Friday, November 30, 2012

Dates with my Boys!

Wednesday Austin was off again. We planned this day to do our Christmas shopping for the kids. I was excited because it turned out to be a cold, cloudy day...the best day for shopping! Colby had school until 2 so my parents kept Lindsay. It worked out well for us to have several hours out to shop! Not only was it productive but it was like having a date day too! We rarely get to go out alone so it was quite we had fun shopping for the kids.
We went out to Lakeside...we began in the Disney Store. We knew of a couple little things for both of them we wanted to get. Then we went to PB Kids for Colby's big gift. This year he will get a train/activity table. It looks like a real table though so it will grow with him and Lindsay as they get older.
After shopping at the mall we went to Bravo for lunch. It was so nice to eat a quiet lunch just the 2 of us! Once again something we rarely get to do! After lunch we went to ToysRUs to finish up Lindsay's birthday and Christmas. By the time we finished there it was time to go pick up both kids.
We had promised that we would get our Christmas tree while Austin was off so we went straight there. Colby loved helping pick out a tree this year! I love that we got it so early too! Although we always have to put it up in stages. By that night we were all so tired we just put the lights on. We will probably do the ornaments over the weekend.
Thursday was Colby's school day as usual but that night he and I had a date night! Chickfila put on a mommy/son date knight. I thought the idea sounded good and I have always talked about wanting to do this type of thing with our children. I think its important for moms and dads to spend time seperately with both kids. I think daddies need time to bond with their sons. Colby and Austin do usually hang out a lot when Austin is off. I also think moms need special time with their boys! I miss my 1 on 1 time with my big boy! I also enjoy my girl time with Lindsay and ofcourse think its sweet and special when she and Austin get to enjoy some time! I invited 2 other friends to go with us. Casee and Christina have Tiano and Jax. Colby knows them both now through church and school. It was fun to go with some other moms. Colby enjoyed playing with other friends around too. Ofcourse we were busy tending to the boys mostly but we did get to visit some. I kinda think we should start this once a month! I think it meant a lot to Colby! He was very excited about it all day! I look forward to time with both my boys in the future!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Getting Back to Normal Life

Well after the Thanksgiving holiday and almost 2 straight weeks of being sick...getting back to the routine and normal has felt so good! Although sometimes I think God places a season of sickness in your life to cause you to slow down! We have had a very busy fall and will have a VERY busy December so the 2 weeks of slowness might have been good for us!
Sunday Colby was back to normal and had been on antibiotics for 3 days so I felt like it was safe for us to attend church! I am so glad we did too! I think he was grateful to be back as well! It felt so good to be around people and to do something normal! The kids seemed to have a great time getting back around other kids and I enjoyed being around adults! I did pick them up slightly early b/c I didn't want Colby to wear himself down too much! That afternoon we enjoyed naps and just being at home though. Lifegroup was cancelled so we had a low key evening!
Monday was back to school! This day was a welcome sight for everyone! I have to say I did like having Colby home in a lot of ways since he is now gone 5 days a week and I felt like he and I bonded through the whole ordeal but he was also getting very needy. I could tell he missed that outlet of friends and just that time to be a kid with other kids. He was so excited to go back! It also helped me be productive! 2 weeks of having 2 kids at home 24/7 I felt like I fell behind with a lot of stuff. Lindsay and I went to Target. Even though I had her she is a pretty easy shopper. Afterwards we came home and enjoyed a couple quiet hours before big bro came home! As always 2:15 when he gets home until bed time were VERY busy!
Tuesday was another school day. Fortunately Austin was off today. I left early with the kids to drop them off with my parents so I could go to Bible Study. The reason for doing that even though austin was home is so he can get a few quiet hours alone. Its rare he is home a lone so since my parents are used to babysitting on Tuesdays I figured it was ok. Plus after Bible study we were meeting with the pastor. I am sad that the Bible Study is coming to an end. this has been an awesome study on revelations and I feel like I have learned so much! Its also my outlet during the week! Its the one day I get to be alone and fellowship with other women and just enjoy some peace! Austin met me up at church and we drove around until time for our meeting. We scheduled the meeting with the pastor b/c we have been visiting for a little over 2 months. We are interested in joining so we wanted to talk with him about that. It ended up being a great meeting. We were glad we chose to meet with him. It let him get to know us and know a name/face and we got to know him better. After the meeting Austin went to pick up Colby from school and I picked up Lindsay. We all came home for lunch and resting. That afternoon Austin and Colby worked on the outdoor lights!
