Monday, January 30, 2017

Big Kids

So this weekend has been beautiful! Friday when I picked the kids up from school they were just in the best moods. We had a great afternoon and they played outside. Austin even got home early enough to eat dinner with us. We all went outside for awhile after dinner and just let the kids play. That night we did our usual Friday movie night and watched Peter Pan. The kids were just so sweet and got along great with each other.
Saturday it was another day we didn't have plans. I am so thankful that we get these days. This is why I so hesitate to sign them up for a lot of extracurricular classes. Not only do we enjoy the sleeping in and lazy Saturday I just enjoy having my kids here with me. Since they are gone all week I really treasure the weekends. Since we had no plans we decided to go to the park. Again one of my favorite things! I will be so sad when they outgrow this! I love to just let them run and use their imaginations! We were the only ones at the park but they played so sweetly together which was so nice to see. After the park I took them to Chick-Fil-A for lunch. It seems we do this a lot but its easy and everyone likes it! We then came home and rested and just hung out. Again they played great all afternoon. 
Sunday was a great day too. Austin had to work unfortunately but the kids and I still had a good morning at church. I taught in the preschool. We had 9 preschoolers which doesn't sound like a lot but 4 of the 9 cried off/on so it was a little more hectic. I was happy Lindsay's best friend Brielle was there though. I only have about 3 older ones now on average and the rest are 2 and 3. I worry she gets bored and doesn't feel challenged. I am thankful though that she had a friend and still had a good time. After church we picked up lunch and just came home to rest/hang out. We didn't do much but we did get in some quality time with my parents and Austin came home early and we spent a few hours outside which was nice too! 
It was a great weekend...nothing too exciting to report but I am thankful for the sweet, slow paced weekends. I know February things will pick up and get busy again so for now I will enjoy the peace! 

Friday, January 27, 2017

That Busy Life

So I truly feel like life never slows much for me! January I guess is a semi-slower month but I feel as the kids get older the busier it feels like we stay. 
So Mondays are usually my grocery day and other errands and housework. Usually Austin is also off on Mondays so we also try to go to lunch or do something together. 
Sunday night though I got a call about 9pm asking if I could sub the 3 year old class on Monday. I knew I really didn't have a good reason not to. Plus I feel like I can't help out as much as I would like to. I haven't really subbed since the first part of the school year. It through my day off a bit but I did enjoy it. Its a sweet little class. They have 10 kids. It was a lot of work but I enjoyed myself. They were studying community helpers so I brought a book and we went over that in circle time. The rest of the morning they pretty much played. I was sure worn out when I got home. Also while there they offered me (again) the 3 year old job starting next year. I turned it down b/c I am so busy now I cannot imagine working 5 days a week. Its a job I could see myself in in the future as the kids get older and need me less. For now though I want to be available to them. Plus I am so busy with church and other things. I rarely actually "stay home". I was honored though that I was asked first. I didn't get home until about 1...which is the other problem with doing that every day. I have no idea when I would run errands or do my normal house stuff. Getting in at 1 I was starving and tired. Needless to say I didn't do much else! 
Tuesday we started back to bible study. Although the last 2 weeks I have been involved in coffee and tea for this it was good to get back into the Word and fellowship with other ladies. I think it will be a great semester. Luckily I was home about 11 though so I have had time to catch up around here a bit. That evening we were all able to have a at home night which was nice too.
Wednesday is usually my come home day. i had to stop at the store on my way home but it was so nice coming home and having all day. I am feeling pretty tired this week. I guess the starting the week out subbing and the waking up early. So I have been thankful for this day to slow down and be home. We have church tonight though so that'll make up for the slowness. I do like going better though after I have had a day to rest up for it. Church went well. We of course went to eat dinner. I always appreciate not having to cook on these nights. I only had 3 kids which honestly I think I needed. I mean I missed the others and sad that more didn't show up but it was the break I needed. I had Lindsay, Genevieve, and Jackson. They were all really well behaved. We did our story and everything still though. I got a little worried about Colby though when we got to church and through dinner he started coughing a lot. He kept saying he felt ok though. I knew he just didn't want to leave. I let the upstairs teachers know what was going on and they said they would look out for him. He made it the whole night and I think got a good nights sleep.
Well Thursdays are of course busy for me since I teach music classes on those days. With the Wednesday night and Thursday morning busy I am always wiped out by Thursday afternoons. This day was no exception. Plus we had scouts that night. Luckily it was just a PACK meeting so we just mostly listened to presentations. I am so proud of our boys and continue to be thankful for this little group! Music also went well...I felt the 3 year olds did awesome this week I had a harder time actually getting the 4s and 5s into the groove. 
Friday...well Fridays are usually my coffee days but I figured I would skip that this week. I had made plans to just come home but then thought about going to work up at the church and spruce up the preschool areas. Well I woke up with a sore throat so I scratched that idea. I honestly really needed the day home. Its been a full week and even though I was home most of Wednesday I just still feel so behind on things! I am looking forward to another slow weekend though. I don't know that we will stay home all day tomorrow...I think we will actually go to a park atleast for a little while then come home to rest. 

