Monday, December 29, 2014

Mississippi Christmas

Saturday we did our Mississippi Christmas with Austin's family. We woke up early Saturday so we could make the drive there. It was a gross day and rained on us about the entire way there. We arrived around 10:30. The kids played for a bit with their cousins then we opened presents. Its nice now that the kids are getting older although sad at the same time. But atleast now I feel like I can relax and visit and not chase a toddler around. The kids are growing up so 3, 6, 8, and 10!! Colby and Maggie still play really well together I guess b/c they are the closest in age. Shelbi is more like a mini teen now but she does do well with Lindsay and I think Lindsay enjoys the attention of an older girl. We all opened presents and got some more great things! The kids loved their new toys!
We ate lunch shortly after which was delish. The kids all ate outside with paw-paw. It was again nice to be able to visit more. Lindsay is finally old enough we really didn't have to stress about her naptime. She was very well behaved the whole day. That afternoon we played another gift game. That was a lot of fun! Colby ended up with a flashlight and Lindsay with some Frozen playing cards so they were both happy!
We stayed and let the kids play and visited until about 5. By that point we knew everyone was tired and we should go start getting the kids settled down. They have had so much excitment since getting out of school! We had chicken for dinner and just enjoyed some quiet. The kids were hard to get to bed. That happens when they share a room.
The next morning we slept in a little then went back over to his parents house for breakfast. It was nice having a little more time to visit with everyone. I think the kids hated to leave! They love going up there! It had been since September since we had been. This fall was just SO BUSY! We hope to get up there again by early spring and spend a little longer.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Family New Orleans Day!

Friday we decided to have a fun family day after Christmas. We knew the kids needed some fresh air and to get out of the house! We decided on City Park. It had been awhile since we last visited so we thought it would be fun. Plus since Christmas in the Paks was such a bomb with the crowds. We did Storyland first since that seems to be what we always miss! The kids had a blast and were able to play and move about freely since there weren't many people there. It was so fun to see Lindsay really getting into it this year. The last few times we've been she has almost been too young but she loved it. They spent the majority of time on the slides. This is the first year since Colby was about 2 that he was brave enough to do the Dragon slide and Jack and Jill. Lindsay also did both! Lindsay liked seeing all the different houses and guessing which fairytale they came from.
Since we finished that up pretty quick we decided to also let them play on the playground across the street. They loved that as well. It was pretty crowded but big enough that they were able to still run around and climb. Then they fed some ducks. It was just nice being outside and letting them run and be kids!
After we went to lunch at Dat Dog. It was again fun just riding through different parts of the city then having a family lunch out. We have been spoiled with all this and it will be strange getting back to reality soon! I think the kids really loved their day out! We have a week left of vacation and hope to do some more fun things!

Christmas 2014

Well another Christmas has come and gone! I am so sad to see this season go. Christmas has always been my FAV time of year and with kids its just so fun and so special and each year just gets more and more fun!
Christmas Eve was a pretty relaxing day for us. We splept in and ate breakfast then got the kids dressed and we went to the park. This has sort of become a Christmas Eve tradition for us. There isn't much else to do and we want to wear the kids out for that night! The kids wanted to go back to the one in Gretna that I brought them last week. We had a great time just playing together as a family. The kids are at such great ages. They can play alone but we can also interact with them without having to hover. It was a beautiful day and I think we all just enjoyed the outdoor time. Once we got home we ate lunch and just hung out that afternoon. We worked on present wrapping and getting things ready for Christmas. That evening we went to my parent's house. Again our tradition. We always have a big dinner (this year it was fajitas). We enjoy all the visiting and the kids just enjoy the playtime! After dinner we did Happy Birthday Jesus cake and singing. Another favorite tradition. Afterwards we spend some time singing Christmas songs and reading the Christmas story from Luke 2. We also added Santa Comes to Louisiana to our mix. We hung out for a little while longer then it was time to get 2 little ones back home and off to bed. We did a quick bathtime and got them in their pjs. We had to do cookies for Santa and reindeer food. They were both really into it all! We did our Advent story and then they were off to bed. They were both so good and fell asleep almost right away.
We were done playing Santa by 10:30 or so I think! This year we didn't buy any really big gifts:
Colby got: a pirate ship, some CARS, PLANES, angry birds stuffed and a game, MineCraft and a slinky dog.
Lindsay got: Ariel doll, Ariel, Belle, and Elsa Barbie type dolls, Ariel's Castle, some gowns, a Doc McStuffins Game.
Christmas morning I was shocked that we all slept until 7! The year before Colby was up at 5:30! It was nice to have "slept in". We did our family Christmas. The adults this year got an iPad, suitcases, kitchen accessories, a Kitchen Aid Mixer. The kids had a little time to play while we got ready for the day.
We went over to my parent's house at 9 to do our traditional breakfast and opening of the presents there. Again another fun time to just visit and enjoy family. We opened presents after but our presents have shrunk drastically over the last few years. We mostly just let the kids open a few things and that's it! Its mostly about spending time with one another now! We hung out until about 11 or 11:30 before heading home. The kids were anxious to play with their toys again. We got home and started the preparations for that night. We had my parents over for Christmas dinner. We usually cook and either invite them over or a friend for Christmas. Since my mom hosts all the other holidays we try to do our part by having this one ourselves. I think it made my parents feel really good to be invited over for dinner and not have to cook. We enjoyed our time with them and then took a family walk after dinner to look at Christmas lights. Another fun memory made!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Week of Christmas!

We have had a wonderful Christmas week here. Austin has been home and its just been so nice having him and the kids around! We've had no major plans just time with each other!
Monday Austin wanted to take Colby out by himself. He's been wanting to start this new tradition of taking each kid out alone the week of Christmas to hang out and shop for the other one. I had to go grocery shopping. Poor L got stuck with me =(. Anyway we had fun and then had a quiet day around the house. Colby and Austin enjoyed Lakeside and other errands and a lunch out to Buffalo Wild Wings. We had a quiet evening at home.
Tuesday we had our annual breakfast at Parrot Pete's with my family. This is how we now celebrate the entire month of December. Now with 3 December birthdays it just got too hard to celebrate each one individually. So we do this to kick off Christmas. Its always a sweet time. The kids are older now and really enjoy it and its easier for mommy b/c they can pretty much handle themselves now at the table. After was Lindsay's time with daddy so they took off to Target which left Colby and I to do a few last minute errands to Barnes and Noble and Walgreens. I enjoyed just hanging out with my boy like that. That afternoon the boys got back out to deliver the Christmas presents to our adopted family. I had really wanted us all to go but we were waiting on a package and it was looking like bad weather and Lindsay was still napping. So us girls stayed here. We had another relaxing evening at home. We even broke out the Wii to play with!
We are so excited about Christmas and having a 3 and 6 year old! They have been super excited all month!
We will do our usual Christmas traditions here then our Mississippi Christmas on Saturday so look for some more exciting posts!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Parties & Grammy's B-day

