Saturday, May 31, 2014

VBS Prep and Summer Routine

So this is our first real week of Summer and trying to get into a routine. With graduation, grandparents, FL, MS trip, Memorial Day we have had something exciting going on ever since Colby finished kindergarten. This week our life sorta slowed down and its just been me and the kids and we are trying to find our summertime groove!
I am really excited about this summer and hanging out with the kids! with Colby now being a full time student I missed him so much! Also with his new school schedule we couldn't just take him out of school on a whim to go do fun stuff! I am def looking forward to some fun field trips with the kids this summer.
This week has been good but its been filled with VBS prep. So normally this week where we would have done the zoo, aquarium, City Park, Children's Museum we haven't been able to. But its been good the kids are learning about service and serviving others so I am good with that too! And we will get to do all our fun stuff soon enough!
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were VBS work days. I brought the kids with me to the church Tuesday and Thursday. They were good and watched a movie and played and ate snacks like we worked. I think they liked the idea of playing up at the church but I can tell Colby is really starting to miss his friends. The only other kid around has been Michael who is 1 1/2 so I think Lindsay has enjoyed her friend but poor Colby hasn't had anyone to play with! Wednesday the kids stayed at my parents for a couple of hours while I worked. This was good b/c it was easier to get stuff done plus it gave them a break. I try to balance how much time they spend up at the church b/c I don't want them to ever get tired of it!
Friday was our day at home but we had to grocery shop! Again I felt bad b/c we didn't get to go do something fun but the kids were troopers and we got to play outside a lot that day. Every day but one we have played in the front and back yards which has been good. We are also working on school work. Colby has been working on handwriting, phonics, and reading. I try to get him to read something to me each day and do an activity page. We are also working on a geography project. I don't want his brain to forget all that he's learned. Plus I want him well prepared for 1st grade!
Saturday we had to go to SAM's to get the snacks for VBS then bring them to the church and get all that organized. Again the kids were good but I can tell they are getting antsy to move onto other things!
Tomorrow they will get to go to church and see friends which will be good and I know Colby will have a great time at VBS next week! He will get to see most of his school friends so I am excited about that! It will also be the first year he does VBS without me around. He will be in kindergarten with the big kids and I will be downstairs with the preschoolers! Lindsay will be spending the week with Austin and my parents so I know she will enjoy that also! It will be a great week and I am excited about seeing God work!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

We have a nice low key family weekend since getting back from the beach. Well Lindsay had her last day of school Friday and I met Laekan for coffee. She wanted to meet with me about the preshool this summer. I didn't have much time at home at all but that afternoon was very low key b/c Austin and Colby went to Hattiesburg. Lindsay and I just stayed home and enjoyed some quiet time. I was able to get a lot done with just her here so that was nice. She also plays so well by herself. I know she did miss Austin and Colby and I did too!
Saturday we got up and went to the grocery store early. I was anxious to get that over with! Afterwards Lindsay and I played outside until the boys got home. That afternoon after naptime we let the kids swim in the back yard! They ofcourse had a blast with that! It was nice just hanging out as a family and eating fresh fruit! So far I am loving summer time!
Sunday was church. I had to work in the preschool...I was a little discouraged about not being able to sit in church but I prayed for God to give me the strength and I know he did b/c once I got there I was in a much better frame of mind. I really do love teaching those little boys and girls but some Sundays I just crave being in church but I have learned that I can worship right there with those kiddos! Austin stayed and helped me b/c we were short on workers with it being a holiday weekend and all! It was fun having him as my co-worker! =) We had about 6 kids which honestly wasn't bad at all it was just the activities of mixing together playdough ingrediants and making bread dough. I do love though that we get to do those things on Sundays! This curriculum is so awesome! That afternoon we spent a lot of time in our backyard. Austin got some seeds for us to plant so we all worked together on that and then even ate dinner outside!
Monday (Memorial Day) We did our usual go to my parent's house for swimming and grilling! The kids were very excited to get back in the water. I think they miss the beach! Especially Lindsay! We got over there and went swimming first thing! It was nice just spending time as a family in the pool like that! The kids had a blast and I think worked up an appetite. We swam about an hour before going inside to get cleaned up. The kids enjoyed just playing inside. Once everyone arrived we ate lunch. We had a very cause bbq. It was nice getting to visit with Elizabeth and Randall. The kids spent most of the time outside with my parents. We were all pretty tired by the time we came home. We let the kids watch a movie while we all rested.
It was a wonderful weekend! Its nice to be back at home and start summer officially! The next 2 weeks will be consumed though with VBS but should be a fun and exciting time!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Last Day of School

