Monday, January 31, 2011

Boot Camp Week 2

Today was my 2nd time going to Boot Camp. I really wanted to stay home this morning but I kept telling myself that if I skipped today it would be even harder to go back next week. I felt like I did better today and wasn't quite as worn out as I was last week. We did a lot more fast pace running/jogging type excercising today. This was hard for me b/c it has never been my strong suite but I felt like I did again better then last week. I hope I am not as sore this week. It took me until about Friday to not feel like I was walking like a grandma!
It was nice Austin was off today so he kept Colby while I went to Bootcamp. They had a father/son morning and went to Petsmart and to the park. I was glad the 2 of them got to spend some one on one time together. I know its not often they get to do stuff like that since austin works and I say at home.
Once I got home I cleaned up and we all went to eat lunch out which was nice. I look forward to the rest of the day that we will get to spend together. Hoping some bike riding is on our agenda! Austin is also off tomorrow which will be nice we will get to hang out a little while Colby is in school!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Precious Time

Today I was reading in my quiet time and the subject was time we spend with our children and how they are gifts from God. Its so easy to get caught up in life and let those precious moments slip away. I try to take in every day and enjoy it for what it is. I try never to "wish" for the next stage in Colby's life b/c each moment passes so quickly. Even though I feel like I have tried to do this he is growing up all too fast! It seems like he should still be a 6 month old baby. I just wanted to quote some of what the article said because I liked it so much.

" I realize my time with my children is short. Even now I see it as precious time that I will never get back. So I'll just have to figure out how to fit in all the other things that have to be done but are not as important. My house may still be messy sometimes, but what will they remember? A perfect house, gourmet meals, a harried mom? Or will they remember our precious times of reading, games, crafts? I know which type of memory I will choose.

God gives us our children as a sacred trust, a stewardship. And while we have a great responsibility to raise them to know Him, He also wants us to enjoy thetm and revel in the gifts that they are. Treasure your precious times with your children. You won't regret it."

This just really spoke to me. I feel like I do treasure most of my time with Colby and try to enjoy each moment we have together. But I know there are those times when I am stressed and annoyed that this needs to come back to my mind. Children are a gift from God. I want Colby to have memories as us having fun and enjoying each other as a family. This is why we are always trying to make the most of the days Austin is home.

My hope is not only for myself but all those out there with children that you will just take time to love on them and make memories. You don't have to go on fancy vacations or buy them the latest, best toy just give them your time. That is what they will remember!

The Weekend

I can't believe the weekend has almost come and gone. Its been a good one though. Yesterday Colby and I got out to get a few things at the Educator then went to a park nearby. I got a little frustrated with him though because he didn't seem to enjoy the park like he usually does. He mainly just wanted to stand around or he was ready to leave b/c he wanted juice.

That afternoon got a lot better though...Austin got home early so we were able to all spend time together playing it was nice!

Today was was a wonderful day. It is honestly the best Sunday I have had in awhile. Sunday School went great. It was just Colby and Cade but they were both really good. The morning also went smoothly as far as running the nursery and using our new tag system. I think most people liked it. We also had a couple visitors for church which was exciting. One little girl Veronica comes pretty often then another little girl Grace who had been a few times was also there. They are both 2 so its nice to have some more kids around there Colby's age. I tried to encourage both to come for Sunday School. Church service was wonderful. First of all it was nice to actually sit in church and second Brent preached and did an awesome job!

I can't believe it is Brent and Kristie and Cade's last Sunday. They truly will be missed around MBC. Its sad to see another one of Colby's little church friends move. This will be the 4th. I just pray for new families to join so that he will have new friends. The rest of our day will be pretty low key. Hoping Austin gets off work again early so we can all hang out and spend time together!

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Rest of the Week

Yesterday (Thursday) Colby had school. He was very excited to get there. I think he was excited to get to play with Kiley again. While we were sitting in the parking lot Kiley's mom pulled in and Colby immediately went "Kiley" I couldn't believe he remembered what type of car they drove...not to mention they drive a silver van which like 3 other teachers/parents drive as well! Crazy! While we were waiting to go in the classroom too he went up to Kiley and then came back to me and went "Kiley juice". It was like since the day before when they drank grape juice together as a snack they shared some type of bond! I thought that was pretty cute.
Today Austin was off which was nice because it isn't often he is off at the end of the week on a Friday. We had some errands to run and I wanted to get out to the church to accomplish a few things. Austin and Colby played outside in the preschool playground while I worked in my classroom for a little while. I was able to go out and enjoy it with too when I finished up. Colby loves going up to the church...he actually did not want to leave. We have been going more lately on Sunday and Wednesday nights so I think he feels very comfortable there. It makes me so happy that he can feel like that is his second home. I know I always loved being at church growing up and my parents had me there everytime the doors were open. I pray that he will love going to church and also develop a real relationship with Jesus. He is already learning about prayer which is so sweet...he often reminds us about the blessing before we sit down and eat.
After finishing up at church we decided to go ahead and go eat. We went to Chili's because I was craving mashed potatoes and I really didn't know of any other place that had them. I had chicken and mashed potatoes and was really good. Since Austin is off all day after Colby's nap we hope to get out and take a bike ride. We haven't gone in a few days and I am anxious to get out again...Its been a fun day I am thankful for days like this!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Colby's playdate

Colby had a playdate today with his little friend Kiley from school. I think she is one of his favorite people at school and vice versa. We have gotton them together a few times outside of school. I invited her mom and her and baby brother over today to play with Colby.