Monday, January 23, 2017


Well here we are at the end of another weekend. This one there's not much to write about b/c we honestly haven't done much. The weekend did have an exciting start though so I'll start there. 
So Friday we brought Colby's friend Nijel home from school. His little sister had a girl scouts meeting. It works out well for him to come home with us. The kids had a blast playing. Well on Friday there was some drama in our city that led to the main bridge being shut down and traffic was a mess. Normally his mom would pick him up about 5 or 5:30. Needless to say with the traffic issues his mom had trouble getting here. So I fed them dinner. I was glad I had made red beans and rice. So after dinner I told the kids to go play outside and if by 7 his mom still wasn't here I would put on a movie. Well by 7 she wasn't here. We started watching Toy Story 2. He got picked up around 8:30 and Austin got home around 8:40. It was a long day for everyone. Needless to say bedtime was a very welcome sight that night! 
Saturday we woke up hearing that there had been a bad tornado in Hattiesburg. So between that and the drama from the day before I was pretty much set on staying home. We rarely ever stay home but I feel sometime its needed. I had a very busy week and wasn't home much at all and felt very behind on normal household chores. I also felt like since Christmas we have had a very busy schedule. So we stayed home. Honestly it went really well. The kids kept busy playing with their toys and only had a few squabbles. We got out that morning and took a walk and the weather was gorgeous! I also did get out to pick them up lunch. Other then that we were just here. 
Sunday has been a great day! We were glad to have Austin off and home with us. I was also able to sit in church. This weekend has truly felt like a relaxing. After church we went out to lunch at TX Roadhouse. The rest of the day we spent home. Like I say I feel we really needed this weekend to re-coup and re-focus for the upcoming week without feeling burnt out! 

Saturday, January 21, 2017

A New Week...