This past Friday both kids had their Christmas parties. Its very busy when they both fall on the same day. I actually preferred last year when they celebrated on different days. This year has been so busy I decided to not really go all out like I usually do well by go all out I really mean baking sugar cookies for the class. I decided I would do Olaf string cheese for Colby's class and candycanes for both. With Lindsay's school you sign up for 2 parties a year and I signed up for Thanksgiving and Easter so I actually wasn't committed to her school although I would love to go to each one of her parties. I had asked Colby's teacher earlier in the week if she needed parent help and she said yes. Last year it was low key and no parents were really even invited but this year I looked forward to hanging out with him. I get a lot more time with Lindsay right now then him so I thought it would be special. We had a rocky start to the morning but things ended up going well. He really seemed to enjoy all the stuff they did at their party. They were split into 3 differnt groups 1st-3rd. They rotated through the 3 classrooms and the teachers had different games or crafts for them to do.
Afterwards they went back into their room for a movie and snacks. This time was a little crazy with all the food that the kids had brought. It was very overwhelming! I was glad I brought string cheese b/c there were SO many sweets. After the movie and they passed out their class treats I brought Colby home early. There was still another hour left but I couldn't imagine staying there that we had to pick up Lindsay.
We went to Lindsay's school and hung out with her for a few minutes. It seemed like she had a really great time at her party and left with lots of goodies! I just cannot believe our 3 year preschool and 1st grade year are half over!
That evening we looked forward to our night at home. We did our usual movie. The kids have become obssessed with Home Alone so that is what we watched.
Saturday was my mom's b-day. My new goal is to always visit my parents on their b-day. We don't really do gifts anymore or even cards so I figure a visit from their grandkids is the best present anyway. We got over there around 10. The visit was to also make sugar cookies. Since we weren't able to do this for school I still wanted the kids to get to make and decorate them. It was a fun family day. We were over there for a few hours and Randall and Elizabeth also stopped by. It was nice just having us all together like that for my mom.
We rested that afternoon and that night went to the Pelicans Game. Austin got tickets from work so we thought it would be a fun family night. The kids had a blast! Colby has really gotten into sports lately and loved watching the game. I think Lindsay was just happy with a night out on the town. We left the game by the end of the 3rd quarter. We decided while we were out it would be fun to take the kids for icecream. We went to Creole Creamery which was a treat for everyone. Loved our little family outting!
Sunday was a big day. Colby was debuting in his first Christmas play. He was chosen to be the last inn keeper in the Christmas Story. This play was put on by our children's ministry. We had to be there early and stay for both services. I taught during the first service but was able to sneak over and see him for part of it. We had a good morning with the preschoolers. I was glad to be back after missing a couple of weeks. During the second service we brought Lindsay in to see her brother. We only stayed until after his part then left since it had been such a busy/long morning. He did so good though and we were so proud! All the children did fantastic! For lunch we went to eat with my parents to continue celebrating my mom's b-day. It was a wonderful day! So enjoying the first few days of Christmas Break!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Twas' The Week Before Christmas

So life is really busy with holiday stuff but I am trying to hold fast to my commitment to not get stressed. If it causes stress we don't do it. I am trying to focus more on the moments and not the fluff! So here's what's been going on since our stay at the plantation.
Saturday we picked the kids up around 11. We came home to unpack and eat lunch. It was refreshing to be home as a family. We ate lunch and watched football and rested. That afternoon we got some house stuff done. That evening we decided to take the kids to City Park. In the past we have gone on Lindsay's birthday but this year that just didn't work out. We knew Saturday would be a lot more crowded then a Thursday but we figured we would make it work. Oh we had no idea what we were in for. First traffic getting out there was a nightmare. But ya know the old me would have been so upset but we just took it in stride and sang Christmas songs while we waited to get there. We finally got in the park then finding a parking spot was CRAZY! We had to park forever away and again the old me might have complained but I chose to see it as an opportunity for exercise. We got to the park waited in line to get in. We finally got in and realized the crowds. We made our way over the rides hoping to get in the train line. I would have waited an hour but the wait looked to be over 3 hours long. We decided to take the kids to Storyland. It was still crowded but not nearly as bad as the other sections. The kids had fun and got to do most everything in there. About the time we were finishing up Lindsay said she had to potty so I took her to the nearest bathroom and ofcourse there was a we waited...and waited. I could tell she really had to go. About the time we were about to finally go in she peed on herself. I felt so bad. I know she just couldn't hold it anymore. Luckily she doesn't flip out over stuff like that like Colby would have. We headed towards the gate but looked at a few more lights on our way out. I guess it was the signal that it was time to get out of there. Colby was a little sad but overall took it well. We enjoyed seeing the lights on the way out. It was just a good family night we weren't looking to see the whole park or anything just spend time together and the weather was gorgeous. I think everyone still left in high spirits. After we drove downtown and got to see some more lights which was fun.
Sunday we had church. It was Austin's first time to go with us in forever and our first time to sit together in months! After church we came home to eat then Colby had rehearsal. The kids are having a Christmas play next Sunday. That afternoon we just hung out after that.
Monday was back to school. I had the usual grocery shopping and getting the kids to/from school which makes for a busy day. That evening we thought it was Calvary had Chickfila night. We showed up though and were the only ones! Oh well it was still a nice break from the kitchen and the kids had fun. That evening ended up with some adventure though. About 2 hours after we got the kids to bed we heard crying. We thought it was Lindsay b/c she will cry over random things. Anyway come to find out it was Colby. He was crying saying his bottom hurt/itched. After almost an hour of dealing with him almost in a panic attack mode we thought to actually look at it and ended up finding out he had pinworms! OMG! I freaked out! Anyway though it turns out it is very common and my brothers had it and so did Austin! We talked to a nurse and finally put some cream on it and he ended up sleeping all night. I ended up turning off my alarm though b/c it was almost midnight by the time we all go to sleep.
So the next morning I knew a doctor's call was in order but I figured we wouldn't have to go in. I kept Colby home and figured we could just have a fun day. It was desperately needed anyway! We had a nice leisure morning of cinnamon rolls and cartoons. I loaded them up later and we went to Walgreens to get his meds and then to the park. We tried out a new local park and they had a blast! We stayed atleast an hour. We had the place to ourselves and the weather was gorgeous. It was just such a fun moment. We rarely get to take park trips anymore b/c life is just too busy. This was one of those moments we just needed unstructured play! If it were up to me kids would only go to school 4 days a week and one day would be a PLAY day. If I ever homeschool we will def have a once a week park date. I just think its necessary for child development. They need to climb and run and use their imaginations. I played with them for a good bit of time then found a bench and let them have had it! It was just such a wonderful moment! The rest of the day we mostly relaxed. Colby and I worked on some math and spelling. Again love my once in awhile homeschool time. I am still torn if I could do it full time but once in awhile is awesome. That night we had our Lifegroup Christmas party. I think it worked out well that we skipped school b/c it made going to the Christmas party more enjoyable. My parents were out of town so we brought the kids. Plus we figured they would love to go and hang out with the other kids. And since this is the week before Christmas I am not stressing over school work and early bedtimes! We all had a blast! I always love visiting with everyone and the kids love the Richardson's house. We stayed until 8 then came home and got the kids ready for bed.
Wednesday was back to school for everyone! I had some shopping to do at Target. I enjoyed my last official morning alone! I miss my kids but alone time is also wonderful =) That afternoon we had a low key time. Austin has been getting off work early with this new job so we ate dinner together then took a walk. We used to do this all the time with Colby and Lindsay when they were babies/toddlers. Now life just seems so busy we don't get around to it. I hate it too! I want us to get out and exercise as a family more. Anyway I hope we can go atleast 2-3 times a week. The kids loved it and it made them sleep well too!
Today (Thursday) my last girls day with Lindsay...we chose to go out to Lakeside and do some Christmas shopping and just have some girl time. We started out the day with coffee and beignets at Cafe Du Monde. This is a rare treat for us. But since we arrived early and really couldn't do anything else a breakfast stop was a must! Once the stores opened at 9 it took us 45 minutes to get everything we needed! Hallelujah! Now I am not done shopping but I did take care of all that I wanted to do today! Then we came home for some cartoons and playtime!! Its my last quiet day. Tomorrow both kids have parties. I am really going to only be at Colby's but hoping to see Lindsay for a few min if I can check him out early enough. Then will start our Christmas break!! Tonight the boys are going to Cub Scouts so I will be getting busy on my Christmas treats for them for school. Nothing fancy this year just candycanes and Olaf string cheeses =)

