Monday, June 29, 2015


We just got back from our annual summer beach trip. although this year we had to go in late June as opposed to early May. we left on Wednesday morning. The trip there went well except for a lot of traffic in Mobile and then as soon as we got to the Ft. Walton area. The kids were really good though. Lindsay got antsy a few times. Neither slept at all! We were later getting to the condo as well. It was about 4 before we checked in. We unpacked and settled in briefly then brought the kids to the beach and pool. We didn't stay at the beach too long since we didn't have chairs. It was also really crowded. We went on the pool which was also really crowded. I was honestly at this point wondering how much fun we would have on this trip with all these people. The kids didn't seem to notice though and loved showing off their swimming skills. By 5:30 we knew we needed to go get them changed for dinner. By the time we were cleaned up and changed dinner was ready. It was nice to eat earlier this year. We enjoyed roast beef po-boys and visiting. That night the kids and I played Trouble out on the patio with my parents. That was really a neat memory! Soon we got the kids ready for bed after a long day. I think we were all pretty tired by that point. 
Thursday we were up bright and early. The kids for whatever reason are always up by about 6. We went over to eat breakfast and visit with the family. We always look forward to and enjoy these breakfasts. As soon as we finished it was time to get dressed and ready for the beach. This year we packed a lot and were prepared to stay out on the beach for awhile. I think both kids lasted about an hour on Thursday. They both loved the water and playing in the sand. Its so much easier now that they both really enjoy playing out there. After an hour we decided they needed a break from the heat so we took them to the pool. It was fun just swimming as a family. We played in the pool until it started raining/lightening. I was worried how the rest of the day would go but luckily it did clear off after lunch and the boys were able to go back down. Lindsay loved the pool too! We went upstairs for our usual lunch. We ate and just hung out for awhile. After lunch Lindsay needed a nap and mom did too ;). I always enjoy my down time at the beach. Colby played on the ipad for about an hour then he and Austin went back down to the beach and pool. I enjoyed the quiet time while Lindsay slept and the boys were downstairs. I love the beach but I also love that relaxation time. We got cleaned up early and went out to dinner early to beat the crowds. We went to our usual Back Porch. After dinner we did our usual go to the outdoor mall as well. The kids always love doing this. They both got small stuffed animals from BAB and then they played on the playground, got icecream and rode the train. All of our usuals. Its always a fun memory. Once we finished up it was back to the condo for baths and bed. 
Friday we awoke to more rain. Again we were a little worried how the day would go and how we would keep the kids busy. Luckily with a slightly later start and by the time we finished breakfast it had already cleared off. We went down to the beach by 10 and enjoyed a nice overcast day. We actually stayed at the beach for 2 hours! It was lovely! I think this was my favorite part of the trip! The kids loved the water again and also were happy to play and dig in the sand. Afterwards we went to the pool. Again they also loved this! Colby is such a fish now and Lindsay is really doing well on her swimming skills too. We went back up for lunch. We had a nice lunch outside on the patio. Again we did our normal rest time. Lindsay and I took a nap the boys rested a bit then hit the beach again. That day we did something different...we decided to stay in that night. Due to the little bit of rain and the fact that it was a Friday night and we were afraid the restaurants would be packed we decided to pick up dinner and give the kids more beach/pool time. The boys were able to stay at the beach longer then normal and I honestly enjoyed more downtime. My stomach wasn't feeling great so it was nice to rest. We picked up Chickfila and ate in my parent's condo. After eating we took the kids back down to the pool. It was a great time too b/c we almost had it to ourselves! 
Saturday we had a LONG drive back. Traffic was horrible but the kids handled it well! It was a great trip and I am so thankful for the time out enjoying God's creation and also time with family. Its so fun seeing the kids love the beach! I cannot believe how quickly they are growing up though!! 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Summer Days with Dad

