Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summer Fun

So we are continuing to really enjoy the summer so far! Colby has officially been finished with preschool a week and I feel like we have already done so much! We are having a blast! The last couple of days were pretty low key: we grocery shopped Tuesday and Wednesday Bailey had a vet appointment.
I knew Thursday I needed to plan something fun for the kids! Once again like last week I gave Colby a few options: I said zoo, aquarium, or children's museum. Well he settled on the museum. I was kinda glad b/c really that was the easiest option and a place that's great for both their ages. We invited a few friends but no one else could go so my parents tagged a long with us. I think they enjoyed it! They haven't been with us since Colby was 2. It also was a lot of help to me b/c Colby is too big for the toddler area now so they were able to spend time with him doing other stuff while Lindsay played in the toddler area with me. I would say they both had a blast though! Lindsay loved the slides in the toddler area and anything she could climb up! Colby had the best time with the boats and the train/car tables!
It was a great trip! So thankful for our membership there! Hope we get to go a few more times this summer! This afternoon is quiet for us. Colby is spending the night with my mom and dad and Austin is working so its girl time!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend/Start to Summer

Well we have officially kicked off summer in our house! Friday was Colby's first day of no school! My plan this year is to really get us out the house and enjoy many playdates and adventures! I knew since he was finishing up preschool I wanted his first summer day to be something he picked! I gave him the choice of the zoo or City Park. He chose City Park! That was fine b/c we haven't been since last fall.
Since Austin was working today we invited my parents with us. I probably could handle both kids now but they are still young to where I can use extra help. This way Colby can do what he wants and I can follow Lindsay around. Well we got there at 10 expecting Storyland to be open but it doesn't open until 11! We made the most of it though...I hated to not go b/c this happened one other time and Colby missed Storyland all together. So we took the kids to the playground. The kids had fun but the playground was so crowded! I have never seen so many kids out there in my life! I guess everyone had the same idea now that school is out! We played for about 30 min then we decided to go on a walk while we waited. We went over to the Sculpture Garden and found some shade. After walking through there it was almost time for Storyland to open. I was proud of how well the kids behaved. It was really hot and a long morning but neither really fussed at all. We finally got in Storyland at 11. Colby was so excited. My parents followed him around and I stayed with Lindsay. I think Colby mostly stayed on the firetruck. Lindsay just wanted to wander around. It was fun getting to see them having so much fun! We stayed about 40 minutes by then we were all so hot and tired I knew it was time to go home. We had planned lunch out but I knew if we did that Lindsay would be fussy plus she would probably fall asleep in the car. It worked out well coming home b/c the kids and I ate then we all took naps! So far I'm loving our summer schedule =) That afternoon we were lazy and just watched tv. I figure nothing wrong with that the first day of summer!
Saturday Austin was off. We were looking forward to a nice family day together. We decided after a relaxing morning we would take the kids to a park in Metairie. I know it sounds crazy to go that far but I enjoy taking them to different parks. They tend to get bored when we go to the same ones all the time. Plus I like to save the "close to home" adventures for days that daddy is working. The kids had a blast at the park. This was Lindsay's first time at this one...Colby hasn't been since he was 2. The weather was gorgeous and it was lovely just letting them run around and soak up the sunshine. Afterwards we ate lunch at McAlister's. We had a low key afternoon which was nice. We let the kids play outside in their pools and on the playground! They had a blast! So far I am loving summertime! I hope we can get them outside every day!
Sunday ofcourse was church. I was very excited this week to have Austin there with us plus I got to sit in church with him. I am enjoying working with the 4 and 5 year olds but I have to admit it was nice to go in church myself. Church service was really nice. Now that we are going to the 1st service we are home by 11. Its really nice to be home and have such a long afternoon. We ate and took naps. Austin decided to cook ribs that afternoon so we invited Mrs. Doris and my mom and dad over to eat with us. We had so much food plus we figured it would be neat to have them over to eat! I think we all enjoyed it! The kids also really enjoyed the attention from 5 adults! They also got to play outside before/after dinner. I am so glad they have gotten so much outdoor time lately! Makes for easy bedtimes!
Monday (Memorial Day) Austin was off again! We have so enjoyed him being home for 3 days straight! We had a relaxful morning again then got dressed and went to my parent's house. Each year we just go over there for a low key lunch and swimming. It was our first time in their pool this year. Well Colby has been swimming atleast once but not the rest of us. He's loving swimming but he needs to get his confidence back up on "actually" swimming. He will have swim lessons in a few weeks so I hope that helps him! Lindsay enjoyed the pool too but she tires out pretty quickly. We stayed out about an hour though. We ate lunch and enjoyed visiting then it was time to come home and put Lindsay down for her nap. We just enjoyed relaxing and hanging out this afternoon. Its been such a great weekend! So far summer is off to a great start! I am looking forward to this week with the kids! Maybe some park trips, the zoo, children's museum, and aquarium are all on my list!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Last week of school