First Day September 2013

Last Day May 2014
Lindsay had her last day of 2 year MDO on Friday. It was hard to believe that we were still in school mode after coming home from the beach but I was glad she was able to go one last time b/c she missed so many days in May.
I cannot believe how much she has grown up since the start of the year!
I feel like she has learned so much! She knows some shapes and colors and maybe even a few letters. She also talks so much now. By the end of the year she could tell me all her friend's names. I know she really loved school even though the last 2 months she cried everytime I left her!
It will be fun having her home for the next 3 1/2 months. Next year she will return there for 3 year preschool 3 days a week!

Destin 2014

We just got home from our annual beach trip! Its hard to believe its come and gone! This year was probably the most fun we've had although 2 young kids re still a lot of work at the beach!
We went a week later this year and left on a Monday. We got up Monday morning and headed out. So Lindsay decided on Saturday that she would begin potty training. This was not in my plans at all to potty train before a trip but she really did great! We made a few stops on our way to Florida but I was so proud of her for not having any accidents during the trip! She wore pullups b/c I figured being in a condo I didn't want her to mess up anything or spend vacation cleaning up messes! We did our usual stop for lunch at Ruby Tuesday. Its always fun to stop and visit with everyone. The kids were so excited about getting to the beach!
As soon as we got unloaded at the condo the kids were anxious to put on their swim suits and head down to the beach. Elizabeth, Austin, and I took them to the beach. Colby had a blast running in and out of the water! He got so excited with each wave! This was the first year I really saw him react like that! Lindsay was timid that first day and made someone hold her the entire time. We eventually went over to the pool and they both loved that! We spent about 45 min in the pool before going up and getting cleaned up that night.
We spent a little while in the condo just unpacking and relaxing before dinner. My mom always cooks dinner for us the first night there. It was nice to just stay in after a long day of traveling! We enjoyed all being together as a family! Its neat having so many meal times together!
That night we put the kids to bed early and enjoyed a quiet evening. We watched Courageous then turned in early ourselves.
Tuesday was our first full day at the beach. Austin and I woke up before the kids. Once they were up we all got dressed and went to walk on the beach. They were both so excited about getting back down there. We didn't let them get wet they just enjoyed the sand and looking for shells. At this point Lindsay was still timid about walking around though. After this we went upstairs for my mom's famous beach breakfast. She always makes the best breakfasts when we are there! After eating the kids were very anxious to put on their swimsuits and head down to the beach. We went out to the beach first and got our chairs. It was nice having a place to chill while the kids played. Lindsay finally warmed up to the idea of the sand. Both kids enjoyed building castles and playing in the water. Lindsay lasted about 45 min then I took her to the pool. That is where she had the most fun! She donner her pink goggles and floaties and just had a blast! Colby and Austin eventually met us over there! We let the kids play and swim for about an hour before taking them up for lunch. We ate lunch outside on the patio and visited with my mom and dad. After lunch I brought Lindsay back to our condo to nap. Austin went to the beach and Colby watched a movie in my parents condo. It was nice to have a couple hours of quiet. We all got dressed that afternoon and went for an early dinner at the Back Porch. I enjoyed the dinner but with all of Lindsay's potty breaks and shenanigans it def wasn't relaxing. We then went to the outdoor mall so the kids could ride the train. We were disappointed though that the icecream shop had closed so we packed up after the train ride and went to another icecream place. The kids ofcourse liked that! Afterwards we were all tired and went back to the condo to put them to bed! Again austin and I had some downtime which was nice.