So we have been fortunate to have Austin home with us the last 2 days before our trip to FL. Its been great having him around. I am thankful we are passed VBS and swim lessons and now can enjoy summertime! 
Monday was a hectic day. Austin had to take our cat back to the vet and that morning there was just a lot going on! Once he got back though we did take the kids to the library. It had been awhile since we had been so I wanted them to check out some new books to read before our trip. They quickly decided on books then we went to Target. The shopping trip was fun as a family and we stocked up for the summer I believe! The rest of the day was pretty low key for us. That afternoon after dinner we took a family walk then I went on a 1/2 mile run. I have decided I really want to be more active. I want to lose weight but most importantly I just want to be healthy and have an active lifestyle. So my new goal is to exercise every day. I will try to run, walk or bike and if the weather is bad I will do the Wii Fit. That evening we also played Trouble as a family which was also fun! 
Tuesday was a family fun day! I think we all needed this! We took the kids to see "Inside Out". It was the first time we had been to the movies as a family in quite awhile. I was glad we were able to do this! The kids loved the movie and we did too! We had lunch out at Zoe's Kitchen. The afternoon was resting and getting ready for our beach trip! Look for some fun posts about that when we get back! 

Father's Day Weekend

This weekend was a good one. It began Friday ofcourse with swim lessons. I declared Friday a rest day though. Other then swim lessons we didn't do much. It was nice to have some low key time at home. Its just been so hot too there isn't much to do. That night we let the kids stay up for Movie Night. They chose Mary Poppins this week. Austin came home from work not feeling good so it was sort of a bummer that all weekend he wasn't feeling his best. 
Saturday was an early and busy start. Usually I like to reserve Saturday's for sleeping in but this week I figured since we had been able to sleep in some the last 2 weeks it would be ok to get an early start. First Colby had an 8:30 tennis lesson. It was hard getting out that early but worth it b/c it wasn't nearly as hot plus we still had a lot of our day left. We then had a playdate with Lindsay's friend Claire at the Children's Museum. The kids were super excited about this since we haven't been in awhile. We got there right when they opened which was nice b/c no one was there! We first went into the toddler room (Lindsay's request). I know Colby is too old for that room but no one was in there yet so I figured it was ok. He quickly got bored though so we moved on to the boats. We stayed in this exhibit awhile and this is where Claire found us. Lindsay was MUCH happier once her friend arrived. It was nice to be able to visit with Tayna while the kids played. I love that they are all independent enough to mostly play alone now. The next thing we did was the grocery store. This also kept them busy for quite awhile. They all loved it! We then went to the Tree Room. Again they played for awhile in here and we were able to visit. It was cute watching the girls running around in capes and Colby in a raccoon costume. After they played in there awhile we talked them into going downstairs. They played there for a short time then they announced a presentation going on in the theater. We took them all in. It was about Latin American dancing. I think the kids liked it but it went a little long and I know both of mine got bored. It was neat though that they were exposed to something educational like that! I try to make summer about learning so I do feel like they learned a little something. After that it was noon so I felt like we needed to head home. 
By the time we headed home Austin was on his way home too. We all crashed that afternoon. We mostly hung low with him not feeling well. We did let the kids swim in the backyard pool though. 
Sunday was a very busy day! I love church and getting together with family but holidays that fall on Sundays are usually quite exhausting. Well I was teaching this week after being out the previous week. It was good to be back but I wasn't feeling great so it was a little hard. Thankfully we didn't have a HUGE class and for the most part they all behaved so that was good. I think Lindsay was excited to be around Genevieve again. I am so thankful for her little friendships. It was also good for Colby to be back with friends. After the first service we went to my parents house to start prepping for Father's Day while everyone else stayed for second service. Finally everyone arrived including Austin. The kids were really good during that time and very helpful. It was good to eat and visit and have time with my parents and Randall and Elizabeth. It had been since Memorial Day that we had all been together. We were over there most of the afternoon. My parents ended up suggesting leaving the kids for a little while so they could go swim. I was thankful for the time to come home and rest. Austin picked them up at dinner time and we came home to eat and get ready for bed. We were all pretty wiped out. It ended up being quite a rough night. austin's stomach still wasn't feeling good, I was having bad female issues, bailey peed on the carpet twice during the night, and Allie had an upset stomach twice in her kennel! Needless to say the kids are the only ones who got a good nights sleep! 