Monday, December 15, 2014

10 Years!

Wow 10 years!! How can that be? Well Austin and I have been thinking about this anniversary for awhile and what we would do. At first we really wanted to take a big trip since our 5 year was a cruise. We contemplated New York. The more we thought though and the closer it got it just seemed too hard logistically to do. Its hard to get away this time of year. With Lindsay's birthday and both kids in school full time and given my parents age I just hated to leave them a week. We finally agreed staying close to home would be better. We also wanted to save up for our next big trip with the kids. Family time is very important to us both and we want to make most of our big trips with our kids so that they have experiences and memories as they grow.
We decided on Nottoway Plantation and wow I am so glad we did. First of all it was a low key no stress trip. We planned 1 night away from home on a Friday. This way my parents could pick the kids up from school and keep them the one night. It happened to fall the weekend of the Santa Breakfast at Lindsay's school so they did take them to that.
So Friday morning I got both kids to school then came home to pack up our stuff. Due to a very busy week yes we had to wait until the last minute. So it took us about an hour to get everything together and be ready to walk out the door. We dropped the kids' stuff off at my parents then hit the road. It was so nice just to get out on a beautiful day and drive. We did so many things like that when we were dating and first married. We took our time driving to the plantations. We took the scenic drive along the river which was really neat. We got to Oak Alley right around lunchtime. So we went to eat at their restaurant first thing. The food was delicious and a meal without kiddos was truly a treat. After we finished eating we browsed the gift shop then set out to tour the grounds. We first toured their new slave exhibit. It was very interesting and very sobering. I am glad that they are starting to feature the slave history as well as the plantation owners. I felt like I learned a few new things. Next up was the tour of the big house. I had forgotton or learned new things there as well which was cool. The house was decorated for Christmas which I think made it even more special. After we finished inside  the house we spent some time outside on the property. The weather was just gorgeous! Once we finished up we hopped in the car to drive down the road to Nottoway. Once again we took the scenic route. We arrived there around 4. We were able to go to our room freshen up and relax for a bit. We were given a schedule of events for the night which was awesome we had no idea so there was lots of activity and things to do! We walked around and enjoyed the grounds before dinner b/c we knew it would be dark afterwards. Everything was decorated so beautiful! We went to eat shortly after. They had food outside on the grounds but since it was our anniversary afterall we decided to go ahead into the restaurant and par-take there. It was a nice quiet, romantic dinner. We don't go out a lot especially by ourselves to a romantic restaurant so this was nice. Afterwards we went outside to the porch to see the lighting of the bonfires. We sat and took in the sights for a bit before walking around. We just walked and talked and enjoyed the scene. It was so much fun!! I really cannot wait to take my kids back and my parents I think they would all love it! We went up on the levee to get a closer look at the bonfires and to warm up! So romantic! I just loved it! Afterwards we made our way slowly back to our room. We were anxious to get in our pjs and just relax. We watched a Christmas movie and just hung out and went to bed early! Again so nice!!
That morning we woke up got dressed and went to breakfast. We enjoyed a leisure breakfast before hitting the road for home. We were anxious to get back to our babies!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas Celebrations

This week has been filled with Christmas Celebrations already! Yesterday Lindsay and I went to Mrs. Doris' annual Christmas Brunch. I have been attending this probably for the last 10 or so years. I might have gone as a child and anytime I was out of school. Anyway Colby went with me a couple times and now its Lindsay and my tradition to go. Its so fun to dress her up and bring her. I might even continue this as she starts school it might be a special skip day for her =)
She did so well this year compared to the last 2. She used to scream and get really upset around all the ladies. This year she was still quiet and shy but much better behaved. I had fun visiting with all the ladies too. Also our pastor's wife always comes. I remember her when Colby and Ella were babies. This was my first time to meet her. Its fun to have that memory.

Today there was a parent Christmas Party at Lindsay's school. I thought it was really sweet of them to do this. Everyone brought cookies and we visited for awhile. It was good to visit with some of the parents. The kids also came in and sang Christmas carols. It was adorable! It brought back so many memories of Colby doing this! It was a sweet time! Gosh how I love preschool!! I want my kids to stay these ages forever!! Anyway afterwards we came home and just enjoyed our day! This week was a busy one. Lindsay was in school W-F. I sent her Thursday since she missed M and I also went shopping that day with Stephanie. It was nice to get some Christmas shopping done! What a fun week!! Love this season!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Birthday Celebrations

So Friday was my little girl's 3rd birthday. Austin was off which was nice that he got to be with us on her special day and he was a huge help in getting ready for her party. She goes to school on Fridays so we went ahead with those plans so that we could get things set up for the party. As she gets older I might let her choose if she wants to go to school that day or not. But this year I knew she would want to celebrate with friends and since it fell on the day before her party and we were hosting it here I knew I needed that time. I baked pink cupcakes with sprinkles (per her request) the night before. She was super excited about sharing that with her school friends. I am happy she got to celebrate there since not all were able to attend her party.
Austin and I were pretty busy during those 3 hours. After we picked her up we went to pick up the cake and also got her chickfila for lunch (her fav). Oh and she had McDonald's pancakes for breakfast. Honestly I hated that we fed her all that fast food on her b-day but it was a crazy day and somehow I don't think she minded ;) That afternoon we rested and continued getting things ready for her party.
That night the kids and I had an event at church Merry and Bright. It was like a one night VBS type thing. I originally didn't plan on working since it was Lindsay's b-day but once I found out it was drop off I also didn't want to leave her on her birthday either. It all worked out fine and the kids and I had a blast! Colby was over with the big kids. He was grouped k and 1st. I worked in the 3 year old class with Lindsay. We had 18 preschoolers total but once we split into 2 classes we had 9 and 9 which wasn't bad at all. We have more then that some Sunday mornings =) I think we all had a very fun time but were worn out that night. It was quick baths and off to bed!
Saturday was PARTY DAY! We had to get started early since her party was at 10. Elizabeth came to help me get the food ready around 9. Austin's parents and mine got here around 9:45 and then it was time for GUESTS! We had 7 girls and then Colby and Nijel were both here so there was lots of activity! I thought it was the perfect amount of friends though! Kept it from being too overwhelming. Colby actually had a Cubscout thing that morning where they sang at a nursing home. I hated I couldn't be there for that but it was a nice thing for him and Austin to do together. It also gave him a chance to get out of the house a bit while we got ready for the party. They got back though right about the time the party started. Nijel and Colby played together in his room most of the morning. They did come out for lunch time and cake though. I was glad he was able to have his best friend here while Lindsay had her party going on. I think everyone really had a lot of fun. The girls did some crafts then had lunch (tea time) and then played and opened presents. I think they all loved playing in Lindsay's room. I am so thankful for her little group of friends. It was a very fun time! I think we had another b-day party success!
That afternoon we relaxed. We didn't do much the rest of the day but play outside and watch movies and play with her toys. It was nice to have a break from the madness of life!
Sunday we had church. I was able to switch with someone so I could go into church. It had been over a month since I had been in there. It was nice being with my parents and just having that worship time. They also had Baby Dedication and I always love seeing that too! Again that afternoon we had nothing planned so it was great to just relax and play with the kiddos!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

3 Years Old!

Wow seriously how can my baby be THREE?!?! It does not seem possible!! Gosh how I love my sweet petite though! She is 3 going on 13 in many ways! She is so grown up sometimes! So she is still small...not sure exact weight and height but we will find out Monday at the doctor. She is just starting to wear 3T but some pants are too big on her little waist. She wears a size 8 or 9 shoe.
She is my very picky eater. She thrives on cheese, applesauce, yogurt and fruit! She does love Chickfila though! She also has quite the sweet tooth!
She is really into princesses and her favorite is Ariel. She also likes baby dolls and basically anything pink or girlie. She loves to dress up. She never makes a fuss over wearing a dress and stockings! So different from me as a child!
She is loving preschool which I really am so happy! She has so many sweet little friends and its so fun seeing her blossom! She goes 3 days a week for just 3 hours. I do still love our days together though! I will miss her so much when she goes full time!
She also loves church. I am her teacher and I love getting to hang out with her. She talks so much and can just about anything! I am not sure when we will start any extra curricular stuff with her. I have contemplated gymnastics. I am going to research it and see for the spring? I dunno our schedule is so full but I would like her to do something she enjoys! She's growing up so fast and I just want to treasure each moment with her!
I thought I would update from her doc visit:
She is 30 lbs and 36 1/2 inches. She's still little but def growing! She did very well at the doc. She still hates the being weighed and measured but she's making progress so maybe by 4? The doc said she's doing great. She had a little fluid in one ear but the doc said just to watch her. She also has molluscum. Colby had this as well. She's had it since about April but the doc said it will probably just go away on its own. It doesn't really seem to bother her.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Break