Wednesday we slept in a little later then enjoyed a few quiet moments before going over to my parents condo for breakfast. Once again another winning breakfast by my mom! Again the kids were anxious to go down to the beach so we went back to our condo sunscreened up and put on swimsuits and headed down. This day Lindsay lasted longer on the beach. It was nice this year to spend more time out on the beach. Normally I feel like I hardly get to go out there. Colby never was fond of the beach until like last year and this is the first year we were able to get Lindsay to stay for any length of time! We also went back to the pool and spent about an hour as well. I am so proud of Colby's swimming abilities. He has come such a long way! Lindsay loved swimming with the floaties on! I can't wait to see what all she learns this year in lessons! We did the same thing as the day before went up for lunch and ate on the patio. Afterwards Lindsay took a nap and Colby watched a movie. Austin and Colby went down to the beach again for a bit before we had to get cleaned up for dinner.
That night we reserved as an "us" night. We have done this the past 2 years and just taken Colby out but this year we figured Lindsay would want to and was old enough to join in the fun as well! We decided to do something different this year and go to San Destin to the Baytown Wharf. We brought Colby there when he was 1 but I don't think it was as big as it is now. We knew there was a playground though and some eating places. Well we got there and immediately went to the playground for the kids to play! Colby even made a friend. They played for about 30 min then we decided to go eat. There are about 10 different restaurants in this little place but we decided to go to the Diner and eat outside. Since it was just us and the kids we wanted something more kid friendly. It was nice just hanging out with them. Afterwards we walked into some of the stores. The kids each got one toy. Colby picked a sword and Lindsay picked an Ariel doll. We ended the night with snoballs. That night we tried to put the kids to bed fairly early so we could relax and start to get things packed up. The trip went by soo quickly but its also about the right amount of time. I think when the kids get older we may start staying an extra day but for now its the right amount of time.
Thursday was our travling back day. Packing up in the morning and trying to wrangle two kids always stresses me out. I mean this year wasn't quite as hard as previous years but its still always a little crazy. Our trip back was fun although Lindsay was kinda fussy. I think she had to potty plus we made a few potty trips for her. We stopped at our usual Panera Bread on the way home and the kids both chowed down on some mac n cheese!
Like I always say I can't believe our beach trip is over! The kids are already asking to go back so we might take them somewhere before summer is over! This was def the most fun I think! The last few trips I was preggo, then had a 5 month old, then had a busy 1 year old so now that the kids were 2 and 5 it was so much easier! Next year I can't believe they will be 3 and 6!

Sunday, May 18, 2014


So this weekend was a big one in our house! First of all Lindsay woke up Saturday morning and took her own diaper off and threw it away! I def saw this as a sign to start potty training her. I have played around with it here and there but she's always fought it. I put panties on her and she kept everything dry for the first half of the day and went potty! I was so proud of her! Its like its finally clicked!
Now to go out I will use pull ups for a couple of weeks until I am confident she won't pee on herself. She has even pooped a little on the potty! I cannot believe it was this easy but I guess she truly was ready! I am glad b/c I worried what we would for 3 year prek with her! She has until after Labor Day though to get really good at the whole process!
Colby also had tennis lessons on Saturday morning. He's been doing very good compared to last year but it was like something clicked with him too and he did excellent! I think the coach was soo proud of him! I love to see him becoming a little tennis player!
He's not one to really like sports and we aren't going to push that on him at all but I do think its important to play some type of sport just for the discipline and fitness it provides! Thankfully this summer we can focus on swimming and tennis!
I am so proud of my littles but it shows me they are both growing up too!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Kindergarten Graduation!