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Week 2 of Swim Lessons

I cannot believe we are almost finished swim lessons! The kids have done fantastic. Colby has picked up so much confidence. He is now working more on form and discipline. Lindsay is doing great. I think with lots of practice she will be swimming a little on her own too! 
Monday- That morning we had to grocery shop. I always hate having to rush off and do that before swim lessons but it was really our only choice. The rest of the day was pretty low key. Austin worked late so it was just the kids and I. We went and picked up Chickfila for dinner. We tried to take a walk but little miss fell down half way into it and we had to turn around and head home. 
Tuesday- We had to rush out that morning b/c Lindsay had a hair appointment. This was her first haircut ever! Honestly I probably could have waited longer b/c there was nothing wrong with her hair but I felt like the bottom needed a little trim to even it out and keep  the ends healthy. She didn't cut but maybe half an inch and kept the rest as is. Lindsay was unsure of at first but sat on my lap and did fine and it took all of like 5 minutes. We were able to come home and have time to relax before swim lessons. After lessons the kids went home with my parents. This was the 2nd week in a row they took them on Tuesday. I was thankful too! Since its summer and I stay at home I am pretty much with them 24/7. Its been nice to get a break to work around the house but also to rest. They got home around dinner time. We ate then took a walk. It was another night Austin worked late so it was just the kiddos and I. 
Wednesday- I was thankful to finally have a morning not to rush off anywhere! The kids and I enjoyed some much needed down time! After swim lessons we came home also. It was great to finally have a day to relax. That evening though we went to church. Once again my littles had a blast at church and had lots of friends to play with! Lindsay was excited to see Genevieve and Zoe and Colby ahd Nijel and Max to play with! 
Thursday- We had a very busy day! Thankfully though we did get a relaxful morning! After swim lessons we had made plans to meet a friend and her son at Chickfila. They are about to move to VA so this was really our last "hang out" time. Another friend April also came! It was nice visiting with some other mom's. During the summer I don't get to do as much of that so it was nice! The kids were very well behaved and ate and played on the playground! I do love the ages that they are at! They are so independent! Don't get me wrong I miss having a baby around but I am learning to appreciate the ages they are and all that we can do now! After lunch we drove down to the uniform shop. I was anxious to get this over with! Usually we have done it by now! This year he needed new everything! A lot of stuff he was able to keep in kinder and first but now he had outgrown it all! We bought size 7 shorts and pants! And large fleece and sweatshirt! He had a medium and they were starting to get snug then we got medium shirts! Only issue the shirts weren't in yet so I will have to go back at some point and pick those up. Since they behaved so well throughout it all i picked up chocolate shakes for them. I was exhausted when we got home but it was too late to nap. I let them watch tv for awhile. We had a pretty low key afternoon.
Its been a great week and I am proud of all their swimming! I think they are both ready for some water activity. I pretty much trust that Colby could swim alone while being watched now and hopefully Lindsay will gain some confidence soon as well! Austin has worked a lot but I have enjoyed the time with the kids! We are excited about the upcoming weekend! 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

3 1/2

This month my baby turned 3 1/2. I cannot believe it and how fast she is growing up! It is hard to believe! 
She's such a sweetie. She really is for the most part an easy child. She goes with the flow very well and can be agreeable to things her brother never would be. She does well on vacation and being out of a routine. She used to be a very hard child but I am seeing less and less of that which is awesome. Although don't get my wrong she can still be quite stubborn. She hates the doctor and dentist...STILL! When she has her mind set against something its very hard to change. She can also hold a grudge. She is also very good at playing the damsel in distress! 
She's very smart and very well spoken. I attribute a lot of this to her having a 6 year old brother. She loves "school" work and can already trace numbers and letters. Her fine motor skills have always been impressive. 
She's still small but doesn't seem as small as she used to be. I am not sure her percentile or weight. I would guess she weighs about 34 or so pounds. She wears size 3T just fine but can still squeeze in some size 2T. But my little tiny princess has huge feet. She sports a size 10 shoe. 
She did great this past year in preschool. She never cried and always loved going. She has true little friendships now. Her best friends are: Claire, Layla, Zoe, Geneveive, and Mia. 
She is doing awesome in swim lessons also. She has overcome a lot of her "stranger anxiety". She can still be a little shy at times but she has come out of her shell a lot! 
She is still a really picky eater! She basically survives on carbs, cheese, yogurt, fruit, applesauce. She rarely eats meat and mostly on Chickfila chicken. She won't touch a vegetable unless its in a pouch. 
I cannot believe how quickly she is growing up! She will go to 4 day a week 4 year preschool next year! 
She loves all things princess and dolls. But she also enjoys playing cars with her brother. She can sit down and read books and do activity pages for awhile as well. She loves swimming and other outdoor things. She also loves animals. 
I cannot wait to see what the next 6 months bring! 