We are so thankful to be well and getting back to our regular activities!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Well once again our Thanksgiving did not turn out at ALL the way we planned. But once again I am giving God the glory for he knows all things and it went the way He had planned. And honestly we still have so much to be grateful for I can't complain.
Wednesday we planned to leave for Hattiesburg. Our plan was for me to drive up that morning with my parents and Austin would come that afternoon/evening. Well that morning Colby was not acting right, I was completely stressed, and I couldn't get us out the house anyway. We ended up pushing it back until that afternoon after the kid's naps. I still wasn't sure about Colby but he did perk up a little so we went ahead. Well it was destined to be bad from the beginning. Traffic first of all was horrible! I decided that we needed to go ahead and stop in Slidell and feed the kids. So we stopped at McAlister's and all was going fine until Colby started eating his mac n cheese then he threw up everywhere! So at that point it was chaos. We had to clean him up, clean the mess up, calm him down etc. Austin was calling in the midst of it. I decided we needed to head home ASAP that obviously he was still sick and we shouldn't be on the road. Well austin and I got in a fight. I know we were both stressed and not listening to one another. So that night we all got in and went to bed. We finally decided it would be best for his parents to come to us. Well they volunteered and we decided that would work best. I am so thankful for that decision too!
Thanksgiving morning Colby woke up feeling pretty good. He was excited about grandparents coming but it was obvious he was still not 100%. We did enjoy the morning though. It was nice having a low key morning in our pjs watching the parade festivities on tv. Colby even really got into watching it this year for the 1st time. After Austin's parents got here everyone got busy in the kitchen. We did take a break to let the kids get some fresh air. Colby rode his big wheel around and I got the idea to let Lindsay "walk" with her grocery cart outside. That lil stinker' ended up going 2 or 3 houses down! I know she will be walking by Christmas which will make life interesting! After playing Colby came in to watch tv and rest before lunch. At lunch he did ok...he ate all his mashed potatoes but I could tell he still wasn't feeling good. After lunch though he wanted to take a walk with his 2 grandpas. I convinced them though to stay close since he was running to the potty a lot. He stayed out for quite awhile. Then he came in to rest and relax. Before my mom and dad left we all went back outside so they could see Lindsay "walk" with her grocery cart again. Colby rode his bikes around. Afterwards he went in the back with everyone. I told everyone not to let him over work himself b/c I could tell then he wasn't feeling good. So around 4 he came in and he did not act himself at all...I could tell he was tired but also sick. I made him lay down on the couch and he ended up falling right to sleep. He slept for about an hour I was worried about him. Once he got up he was not wanting to eat/drink anything. I was starting to get upset....I knew something was not right. So we bathed both kids and I told Austin after Lindsay got to bed we needed to take him to the ER. So we did...and my what an experience. Well I knew he was probably dehydrated. Well sure enough after going through triage they hooked him up to an IV. I felt so bad but I also knew it was what was best for him! But boy did it make him mad...he spent about the next 20 min screaming! Shortly after he had to get xrays. They told us something showed up on the xray that they were concerned about. It looked like a possible intestinal blockage. Well we were beginning to get worried. They finally took him for a ct scan. After waiting on that to come back Colby was perked up but also getting tired. The IV really helped plus he ate a popsicle and drank the fluid for the ct scan. Poor baby had to go through so much! He did more in that night then I have done in my lifetime! It ended up being the diarrhea in his intestine that he pooped out later =). I was so thankful! The doc gave him antibiotics just in case it was a bacterial infection. Colby really was a trooper. He cried during the IV and some after but the rest of the time he was really good! We got home around midnight! What a day! Austin and I were exhausted and so was Colby! Even though the day or the week leading up did not turn out as we planned we still have a lot to be thankful for! I am thankful that even though Colby was sick it could have been so much more serious!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Week

So it feels like Colby has already been on a break from school forever! He's been out since last Tuesday at noon but we spent the entire week sick! I was very anxious to get back to normal life and do some fun stuff!
Sunday was the first day of no puke. We went to Target. We had to get out the house but I didn't want to do anything major since the kids were still recovering. It was a nice outting though! I love shopping this time of year!
