Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas in the Oaks Round 2

Ok so we went back to Christmas in the Oaks tonight and it was not nearly as sucessful as the first time. But let me begin with my day. I feel like I have not had it together today at all. I feel like I am still recovering from the holidays or trying and life just doesn't want me to slow down. Since Christmas Eve we have really had somewhere to be every day except yesterday and man did I enjoy staying home all day yesterday with Colby. It was nice for both him and I. Well today wasn't relaxful at all. I knew I needed to go to the store this morning but this was one of those days where it seemed like it took Colby and I forever to get going. Sometimes we just have those days...well we finally got there at 10:30 and I was already flustered because I never wait that late to go. I usually try to leave the house by 9:30 or 10 at the latest. I just don't like getting to close to his nap/lunch time. A cranky toddler in a store is never fun. I have to say he did really well but I breezed up and down the aisles so fast and really didn't get all that much. My main goal was to get stuff for dinner tomorrow night because we are having Austin's family over (his mom, dad, sister, and 2 nieces.) So I got jambalaya mix, green beans, and garlic bread oh and a king cake. I think it will be yummy but anyways.
So after we got home I tried to unload stuff but then it was time for Colby's lunch/naptime. So got him to bed then I had to make my lunch and tried to pick up the house some. Well around 1 I knew I should lay down and atleast relax for a few minutes because I knew tonight would be busy. Well at 1:30 the phone rang. FIGURES! Well I am not sure if it woke Colby up but I hate when the phone rings while he is napping. I even instruct Austin not to call between 12-3 so he won't wake him up. So after that I decided to get up and do a few more things...well by 2 I was like well I am gonna try to lay down again...so I lay down get relaxed and the door bell rings. And it rung 3 times. Well I know this woke Colby up because I heard him whimper. Ok not good. I didn't answer the door and now I feel like a complete fool because it was just our lawn people. But I couldn't think of who it possibly could be and I didn't want anyone coming in to visit while Colby was napping. So I sat and waited for them to go away. Stupid I know but I was just tired and didn't feel like anything going on but I forgot that I had told the lawn people that they could come today. So I am sure they think I am nuts. Well I finally figured out thats who it was. So by 3:30 Colby was definitely awake so I got him up dressed him and then got myself ready.
We went to dinner with Austin's family. First of all Colby was not really in the mood at all to sit in a restaurant which didn't suprise me since he didn't nap well. I mean he did ok at first but the food took wayy too long to come to us so he got grumpy then after he ate he was just bored and grumpy. So our plans were to take the kids to Christmas in the Oaks tonight after dinner. Well we didn't leave the restaurant until 6:30. Keep in mind Colby is usually in bed by 8. So I knew this wasn't good. We didn't get to City Park until 7ish. Well when we pull up all of a sudden it hits Austin and I that we don't have a stroller. Great! Now we have to carry our 30lb toddler around. I know he can walk but he doesn't like to told your hand and he still is too young to understand following people he just wants to walk wherever his little feet take him. So he did well at first being carried and we just kept passing him along. Well my first goal was to ride the train since Austin and I didn't get to ride it last week with him. Well we walked up and the line didn't look too long so we waited 2 turns and just knew we would be on that 2nd train but they closed the gate right when it got to us. Sucks! We waited in line for 30 minutes. Well I knew Colby could take no more of this so we went ahead to the carousel. Which he enjoyed but I don't think he even liked it as much as the first time just b/c he was so tired tonight. So after that I told Austin it was time to go. I hated to cut it so short but he needed to be in bed and Austin also has work tomorrow. I mean we had fun but I know the night could have been more fun like it was last week. I also felt bad for Shelbi and Maggie b/c we had built this up to them and then all they got to do was ride the carousel. They didn't even really get to see the rest of the park. I know we were all tired but still. I also had promised Shelbi I would ride the ladybug with her but we didn't get to do it. I still feel guilty. I remember what it was like to be that age and look up to someone and so now I just feel like I let her down. She is so sweet she really always has taken to me for some reason. Tonight she even had to ride in the car with us. I want her to come stay with us sometime. I may try and see if she wants to spend tomorrow night at our house to kinda make up for tonights dissapointment! Well thats all for now I hope next time we take Colby out there we have more fun but bless his heart he was exausted tonight and I couldn't make him do that any longer.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Round 2