So it has been so nice having the littles home so far. Yes there have been some trying moments already and I am sure more to come but I do miss having them around and its been lovely just being able to relax!
Friday night we had our weekly movie night. We watched Despicable Me. It was really nice to wake up Saturday morning and not have to rush out the house! First time in gosh I don't even know! Probably weeks! Anyway we had a low key morning around the house before getting ready and going to the park. My parents met us at the Terrytown Playground. The 2 of them played so well. We were out there for atleast an hour. I was glad to see them getting some outside time and exercise. Afterwards I promised them lunch at Chickfila. This was fun too and nice for mommy to not have to cook and clean!
That afternoon was relaxed. We hung around the house and they played. We did some phonics and played outside. Again not having to be anymore at night was awesome! We stayed in and watched football.
Sunday we woke up to rain and I almost backed out of going to church b/c the kids and I all have colds. No one has run fever though and Colby has had it for over a week. Obviously you can't keep kids home for that long b/c of the sniffles and cough! I taught the preschoolers. We had a small class of only 8. The kids were really well behaved too which made the morning go smoothly. I am glad we got out for church b/c we will be home the rest of the day. We will probably do some more school work and play outside. Colby has a F and a D in reading and math right now so I am trying to really catch him up with those subjects.
Monday has been a busy day. We had a slow morning then we all got dressed and I brought the kids to the grandparents. They have been wanting to hang out with them and today looked like the best day. I needed to go to the grocery store which meant nothing fun for me to do with them. Plus I had several of things to do around the house. I was thankful for a few quiet hours! I love my kids and I am loving this time with them but goodness they are tiring!! This has really made me think what it would be like to homeschool? Some days I am all for it and then days like today I am like HECK no! I mean I love having time with them but 365 days a year I am not sure! HA! Anyway they got home at naptime so now we are just taking it easy. Lindsay is still struggling with her cold so I am hoping the rest will make her feel better soon. We will do our usual outdoor time and maybe do some school work as well. Last night we watched Home Alone so we might try to find another good movie on tv as well.
Tuesday was a fun day. We were so happy to have Austin off and home with us. We had a low key morning then went to Lakeside for our tradition of seeing Santa and picking out ornaments. The kids wanted to start out in the Disney store to get ideas for Christmas. I just love seeing their excitment and magic of the season. Afterwards we went to visit Santa. I was surprised at how timid both kids were. Colby was really shy at first...usually he gets up there and talks Santa's ear off but I think he is getting to the age of ?s. He even asked me when we got home if that was the real Santa. He did finally warm up. But not Miss Priss. She cried again when it was time for the picture. We ended up all 4 getting in the picture but it turned out cute nonetheless. Just another memory! Life isn't perfect so why should we pretend? I loved the memory of it! Anyway after we went to PB Kids so they could look around and play with the toys. They really enjoyed this. After we went over to Panera Bread for lunch b/c the mall was starting to get crazy! It was a nice lunch just the 4 of us. The kids ate well and seemed to enjoy it too.
That night we had Lifegroup. It was our last session of this year so we wanted to go. We have missed a few lately just to being really busy and kids being sick. Even though the kids and I were still a little sickly we went ahead and went. I am so glad we did b/c the kids had a blast! They don't get to attend lifegroup often with us b/c of it being during the school week. There were about 9 or 10 kids there last night so they had a blast! They love all the toys at the Richardson's and just being with the other kids. The kids range from 10 years to 2. I helped watch the kids with Stephanie. Even though I hated to miss the lesson I knew Lindsay was the youngest plus she was still a little sick so I wanted to stay with her. I felt like the kids really behaved well though and played really well with each other and with the other kids!
Wednesday was a busy day for us. Austin was off again thankfully and we had lots of litte projects and errands to accomplish. We had our low key morning around the house with breakfast and hanging out first though! I am def loving this part of vacation! The not rushing out the door! Once we all got dressed though it was time to start the day! The kids and I left and met up with Colby's Cub Scout friends at the library. Each month they have to take a special field trip somewhere and one of the suggestions was a library to learn about your local city and state. It was a neat time with friends. We found some Louisiana books and talked about life many years ago and some important facts about our state. I think the boys all enjoyed it. Afterwards I let the kids pick out a couple of books to check out as well. After that we needed to order Lindsay's birthday cake. We also made a quick trip to Target. We then picked Austin home and went to eat Mexican for lunch. I had promised Colby a few days ago. It was fun eating out as a family. I love going out to eat this time of year. The rest of the day we spent working around the house. It was nice just to stay in and get caught up on a few things.
Friday- I wanted to do something fun with just the kids and I. We decided on the Children's Museum. It was fun just hanging out with the 2 of them. I think they enjoyed the museum. It was crowded though! More adults then children. But we still had fun and they got to do pretty much everything. I think their favorite section was def the boats that's where we stayed the longest. After the museum Austin met us for lunch at Jimmy John's. We did this last year and it was a fun tradition to keep up. That afternoon we just rested and hung out.
Saturday-Austin was off yay! The kids and I had planned on meeting Elizabeth at Chickfila for breakfast. We had planned to discuss all the details of Lindsay's birthday and just hang out with her. With our busy schedules we don't get very many chances to just hang out with her. It was fun! Something I realized we should do more often! I think the kids enjoyed the change of pace. They also got to play while she and I visited =) best of both worlds. Afterwards we went to Michael's to get a few things for her party. Afterwards we came back and met up with Austin and went to get our Christmas tree. I was so glad to get that done over the weekend. That afternoon was spent putting away fall stuff and getting out our Christmas stuff. We still aren't finished but atleast we are closer. Austin and I are going to work really hard this week to have everything ready for her b-day party on Saturday!
Sunday was church. It was just the kids and I. I taught...we had a good crowd of about 10 kids. We had a lot of 2-3 year olds. Its neat that right now that is the biggest age group. I am glad Lindsay has a big group of kids to grow up with. That afternoon we had a short rest time then it was off to do Christmas pictures in City Park. Once again my friend Katie Hodas did them for us. This year she did Mini Sessions out there. This was really great b/c honestly 30 min is enough picture time for my kids anyway. And they both did great! I was so pleased and proud of them! It was a lot of fun too! Cannot wait to see how they turned out! Afterwards we ate at McAlister's. This used to be our weekly thing it was nice to go back! My how the kids have grown though! We were remembering the many meals we ate there especially with Colby! Anyway it was a perfect ending to our Thanksgiving break! I am thankful for all we got to do and all the fun family time we had! Despite our little colds we still managed to have a great time!
Its bittersweet sending the kids back to school. I mean I am looking forward to a little quiet time this week and being able to get some projects done around the house but I will miss them! I will also miss our lazy mornings and laid back schedule! Things are in full Christmas mode now and also this is Lindsay's birthday week so there will be lots to post about this weekend!!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone. Wow how fast time flies! Well this year was nice. The only thing that would have made it better would be had I not have been sick. The kids and I have been struggling with awful colds all week. They are about over it but I am right in the midst of it and pretty much miserable!
So Thanksgiving morning was busy. I had some cooking and cleaning to do before we left the house. The kids enjoyed watching the Macy's Parade while I scrambled around. Finally by 10 we were all dressed and ready to go to my parents.
This year we had a small gathering of just my parents, Ausitn's parents, and the kids and I. We got there first and were able to help my mom set the table and decorate it. She was also able to help the kids with a craft. Austin's parents got there about an hour later. We just enjoyed visiting and hanging out and watching football. The kids were really well behaved and found lots to keep them busy in Grammy's house. We played games, did art, playdough, etc. We ate a light lunch around 12. Soon after that I put Lindsay down for a nap. Had it been a lunch Thanksgiving I probably wouldn't have made her nap but since we were eating later I knew she knew she needed to rest plus it gave Colby a chance to enjoy the grandparents on his own. He was so good. I really was proud of him. He was so helpful and so cooperative the entire day. I cannot believe how much he is growing up. Once Lindsay got up it was almost time to eat. Austin got there around 3ish and we got all the food out and ate by 4. It was fun eating and visiting with our parents.
The kids ate and ran around and played. Once we finished up dinner and started cleaning up I was getting very weary. I would normally be a little tired but with also being sick I was very tired. The kids were also starting to get a little cranky. We waited until Randall and Elizabeth stopped by though to speak to them. We visited with them a short bit then came home. It was a wonderful day. I loved seeing the kids so excited about Thanksgiving and being Thankful. I hate I was sick and not feeling my best or I probably would have enjoyed the day a little more.
We have so much to be thankful for though. Thankful we were all together and able to spend the day as a family. Thankful for health and for my 2 babies! Thankful for Austin and that he has a job and about to start a new one! Most of all thankful to Christ who gives us grace and the reason to live!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Thanksgiving Feast and Grandparent's Day

So Friday was a very busy day for my littles. My big boy had Grandparents Day and fortunately my parents live here so it was easy for them to attend this fun and special day with Colby. They have looked forward to this for quite awhile. Last year he was sick and couldn't go. I think they all had a fun time from what I heard. I wasn't able to go b/c Lindsay had her own special day at her school. She had a Thanksgiving Feast. We got to do this with Colby when he was 3. It brought back so many memories. This year I signed up to help out so I had to stay the whole morning and help set up and prepare the food. I loved seeing the little interactions of Lindsay and her classmates. They are such cute little ladies. It was fun visiting with some of the parents and Melissa (director) while we were working.
The feast was adorable as expected. They first gathered up to sing...well ofcourse my little petite princess didn't sing. She sat there just like her brother. She was still cute though! Afterwards they ate their little meal with their teacher. She ate her cornbread and pumpkin pie =).

