Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Growing up So Fast

So lately Colby seems as if he is doing so many new things! He is getting so big! Its like overnight he grew up to a little boy! This summer has been one of changes! Big changes! I guess its normal though since he is turning 2! I guess every summer will be like this! Last year I know it was full of changes he was learning to walk, talk and so many other things!

So far though he is potty training and doing very well! He has had little to no accidents since Monday! I am so happy since we are back on our weekly routine he is doing great with that! He is also doing swim lessons like a champ! I think he is the happiest one and most brave one there. I really think he would turn lose and try to swim on his own if I would let him! I am so happy he loves the water and will be a great swimmer! The swim instructors told us today to no longer put floaties on him. I had thought of this but its gonna be hard to not do that sometimes. I figure depending on the setting and who is in the pool with him. I don't think having floaties on in some situations will hurt. Just as long as he's not dependent on them...I can't stand to see 5 year olds with floaties on!

Another big change happened today as well! We converted his bed from a crib to a toddler bed. All along we said this would happen when he turned 2. I had planned on going ahead with it at the start of July. Since Austin was off today we figured it was the best time to do it! It will get hectic this weekend with the 4th festivities and then soon we will be so busy with his party and then VBS!

Today was a great day though! He had a blast at swim lessons which was a relief after yesterday. Then we came home and just enjoyed time as a family all afternoon! It was great having Austin home in the middle of the week like that! I can't believe we only have 2 more days of swim lessons though!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

WHEWWW what a morning!!

Ok so today started out like any other day well like any day the last week and a half. We were going to swim lessons. Colby was fine at home we stopped at Walgreens to get a few things on the way there. Again he was fine. I guess I wondered all along how today would be because it was raining when we left the house. Fortunately though it basically stopped by the time we got to swim lessons. When we got there Colby already was acting scared not himself. He didn't even want to go in the gate. Usually he prances in and goes right to playing. Well today he stood by the gate thoughts were ooh crap what a day this is gonna be. I thought maybe the rain had him all off. Finally he came close to the playroom but wouldn't come in. He wanted his juice then he just stood outside in the rain sipping his juice almost in a stooper! I didn't know what his deal was. I thought he was just in a bad mood for some reason.
He was slugging down his juice which worried me that he was going to have to pee before we were finished. He will not pee in the pool or his swimsuit. I don't know if he has always been this way but since potty training began he won't do it. In fact yesterday he came in upset because he had to go so bad and I got him on the potty right in time. So today I thought uh oh he's probably really going to have to go by the time this is over! But at the same time I didn't want to take the juice away from him because I knew that would be an all out fit and the other parents would have all been there watching. So I just let him go ahead hoping he would either be able to hold it or just pee in his swim diaper and move on. Well he acted disturbed the whole time he was in teh pool he wouldn't really swim and he started crying about 10 minutes in and didn't stop the whole time. I figured it was because he had to pee. But what was I going to do? I couldn't take him out the pool and tell him to pee outside...I didn't want to ask the lady if we could go in her house ....I figured I will just let him finish up lessons. Well we should have left because I don't think he got anything out of them today. Well I noticed some liquid coming out of his shorts when we got out the pool I figured oh ok he peed no biggie. He was already happier just to be out the pool. Well then he was sitting in the chair inside and when he stood up more liquid but this time it smelled. So then I began to wonder ooh noo he probably has to poop!
So I rushed and got him and I dressed and ran out without saying a word. I'm sure the other parents could tell something was going on...usually Colby wants to stick around and play and we visit with the other moms. So I drug him to the car basically he was bawling I set my car alarm off on accident I felt like everyone was staring at us. So we got home and when I pulled him out the car I knew then he had pooped or really needed to go. I knew then to take him straight to the bathroom and strip him. Well sure enough he had pooped and it was everywhere! I couldn't get upset though because he was already upset enough for the 2 of us. I got his swimsuit off then put him in the tub mainly b/c I had no where to put him without him stepping in poop. I rinsed him off quickly and then stuck him in his room. I felt bad I wasn't punishing him but in order for me to get the mess cleaned up I needed him out of my way. So I got all that cleaned up finally and got him out of his room and back to the potty so he could pee....which he did. he must not have finished though b/c next thing I know he is peeing on the floor in his then I pick him make him finish on the potty and then change his underwear and dab up the pee from his carpet! Poor baby I feel so bad for him....I guess in hindsight I should have just left but I had no way of knowing what was really going on with him.
He doesn't say pee or poo yet so its mostly a guessing game...he has ways of letting us know and I'm sure his fits today were trying to tell me hey mom I gotta go but I just didn't clue in! Poor thing it must be rough to be 1 1/2 and not be able to talk fully!
So I am praying tomorrow is better and he has fun and doesn't remember all this from today and get embarrassed or scared. He has a sensitive spirit and I don't want this to give him a bad view of swim lessons! I want my little fishie back tomorrow so we'll see! He's fine now at home! Again though wheww what a day! Glad Austin is off tomorrow and gets to go so maybe that will make him happy!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Potty Talk

So this afternoon Colby got really fussy and finally hit me he probably had to poop. I first put him in his room mainly because he was being so fussy and I thought he might need a time out. Well then I thought well if he has to poop I should try putting him on the potty instead. So I put him on there and shut the door. He likes privacy when he poops. Sure enough after about 10 minutes I went in to check on him and he had pooped! I was so proud of my little man. I never dreamed he would poop in the potty at a 1 1/2 but he did! I figured we were along way off from that! He has also done very well with the potty all day. Which figures we are back in a routine. Well that's all but I had to document his first poop on the potty! And no I didn't take any pictures I don't want to embarrass him that much in later years!