Well here we are the last week of preschool for my little man. This has been a very bittersweet week. 1) Just knowing my little boy has finished his preschool years, 2) knowing this was his last week at his precious little preschool where he started school 3 years ago and 3) knowing the next time he sets foot in school it will be in big boy school!
AH so its been an emotional week. I am not sure how much Colby has grasped it but I think he has b/c even he has seemed a little "down" this week. He has loved AUMC and done so well there! He's never not wanted to go to school. He's had wonderful teachers all 3 years and made some sweet friends. We will miss that place.
Anyway enough sadness here's a rundown of how we spent the last school week. Austin was off Monday. I brought Colby to school by myself...I was needing a break and needed a lone time. I took time to meet Casee for coffee that morning then grocery shopped alone. For lunch Austin took Lindsay and I to Parrot Pete's to enjoy our last little lunch the 3 of us for this school year. We have really enjoyed taking her out with us...we miss Colby but he hogs so much of the spotlight we have had some sweet memories with Daddy and his 2 girls on Colby's school days! That afternoon we hung out at home. The boys spent time outside and we had a nice low key family night.
Austin was off again Tuesday. We all brought Colby to school that day. I knew Austin would want one more chance of taking Colby into school. After dropping him off we took Lindsay to the park to run some energy out. We then ran a couple errands and came home. That afternoon after resting the boys did some more work outside. That night Austin and I went out to eat with some new friends of ours. We stayed out 3 hours...I couldn't believe it! But it was something we needed...especially I needed. Although the only problem with staying out like that so much went un-done at home.
So Wednesday was more like a normal day. Austin was back to work and I was the one needing to get the kids to school alone. After getting Colby to school Lindsay and I made cookies for all his teachers. It was a busy morning of baking and getting things done at home. That afternoon/evening I also had a VBS meeting I had to attend. I really hate going out 2 nights in a row. Luckily the VBS meeting didn't last long so I got home at a reasonable time and early enough to see the kids before they went to bed. We were all very tired though!
Thursday the official last day of school. Another busy day! It was a hectic morning trying to get last day photos and pack up the car with teacher presents. I cried on the way and got teary eyed giving the gifts to the teachers. Lindsay and I stopped at the grocery on the way home then came home and did what we could around the house before leaving to go pick up Colby again!
I'm excited summertime is here. I'll miss Colby's preschool years...I know kindergarten though is going to be great! I'm looking forward to a really fun summer. 2 years ago I was pregnant and last year we had a baby so this summer I feel like we are really going to be adventurous! We are starting our summer adventures with going to City Park tomorrow! The kids are already so excited!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Park Days w/My Princess