The kids were so cute! They played so well together! It was so fun seeing them run off around the house together trying to get in mischief! They especially loved tickling each other on the couch! There wasn't a single outburst between either of them! They did so well together! I enjoyed visiting with her mom as well!

I am hoping we can do it again soon since we all had fun! Her baby brother is only 1 month old so he didn't get in the fun too much...he mainly just slept and ate. Anyway it was a fun morning!

Monday, January 24, 2011


So I have signed up to do a Bootcamp with some of the other MOPS moms. I probably would never go do anything like this by myself but it was more motivating with other moms and friends. The class is offered in English Turn twice a week Mondays and Wednesdays 9:30-10:30. I wish I could do it twice but I felt I could only commit to once a week right now. If it fell on Colby's school days I would do both but seeing as our Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays now have me driving all the way to Algiers I couldn't see making 4 days a week doing that. This way we still have days for playdates and grocery shopping among other things. I think I will see results going once a week...I hope to do some of the excercises at home as well to keep my body in shape during the week. We have also been riding bikes and walking more which has made me feel better.
Anyway today was really good...hard but good. I realized how out of shape I was. Although I think even in my skinnier more in shape days running was never my strong suite...I always hated doing laps in the gym when I played volleyball although I could probably go longer then I can now. I felt like my lungs were going to collapse. My legs felt like jello by the end but I guess that means its working. I am not too sore yet but I know in the morning I will be. I was so tired though I took a 2 hour nap this afternoon!
I haven't done that much hardcore excercise I don't think since early college years! Wow...anyway glad I have the motivation to go by other moms! Looking forward to some awesome results though!
Colby went to my parent's house during all this...they offer childcare at someone's house but I know Colby would feel more comfortable at my parent's house anyway and why pay for one more thing ya know. He seemed to have a good time so this will give them a bonding time once a week!
Its been a good day, a rainy day though so I am glad we got out this morning b/c we have been stuck inside this afternoon!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Wow today was a crazy, busy day but it turned out to be a good one. Austin was off today so we were very excited about going to church as a family. We began the morning by heading out on time but we thought we would stop by McDonald's to pick up breakfast. As we are paying/picking up our food Austin had ordered an orange juice and somehow between the exchange between him and the McDonald's worker he dropped the entire thing in his truck. Well by this point we were already running late so I was frustrated he was obviously frustrated b/c there was orange juice all over his truck. So needless to say neither of us was in a very good mood. We had pretty much pulled it together though by the time we got to church...lucky for us its about a 20 min drive.
When we got to church though I felt very rushed and unprepared. I like to arrive around 9 that way I am early and get there before the kids or other teachers. It just makes me feel more organized and ready to teach. I also had a lot more to do yesterday because me and my mom are stepping up to help organize and coordinate the nursery. We are in the process of having all the kids' parents fill out current information about them so we were supossed to get all that handed out. I also being a parent had to fill out Colby's form. So I get to our room all in a rush and one of the teachers is already there plus one parent and child. I get greeted with the information that one child has thrown up but it was due to coughing so hard. Anyway this was not how I wanted to start my day. I am very queasy when it comes to the stomach bug that is the last thing I want in my house...we had it twice last year and it was horrible! So I was not happy that my child my be exposed to that or the fact that he may throw up while he was there and I would have to deal with it. I continued on though trying to teach the class. Then one of my helpers thinks that Sunday School is a time to catch up and talk about your personal life which I have a real problem with. I am there on Sunday mornings to teach...I feel like a lot of people view working with the little ones as babysitting but its not you can still teach them things. I make sure every week to have some type of activity planned. I was trying to get the children to work with puzzles and she just kept talking to me so this also stressed me.
Well our usual "snack" time in Sunday School is 9:45 I make the kids wait until then b/c I don't think the main purpose in coming to church is to eat. Plus it creates a nice distraction when they start getting bored or antsy. So we always have potty time then snack time. Well I was taking Colby to the potty and he went but his pullup was soaked. He never has accidents...thankfully he was in a pullup though. So I had to get him back in the room and change him. Well then soon after that he got in a corner and I could tell he was trying to poop. I was hoping I would catch him before he did and I made him go to the potty but when we got in there he had already gone in his pullup. So change number 3....this never child hasn't ever pooped at church even when he was an infant! So I am not sure what was going on with him. So needless to say I was beside myself. I know all these things alone don't sound like much but on top of each other it was all I could do to not fall apart right there.
I made the decision that we needed to leave after Sunday might have been hasty but it made sense at the time and I am a firm believer that God makes things happen for a reason. So what seemed like a really bad day turned into a great one. We came home and all got in our comfie clothes and went outside and had church on the patio. We listened to praise songs and read our Bible as a family. It wasn't worship service and I am sad we didn't get to sit in church together as a family but this was worship and almost even more special. Afterwards we let Colby play outside until lunch time while we enjoyed the beautiful day!
We all got to take our afternoon nap and then we headed off to church that night. Well first me and my mom had to go at 5 to meet with someone about taking over the responsibilities of the nursery! Hoping it goes well...we have decided to try it until September. I really honestly didn't want to but I really feel like God is telling me to step out on faith and give it a try. Since I am not working and fortunate to be able to stay at home I feel like there's no good excuse! Afterwards we had our once a month Sunday night service called The Gathering. We haven't been in forever. Probably since Colby was 6 months just always seemed like such a pain to drive back across the river with a young child...but we are trying to get more involved and its not as hard now that Colby is older and he isn't falling apart by 7:00 anymore. He actually did really well. Its a very casual service. Last night we sat at tables according to our was cool to get to talk to other people. We made pillowcases for some of the elderly that are shut ins or are sick and can't come to church. We prayed over them as well. Like I said Colby did excellent. He went back and forth between me and my parents table but mostly sat on my lap and played with his cars...I was proud!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Today was a gorgeous day so we took Colby to the was a little chilly but its so pretty so we had to get out! We decided to venture out to a new park/playground we had never been to. I had read reviews about it in a magazine we get. Its a KABOOM playground and brand new. Colby had the best time. There were about 12 other kids out there of various ages so it was good he had kids to play with. He loved the was as twirly closed in one that went really fast! He went down it about 30 times and just squealed every time! I am always excited to find new parks for him to enjoy!
After we ate we decided to eat at Chickfila. There is one close the playground thats not in a mall so we went there. It was busy though so we didn't let Colby play there since he had just left the park. Colby ofcourse enjoyed his chicken though or his "chichies" as he calls them!
When we got home though we were welcomed with a note from Animal Control. Our neighbors are on our case again. They called the police Wednesday night on us and then apparantly called Animal Control today. Neither one of them do anything and say we aren't doing anything wrong. We are about to get to the point of filing harassment charges on them. Its crazy! Anyways though we are still trying to take the Christian approach and be nice to them and show them we are Christians rather then being ugly but its so hard. They apparantly need lots of prayer since they have such a miserable life they are trying so hard to make us miserable!
So that's our day! We will probably spend some time outdoors when Colby gets up from his nap either riding bikes or walking or just playing in the back! Its been so wonderful to have Austin home on the weekend!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Lunch with the Ladies and Boys

