Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The REST of the Break

So spring break has still been ticking a long here. We are enjoying this lengthy break. Wednesday when we got home from Hattiesburg we all stayed busy unpacking and getting things ready for the rest of the week. That evening we went to church. It was nice to get back into that routine. We had dinner as a family! Austin and Randall and Elizabeth were there! Oh and I also need to mention that Wednesday was my b-day! It was nice to be with everyone on my special day! Also my sweet little preschool class planned a party for me! I melted over this! It was so sweet! They had cupcakes and party hats! We took them outside for the majority of the evening. I like now that there is daylight savings time and longer days we can do that! 
When we came in I did the Resurrection Eggs and read an Easter story. It was a fun night! That night the kids went home with my parents. It felt strange getting home on a Wednesday night and not having to bathe and get kids ready for bed. 
Thursday I slept in and took my time getting ready. It was nice to have that alone time. I went to the library and Target. It was nice having a little time to myself. It stormed that morning though. I got lunch for myself and ate in peace before going to pick them up. When we got in we had nap time. I was still pretty tired from the trip and I knew since they spent the night out they needed the down time. That evening we just hung out at home. It was finally nice to have a night at home and a night off from the busy. 
Friday we slept in again and then I took them to a park. We met Lindsay's friend Ebbie there. It was nice to enjoy the beautiful weather and sit and visit with a friend. We were there 2 hours. The kids had a blast! We came home and rested since we had church that night. 
Monday was our last day of break! I have really enjoyed the downtime and sleeping in! We ate breakfast and enjoyed a leisurely morning. We got dressed and headed out to the library. They needed some new library books and plus that's always an easy thing to do. We hung out there for about 30 min. Lindsay enjoyed sitting and coloring and Colby sat and looked at his books. After we went to Chickfila for lunch. I had promised them a lunch out. Also they were surprised b/c their friends Nijel and Mia met us. It was a nice way to end the break. We all loved having friends to visit with. We stayed over an hour. Then before coming home we had to make a quick stop at the grocery. We all rested that afternoon though. 
I cannot believe how quickly the break went but it sure was nice to have them both at home this year at the same time! We did a lot of fun things and I am thankful for that time! We have about 6-7 more week of school before summer.  

Monday, March 28, 2016

Hattiesburg Trip (Spring Break Edition)