Well I have to say the start to this week has been hard. I feel like a ton of bricks hit me yesterday. I sobbed for the first time in a VERY VERY long time. There have been some things come up with extended family. Austin and I were finally able to really have a heart to heart though and speak openly about things which helped a TON! Its obvious we weren't communicating like we should and I pray that this can be a start to open lines of communication. 
So anyway yesterday I did have a ladies tea though. So that was a bright start to my day. We have not met together since our Christmas party. It was nice to get back to that fellowship. Especially with the emotions and morning I had I needed a sweet escape with some precious ladies. Not to mention the food and tea was amazing!! The rest of the day went by very fast since I didn't get home until almost noon. The afternoon went well and everyone seemed to be back in the groove. Austin and I sat up last night and had an amazing hour long conversation. I really think it helped so much to clear the air and just get a better understanding of what the other one was feeling. 
Wednesday- Another busy day for me! Well mid-week is always super busy for me it seems! I had a hair appointment at 11. Its one of those things that i love to get done but I always dread it. Especially when my appointment is at 11. I would much rather 9. It stinks b/c it breaks up my day. Especially since we start back to church tonight. It was great having it done though and I love talking to my hairdresser. 
Church went well but man oh man was it busy! We ended up having about 12 preschoolers total. A couple were sorta in and out so we never had but 10 at once. We let them play outside with chalk, then brought them in for a Bible story and craft, then we went back outside to let them enjoy all the fun stuff out there. The outside part made me nervous and having so many that aren't used to our routine. Next week will for sure be easier. 
Thursday- Another busy day for my week. I had music class. I really felt in my groove this week. It was easier and more fun! I feel like the kids are really in a good groove and I am so enjoying them! I got home though and my afternoon was really short. That evening I was thankful that Austin took Colby to scouts. I was just so tired and needed some time at home. I know he was tired too but it was so helpful for him to take him so Lindsay and I could stay in and get caught up on some stuff around here. 
Friday...oh how awesome Friday always feels. Fridays are usually my self proclaimed fun days! That's the day if I can meet friends for coffee or breakfast that's usually the day I choose to do it. So I met my friend Ashley at this new coffee shop called Cafe Amore. It was lovely and we had the best time. The only downer was I got a parking ticket! AGH I have never had a parking ticket before. The rest of the day I spent at home. I enjoyed watching the Inaugural Events. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

MLK Weekend

It felt fabulous to know we had a long weekend after going back to school this past week. Its always a little bit hard getting back into the groove after the long Christmas break. 
Friday though was a bit rocky. The kids were in terrible moods when I picked them up which also put me in a terrible mood. Austin started work at a new hotel and we didn't hear from him all day. Then that night he had a long phone call with his family that I felt took away from our time together with the kids. I dunno it was just a rough start. I think we were honestly all tired and worn out and emotional.
Luckily Saturday went much better! The kids and I began the day with a trip to a park with my parents. We went to this park out by the lakefront. It was nice to have my parents along with us. they haven't been on an adventure with us in quite sometime. The kids played about 2 hours. It was nice to just watch them run and play. Park Saturdays are honestly my favorite! After we went to lunch at McAlister's. That was our weekly thing when we used to all go to church in Metairie. It was fun to re-live that! That afternoon we just hung out. I cooked that night and we just had a nice night in. 
Sunday we had church. It was nice to have Austin here with us. I had to work in the preschool though. He did stay and help me though. I love that we can serve together. We had like 12 kids so it was quite a busy morning. I didn't slow a bit! I was happy though Lindsay's best friend Genevieve was there. She is definitely one of the oldest in the class now and I sometimes feel bad for her when its all "babies".  So after church we had to go grocery shopping. Something I never enjoy doing but its also better to get it over with then have it looming over our heads on a holiday! Also I hated to make Austin go that afternoon after he had such a busy day! He got home around 1 and we were able to all rest a bit then we spent the afternoon outside finishing up the playground! I was so glad to have it completed! and the kids love it!! They even played outside that night after dinner! We grilled hamburgers for dinner that night which was super yum! 
Monday...ahh it was so nice to have a family day! I know we just got past Christmas vacation but it was lovely to have us all home again! We were able to sleep in a bit. That morning the kids chose to go to City Park. They were really counting on playing putt-putt and we figured that would be a great option but after getting there we learned they were closed for a birthday party! Bummer! Instead we walked over to Storyland and the Botanical Gardens. The kids had fun but I don't know if they are getting too big for Storyland or it was because it was sort of busy but they were both whiney and needy. We only lasted in there about 30 min. We then walked over to the Botanical Gardens. It was nice and peaceful. It was a little sad though b/c a lot of the plants were dead or dormant b/c of the cold weather. Its still a pretty area though. After we spent about 30 min in there we went to eat at Zoey's Kitchen. Again a nice time just being together. That afternoon we hung out here. Austin had some outdoor projects to do and the kids played. It was nice just having everyone in 1 place. We had roast that night for dinner and tried to get everyone to bed early! 
It was great having a long weekend to help us get re-adjusted into life now after the long break! This week will be busy as we head full speed into our spring activities though! 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Back 2 School!