Michael Phelps JR

So today we started back to Week 2 of swim lessons! Colby did awesome! He didn't cry a bit! He jumped right in to wanting to swim to the instructors! He loves his teachers now! He squirms and tries to swim to them by himself! He wants every turn to be his turn now! A week ago I can't believe he screamed when they came near him and now he goes to them joyfully with a big smile on his face! I am just amazed at how much he has learned in a week! I can't imagine what his skills will be like by Friday.
Today he was doing so good with his underwater swimming they moved him onto doing arm strokes. He did pretty good as any 1 1/2 year old could do. They said don't worry their 3 year old grandson still has trouble with it and he swims all the time!
Most of the kids are getting the hang of things but they still all fuss more then Colby. He was definitely the happiest kid there today! I am so enjoying swim lessons. It gives us a nice routine it breaks up the day but isn't so overwhelming that we are exausted! It also is helping with the heat situation. I don't know what we will do for entertainment next week haha! I am so glad I signed Colby up. I am already excited about him taking lessons next year!
He is also doing better with the potty today which I figured since we are back in a routine. I try to keep things as normal as possible on the weekends and when Austin is off but its not quite the same. He stayed dry all morning and went to the potty before swim lessons. Poor baby had to go soo bad though when we got home I think he peed a little in his swimsuit and he got so upset. Poor guy I know was scared since I fussed at him last night. So I am going to calm down and not be so overzealous about getting him trained. Right now its practice and its ok if he makes mistakes. I guess I just got so excited thinking he was trained but its a process so we are just gonna do the best we can. But he did pee as soon as he got on the potty after swim lessons. Then he went again before lunch he had to go soo bad it went everywhere though so a new pair of underwear was needed anyway! I put him in a pullup before lunch since he would be taking a nap after anyway and he still sleeps in pullups or diapers. Well he wet it a little I can't believe he still had to go but it wasn't much. I know he will wet it during his nap but he's still young to be trained during that time anyway since he's in his bed for 3 hours.
He's just growing up before my eyes! We plan on converting his bed later this week which should be interesting. I'm not sure if I am ready for that but I don't want to put it off and him have trouble later on. I want him to have a solid year of sleeping in a toddler bed before he moves to his big boy bed! Well thats it for now nothing interesting going on the rest of the day!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Ok until this weekend Colby had been doing great at potty training. I guess I got to excited that it was going to be SO easy. I knew with him spending Friday night out and Austin being off this weekend and us being busy and not home as much we might see a little setback in his potty training. It just seems like each day though has gotton worse. Late last week he was having no accidents at all. I'm not sure what happened Friday I can't remember and I don't know if he peed in his pull ups at my parents house or anything.
Saturday he was pretty much in pullups all day and he peed in them about 3 times. Before he was keeping them dry even. So today at church I put him in pullups again 1) because of the type of outfit he was wearing and 2) I haven't gotton brave enough to put him in undies full time especially when we are away from the house for extended periods. He kept the pullup dry all during Sunday School and even went to the potty there. They said he even went during extended care but he ended up having an accident anyway.
So this afternoon I figured after his nap I would try to get back on it. Well he peed in his pullup so I put him in underwear this evening and he had 2 accidents. And it didn't even seem to bother him. Before he would cry or if he started to pee he would get upset and want to go potty. He is also getting to where he goes potty for like 5 seconds then wants off. So I don't think he finishes which might be 1 reason for all the accidents. I dunno I lost my patience tonight with him which I told myself I wouldn't do so now I feel guilty for that. Its been a long day and Austin is still not home and its 8:15 but I know thats no excuse. He is only 1 1/2 and still learning. So tomorrow is a new day we are gonna get back on our schedule and hopefully he will do better and I can maintain my patience. Sundays are hard days especially when Austin works then doesn't get home until late.
He had a Deacon's Meeting at church tonight which is why he was so late. It seems like there is some more ups and downs in our church right now so I am just praying God will lead the church and those in charge where we need to go. I hate that people have to be so contentious. That's not what church is all about. With all the problems in the world we should not be fighting over little things in our churches. Well thats my soap box for now.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer Days

Wow I can't believe its only June and its been SO hot here! But the last 2 days have been great despite that because Austin has been off and we have been able to just enjoy some good family time. Last night we went to the Zephyr game with some friends while my parent's kept Colby for the night. It was nice to go to the baseball game...I hadn't been to one in 4-5 years. I really want to bring Colby to one but still unsure if he would actually enjoy it yet or not! It was really warm last night...I mean not unbearable but it was definitely warm! It was nice to just sit and watch the game and visit with friends though. They even had fireworks so we stayed for that. We didn't get home until 10:30 or so so it was a late night for us haha. I don't think we got to bed until 12 so I definitely feel a nap today!

This morning I woke up at 8 though feeling well rested and ready to go pick up my little boy! So we left the house around 9. Our plan was to take him swimming over there so he could show off his new skills. He did great. He practiced everything he learns in swim lessons. He was putting his head in the water and jumping off the side by himself! There is no tellin how he will be after week 2 of swim lessons. I can see how he will be begging to go swim probably by next year! He's such a mess. Our friends Josh and Laura ended up meeting us over there and we all swam for over an hour! I was suprised Colby lasted that long. He is usually done in 30-45 minutes. But he did great...I think his new swimming abilities made him enjoy it longer!

The rest of the day we were pretty lazy other then going grocery shopping. It was so nice to have a couple family days at home just the 3 of us. It seems like when Austin is off we are usually having to go somewhere, or have something to do with family that its not just us! So I feel like the weekend was a great one!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Best Day Yet!

So today was Colby's best day at swim lessons! Austin was off today too and got to see him I am so glad he did well to show off for his daddy!

We began the morning by just hanging out as a family and eating breakfast together...something we rarely do! It was nice to even watch tv as a family...we watched 18 Kids and Counting! Yea Austin actually watched it with was nice though just to have that quiet time. Soon after we started getting ready for swim lessons. Colby is always excited when he hears the words swim/pool or swimsuit! He was ready to get his swimmies on today and head out the door. When we got there he was acting really shy so I was a little worried that he might not do well with both of us there. Sometimes when we are both around he becomes clingy but then other times he does awesome when we are both there so you just never know what child you will get. He didn't even want to get in the pool at first he wanted to sit and play and drink juice. But once we got in the pool he got so excited. He was right away trying to put his face in and try pushing off from me to swim somewhere. He loved when the instructors came and got him today! He wasn't shy at all! Everyone couldn't believe the change! He was ready each time for his turn, in fact I think they could have worked with him the whole time and he would have been fine with that!

I am so excited about all he has learned! I can't wait to see him show off his skills in my parent's pool. I'm not sure if he showed off today for his daddy or its just b/c it was the 5th day and he was used to it! I hope he does as well all next week!