We have had a very busy and very fun Spring Break so far! Sunday afternoon when Austin got off work we packed up the car to head to Mississippi. We left a little before 4. We had decided to stop in Slidell for dinner. We got to Cracker Barrel about 4:45. It was nice having that dinner as a family. It had been awhile since we had traveled and had dinner on the road just the 4 of us. The kids were super excited to get to MS though! They traveled great and we had a good drive up. We got to his parents house around 6:30. The kids wanted to go right to riding their bikes. It was cool that evening but felt nice. Austin's dad wasn't feeling well so we didn't see much of him that night. We enjoyed visiting with his mom and the kids loved playing. While they played we watched The Passion which was filmed in NOLA. B/c we were watching that we stayed at their house until 9. We never stay that late but we figured since it was spring break and they are getting older. Once we got in to the apartment though it was bedtime! The kids stayed up a little late though b/c it always takes them FOREVER to fall asleep when they are sharing a bed. 
It was lovely that next morning we all slept in. Since it was a Monday everyone was in their school/work routine. We went over to have a late breakfast though with his parents. After breakfast we decided we would take the kids out for a few hours. We took them to a big park there in Hattiesburg. It was nice to get some fresh air with them and just PLAY! I am so thankful for this break my kids have had from the usual routine and to just be kids. We all had a blast in the gorgeous weather! After that we rode around some and made a couple stops before going to lunch. We had a nice lunch just the 4 of us. After lunch we were all kind of tired so we went back to the apartment. Austin and Colby soon left to go pick up Shelbi and Maggie from school. It was nice to get some quiet. I napped and Lindsay watched a movie. I was still fighting my cold/allergies so I needed some down time. The boys were gone a couple hours. By the time they were headed back Lindsay and I were ready. We first stopped for coffee and a shake ;). When we got to his parents house the kids wanted to play outside. Again I am so thankful the weather was so nice while we were there. We all hung out out there and visited. I ended up helping Shelbi a little though with her math homework. The kids just had a great time visiting and playing with each other. His mom made spaghetti that night and it was yummy. We ate and then just enjoyed some more time of visiting and the kids playing. We got back to the hotel earlier that night though so we could get the kids wound down and into bed early.
The next morning we tried to get up and get going! We were headed to Jackson for the day! We have done this 2 other times with the kids. They love the Children's Museum there. We headed out about 9. His parents also went with us. The drive was about an hour and a half. The kids did well on the ride. We got into Jackson right about 11. We had decided to go ahead and eat an early lunch first then go to the museum so that we wouldn't feel rushed with hungry kids and adults! Lunch was great! We ate at Cock of the Walk. Its specialty is catfish. It sits right on the water and has gorgeous views. Lunch was delish! We then headed to the museum! The kids were so excited. Colby definitely remembered going at 5. I am not sure Lindsay remembered though since she wasn't even 2. They loved the car area and farm and woods area. They spent quite awhile there at the start. After that we went downstairs and from there they sort of split up from there. Lindsay enjoyed playing in the dress up areas more then anything while Colby enjoyed the water and more active areas. After about an hour we finally joined back up and went outside. They had a neat little garden play area. The kids loved digging in the sand. They lasted until Lindsay got soaked and sandy from head to toe! We decided to go back in and look at a few things before leaving. On our way out we stopped at Austin's families graves outside of Jackson. It was such a beautiful day. The drive home was quiet...I think everyone fell asleep! When we got back we were all tired.We did make a stop at ToysRUs though. His parents wanted to get them a little something for Easter.  We visited with Austin's parents for a little while longer. We left and went to eat at O'Charley's. I think we were all happy to get in that evening. The kids just enjoyed some low key playtime. We all got bed fairly early that night. 
Wednesday (My b-day) we got up and got ready to head back into town. We had breakfast first at Krispy Kreme though. We did that in lieu of a cake. Usually Austin and the kids get me a cookie cake but I knew the kids were really wanting to stop for donuts. Also I knew we didn't need cookie cake AND donuts. On top of all the Easter treats we had and the upcoming Carrot Cake. It was a fun stop! We all enjoyed the KK. We stopped briefly at his parents house before driving home. 
It was a wonderful spring trip! I am glad we were able to make it up there during a part of the year when the weather is so pretty! The kids had a blast as always and it was great to see family! Now to enjoy the rest of our spring break adventures! 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spring Break Kick Off

We are officially on Spring Break here! Its so nice to have this slow down time in the middle of March. So on Friday both kids had Easter Parties. It was one of those days I felt torn not being able to be with both at the same time. Thankfully for having grandparents in town they went to Colby's while I went with Lindsay. I was thankful to get to be at her school since this was her last official party there at AUMC. I am so emotional about this! We have been at this sweet school for 6 years! I remember how hard it was just to say goodbye with Colby now saying goodbye and not returning! Anyway it was a busy morning. I got both kids to school then came home and got the party stuff ready before heading back up there to Lindsay's school. I got there and her class was playing. It was neat to see them in action. I soon got everything set up for their little snack time. I brought cookies, strawberries, string cheese, and pretzels. I think the kids enjoyed it all. After they ate I was in charge of hiding their Easter Eggs. I got them all hid and then they came out and quickly found them all. We had to hide them under the breezeway since it was starting to rain. After they quickly found the eggs we went back to their classroom and they played Easter Bingo. I had remembered this from when Colby was 4. Just watching their whole process it made me want to teach there one day!! We shall see what God has in store! She also read a couple of Easter books before it was time for them to go. We picked up Colby and then came home and took it easy that afternoon! It was lovely having a low key start to spring break! 
Saturday we got up and decided to go to the Aquarium. I wanted to get them out the house since it seemed we had been in a lot lately. We got there though and it was super crowded. We rarely go on Saturdays and I clearly remembered why! We stayed about an hour before we were all ready to go! I still didn't feel great and I think the crowds were making the kids uneasy. I was a little disappointed they didn't have more fun. We went home and took it easy the rest of the day. 
Sunday we got up and ready for church. Lindsay was singing at Aurora for Palm Sunday. This is the 2nd year they have done this. Its been a sweet little tradition. We love that sweet little church. This year Austin had to work so my parents met us there to see Lindsay sing and to help out with the kids. We got there and realized that 2 of 3 preschool teachers were out. I told them I would help keep the kids together. So I stayed out there waiting with them while my parents went on to be seated. I enjoyed being with Lindsay and watching her little friends interact. Colby also had a part walking in with Palm Branches. He had a good time with a few of his cubscout friends. The kids sang right at the start of church service. They then took them back to their rooms to play until church was over. I stayed and helped out Mrs. Lyn since Mrs. Susan was out of town. Colby went to Children's Church during all of this. I enjoyed visiting with Lyn and also hanging out with the class. After church we had a quick lunch with my parents at Subway. We came home to pack up and continue our Spring Break fun in Mississippi! 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Longer Days and the Coughs

