Sunday, November 27, 2011


It was nice to have Austin off this year for Thanksgiving! It seems like every year things are different. We have had every Thanksgiving at my parent's house since colby was born. Last year was a quiet one as well with just my parents and Austin's parents and us. This year was even more quiet though it was just us and my parents! We were invited to do Thanksgiving across the lake at Elizabeth's sisters house and ofcourse we had the option to go to Hattiesburg. We obviously couldn't do either of those with me being 9 months pregnant! It was honestly kinda nice though to have a laid back year! Every Thanksgiving has been stressful to me for some reason up until this year. At 9 1/2 months pregnant I didn't want any stress haha! We got to sleep in that day until about 8 which was really nice and we watched part of the Macy's Parade as a family. I was glad to have the morning just the 3 of us...that has never happened...we usually have company of Austin is at work!
We went over to my parent's house around 10ish. There we continued watching the parade and my dad took Colby for a walk in their neighborhood. We were ready to eat around noon which was nice to not have to wait until 1 or after. We ate and visited and let Colby play for a little while then we came back home for our Turkey Day naps! Once again this was different...usually we hang out at my parent's house all day.We probably would have hung out there most of the day but Randall and Elizabeth planned to come over that night for Round 2 of Thanksgiving dinner so we figured we wanted to visit with them but not hang out over there ALL day so we came home for naps then went back over. It was fun that night getting to visit with them. I think Colby really enjoyed them as well!

I can't believe it was Colby's 4th Thanksgiving! I would honestly say this was probably his favorite. His first 2 he was kinda grumpy and overwhelmed. Last year I think he enjoyed but still didn't quite "get it". This year he had a blast plus I think having a small crowd he had more fun! Looking forward to next year we will have a 4 year old and an 11 month old to celebrate with!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Week

So far we are really enjoying Colby's week off from school! This is his last vacation before little sister arrives! We are trying to pack lots in and just enjoy our time with him. I'll start with Saturday...

Saturday since Austin was working Colby and I went over to my parent's house to hang out and eat lunch. He always enjoys going over there to play plus its an outting but one where I can rest and take it easy! I was really tired and sore on Saturday so it was nice to have them run around with him while I sat and visited.

Sunday once again I chose to take it easy but didn't want Colby to miss out on any fun. My parent's offered to take him to church with them so I could stay home. I am really glad we chose this option. It was wierd missing church and I missed being there but I knew I really needed the rest. We had decided that I did not need to work in the nursery anymore until after Lindsay is born and ready to be in there. We have had 2 children at church come down with Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease and I just don't need to risk getting sick this close to having a baby. My parents said he did really well though. I enjoyed the morning at home. I have to admit though I did get a little bored. But I did get some housework done and watched a lot of tv and just put my feet up!