Today Colby and I met some friends for lunch. We do this every few months and the last time we met it was during the summer soo all the boys had changed a lot. Casee is a longtime friend from elementary days...we grew up at church and school together. Her little boy Jax is 14 1/2 months old. Joanna is a new friend she goes to Calvary and I have gotton to know her through Casee and from going to Calvary events. Her little boy Kale is 9 months.

It was just to just get out and visit with other moms. Colby and I didn't have anything else going on today plus its too cold to really get outside much so this was a nice outting for us both. Colby was a little wild at lunch...well not bad he just did a few things like lay down on the floor and try to put his feet on the table...never done that before...guess he felt like he wasn't getting enough attention! I thought all the boys were good though considering we were there for like an hour and a half!

Before lunch Colby did get to run around on a little playset they have outside the restaurant so he enjoyed that and got to burn off some energy!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I am losing my Mind!

So I officially have mommy apparantly when I was loading Colby in the car to head out to MDO and MOPS I placed my house keys on the top of my car. I had no clue about this until Colby and I got home from everything and I went to get my house keys and couldn't find them. Our spare key was also not in the garage. So I had to wait on Austin to be able to leave the hotel. We got home around 12:15 and it took us until 1 to get in the house. Very frustrating! But I am thankful it was a nice enough day we could just play in the backyard! Colby thought that was great. He didn't mind a bit! Finally when Austin got here to let us in and we were talking about what could have happened it hit me that I did hear something come off my car this morning when I was turning off our street. At the time I thought it was just something in the trunk but it hit me it was probably my house keys. So sure enough! He drove down there where I said it happened and found them lying in the middle of the street. God was definitely watching out for me today...this is actually the 2nd time this has happened although the first time they stayed on top my car the entire time. So I will NOT be placing my keys on top my car anymore! I think God has given me enough chances...3rd strike and I am out right?!? Anyways made for a fun story and an interesting day!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


