Friday, February 27, 2015

Mid-Week Stuff

We are in the midst of a busy week during this spring season. Tuesday was Bible Study and Family Read Night. I am really loving being back in Bible study and enjoy the time to fellowship with other ladies. I did have to step in to work with the kids during the small group time so I did miss that but I am glad to have so many ladies present who have young kids who might really need this in their stage of life!
Wednesday night we started back to our Empowered classes. I am helping with the preschoolers again. Austin was able to join us though so that was awesome! I have been so used to going alone the last 2 years. We had 4 preschoolers, 2 boys and 2 girls. The boys are a little rowdy but I know they are boys and they have been couped up all day. We did some fun activities though and I think they enjoyed it. I think my 2 also enjoyed being back with their friends.
Thursday morning I met a friend at the mall to let our littles play. I was really worried at first we had completely struck out. I gave Lindsay the option this morning of mall or Chickfila. She chose the mall. Since its so cold I wanted to go somewhere she could run around for a bit. We ended up walking around until the play area opened then we were able to sit and visit while the littles played. It was a nice changed of pace.
Thursday night Colby had Cubscouts. It was my first meeting in a few weeks to attend. They worked on the color wheel with a playdough activity. It was really neat! I love that he is learning so many different things there. Everything from art, to math, to reading, to science etc! It was fun and I always love visiting with the other moms! So whew the week is over and we all so ready for the weekend!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Family Read Night

Last night we had Family Read Night at colby's school. It was our second one. We just love this night! Austin unfortunately had to miss b/c he had already committed to teaching lifegroup. I invited my dad though since we had an extra dinner and it was crawfish pasta.
We got there at 5:30 when they started serving dinnner. I was very impressed at how yummy the pasta was and that EVEN my kids ate it...even picky Lindsay! They both gobbled it up. We sat and visited with friends and teachers for a bit. I love the family atmosphere of Calvary. I love that Colby gets to see these people 6 days a week! After dinner we went into the Book Fair. I had already purchased the kids a book earlier that day but my dad promised them each one. They got their new books and then we let them run around a bit. We finally went into the church to warm up and some of their friends got there so we stayed in there and looked at our books and they played. It was so sweet to see them having so much fun with their friends Nijel and Mia. The teachers put on a little play that was really adorable. It was Under the cute!
This week they are really emphasizing reading and doing some really fun and cute things! Monday the teachers dressed up like their favorite book character, they had a hallway decorating contest, and Friday is Dr. Seuss day!!

Again Colby is just really loving school and thriving! We are continued to be blessed by Calvary. We love his new teacher Mrs. Cheffer and I think she is really clicking with the students and they are learning so much!! I cannot believe the year is almost 3/4 over though!!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Mardi Gras Break