Monday began Austin's vacation. We are so blessed to have him home this week. He usually has to work on Thanksgiving so its really special that he was able to take almost the whole week and spend time with us. Its also helped me keep Colby busy! That day his parents also decided to come in town. We weren't going to be able to spend Thanksgiving with them this year due to me being 9 months pregnant and unable to travel. We enjoyed a laid back morning around the house then got dressed and brought Colby to a park. It was great for him to get out and stretch his legs and run around. Austin's parents ended up meeting us there. After letting him play for about an hour we ran an errand to Petsmart then went to New Orleans Hamburger and Seafood for lunch. It was nice getting to visit with them over lunch. Although by the time we left I was exausted! When we got home it was time for colby to take a nap...and mommy too! Austin and his parents went to the grocery store. I was so thankful for that...I have done all the shopping up to this point but I just didn't feel like I could do it anymore especially with Austin being off and them here it was a good opportunity for me to take the week off! I wasn't really able to take a nap took Colby quite a while to settle down. He's usually like that when we have a big day plus with grandparents being in town. By the time they got back though he had fallen asleep...thankfully. I mean he can go without naps some times but with all the extra stimulation of grandparents he really needed the down time. They decided while he was still sleeping to go to our neighbor Mrs. Doris' house to pick satsumas. I was glad to have a little more quiet time also. By the time they got back Colby was awake. We were able to let him play outside for about 30 min before it got dark which he enjoyed. That night we all pitched in and helped with dinner. We had rotissere chicken, homemade mashed potatoes, green beans, salad, and a chocolate pie for dessert! It was all really good! After dinner all just visited and they played with Colby. Since they can't sleep at our house anymore since we don't have a guest room they like to stick around until after Colby's bath. I think he truly enjoyed their visit and the extra attention. I was wiped out by the time they left though so it was nice to relax and put our feet up after Colby went to bed!
Tuesday morning I had a doc appointment bright and early. My parents had planned to pick Colby up. Well since Austin's parents were still in town both our dads came to pick him up. He was very excited about hanging out with his 4 grandparents...ofcourse who could blame him he would totally be the center of attention?!? Austin and I went to the doc then our plans were to do some Santa Christmas shopping. We finished at the doc a little after 9 which was great! We were able to start our shopping about 10. Our first stop was parents had recieved a gift card from one of their friends so they said we could use it since they didn't really need anything for Lindsay (they still have all the big stuff from Colby). We spent about an hour there. We really stocked up too...I think we officially have about everything for her now! We also got a couple Christmas gifts for her and one for Colby. Her main gift is a play gym...I wanted to get a bigger one then we had for Colby. he loved his gym but quickly outgrew it by 3 months. This one I think will get her through until she's mobile! She is also getting a few small baby toys and maybe a book or 2.
Our next stop was ToysRUs for Colby. He is getting a town with some wooden cars and a parking garage, and a toy camera. I'm sure he will receive several small things as well. I was glad we went ahead and got their big stuff out of the way though! We felt like the stores were already getting crazy! After we finished up shopping and I was completely worn out by that point we headed to La Madeline's for lunch. It was nice having just a quiet lunch the 2 of us. Afterwards we headed home to take naps and relax while Colby was still away. I went to pick him up that evening and we just had a low key night at home!
Wednesday our plan was to go to Lakeside and get Colby's Santa pictures done and do a little more Christmas shopping. This is our tradition each year to go during Thanksgiving week with him. I know its early but we prefer to go before the craziness really begins. Colby has always done well with Santa...he's never cried but this year he was truly excited about it. He is really starting to get the whole Santa and Christmas thing! I have a feeling this Christmas is going to be really special with him! He knew exactly what he wanted to do from the start. He informed us first that he wanted to ride the train. Its always funny though b/c he talks about riding the train and I think he really likes it but he just sits there with his head down while he's on it. I think it must be loud or he gets easily embarrassed at everyone watching him. But he said he had fun on it. After the train we went to see Santa. This is his 4th year to sit on Santa's lap and he's always done wonderful. He's never cried or gotton upset! But this is the first year I think he really understood. He lit up when he saw him. He told him what he wanted for Christmas!! He played games with him and just talked to him. His pictures came out precious too! After that he wanted to check out the "Mickey Store" aka Disney store to pick out a car. We let him go ahead and pick out one...I hate starting the habit that we get a toy when we go somewhere but I figure we don't go out to Lakeside all that often plus it was a good distraction so we could Santa shop for him as well. As Austin and he were paying for the one car I snuck around and bought the big packs of Cars that Santa is bringing! Lucky for us he never checked the bags! His next stop was the "Kitchen Store" aka Pottery Barn. Its so funny b/c he usually prefers to play on the girl side with the kitchens and appliances. Although this time he spent half his time there and the other half playing blocks and trucks on the boy side. He had a blast I had to drag him out of that store! I was able to pick out some stocking stuffers there though which was good! Our next stop was to Build a Bear to build a bear for Baby Lindsay. I figured this would be a cute gift from him to her. He loved it so much! He has his own Build a Bear but Austin and I made it for him when he was about 8 months old. He had never actually been in the store! He had a blast making it though. We will probably have to bring him back sometime to actually make one for himself! After that we went ahead to eat lunch...I was getting pretty tired by that point. Plus the mall and foodcourt were also starting to get crazy! We ate our lunch then went down to Hallmark for our last stop! I had to pick out ornaments for colby and lindsay. We have taken him every year to buy a special ornament for our tree and last year and this year he also got to pick one! He ofcourse picked a car! We came home and everyone enjoyed resting! Austin got out that evening and put our lights up which was nice to already have that done! Colby enjoyed helping and checking them out as well!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Week 37