This has continued to be a great week! I am so thankful for this week especially after our week last week of cabin fever!
Yesterday Colby had preschool so I dropped him off then went to our church with my friend Laura to work in the nursery. It was really fun just being able to work and chat with a friend plus feel accomplished with what we did! Austin got to pick Colby up from school which I think was a treat for both of them! When we all got home we ordered pizza and ate and watched tv before naptime.
That afternoon we hung out and played outside and took another bike ride. When Austin is off we all enjoy just being together and doing fun things! It was very nice and relaxing!
Today Colby and I stayed in other then the grocery store! He is so good in the grocery store. He loves to name all the foods and then flirts with the workers! He has been going to the grocery store with me since he was about 6 months old weekly so he knows the routine and loves it!
Tonight we decided to go to church! We rarely go on Wednesday nights honestly I think the last time we went...we used to go more when he was a baby but we haven't been since he was like 11 months old. We just get so busy and so tired but my New Years Resolution was to try to be more involved not only for me but for Colby. I am so glad we went. It was a nice evening. We went for dinner. We got to visit with our friends Josh and Laura and Kristie and Brent. Both have little boys. There is Cade who is 1 1/2 and Jonathan who is 2 months. They are both Colby's buddies! During church Colby was in the nursery. They have Mission Friends for the preschoolers. He was in a class with Jonathan and Emily who is 3. Cade had to leave b/c he was sick. I think Colby had a lot of fun...he was so busy playing when we picked him up that he didn't even notice we were there!
Now we are just relaxing and tomorrow is another busy day with MDO for Colby and MOPS for me!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Kitty & Doggy Love

Colby loves animals especially our two pets Bailey and Allie! They are both really good with him and very tolerant for his extra loving he gives them! He calls them by name all the time and constantly wants to play with them! They are all really like siblings its very cute! I am so glad we have pets and Colby gets to grow up around animals! Here are some recent pictures of his love for both kitties and doggies!

Two & a Half

Colby 6 months old

Colby 1 1/2 years old

Colby 2 1/2 years old

I can't believe today Colby is 2 1/2 years old! That seems so old! It seems so long ago to me that he was a baby. I find myself trying to even remember what he was like as a baby. In a way time has gone by so fast but at the same time that seems so long ago! He has really grown up since his 2 year birthday!

Just recently he has really started talking a lot. He repeats about anything and talks in short sentences. He can follow about any command and is really independent. He can put his own shoes on, put his dishes in the sink, throw things away, etc. He's continuing to do well on his potty training. We are still working on #2 in the potty but I know that will come. He potty trained really early so I am just happy with what he's doing.

He's really enjoying school. He is going 2 days a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) at Aurora Methodist Mother's Day Out. It has been the best thing for me and him. I have seen him change and grow up a lot since starting school. He used to be shy and a little scared of other kids but now he loves playing with other kids. He also started talking more after being in school. He adjusted really well and is never really upset about being left. He has 2 teachers and 10 other kids in his class. He has made some close friends and I have made some friends through his friendships as well. He has enjoyed celebrating the holidays at school: Halloween, Thanksgiving, & Christmas. He also had a field trip to the church's pumpkin patch. He's also still enjoying his Sunday School at church. He's in the 1 and 2 year old class. He has 3 teachers: myself, Mrs. Shirley and Mrs. Lisa. Usually its just Colby and one other little boy Cade in the class. Cade is his closest church friend but he is about to move so Colby will probably promote to the 3 year class and I may see if it can become the 2-3 year old class and we will turn our class back into creepers/toddlers.

Colby has had a healthier year since turning 2 as well. He has only had minor sicknesses since his birthday. Maybe a couple colds, fluid in one ear, and he is getting over a sinus infection that left him with a cough, goopey eyes, and runny nose. We have so much to be thankful for that he hasn't ever had anything major!

He still continues to be a good eater. He will eat most anything we put in front of him. He favors sweets more then he did a year ago but he still eats healthy things too. He weighs about 33 lbs and is 36 inches tall. He is wearing a size 2T which he has actually been wearing some of the same clothes for a year now but he will be in 3T by spring/summer I have a feeling!

He loves the outdoors and likes to do anything active! We try to keep him busy with outtings because he has so much energy! He does like some tv shows and has some favorite characters now. He loves Mickey Mouse and Blues Clues. He is very into cars though. He loves anything with wheels. Those are his favorite toys and some days I feel like we could get rid of everything else. He still likes music though. He loves to listen to his bedtime praise cds.

He's growing so quickly and is definitely not a baby anymore he's a little boy! I can't believe the next time I will do a post like this will be for his 3rd birthday!

