Friday, August 24, 2012

THE RAIN and Finally a break from the Insanity!

Well I think we have all been going crazy in this house lately! It seems like last week we were home a lot and pent up with nothing to do. There wasn't much getting out last week. I didn't plan it that way it just happened. Saturday we stayed home. Our reason for this was it was forecast to rain plus I felt like we would just stay home and relax with Sunday being church and we would be gone most of the day! Also with Colby's late night at the SAINTS game I felt like he could use a little extra rest and downtime.
Little did I know it would flood Sunday and we would miss church! After staying home all day Saturday we were SO ready for church on Sunday! We got up that morning and all got dressed and were ready to head out the door by 8:30. Well around that same time that we wer about to leave the sky turned really black and the wind picked up. I got a little worried at that moment if I should really be striking out to Metairie with 2 small kids in tow alone. Well it still wasn't raining and we were all dressed so I said let's go! Hoping it would quickly blow over! Well by the time I buckled Colby in his seat the downpour began! We drove down our street which it was so scary. I couldn't see b/c the rain was so hard, lightening was striking all around us, and the streets were already beginning to hold water. I pulled up in a parking lot to call my dad and see how the weather was at church. He could hardly hear me b/c the weather was so crazy on my end. I decided to wait for a few minutes and let it calm down then we would try again. Well it started to look better so we started driving down Terry Parkway...we got about a mile down the road when I realized how bad the streets were already flooding. I decided it wasn't worth it so we turned around and came home. I hated it I really wanted to go to church. I knew though getting stranded with 2 kids would be no fun at all! I have been stuck in floods before and it sucks much less with a 4 year old and 8 month old. The weather did get better soon after we came home but we came in and changed clothes b/c we had all gotton wet and by that time I was out of the mood to go anywhere. Granted, it made for a long day! Staying home ALL day for 2 days straight is enough to make anyone go crazy! Not to mention Austin had to work all night!
Monday Austin was off which was wonderful! I was so excited to have him here with us and just a break from the last few insane days! Colby had spent Sunday night with my parents. Since Austin was working through the night we figured it was best for him to be over there. It worked out great b/c Austin got to come home Sunday afternoon for a few hours. With Colby here he wouldn't have been able to relax but since Lindsay goes to bed so early we were able to chill out for awhile which was nice. Well Monday morning after getting ready I left to go pick up Colby. Austin got in earlier then expected and got some rest so I left Lindsay here with him. I picked up Colby and we went to the grocery store before coming home. After lunch we all rested. That afternoon we headed out to run a few errands and go out to eat as a family. We rarely go out to eat at night these days...with Lindsay going to bed at 7 and Austin's crazy work schedule time rarely allows for it. We figured though it would be a nice change of pace since the kids and I had had been couped up so much. We chose to go across the river to Panera Bread. We usually try to pick "quick" places if we go out at night also. We all enjoyed the food and the kids behaved very well too. It was so nice getting out and just enjoying being together!
Tuesday we decided to take a Family outting to the aquarium. Lindsay has been to the aquarium atleast one other time but that time we didn't stay long b/c it was crowded and she was really little. I figured now at 8 months out she would like it too! It was a great day to go..the weather was wonderful the aquarium wasn't crowded and we had a great time. I honestly think Lindsay liked it better then Colby. For some reason he's never been a huge fan of the aquarium. He never stops and looks at the exhibits at all. He used to mainly just want to go and play on this little playground thing and now they have removed that so he really wants nothing to do with the place. I hate that he won't get interested in the animals. Lindsay seemed to really take note of the animals and get excited about them. We only stayed a little over an hour. The aquarium doesn't take long to get through but especially with 2 little ones I feel like we speed through! We came home and enjoyed po-boys. That afternoon we invited Honey and Max to eat dinner with us again. Its nice having friends over to eat and we enjoy helping them out. When we cook for just the 3 of us we always have leftovers so its not like we are even cooking any more food! The boys had fun but they were both a little grumpy! Max is back in school so I think he was tired from his day and Colby gets grumpy in the evenings b/c he has pretty much quit napping! All in all it was a nice visit though! We really enjoyed the 2 days with Austin! I always like when he's off during the week b/c it seems to help break the week up and makes it go by faster!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Our Week