Monday we had family pictures. These were from 6:30 am until about 9am. It was fun, but tiring. I was glad we had our outdoor time though. But I was wiped out the rest of the day! We had a low key day the rest of the day!
Tuesday our first normal day! I wanted to take the kids to do something fun! Well our tradition is to bring Colby to the mall and do Santa pictures the week of Thanksgiving. We have done this every year since he was a baby. It works out well b/c we have it done and also we get to him before the crowds. I figured it had been forever since we have done the mall anyway. It was July since the last time we went. We missed our usual October visit with the pumpkin train. Austin has to work all week but I wanted to ahead with these plans. My parents were going to come with us and I figured it would be fun for them to see the kids, but my mom came down with the stomach bug! My dad jumped in though and said he would still like to go. I was thankful he did too! Juggling 2 kids at the mall would have been hard....doable but hard! I am not scared to bring them both out like that like I used to be, but logistically its just tough. So he was alot of help especially with Colby! I think he also had fun seeing Colby run around and have fun! Well Colby always has an agenda when we go to Lakeside. We only go about 3 times a year so we pretty much let him run the show while we are there. First he wanted to ride the train. He rode it by himself but I hope by Easter Lindsay can be right there with him. The age for the train is 1 year by themselves so she was still a little young! Colby loved the train and it was neat seeing him ride with his glasses you could tell he was checking everything out that he's probably been missing out before. After the train we did Santa pictures...I wasn't sure how this would go over considering Lindsay cried a lot at our photo shoot the day before but they both did great! They both EVEN SMILED! I am sure it was a comfort having big brother up there with her! Colby was telling me everything he would tell Santa but then when he got up there I am not sure he said anything at all! Poor guy! I love his childhood innocence I hope he believes in Santa for a few more years. It makes me sad to think how quickly time is going by! After Santa pictures my dad walked with Colby down to the Disney store so I could take Lindsay to get her foot measured for real shoes. I know she is getting close to walking so I want her to have some good shoes that she can wear. She has been wearing these robeez white sandals since June/July but I know she needs some better shoes now! Well figures they were out of her size but we found out she needs a size 3 or 3.5 so I went home and ordered her some! Atleast she will have some real shoes soon! We went down to the Disney store to meet my dad and Colby. Ofcourse Colby talked Granddaddy into a car. We also chose ornaments for the kids. I may still go get them 1 each from Hallmark when I have the time but atleast if we don't they each have a Disney one. We have always let Colby pick out an ornament from the time he was 1 till now. Its a sweet tradition. After the Disney store Colby decided it was lunch time so off we went to eat! This is when I was really glad to have my dad's help. He was a big help with Colby while I stayed busy feeding Lindsay. Now that she eats table food I spent most of my time breaking up bites of Colby's nuggets and fries and feeding her baby food before I could even think of enjoying my lunch. It was hectic but fun! After lunch we made one more stop in PB kids. By this point Lindsay was getting tired but Colby loves that store! He just loves playing with everything in there! I found them some books for their Christmas stash. I like buying things slowly. Anyway we stayed in there awhile until Lindsay had had enough then we bought a cookie and headed out! It was a fun time! It was the first "fun" day I felt like we had since the week before when we did City Park. I missed Austin and my mom but it was sweet having just my dad there with us. I love making memories like that with the kids and I know Colby really had fun! Poor thing he's been out of school a week and I feel like he's mostly just sat around the house so I was glad for him to get out and do something special!
Now we are getting ready for our trip to Hattiesburg! I will post back about that when we get home! Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

11 Month Comparison

11 Months

Well I am about 2 weeks late in writing this post. November has been a crazy month! Well Lindsay is less then a month from turning 1. She is growing up too fast! This month she seems to be making that transition from baby to toddler. She isn't walking yet but she is cruising everywhere and acts like she really wants to try walking. She is so fast crawling though and she's getting into EVERYTHING and making HUGE messes!
Her personality is coming out more and more. She's a sweety and laid back about a lot of things but when she gets upset all HELL breaks loose! She can pitch a HUGE tantrem. She is a total momma's girl. I have to say I love this! I hope she is always a mommy's girl! Colby was the same way at this age but quickly went to be a daddy's boy! I hope her and I will be close! I look forward to that special monther/daughter bond that will come.