So this week I can officially say I am full term! That's exciting! Even with a planned c-section its nice knowing that if I do go into labor now everything should be fine! I am really getting ready for her to get her. Physically I have my good and bad days. I can tell when I over do it b/c it takes me a couple days to recover. But honestly I still feel like I am doing pretty well to be this far along. Sunday I stayed home from church which I missed being there but I think it was good for me to rest and keep my feet up almost all day! I also knew this week is going to be very busy! With Thanksgiving, a visit from Austin's family, Christmas shopping, and finishing up Lindsay's room I needed a day to rest! Thankfully Austin is off almost all week. helps having him around and we are also hoping to get a lot accomplished! I am now going to the doc twice each week. When I went last tuesday my blood pressure was up so they wanted to monitor me twice a week. Its kinda a pain b/c I feel like that's all I do now but I also appreciate their concern and wanting to be extra careful. It also gives me peace of mind about going into labor! They now put me on the NST machine. I went last tuesday then again on Friday. Its so funny b/c the minute they leave the room she moves and it doesn't pick her up! I can tell she might be a tad stubborn! She can also hide from them...I have no idea how she has that much room left! Anyway all is looking good as far as she goes! My cervix is still closed as of Friday so I kinda doubt she comes early but ofcourse that can all change quickly I know! I feel like we are about ready for arrival. I feel myself getting nervous though...not so much about having a baby I mean ofcourse I will be a little nervous about that. But I am nervous about the life change. I am nervous how I will balance my time between 2 kids. I feel like we have it down with Colby it will be interesting to see our routines change. I am also getting weepy and sentimental more with Colby. I am trying to treasure each and every moment we have with him as an only child. He is very excited though about baby Lindsay as we all are! We can't wait to meet her and see how she fits into our little family!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Colby's 1st School Thanksgiving Feast

Well I know Colby and I already attended a Thanksgiving feast at our church this season but Colby still had his Thanksgiving Feast at school left. I was excited about it. They had sent a letter home last week about the kids preparing the food and the parent's being allowed to come. I knew immediately Austin should take off for this! I had a doc appointment that morning anyway so Austin stayed home so he could take Colby to school. Then after my appointment we came home and left for his feast. They had it all set up in the gym. It was so cute they had 3 really long tables all set with the children's plates. They were decorated and had thanksgiving plates and cups and placemats that they had actually made. They also had an Indian Tepee set up with different things displayed. The children came in and sat in a circle. They sang about 10 different songs/poems. Colby just sat there though...this is also what he did Orientation Night. he knows the songs and sings them at home and he loves to sing at home...I don't know if he gets shy or embarrassed in front of all the people or what. Atleast he doesn't cut up though he just sits and looks around like he's bored or something! But ofcourse we were still proud of him!
After their singing the teachers brought them to their tables to enjoy their feast. I was a little confused how the feast would work. I was more under the impression that it would be for the parents and children. But it was cute the way the kids sat with their class. His seat was next to Max which was very appropriate. He was also close to August and Andy 2 of his other buddies. He sampled a little of his food but he didn't chow down. I think it was too early for him to be hungry, plus he had had pancakes that morning for breakfast, and I figured he wouldn't be too crazy about the food, plus all the distractions. Anyway he thought it would be more fun to run around the gym. We tried to contain him at first but gave up when most of the other children were doing the same thing! He was one of the ring leaders though playing a game of chase then about 3 or 4 other children including him wound up closed up inside the tepee.

It was a very fun morning...I got some pictures with my phone...stupid preggo brain I forgot the real camera but I still got some cute ones! I love little traditional school events like this!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A fun Morning