So this week I had the opportunity to take Lindsay to the park twice! that doesn't usually happen but most of our spring activities have ended and we have more free time during the week. Well Tuesday we met our friends Casee, Jax, and Mason there. I felt a little bad b/c Jax is one of Colby's friends. Jax wasn't in school that day but Colby was. I think Jax was a little sad too that Colby wasn't there. Lindsay played a little with Jax but Lindsay is 1 and Jax is 3 1/2. I think Lindsay and Mason will be friends though especially once Mason is really mobile...they are only 9 months apart. Anyway we stayed at the park for 2 hours! That is way longer then I normally would say by myself but since I had a friend to visit with it went by WAYY quicker! I think it wore Lindsay out though she took a LONG nap that afternoon. I am glad we have gotton to have some fun play days while Colby is in school b/c then I will have them both at home for 2 1/2 months.
Wednesday was Lindsay's usual GymRomper day so we headed to Metairie for that. Well when we got there we found out it had been cancelled that day. I was a little sad b/c that was her last time. Its still up in the air whether or not we will sign her up this summer. It depends on Colby's activities. I hope to get him into Tennis or T-ball. Well since we had gone all the way out there...there was no way I was going to turn right around and go home so we went to a nearby park. Well Lindsay had a blast again! She is at that age though where I have to get up on the playground too and follow her around so not only is it a great workout for her its a workout for mommy too! We had a good time! The playground was full of kids so it was good for her to have some social activity since her class was cancelled.
We've had a good week and I'm enjoying the free time. This weekend we will have a pretty low key weekend b/c Austin is working but we have teacher end of the year projects to work on! I can't believe Colby is 1 week away from finishing preschool!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

I had a wonderful Mother's Day this year. Once again we celebrated Mother's Day right on the heels of being at the beach! Not a bad start to the day at all! That day ofcourse we went to church. I had to work in the nursery though. I was a little bummed I couldn't sit in church with Austin on Mother's Day but I know working in the nursery is a wonderful place to be and I felt good knowing I was allowing other moms to be able to enjoy service. It was a busy morning. I work in Colby's age group twice a month. Its 4-5 year olds. This Sunday they didn't have a teacher for the 2-3 year olds so they were all together! Needless to say it was crazy! A very busy class! We had 13! i was glad I had 2 helpers working with me though. The kids were active but for the most part well behaved. We came home briefly really to just change Lindsay's diaper then we went over to Mrs. Eva's which is our Mother's Day tradition.
I was a little worried how it would go. Lindsay is usually already worn out just after going to church and on top of a busy week at the beach. She ended up doing really well though! Colby was actually the hard one. We enjoyed our lunch that Elizabeth prepared and it was nice to sit and visit with everyone. I think the kids had a good time as well in a new place. Colby loves going over there to play cars. That afternoon we had a very laid back day. We took naps and hung out at home which was nice. Austin cleaned house and cooked dinner so I was spoiled! I can't believe I've been a mom for 5 years!
You are growing up so fast! You are becoming a young man right before our eyes. You have grown up and matured so much this year! We are so proud of you. You are a great big brother to Lindsay and a big helper to mom and dad. You love cars and dogs and just life in general! You are excited about the small joys in life! You love adventure and the outdoors! I love your articulate personality! We are excited about the adventures that await you when you start kindergarten in the fall!

You are also growing up so fast! You are becoming more of a little girl instead of a baby. But you are still our baby of the family! I think I have a harder time letting go of the "baby" with you then I did with your brother. I love having a girl to hang out with now! I look forward to the years we have ahead of tea parties, dress up, painting our nails, etc. You are doing so many new things. You are talking a lot and just so active! I love to see the wonder and excitement in your face! I can tell you really love your big brother even though you give him a hard time! You are so fun and have such a great personality! You are stubborn yet sweet! I can't wait to see what the rest of 1 is like for you!!