Well today was the day! My little man has officially wrapped up his first year of elementary school! Its hard to believe the year is over! I am excited about summer and all the adventures that are ahead. I am excited about slower days and sleeping in! I am excited about having my littles at home more! I am not however excited to see how fast life is going! I really cannot believe we are at the end of this year! Colby has had a great year in kindergarten. We knew this year would be an adjustment and that it was. He went from 1/2 day preschool where they pretty much played all day to full day school with tests and homework and grades. He has handled it like a champ though! No its not been easy and yes there have been plenty of tears but he finished strong and for that I am so proud! He is one of the youngest in his class and coming from preschool I think he might have been a little behind and he still is but we are still so proud! His teacher and we have seen so much growth in him this year!
He didn't end the year with any fancy awards but he his final grades were As and Bs and I think that is pretty awesome for my sweet 5 year old!
The graduation ceremony was ofcourse adorable! His teachers did a fabulous job of putting it all together. I got teary eyed a few times. They played "Let them Be Little" and showed their baby pics and graduation pictures! AHH just shows how fast childhood goes! In another 5 years he will be 10!!! The kids sang 3 songs and said "The Lord's Prayer" and John 3:16. I loved that at his graduation they proclaimed the Gospel. I honestly have to say that's been one of the best things about this year was the fact that he's not only been learning academics but he's been growing in his knowledge of the Lord. Its awesome that at his graduation they can pray and talk about the Bible!
He was so nervous about the ceremony but he did great! Ofcourse you could tell he is a little more shy then some but he sang and did the hand motions. He even ended the last song with a little bow and dance! So adorable!
He made some really sweet friends this year! he and Nijel are buddies so I am so glad they will be together in VBS and in 1st grade together! His teacher was so awesome and we are so thankful for her. She worked so hard with him and was such an encouragment to me. I think his class had a special little bond this year! His teacher said this is the first year kids have cried on the last day! Anyway I am so thankful that God led us back to Calvary and this is where we chose to send him to school. Its been such a blessing!
We tried to make yesterday special after graduation we went out to Applebees for lunch then Austin and his parents took Colby to the park and out for icecream while Lindsay napped. They both played in the pool in the backyard after her nap. It was a full and busy day!!
This weekend we will be getting prepared for our Destin trip!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Chuck E. Cheese Day

Wednesday Colby had a special celebration day at Chuck E. Cheese. This included prek and kindergarten classes. I am pretty sure this has been a tradition for many years. Colby was beyond excited about this! It was only his 3rd trip to Chuck E. Cheese. I just really don't like that place.
We took him once when he was just barely 1 in Hattiesburg and even that time I wasn't that impressed. He only went back just this year for a b-day party and now for this school event. Its def not a place we will ever visit except for parties. Lindsay had never been so I was excited atleast for her to go and experience it.
I think Colby had a good time running around with his friend Nijel. Although I found it quite hard to keep up with him and Lindsay. Colby I pretty much trusted to go off on his own and to come back and find me but it scared me when Lindsay got out of my sight. Which she did a few times!!
The kids basically played and used their tokens for the first hour. Colby liked playing the games and riding the rides. Lindsay just enjoyed doing whatever he did. Although she did start to get upset b/c she didn't have tokens. In hindsight I guess I should have gotten her her own 4 or so tokens but I really was trying not to spend any extra money in there!
Colby won 35 tickets and was excited to redeem them in the store but all the stuff in the "store" is CRAP! All he could pick from were these 2 baskets of really chinky things. I felt so bad for him then he wanted a little orange notepad and all the lady would give him was a blue one! Agh so frustrating.
In my personal opinion its a money trap and like gambling for preschoolers. I mean I liked it as a kid and I get its fun to do every now and then but I will never go there often! Maybe some of the establishments are better then the one we went to but still!
The kids also got pizza and a drink with the money we paid for the party/field trip. During that time I just let Lindsay eat a snack I brought for her b/c neither of my kids really like pizza and I wasn't going to spend a bunch of money there on food. After eating I was pretty much ready to go. My head hurt and it was just exhausting keeping up with them and totally overstimulating!
Again my kids had fun and I am glad they got to have this special day but it def isn't my fav place to go!