Well today Colby and I had one of our fun, special mornings together! I purposely planned a morning doing something he would enjoy. i had a mops meeting this morning that I really hated to miss b/c I don't know how easy it will be to go in December and I missed both November meetings. But it was one of the few days I would have left with Colby where we could spend together just us! Plus my parents had just kept him all day Tuesday so I really hated to send him over there. Anyway we decided to go to a park since the weather was cool and beautiful. I called my friend Amanda who we had visited with last week. We decided to meet at the Belle Chasse park. Colby and I hadn't been to that park in quite awhile. I think he was excited to go somewhere new! He ran around full of energy and giggles! I could have sat there for 3 hours watching him play. My friend finally got there with her little girl and Colby was soo happy to have a friend. I was a little dissapointed though she was ready to go after just a little bit...she was afraid it was too cold for the baby. I had wanted to go to lunch somewhere in Belle Chasee but she suggested McDonald's. I really didn't feel like fast food at all. But we decided to go I figured Colby wouldn't complain about McDonald' even when we get the food we rarely eat inside one. Well first we tried the BC McDonald's but their play place was outside so again she figured it would be too cold. So we went to another and it was under construction...I was getting a little annoyed by this point...but we finally ended up at the one by our house. The service though was terrible the food not so great but Colby had a blast on the playground. I guess that made it worth it. He really thought it was great since we never do that! I was glad the day was about him b/c I know those days are going to be few and far between although my goal is to still take him out places alone and do special things with him even after his sister arrives!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Preschool Thanksgiving Feast

Our church hosted a Thanksgiving Feast this past Saturday for the preschool department. This includes infants-5 year olds. This was the first year we have done something like this. The past 2 0r 3 years they have had a fall event but its always been in October and more of a pumpkin party/festival type thing. We decided against that this year b/c October was such a full month at our church with Revival and Trunk or Treat. Since my mom and I are over the nursery we were the ones to coordinate this event.

We had planned craft activities for the kids to do then they would get to go into the Fellowship hall and enjoy a meal with their parents. We only had 5 children show up which was kind of a disappointment but I know fall is so busy with families that its hard to pick a date where everyone is free. The children we had though I think had fun. We had one baby Tabitha (8 months old), her older sister Veronica (3 years old), Zoe (1 1/2 years old), and Jonathan who is (1 year old). I was glad Colby atleast had Veronica. But it didn't seem to bother him that he was the oldest. He was excited to go to church. Poor thing though always thinks when we go to church that its going to be time for him to play in the nursery. He kinda thinks he owns the church nursery. Since I have always worked up there during the week and on Sundays and Wednesdays he thinks he can play in any room. Once we started doing the crafts though he really got into it! I was impressed at how well he did with them. I guess b/c he is used to that type of thing at school. He could do most of them all by himself! I think he enjoyed them more then any of the other children. After the craft time we went to the fellowship hall to eat. Colby was very excited about the food...I think it was more the dessert table though. But he did eat a good lunch then sampled about 3 desserts! Its so funny how he goes crazy with sweets when we are at something like that...I guess since he doesn't usually get that at home its like a HUGE deal! I enjoyed visiting with Laura and Rachel who were at the table with me. Colby played with the kids after he ate. I felt bad that I didn't stay and clean up but Colby was getting antsy plus I think everyone understood I am 9 months preggo!

Weeks 32-36

Wow I didn't realize how behind I had gotton on my pregnancy posts. Well in the last month I have gotton well into the 3rd trimester. I am still feeling pretty good. Honestly I think I am doing better then I did at this point with Colby. I am not sure that its b/c I feel better or I just have more motivation since I have to care for a 3 year old. By the last month or 2 of being pregnant with Colby I don't recall doing much other then laying on the couch! I had stopped working and didn't have anything else to really do! Now life has had to go on despite me being uncomfortable or tired! I can't keep Colby home b/c of that. Now I would say we have slowed down a little. We probably aren't doing the outtings we would have been a year ago. I feel bad but between school and other stuff the only thing I have really done with him is take him to the park or friends houses. But he's loving school and loving life so I think he's ok! I am so thankful he's in school 3 days a week. Its helped for me to have that time to rest or also run errands. Even though the errands till wear me out it helps to not have to wrangle a 3 year old in Target and the grocery store each week!
I am thankful that everything is still going well in this pregnancy. My blood pressure and all tests have come back fine. Nothing major at all to report. At this point I have gained less then 20 lbs which is SO much less then I gained with Colby! Like I said I am still feeling pretty good most days but I can tell when I over do it. Luckily being a stay at home mom I can take breaks when needed. I try not to walk or stand for long periods of time so that has helped. I haven't even really had much swelling at all. The only time I notice swelling is when I am on my feet a lot and then my wedding rings get tight...but at this point I couldn't even wear them with Colby!
At my last appointment we set the date for the scheduled c-section. Her arrival date unless she comes earlier will be December 5th. We have to be at the hospital at 5:30 am and the surgery will probably be between 7 and 8 am. I can't believe how quickly this pregnancy has gone by. Like I say it went by kinda fast with Colby but that last month or 2 I wasn't working so I had time to really think about stuff and long for a baby but now I am so busy taking care of Colby it seems like time has really flown by quickly.
We have pretty much everything we need for her. Her room is 100% done but the things that are left are minor. I am trying to not get stressed about that stuff. She won't notice if all the pictures are hung or whatever. We probably need to go to BabiesRUs atleast one more time to get last minute things but other then that I think we are ready! Hard to believe in 3 weeks she'll be here!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Pensacola-Family Reunion 2011