With the time change and lovely spring weather we have been enjoying the outdoors and even eating out there most nights. Sunday night we had my dad over and we grilled and ate on the back patio. 
Monday the kids went to school and Austin and I were busy doing our usual Monday things. I went grocery shopping then the appraiser and electrician showed up. Things were quite busy. That night we cooked chicken tenders and mac n cheese and once again ate outside. On top of that we have also been taking walks. 
Tuesday everyone was in school again. I had Bible Study. Tuesdays are such busy days. I also have had a allergy cough and by Tuesday I could tell it was turning into more of a sinus head cold and a bad cough. After Bible study I had to stay and count money for the school. It was a long and busy day. That afternoon I had a conference for Colby. His teacher said he's doing well but he's hit the 3rd quarter slump. This happens every year. Its like he's tired and quits trying. He had 2 Cs this quarter. One in reading and one in spelling. I told her we were really going to work on this for the 4th quarter. Honor Roll isn't a big deal to me but I would love to see him get the Beta for the 4th quarter. All in all he's doing great though! That afternoon we came home and cooked dinner. Austin got home early which was super nice! We once again all ate outside. 
Wednesday my cold was getting worse. I was thankful for a low key day. I knew I wouldn't be able to make church that night. I hated missing but I knew it was what was best for me and the rest of us. The time change in addition to all having this allergy sickness stuff we've all been very tired! It was nice to stay in and just enjoy some down time. We stayed inside though to try and recuperate. Austin also got diagnosed with walking pneumonia. 
Thursday was a busy day for me and I wasn't really feeling good at all. Lindsay had a St. Patty's day party and Colby had awards day. This quarter he got Perfect Attendance. We strive really hard for him to get that atleast 1 quarter out of the year! I had to drop him off, drop Lindsay off early, go back and see his awards then go bake cookies with my mom for their Easter parties. That afternoon I tried to rest and take it easy. We picked Colby up and again I tried to relax a bit since I wasn't feeling well. Austin got home early and brought Colby to scouts. I was so glad b/c I didn't feel like getting out at all. Plus I still had preparations to do for Lindsay's Easter party. I enjoyed my time with Lindsay too. 

Friday, March 18, 2016

Unexpected Days

Today I was blessed with an unexpected day with my girl. Y'all I can't say enough how much I love and treasure these days. Well typically she does stay with me on Thursdays. Its my day of the week to mostly relax and hang out with her. Life is so busy and so short this time is very important to me! Well today she was actually going to go to school bc I am keeping her home tomorrow to go on a field trip with Colby's class. I like her to go to school atleast 4 days a week. 
Well this morning I was checking the weather like I always do and I noticed it said 100% chance of rain and storms around 11-12. I decided it would be best to keep her with me. I figured I didn't want to deal with storms in the midst of carpool. Plus I hate the thought of her over at school and me home during bad weather. So we made the decision and she was ok with it. We dropped Colby off and we went to Chickfila. I figured we would make the best of the day. We enjoyed our leisurely breakfast. I met another mom with her 2 girls who was nice to talk to. I told her about our church and she seemed interested so I pray she comes. I really felt like God put us in that moment for a reason. Had Lindsay gone to school I wouldn't have gone into Chickfila and wouldn't have met her. Afterwards we went to Target. Once we got home it was nice to have a low key day around the house. 
That afternoon was laid back b/c Colby only had math homework so we had a lot of free time. Cubscouts activities were also cancelled. I was sad we missed the Touch A Truck activity but also glad to not have to get out. We also found out that night that school would be called off the next day. Normally I would be super excited about this but Colby's class had a field trip planned so I was honestly a little bummed about it. 
Friday was so nice to sleep in although we woke up early to really bad storms and rain. Once the kids and I got up we enjoyed a leisurely morning around the house.  It was nice to not have to worry about being anywhere. We decided with the constant rain that we would make it a stay home day. We rarely do this so its always a welcome break. I must say the kids did awesome too! We got dressed in our comfie clothes and worked on some school work. I had Colby do a little math review and Lindsay worked on her letters and shapes. We then went outside to play. Since the weather wasn't bad just raining I figured some outdoor time wouldn't hurt. I thought they would stay in the garage but they decided that running around in the rain would be much more fun! Hey you are only kids once right?!? We came in awhile later and changed into dry clothes. The kids played and I got some housework done. We ate lunch and then took naps. I loved having this down time! I also loved having them home with me. Since they are now in school so much I truly do miss them! So this day was a treat! That night we continued with our Little House movie. 
Saturday we had another laid back morning. I knew though by this point we needed to get out. We had a productive morning and were ready to be out the house by 10. We went up to the mall. It wasn't anything big but I needed makeup and Colby needed some new khakis. My dad ended up meeting us there b/c my mom had gone out of town for the weekend. We enjoyed just walking around and visiting. We let the kids play for about 30 min in the little play area to burn off some of their crazy energy. We then went to eat in the Food Court. I wasn't anything huge but it was a sweet time with them and my dad. We came home and spent the rest of the day just hanging out and resting.
Sunday was another busy day! We got up that morning for church! We were glad to have Austin with us. Austin and I have both had these spring allergy coughs though but the 2 of us ended up teaching 1st service with the preschoolers. I love that he stays and helps me! And the kids relate to him so well! He does such a good job! After church we went for Mexican and then came home to hang out! I love Sunday afternoons with my crew! 
It was nice having a little bit of a longer weekend! Now one more week and then we will have off for spring break! 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Weekend Life