We are having a nice week back at home. We enjoyed our weekend in Hattiesburg but as always its nice to get home.
Monday Austin was still off. It was nice to have another full day of us all being at home. That morning we had to go get Colby's passport applied for at the post office. My parents came over to watch Lindsay. We weren't sure how long it would take and I didn't want to have a screaming baby in the PO while we were trying to get that done. It ended up not taking long at all and Colby did great. Since we finished up early we took him to the park. It has been quite awhile since we have been able to do a park trip. Its just been so hot this summer. I would normally take Colby even in the heat but logistically taking a baby out there its just not worth it. Sometimes Colby and I would literally go for 15 minutes and move on to something else but hauling a baby with all her gear that just doesn't make it worth it. Now that she is getting older though I am looking forward to some fall park trips with them both! After the park we took him to eat Mexico...that is what he calls our little hole in the wall mexican place we have been taking him since he was a baby! He loves the bean dip they give you to start and then the cheese quesadilla. It was a fun morning out with our big boy! It was nice to have just him to focus on and I am pretty sure he enjoyed it too! That afternoon we just relaxed and enjoyed some family time!
Tuesday it was back to me and the kiddos. I took them over to my parent's house to swim. This is always a nice outting. Its easy and they both love it! We all went swimming which was fun! Lindsay loves the water! Colby is ofcourse all fish too! After swimming Lindsay ate her lunch and took her nap. This is always a nice time for Colby and I to just visit and hang out with my parents. We ate lunch together then relaxed and watched a movie! I am so thankful for grandparents that live in our city that our kids can see all the time! Once we got home we were all exhausted so we just rested and waited on Austin to get home!
Wednesday my parents wanted to take Colby to breakfast and out for the morning. I had to go to Target so I welcomed the idea of only having to take 1 child. I know its important for them to spend this time with him this summer b/c the school year will bring on a lot of changes since he will be going every day. Lindsay and I made our trip to Target then came home. She's a pretty good little shopping buddy. My parents brought Colby to breakfast at McDonald's then to the mall then to a bounce place then to their house. I know he had a blast!
Thursday we kept Jackson for my friend Casee. Colby has gotton to know Jax through the last couple of years. Even though Jax is a little over a year younger then Colby they still get along well. We decided we would take turns swapping kids till school starts. Colby went over there last week so this week was my turn to watch Jax. It worked out well. I think the boys had fun. It kept me busy though. We did coloring, they played cars, ate a snack, played together with Lindsay, then I brought the boys outside while L was taking her nap. It was a busy but fun morning.

Friday I took the kids to Barnes and Noble. This is one of our favorite pasttimes. Its a nice place to go with both kids when its too hot to do much else. Colby LOVES the train table. He also likes to leave with a book. I always let him get a book...I have a hard time saying no to books. I love books and I want him to love reading so we always get a book. It was a nice outting. We got home and ate lunch then everyone was supossed to rest. Colby had a big evening planned. He went to the SAINTS game with Uncle Randall and Aunt Lizzie. It was his first Saints game but he has been other big events so he kinda knew what to expect! I think he had a blast! They updated us the whole evening on what he was doing. They also sent pictures which we loved! He ended up falling asleep in the 1st quarter which shocked me. But he didn't take a nap that day so I know poor thing was exhausted. But he woke up and contined to enjoy the game. They brought him home at the end of the 3rd quarter which he still got home after 10. I am glad it was a Friday night so he had Saturday to recoup. I am glad he got the experience though and had fun! I know he felt like such a big boy!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Maggie's Birthday Party Weekend