We just got back from my mom's side family reunion that was held in Pensacola at my Aunt Debbie and Uncle Buddy's house. This has been planned since last year I believe. We booked our hotel rooms almost a year ago. I never knew I would be 9 months pregnant when it came down to it. We debated the last couple months if we would actually go or not. Didn't know how I would be feeling or if the doc would even want me to go. I talked to the doc at my last visit and she said it was fine as long as I was doing well and we stopped to walk around during the ride up and back. So we decided finally in the last week to go ahead and go. I am really glad we did. I never thought I would be making a trip the last month of my pregnancy or how I would do but I did fine and we had a good time. It was tiring and it wasn't without challenges though. Since my grandma died back in 1998 we don't see my mom's family as often. I mean she may see one sibling a year or something so if they are in New Orleans we will see them also but we rarely if ever see my cousins.
We left on Friday after Colby got out of school. We drove to Slidell and ate in McDonald's. My plan of Colby sleeping most of the way did not happen. He slept from the MS state line to the AL line. Glad he slept but it wasn't long enough! He was good in the car though. After stopping to walk around at the AL reststop we let him watch Cars on the DVD player. We made it to our hotel in Pensacola around 4. We checked in and were dissapointed with our accomodations. We were supossed to be in a 2 bedroom suite but they oversold and put us in a studio room. It was wayy too small for the 3 of us. It was actually smaller then a regular hotel room. We knew we would all 3 kill each other so we opted to move next door to the Courtyard where they put us in a suite. This was much better b/c it had a living room area plus a bathroom plus our bedroom. Colby would be sleeping on the fold out couch in the living room. After getting all the hotel stuff squared away we went to my uncle's house. It was good to see everyone. We just hung out and visited. Colby was excited when my cousin's little girls got there. This was the first time any of us met them. Rylee was 6 1/2 and Presley was 2. Colby had a blast with both of them! He took to them right away. it was a little hard keeping them all entertained though. My uncle and aunt don't have kids so their house wasn't childproof at all but the kids did well. The first night we also didn't eat until after 8 so Colby was starving. I felt so bad for him. He ate things I don't think he would normally eat just b/c he was so hungry I guess. We didn't get back to the hotel until after 10 so it was a long day for all of us. None of us had a nap and we had pretty much been going nonstop since before 7am. Thankfully we all got a good nights sleep.
Saturday we decided to take Colby to the Naval Airforce Museum. Austin thought this was something he would really enjoy. And he was right...Colby had a blast! Its a huge museum with lots of space to roam. they had many real airplanes that he could climb in. They even had a kid area with a big playset that he played on for awhile. We stayed for about 2 hours. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I weren't a month off from having a baby. The walking was really hard for me and I just didn't have the energy so I kinda stayed behind and rested when I could and let him and Austin have at it! I know they both enjoyed this special time though! I was glad that we got to do something for him while on the trip since the reunion was more catered towards adults! After the museum we went back to my uncle's house for lunch. Colby was once again happy to see his little girl cousins. They ran around and we all visited and ate lunch. We tried not to stay long so that we could get back to the hotel to nap. We all took a short nap. Again it wasn't as long as I had wished but atleast it was something. We got to have some low key time though in the hotel watching football and hanging out until it was time to go back over to my uncle's. By that evening though Colby was getting very ornery. In fact he had to be put in timeout twice. Bless his heart though I know he was just overtired and overwhelmed and so off of his usual routine/schedule. He was good most of the trip he was just a little more moody then usual but I think he was still a trooper. That night we mainly watched the big LSU/Alabama game. Once again it was 10 before we got back to the hotel though. Again Colby was wayy tired. He was acting out soo bad at the hotel. I was never so glad to put him in the bed. Again we all slept well and I was truly thankful for that! I worried that being a month from having a baby and sleeping at a hotel I would be miserable. I usually have a hard time sleeping away from home anyway but this time I brought my own pillow and we were able to get the room really cold which helped also!