I think the weekend break will be nice though, although we may take him swimming in the morning at my parent's house but I think he will have fun showing off his new skills and just playing in the water! The rest of the day so far has been nice! We came home and just relaxed and played with Colby before his nap! Once again very nice! I think we all took good naps today I know the sun/water combo has been wearing me out too! Tonight Austin and I are going to the Zephyr game with some friends so Colby will spend the night with my parents. I am looking forward to the night out. And I know he will have fun with his grandparents so its a win win!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Colby has made a lot of progress in swim lessons...its amazing how quickly little ones learn. Today his big accomplishments were sit diving off the side (with help of course) swimming underwater even to the stairs by himself, and floating on his back!
He was a little discontent today but I don't think he's scared of the teachers anymore I think now its more of he wants to do what he wants to do not be made to do stuff. But he totally knows how to close his eyes and hold his breath when he goes under...I even let him swim to the steps and he did fine. He was sooo proud of himself for that! He got out of the pool and chuckled for like a minute like wow I am big! They started practicing today letting them sit on the edge and the teachers help them dive in. He did pretty good with this...I'm sure it will be more of a focus tomorrow. I am just amazed at how quickly he is learning. The teachers even said he was holding out on them!
His pottying is also going great...he had an accident today at lunch but that was again my fault. I should know by now to take him to the potty before he eats...I did yesterday and we had no accidents all day and Tuesday that was his only accident was at lunch. I think he just gets so comfortable and knows he can't get down so he just goes. Oh well that happens! But other then that he goes pretty much the minute you set him on the potty now! Potty training and swim lessons coinciding was really a great thing! It will be interesting to see how he does when we get out of this routine.
Right now he goes before swim lesssons then we get home plus since we aren't really going anywhere the rest of the day he stays just in a t-shirt and underwear. I put him in pullups when we go outside since I have to put shorts on him. I may get brave this weekend and take him out in underwear...we'll see! I guess I will determine how well he is doing but right now he doesn't go at all during swim lessons. He wore the same pullup from yesterday around 4 until before bed around 8 staying dry 4 hours.
Well thats all for now..once again our afternoon will be very low key. Austin is off tomorrow so we will be doing a little bit more and I hope to get him to snap some pictures tomorrow at swim lessons!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Days 2 and 3 of Swim Lessons

Well yesterday was Colby's 2nd day of swim lessons. It was interesting. First it was raining but the swim teacher had stated that swim lessons would go on despite rain I guess unless there was lightening near by. Secondly when we got in the pool all 5 of the kids were screaming the whole time! I am not sure if the rain had them worked up or the 2nd day is the hardest generally or what! One little boy screamed the WHOLE time and I think he got them cranked up. He left Monday b/c he didn't even want to get in.

Colby screamed even when he was with me which pretty much all of them were the same way. The teachers told me though despite his screaming he was actually doing well.

Today day 3 was so much better! Colby was happy about being there again. He right away found a water bottle and was so excited about dumping the water out. He didn't even mind going to the teachers which was real progress! They practiced with him swimming underwater today. He didn't seem to mind too much until after I tried to send him back then he got mad. I was shocked that he was already swimming underwater! They also practiced with him floating on his back. They said he was actually a very good floater? Not sure what that means ...I mean I know that means he floats well but not sure if its something he is doing or the way he is built! Anyway I was so glad today was better. The lesson seemed to start out well for all of them. Even the little boy who was soo upset the last 2 days didn't cry at all today! The 2 little girls were pretty upset though! But maybe each day will get better!

Since we have swim lessons this week we aren't doing too much else. We are both so tired and wet when we get home I don't want to go anywhere then the afternoons are pretty much gone by the time he wakes up from his nap. I have gotton some small errands done before swim lessons but that's all. Its ok though I really don't mind...I am just happy we can get out and Colby can expel some energy and then we can have a low key day! I will look forward to Saturday and Sunday though just for a change of pace! But overall I am pleased with swim lessons!

As far as pottying goes...still doing great! He only has about 1 accident a day and is peeing on the potty as many as 5 times! He has also gotton to where he goes almost immediately upon being put on the potty he doesn't have to be sung, read to, and danced to for 10 minutes haha! The whole potty training thing so far is a breeze...I mean it requires patience don't get me wrong but my advice to anyone out there thinking about it just take your time. You can't make it seem like a fight or they will rebel. Just take it step by step and don't get upset if they have an accident...if you get upset they will to! It will be great if he is completely potty trained by the time he goes to school in September! His teachers will probably be happy as well!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Potty Progress

Well this is our first week of real potty training. I actually started last week by putting him in underwear for short amounts of time. From that he learned to hold it after 1 accident. Last Friday was his first time to ever pee on the potty though. Since then he has peed 2-3 times on the potty a day. Today he has already gone 3 times so I am thinking we will atleast have 4 successes today.

He even peed on the potty at church yesterday and at my parent's house. He rarely wears diapers now. The only time I put a diaper on him is at night. The rest of the time its underwear or pull ups. I know some people have a problem with pullups but I don't. I figure since he is so young and already getting it so fast I don't want to have to stress just yet about leaving the house in underwear. Maybe by the end of summer we will get there. But for now when we have to go somewhere he has on pullups. I am just amazed at how well he is doing. He is awarded an M&M each time he goes too which he likes. Its getting easier and easier though...he began by screaming everytime you put him on the potty and you might have to sit there 30 min waiting on him to go. Now he goes right away and doesn't fuss too much at all!

So far he hasn't pooped on the potty but I think we are a ways from that anyway. He always poops after his nap mostly so its rare I even catch him in the act. So far now he will always go to bed and his nap with pullups or a diaper on. When I can catch him about to poop I will try bringing him to the potty!

So thats all our potty progress right now but I think he is doing wonderfully for a 1 1/2 year old!

Swim Lessons Day 1

Today was Colby's very first swim lesson! I was too much in a rush this morning worried about making sure I had his bag packed and mine and keeping an eye on my potty training child to worry with pictures! Hopefully before the end of the week I will get some though!
I think Colby did pretty good for this to be his first ever swim lesson! He was very excited when I told him we were going to the pool. He wasn't scared at all even when we got to the house a place he had never been before. We sat in a chair and watched the older kids finish up their lesson. Once it was our turn Colby was very happy! He was brave in the water and tried swimming alone. The only thing that made him cry was when the swim teachers would take him and make him "Swim" back to me. This was about separation anxiety though not a fear of water. The teachers even said that. They were very patient and did well with him. I just pray he warms up to them before the end of the week! He would quit crying each time he got to me so I know he wasn't afraid of the pool just the strange teachers. The things they worked on today were kicking feet, floating on back, and dunking under water. He didn't mind all 3 he just minded being with the teachers ha. I think these next 2 weeks are going to be fun....since they are only for 30 min and located in our neighborhood its not stressful at all...its actually going to be relaxing I think the next 2 weeks b/c we will have a somewhat leisurely morning then swim lessons then relax in the afternoons. I know he is also going to eat and swim really good too!
There are a total of 4 younger kids in the class 2 boys and 2 girls. I think Colby is the 2nd to youngest. There were supossed to be 5 but one little boy freaked out so much his dad brought him home. All of the kids cried/screamed at one point so Colby was not alone which made me feel better. Its totally normal for this age to be scared somewhat and the teachers are very patient with them! It will be interesting to see his progress each day!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

Let me begin by saying Happy Father's Day to my own dad. He is an awesome father and role model. Throughout my life he has always made me believe I could do anything I wanted if I worked hard. He taught me many things. He was always there for me and supported me throughout growing up and still does today! He is also a great granddaddy to Colby! I love him so much!