So we have had a fabulous Mardi Gras break! Its been so nice to be on a slower schedule and have the kids home!
Lundi Gras- Austin was off. We spent the morning at home. It was a nice break from the busy. We enjoyed being home and getting some projects done and playing outside. That afternoon we headed out to Orpheus. We have talked about doing a BIG parade with our kids for years but have never been able to coordinate it either with Austin's schedule or weather. This year now that the kids are getting older I knew we really needed to try plus Colby was begging to go to a parade in the city. I am so glad we went b/c we had the time of our lives! We got there easily and parked we found a nice spot and the kids were just so happy. The people around us were awesome and the parade was spectacular. I swear I fell in love with my city all over again. There's just nothing like the feeling of just community and fun. Anyway the kids loved every single second of it! We are so glad we went!! Now they can say they have been to a Super Krewe at 6 and 3!
Mardi Gras- We had a stay at home day. Usually that's what we do on Mardi Gras. Austin was back to work and it was FREEEZING cold! We had our friends Nijel and Mia over to play. The kids loved having friends over. I was glad I could do something for them even though I was exhausted by the time they left. Its so great having brother/sister friends. Makes playdates with both kids super simple! The rest of the day was low key. We watched Mardi Gras on tv and just had an overall chill day!
Wednesday was our big day to get out of the house. We decided to run a few errands and do the park and lunch at Chickfila. It was a little chilly at the park but the kids didn't seem to mind. We stayed an hour! They had a blast running and climbing. It was good for them to finally get that outdoor play. Afterwards we did lunch at Chickfila. It was nice for them to get that time out of the house. Again the rest of the day we chilled. Its been so nice not having to run off anywhere at night also! That will all change next week when our spring activities kick off!
Thursday Colby started back to school. I hated to start waking up early again but it was nice to regain some quiet and time with Lindsay. Austin was off so we stayed home all day and worked on some house projects while she played. That evening Colby had Cubscouts so Austin took him to that. It was nice just having a slower paced day. I think these 2 days of school are mostly fun b/c he had no homework which was also nice!
Friday another girl day. Lindsay and I went to her friend Claire's house for the morning. It was nice having a playdate and just visiting with another mom. I am so glad Lindsay is making friends and we can do this type stuff! I remember these fun times with Colby. I want to soak it all up b/c soon she will be in school all day too! That evening we did our traditional movie night. I love Friday nights at home!!
Saturday Austin is off! We had a productive morning planned. First we wanted to visit Hollygrove to pick up some fresh produce and also to turn in some plastic containers I have been saving for them. I am always excited to visit there and busy some local, fresh produce. We always get the box and it makes us try and cook new things we probably otherwise wouldn't. Its also neat for the kids to help and look at all the yummy foods. Afterwards we had to drop off some stuffed animals to the police station. Again another neat thing for the kids to do! We enjoyed driving around Uptown and seeing all the remnants from Mardi Gras as well. Our final stop was lunch at Parasol's. Its a really old po-boy shop that is quite famous. We all enjoyed our lunch. We came home to rest and play. That evening we had Randall's birthday dinner. Its been since New Years I think since we have all been together so it was nice to hang out and just visit!
Sunday was church. This was our week to stay for both services. This week I felt worked out much better then the first. I taught 1st service. We had about 8 or 9 kids. So it wasn't too hectic. Really it was the perfect amount! Afterwards we went into church. Colby decided this week he would stay with the second service kids. It was so much easier only bringing one child in service and Lindsay really did great! It was a beautiful service focused on sharing Jesus. I hope I can do this more and more. The rest of the day was spent relaxing and working around the house. We had a big dinner of pork chops and veggies which was awesome!
It was a great week! I kinda hate to send my kids back to school but it will be nice to get back into a routine and order! This week there is a lot going on so look for a long post next week!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Celebrate Good Times...When Mardi Gras and Valentine's Collide