Oh how we love our weekends around here! Friday was a nice day. Both kids had school. I was able to check out my friend Ashley's house right after dropping Colby off. Then once I got Lindsay to school I went back up to Calvary to spend the morning at Colby's school for Dr. Seuss day. I try to always go up on special days. I went in kindergarten but for the life of me cannot remember or don't think I went last year? It was a fun morning. I hung out with his teacher Mrs. Gartman and helped her. Each teacher sets up a craft and Dr. Seuss story. Since she is 7/8 months pregnant I think I was able to be a lot of help to her. In her room they read Cat in the Hat then did coloring sheets, ate cupcakes, and took a photo. It was super cute. The middle school was in there first. I think she was feeling a little discouraged b/c its hard to please that age. They seemed/acted a little bored and rowdy. I knew though the younger kids would love her setup. So next came in 1st and 2nd grade. I was glad to get to see Colby and hang out with his group for awhile. I think he really enjoyed the day. His class was really good. Once they left the prek and kindergarten classes came in. I also really enjoyed this group b/c I knew several of them and this is the age I work with most. They were so cute! After their group then the final group was 3rd and 4th grade. I really didn't know too many of them. Once it was all over I helped Mrs. Gartman clean up then we went back to the 2nd grade class for a little while. I was glad to get to interact with Colby for a short while longer. We walked down to lunch together then I left to go pick up Lindsay. I really enjoyed the morning but I was pooped when I got home!! We relaxed that afternoon! Luckily we did b/c that afternoon/evening were busy. We had the home inspector coming at 4:30. Shortly after I got home with the kids and was in the midst of straightening things up he got here. I gathered the kids up and we went outside. I was hoping it would only take about an hour but nope he was here 2 full hours. The kids were so good during it though! I was so proud of them!  Brittany and her parents were all here during the inspection. It was great to catch up with everyone even though it was a long afternoon. Finally everything wrapped up a little before 7. We got Popeye's and settled in for the night. We started the Little House on the Prairie movie which the kids loved! 
Saturday we had a free day so I decided to invite Colby's friend Ella over to play. Well she had a soccer game at 9. I had told her mom we could get her from the game and then I would take them all to the park for a while. Colby and Lindsay loved going to the soccer fields. We ran into so many people we knew! One of Lindsay's best friends Claire was there. We also saw Lindsay's 2 year old teacher and her children. At the other game Ella and Makyrin were playing and we saw several others from church as well. I think my kids were sorta wishing they were playing! Once the game was over we headed to the park. It was a beautiful day and the kids just had a blast playing! I love just seeing them enjoy the outdoors and be kids with free play. We stayed over an hour! By the time we voted and got back home they only had a few minutes to play. That day we mostly relaxed and caught up from the busy week.
Sunday was a SUPER busy day for us! We first went to church. I had about 10 kids in my class. I had 2 helpers so the morning seemed to go pretty smoothly. After church we went straight to Aurora to eat lunch and to help with the Stop Hunger Now campaign. We did this last year as well. The cubscouts are encouraged to go and the families from the preschool. We enjoyed the meal and visiting with people we knew. The service time was great! We actually stayed almost the whole time this year. It was about 2ish when we finally left. The kids did great though! Colby actually complained more then Lindsay. he had a good time with Jackson a Tiger Cub though. Lindsay was such a trooper! I was proud of her! She never once complained or asked to leave!! I think its important for them to learn to serve at a young age. Sure they would rather be home playing or resting but they need to learn to sacrifice for others. I am glad we are able to teach this at 7 and 4. That afternoon we rested a bit but mostly spend getting ready for the week ahead. It was a long day but a good one! 