Second I am so thankful for Austin. He is a wonderful father to our son Colby. I couldn't ask for better! He is so patient and works hard so that Colby and I can have anything we need or want! He is very supportive and always takes time to play with Colby when he gets off work! I know Colby will always admire him and want to be just like him when he grows up!

We had a great day today! We went to church ofcourse and I got to play with the kids the whole time. It was tiring but I really enjoyed it today! I love watching Colby play with all his little friends. In Sunday School it was just Colby and Cade. Both did really well though and they interacted a lot. Colby even brought and shared toys with Cade. Cade has also learned how to walk so he will be giving Colby a run for his money in there! Austin and I had extended care with the 1s, 2s and 3s today. It was a lot of fun...I was glad we got to spend Father's Day together even if it was in the nursery! Man we had our hands full too! We had Cade (1), Colby (1 1/2), Glenn Paul (1 1/2) Ysabel (2 1/2) and Emily (3). They were all really good though! Colby and Cade started having melt downs around the same time. Cade was getting tired...since he is the youngest he still takes naps sometimes so I ended up bringing him in the room with the babies so he could sleep...he was much happier that way! Colby had a meltdown over juice...I usually only pack him water for extended care well he wanted juice and wanted it badly! So I ended up getting the snack for everyone which seemed to make them all happy! I guess they all had low sugars haha! They did really well after that! We even had them pick up the room which I thought was very impressive for such young kids. After we picked up the room they all sat at the table and listened to books!

After church we came home and changed and got ready to go over to my parent's house for Father's Day lunch. Colby went ahead and ate because by the time we got home it was 12 which is his lunch time. I didn't feel like having him in meltdown mode when we got there. Once we got to my parent's house he played for a little bit but I put him to bed as soon as we were about to eat. I hate he didn't get to play and visit but I knew he would get in full meltdown mode then he would get overstimulated and wouldn't nap at all which would mean very cranky toddler for us the rest of the day! He napped while we ate and visited which was nice! By the time he got up things were winding down but we hung out a little while so he could snack and visit with everyone. He was a show off for all ofcourse!

Once we got back home we just relaxed and hung out. We played in the back for a little while and then we ordered pizza. I couldn't believe how much pizza Colby ate. I mean he likes pizza but he usually isn't just totally crazy about it but last night he was! He ate tons...I am just glad his appetite is back after last week!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Potty Training and Trip to the Zoo

So we bit the bullet and took Colby to the Zoo today. Despite the heat advisory we went ahead and went! We haven't been many places this week for Colby to play with him being sick so it was time to get him out of the house! We figured since we have a membership it would be ok even if we went for an hour! Austin's parents were also coming in today so they decided to meet us there.

It wasn't too bad at first...I think Colby enjoyed it but after 30-40 minutes it was getting HOT! We rented a wagon for him and I think he liked that better then the stroller. He didn't see too many animals he mainly just liked walking around and running down hills and climbing on things. I forgot a snack so we got him cheetos which he LOVED! So he snacked and sipped on juice throughout the visit.

After about an hour we had all had enough so went to the truck and headed to McAlister's for lunch. Its so much better then trying to eat at the zoo and its on the way home. Colby ate really well which I was glad to see after him being sick!

Once we got home I went to change Colby thinking his diaper would be soaked! To my suprise it was bone dry! I figured well surely he has to pee...he drank a whole cup of juice, many sips of water, and tea throughout the morning. So I said lets take him to the potty. He has had about 5 or more trips to the potty this week all resulting in nothing. So sure enough I set him down and about 2 minutes later I heard the greatest sound...he was peeing in the potty! Never was I so happy and so proud! But at the same moment I thought my baby is growing up! He did really well I think he didn't know what was going on at first he had been timid I think to go on the potty...but after I think he was excited and noticed it wasn't so bad! Ofcourse I rewarded him with one M&M after! He was VERY happy about that! I am hoping now that he got a taste of reward he will want more! We are going to try again after his nap! By no means do I think he will be potty trained today, this week or even this month but its a step in the right direction for sure! YAYY for big boys!

The rest of the day will be low key for us...we plan on grilling burgers out and just hanging out with Austin's family. It will be nice to just hang out at home after a busy, tiring morning!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

23 Months

My how they change in a year!

Seriously! My little guy is a month away from being 2. It will be so wierd to say I have a 2 year old next month! I have really enjoyed having a 1 year old! I know 2 will be just as fun because I'm sure I said the same thing last year! I think he has had a growth spurt recently...he is outgrowing his pjs. Not his regular clothes but his pjs for some reason. I had to move him up to 3T in some styles of pjs. He also can wear some 3T t-shirts but for the most part he still wears all 2T clothes. He is in a size 7 shoe still. He wears a size 5 diaper.

This month we are working on potty training. He is doing pretty well considering his age. We still haven't actually done anything in the potty but he is getting to where he can hold it for almost an hour by staying dry in big boy underwear. He gets very upset when he has an accident. He is talking a lot more. Still not many phrases but he has started saying his friends names, he knows most of what he eats. He is really into toy cars right now. His favorite tv show is Barney.

He's pretty good most of the time...he pitches some fits but they are short lived and he doesn't have them too often. He's all boy...he's rough and tumble all the way! He loves outdoors and loves to explore new things. He still loves church and going places. He ended Gymrompers last month so right now he is not in any organized activity. He will start swim lessons though Monday. He has learned so much in the pool. He swims with floaties and can jump in and kick to get himself somewhere and turn around and get back to the steps!

Time flies with a little one I have enjoyed every stage with my little man. I do miss his baby days where I got lots of snuggles and he was still and didn't make messes. But I love his personality and all he is learning right now and the fact that he is my buddy! He can now give kisses and hold my hand and understand pretty much everything I say so that is awesome! I love him so much! I can't imagine now what life was like 2 years ago!