So we finally started back this week after a 2 1/2 week long vacation. The break was so nice and much needed. I hated to see it end but getting back to routines is also nice in a way. Monday Austin was off so in a way it still felt like vacation mode to us. I got the kids to school and did my usual grocery shopping. I then came home and we both ran errands together then went to get a hamburger out together. It was nice having that alone time again. That afternoon he worked on the play set. That evening we had a big dinner of pork chops, roasted cauliflower, mashed potatoes, and salad! It was delicious! I enjoy our big meals when Austin is home! 
Tuesday was more of a routine day. I had a meeting at PJs though to talk about the spring semester of Bible study. It was nice catching up with Paula and Ashley. I had really missed my friend time since having the kids home! That afternoon I just hung out. We stayed in that evening and had spaghetti for dinner. We were all just trying to get back into life and routines. Austin did get home early which was super! 
Wednesday was a free day for me! I had to go to Target but I was back home by 9:30! It felt glorious to know I had the whole day around the house. I ended up taking Allie for a long walk. I wish I had time to do that every day b/c it felt so good. The rest of the day I just caught up on little projects around here. My parents picked the kids up at school so I didn't even have to get out for that. We had gumbo and chicken wings for dinner that evening. 
Thursday was my really busy day. It began with Colby having Awards Day. I was so proud of him for getting Beta honor roll this quarter. He usually receives honor roll once a year. We don't really stress out about it nor stress grades and such to him. I am just as proud of a C. I just always tell him to do his best. Ofcourse he loves receiving the award though b/c he's had to sit there at times and not get anything. I always remind him how good it felt to get something. He also received the Independent Reader award! I was so proud of that too! His reading has really taken off lately. He's doing so well! 3rd grade I have really seen him just take off and soar. He's always struggled a bit and had to work really hard but this year its just clicked and he's been doing wonderfully. I don't know if its the age or the teacher. She has a different teaching style then previous teachers so I am not sure. Probably a combo of both. I've always heard that by 3rd grade the playing field evens out and it doesn't matter how kids did when they were younger. So we shall see! I pray it continues. After the ceremony I had music class. It was great to get back! I really missed the kids and the teachers as well! It was fun being back! I was a little tired that afternoon though. Thursdays are such short days since by the time I get home its after 12. That night we also had Cubscouts. It was also great to get back to that activity but again it made for quite a busy day. They are working on building bird houses though so that was fun! 
Friday I had another free day. I met my friends Cindy and Tayna for coffee at PJs. We were gone almost all morning but it was so good to catch up with them and get some girl time in. I came home and just tried to be productive around the house the rest of the time. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Christmas Break Part 3