So this past week has felt like one giant celebration! It began last Wednesday when Lindsay had her Valentine's party. This week ofcourse Mardi Gras is in full swing. So today (Friday) the last day before both kids have a break they both have celebrations! Lindsay has her Mardi Gras party and parade. Colby is also having his Valentine's party at school today.
So I enjoyed getting to hang out with my girl Friday at her parade and party. I got there early so I could see her! When I arrived they were making Mardi Gras masks and enjoying their snack. She was so cute with all her friends. My parents also stopped in to see her. We had hoped the parade would be early enough that they could watch but it wasn't. They enjoyed their little party and then went outside. I loved watching her play with all her little friends! She's so social. I don't know if its a difference in girls or boys or just her little personality. I remember at this age Colby had friends but mostly he would just do his own thing I don't ever really remember him hanging out in groups like that. Well finally it was time for their parade. Lindsay's class along with the 2 younger classes sat to watch the parade while the 4s and 5s paraded around the playground. As always it was adorable! Again so many memories! I was able to have this experience with Colby and now her. She had a blast with her little friends and catching beads!
That afternoon we rested and picked up Colby. Our afternoon was short b/c that evening the church had a Mardi Gras night for the kids. I volunteered to help since Austin was in the hotel plus I figured Colby would be more comfortable if I stayed. He had a blast and I had fun getting to see him with his friends. Since I am mostly in preschool I rarely get to do stuff with his age group. They first met in the church to play games. They came over to the fellowship hall about 6:30 to eat. I had been working to get the pizza and kingcake set up in there. After the kids finished they put them into 3 teams to decorate Mardi Gras floats. Colby was put on the yellow team. He had a few friends on that team. Eli, Ella, Ethan, Mackenzie, and a few other kids I think he knew. They worked really hard for about 45 minutes decorating their float! The kids had so much fun and got SO Messy! It was neat just watching them be kids though and enjoy life! After they finally finished decorating it was time for the actual parade! It was neat how the adults rode in the back of these "floats" they threw candy and beads and other Mardi Gras trinkets! I think Colby had a blast! Once the parade was over they went back to the sanctuary for a Bible story. As soon as they finished the story I grabbed Colby and we came home. WE had a great time but it was a long day for everyone! We were all ready for bed that night. My parents stayed here and watched Lindsay so she was still awake when we got in. Needless to say we were all very ready to see our beds that night! Austin was in the hotel too which made it even more tiring!
Saturday the kids and I slept in and took our time getting ready! We were loving the first day of vacation. We did get dressed though and went to my parent's house to make King Cakes. I remember my mom making them when I was little. I had never done this with mine so I thought this year it would be a fun activity. We also enjoyed the time hanging out with my parents. The kids played and had fun helping with the kingcakes. We even got to play outside some. We ate lunch and the kids LOVED decorating the king cakes. We came home and just relaxed that afternoon. I was wiped out after Friday! Austin was in the hotel again that night. The kids and I watched a movie and just enjoyed some down time.
Sunday was church. We missed having austin with us. I taught during first service. It was quite a busy morning we had about 13 kids! It was fun though I love having a full house. We had to grocery shop after church. I hated to do it and I kinda felt crazy doing it but it was better then having to spend Monday morning so we suffered through the crazy! The rest of the afternoon was pretty relaxful!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Weekend Fun

AHH this weekend was lovely! So Friday night started with our first stay in movie night in about a month! We played outside and watched "Little Rascals". It was soo nice!! After such busyness during the week I just love that low key time with my littles.
Saturday morning we got to sleep in and have a slower paced morning around the house! Again another gift since we don't get that often. We had muffins and grits then got dressed and ready for the Westbank Parade. I really love parade season I just hate we don't get to participate much b/c of Austin's work. Since he was off we wanted this to be a fun family day. The kids were so excited. This was Lindsay's 3rd parade and well Colby's 7th. We went over to my parent's and walked which is the best way to do it. The weather was beautiful! We got a nice shady place on De Gualle and set up our camp. I was soo surprised how much Lindsay got into it. The last 2 years she just pretty much sat in the stroller and observed. She wasn't intimidated and she just truly embraced it! I was so excited and loved seeing that! Colby also gets so into it. He's so serious about it though and takes it from such a different approach then she does! I love that about them! Anyway needless to say they both caught tons and had a blast!! I love my city! I love that all types of people can gather together just to have a good time! I didn't see any negative stuff taking place at all. Everyone was just there to have a good time! We ate lunch with my parents which was nice then we came home to rest. The parade wore us all out I think!
That evening the boys went to the Pelicans Game with my dad. i was happy to stay in with Lindsay. She and I watched a tinker bell movie and just enjoyed the downtime!
Sunday was quite a busy day! This was our first official Sunday to try and do both services. First I taught preschool which was good just busy! We had 11 or so kids. Then we went to second service. I had talked with the kids before about attending church with me or going to their classes. They opted to stay with me. I knew it would be work but I do think its important for them to see how church service works sometimes. Anyway I have to give it to them they did wonderful to have been in church 3 hours at that point. we did leave early but I knew they couldn't handle anymore! We came home to enjoy the rest of our day and relax.
I love weekends and the rest that they bring!
Looking forward to a fairly busy week with new spring activities like Bible study. We also have Mardi Gras parties and Valentine's Parties as well!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Valentines and a Week of Rest