So I guess the good thing about the way we do things at Christmas is the fun continues through the 26th for us so its not so much of a let down the night of Christmas when everything is over. So we packed up this morning and headed to Mississippi to spend the day with Austin's family. Our goal was to leave at 8:00 but yea right that wasn't happening. I woke up at 7 and then woke Colby around 7:45 but by the time I got him fed, dressed, and loaded up the car with all the presents it was well past 8:30. So we pulled out about 8:40 I think. Colby did really well in the car. He slept for about half the ride the other half he was content just looking out the windows. I am so thankful that he is a good travler especially after reading other friend's blogs and status on facebook where their children screamed the whole time.

We got to his parent's house around 10:30 I think. His sister and her family were already there. I think Shelbi and Maggie were really excited to see Colby. He doesn't really pay them much attention. He took to Shelbi a little more just b/c he she is the oldest I guess and seems more motherly. Maggie really wanted Colby to play with him but he really is too young to understand that concept yet. We brought Colby's police car toy and him and Maggie took turns playing on that. Around 11:30 Colby got antsy and was ready to eat but lunch was still about another hour away so I went ahead and fed him. Then the girls were anxious to do presents. So we opened presents before we ate. This is out of the norm but I guess when you have little kids you just have to go with the flow. Once again Colby was not so interested in opening presents. He just wanted to walk around. But he was getting tired and cranky by this point. He did well but it was hard to focus on the presents with him getting antsy. We all got some nice things again. Colby got plenty more toys! I think we could open up a toy shop! The girls racked up too...they both got lots of clothes, barbies, books, and games! Colby got some stuffed animals, books, a few toys, and a step ladder thing. After presents were over I took Colby outside he was ready to do something different. He loved it out there he had a blast. Then we ate lunch. And Colby ate again haha! After lunch again he was getting kinda antsy so we went out with Colby, Shelbi, and Maggie. They all had fun running around outside. After visiting for awhile and dessert we decided it was time to head back home. By this point Colby was just exausted and we wanted to get home before dark. And we had plenty to do once we got home! It was a fun day but the holidays are definitely tiring especially with a kid! It was all fun though! We have to go to bed early again tonight though b/c tomorrow we have church! I swear it never ends haha! But its all fun!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Last Christmas/This Christmas


Wow what a wonderful day! We woke up to a cold, brisk, and sunny day! It was a gift from God I think...last year was hot and muggy so I was very excited to have Christmas weather in Nola. I had to wake up this year at 6:30 not because of Colby waking me up but because I had so much to do to get us all ready. Once I was dressed and ready I woke Colby at at 7:45 yes you read that right I had to WAKE my son up on Christmas. I know that will change though one of these days. We got him up and dressed him in his cute little red Christmas shirt and jeans and brought him to the front where Santa left the presents. He seemed excited but also a little confused at first. He played with a couple of things but still seemed a little tired and not really sure of what was going on. This is completely out of the norm from his usual mornings! So after he had time to see all his toys and open stockings we headed to my parent's house. We got there and all ate breakfast first. Again another thing that will change one of these days. But this year Colby still didn't understand what all was waiting for him. So we ate then went to open up presents! Again Colby was a little confused of what we were doing and actually spent more time wandering around the house then actually opening presents! Oh well I know he will enjoy them all. He just had other things to do! He got a play cube from my parents, some books, clothes, and a few other things. I think Santa was all good to this year even though we said we were going to cut back. We have much to be grateful for!

After presents my parents and I took Colby for a quick walk. He was getting antsy just being inside so we brought him out. He really enjoyed it too. After the walk we watched an old Living Christmas Tree tape and reminicsed of days gone by. By this time it was time of Austin and I and Colby to head back to our house. I got home and quickly started trying to put up presents and clean up the house some. I fed Colby lunch then put him in the bed for his nap. He was definitely ready for it! Then I finished up setting the table and we began cooking Christmas dinner. This is the first time we have ever fixed a "Christmas" dinner. We were having friends over today Josh and Laura. It was really fun getting everything ready.