Honoring Mrs. Stubbs and Girl's Night Out!

Well the last 24 hours have been extremly busy for me and the littles. Yesterday they had a special ceremony honoring Mrs. Stubbs at the school. We didn't find out about it until the night before but I felt like I should go. Even though it was at noon which is a hard time to get out and go to something like that. Anyway I was glad I did. There weren't many other parents there but I figured since she taught me and I have known her in so many different capacities that I needed to go. They ended up even asking me to say a few words about her. I was glad that I got to participate. B.c yes she was my prek 4 teacher. She actually took over that job from my mom when I was born. So we go WAYY back! I went to school there through 8th grade so she was always someone I knew plus she was principal my 8th grade year.
While I was in college I subbed a lot at Calvary and I recall several times that I subbed with her while her teacher's aid was out. Then while I worked at Calvary ofcourse we were co-workers. I really feel like I learned a lot from her through the years. I hated that she didn't get to teach either of our children. But she did interact with Colby a lot this year. She was right next door so I know he saw her all the time plus she led the prek and kindergarten in chapel each week.
Anyway I was glad I chose to go and I know it will be strange not seeing her at the school!
That evening I had a Girl's Night Out which like I rarely do! I was even almost ready to talk myself out of it but I am soo glad we went. I met up with Lindsey and we rode over to Elmwood together which was nice. It was nice to get to know her more. We met the other 2 ladies Holly and Tammy there for dinner at Zoe's Kitchen before the movie. Again it was so nice to eat dinner with some friends and not have kids attached to us! We went to see the movie Mom's Night Out! It was adorable and I can't wait to see it again! We laughed and cried! Again I think it was just what I needed. I needed that time to myself before summer starts and I am with the kids non-stop! Although I was so tired that next day b/c we got in around 10 but I didn't fall asleep until around 12:30! It was a great night though! I am so thankful for sweet, Christian friends!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend

Man with Easter falling so late this year and Austin's birthday last weekend I feel like we have been celebrating something every. single. weekend!! Not good for trying to eat well! Anyway so this weekend is Mother's Day!
So far its been a nice weekend with the kids. As always Friday night was low key just hanging out watching movies and not doing much! Friday during the day Lindsay and I did do a little shopping which was fun!
Saturday Colby had tennis again. He did pretty well but I had to speak to him about halfway through b/c he wasn't listening. He sometimes gets so hard headed and refuses to do what his coach says. Once he got a little wake up call he did really great! I just wish he would get there and be excited to play. I think he likes it but he's just so stubborn sometimes. So after tennis we are headed back to the car and Lindsay trips and falls flat on her face! It really scared me at first b/c I could just imagine she had hit her mouth or teeth or something. Anyway she had a scraped forehead and scraped knees but it seemed worse at first I guess then it was although she did have a nice goose egg on her head as well. Colby was so worried about her and checking on her but then all of a sudden he climbs into the van and turned pale and said his stomach didn't feel good. Well at first I thought maybe he had to poop but he said no and then I asked if he had to throw up and he said yes! Well I made him get out the van and then he asked to just lay down on the concrete! I had no idea what was wrong! I was afraid maybe he felt that way during tennis but then it hit me that seeing Lindsay's blood probably made him feel queasy especially on top of being hot and thirsty. He finally composed himself and got back in the van and drank some juice and he was ok! I got both kids to my parent's house and was able to check them out and they were both fine. We changed into swimsuits and got in the pool! It was 78 degrees so I decided to get in this week! Still a little chilly for me so we didn't stay in long but it was fun! Colby has a blast and Lindsay is really starting to warm up in the pool also! I can't wait to see what they both learn after swim lessons! We came home after swimming and playing and relaxed the rest of the day!
Sunday was Mother's Day. I was glad to have Austin off with us to go to church with us. Although the last 2 years I have had to work in the nursery on Mother's Day. It was still nice to go as a family. I now I have Lindsay in class with me. She does really well! I have enjoyed having her. We had a busy day of about 10 kids and it was just me working! Everything did go smoothly though which I was thankful. I was very busy but the kids all listened very well and didn't give me any trouble. So after church we went over to my parent's house. This was the first time that we did a holiday where Elizabeth took care of everything over at my parent's house. We were all there early and helped get things set up since my parents get out of church later then we all do. I think the kids had fun but also thought it was wierd to not have Grammy around. Finally my parents got there around 12:30 and we ate lunch. It was fun to visit as always. The kids were pretty well behaved but do get hyped up at stuff like that. We left to come home around 2 and I think we were all exhausted. Its like I love Mother's Day but with church and lunch like that its really not a very relaxing day! But it was so good to be with family as always. That afternoon was pretty low key and we got take out for dinner so we woulnd't mess up the kitchen. It was a great weekend!
I am so thankful to be mommy to 2 sweet children.
You were the first to call me mommy and you are growing up so fast! I cannot believe you are about to graduate kindergarten! I have seen you grow up SO much this year! You have learned to read and do so many other things at school. I feel like this year was a big adjustment year for you. You went from halfday preschool of mostly playing to a serious full day of school with grades and homework. You are a great big brother. Even though you and Lindsay fight I can see how much you love her and that you will always take great care of her as a big brother! I cannot wait to have you home this summer and spend time together!