She is still very petite. I would guess she weighs around 18 lbs if that. She can wear 12 month stuff but its very loose. So I mostly still keep her in 6-12 month clothes. She wears a size 3 diaper and a size 2 shoe.
She will eat just about anything! I know she will probably get more picky when she reaches 2 like Colby did but right now seriously the girl will eat anything! She will also eat all day if you let her! There isn't much that she won't eat. She eats pretty much all table food. I give her baby food in the squeeze packs just b/c sometimes that's the easiest way for her to get her fruits and veggies in!
She is still doing GymRompers and really seems to love it! She loves interaction with other kids. I enjoy having her as my little buddy especially now that Colby is in school 5 days a week! This is a fun age and I am really excited about the upcoming year with her!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Daddy Days and Stomach Bug

Well this week began great! Austin had 3 days off but now the week is ending with a terrible stomach bug!
I'll start with the good stuff! Since Austin was off Monday we all brought Colby to school then Austin, Lindsay, and I made a stop at a prospective school for next year. It is one of the ones high on our list. We liked what we saw. We didn't get a tour but I hear its a great school and its small which is good b/c that is what he's used to. After stopping at the school we went ahead and knocked out the grocery shopping for the week. My week was jam packed so that was the only opportunity to get it done! Afterwards we came home to relax for awhile. After Colby got home from school we enjoyed some family time together. We cooked dinner and took a walk as a family. My new goal is to start running! I am finally jumping on that bandwagon. We walked as a family of 4 then Colby and I went around again. He rode his bike while I jogged along side him. I really enjoyed that one on one time with him.
Tuesday Austin was off again. I already had Bible Study planned and my parents were going to take care of the kids that morning so we went ahead with those plans. This way Austin could have some much needed time to himself and time to work in the yard. On the way to my parent's house though Lindsay puked all over herself. I wasn't sure at the moment if it was a bug or a fluke. She seemed fine. I felt guilty leaving her with my parents in that condition but I had no idea or clue she was feeling sick. She ended up being fine while she was at their house. I think she slept but otherwise acted fine. I brought her home after Bible Study. She seemed a little off the rest of the day...she had diarrhea that evening so I really began to question if she had a stomach bug? We had a good afternoon. Austin and I were able to have lunch outside with Colby that afternoon. Later that evening he and Austin also roasted marshmellows on the firepit! I loved watching daddy and son have that bonding experience!
Wednesday with Austin being off again we planned a little family day. Now that Colby is in school 5 days a week it seems like we don't get to go off and do fun stuff as much! Plus when we do go we usually leave Lindsay at my parent's. I felt like we needed a fun family day! We decided on City Park. It was summer since we had last been. Lindsay has never been. Even though she's not walking we figured she would enjoy all the sights from the stroller. Also God's timing is truly amazing. We had no idea a day later how sick Colby would be. I am thankful he did not spread his germs Wednesday at school b/c chances are he would have had we sent him to school. We had planned on mainly doing Storyland at City Park b/c that is what Colby enjoys most but ofcourse it was closed! He was sad but we still had fun. We instead went to the playground. It had been forever since we had done that! We were remembering back to pictures we had of him at Lindsay's age there. He ran around and got some good excercise! Afterwards we walked around the rest of the park area. We decided to check out the Sculpture Garden and Botanical Garden. Both were so beautiful! I had never been to the Sculpture Garden before and the only time I had been to the Botanical Garden is at night for Christmas in the Oaks. It was nice to enjoy them at a non-crowded time! It was nice just having a beautiful day outside with my family. After the park we went to McAlister's for lunch before heading home! It was a great day! Little did we know what we would be in for that night! That afternoon we also had a meeting with our photographer about our upcoming photo session. He came to meet the kids and get a feel for their personalities and what we were expecting from the photo shoot. Neither kid was shy they talked and laughed and showed off! Well that night was a rough one. At this point we still new Lindsay had a bug b/c of her diarrhea she went like 10 times that day but we still didn't think much of it. Well around midnight Colby came crying into our room and he had thrown up all in his bed. Poor guy! So basically every hour from then on he puked. I felt so bad for him. We were all so tired!