The rest of the day was really low key. It was so nice to have everyone home early. We rested and the kids just enjoyed playing with their toys! I am so excited about Thanksgiving Break! We plan to do lots of fun things! Just mostly looking forward to the quality time.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Aquarium Field Trip

Thursday I got to go on Colby's 2nd elementary field trip with him. I am so thankful for my job as a Stay at home Momma that I get to attend all these fun things with my kiddos. This was our first aquarium field trip. I am also thankful for the city we live in and that there is so many cool things to go see and do! I brought Lindsay with me on this field trip. I used to leave her behind when she was a baby but now that she is older and easier to keep up with I think its fun to bring her along as well! Also she doesn't go to school on Thursdays anyway and its been awhile since we had all been. Nijel's mom rode with us and it was great having her help. We met the kids there. I had to keep up with Lindsay, Colby, and a little girl Kennedy. The 3 were really good so I don't feel like I really had my hands full at all. They enjoyed most of the exhibits. Colby always wants to rush through but we did manage to lengthen our normal times a bit ;). We did spend a long while in the play area and downstairs in front of the big Gulf tank. By the end of the field trip the kids were starving!! I had a good time visiting with all the other moms too. Once we got outside for the picnic the kids were thrilled! It was nice to eat and get some fresh air!
That night Colby had his 1st Pack Meeting for Cubscouts. At this meeting he and the other 2 boys earned their Bobcat badge. It was neat to see what all goes on at a pack meeting. Each den shared what they had been working on during the month. They also did the pledge and sang "God Bless America". They ended the evening with a skit and a couple of science experiments. I think this is going to be so good for Colby. I look forward to all he's going to learn. They also got cupcakes at the very end which was also a hit!!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Preschool Pancake Breakfast

Today we had a Pancake Breakfast for our preschoolers at church. It is the first time we have done anything like this since we have been back at Calvary. We did Thanksgiving feasts at Metairie and it was a little like that. Anyway our day started early. Austin had to leave at 6:30 and the kids and I left at 7 to be there. We have prepared for this for a couple of months now so I felt like things went so well. Everything was organized and pretty much set up by the time the kids and I even got there.
We started the day with a prayer over the event which was so awesome. I love how our leaders see the importance of this. We gave all the thanks and glory to God before starting the day. Afterwards we finished all the last minute things and got ready for the day. I think both my kids had a lot of fun. They loved fixing their pancakes with all the wonderful toppings and just had a blast visiting with their friends and teachers. I am so thankful for this core group of people my kids have to grow up with.
After everyone finished eating we gathered the kids up to sing a couple songs that we sing and have been working on in Clubhouse. It was so neat for the parents to get to see what we really do. The kids loved it and were so adorable! After the music Laekan did a little storytime with them. After this time they went outside to play a few games. It was good to just let them all expel a little energy. As the children finished they were able to go inside and do some crafts. My kids LOVED this!! As everyone was finishing up and visiting we packed up everything and started cleaning up.
I would venture to say we had about 25 kids and about 50 people. It was less then what we had hoped and/or planned for but it was still a nice turn out for an early morning in November.
I am thankful for the time we have had to rest this weekend. Friday night we were able to get back to our usual movie night. It was nice to relax with them and have some much needed down time. Now our weeks have been so busy with Bible study, Lifegroup, Wednesday night church, and Thursday nights Boy Scouts on top of regular errands and just getting the kids back and forth to school! The rest of the day Saturday we also stayed home and watched football and played outside. Again so nice to catch up on rest! Today (Sunday) we have church then once again plan to come home and relax and get ready for the upcoming week!
There will be a lot going on this week with Chickfila Spirit night, Lifegroup, Wednesday night church, Cub Scouts, and Grandparents and Thanksgiving Feasts oh and a trip to the Aquarium! So look for many exciting posts to come later this week!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fall Beach Trip 2014

We just got back from the beach! Yes the beach in November! Its the first time we have taken a fall trip like this since Colby was just a few months old. It was a wonderful getaway and something I feel like we needed! Although getting ready for it I was almost ready to back out! Going on a trip in the middle of a school week with so much going on was hard but we made it!
So we left Thursday morning. We weren't in a HUGE hurry to get out of here so we finally left around 9:30. With being out the night before until late at church it was hard to jump up and be ready that morning. We did our usual stops on the way. We stopped in Mississippi at the rest stop and then in Florida to get up with Austin's parents who were joining us this time as well. We stopped at Ruby Tuesday's for lunch as usual and it was fun visiting and catching up with everyone. We got to our condo around 3 or so that afternoon. Once we unloaded everything Austin and I walked the kids down to the beach. The weather was overcast and in the 70s that day. The beach was empty! It was so weird being there that time of year with no one out there! We walked and just let the kids play in the surf and the sand. We found several dead jellyfish a long the way which was crazy but made it exciting! We went up and got cleaned up and ready for dinner that evening. We ate in the condo that first night. Everyone is always so tired and ready to wind down so we eat in. Again it was just nice being with everyone. After dinner we got the kids to bed so we could have a little time to relax.
Friday morning we awoke to pretty chilly temperatures. We ate breakfast and decided we would take the kids to the Gulfarium. Austin has always wanted to check it out and we figured since swimming and beach time were out it was a great time to do so! Austin's parents joined us too. It was actually really fun and nice. They had dolphins, sharks, penguins, sea otters, sea lions, sting-rays, alligators, and many other sea creatures. The kids really enjoyed it! Most of the exhibits are outside and with it being such a beautiful, fall crisp day it was fun just letting them roam and run around! They also really loved the animals! We got to see the Dolphin Show which was really a hit with the kids especially Colby! Again the adventure was just so fun! I think the place seemed even more fun b/c the weather was so nice and it wasn't crowded at all!
We went back to the condo around lunch time. We ate lunch and then Lindsay needed her nap. The boys went outside to swim and play on the beach while us girls took a nap. I was a little sad I didn't get to spend as much time on the beach and swim like usual but I must admit I liked my rest time too! With such a busy season of life it was good coming home re-freshed and not overtired!
That evening we went out to eat at The Back Porch. Again a really fun dinner just visiting and hanging out! And good food! Afterwards we did our usual stop at the Destin Commons. The kids always love walking around. They loved the vehicles and boats at the Bass Pro shop! After that we walked down to the play area and let the kids just have at it! I loved being there when it was cold outside! Somthing about it just felt so fun and holiday like! We even got chocolate icecream for the kids to enjoy. We stayed out there about an hour before heading back to the condo. The kids were so sad to leave but we knew another fun filled day awaited us!
Saturday we got up to a cold, cloudy day at the beach. Once again we knew swimming would be out so we opted to go bowling instead. After a relaxed breakfast we took our time getting ready and headed to Fish Bowl. It was a fun time! The kids had never been bowling before and I honestly can't remember the last time I bowled either! We had a great time! We bowled for an hour. Colby got quite good after awhile although his approach of basically tossing the ball down the lanes was quite humerous! Afterwards we had lunch back at the condo! That afternoon Lindsay and I rested again and the boys took on the beach! I hated we didn't get much beach time but I always enjoy a good nap on vacation too!
That evening we got ready and went to dinner at Baytown in San Destin. Again it was a beautiful night so we enjoyed walking around and enjoying the scenery. We ate burgers at the diner. It was such a fun trip. I really loved going in the fall! I really think it might be a repeat for next year!
I really felt relaxed and refreshed after this trip. The last month has been so busy and crazy for us that I think we really needed this time away to re-group. It gave us some great family time and I loved having Colby at home for 4 days straight! I miss him so much!
The next day (Sunday) We traveled back. We did our usual Panera Bread stop. The kids were great travelers and it was so fun going on vacation with our 2 and 6 year old!!
Now back to real life! We have a busy week ahead with regular church and school stuff then a pancake breakfast on saturday so look for an update on that!