My baby girl! Even though you have only been in our family 2 1/2 years it feels in some ways you have always been here! I cannot imagine life now without my precious girl! I love having a little girl to do girl stuff with! I look forward to our relationship growing with every new stage of life! I love taking you to PJs and having our coffee and bread! I look forward to doing this with you forever! It will be fun as you grow older and we can really talk to one another! I love your sweet side and your spicy side. You can definitely hold your own and I love that about you! You are determined just like your big bro! I look forward to seeing what the Lord has in store for you as you grow into a little girl!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Teacher Appreciation week

So this week has been a very busy week in my household. With now having 2 kids in school teacher appreciation week has become a very big deal! I love it though bc I have been a teacher and I know how hard they work! Plus we have been blessed 4 wonderful years with sweet teachers who have taken great care of my kiddos! Also this week I am wrapped up in VBS prep which is a whole other story!
So Monday at Colby's school was giving the teachers something to Melt The Stress Away. I had all the stuff already to make homemade bath salts b/c I did this for Colby's teachers last year. I decided that would be easy and not a big expense. And since I was making them for his teachers I thought I would go ahead and make them for hers too!
Tuesday was National Teacher Appreciation Day so we were encouraged to spoil the teachers with something extra. In order to not have a large expense I just got Colby's 2 teachers $5 PJ's gift cards and said have a cup of coffee or breakfast treat on me! That was easy enough!
Wednesday was something sweet for the teacher and a note. Well if I didn't have so much going on I would have loved to bake something for all 4 teachers but this week has just been so hectic I knew that was out the window. I found a really cute poem on pinterest to use with M&Ms. I figured that was easy and not costly.
Thursday was teacher supplies so I got some sharpie markers. I know she uses these for their behavior charts and probably countless other stuff so I figured it would be useful. I also wrote notes to all the teachers.
Friday is flower day so I think I will just let Colby choose some flowers or something from the garden.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Our Weekend