Weekend Camping Trip

We just got back from our first ever weekend camping trip! We left Friday after the kids finished swim lessons. We were able to leave our house by about 1ish. We got to Hattiesburg and had to stop at the grocery then unload Lindsay and I's stuff at the apartment. Yes she and I stayed at the apartment. We weren't quite ready for a weekend in the woods just yet. We soon headed out to the campground. Lindsay and I went to hang out for awhile and eat dinner. We got there around 4 and they were starting to get ready for dinner. The kids enjoyed playing around the camper. They rode their bikes. Lindsay and I ate dinner with everyone and visited for awhile before heading back. We left around 6:30 b/c I wasn't too sure about driving all those country roads after dark. We got back to the apartment easily though. We got settled in and bathed then soon went to bed. Lindsay slept really good. I kept waking up just not used to having Austin around. From what I understand the boys had fun after we left. They went on a walk and even went swimming in the lake. I think they played hard and went to bed late. Austin said they had a hard time sleeping b/c it was hot. Luckily they did sleep until about 8 though. 
Lindsay and I also woke up around 8. We got dressed and packed up to head back out there. We had to stop at the grocery so we didn't get to the campground until after 9:30. We soon all ate breakfast. After eating Austin and I decided to take the kids down to the Splash Park to play while the sun was out. We stayed out there about an hour. We had Maggie, Colby, and Lindsay. They are 8 1/2, 6 1/2, and 3 1/2. I felt like they were pretty self sufficient. I was able to just sit and relax. It was hot though. After an hour we drove back to the camper and got the kids cleaned up. The kids played for a bit but Austin and I decided to take Lindsay with us to go relax and cool off for awhile. We would have taken Colby too but he did not want to leave. We went to eat lunch at Sweet Peppers then back to the apartment to nap and cool down. I was thankful for the break. It was just so hot out there and honestly I am not a huge outdoor person so I was glad to get a break. From what I understand it rained a lot while we were gone so I think the kids did a lot of playing inside but they were able to get snowballs and go swim in the lake. We went back about 3ish. When we got back they were still swimming in the lake. That didn't last long though due to thunder. They got out and all enjoyed riding bikes and playing around the creek at the campground. It was really neat just letting them be free and be kids. Living in the city kids can't really roam like that so it was cool for Colby to get a taste of freedom. We had a delicious dinner and visited for awhile before all 4 of us retreated back to the apartment. Neither Austin or Colby slept very well the night before. Plus with us heading out early the next morning we felt it best for us all to wake up in the same spot. I think Colby was so tired he was ok with it. We drove back got the kids bathed and put them in bed. It did take awhile for them to settle down but once they did they were out. I think we all slept good! 
The next morning we wanted to make it special by stopping at Krispy Kreme for breakfast. This has sort of become a tradition. We don't even have one close to us and we don't get donuts too often so its a fun way to close out a trip! The kids loved it. Afterwards we stopped for blueberries before heading south. It was a fun weekend. We were all happy to get home though. It was a busy afternoon full of laundry and cleaning up. We are excited about beginning another summer week. Its week 2 of swim lessons so we will be pretty busy with that with hopefully some other fun stuff thrown in! 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Swim Lessons Week 1