Well another weekend has come and gone pretty much. We just got home from Hattiesburg today. We went to spend the weekend b/c it was Maggie's birthday party. We missed last year so we wanted to make sure we were able to go this year! Ofcourse Colby is ALWAYS excited about a trip to Hattiesburg. We left late Friday morning. We decided to leave a little later and stop in Slidell for lunch. It worked out well we ate lunch at Ruby Tuesdays. The kids both did pretty well. They also both slept a little on the way up which was nice. When we got to Hattiesburg we went to the apartment to unload. While unloading the van we realized we forgot Lindsay's entire suitcase. Well that meant a trip to Target. I decided to go by myself rather then load the kids up again. Austin stayed with them at the apartment. It didn't take me long to find her some cute clothes for the trip. Once I got home Austin decided to take Colby with him to his parent's house to visit. We knew Lindsay needed some down time. I stayed with her at the apartment while the boys went to visit his parents. I think Lindsay was grateful for the nap and I was thankful for the rest too! Later that afternoon Austin and Colby came back with his parents. Austin and his dad took Colby swimming at the apartment pool while his mom and I stayed in and fed Lindsay her dinner. We then took her for a walk out by the pool. Once we got in we ordered some dinner. While the boys went to pick up dinner Lindsay was ready for bed. I hate she misses out on so much with her going to bed early but I figure one of these days she will like staying up later. We enjoyed visiting over dinner with Austin's parents. After they left we got Colby bathed and put to bed. Its always nice to have that down time at the apartment with Austin especially after a busy day!
Saturday we were able to sleep in a little which was SO nice! We then had a liesurely morning around the apartment. We headed out around 10 to go to Maggie's birthday party. The party was at a park in Sumrall. There was a splash pad and a playground. We knew Colby would have a blast. It was a neat little park and Colby loved playing with Shelbi and Maggie and their other cousins. Lindsay mainly watched from the stroller. Austin and I only stayed about an hour with her. It was just so hot and that is her naptime anyway. She hung in there well for that hour but you could tell she had had enough. We decided to bring her home, but let Colby stay. It was nice that he got to stay for awhile longer. He would have been very upset with us making him leave but it was hard to leave Lindsay in the heat. I hate we missed all his fun but this is just the stage we are in right now. Austin's parents said he had a great time though. He got home around 2. We knew he was exhausted as well from the party. Lindsay fell asleep on the drive home so Austin and I took the opportunity to just drive around Hattiesburg and talk. It was reminscinent of our dating times! Afterwards we went back to the apartment and let her crawl and play while we all cooled off. Once Colby got home we all tried to lay down to rest. After some time to rest and freshen up we met his parents at Olive Garden to eat. Once again both kids did really well. Eating out with 2 though always feels like a circus. After dinner since it was past 6 Austin dropped Lindsay and I back off at the apartment while Colby went back to pawpaw's house to play for a little while longer. I know it seems like Lindsay misses out so much but she goes to bed early and its what's best for her and everyone. I think they enjoy the time with Colby too! It was good for Austin to have some time to visit with his parents as well. Again that evening after the kids were in bed it was nice for us to spend time together and relax. We always enjoy our trips to Hattiesburg. We will be spending a lot of time there this fall once football season gets cranked up!
We came home Sunday morning so there wasn't much to report we basically woke up and drove home. After naps though Colby's friend Max came over to play. His mom is in the process of cleaning up their house after their AC has been broken for a couple months. Colby really enjoyed having a friend over. It was a nice change of pace for us. They play pretty well together although I could tell with it being late afternoon they were both kinda tired and cranky but they still did well. His mom came back and stayed with us for dinner. We grilled hamburgers and did homemade fries. It was nice to have someone eat dinner with us. I think we were all worn out last night though! It was nice knowing Austin had one more day off!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

A glance at our week...