MLK Day Fun

Today since Austin was off we thought it would be nice to get out as a family. Our plans changed originally he was supossed to go play golf. But when we looked at the weather last night it was 60% chance of rain so he cancelled. This morning it was gorgeous so we decided to go to the aquarium. Colby has only been there a few other times but it had been since the summer. We hoped it wouldn't be crowded so we could enjoy it more!

Sure enough it wasn't crowded at all plus we decided to do it backwards therefore most of the exhibits we had to ourselves which was great. This was the first time Colby was able to walk through the whole aquarium. The other times he was too little and it was too crowded for him to do this! He sure enjoyed it a lot more since he could walk. He also was more aware of the fish and sharks. He would talk to them and point them out. I think reading "Finding Nemo" and visiting the Nemo exhibit in Disney World helped with this also! He didn't have to get in the stroller once...and he was so good he was happy and paid attention throughout.

We took him in the gift shop in the end and ofcourse he wanted one of everything. I got him a shark t-shirt since he is so into them now and also some play sharks and scuba diver. He doesn't have a lot of animal toys so I figured this would be good for pretend and bath play.

After the aquarium we walked down to the French Quarter for lunch. It was nice just strolling through the was really Colby's first time down there! His eyes were huge looking at all the sights! We ate lunch and Colby did really good. We ate at this place that specializes in breakfast/brunch type foods it was yummy! Again on the way back to the car we just enjoyed taking in the sights and sounds of the Quarter!

When we got home we all took naps then played in the backyard and road bikes. Colby loves his bike trailer! I love these days we get to spend time together and make memories!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Weekend

So we have had a pretty good weekend. Yesterday Colby and I had a low key start to the day. We made a trip up to Walgreens to get a few things but didn't do much else. It was nice to not have to run off anywhere and just enjoy being at home.
My parents came and got Colby after his nap because Austin and I had a Sunday School party to attend and they were keeping him overnight. I know he was excited because when I told him he was going home with Grammy & Granddaddy he waited by the front door. Its always nice to have a break but I sure miss him when he's not here. I am so used to spending so much time with him its strange and almost empty feeling when he's not here. Austin and I did enjoy getting out though and hanging out with some friends. We watched football and played Wii games and just hung out and talked. Laura and Josh hosted the party and they have a 2 month old little boy now. I loved getting to hold him! Made me want another one! It just seems so long ago that Colby was that little! We will probably bring Colby when Jonathan is old enough to interact. We didn't want to bring Colby last night though for many reasons. One because he is still getting over his sinus infection stuff and two because it was 7-10 and thats just too late for him! He would have been cranky!
Today was church. It was so weird getting dressed this morning in an empty house. It was nice but strange at the same time. I was excited to get to church and see my little boy! We had a good time in Sunday School we made door hangers to remind them to pray and talk to God. We talked about how you can talk to God anywhere you are. Colby really got into the coloring and putting stickers on his picture! He has come along way! He used to hate arts/crafts. I had to coax Cade to participate but he finally came over and made one. The boys once again played really well together. Colby is really getting into having someone else to play with. I also had Extended Care with them. We decided to let them go outside and get some fresh air. During extended care we had Colby (2), Cade (1 1/2) and Camryn (4). They all had a blast!
Now we are home and plan to not do much the rest of the day! Colby is always exausted on Sundays so he will probably be asleep for awhile. Once he wakes up we may go outside if its not dark or raining. Austin has a meeting tonight so it will just be me and him hanging out! But that's ok we will find stuff to do! Looking forward to Austin being off the next 2 days though!

Friday, January 14, 2011

MUCH better Day

Today has already been a MUCH better day! For one Colby and I both slept until 8. I panicked at first when I woke up and realized how late it was but then I told myself RELAX we both needed the rest. So we got moving and I fixed Colby cinnamon/sugar toast. He loves it! Well it was so cute...usually I cook 1 piece for each of us and most of the time he doesn't even finish his whole piece. Well today I was watching tv and I heard him going "more more more" I looked over and his plate was empty he had gobbled up the toast. I said you want more toast and he said "YES YUM"! I was so glad to see him eating good even though he's still a little sick!
So after breakfast we finished getting ready and we headed out to the Educator. My parents were meeting us there so we could look for some stuff for church. Colby always has a blast in that store. He loves running around and looking at all the fun stuff....takes after his momma because I remember going to that store when I was little and loving it.
After the Educator since the temps had warmed up slightly today we decided to take Colby to the park. I am so glad we did too because he had a blast! I think being couped up so much in the house was driving us all crazy! He ran around and laughed and acted like he felt so much better! My parents also loved it! We even got to see a train while we were there which he loved!
I feel like today is so much better of a I am just praying Austin and I don't get sick. He just called and said he felt like he was sick and I have a slight tickle but I have been ignoring it because I really don't want to be sick....once Colby feels good I want us to feel good too so we can go back to normal! I might sneak some of his antibiotics haha....
We don't have much planned the rest of the day I am just hoping Austin comes home early and we can all rest. Tomorrow we don't have a lot going on either but we are supossed to go to a Sunday School party later in the evening if we are well. I hope we are because I have really been looking forward to getting out and going somewhere! Colby is going to spend the night with my parents. I am sure he could come to the party but its 7-10 which means we would have to leave early since he is usually in bed by 8 plus the couple who is hosting it has a 2 month old but Colby is 2 years old so its not like they could play together. I just think we will enjoy ourselves more plus my parents have been wanting to keep him!
So heres to praying that we all stay well enough to keep our plans!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sick Day # 2