So we are now on the tail end of our Christmas break! Its really hard to believe. Well since Colby spent Sunday evening with my parents it was just Lindsay and I that morning. She actually also had a special day planned. Randall and Lizzie wanted to take her out for her b-day. I dropped her off on the way to the grocery. It was honestly nice to have a couple hours to myself. I love my kids and this break has been awesome but I did realize that I was missing my me time a bit. It was much easier getting my shopping done. I got home and was able to put it all away and eat my lunch. Around 1 Lindsay got home. From what I understand she had a blast. She and Lizzie went to get her nails done then they went shopping at Hobby Lobby before going to get Randall and going to lunch at Panera Bread. I think she had a blast! I was so grateful they were able to do this with her. I want them to know our kids well. After lunch they brought her home. Around 2 Lindsay's friend Layla came by. It was a nice visit with her and her mom. I am so thankful we are still able to stay in touch even though the girls are at different schools this year. During their visit Colby also got home. I was honestly glad to have my little chicks home! Even though the break was nice it was nice also knowing everyone was back home. That night Austin got home and we had tacos for dinner.
So Tuesday Austin was off. It was great to have him home and it just be the 4 of us. I feel like this Christmas season we have mostly spent doing stuff with extended family. Not that that isn't great but sometimes its just nice to have the 4 of us. We had a low key morning. Later that morning their little friend Ella came over. She has been asking since the fall when she could have a playdate over here. I really enjoy having her too b/c she plays well with both the kids. I never hear any squabbling either...she's just so easy to please. She got here at 10 and I told them we would go to the park. We ended up staying there about an hour and a half. The weather was just so nice and they were having the best time! I am thankful for the 3 park trips we made with friends this season. That is still my favorite thing to do with the kids. I love a good park trip! I just love that they can play outside and not be watching tv or sitting inside. So after the park we came home and I started making them lunch. They played and played. After lunch they went outside and played about an hour before it was time for Ella to go home. The rest of the afternoon we hung out and worked on their playground. Its been a slow process...but between being so busy and the weather its slow go! Its ok though I love that we have done the work so far as a family! 
So as I posted earlier Wednesday-Friday were busy with our "camping".
So Friday we got home that morning though. It was cold and rainy. We did have to get out though so we went on to eat lunch. It was nice having lunch the 4 of us. We then brought Lindsay to my parent's house to spend the night. She had to have her turn! After we picked Allie up then came home. It was a nice day just to chill at home. We had a fire and mostly just relaxed! 
Saturday ...our last free day and time to sleep in. Once we got out Colby and I went to pick up Lindsay! Again it was quite cold out. It was a beautiful day though! We went to the Educator and to the post office and library. I think they enjoyed picking out books at the library. It was nice to have a simple day with them. Our last treat was lunch out at Chickfila. I think we all 3 enjoyed that! The afternoon we just really hung out. I've surely enjoyed the lazy days! 
Sunday Austin was off. I was off from teaching again so it was great to go into church as a couple. I feel like that happens so rarely. It was a beautiful service with the Lord's Supper. After church we went to eat Mexican. We came home to rest then we spent the whole afternoon outside working on the kids play set! It was a great way to end Christmas break! 
I am thankful the kids had a extended break this year! I feel like we got to do so much! Between just errands and eating out, park trips, going to Hattiesburg, having Austin's mom here, movies, spending the night with my parents, holiday events, and the zoo! It was just a great time! It will be hard to get back into routines but it will also be good! I do somewhat look forward to having some alone time again! 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Camping in Bayou Segnette