So this week we have been able to slow down a little compared to the week before. Its been a pretty routine week with school and errands for us. Tuesday Lindsay and I made Valentine's cookies for her and Colby to take to school. She had her party on Wednesday since Valentine's falls over Mardi Gras and next Friday is their big party/parade. It was fun getting to spend the time with my parents.
Wednesday I met Melissa for coffee. It was nice to just visit with another mom during the business of our lives as moms. She is due to have her 4th baby in a few months but we were able to squeeze in a time when all the kids were at school!
Thursday Lindsay and I had a playdate at Chickfila with Ashley and Jackson. I always look forward to Thursdays being our play day! It was a nice break in the week. That evening Colby had Cubscouts. This was my turn to go with him. They were learning about money this week and counting coins. I love how many different skills he is learning through Scouts. He will eventually learn money in school this year but I was glad they had a little intro already.
We haven't had as much to do in the evenings this week which was wonderful! Its been nice to just get into a better school routine and have the kids in bed early. Oh and Lindsay loved her Valentine party! She is truly loving school!! I am so happy!
This weekend will be nice. We have our first stay at home Friday in awhile and Saturday we will go Parading!! Look for a new post soon!!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Weekend Fun and a Time to Rest

I was so happy to see the weekend come last week! It was a busy week full of school, homework, meetings, church stuff, kid stuff, playdates! It was all great but by Friday evening I was over it!
Friday Lindsay had parent teacher conferences. I was happy to hear she is doing wonderfully in Mrs. Abby's class. Colby also had a wonderful report at 3. Basically her teacher said she is really coming out of her shell, she speaks very well, she knows her numbers, shapes, letters, etc. She said she's great with sharing and very empathetic when it comes to her little friends. She said she's easy to get along with and follows directions wonderfully. I was so glad to hear she is so sweet and doing so well. She is the youngest in her class and at first I worried a little she would be way behind the others. Last year I also felt like she had quite the reputation. Not that she wasn't liked but she cried a lot, put things in her mouth, threw things, could pitch fits, etc. Its amazing how much she grew up! Anyway so after her conference I had a coffee meeting with 2 ladies about our upcoming Bible study. I am co-leading the study. I am very excited about this opportunity. We met to discuss logistics and just make sure we are all on the same page. Little did I know though the meeting would last 2 hrs! So by the time I picked Lindsay up we had basically missed our entire naptime. Needless to say I was a little cranky. So I picked Colby up and brought the kids home and told them we were going to wind down for a bit. I put on a movie and closed my eyes. I had to save my sanity!
That evening we went to the Pelicans Game. The school had Calvary night at the Pelicans and it was a Cubscouts field trip as well. The kids had a blast! I have to admit I was dreading it due to the busy week but we ended up having a great time! The kids enjoyed seeing friends and just the overall atmosphere of the game. We left after the 3rd Quarter and still had a late night though.
Saturday thankfully we had no plans! I sorta declared it a day of rest. Its truly rare where we don't leave the house at all on any given day but I knew we needed it. Austin and Colby did run a couple errands like haircut and grocery but other then that we were home. It truly was a restful day. We did a little housework but mostly just rested and enjoyed being at home. We grilled steaks that night and had a lovely family dinner.
Sunday was church day. I am now on a teaching every week. This week due to the SuperBowl we didn't stay for both services. We will only do this on a week by week basis. My goal is to attend second service twice a month. Our class went well and I truly do love teaching. We had about 8 kids. I also love seeing Lindsay learn and interact with her friends! Funny Story: We were making these sheep b/c the story was about the lost sheep and I was going on about how cute the sheep were and they were going to fuzzy and what not well this little boy Jacob looks up and says "Mrs. Rachel they really aren't that cute!" Ha he's one of our older ones and I can tell those 5 year olds are about ready to promote. I will miss them so much but they are about ready for that next level. That afternoon we rested then went to our Superbowl Party for lifegroup. We decided to bring the kids to the Superbowl Party. We don't usually bring them on Tuesdays during the school year. I figured this started an hour earlier and there was no homework or anything on a Sunday evening plus they LOVE going and playing with all the kids. I was proud of how well both did. Colby plays really well with Jacob who is 5 and Lindsay just loves all their little Petshop toys. Although she did end up pooping on herself and we had no spare clothes !! AHH this girl! It ended up being ok though we got her cleaned up and she went pantyless and all was fine! We stayed until after halftime before heading home. It was a great night and a fun time just to hang out with all our friends!