Trip to the Doc

So we finally bit the bullet and decided this morning to go ahead and take Colby to the doc. My plan was if he woke up and the rash was still there or worse we would go ahead and go. After researching last night I had pretty much figured it was viral probably Roseola but it ofcourse doesn't hurt to hear it from the doctor even though I knew there was nothing they could do.
He woke up this morning and the rash seemed a little worse. He wouldn't eat much for breakfast either so I called and they were able to get us in at 9:30.
Colby hates the doctor so the whole process is usually an ordeal...and fortunately since he isn't sick often though he doesn't go much so he is still freaked out. Well it didn't help today when we got there and the nurse wanted to weigh him on the infant scale....I was like helloo he is almost 2! Plus he has been on the "big boy" scale since he was 15 months. Ofcourse Colby freaked out and she decided she would put him on the big boy scale after all. He did much better there. He weighed in around 31 lbs. Again he isn't keen on the doctor so he clings on for dear life the minute he walks in. Dr. Guy did bring bubbles today which made it better but he still freaked out for the whole examination. He checked him out real good and came out with its good news its viral and the rash means its almost gone. He never used the word Roseola but I'm pretty sure that is what Colby has. Like we figured there is no treatment it just has to run its course. While we were there though the Doctor looked at his records and saw he needed 2 more shots. This suprised me b/c at 15 months I swore they told me he was all caught up until he was going to school. I wasn't prepared at all for that. I didn't want to refuse them so they went ahead and did it. I guess in a way its good to get them done now while he's sickly so when he's better he'll be better for good but I also hated for him to feel more pain when he's been through so much this week! He was not happy with the visit at all....well our original plans were to take him to the zoo but we knew by the time we got there and just with Colby being sick we better not go today. We decided we would still go uptown though and go to Whole Foods. Colby was horrible the whole time. This is not like him at all...usually he enjoys the grocery store but since he was feeling crummy and probably still mad about the doctor's hungry b/c he refused most of his breakfast this morning he melted down the whole time!
Once we got home though he ate like a champ which made me feel so much better...we had picked him up a slice of pizza from whole foods. He ate almost the entire piece plus fruit, applesauce, gerber cheese puffs, and regular puffs. I know poor thing was starving! I was just happy to see him eat! The rest of the day will probably be low key for us...Austin's parents are coming in so we have to get the house ready for that. I am just glad we know Colby should be well soon! And praise God it was nothing serious!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday Blues

Today I have had the blues...many things are causing it. Raging hormones its a lot of it! But Colby is also sick and I can't even figure out exactly what is wrong with him. He had fever for 2 days...diarhea just not wanting to eat and he looks pale and has splotches. If tomorrow he isn't better I think it will be time to go to the doctor. I am now wondering if he has one of those weird child illnesses like fifth disease or hand, foot, and mouth disease. I guess only tomorrow will tell. I am just so ready for him to feel back to normal. I hate when he is sick. I know he has been a healthy child and I have so much to be grateful for but I feel like we have been through the ringer these last 6 months with him. Nothing serious just stomach bugs and viruses. Again I know it could be so much worse but its annoying! I just want like 3 months of no illness! I hear though the 2nd year is the hardest as far as that goes. So hopefully by next year he won't be sick as much. I know he is just building his immunity. Another part of my "blues" is that fact that Austin is working his 9th day in a row and I am just worn out. Its very tiring being a stay at home mother and not having your husband get in until after 7 for almost 2 weeks. I feel like I am just running on I feel like we haven't had much family time or couple time lately.
Tomorrow will be better hopefully he starts a 4 day off stretch which will be wonderful! I just hope Colby isn't sick for most of it! Again I know I have it so good and I am blessed beyond measure but its just one of those days...we all have them. I am in a Bible Study right now on contentment so it has been interesting focusing on my contentment level and the things that make me discontent. For the most part I feel as if I am very content with my life and where I am...its just days like today that bring about discontentment and I know truly its the devil at work. I am just praying for patience from God.
I really want to take Colby to the zoo with Austin tomorrow so pray he feels well enough to go! He hasn't run fever in 2 days and hasn't had diarhea today but since he still isn't eating well I know there must still be something going on and he still doesn't act 100 percent! I just really don't want to spend tomorrow or one of austin's days off at the doctor's office!
Anyway I did go to my Bible Study today which was nice to sit with other moms and just listen and learn something. I am really excited and energized about this. Its something for me! I feel like everything else I do during the week is focused on Colby or Austin that this is my time! I know it will make me a better mother too! Well that's all for now! Hope tomorrow we make the zoo!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


As far as Colby and whatever is wrong with him still leaning towards teething. Today he has not run any fever. It got back up to 100 degrees before bedtime though. We gave him more tylenol and he slept fine. He still does not seem to be himself though. He is more subdued then his normal self. He really hasn't been whiny though which is good. He hasn't been interested in eating today so not sure if his tummy is upset or it hurts to eat because of his teeth. He is still drinking plenty though and has not had any more diarhea. I haven't called the doc yet because at this point I doubt there is anything they could do. I was going to call if he had woken up with fever today but so far he hasn't had any.

As far as potty training intro goes he is doing so well. Still nothing in the potty but he is getting good at staying dry. I put him in big boy underwear today and he stayed dry for 45 minutes. He sat on the potty twice but never did anything. I am just glad he is making progress! I think its pretty good for a 1 year old who isn't quite 2 yet!

We went to Target today thats all the getting out we did. I would have liked to have brought Colby to the park but with him not being fever free for 24 hours I didn't want to risk it or have him get overheated out there. So we had to get stuff from Target so that was our outting today. I have Bible Study tomorrow and he will go over to my parent's house then so hopefully he will feel good enough to swim by then!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Library and Potty Time

So today Colby and I went to Storytime at the library. We haven't been in about a month due to austin being off and us having family plans. I was anxious to return because Colby had really enjoyed the last one. We got there today though and I noticed it seemed really crowded. Lots of kids even a camp came in. I didn't know what was going on. Colby still walked around though. He played in the castle, climbed in some chairs, and read some books. I finally heard what was going on there was a magic show at 11. Well we arrived there a little before 10 and that point when I heard it was only 10:30...well I couldn't imagine keeping a toddler entertained for another 30 minutes. Had I known we would have come closer to time because Colby probably would have liked the magic. He was very enthralled with watching all the kids though.
He was still running a slight fever this morning when he woke up. Still can't figure it out other then his 2 year molars coming in. He seems to feel fine. He wanted breakfast but then didn't want to eat b/c I guess it hurt. He ate a good lunch though. Just hoping it is his teeth.
Since we came home and had some time to kill before naptime I thought we would work on potty training some more. We had a big break through last night...we got Colby to sit on the big potty for about 10 minutes last night before his bath. Granted, he didn't do anything but before he wouldn't even sit there. So once again today I put him in big boy underwear and hoped for the best. Since his one accident in them he hasn't done that again...after about 5 minutes I could tell he needed to peepee so I took them off and set him on the potty. He stayed there for about 20 minutes but still couldn't do anything? I guess he is pee shy? He even kept looking down to see if anything was happening. I hope he can do it soon I think if he does it once he will catch on quick. He already seems to know when he has to go and can hold it for quite sometime. To me that is half the battle. I am not being really strict with it right now since he isn't quite 2. I just want to familiarize him with it so hopefully by the end of the summer he will be trained. I am not freaking out though if he is not b/c he won't even be 2 1/2 until Jan which is when most kids are completely trained.
The weather is still very hot so we will just be staying in and keeping cool the rest of the day. Tomorrow I think a trip to Target is in the works!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Colby swimming in the backyard

The 3 boys in Sunday School (Colby 1 1/2 , Cade 1, Broc 2)

Broc loves blocks and puzzles

Cade loves the farm

Colby loves the letter H and trucks

Sunday School is so much fun!