I cannot believe we are already almost finished with Week 1 of Swim lessons. So far the kids are doing great! Lindsay hasn't cried once which is a MAJOR improvement from the last 2 years. Colby also started the first day at the deep end. Last year by the second week he got promoted to the deep end but I am glad to see his confidence and that it doesn't seem like he lost much from last year! He's swimming great! Now its really time to just hone in on those skills and improve his form. So far Lindsay is doing well. She ofcourse is still a beginner but by the end of last year she was partially swimming alone so I am hoping by week 2 we see a little more of that too! 
With swim lessons we have had a slower paced week which is always nice. Monday I did have to grocery shop but after that and swim we just stayed home. The kids have been super about finding stuff to do. They have played a lot together. I have also had them practicing math and phonics and handwriting each morning as well. 
Tuesday we were able to stay in that morning which was nice. We had a really low key day. The kids and I were able to take a walk that evening which was nice. I am just enjoying the time at home after last weeks craziness! That afternoon after swim lessons my parents did take them home for a few hours. I did really enjoy a few hours to myself! I mostly relaxed! I have not had many quiet moments home alone! Even during the school year it was rare with our busy schedule and Lindsay only going half day. 
Wednesday we had another stay at home morning. After swim lessons we had a relaxful afternoon. Lindsay took a long nap. That evening we started back to church. We have enjoyed the break but I was glad to have a mid-week activity again for the kids! It was a blast too! This year they decided to have the activities geared to all ages. I wasn't sure though that there would be any preschoolers there but there ended up being 4 little girls counting Lindsay. Even Zoe her school friend showed up! She was on cloud 9. Colby had his best friend Nijel and was quite happy with that! They played life size Angry birds. They also had a Bible story time outside. I mostly hung out with the little girls though. They wanted to play and swing. 
Thursday Austin was off. We had a nice morning at home before swim lessons. After swim lessons we went to lunch at Common Grounds then went to get Lindsay's passport. We were so proud of how well she did! A year ago she would have probably screamed and refused to take her picture! We enjoyed having Austin home and just hanging out as a family that afternoon! We spent the evening getting ready for our upcoming camping weekend! More on that later! 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


We are now well into summer! I cannot believe its June! I feel like summer is flying by! Honestly we have been so consumed with VBS though I don't feel like we've had our summer yet! Ofcourse there has been more free time, outdoor activity, and later bedtimes but I am ready for some freedom! 
This weekend continued to be busy but we've had fun! Friday ofcourse ended VBS. By that evening I was dead tired and basically of no worth to anyone. For whatever reason this year I have had a harder time re-couping then in years past. 
Saturday we didn't stop. Colby had tennis at 10. He had only made one other lesson this summer so it was crucial that we go. He did well but it was HOT! We will take another week off then hopefully resume and he can get some good practice. Afterwards the kids and I had to make a trip to Target. Shopping with 2 kids on a Saturday is def not my fav thing but we survived. That afternoon was low key. We did get some outdoor time and Popsicle time in so all was not lost! 
Sunday a VERY busy day. I hate to say it but I had been dreading this day. Just with the exhaustion of a week of VBS and knowing I would be spread thin. I had to finally take a step back and decide sort of last minute that I couldn't fulfill my responsibilities bc being a mom came first. My job was to get the preschoolers lined up to sing in both services. Well I had no idea when I committed to that that Colby would be sitting in church. Once I found that out I felt I needed to be with him since Austin was working. We got to church and got Lindsay settled. I made sure the preschoolers were taken care of before leaving. I felt so bad but it was one of those torn moments where I knew God called me to be a mom first and foremost. Anyway it worked out well. I was able to sit with Colby. Lindsay's class sang first and she did SO well! I cannot believe how far my little shy girl has come! Colby went up next and he did so great too! So proud of them! After the kids storytime he and I scooted out to check in on the preschoolers. They were playing in the photo booth and enjoying a snack. I helped with them and waited until they were all dismissed. I then brought my kids out to Water Day. I wasn't quite sure how it would work. Colby had a blast on the big water slide. Lindsay at first was having fun on the smaller slide but I think it got too crowded for her. By that point she was just ready to go. It was hot! Plus they were having hotdogs and she doesn't eat that plus I felt like it was still early. We ended up leaving shortly after. I felt bad that 1) we didn't stay long and 2) that I didn't help out with second service but we were all so tired plus the kids were gross and wet and 3) we had a b-day party at 1. I think I made the best decision for us even though I felt awful about leaving the preschoolers. I think it all worked out just fine though. 
We were able to pick up lunch and come home and rest a bit before our next event. Which was Makyrin and Makylee's bday parties. The kids had a blast at the party! I love their sweet little friendships. Ofcourse Colby was happy to run around with Makyrin and Nijel and Lindsay played with Mia. Lindsay probably did the most sliding then anyone! That girl has no fear of tall bounce slides! Colby mostly ran around with the boys! I also enjoyed catching up with the moms. When it was over though we came home to rest! WHEW what a busy day! It was a great day but honestly I was glad to have it behind us and to know a much slower week was ahead! 