Monday, November 3, 2014

The Rest of the Weekend

So our weekend continued to be fun and somewhat busy. Saturday we had no real plans except a birthday party to attend. It was lovely staying in all morning. I was able to catch up on housework while the kids watched Cinderella. Its so rare that we don't have to rush off in the mornings so this was quite lovely. It also helped us recover from the Halloween craziness!
We left around 12:30 to go to Jackson's birthday party. He was turning 5. Colby and Jax have been friends their entire life but don't get to hang out as much anymore just due to life being so busy. Since Jax is in prek4 and Colby in 1st grade I don't think they see each other at school much like they did last year either.
There were a lot of kids for my kids to play with at the party. They had a lot of church and school friends there. Colby did have Ella from his class and Lindsay just enjoyed running around with everyone I think. I think she mostly enjoyed Jax, Eli, and Kale who she knows from church. We stayed until about 3ish. The entire party was outside. It was a beautiful day so I think a lot of fun was had by all. I think sometimes the simple, home parties are the best. There was no schedule or agenda and I think that makes it the most fun. I think the kids just loved the outdoor time and being together! I looked around and was just so grateful for all the families my kids have to grow up together! I am thankful for the last 2 years of relationships and friendships made. Moving back over to Calvary was one of the best decisions we ever made!
That afternoon we just rested from the party and enjoyed time at home.
Sunday was church. Austin was working so the kids and I went. I was teaching. We had a good class even though I was the only teacher well besides the youth oh and one mom who stays. We had a great class with about 7 or 8 kids. It was one of those Sundays that I really enjoyed teaching. That afternoon again the kids and I just tried to rest. We had some great quality time outside then Austin came home and we had a pancake dinner! It was the perfect way to end the weekend!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween 2014

Today has already been quite a busy day for us! I guess that is life with littles on the holidays!! So today was the first time I really had both kids' parties at the same day at the same time and had to make both! So first we got Colby to school for Farm day. We parked and got him situated and helped him pass out his pumpkin cookies. Next I brought Lindsay to school and got her settled and helped her pass out her cookies! Next up was going back to Colby's school to help out with Farm Day. This year I was asked just to help with all the students in colby's class going from one activity to another. I got there while they were at the Farm Station. This is such a hit each year having all the animals out for the students to hold and pet! Colby really loves it! He's such an animal lover! Although I don't think he quite spent as much time with them this year as last year!
They went to Trunk or Treat after that. I just walked with Colby during this time. After that the students had a restroom/water break so me and a couple other mothers waited outside for them. It was nice to just sit and visit with some other moms. These just happened to be 2 that are also signing their sons up for Cub Scouts. Last night was the first meeting. We are all very excited about this opportunity for them! I think it will really be good for Colby.
Their next stop was Chapel. Ms. Laekan did a Gospel presentation to them using a jackolantern. I am so thankful for these opportunities that Colby gets in school. I am thankful that even on Farm Day they are taught about Jesus. I hope this leads him to decided to follow Jesus one day on his own. We are just so thankful for so many people pouring into his life at such a young age.
After that they went back outside to pick a pumpkin and do the maze. They had fun just running around and playing. I was glad they just got some fun free time. I have to say though his school is very good about giving recess and outdoor time. Afterwards we left to go get Lindsay from her school. I hated we had to leave early and miss his lunch but I also wanted to participate and see Lindsay at her school. One day they will both be at school together!! Anyway we got over to her preschool and they were having recess. It was nice to visit with other moms and the teachers while they played outside.
We were able to rest and get things ready at our house that afternoon! We have had the tradition of having friends and family over to our house for hot dogs and chili since Colby was 3. Its been a wonderful tradition and so fun to see our gathering change and grow each year!
This year we invited my parents, Randall, Elizabeth, Mrs. Eva, Mrs. Doris, Melody, Nijel, and Mia. The kids were so excited to put on their costumes at 4! They ran around the house just enjoying being in costume! They were so anxious to eat by 5. Then we could hardly contain them inside until it was dark and time to get out! They really enjoyed having friends to play with and run around. We trick or treated to more houses this year then normal! The last 2 years we have ended up a little early b/c it was a school night and b/c Lindsay was so young and needing to go to bed early. This year she was SO into it! Colby loved running to the houses with Nijel. They were part of the reason we stopped at every single house with a porch light on! They were so funny! They trick or treated with us for the first half then we went on about another hour without them. Colby was so exhausted by the last house! I think Lindsay on the other hand could have kept going! It was so cute having them dressed up! Colby was Mr. Gru and Lindsay was Ariel! It was also fun being with family! This is like the kick off to the holiday season so I feel like so much fun awaits us!! I have a feeling this year is going to be really fun with an almost 3 year old and a 6 year old!!
We were also thankful Halloween was on a Friday night! The kids loved looking through their candy when they got home! Reminded me of so many nights I had as a kid! Love these traditions!! Cannot wait to see them each year as they grow!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

October Weekend

I just love the mont of October and we have had a very fun and busy one! I hate to see this month coming to a close in a week! This weekend has been filled with fun just like the last several!
Friday afternoon after school Colby had a birthday party for a little girl in his class. I thought a Friday afternoon birthday party was kind of a neat idea. Get it over with haha! It was 4-6 at a local bounce place. Although I did honestly think about skipping it b/c I do love my LAZY fridays but we skipped his last class party so I didn't want to become anti-social plus I knew he really wanted to go! I think its important to get to know the parents and kids he's with 5 days a week! Now that Lindsay is older and enjoys outtings too I brought her along. A year ago I probably would not have but I knew she would enjoy it. I had hoped to only stay an hour but we ended up being there the whole time. Lindsay ran around and didn't cling to me at all which was super nice! She used to be scared of the inflatables! I was able to visit mostly with Nijel's mom. I was a little disapointed in some of the parents discussing the teacher and school issues. I just don't believe a birthday party with that many people around is the time to do that! Anyway we stayed the whole time and the kids had a blast! We got home around 6:30 and had to still feed them dinner b/c my crazy kids refuse to eat at b-day parties! Afterwards we did let them stay up and watch The Lego Movie after bath. It was a tiring day but a good one!
Saturday Austin was off which is awesome! Its been so nice to have him home on Saturdays lately! Lindsay's little school had Family Day at the pumpkin patch that day. I wanted to go and suport the school and church that has helped our babies for the last 5 years! We had a lazy morning since we didn't have to leave until 10:30. The kids watched Planes and Austin and did some things around the house. The kids had a blast at the Festival. They loved just running through the pumpkins and playing games. They also got to pick and paint a pumpkin. There was a cake walk and Colby won! Ofcourse Lindsay had to have her cupcake too and she actually ate the whole there where Colby only took a couple bites! They also jumped in the bounce house and just enjoyed the scenery. We stayed a little over an hour. After we left we went to Moe's a new place to eat. Again fun just to eat and hang out as a family. After lunch we came home to watch football and rest. We hung out for a couple hours inside then the boys got busy doing outside work. Well all went out around 4 to carve pumpkins and decorate for Halloween. Again more fun family time! I hope our kids always remember these days! They are so special! Especially as they are growing SO fast!
Sunday Austin had to go back to work so it was just the kids and I. It was the first Sunday in awhile we were able to just go to first service and come home. So we are enjoying a long afternoon at home. We will play outside later and also work on school stuff at some point. This weekend has been fun but not too teribly busy so I feel like we are rested before the school week!
This week there will be lots going on with our regular routines on top of Farm Day, Halloween Parties, and Trick or Treating!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