Josh and Laura arrived around 2 so we finished up cooking then the 4 of us sat down to eat. Colby was still napping. It was really nice that he took a 3 hour nap and we were able to enjoy our meal and visit with friends. After we ate he was awake so we sat around while he played with his new toys. After awhile we decided to go look at lights...poor Colby fell asleep during this...he normally is so excited while we drive around but poor baby was just so tired I think from all the festivities this week! But once we got home we all got revived. The adults played this Dance game on Wii and Colby ran around playing...he also danced! Once they left we bathed him and got him ready for bed. We have another big day ahead of us tomorrow we will go to Hattiesburg to celebrate with Austin's family. Now Austin and I are up wrapping presents again but hope to be in bed by 11 b/c again I have to wake up early probably at 7.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Wow its really Christmas well Christmas Eve! Today we had a nice mostly relaxful family day. It was really nice. We all slept in some then once we all got up and dressed we took a walk and just hung out. We played in Colby's room with him and it was so nice just to sit back there and play the 3 of us! Its not often we don't have somewhere to be or something to do. So I just sat back and enjoyed that moment. That has kind of been my motto this Christmas season to enjoy every moment for what it is and not to get caught up in the hustle and bustle. My goal has been to not get stressed. I think I have done pretty well its meant not having as many gifts but I think thats a good thing in a way.

After a nice morning I made Colby some grilled cheese for lunch. He has been showing interest in sandwhiches lately so I figured I would start with this. And he loved it! Now I know another thing I can make him for lunch! Once we got Colby down for his nap Austin went to Brother's to get us lunch. I have had a crazy craving for gumbo. I guess the cold Christmas weather has had me in the mood for it. So we had that for lunch and it was quite yummy. While we ate and after Austin and I watched an episode of ER and again it was nice to just sit back and relax. After the show we rested a little while then began all the fun of wrapping presents.

This afternoon after Colby's nap we headed to my parent's to do Christmas Eve with them. We used to all spend the night but since last year when we had Colby we decided we would just spend the night at home. I want Colby waking up in his own house every year and for the 3 of us to have some traditions but I still want to spend time with family so this is a nice compromise. So we went over there and had dinner and got to hang out with Randall and Elizabeth. It was a lot of fun...it was just a quiet night where we got to enjoy each other. Its not often this happens the last time we really hung out with them was Thanksgiving but there were a ton of other people around too. So it was nice for them to really get to play with Colby and all. They also let him open 1 present early. It was the BeeBop band set! So cute! Colby loved it. He has one set of instruments but this is adorable! He loves music and instruments so this was right up his alley! Colby did really well he ate well and just was good overall. He also enjoyed some of my mom and dad's birthday cake. You could tell though at the end that he was getting sleepy b/c he kept getting his blankie and pacifier and wanting to lay down. So we headed home around 8. We bathed him put him in his jammies and started the fun process of playing Santa. Its really fun! Last year we had a good time but it wasn't quite as big a deal preparing for a 5 month old and even though Colby doesn't quite know or get the whole Santa thing I can't wait to see his face when he walks into the room with all the toys! I know he will be excited! So we got everything put together and set up for him. His big gifts include a tent/tunnel set, a train set, and a police car rocking toy. He has a variety of smaller toys that include a piano, a musical block, a little write on board, telephone, flashcards, flashlight, toy mailbox. And even smaller things in his stocking are books, spoons, bubbles. So yea he made out pretty well this year! Well that is all for now I am going to close and head to bed so I can wake up at 6:30 so we can start the fun of unwrapping and enjoying Christmas day! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas in the Oaks

We went to City Park tonight for Christmas in the Oaks (well Celebration) but I still like to refer to it as Christmas. Anyway this was Colby's 2nd time. We went last year but ofcourse he was only 5 months old at the time. He was definitely more into it this time. We rode the carousel first thing because I figured it would get crowded if we waited. I think we made a good decision too. Colby had a blast on it...this was only his 2nd carousel ride ever. He rode one at the zoo when he was about 8 months old. He liked it then but tonight he just laughed and smiled. He was funny though Austin was just going to let him ride with him but ooh no Colby wanted his own horse. After the carousel we wanted to do the train but the wait was just too long I knew Colby would get antsy so we just walked around the rides and then went to Storyland. We decided to let him walk around Storyland but it didn't last long b/c there were so many people and I was afraid he would get knocked down. He really wanted to just explore on his own though. I felt bad that we had to put him back in the stroller so I figure I will take him out there one day when its not so busy. He loved though going in the little houses and stuff and looking at the characters. Its really neat to see him play there because I grew up playing around all that stuff. I also want it to become a yearly tradition that he looks forward to going to Christmas in the Oaks because that was such a big deal to me!