Well since Colby was sick all night school was obviously out for him Thursday. I hated to see him miss another day! That morning was rough. Between Lindsay pooping and Colby puking it was a hard morning on momma. Colby felt so bad all day! All he did was lay on the couch with his head in my lap! If anyone knows my child you know this is not like him AT ALL! He threw up around lunch then started running a fever. I knew this was not looking good. He hardly slept either. He woke up early that day and hardly took a nap. I think he was almost scared to sleep afraid he would throw up more. So finally that afternoon I saw improvement. He held down juice and a snack but still wasn't very peppy. Finally that evening Austin went to get chickfila and he ate 2 nuggets, 2 popsicles, and drank a sprite. That really perked him up before bedtime. Thankfully we all got a good nights sleep too!
Today (Friday) I had hoped to send him back to school for their Feast. I hated so bad for him to miss it! He has been out of school since noon on Tuesday and I know he misses his friends. Plus the Feast is adorable and this being his last year at AUMC I sure hated him to miss out! But I had to think what was best for him and what was best for the others. Even though he woke up this morning feeling better and hadn't had symptoms for almost 24 hours I knew it would be too soon. So we stayed in. In order to make up for that though I brought him and Lindsay to the park which was nice. We all needed some time away from the house and some sunshine. Yesterday was a yucky/depressing day! He was not 100% but I could tell he enjoyed getting out. His appetite is not fully back but he has eaten today and held in down so that's good! My parents met us at the park which was good to see them. Colby enjoyed that extra attention too!
I think now we are on the return to wellness so tomorrow we will resume our regular scheduled activites! Next on the list Thanksgiving Feast at MBC!
Update: The stomach bug was not finished at our house like I had thought/hoped! Last night around 10:30 Colby came out of his room crying and covered in puke! We were just about to go to bed! We had to bathe him, strip his bed, mop floors, vacuum floors. It was a fun time! Thankfully he did sleep all night. He woke up this morning we thought we were in the clear but he threw up again. So our plans for the Feast at MBC were obviously cancelled. I decided I was needed at home. Lindsay and I went to the grocery store instead. Colby was pretty pitiful all day. He was very weak and only wanted to lay on the couch. We finally got him to hold down gatorade and crackers. He perked up around 3 and played outside and started seeming like his regular self. He ate a dinner of grits and toast and seemed to feel good this evening! Now I am really hoping/praying we are done with this mess!
We now will miss church tomorrow as well. I feel like with him just being sick some today we don't need to go share our germs with the rest of the world. We may make a trip to Target to get supplies for Thanksgiving and hang out at home. Hopefully austin and I will get to go to lifegroup though! I will for sure miss being at church tomorrow though! But I am praying by Monday we can do something fun! I cancelled our family pictures Monday as well not knowing if he would be up to it. Hoping we soon get back to normal!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Baby Shower & Glasses

So far we have had a nice weekend around here. As always I love Saturday mornings with my 2 little ones. This Saturday morning we had no where to be so we lazed around, ate breakfast, watched cartoons, and played in the backyard! I had a baby shower at 2 so I had to feed them both lunch early at 11 then put them down for naps. I knew there was no chance Colby would sleep but I still needed him to rest. I needed Lindsay to nap! She is down to just 1 nap a day most days so I knew I would be waking her up around 1:45. Colby did well staying in his room for a little while. After naptime we quickly dressed and headed out the door. I am not really used to doing stuff like that mid-afternoon so it was a crazy time trying to get everyone out the door. Colby went to stay with Mrs. Doris. She is like a grandma to me always has been since I was a little girl. When my parents would travel I would stay at her house. Its neat to see Colby loving his Mrs. Doris too! She has always told me she would watch our kids if we ever needed her to. Usually between my parents and Austin I am covered with babysitters but this Saturday Austin was working and my parents were out of town. I thought of her since the baby shower was literally down the street from her house. Colby loves to go walking and visit her so I figured he would love to stay at her house for a couple hours. I brought Lindsay with me to the shower. I figured it would be a lot trying to watch them both. Lindsay is into everything! Plus I figured it would be fun bringing a daughter to a shower. I know my mom always brought me with her to stuff like that. This happened to be the first shower that came up since she was born. I enjoyed dressing her up in her smocked dress and bringing her. I think she enjoyed the "girl" time as well!
The baby shower was nice. It was a small affair and I only really knew a couple of the girls well but its been nice getting to know some of these new girls from Calvary. Austin surprised us and was on his way home when we left the shower! So we had a nice evening in together the 4 of us!