The next morning we planned to leave first thing. There was still part of the reunion that morning but we opted to skip out and head home. We knew if we stayed we would be late afternoon getting in and we wanted to get in around lunch so we could unpack and have some time to catch up on housework and rest. We stopped at a Cracker Barrel though for breakfast which was really good. After breakfast Colby slept awhile again which was good. We only stopped one other time at the MS rest stop. That was just long enough to stretch our legs use the potty and grab a coke. Once again Colby was really well behaved in the car and even watched some more of the CARS movie! We got home right at lunch and picked up something and ate as soon as we got in. We all settled in for naps and to watch the Saints game!
It was a wonderful weekend but we were all pooped! I am glad we went ahead and went though! Its not often I see that part of my family and seeing my cousins who I had not seen since we were teenagers was worth it! I think Colby had fun even though it was a little stressful at times. I know my family was glad to see him since he was only 15 months old at the last one!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Wow the holidays seem to get so much busier as Colby gets older. It seems like we have been celebrating Halloween for quite some time! Its been fun though! Each year he understands the holidays more and more so this year I think we will have a blast with him. It seemed a little strange Halloween being on a Monday the whole day seemed like Friday to me! Colby had school that morning. His little class had a party. I had signed up to help with this one. Not that Halloween is my fav holiday by any means but it seemed the easiest as far as being really pregnant and having a newborn. Last year his little class had parties but they were really low key and the parents didn't even attend. You just sent snacks and they had a small party during snacktime. I was excited this year that there would be more to it. Luckily Colby's friend Max's mom signed up also so it was easy to coordinate. I decided to bake cupcakes and get little treat bags for the kids. Austin and I dropped Colby off at school at his usual time then came home and worked in Lindsay's room for awhile. I had to leave again at 10:30 though to be back for his party. When I arrived in his class they were reading a Halloween book. After the book his teacher had them do a couple songs/poems while I set up. I kept the party low key. I figured they didn't need a whole lot of junk. So they just had a cupcake and juice. With the party falling at 11 and lunch being at 12 I figured that was enough! They all seemed to really enjoy the cupcakes though! Colby enjoyed telling his friends about them and that he helped out! After they finished the cupcakes they were going outside so I just went back and waited in the van. I probably could have stayed or taken Colby home with me at that point but he has so much fun at school I just let him go have fun while I sat in the car and waited.

That afternoon was pretty busy while we were setting up for that night. We decided this year to stay home and trick or treat. Our church always does Trunk or Treat on Halloween night and we have been twice but we also enjoy taking Colby around our neighborhood so we alternate years. We decided since we would be home we would invite my parents, my brother and sis in law, Honey & Max, and Mrs. Doris and Mrs. Eva all over to have hotdogs and chili with us. We figured it would be a fun time to get together and everyone could enjoy seeing Colby in costume. Being almost 9 months preggo I decided to sit out the actual trick or treating. I hated to miss Colby's 2nd time doing this especially since I knew he would understand it more but I didn't want to wear myself out either. Plus it gave Austin, my dad, and Elizabeth some time with him. Honey and Max also went along. My mom, brother, and I stayed at home and passed out candy. We had about 8 groups of trick or treaters. Once Colby and Max got back we wanted to take them to the firestation to trick or treat. We had done this with Colby when he was 15 months old...he loved it then so we knew he would really love it now. But unfortunately they must have had a fire call last night b/c no one was there! So Max went home and we took Colby back to a house they saw that had smoke bubbles coming off their roof. He enjoyed seeing that again! He was really excited and seemed to really enjoy the night! I was glad a friend got to go along with him too that seemed to make him enjoy it even more!