Love, Momma

Monday, May 13, 2013

17 Months

So my little lady turned 17 months about a week ago. With the beach trip I am just now sitting down to type this out! Man she is growing like crazy! Acting more and more like a little girl instead of a baby! She is definitely dramatic and fiesty. She can stand up to her big brother like nobody's business! She is still a momma's girl but also has developed quite a sweetness for her daddy which to me is just beyond sweet! I love watching him scoop up his tiny princess. Speaking of tiny ...she still is! No idea how much she weighs right now. I would guess 22 lbs. She still wears 12 month clothes but can wear 18 month one pieces. She is in a size 4 diaper and size 4-5 shoe. She is so active now she is pretty much running all over! She tries very hard to keep up with Colby.
She is still doing GymRompers but that is about to wrap up. I haven't decided yet if I will enroll her for part of the summer. She will also be doing swim lessons in a few weeks! I still love having her home with me and spending 1 on 1 time with her while Colby goes to school.
She has also started talking a lot. She says bye bye, night night, hey, daddy, mommy, go go, cat, dog, me, and many others I can't think of. She is already starting to recognize the ABC's and numbers. She amazes me daily! She will begin school 2 days a week in the fall. I think she will love it b/c she already loves other kids and loves activity so it'll be good for her I think. She just got back from her second trip to the beach. This was her first year to really enjoy it though. She wasn't fond of the sand/beach but loved the pool! She's growing so quickly!!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Destin 2013