Watching tv with daddy!

Wow I can't believe the weekend is almost over already! Well we still have half of today to go but Sunday afternoons we usually don't do much. So let me recap the weekend so far:

Yesterday Colby and I went to the grocery store first thing. I know we just went Thursday afternoon but that was just a quickie...yesterday was my real grocery shopping for the week. It didn't take long we didn't have too much to get just the basics some stuff to make jambalaya and some breakfast stuff for Colby and I for the week.

When we got home I decided I would start potty practice again with Colby. This is like my 4th attempt. I know he can hold it but he hasn't ever peed or pooped on the potty. So yesterday I put him in big boy underwear (this was his 2nd time). The first time if you recall he was standing in a puddle like 5 minutes after having them on. Well he kept them dry for like 10 minutes so then I asked him if he wanted to try to use the bathroom. He did not so I thought I would let him run around with no bottoms to try to catch him in the act so I could set him on the potty. He held it for a good 30 minutes more. Well by that time my friend Laura was on her way so I just had to put him in a pull up. I had stuff to do around the house and couldn't keep my full attention on my child going to the bathroom. Well sure enough as soon as he got the pull up on he peed. So I know he can hold it...thats a good its just gonna take enough time and patience for me one day to let him run around in the nude until he goes and we can try and make it in the potty.

Once Laura got there we visited for a little while while Colby was awake but soon it was his lunch and naptime. I was glad it worked out to where he was going to be asleep for most of the visit. It was hard to really visit with her while he was awake. Once he was asleep we got some lunch and just hung out and talked. It was nice to get that time to visit with someone and it made the time go by faster. She left about 3 so I napped for about an hour until Colby woke up. The rest of the afternoon him and I played and I cooked jambalaya and green beans for us. Austin got home early to mow the yard. So Colby and I played out there some too. Its just so hot...I hate we aren't getting out as much as we usually do and we aren't walking much either but the heat index has been over 105 most of the week. After Colby went to bed last night Austin and I got to sit down and watch a movie together that was nice too.

Today was church day which has been a very busy day. Starting in Sunday School we had Colby, Cade, and Broc. I just love it when all 3 boys are there. They were all 3 really good. We did an art project coloring a poster board with markers to hang up in our classroom. They all 3 contributed. Broc mainly but the other 2 made atleast a mark or 2. They all get a long really well too which is fun to see. I even had Colby saying "Broc" and "Cade" this morning before church. I was supossed to have extended care today during church but I had opted out since our friend Josh was preaching this morning. I think they had 5 in Colby's class. He seemed to do really well. He cried a little when I was fixing to leave but quit by the time I left him.

After church there was a meeting for VBS so my parents brought Colby home. The lunch/meeting went really well. I was excited about how organized they are and I am also excited about participating in VBS. Its been several years since I have helped out. 2 years ago I was having Colby that week and last year I felt Colby was still too little to go with me. This year he is going to attend with me. He will be in the toddler class. This class is only for teacher's kids though. I am teaching the 3s, 4s, and 5s. I am excited about teaching. It gives me something to use my gifts through. I love teaching my little Sunday School class so VBS should be fun!

Once I got home my afternoon was pretty short though because my parents were going back up to church tonight so I had to pick Colby up right after his nap. It was ok though because Austin got home early so that really helps! In fact he went to pick us up some dinner. We are looking forward to relaxing tonight and spending time as a family!

We had a great night...we ate dinner as a family then played outside. Colby went swimming in his baby pool and we even hooked his slide up to it and created a water slide he thought that was a blast! He was such a happy fellow all afternoon. He was running a low grade fever earlier in the day but I attribute it to teeth. He is getting his 2 year molars in. He has shown no other symptoms and doesn't even act like he was feeling bad. By bedtime he didn't have a fever anymore so hopefully it was a teething fluke and not the oncome of a virus! We are looking forward to a great week!

Friday, June 11, 2010


So the last two days of the week have been busy....this whole week has been busy! You think summertime maybe life will slow down but not fact I think its been busier. Since more of my friends are off work we have had more playdates and things going on.
Thursday we went to the Children's Museum with one of my friends from MOPS. She has a little boy who is 2 and a little girl who is 4 months. She also has an older son but he was at camp. We thought it would be fun to take the little ones to the museum. Its so hot to do much else. I wasn't too keen on the thought of going back to the museum just a week later plus we had just been to the one in Mississippi on Monday but I figured since we can't really do anything outside why not? I think Colby and the other little boy Jackson had fun. They didn't play too much together though. Colby enjoyed the slides, stairs, push toys, and ofcourse the train table. He got upset though after falling off the slide. He was trying to climb up the slide which I knew wasn't smart and off he tumbled...he didn't really hurt himself though I think it more scared/embarrassed him. It started to get really crowded in there around 10:30 so instead of exploring the rest of the museum we opted to leave. Since we had just been there I didn't feel too bad about it. Plus it was getting filled with big kids and I knew Colby would probably get knocked down if we went anywhere else. He didn't seem to mind. The rest of the day we just spent around the house. I cooked taco salad for dinner and I think we all enjoyed it! Colby loves mexican so he gobbled up some taco meat, cheese, and spanish rice. Austin has been late getting home all week so it seems like we haven't really spent much time as a family since Monday. He is also having to work all through the weekend and until next week when he will be off Thursday-Sunday. That is one reason why I am trying to stay so busy though so Colby and I don't get sick of each other!
So today we went swimming over at my parent's house. Again its almost too hot to do anything. Colby got to go swimming Wednesday but I hadn't been all week and the pool was sounding really good. Although when we got in today I think the water was 93 so it felt like a warm bath. It was still refreshing though. Colby did pretty well but acted bored some of the time. I think that was due to him just being in 2 days before that plus it was so hot out. We hung out at my parent's house for awhile and stayed for lunch. They always enjoy that. It was a nice change of pace. Now Colby is still napping but the rest of the afternoon we will probably just hang out. Hoping Austin gets home a little earlier so we can have some family time as well!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bible Study