We have had a nice week around was one of those weeks that I thought wouldn't be busy but then quickly filled up with things to do!
Monday I had to take Beaux to the vet for his annual checkup. My mom came over to watch Lindsay. I technically probably could have handled Colby, Lindsay, and the cat if L was in a stroller but it would have been crazy. It was nice of my mom to come keep Lindsay. Colby really enjoyed going to the vet. He has always done so well on errands! I look forward to this coming year with Lindsay while he is in school her becoming my errand buddy. I thought it would be a really educational experience for Colby. He is understanding more and more and has more questions about things. I talked to him and told him Beaux had to have a checkup like he did a month ago. He was excited about going and wanted to bring his stuffed cat and dog with us. I think the vet office got a hoot out of him. He asked a lot of questions and talked with them. He acted so grown up! They even took the vet bunny out of the cage and let him pet her! The rest of the day was pretty low key for us!
Tuesday we had our house cleaner coming over. These days are best for us to get out the house especially Colby and it won't be long now with Lindsay crawling that I will need to get them both out! I decided to bring Colby over to my parent's house to swim. Lindsay and I didn't stay I decided we needed to come back home so she could be on her regular nap schedule. Plus the morning was a little rough for us all. Its always a hectic day...I love having the clean house but its hard having to work around someone all day. It will be easier when Lindsay can stay out longer and we pretty much just come home for her to take a nap. Colby came home around 5 then we just waited on Austin to get back home.
Wednesday I needed to go to Lakeside to get a gift for Maggie's birthday. My mom kept Lindsay so I could take Colby on a special outting. I really try as often as I can to take him out by himself. I know this summer we haven't gotton to do as much fun stuff as we usually would. I figured he would enjoy a morning at the mall though. Casee and Jax met us there which made it more fun! We brought the boys to Stride Rite first to get their feet measured. We try to bring Colby there atleast once a year to check his foot size. He has been wearing shoes for about a year. His foot measured to be a size 10 which is exactly what he's wearing. I will probably order him size 11 though soon for the fall. After the shoe store we let the boys go check out the Disney Store. This was ofcourse their favorite! They both got a little car as a treat. We also found some shirts for Shelbi and Maggie for their upcoming Disney trip and got Colby 2 shirts for our upcoming cruise. We then went to eat lunch. I think the boys enjoyed sitting together and eating their chicken. After lunch we took them to the fountain and PB kids to run off some energy. It was a fun outting for Colby and I. I think going with a friend made it even more fun for him and I. I was glad to have a special day with Colby before he starts back to school. We went back to my parent's to pick up Lindsay and visited for a bit before coming home.
Thursday was a VERY busy day for me. I had grocery shopping on my agenda. Casee had offered to let Colby come play while I shopped. It was nice that he got to have fun instead of do grocery shopping with me. Its always easier just to have 1 kid. It made for a busy morning though getting him dropped off, shopping, picking him up, unloading grocies, then making lunch for 2 kids. I was glad for naptime. I also had to spend the afternoon cleaning and packing for our trip. Colby seemed to have a good time with Jax. I am glad he's getting old enough to do that type thing. Look for an update on our trip next!

Monday, August 6, 2012

8 Month Comparison

Ok do they look anything a like? They look completely different to me!

8 Months

So here I am writing my little girl's 8 month post. This month she has grown up so much! She started sitting up really well over the last month. She started sitting at 7 months a little later then her bro but she got really good at it quick. she rarely falls over and she can go from laying down now to sitting or from sitting to laying down or on her knees. She is quite flexible! She also started crawling on her 8 month b-day. She's still not crawling across the room or leaving the room yet but she can definitely move around. She is also acting like she wants to pull up. She gets near something and gets on her knees and looks for something to grab onto.
Her personality is coming out more and more. She's so cute and funny. We think she says "hey" but she's not saying any other words yet. She loves her big brother. She's very tough and takes "his loving" really well. She gives the cutest "cheese" face now too! She's very tough to be such a little thing!
I have no idea how big she is. She is probably around 15 or 16 lbs I would guess. She could still fit in 3-6 month clothes but she mostly wears 6-9 month b/c of the seasons. Her 3-6 month stuff was all winter. She wears a size 2 diaper.
She is eating more "Table food" she still eats baby food but we let her sample our food sometimes. So far she isn't too picky. She can chew really well now too. She is also somewhat able to "self feed".

Its neat seeing her go from a little baby to more of a little girl. She loves being out and about. She's very laid back for the most part but when she does get upset WATCH out! She's on a very good schedule. She has breakfast at 8, lunch at 11, dinner at 5. She's usually in bed by 7. She takes anywhere from 1-3 naps a day. We had her on a good 3 nap schedule at the start of summer but I think she's ready for just 2 naps so her schedule has been crazy with having Colby home. She really needs a nap from 9-10 then like 1-3 something like that. I am hoping her bedtime will eventually get a little later. I mean its nice in some ways but in other ways it makes it hard to do much.

Our Weekend

Well I would say we had a busy, but great weekend! We were spoiled again by having Austin home for it! Friday my mom and I and Colby went to work in the church nursery. Its been awhile since we have had a "work" day up there. But with the new year approaching there was a lot to be done. We are creating new classes and moving some of the classes to new rooms. We worked in the 2 year old room getting it ready. Colby enjoyed playing up there with the toys. He has been used to going up there with me since he was just 1. It was nice not to have Lindsay though it would have been harder to work with both of them! Once we got home we ate lunch and took naps.
That evening/afternoon Austin and I left to go to the Kenny Chesney concert. Its been awhile since we have been to a concert. It was a nice change of pace. We got there around 4:30 and it lasted until 11. It was a little long but it was nice to just sit back and enjoy the music and each other!
Saturday I was so thankful Austin was off again. We used the day to mainly stay at home and get things done. It was great to sleep in and just hang out at the house as a family. Austin and Colby did get out and run a few errands but we mostly just hung out which was great. I feel like we need that every now and then!