So Lindsay had her very first school field trip today! She did the Aurora pumpkin patch! I cannot believe she is old enough for this b/c I remember Colby's 2 fieldtrips there so well! Anyway ofcourse I signed up to be a chaperone. I dropped her off and went to visit my parents since the field trip began at 10. Sadly I think this will be her only preschool pumpkin patch field trip b/c they do it every other year. Colby got one at 2 and 4.
When I arrived she was so excited to see me. Her class was lining up and we walked out to the patch. The kids sat down on the sidewalk to wait for all the other classes to get in line then the lady who is in charge of the children's ministry at the church talked to them about the pumpkin patch. Afterwards they were allowed to walk around and play for a little while. She loved this part. She just ran through the pumpkins and would stop and look at them every now and then. Her class is 8 girls so they were all so adorable. Especially she and Stella though who always wear the little smocked outfits. Lindsay was able to wear her pumpkin dress from the last 2 years. It fit as a top this year. Its a 9 month dress and has lasted us from 10 months now through 2 1/2 years. I really think we might be able to squeeze her in it one more time next year =)
Next they gathered all the kids under a blanket to read a few fall stories. Lindsay got a little antsy during this time. She kept saying she wanted juice. After the storytime they took a class picture then went to make a craft. She seemed to really enjoy the craft time. She loves her some arts and crafts! I also got to visit with Stella's mom during this time. Its so funny b/c they all thought Stella and Lindsay were cousins b/c they were dressed sorta alike. After the craft they got apple cider and powdered donuts. Ofcourse she loved this too! Once the field trip was over and the class went back Lindsay and I picked out our pumpkins. Usually Colby would have wanted to stay the whole day but I figured Lindsay would 1) want to leave with me 2) I wanted to get home early so we would have time to eat lunch and hang out before picking Colby up that afternoon!
That evening we also had Chickfila night for Calvary. This was the first one of the year. I was sorta dreading going b/c I thought it would mean 3 straight nights of us being gone. I knew we should go though and I knew Colby would BEG to go! It ended up going well. We got there at 5 and left by 6 so I think we missed most of the chaos.
Lifegroup got cancelled for Tuesday and I skipped Bible study in order to grocery shop so thankful we had a sort of rest day in there!
Many things still to look forward to: Church, haircut, b-day party, and family day at Lindsay's school! Fall is just so busy but fun!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Pumpkin Patch & Sunday

So we were finally able to take the kids over to Mrs. Heather's Pumpkin Patch. This is something we have talked about doing since Colby was 1. We went to the Strawberry Patch in the spring and the kids had such a great time we knew we had to go back! So Austin was off this Saturday which like NEVER happens so we wanted to do something fun with the kids! We gave Colby a few options and he chose the Pumpkin Patch. We also invited Austin's parents and sister and nieces.
We got the Patch around 10ish. There was a lot of people! We had no idea it would be so busy but it was big enough that we neve really felt crowded. The kids really enjoyed playing on the country type stuff. They enjoyed the swings and running down hills. They also had this little Haunted Nature Walk that was really cute! We spent some time looking at the animals and checking out all the sights. The kids loved all the different playground equipment. While they were playing and jumping on the haystacks though Colby started feeling nauseous! I dunno what the deal is with this boy getting overheated! I know it didn't help either that he had donuts for breakfast and no protein. That's when it seems to happen most. I am wondering if he has low blood sugar? Anyway he sat down in the shade and drank some water and started feeling better again. They went on to play on the see-saw. Well all was well until the see-saw came down on Colby's legs. Poor baby he must have been seeing stars! So after that it wasn't long before we decided to go. It was approaching noon and the meltdowns were coming! They kids went and picked out their pumpkins and it wasn't long before they were all happy again!
We left the Patch and went to eat at Chime's. It was a long lunch but it was nice to visit over lunch. The kids were really well behaved too thanks to being entertained by their cousins. I love seeing how they connect. Maggie and Colby seem to connect really well. They are the closest in age and Maggie is more of a tomboy so she and Colby love running around and playing together. Shelbi and Lindsay connect the most b/c Shelbi is the oldest and seems to "mother" Lindsay. Anyway it was great seeing everyone!
Afterwards we drove home and hung out here the rest of the day. It was a low key evening.
Sunday Austin was off again which was nice. We spent the morning at church. I had to work in the preschool again. We had 8 kids which wasn't too bad. It was a lot less hectic then the week before! After church we came home to rest. That afternoon at 4 we had to be back for the church work day. It was a really great turn out. Austin worked with the guys on the baptistry and Lindsay and I worked with some of the ladies cleaning the preschool classrooms. Colby was upstairs with the children. I think they also put them to work. Even though it made for a tiring and short afternoon I think its important for us to help take care of our church/school. I think it was also important for our kids to see and help in that as well.
It was a very busy weekend full of many wonderful things! This week will also be filled with field trips, school events, errands, church stuff, etc!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

First Quarter Conferences and Awards

So today has been a super busy day for us! It started out with Awards day for Colby. I was so proud of him for making Alpha Honor roll this quarter. Last year he only made Honor Roll once and it was Beta. I really don't care that much if he gets these everytime or not but he has worked so hard and I have seen such a maturity in him that he def deserved it! Austin and my parents were also present for the Awards.
After awards we had to bring my van in and get the rental van. So glad to finally have that ball rolling! Its been bugging me all week driving the van! Although I know things could be so much worse. So after that Lindsay and I had to go back up to the school bc I had offered to help count money for the cookie dough orders. We did this with my friend Stephanie. Lindsay behaved so well for the hour and a half we had to do this. It was tiring but I was glad that I was able to help. Afterwards we had Parent/Teacher Conference. Even though Colby had all A's and he makes an A in behavior I still like to meet with the teacher and just hear how he's doing socially and academically at school. Its also a good time to get to know her as well. She basically said he's doing great! She said she can already see huge growth in him and that he's really well mannered in class. She did say he is quiet and she is working with him to be a little more outspoken. All in all I felt great after the meeting. I really feel like Colby has learned and grown so much in a year! I really love his teacher! Colby seems to really love her too! I really feel like I like her philosophy of teaching. Last year his teacher was firm but fair. He learned a HUGE amount and I am glad he had last year but this year not that she's not firm and not teaching them but I feel like she is focusing on the whole child and not just reading and math. It seems like she is trying to teach them how to work in groups and how to talk in front of the class. That afternoon I was really ready to relax. The evening was nice just the kids and I. We watched Aladdin and had our Friday night tradition of popcorn! It was really lovely especially after a crazy busy day!

Monday, October 13, 2014

1st Grade & Weekend

So today I was able to hang out with Colby's class for a little while. Being a former teacher I guess I jump at any chance to go hang out with my kids at school! I was only able to do this a couple times last year due to Lindsay being home more and really I tried to volunteer but with a teacher and an assistant they really never needed much help. This year I told the teacher who is a first year teacher that I would love to come hang out with the class and help out. I let her know that Lindsay is in school 3 days a week so I have a few free hours. Anyway she said she would love to have me help out and contacted me this week about Friday. I knew it would work 10-11:30 b/c that would be perfect while Lindsay was in school. Anyway I am always excited to help out and get to see my kids in their school atmosphere.
So Friday morning was a busy morning for me. Drop Colby off, drop Lindsay off, go drop colby's book bag off at my parent's house (he was spending the night) then go up to Colby's school. They were doing Show and Tell book reports today so I was able to listen and watch them all do that! It was cute getting to see all the first graders report about their books. That lasted the whole hour so after that we went down to lunch. I stayed for that as well. It brought back so many memories eating lunch with his class. It was fun visiting with them all over lunch though!
So Friday afternoon was relaxful with just my girl. I missed Colby and our normal Friday traditions but I did enjoy special time with just Lindsay. We picked up Cane's on the way home from school as a celabratory lunch then came home and ate and napped. That afternoon we had a low key night. We played outside and watched Alice in Wonderland.
Saturday morning was nice not having to rush off anywhere. We got a few things done around the house then left to go get coffee before picking up Colby. Coffee is our "thing" She loves the coffee shop! I do believe she would pick that over typical kid places like donuts, mcdonald's, chickfila. So we picked Colby up and headed to the park. We had plans once again to meet up with friends. We met our friends Tammy and Logan and Melody and Nijel and Mia. I felt bad b/c the time before it was all younger kids so I think Colby was a little bored. This time I wanted to make sure we invited his best bud. The kids had an absolute blast and it was so awesome getting to visit with other moms. Its so nice now that my kids are ages that we can sit and visit at the park. They pretty much do their own thing with little help from me. We stayed at the park 2 hours which NEVER happens! I was glad for some active and free play and outdoor time for my littles! I loved to see them using their imaginations and muscles! Anyway so we headed home around noon. We were looking forward to a quiet afternoon of football and resting. Well unfortunately on our way home we got rear ended. Talk about a bummer! It was ok though the man was super friendly and right away admitted fault and it wasn't bad just a dented/scratched bumper and back tailgate. It could have been much worse! I have tried to view this as a life lesson for not only austin and I but for my children too. A few years ago I would have totally freaked but I know God allowed this to happen for whatever reason. We are so blessed to have a nice car to drive around in and if we have to be inconveinced for a few days it will make us appreciate our well taken care of safe vehicles that much more! That afternoon was spent on the phone with insurance people and watching football. Not what I had hoped but we still had a nice day.
Sunday thankfully austin was off. We all went to the late service together. I was asked to fill in for someone for the late service. It was nice to have a slower paced morning and not to have to rush off somewhere. I taught the preschoolers and we had 12 children so it was quite an active morning! I did take the 6 youngest ones out though to the Playroom which worked out well for them to burn off energy. After church we went with some friends to get po-boys. Lindsay was in a foul mood all morning which made my stress level go through the roof! I think she was just hungry and tired and out of sorts with us going to the late service! It was def not something I could do every week! We enjoy getting home at 11! Anyway that afternoon was nice we had a little time to relax and hang out outside. I love weekends and cherish my time with the littles!
Upcoming: This week is going to be a busy one with school and church activities! Also with trying to get the van fixed! Lindsay has school pictures and Colby has awards and conferences!