When we got home to our surprise also we had a message that Colby's glasses were ready! We were not expecting them until later this week! Well Colby and I left immediately to go pick them up! He was very excited! I just see how God orchestrates even the small things! Had Austin not come home early it would have been hard for us to just go run pick them up! Anyway we got them and he really seems to like wearing them! I teared up though the moment he put them on he reached up and touched my cheek and said "mommy"...a moment forever frozen in time! It was like he was seeing my face clearly for the very first time! Anyway he has worn them now for 3 whole days and had no issues! I am so thankful! At first this seemed like such a bad thing and now I am seeing God written all over!
Sunday was another great day! We had church ofcourse. Austin had to work though so it was me and the kids. The kids have really adjusted well to their classes there. Colby seems to be learning a lot and Lindsay has several little baby girls to play with! My parents joined us this Sunday and took Colby home with them after church! He was so glad to see them! It was a nice break for me to just bring Lindsay home and enjoy the afternoon with her. My parents brought Colby back in time for us to go to lifegroup. They stayed with Lindsay during that. As always we enjoyed lifegroup as well. Sundays are busy but I am loving the day of worship we have. Sundays feel like SUNDAYS again and I love it!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Colby's Eye Appt

So Monday was Colby's eye appointment at Children't Hospital. His appointment wasn't until 1:30 so he was able to go to school that morning. My parents kept Lindsay so that we could both go to the doctor with him. We picked him up a few minutes early and he was so upset with us! I felt so bad and also thought the day was destined to be a bad one from that point! Luckily he cheered up after a lunch at McAlister's. We figured it would be nice to treat him to a special mommy/daddy lunch. Also since we aren't going to MBC anymore we don't go to McAlister's either! He enjoyed the lunch. We got to his appointment and things went really smoothly. We hardly had to wait at all. It was easy to find, easy to park, and everyone was super friendly! I was so glad after our last appointment!
The doctor didn't take long to say or spot there was a problem. He basically said the same thing the other doctor did he just explained it differently I guess. It boils down to Colby has severe hyperopia. He is very far sighted and basically everything he sees is blurry. He said b/c he has always seen this way is why we didn't notice there was a problem. His brain registers the blurry objects. He did say though he was doing remarkably well. I think this shows his stubborn, perfectionist personality. I am so thankful we can help him though! I can't wait till he gets his glasses and he can really see this beautiful world! It makes me sad when I think how hes having to think extra hard to see when the rest of us take sight for granted every day!
I was so upset at his first appointment but I had time to think and pray about it. Now I have come to realize that God designed him not me! I have to realize that God has a plan for him. I totally believe God could correct his eye sight 100% one day if he chooses, but if that's not his will wearing glasses or contacts isn't a major thing these days!
We took him for icecream after the appointment. It was a bribe/reward! He really did so well at the appointment! I was so proud of him! I know it was a long day and he was worn out! After icecream we went to the mall to buy him some glasses. We found some cool little boy blue ones! he's excited! They had to order them though so it may be 2 weeks before we get to see them on him!
All in all it was a good day! I am thankful for those in the medical profession to take care of us...I am thankful for good insurance...and I am thankful for modern medicine! I will post a picture when we have one of him in his snazzy blue glasses!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Family and Weekend Fun

Wow this week has been a whirlwind since Halloween night! We didn't have much if any time to recover from that holiday! We hit the ground running once again on Thursday! Thursday Colby had school and I had MOPS. That means for a busy, tiring morning. I have to drop Lindsay off then drop Colby off then go to MOPS and repeat! I love MOPS though so its worth all the travel! That afternoon Austin's parents were coming in so I was in a rush to get the kids home so we could all rest! At first I thought it was going to be a horrible day b/c neither settled down right away to rest but eventually they did nap and they took nice, long naps at that! I was thankful since family was visiting. Austins parents came in around 4:15. It was good to see and visit with them. It had been since the summer since they were here. We visited for a short while then went to the local Mexican place to eat dinner. At first I wasn't crazy about the idea of taking 2 kids to dinner especially since Austin was working late and wouldn't be there to help me but I decided since they both napped it would work out. They actually both did great! Soon after we got home Austin got home. We visited with his parents for a bit then they went back to my parent's house to sleep so we could all rest!