Today my Women's Bible Study began at Woodland. It is basically the same people that do MOPS that are in the Bible Study. We were going to MOPS last fall but somehow always got busy during the spring and weren't able to make it! I hope to begin back this fall and be more involved. So anyway the Bible Study started this week and I was excited about going and doing something for myself. Our church really doesn't offer many Bible Studies and the Women's one is on tuesdays nights in Kenner. That is like a 45 minute drive from our house. Going out at night is just too hard I would feel like I was missing out on my family time. This one being during the day and only like 10 minutes from my house is much more conveniant.
I decided that since we have to pass my parent's house to go to Bible Study I would just let them keep Colby rather then taking him to the childcare there. Some weeks I may take him so he can play with other kids...but last year when we did MOPS he always cried. I figure he probably will have more fun with my parents. Plus since he is starting school in the fall I don't feel as bad like he needs the socialization. Plus he is hanging out with more kids during the week between Sunday School and playdates.
I knew he would be excited about going to my parent's house because yesterday when I was taking him to the park he cried when we passed their street up. My parents said they took him swimming and he played with my old "little people toys". My Bible Study was really good. It was nice to be around other moms and women who are going through similiar things. Today was just an intro to the class so we didn't begin the actual study. But we are going to do "Cultivating Contentment". It seems like it will be a good study! Its been forever since I have been in a Bible Study. I am just praying that I can stick with it all summer. It seems like so often when I begin a Bible study I am all excited at first then I get busy and it gets pushed aside. My goal this summer is to not let that happen.
After I picked Colby up we came on home. I really wanted to just stay around the house after that and not do much. I feel like we have been so busy lately. It will be nice just to let Colby play and get caught up on some projects at home. Tomorrow we are most likely having a playdate so it will be another busy day!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

TOO HOTT to Handle

Wow so the weather here in NOLA is burning up! Its supossed to get to 94 degrees with a heat index reaching 105! Not much you can do in that kinda weather but stay in. Well we were originally going to brave the zoo or stupidly whichever way you look at it! I was going to meet a friend there with her 1 year old boy. She had a hair appointment first though. We had planned to go early and knew we would beat her there but she was running behind and probably would get there until after 11. Well since it would have been just Colby and I for the majority of the visit I decided to skip it since it was so hot.
We decided instead to go to the park....I knew it would still be hot but least we were closer to home and it wasn't such a production to go to. We had a pretty good time I could tell Colby was really hot though because he didn't even want to play much. One of my friends though saw us and stopped by with her little boy who is Colby's age and her baby girl. It was nice to have someone to talk to. Colby played with Jax a little and shared his goldfish. We all left though after about 30 minutes. It was just too hot to stay!
I decided since it we weren't at the park too long I would head to mall in hopes that my friend and her little boy could meet us there for lunch. So we walked around and I brought Colby over to the cars for him to ride on. He really enjoyed that! In fact it was a major fit when it was time to go! We walked around for awhile but didn't hear from my friend so I decided to head home. Wouldn't you know once we were on our street she called? Well I just told her we could hang out another day...Colby was so exausted and spent from the last few days he needed to come home and take a good nap!
We don't really have anything else planned today...may let Colby swim later this afternoon...we also may do some art with markers. He hasn't used markers much just once at my parent's house and he liked them so we'll see what he can do with them! Tomorrow I have a Bible Study so he is going to go stay with my parent's. They have childcare but I think he would be happier at their house! He cried today when we passed their street up to go to the park! He loves playing over there and he will probably swim!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Mississippi Gulf Coast for the Day

Colby driving the plane
He loved carrying the big blocks around

Boarding the train with Maggie

Oh he could have stayed at the train table for hours!

Checking out the train with paw-paw

He got so excited about the farm puzzle like he has at home!

More trains!

Sitting on the boat catching some seafood!

The cousins playing in the boat!

Since Austin was off today we decided we would take a random trip to the Gulf Coast. Originally the plan was to go to the outlet malls then go eat at Olive Garden. We haven't been to the coast since maybe a few months after Katrina. I figured it would be a nice time to go and just get out of the house.

Our plans changed yesterday when Austin thought to invite his parents. We knew they normally keep the girls (Shelbi and Maggie) on Mondays. So we asked if they would want to meet us there with them. Well the more we thought about shopping with 3 kids the less we liked that idea. I mean it would have been doable with just Colby. We could have let him play at the play area and he would ride in the stroller also for most of it. But since we were now going to have a 1 1/2 year old, a 3 1/2 year old and a 6 year old present our plans quickly changed. I began researching child friendly things to do there. I discovered a Children's Museum there. Since Colby loves the one so much here I figured that would be something that would work for all 3 of them. So we drove up today and met his parents and nieces there. The ride up was nice Colby did really well. When we got to the museum he was very excited. When you first walked in there was a train and a train table to play with. He was in heaven! He ran up to those and had a blast. He then discovered the boat section and enjoyed catching crabs and shrimp in his net. After this point we kinda split off from the girls. They were anxious to go do other things and Colby was stuck there. We finally had to pry him away to bring him to the toddler area. I think he would have liked the toddler area better if we had brought him there first. But compared to the other stuff I guess it seemed "childish" to him. We played in there for about 20 min but in my opinion our toddler area is more fun. It really didn't have anything for them to climb on which is his favorite thing to do! So we scooped him up and went upstairs. His next discovery was the plane section. Again he quickly jumped right in and started controlling the plane. He is such a boy! They had a grocery store but again it wasn't as nice as ours. It was small and didn't even have grocery carts so that didn't hold his attention at all. He was ready to go back downstairs to the boats and trains! He didn't get to play much with his cousins there which I was a little dissapointed but I think they went upstairs to do art and other stuff which were too old for him!

After the museum we went to a little cafe for lunch. Colby did really good there. Shelbi sat next to him and I think they were both taken with each other. Shelbi colored and played with him and Colby just grinned and watched her. He was also giving both her and Maggie kisses by the end of lunch! So sweet! I hate they don't get to play more often! We are trying to convince them to let Shelbi come stay with us this weekend! I think it would be fun to have a little girl in the house! So we'll see! It will also give me a taste of having 2 children haha!

After lunch we headed home it was hot and Colby was in need of a nap. We were hoping he would nap the whole way back. He sure enough fell asleep right after we got on the highway but woke up only about less then halfway home. The rest of the trip he was miserable...he was soo tired. But I think he didn't want to sleep in the car and he wanted his blankie so he cried and fussed the whole way which is very unlike him! Once we got home we put his little booty in the bed! We all rested and took naps! Getting out like that in the summer just wears me out! After relaxing we hung out outside some but it was just so steamy and muggy it wasn't much fun! We ate dinner lasagna and salad which was quite yummy! We had it delievered from Speciality! I love that!

