us which was nice. After that we took the kids and ran a few errands. The rest of the day we spent at home trying to get stuff done.
Sunday was church. We were learning how to get ready and go somewhere from a new place with new routines. Church was good then we went out to eat. That afternoon was a little more low key and we were able to get back into our routines and rest a little more. 

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Easter 2016

It's hard to believe another Easter has come and gone. We had a wonderful time. Friday we had the Good Friday service at church. Its so special to get to go as a family. It was a beautiful evening and a beautiful and meaningful service. Colby got to sing in church. I love when the kids are able to sing in church. Colby went to sit with his friend Makyrin about halfway through church. Its bittersweet to see him growing up. He's so into his friends right now. I know its all a normal, healthy part of childhood but sometimes I just wish I could turn back time and make him 2 again! Lindsay did well sitting through service as well. 
Saturday Austin was off and it was nice to know we had a whole day together as a family. We slept in and took it easy first thing that morning. Austin then went outside to do yardwork and I had to take a trip to the grocery store. He kept the kids here while I shopped. I was glad they got some outdoor time while he worked. We ate lunch and just hung out that afternoon. It was nice to have this slower paced day. That afternoon the kids and I worked in dyeing Easter Eggs. 
Sunday morning we woke up to horrible rains. It was kind of sad that it rained and stormed on Easter. We know though that despite the weather we have so much to be thankful for. It just felt like an off Easter though. The only one I could compare it to was the Easter we were all sick. Even though we were all healthy just with the rain things felt off and scattered. The kids did their baskets that morning. We got dressed and headed out the door. Usually I would stop and do pictures but with it pouring and I just never even though to do pictures inside. Church was wonderful but also very busy! It was a different morning with it being Easter and had a different plan. The kids rotated to different stations throughout the morning. We had about 20 kids! It went well but it was very hectic! They learned the Easter story as we went through the stations. It was fun though! I was glad we had so many children there! After the first service they did an Easter Egg hunt. Again with the rain it had to be moved indoors. It was again crazy but worked! I took Lindsay into church for the 2nd service and Austin met us. We got to place some flowers in the cross but never got our picture with it. Colby chose to stay upstairs for the 2nd service. Again---he's super into friends right now. The service was beautiful and I was thankful to be in there. 
After church we went straight to my parents house. It was a quiet Easter lunch this year...especially after the big one we had last. It was just us and my parents and Randall and Lizzie. It was nice though that it was low key. We ate lunch and mostly visited. I hid the eggs for the kids then they took turns hiding them for each other. We got home late that afternoon and were all pooped! I was thankful to have one more day with them before school!