Friday was another busy day! I brought Colby to school then came home so we could hang out with Austin's parents. They ended up going to pick satsumas at a neighbors house so I walked Lindsay over there. After awhile she started getting tired so she and I came home and I fed her lunch and put her down for a nap. Austin and his parents went back to pick up Colby at noon. They picked up pizza for our lunch. We enjoyed lunch and visiting with them. They played outside with Colby for awhile before the left to go home. I know he enjoyed all the attention and extra playing! The last few days were really a treat for him! After they left we let him unwind with a movie. It was nice having Austin home on a Friday evening! That's a treat for us all!
Saturday we had a laid back morning which was nice! Now that Colby is in school full time I really treasure our Saturdays. We wake up early every day and go somewhere so Saturdays are our lazy day! We sleep later, we cook pancakes, we watch cartoons and I get housework done while the kids play! I love it! That afternoon Colby had a birthday party so we stayed in that morning. We took a walk which I also love! I love spending mornings with my little ones! I know we are together every afternoon but by then we are all cranky and tired! So I love seeing them play together and be sweet in the morning! Austin came home early so he could watch Lindsay while I took Colby to the party. It was for Sean a little boy who is in his class. Sean is autistic so it was a very casual birthday party. There were only 3 other kids there. I am guessing b/c the stimualtion of a lot of kids stresses him out. I felt honored that Colby was invited. Sean must think highly of him. Colby enjoyed the party but I think he got bored towards the end. Like I say it was a very quiet birthday which Colby isn't really used to plus we didn't know anyone other then Sean and his parents. We came home and had steaks and baked potatoes that night as a family of 4! Once again having Austin home on the weekends is always a blessing b/c it doesn't happen often!
Sunday we had Austin home again which was nice! It is great when we can go to church as a family of 4! Now that we go to Calvary we have a low key morning which is nice too! We don't have to leave our house until 10 to get there! I think both kids are really getting adjusted to their new classes and friends. Lindsay barely even cried this week as soon as she saw her new friend Maggie she sat right down and started playing! Church was good for us too! Since we get out later and with lifegroup in the afternoon we just come home for lunch. We picked up Wendy's and ate so that we could all take naps. We had a busy afternoon trying to get ready for the week and ready for lifegroup. Its nice though that our lifegroup is in the neighborhood so its not like we have to go far! Once again it was a nice evening. Colby always has a blast with Christiano and my parents come keep Lindsay. It helps that we don't have to drag them both with us especially since Lindsay goes to bed so early and she is into everything anyway. It was such a busy week but full of fun things so I am thankful for that! Here we go quickly into a busy season of life!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween 2012

I can't believe this is Colby's 5th Halloween! He was ofcourse very into it this year! Just like last year he was very excited about going Trick or Treating! We did something very similiar to last year but let me back up to yesterday.
It took us until last night to finally get our pumpkins carved. Austin has been on a crazy work schedule so there has been no time! So finally after dinner last night Austin and Colby carved them! I felt bad Lindsay missed out on the action but she won't know or remember so its ok! Colby had a blast...this is the most he's ever been into the carving!
Today Colby had school and ofcourse his Halloween Party! Now that he's in school Halloween seems so busy! He came home with lots of loot from school and seemed to have a great day!
We had a simple Halloween Party over at our house. We invited my mom&dad, Randall&Elizabeth, and Honey&Max. This is basically what we did last year and we all enjoyed it so much we decided to repeat! We used to alternate years of going to our church festival and doing trick or treating at our house. This year we decided it would be easier to have it at our house again! Plus we all enjoyed it so much we want it to be our new tradition! We served hotdogs, chili, a few sweets and that was it! We ate early around 5 so we could get the kids out early. This year we were more worried about Lindsay since she goes to bed so early. After eating we started getting the kids dressed in their costumes. I was a little worried since neither of them had tried on their costumes ever but they did great! They were so adorable! Colby chose to be a black cat this year. He's been saying that since July or August. I really thought he would change his mind but he stuck with it. I think its more special when the child picks out the costume I think he enjoyed it more. We went to only people's houses we knew and we started out with close friends first so they could see Lindsay in her outfit. We knew she would not last the whole time. She lasted about an hour though and I was surprised! I came home and bathed her while Elizabeth, austin, and Honey took the boys to a few more houses.
It was a really special night and I think both kids had fun! Colby I know had a blast especially since he had his buddy Max to pal around with! Lindsay hung in there wayy better then I thought so I guess she liked it too! Looking forward to next year!