After dinner we took my car to get it gassed up for the week and washed. This was Colby's first carwash experience. I figured he would really love it or really hate it! He actually was in between. He didn't freak out but you could tell he was a little concerned! Afterwards we came home and let him play outside some more. Again it was so hot so Austin and I wanted to come in but Colby was having the best time so we hated to mess him up. After we came in though he went to bed early...he needed it after the last 2 days!

Tomorrow we are going to the zoo so we should have more fun stuff to report then!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Another Fabulous Sunday

Today was another great was made even better because Austin was off. We went to Sunday School and I got to play with Colby and Cade. Both boys were so good! I was so proud of Cade and the progress he has made this month. He didn't cry at all today and was very mobile and active. He and Colby played a lot together. Even though he is 10 months younger I think he and Colby could be great friends. They both seem to like each other. They even have the same initials we figured today..JCW. I felt very accomplished too in Sunday School after fixing up my room.
It was nice once again to sit in church with Austin. Then we were able to go out to eat with our friends Josh and Laura. We ate out at Applebees. It was nice to sit and visit. Colby went home with my parents so it was a leisurely lunch. After lunch we came home and relaxed some. We will probably go get Colby in a little bit so we can hang out with him some before his bedtime! I know my parents always enjoy him on Sunday afternoons though!
There's a pretty nasty thunderstorm out right now so we probably will just stay in tonight. Tomorrow we are thinking though of driving to the MS Gulf Coast just to get out a bit. It should be fun...hope to take more pictures then!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer Days

Well it seems like summer time now even though the calendar does not say it comes for a couple weeks! Now that kids are out of school and its so hot it feels like its summer. The crepemyrtles are also in full bloom which tells its summer time in the south. Its a little concerning though how pretty the pink ones are. This is how they were the summer BK (Before Katrina). There is a wives tale that tells if the crepemyrtles are very pretty we are going to have a bad hurricane season. Weather predictors are also predicting a bad one...some even say similiar to the year of Katrina. We are sure praying not. I pray every day we don't have another bad one especially since this oil spill. Louisiana or the Gulf Coast do not need any more disasters. We are on day 5 and I plan on counting down and praising God each day we make it without a storm! We have only had to evacuate once since Colby was born and that was September 08 when he was 5 weeks old. We would go to Hattiesburg to my parent's apartment which wouldn't be bad I just don't want to think though of packing all or our stuff and leaving.
So back to what we have been up to...yesterday was just a boring day. We had to go grocery shopping. Those days are boring I know for Colby because that is really all we have time to do and he doesn't get to expel his energy. Therefore, those days he never naps well either. But its something we have to do once a week so we just deal with it. He is very well behaved in the store though and I think he likes the outting its just he can't run around to get out all his energy. So yesterday was kinda a long day...and on top of that it rained all day so we couldn't even really get outside afterwards. We finally did play in the front and he pushed his grocery cart around on the driveway and sidewalks. Austin also got home late which didn't help!
Today I decided we would go hang out at my parent's house. They haven't seen Colby much this week well since Monday. We also hadn't been swimming this week. So we headed over there first thing this morning to get in the pool. Colby did so well! Its amazing to watch him each time we swim he learns something new! I have a feeling he will do well in swim lessons. I think by next summer he should be swimming on his own. He uses floaties right now but has learned to jump or push off the side then kick to where he wants to go and turn around and go back! Pretty impressive for a 1 1/2 year old! I am so glad he is comfortable in the water. That is how I always was. I can't imagine not getting this experience for my child. Its so important I believe but so many of my friends with kids Colby's age have never even been in a real pool...sad!
After we swam we hung out and ate lunch. While my mom (Grammy) was cooking lunch Colby sat at the counter like a big boy and played with cars/trucks and colored some! He was so cute sitting up there! I wish I had my camera....I am so upset I have been forgetting my camera all week! I am gonna try and remember to pack it tomorrow for church atleast! I like going over there and swimming and then staying until close to 1 because by the time we get home Colby is worn out and goes straight down for his nap! He should sleep until 4:30 too which gives me a nice break! Hopefully Austin will be in around 5:30 too...that would be great! I am looking forward to the next 2 days having him off we should have some fun family time!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fun Week

This week has been a busy, but very fun one! Tuesday since Austin got off work early we let Colby swim that afternoon in the backyard. He had a blast! After we all got cleaned up we went and ate at Texas Roadhouse. After we ate we shopped in Best Buy and Barnes and Noble...well I say shopped we really just walked around and let Colby expel some energy!
Yesterday (Wednesday) Colby and I made a trip to the church. I had in my mind that I needed to do some work in my room. It has been about a year since we really organized and cleaned that room so it was wayy overdue for some attention. I used to have more free time when I got to church on Sundays to straighten it up but lately my other kiddos have been beating us there. It ended up being a very productive trip. I got lots done and Colby had fun. He loves his room and the toys in there so he just played and played while I worked. I feel a lot better about going in Sunday with a nice, neat room!
Today Colby and I had a playdate at the Children's Museum with Kristie from church and her son Cade. Cade is 1 and just started in our Sunday School class so him and Colby are getting to know each other really well. We had a great time! I love the museum and so does Colby. Since we have gone so much lately he knows right where to go when we get there. I think Cade really enjoyed the toddler area most. He isn't walking yet so it was fun for him to crawl in there where they have all the fun padded areas. Colby enjoyed himself too...I couldn't really get him to listen to Storytime very well. He likes books at home but there are so many distractions there he didn't want to sit still. He loved the slide and kitchen and trains and stairs this time! He also got very excited about the grocery store. I love how each time we go he shops for differnt things. Today he got fruits and veggies, some juice, meat, bread, and baby products haha.
The cutest moment of all though was near the end of the visit. Both boys were getting a little restless and tired so I got Colby's goldfish snacks out. Well Cade didn't have any snacks so we were sharing with him. Finally Colby got the idea of what we were doing and I would say "Colby share some fish with baby Cade" and Colby would walk over and stick a fish in his mouth! It was the funniest, cutest thing! Kristie took some pictures! I forgot my camera so hopefully I can get some from her! It was a great morning and now I am hoping for an awesome naptime...Tuesday after I took him to the park he came back and slept for 3 1/2 hours! I am hoping today will be like that too! Austin has a softball game tonight but we think its gonna be rained out b/c it has been raining off and on all morning! So we will probably just stay in tonight and not do much!