Monday, October 6, 2014

The Weekend Story

Friday we woke up to stormy weather and Austin feeling really really bad. He was nauseous and dizzy. He wasn't sure if it was a stomach virus or something he ate or what! It was actually a little scary for us! Anyway at that point I decided that I might just keep the kids home from school. With not knowing what was going on with Austin and bad weather I had told myself I would just let Colby sleep and if he slept too late to go to school well we would just skip! Well sure enough he slept until 8. We skipped school and just enjoyed a slower paced morning. I figured since his "perfect attendance" was wrecked from getting checked out the day before it was WHATEVER at that point! I ended up taking the kids to Target with me since that is what I had planned. I enjoyed just hanging out with them. We bought Colby's halloween costume and a few fall items for them both! We came home and Austin still wasn't feeling well. He finally decided he should see a doc. My parents brought him to urgent care b/c we felt it best for me to stay home with the kids and get them fed and rested for naptime. Anyway Austin got home around 2:30 and we all just chilled. It turned out he had a really bad ear infection! poor guy! The kids and I were able to play outside. Oh and Colby and I did Math and Phonics at home which I really enjoyed teaching him from home. Honestly I wish we could do part time school like maybe a 4 day week and I would homeschool 1 day a week. I love learning with him and its fun just to get my teaching out that way! That evening we all got out to go pick up Chickfila for dinner. After dinner the kids had their baths then we let them stay up for Friday night movie. This week was Ariel's Beginnings. I chose it for Lindsay b/c she is Ariel obssessed!
Saturday we woke up to gorgeous fall weather. I had decided the kids and I def needed to get out and enjoy the day! I have been dying to go back to the Farmer's Market ever since Stephanie and I went a couple weeks ago! Since I ran out of time during the week I figured it would be a fun Saturday activity and fun to bring my parents along with us. I think the kids enjoyed it especially Colby. He was a big help counting out the right amounts of fruits and veggies to put in our "box". It was such a beautiful fall day for this too! I just love the energy and excitment fall brings!! After the market we decided to also take the kids to the mall. This was another "fall" activity I wanted to check off our list! Its always been tradition to take them out there to see/ride the train. Well Lindsay has never ridden the train I don't think. She's always been to scared. Well finally as I thought she would atleast ride it with Colby he decided now he was TOO big to ride it! Oh my mommy heart broke! I cannot believe my baby boy is saying he's too big for certain things!! Anyway I thought they both might changed their minds after seeing how fun it would be. NOPE! Neither one! I guess when you have been to Disney things like this just seem too boring for my world adventureres. But they did still enjoy looking at all the decorations so that made it worth it! Afterwards we made our usual stop into the Disney Store. The grandparents decided to buy the kids a little treat. Colby got a plane and Lindsay got more princesses! I also got some Ariel shoes for my sweetie to go with her Halloween costume. I figured since we bought the costume at low cost we could spring for some fancy shoes! After the shopping we went to eat in the Food Court. Again this is always a treat for the kids. We had just had chickfila though so we opted for Subway. After eating we headed back home. Colby had a playdate and there was a lot of good college football to be watched =) It was nice having a couple of quiet hours with Colby being away with a friend. I am so happy he has a buddy to go play with on Saturdays! We picked him up around 5 and came home and had dinner and watched more football!
Sunday Austin was off which is always great! I had childcare though so we didn't get to sit together in church. We had about 8 or 9 preschoolers and most of them were 2 year olds so it was a little crazy. I always enjoy teaching them though and love having that time to interact with Lindsay and her friends. After church we ate lunch at BWW and then came home to watch the SAINTS game. Colby was invited to a b-day party at 1:30. But I had a couple issues with this: 1) I didn't agree with the theme (Zombies?) and 2) I really prefer not to do Sunday afternoon parties b/c we try to focus on Worship, Rest, and Family on Sundays. Plus honestly at 1:30 after church really wasn't my ideal time to go hang out at the park with a bunch of 6-7 year olds anyway haha! And Colby never even asked to go! The afternoon was nice we were able to spend time outdoors and go for a walk!
I feel very refreshed after the last 3 days! It was nice having the kids home for an extra day added to the weekend! I think that "mini vacay" will help us from hitting fall burn out! This upcoming week is back to our busy routine of grocery, Bible study, lifegroup, school, Wednesday church!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

A week of Blessings

So after a hard week last week I feel like this week has been so wonderful! Its been a full and busy week but I love this time of year!
Monday-Grocery shopping and then a family dinner outside that evening of hamburgers and fries! Love having Austin home on Mondays and having a big family dinner and having it outside on a nice fall night was added bonus! Oh and both kids had school!
Tuesday-I had Bible study and Lindsay went to my parent's. Austin was home but he worked around the house painting. That evening we had lifegroup. It was a great ending to our series on work. I love going and learning and fellowshipping with friends!
Wednesday-The kids had school. I came home and worked around the house and relaxed. It was a blessing to be able to have a low key day since Wednesday nights are crazy busy! We really enjoy being back at church though! The kids have a blast running around with friends! Its also been a sweet blessing having my parents back at church with us and seeing them mid-week like that! Our preschool class had 4 kids but I am really loving this time with them to truly get to know them and teach! Its been wonderful so far!
Thursday-Lindsay and I went to the library that morning. It was fun looking for books with her. This was something Colby and I did a lot when he was in that 1-3 age range so I am enjoying teaching her about the library and instill a love for books. We picked out a bunch of books to read over the next few weeks! Afterwards I had a meeting at chickfila for Children's Ministry! It was fun having Lindsay alonge. I want her to love serving in the church too so its neat to have her around for some of this! I felt blessed getting to meet with Laekan and Tammy. Such a pleasure to serve our Lord and work with preschoolers with these ladies! So that afternoon right after getting home I did get a dreaded "text" from Laekan. As soon as she arrived back on the church campus she got word Colby was throwing up. So I had to rush up there to pick him up. I worried we might be starting with a stomach virus! It ended up him just getting overheated at recess. I have to admit I loved having him home early! Honestly I wish every Thursday was early dismissal like that! It made our afternoon/evening feel so much longer. We didn't have to rush through homework and dinner.
Friday we woke up to stormy weather and Austin feeling really really bad. He was nauseous and dizzy. He wasn't sure if it was a stomach virus or something he ate or what! It was actually a little scary for us! Anyway at that point I decided that I might just keep the kids home from school. With not knowing what was going on with Austin and bad weather I had told myself I would just let Colby sleep and if he slept too late to go to school well we would just skip! Well sure enough he slept until 8. We skipped school and just enjoyed a slower paced morning. I figured since his "perfect attendance" was wrecked from getting checked out the day before it was WHATEVER at that point! I ended up taking the kids to Target with me since that is what I had planned. I enjoyed just hanging out with them. We bought Colby's halloween costume and a few fall items for them both! We came home and Austin still wasn't feeling well. He finally decided he should see a doc. My parents brought him to urgent care b/c we felt it best for me to stay home with the kids and get them fed and rested for naptime. Anyway Austin got home around 2:30 and we all just chilled. It turned out he had a really bad ear infection! poor guy! The kids and I were able to play outside. Oh and Colby and I did Math and Phonics at home which I really enjoyed teaching him from home. Honestly I wish we could do part time school like maybe a 4 day week and I would homeschool 1 day a week. I love learning with him and its fun just to get my teaching out that way! That evening we all got out to go pick up Chickfila for dinner. After dinner the kids had their baths then we let them stay up for Friday night movie. This week was Ariel's Beginnings. I chose it for Lindsay b/c she is Ariel obssessed!