Sunday another busy day. Austin had to go back to work. So I took the kids to church. I had to teach in Colby's room today. It actually went really well. I enjoy being the lead teacher. I love teaching and since right now I am a SAHM I don't get to do it often. Homeschool has crossed my mind but I really think Colby needs to be around other children. Who knows maybe one day God will call me to do that! Right now he needs to be in preschool. I used to teach Sunday School but since becoming Nursery Director I can't do both. So I enjoy the opportunity to teach. Its hard though teaching your own child although I have to say this past week he made it much easier on me. I also turned over a lot of the teaching to my helper Mrs. Shirley. I let her do the storytime which I think worked out well. I think I just have higher expectations for Colby and get frustrated when he doesn't sit still and listen. We learned about Jesus and the 12 Disciples. The kids loved the activities. I love planning that type of thing! I came home after SS. I had a meeting that afternoon and I just knew I needed the rest and time to get stuff done. I brought Lindsay home with me but Colby stayed with my parents. We didn't get much of a nap though b/c Colby didn't nap plus by the time he got home it was about time for L to wake up anyway. I had to leave for my meeting at 3:15. Austin came home to keep the kids. The meeting went really well and I am thankful for that. We have a lot to look forward to and I'm excited about another great year with our preschoolers! Once I got home Austin and Colby ran a few errands then we all settled in for dinner and bedtime and watching the Saints game! It was a wonderful weekend! We are looking forward to a busy, but great week!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

This Week

We have had a pretty low key week which has been nice. This summer has flown by and been so busy. Between swim lessons, camp, and Colby's birthday party I feel like we have really been on the go! I am thankful the month of August doesn't have too much going on. I look forward to spending time with Colby before he starts school in September. This week has been pretty routine.
Monday I took the kids to the library. We had books due back and there was also storytime so I figured it would be a nice outting for us. Colby does so well now at storytime. I started taking him to the libary when he was around 1. Its amazing how far he has come! I am glad Lindsay is getting a taste of it now. I will probably try to continue bringing her even when C starts back to school. He sat really well through storytime and even enjoyed the craft. Lindsay always acts really good too and seems to enjoy the whole experience.
Tuesday I had Bible Study. Since Colby was finished with camp I figured I would bring him with me. They have childcare during the Bible study and he came with me twice at the beginning but then was at camp during the month of July. I figured I would bring him this last time. My mom has always kept Lindsay during the Bible Study. Its just a couple of teenage girls who watch the kids and they are all preschoolers so I knew they weren't equipped to keep a baby anyway. I figured it would be good for Colby to be around other kids though and just a change of pace for him. He always seems to enjoy it. After Bible study I brought him back to my parents and picked up Lindsay. We decided to let him stay that afternoon to swim and play at their house. It was nice for me to come home and get a little break. It also allowed me time to get more stuff done. It seems with 2 kids home 24/7 I never get anything done!
Wednesday I took the kids swimming at my parent's house. This was only Lindsay's 3rd time in the pool. She loved it so much the last time that I have really been wanting to get her in the pool since then. The month of July just flew by and neither her or I got to swim. It was nice hanging out over there. We always spend several hours though...we were there from 10-2:30ish. Its hard to get away b/c Colby always wants to stay longer and play. I used to make him leave after lunch but now she's napping so we have to wait until she wakes up. Anyway its nice though...its still a break for me b/c my parents play with the kids and I can sit and visit or relax which is nice!
Thursday was a low key day for us. I had to go to Target. I always dread big shopping trips with 2 but they both did really good! Lindsay sat up in the cart like a big girl and loved it! We got what we needed and got home. We spent the rest of the day relaxing at home. I was glad we had a low key day before going into the weekend. The weekend is going to be crazy! We have a concert, errands, church stuff, etc.