Well here we are home from our annual Destin trip! I can't believe its already come and gone! We had a fabulous time! I am so thankful for a great tip and the opportunity to have fun and relax with family! Here is a run down from our trip!
Wednesday morning we left around 9. We drove all the way until Alabama. There we stopped at the rest stop to have a potty break and also stretch our legs. The kids did great. They both stayed awake..Colby watched a movie and Lindsay talked, ate snacks, and played. After that stop we drove all the way into FL past Pensacola to our usual Ruby Tuesdays. It was a later lunch then are used to but the kids hung in there great. Once we left there we were on our way to the condo! Thankfully Lindsay finally fell asleep between there and the condo but it only gave her about a 30 minute nap. We knew though she wouldn't sleep anymore that day. We also planned not to make Colby nap on this trip...I guess that's the perk of now being almost 5! So we got to our condo unloaded and got settled in and decided to take the kids down to the beach. We wanted to try the beach first. Lindsay was not sure of it at all. Colby seemed to enjoy himself though. This was the first year he wasn't really picky about the sand or scared of the water! We didn't stay out long so we went to the pool next. Lindsay did ok in the pool but she was tired/cranky and a little unsure. So we didn't stay there long either. We went to the condo cleaned up and went to hang out in my parent's condo. We ate dinner around 6ish..both kids were starving and tired so we quickly retreated back to our condo after dinner. Luckily it didn't take either of them long to fall asleep! I am so thankful they sleep so well away from home. They also do really well sharing a room on trips! We will see next year when they have to even share a bed ;)!
Thursday we woke up around 7:15. I was so glad this year the kids slept in a little. Last year they were up each day around 6 which made vacation hard. We got the kids up fixed their milk and went over to my parent's condo. My mom cooks big breakfasts the 2 days we are on the beach which is so awesome! After eating we took the kids to get their swimsuits on and we headed back to the beach! Colby loved the beach this year but Lindsay really wasn't fond of it. All she wanted to do was to be held or sit on the chairs. I brought her to the pool and she ended up liking that much better which is also how Colby was at this age! She was a little clingy in the pool which he was too but I'm hoping after swim lessons she will warm up and get braver! I enjoyed my pool time with her. I still don't feel like I got to spend as much time with Colby but atleast I got to see him more then last year! He had a blast playing on the beach with Aunt Lizzie and daddy! I brought Lindsay up around 10:30 b/c I could tell she was getting sleepy. We got her dressed and fixed her lunch. I was able to hang out with my mom while she ate which was nice. Around 11:30 the boys came up and we all enjoyed lunch before going to our condo for naps. We didn't make Colby rest this year...we let him hang out with my parent's during that time. Lindsay slept for 3 hours which was SO nice! It gave me time to nap plus time to shower and get ready for dinner that night. Once she woke up we all got dressed and went out at 5 for an early dinner. We went to the Back Porch like last year. The food was great and the kids did great! Lindsay was very fussy during the day but was so good out that night! We guessed maybe she just needed a night out!? After dinner we took them to the outdoor mall. Colby and Lindsay rode the train and played on the playground! Both of them had a blast! It was so neat getting to see them both play! We ended the evening with icecream and coffee! We put the kids to bed after getting in which was later then their normal bedtime and Lindsay was keyed up! Colby conked out and she was still up an hour later talking! Anyway once again they both slept all night! Austin and I enjoyed the peace at night and watching movies while they slept! It was a nice ending to a busy day!
Friday went pretty much the same way as Thursday. I hardly went to the beach at all...Lindsay was fed up after like 5 minutes so she and I spent over an hour in the pool but she LOVED IT! She was definitely in a better mood Thursday too! After lunch we took naps again. Her nap wasn't quite as long and Colby still didn't nap. We let him watch a movie during naptime then he and Austin took a walk on the beach. That afternoon we all got ready and took him out. We did this last year too. We wanted to spend a little bonding time with just him since we don't get that often. He wanted to play "golf" aka putt-putt. We figured it would be fun to take him out. I guess in a couple years Lindsay will be old enough for all this fun too! He has wanted to play putt-putt ever since our cruise! He loved it on the cruise boat. Well he was excited...but quickly played hole 9 he was DONE! I think Austin realized golf isn't anywhere in his future just yet! He decided he wanted to do the rides! We bought him a few tickets. He did the go-carts first! I couldn't believe how well he drove! This was his first time "driving" anything other then Shelbi and Maggie's 4-wheelers and he did awesome! He never even hit the wall! He was adorable! I knew he was a born driver! He rode 3 more kiddie rides. We left there and went to eat at Five Guys. He enjoyed his burger and it was nice just chatting with him! He's grown up so much lately! Afterwards we took him to the souvenir shop and ofcourse he chose a puppy! I think it was a great way to end the vacation! We got home just in time to see Lindsay before bed. Once again they went to bed and slept great! Gotta love how sand, sun, and water wears children out!
We got up pretty early Saturday to head back. It always seems a little crazy trying to pack, clean up, get dressed, eat breakfast, load a car with 2 young kids running around but we did it! We were in the van after 9 headed home. The kids did great on the way home. Lindsay slept pretty much the entire first half which was nice! We stopped at our usual Panera Bread for lunch. My parents had some excitement with their car and had to take it to get worked on in the process. We came on home after lunch. We were home by 3. It was a wonderful trip! Many memories made! I really enjoyed seeing Colby have so much fun! He came back a tan, blonde haired little boy! It was fun seeing Lindsay experience everything for the first time! I look forward to next year having a 5 and 2 year old! AH how time flies!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Wednesday was Austin's 34th birthday! I was so glad he could take off and be with us on that day! We usually always do something special. This year since it fell in the middle of the week we went ahead and sent Colby to school b/c Lindsay had GymRompers. He went with us though! It was only the 2nd time he has been able to go watch her. It was a nice time for him to spend with Lindsay. Afterwards we ate lunch together. I hated Colby missed out but I think Austin enjoyed time with just the girls =) After lunch we came home to put Lindsay down for her nap and rest ourselves it was quite a busy morning! Austin went back to pick up Colby at 2 so they ran some errands. Therefore, he got quality time with Colby! Once they got home it was really time to start getting ready for church that evening. Our Wednesday night classes are over but they had a worship night of just music. We were looking forward to going to that. I got dressed early and went to pick up Austin's cake. I usually make 1 but this year I was just so busy and with it falling in the middle of the week there was just no way for me to be able to do that. We also gave him a Bible this year for his b-day. Anyway that night the worship service was wonderful...very moving. I am so proud of Austin he is re-focusing his life to Christ and I just see God doing an awesome work in him lately. The kids were in the childcare rooms and both seemed to have a good time. The only problem with stuff like that is we get home so late and the kids ARE SO TIRED! We didn't get home until after 8. Poor Lindsay was exhausted b/c she never slept once we got home so she had like a 30 min car nap and that was it! But she hung in there bless her heart! Colby was tired too he had a full day!
I hope Austin enjoyed his b-day and although we went on with our weekly plans I hope we were able to make it a fun day for him! We love him so much!