Monday, March 7, 2016

That Crazy Life

Wow this week has been sort of a blur for me! We have been BUSY, Busy! I am thankful Austin had 3 days off to start the week and was a HUGE help to me! 
Monday we had lots going on. We had to go to our insurance company, realtor, and title company. all this with selling and buying a house has made us super busy! Thankful we got so much done though while the kids were at school! That afternoon our friends Brittany and Chris who are buying the house came by to sign the contract. We ended up asking them to stay for dinner. It was great to catch up with them and I think the kids enjoyed the change of pace as well! Although it meant a later/more tiring night. 
Tuesday was another quite busy day for us. Austin was off so he was able to help out quite a bit. I brought Colby to school that morning since I had Bible study. Austin ended up bringing Lindsay to school and bringing Olivia to the vet. I was glad to get back to Bible Study. Being out since the fall I feel like I have fallen down on my quiet time. I also missed the time with the ladies. We had a good group! That afternoon was busy b/c Colby had Open house at his school. Austin had been asked to be security, I was asked to be a parent volunteer and Colby was asked to be a model student. Lindsay was basically there for the ride! It was a fun night just tiring! I went on a few tours so that new families could see and talk to some of the current Calvary families. Lindsay hung with me the whole time. She was very well behaved. Colby had to go to his classroom and I think he had a blast. There was 2 other students there and they seemed to love that time with their teacher. He seemed like he really did great. 
Wednesday Austin was off again. It was nice to have him home a lot during the school week. I brought both kids to school that morning while he stayed home and worked on some house projects. I had to run to the grocery for a few things as well. We spent the rest of the morning in Lindsay's room. Her room had gotten out of control and was a complete disaster. We did several things: We organized her current toys, threw away junk, boxed up baby toys, and also boxed up some bigger toys to move to the new house. I felt very good about all we got done. That afternoon we rested and got ready for church that evening. I had a meeting at 5 so I didn't get to visit and hang out with the family. Our meeting was about children's ministry and Easter. That evening went well we only had 4. 
Thursday was back to just mom and kids. I was glad to finally have a laid back day. I kept Lindsay home with me that day. She had a dentist appointment right after we dropped Colby off. She did so good! I was so proud of her! It was the first appointment she sat in the chair by herself! She also had no cavities or any issues. After I promised her a treat breakfast to Chickfila. As I always say I enjoyed the time with just her. We then went to the library. She picked out a bunch of books. We came home which we both always enjoy. She enjoyed watching tv and playing with her toys and I was glad to get caught up on housework. We also had no where to be that evening so we were all happy about that as well! 

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Zoo Day!

So Saturday I decided the kids and I would go on an adventure! I took them to the Zoo. Something about spring coming I always look forward to taking them there. With the weather being so pretty I thought it would be fun. We had the best time too! I realized that I now have big kids!! I miss them being little but this stage/age is pretty great too! We went for the first time without a stroller. I packed a book bag with some snacks and we were set!! I let them do the guiding. It was nice to have no agenda. They loved seeing the orangutans and elephants. From there we sat down and looked at our maps and had a brief snack since it was almost 11 when we got there. They then wanted to head to the swamp area. We ofcourse spent awhile at the old oak trees and monkey hill. They also loved looking at the giraffes. We finally made our way into the swamp area. They got quite the kick out of the raccoons. We once again stopped for a snack. It was nice to just sit and enjoy the beautiful day together. Both kids were so sweet and we just had the best time. Colby always wants to see the jaguar. We spent some time in that area. We thought that would end our trip after making the back loop but Lindsay was insistent upon seeing the snakes! I think she just really wanted to aggravate her big bro! I just have to again say what a fun trip this was! I am so thankful for the ages they are now! I know I say that often but having a 7 and 4 year are pretty great! 
The rest of the day we just spent relaxing and hanging out! 
Sunday was a nice relaxful day as well.