Wow its been a busy weekend but a great one! So I'll start at the beginning!
Friday Colby went to school and Lindsay and I went shopping. I needed to buy clothes for Colby's graduation in 2 weeks! I invited our friends Lauren and her little girls Stella and Lou. Stella is in school with Lindsay. We got our shopping done before they even got there so once they were there we let the girls play for about 45 minutes in the play area. I am glad Lindsay has a new friend since several of her other little friends moved away recently. After playing we went to eat an early lunch at Chickfila. I think everyone enjoyed that! We ended our mall visit with cookies and a little mommy shopping! It was a great morning and we hope to do it again soon! I look forward to many girl shopping trips with her!
The afternoon/evening were pretty low key!
Saturday we got started early b/c Colby started tennis lessons again! I was excited to hear from the coach and that we could start right away. Colby has no interest in baseball so I am glad to get him in some type of activity. He seemed to really enjoy it! I could tell he has matured so much from last year. He still got a little distracted halfway through but he did soo well once he got warmed up! Lindsay is so great watching him too! I hope to get her started in gymnastics or dance soon! After tennis I decided it would be nice to all go cool off in my parent's pool. Well we got there and I discovered it was 72 degrees so I decided to sit that one out but my parents and the kids got in and seemed to do just fine! I am glad they got to swim and have fun! After swimming we came home for lunch and rest time. We were expecting Austin's parents in so I wanted to make sure Lindsay got a nap. We were all able to have a little quiet time before they arrived at 1:30. Colby was able to have some 1 on 1 time with just mawmaw and pawpaw. They played games inside and played outside then even took him down to the Base for a bit!
Once they got home we all got cleaned up to head to dinner. We made reservations at Des Families. My parents and Austin's parents joined us. Colby had been with us once down there but we've never brought both kids. I think they really enjoyed it! Its a great family restaurant. They enjoyed looking out the windows for alligators. After dinner we spent some time outside watching the humming birds and just enjoying the nice weather! We came home for cake after. It was nice just being able to visit and hang out with everyone! It had been awhile!
Sunday our church had a big Friend/Family Day. They did one joint service and it was outside. We had invited both sets of our parents to join us and it worked out well since it was Austin's birthday weekend. Since the service was outside and very casual there was also no childcare. I was a little worried how the kids would do especially since it was out in the hot sun and very little shade except our umbrellas. But they both did super! I was so proud. The service was short too probably only like 45 min. Afterwards they had a free BBQ. They also had inflatables and snowballs for the kids. After eating we spent about 30-40 min just letting the kids run around and play and enjoy snowballs! It was a great day! We were blessed with wonderful weather as well. It was definitely tiring though. We came home and all rested! That afternoon though Austin put up our water slide and let the kids play on that!
We def got our Vitamin D this weekend! I am so excited for summer!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Austin's B-day

This Thursday was Austin's 35th b-day. He was able to take off for his birthday which I was glad. This morning Lindsay and I went over to my parent's to bake his cake. He always wants a homemade cake for his b-day. Some years I have made it happen and years like last year he had to make do on a store bought cake. It just depends on what day his birthday falls and what we have going on. Unfortunately his b-day comes right before school getting out and all sorts of things are going on. Since I had nothing planned today I asked him if it would be ok if I left for a few hours to bake his cake over there. This way he had the house to himself for a little while. Lindsay has also been begging to go to Grammy's house all week. We got his cake baked and headed home around 10:30. Since we were already dressed I asked him if he wanted to go out to lunch.
He chose La Madeline uptown. It was a nice little drive. It was fun just going out to lunch the 3 of us. We missed Colby but sometimes its nice just to have that quiet time with Lindsay. We had a nice little outdoor lunch. Afterwards we came home to rest a little while before Colby got home from school.
The afternoon was pretty busy with homework and playing with the kids. We were able to enjoy the beautiful weather and all play outside for awhile. We decided to pick Outback up for dinner. I hated to not have a special homecooked meal for Austin but I also didn't want hm to spend his birthday evening cleaning up a kitchen. We ate outside which was really nice! We haven't done that in forever! Afterwards we enjoyed birthday cake!
I know we didn't get to do a whole lot on Austin's birthday but I think he felt special and loved! We don't always go big on birthdays and this year it just fell at a really busy time! His parents are coming in town this weekend so we will go out to eat as a family and celebrate some more!!