So this is the 2nd full day of Colby being sick and I already feel like I have cabin fever. I hate to sound like a complainer b/c God only knows it could be so much worse but I hate when we are couped up in the house. He fortunately hasn't been whiny or anything so he's actually taken it all very well...probably better then me!
It just seems like not going to school today really made for a long day...we did go grocery shopping but I just hate he didn't get to go anywhere and play. And normally I would have let him go outside and play even when he's a little under the weather but it hasn't gotton above 40 today. And I am not usually one to think the cold will make it worse b/c its not that I just don't want to freeze out there or him its just bitter cold...not fun at all. I also don't want to complain about the weather though b/c it is January and honestly this is how January should be...COLD! I like that we have had 4 full seasons this year. I like the cold and it hasn't bothered me until it was paired with sickness. If Colby weren't sick he would have gone to school today... and if he weren't sick we would probably find somewhere to go indoors tomorrow to play.
I hope by tomorrow he is well enough we will probably run some errands then if it warms up to the 40s or 50s we will find a park! My little boy needs some sunshine and so does his momma! I just keep telling myself though the weekend is almost here...we have lots to look forward to after tomorrow. Saturday night we have a couple's sunday school party then Sunday is church and Monday and Tuesday Austin is off so we should be able to get out! So really its not that bad I just feel like today has been a long day and wish my little guy could have gone to school but that's ok! I have enjoyed my time with him because he really has been a sweetie!
He was precious in the grocery store he named off almost every food we passed and talked with all the ladies there. He was in definite "ham" mode! Precious! I love his new talking skills! Its so fun!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

First Sickness of the New Year

So brought Colby to the doctor today...not how I planned to spend the day we were supossed to go grocery shopping because we have like no food but that will have to wait until tomorrow. He has had a cough since the first of December but it had almost gone away until this weekend. I think something about hotels and the air give him a bad cough. He sleeps at home with a humidifier on so I think that is one difference. Anyway it has turned into the whole runny nose thing and his eye was all goopey yesterday after his nap. I was afraid of pink eye so we went to the doc this morning!
The doctor checked him out and said its an infection in his sinuses which is causing the goop out of his eye. She said his ears were a little red but no infection. She prescribed oral antibiotics so hopefully that will knock out whatever it is! He did really well with the doctor. We saw a new doctor since his original doctor has since retired. She was good but I think I will check with some of the others too and see which I like best. He did really well though...I was very proud. He was very patient and good in the waiting room and then he was a peach for the doctor. She played with him and kinda got to know him first which was nice.
I just hope he gets back to his usual self although he hasn't really acted that sickly but that's just how he is he rarely acts puney even when he is sick! I am a little sad though he can't go to school tomorrow. Its so nice to get that break...but I don't want to pass his germs to anyone else or take the chance of him getting anything else so least he will have a nice long weekend to get well!
So that's our day...its really cold here too meaning we won't be able to get outside much...I may take him out for a little while after his nap though b/c we didn't go out at all yesterday!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Fun

Today since Austin was off we decided to get out and do some indoor stuff since its really too cold to play outside much. We knew Colby needed to work off some energy since he was kept in the car and inside our house all day yesterday. I suggested we take him back to the Bounce Place we took him over the summer. I figured he would like it a lot more now that he's older. Plus he loved the bounce things at the Fall Festival at Halloween.

It was great we had the entire Bounce Room to ourselves! Colby had a blast! Well we all 3 did. Since there were no other kids there Austin and I joined him in the fun! I wish we could do that every day would probably be good to stay limber. I made moves today I didn't think I still had in me haha. Colby was more timid about the slides this time and would make Austin go with him on the big ones but he got the concept of bouncing and jumping better. We stayed about an hour.

We also had a quick errand to make an exchange by the mall so we did that then went over to the Food Court to eat. It was a nice little outting on a cold day! Now we are home rushing around trying to get stuff done. I always enjoy these days when Austin is off and we can all 3 go do something fun together!