Saturday, June 6, 2015


So this week is VBS for us. We've been quite busy and all tired and exhausted but its been so worth it! The theme this year is MOVE! Its my third VBS at Calvary along with Colby. Its Lindsay's first VBS ever! This year I was asked to direct preschool VBS again. April has helped me through a lot of the prep. That part I don't feel could be done alone. Although she has had to teach a class so this week I have pretty much had the position alone. We have been running at 50 something preschoolers. 
Colby is in the 1st grade class with his friends: Nijel, Christian, and Ella. I am glad he had so many of his besties in his class! He seems to be having a fun week! 
Lindsay is in the 3 year old class. She seemed to really have fun too! I worried she might tire out but she did really great all week. I could tell her energy level wasn't quite as high on the last 2 days as it was at the start but I think she had a great time! I think she loved having Mia, Genevieve, and Sophia in her class! 
This was second year as preschool director. Overall I really love what I do. I love the organization part of it as well as the fact that I am not stuck in a room all day. I like getting to move around and see what different classes are up to. I feel like I get the feel of the overall picture that way. There were a few stressful moments but I don't think I would mind doing it again! i had some great teachers to partner with this year! 
The kids are singing on sunday in church and they are having a water day so its nice knowing there will be one more big bang before that's it. As tiring as VBS is its always a little sad when the kids leave and the decorations come down. Because over that week you become a family. I really enjoyed getting to love on all the kids this year. I loved having both of mine up there with me as well every day! It was a great week! Now we are ready to rest and sleep in! 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

VBS PREP and WEEK 1 of Summer

So we just finished up Week 1 of Summer. It was a very busy week for the most part but our schedule also is more relaxed so we are finding our summer groove as well. 
Monday ofcourse was Memorial Day. We celebrated that day at my parent's house. Austin was off and it was a nice family day.
Tuesday was the first day to just be me and the kids. It was our grocery shopping day so we really didn't get to do anything "fun". The kids were very well behaved though. They played a lot of board games and we did some arts and crafts and also played outside. I was really pleased with how our day went. Now that the kids are older summer days aren't quite so long even when I am doing it myself! We also got into taking evening walks so that was fun with the kids as well. They are so cute they love to stop and talk with all the elderly neighbors around. 
Wednesday was another day with just myself and the kids. This was also a VBS work day for me. I brought them with me. They did pretty well and were troopers considering the first part of their summer is consumed with VBS stuff. they played and talked to the other teachers. We mostly just tried to get our bearings and work on cutting things out that day. That afternoon was another just relax and enjoy ourselves. We once again took a walk that night. So far I am loving the laid backness of summertime. I love that in the afternoons we don't have to get out and go anywhere. 
Thursday since I still had VBS work to do I brought the kids to my parents house. I am blessed to have that option b/c I couldn't imagine making them do that 2 days in a row. Plus its easier for me to think and focus when I am not having to correct a 6 and 3 year old. I think they had a blast swimming. I was glad they could do something fun and active while I worked. That afternoon we were all pretty tired so we just had a low key afternoon.
Friday Austin was off thankfully. It had been a long week even though he had only worked 3 days. I guess they were long days with him getting in late so I was with the kids non-stop! It was another VBS work day for me. I asked him to do something fun with the kids. They chose to do the Aquarium. Again I was so thankful they could get out the house and go somewhere fun while I worked. It gave them time with him and got their energy out for when I got home. We had a productive day working and we were able to get everything set up for the week of VBS! That afternoon we just had a low key day. He let the kids swim in their pool. That evening we had movie night. 
Saturday Austin was off again! He was so sweet to go with me to SAM's to get all the snacks for VBS. It was a fun family outting. I really like that my kids get to participate in the getting ready for VBS. I pray that they are learning to have a servant's heart and that we can serve as a family. We dropped the stuff off then went to have lunch out. We got home and Austin set up our water slide for them. Again I am so glad they are getting to do some fun stuff in the midst of me being so busy with VBS stuff. We all rested that evening and stayed close to home. 
Sunday was ofcourse church. Austin was back at work. I felt like things went well in my preschool class. We had about 12 kiddos. We had a celebration for our month of Happy Helpers! It was a 5 week month so we celebrated with balloons, decorations, and milk and cookies. The kids therefore were slightly wild but it was fun to see them so happy! The kids and I had to grocery shop after which I hate doing but it was a must with VBS this upcoming week! We relaxed and hung around the house the rest of the day. 
Look for a post about VBS soon!