Well this year we decided over the holiday to do something fun and a little out of our comfort zone. We decided to go camping...well let me say not really camping but for me it was somewhat camping! A local state park here just opened up in October these really nice floating cabins. Austin has been wanting to go for awhile. We had actually booked a trip in December but with so much going on we postponed it until this week. I am so glad too b/c it was a perfect way to wind up Spring Break. 
So Wednesday morning Austin actually had to go into work for a bit. I stayed here with the kids and worked on packing and getting us ready. It was nice to not be running out the door for anything. Finally around 2 he got home. We rushed getting the car packed and left around 3 to head to the cabin. When we arrived we got checked in and checked the place out. We were pleased at how nice they were on the inside. We were by no means "roughing it". We hung out for a bit and the kids played outside. I loved that they had the freedom to ride their bikes and just play. Around 5 we decided we would go pick up dinner. We didn't want to cook that night since it was the first night and we were just getting settled. We got Popeyes and brought it back to the cabin to eat. After dinner we let the kids go back outside and play/ride their bikes in the dark. After that we promised them ice cream and a game of Trouble. It was fun letting them stay up a little later and playing a family game. We don't do enough of that at home. After the game they had their showers and we read books and it was off to bed. As always it took them a bit to key down. They shared a room that had 2 sets of bunk beds in it. They both chose a top bunk. Austin and I watched tv for a bit before we went to bed. I slept ok but I woke up hot a few times and the cabin was just super quiet. 
We were up on Thursday about 7 and the kids were shortly after. We got up and made a big breakfast of grits, sausage balls, fruit, and cereal. We had our breakfast together then worked on getting dressed. Our first thing on the agenda that morning was to go take a hike. We were out of the cabin by about 10. We drove to where the trails were. They really didn't have very long or great trails but the kids still enjoyed it nonetheless. It was honestly just perfect for them! The trail got out right around the playground so after hiking we let them play about an hour on the playground. The weather was just so perfect. It was great just seeing them get that fresh air. After we played we left the campground to go find bait and to get some things for dinner that night. We went to the Walmart close by. Once we finished that we called my parents to come meet us back at the cabin for awhile. We let the kids try fishing but at that point none were biting. My parents got there and we just visited and hung out with them. They also stayed for lunch. After they left we all rested for a bit. Then Austin wanted to go pick the van up b/c it looked like rain the next day. We had come down in the truck with the back loaded but on a rainy day that wouldn't work. The kids wanted to take a ride with him. I was fine with that. I watched tv and just enjoyed a few moments of quiet! Once they got home we tried fishing again. At first we didn't have any luck and were close to giving up but all of a sudden we heard a fish jump so we kept trying! Soon Austin and I were catching fish left and right! It was so fun! Ofcourse we just threw them back b/c we didn't have the appropriate gear or anything to clean them and cook them but it was fun seeing what all we could catch. We did that for about an hour then it was time to go inside and start preparing dinner. We did steaks and baked potatoes and salad that night! It was all so yummy. The kids just played outside while we cooked. It was so great they had that freedom. After dinner we promised them a trip to the little park/playground. Ofcourse it was dark so it wasn't a lot of fun but they did get to play for about 30 min. I was glad they got some energy out! After that it was pretty much shower time and time to read and head to bed. 
Austin and I enjoyed relaxing again...the rain started shortly after they went to bed. I slept really good that night. We woke up that morning to freezing cold and rain. We quickly packed up and headed home! We had a great visit though! It was definitely a place we will return in the future. I think going in the late summer or early part of fall would be nice! Maybe then we would see more wildlife.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

New Years Eve and New Years Day

Well this year New Years Eve was very low key for us. Austin was working and the weather was quite rainy and yucky. The kids and I did need to get out for a couple errands though. We went to Petsmart and then the grocery. It was nice to get out for an hour or so. I know had we not the kids would have been super crazy. The rest of the day was very low key for us. We just stayed in and rested. I am loving these low key afternoons. That night we had red beans and rice and chicken. Austin got home at a decent time so we were able to have a little quality time together. We let the kids stay up a tad later then normal. I laugh b/c so many of my friends have their kids up until midnight and I don't think ours would ever make it. Its not so much that we make them go to bed before midnight its just they really don't know any different and they are tired. So I don't force the issue. I think Lindsay was in bed by 8:30 and Colby by 9:30. Both fell asleep right away. The thing with NYE is that its usually not a big day for us b/c Austin is always working that day and the next. Plus this year it was raining. It was really just a normal day for us! 
New Years Day didn't much feel like a holiday either. Since austin was at work and we had church it really felt like most any other Sunday. We did have a slightly slower morning though since there was only 1 service at 10:30. It was nice b/c I got to sit in church service again. I enjoyed being in there with the kids. We sat near their besties Nijel and Mia so that was nice. After church the kids and I just picked up lunch and came home and hung out and rested. That afternoon Austin got in and we changed and headed to my parent's house. We had dinner that evening b/c of church and also b/c both Lizzie and Austin had to work. I was kinda glad it was at night b/c it gave us time to rest that afternoon. We had a nice dinner. It was just us, my parents, and Randall, and Lizzie. We as always had a fun time visiting and just watching football. We got in around 8 that night. Colby spent the night with my parents so we basically came in and got Lindsay ready for bed.