Vocabulary Explosion

Just in the last month Colby's vocabulary has probably quadrupled. He has been saying lots of words for awhile but not speaking in sentences and not really repeating everything he heard yet. Since December he has learned so much. He is usually many 3 word phrases/sentences. He says "I see you", "I stink" "I want some" "Excuse Me" "Ohh cool" "I sowwy". He is also using the I/You thing correctly...if you say to him you stink...he will go I stink which I thought was pretty good for a 2 year old to figure out pronouns.
He is also using so many words now to tell us what he wants. He's not doing nearly as much pointing/whining as a few months ago. Now he can tell us if he wants juice, water, milk, cereal, cake, cookies, fruit, turkey, mac/cheese, and many more. He names most of his food now.
He also repeats a lot of what we say too so you really have to watch. His favorite is when he drops something he will say "shoot"!
It is really fun now that he is talking and can make more sense now. He comes around the house yelling MAAA and DADDDYYY...he also now calls Allie and Bailey by their names.
He has also recently learned to count to 10. He doesn't usually do all the numbers at once yet but he will do one two, five, six, and nine , ten a lot. He knows most of his letters and loves to play with anything with letters and pretend to spell. I haven't worked with him with writing them yet I figure that comes more around 3ish.
Its amazing how much they learn and so quickly. I will do another post in a few days about what all he is doing since he will turn 2 1/2 in about a week!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Wedding Weekend Recap

Friday we headed up to Jackson for Austin's sister Dianne's Wedding. We left Friday after lunch. We weren't in a hurry to wake up that morning and go plus we had lots to do before we left. We ate lunch and then hit the road. This was also planned hoping Colby would nap most of the way but does that ever work out like it should?!? He did well in the car though. He slept about 30-45 min of the trip but out of a 3 hour trip that's not much. When we got into Jackson we checked into the hotel and got dressed for the Rehearsal Dinner. The dinner was at this restaurant called Cock of the Walk right on the resevior in Jackson. I had been there maybe 2 times before when Austin and I were dating. I remembered it was good though.

Colby did well once we got to eating...poor thing I think was starving when we first got there and had a huge meltdown....after he got food all was well. He enjoyed playing/talking with his cousins Shelbi and Maggie. After dinner we took them outside to feed the ducks and run around. The 3 of them were so cute running around. I love now that Colby is older they are actually playing together and seem like they will be close. Colby says "Maggie" now and he seems to really adore both of them!

When we got back to the hotel we pretty much settled in for bedtime. We stayed in a Residence Inn which I had a den, kitchen, and bedroom. The bedroom was tiny though and just one bed so we let Colby sleep in the den on his blow up bed. He did great! We would just close the door to our bedroom and turn off all the lights in the den and he was out in about 30 min each night. I love that our child can put himself to sleep anywhere!

The next morning we got up and had breakfast...another perk to the Residence Inn they serve a full hot breakfast in the lobby each morning. Afterwards we headed out to Target for a wedding gift and few other items. Then we found a really cool park with an awesome playground for Colby to play on. It was just us because the rest of his family was doing things for the wedding. Colby had a blast though! He got out a lot of climbing energy. I think we stayed over an hour! I wish we had a place like that down here. We are already talking about going back to Jackson for a few days because they have a new Children's Museum and some other cool places we think Colby would like. After playing we picked up lunch and went back to the hotel. After we ate we went back to our room and rested before the wedding. We knew Colby wouldn't get much of a nap if any but we made him lay down on our bed and sure enough he conked out after like 5 min. My boy definitely still needs his naps! We had to wake him after about 45 min so we could dress him for the about not fun! Had it not been Austin's sister getting married I think I would have let him sleep! I hate waking him up and try my hardest not to do rarely happens at home we usually let him sleep as long as he needs...makes for a much happier child and parents!

After we were dressed we went to the wedding. It was at the Agriculture Museum which is basically a really old town with all the old buildings. Her wedding was in the old church. Very neat, original type place. It was fun just walking around...I wish I wouldn't have been in dress clothes so we could have enjoyed it more! Colby did pretty good in the wedding although that was mostly due to bribing with Teddy Grahms but hey you do what you gotta do! Shelbi and Maggie were the flower girls and they did really good! After the wedding the kids enjoyed running around the old town. They also enjoyed the reception eating cake and fruit! Colby was really good during this part. It wasn't until his major meltdown at the end that made us leave...he was playing outside and he had a balloon from one of the wedding signs when he fell off the front porch of the lodge place where the reception was (Thank God he wasn't hurt) but he lost his balloon and he let everyone in a 3 mile radius know that too!

After leaving at that point we went back to the hotel for some rest. We also started watching the first half of the Saints game. Colby enjoyed some down time. At halftime we went to his parent's and sister's room so we could eat dinner and watch the 2nd half with them. Colby and his cousins had a blast! They ran around and screamed and played! It was so fun watching them all wound up together! At the end of the game we took him back to bathe and be put to bed. It had been a long busy day for all of us and we all needed to turn in early!

This morning we woke up early to head home. A wintry storm was headed our way and we hoped to be out to beat it home. By the time we left the hotel though it was already starting to sleet. Ice was just pouring out of the sky! I wish we didn't have to travel in it though! We made it safely out of Jackson where the weather got better quickly thank goodness. I hear they started closing the interstate though soon after we passed through! Now we are just enjoying a quiet afternoon/evening at home. Its nice to kick back and relax and have no where to be!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Not Much to Post

This week hasn't been to exciting I am just more writing this down so I will have something to look back and read from this week.
Tuesday Colby started back to school. I wondered how he would do since he was out for 2 weeks and really only went like twice before the holidays since he was out for Thanksgiving. He ended up doing just fine and seemed really excited to be back. He even came home with a snowman picture he had made that day.
Wednesday was a really rainy day so we went over to the church to do a little work in my Sunday School room. Colby always enjoys playing with the toys when we go so it was a little outting for us both. Other then that we stayed in all day we didn't even go outside because of the rain. Long day for both mommy and Colby!
Today Colby had school again. This morning started out rough for us both...nothing major just seemed like we weren't clicking. Then we got to school and I wouldn't let him bring his cars/trucks in. He brought one Tuesday and didn't return with it so I didn't want him to lose another one. So he was upset with me already. Then he wanted to play on the playground well while we were waiting for the door to be opened he started climbing well I had to pry him off to go into the classroom and he started wailing. He hasn't ever cried that much I don't think and he hasn't cried in several weeks when I drop him off. I felt awful but I know the best thing is to pry him off and tell him I love him and leave. Sure enough I stood outside the door and I couldn't hear him crying anymore so I left. His teacher also told me when I picked him up that he stopped right away and was fine the rest of the morning! I had MOPS today which was nice. I was in a sorta bad mood before going and felt so refresed afterwards. I am so glad I have chosen to be a part of this group. It helps to just vent with other moms about the stresses of having a toddler.
After we got home we just hung out here and are now waiting on Austin to get home. We are leaving to go to Jackson, Mississippi tomorrow for Austin's sister's wedding so we have lots to do to get ready! I will update when we get back! This will be Colby's first wedding!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Fun Morning!

Since Austin was off today we decided to start the morning with a treat. We did beignets for breakfast at the mall. Colby ate them up too...I think that was the first time he had ever had them! After we finished those Austin and Colby went to walk around and play by the fountain while I shopped. My main goal was to find an outfit for his sister's wedding this upcoming week but I didn't have much luck. They have already gotton rid of most of their winter stuff and pulled out the spring. Well this won't work for a January wedding that the high is only like 52 that day. But I did find some cute things.

Once I met back up with the boys we walked around some more then took Colby by the cars. He loves those! We only have to put money in once too b/c he doesn't care he just likes to climb in and out of them mainly! Ofcourse after like 15 min when we were ready to go and pryed him away he screamed and cried and pitched a fit! I really felt bad for him b/c the whole way out of the mall he was screaming "a bus" poor baby was heartbroken!

When we made it back to the house we played in the backyard! We all had so much fun even the animals got in on the fun! We played soccer and baseball and Colby played on his new swingset. It felt good to be outside and get some excercise. That is my new goal for 2011 to do something physical everyday...yesterday I missed b/c of church and our New Years dinner but I figure I did pick up after 2 toddlers in Sunday School so that should count for something right?!?

This afternoon we all enjoyed naptime then whenever Colby woke up we all took a bike ride! Another active thing YES! Colby loved it! Santa brought us all a bike trailer for Colby and future kiddos to ride in! He loved riding in it...he was so cute too! It felt good once again to do something active! Hope we can keep this up!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years 2011

So I feel like this year was a pretty low key New Years. Yesterday we didn't do much at all. My family decided to do our dinner today due to my brother and sister in law being out of town. So Colby and I hung out at home mostly but went to visit my parents just for a short visit. It was nice to have a quiet day at home.
Today was church which made it a bit more busy. We woke up to go to Sunday almost felt strange b/c we have not had a routine Sunday School Sunday in several weeks. It was good to be back! Colby and Cade both did so well and played together so nicely! Colby and I left after Sunday School since we were doing our family dinner tonight. I figured we needed the rest and I am glad I did. We came home and I got caught up on some chores around the house while Colby napped.
Tonight we went over to my parent's house for our tradition New Years parents, Austin and I and Colby, Randall & Elizabeth, and Mrs. Eva, and Mrs. Doris were all there. Our dinner was really good and Colby was pretty good. He got aggitated at dinner so I had to put him in his highchair...he ate really well but he's just in this phase where he wants to play while he eats which I am trying to nip in the butt now! He was also a little whiny I think b/c he is used to going and doing what he wants at my parents house but its hard when they are trying to entertain other people. So he was a little out of sorts. I think he was just tired too since we had church and all today.
It was nice to come home tonight and know Austin is off tomorrow! We have been so busy with the holidays it will be nice to have a low key day tomorrow and spend time together! So far though the year is off to a great start! I have so much to be thankful for just trying to focus on that each day!