After Storyland we got something to eat. Then we went to the Cajun Night Before Christmas. He liked it ok but wasn't really paying attention. After that we took him to the Train Garden and he loved all the trains! Again it was kinda crowded though so we couldn't let him just walk around but he would get so excited every time a train would pass! It was really a fun night. I think I enjoyed it more then last year just because we were able to see a reaction out of him like he had fun. Its neat seeing how magical this time of year can be through a child's eyes. It brings a whole new light to Christmas again! It was fun too getting out just the 3 of us. We really haven't done that since Austin and I got back from the cruise so it was a nice family outing for us!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Who Dat, Church, and New Orleans Bowl

So it seems like the Christmas rush has really begun although we have been busy but not necesarily with Christmas things. Last night the Saints played so we had our friends Josh and Laura over to watch the game. It was really a lot of fun. We have pretty much done this for all the Saints games. We put Colby to bed before they got here so once they got here we were able to kick back and relax and watch the game. This has been really good for us I think. Before they moved back we didn't hang out with couple friends too much anymore so this has been great. This is actually the 2nd time we hung out this week. Tuesday night we went out to eat with them and back to their place. They are fun to be around and Colby enjoys them too I think! I was so proud of Colby though once we put him to bed we didn't hear a peep out of him. I don't think too many kids would be that easy going.
Today we had church and a luncheon after then Austin's parents coming in town and then the New Orleans bowl. Well let me begin with church. Again it was just Colby and I and Mrs. Shirley in Sunday School. I am really getting a little dissapointed that no other kids show up. I plan these activities and then its just Colby. I feel like he isn't getting the interaction and stuff that he needs. He does really well keeping himself busy though I just wish other kids his age would come. Today I had plans to read Christmas books to them but since it was just Colby he only looked at one. During extended care Austin was assigned to work in Colby's class well I had told him that if there were several kids I would stay and help too. Well at first we thought it was just going to be Colby but then another little boy Glenn Paul showed up. Him and Colby share the same birthday! I was so glad he came so Colby had a friend. I was interested to see how they played together. They did really well. It was so cute to watch them play together I mean this was only a couple of times but they did interact. After church we had the church-wide Christmas luncheon. I was a little nervous of how it would go because last year was very stressful. Austin and I didn't get in there til late and there were like no seats or food left and Colby was cranky and ready to go. Today went so much better. Now that he's older I think he tolerates stuff like this better. He sat contently in his chair and ate mac n cheese and green beans and peaches. I think he enjoyed watching all the people and kids stir around too. It was quite a relief! After that we rushed home because we knew Austin's parents would be here soon. So we got Colby dow for his nap and I was hoping for a nap too but soon after I layed down they arrived. We didn't do too much since Colby was napping. After he woke up we all took a walk then it was about time for Austin, I, my dad, and his dad to head to the New Orleans bowl. It was fun to get out and go to the game but I was very tired from all the other stuff going on. Plus they lost so it wasn't like it was exciting at the end. I am glad I went but still it was very tiring!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

17 Months Old

Colby is 17 months old today. Wow that is hard to believe! He is almost a year and a half officially! He is so grown up these days. One of his latest skills is climbing. He has learned to climb into his stroller himself and even tries to buckle up. Its really cute but we had to move the stroller into the garage because I would find him in it several times a day. He is also talking more and more. He says "Ooooh what's that" about everything it seems. He loves Christmas lights and Christmas trees. He is also eating new things all the time now! He eats off of the kid menus at most restaurants. He has a pretty varied palate though. He loves fruit and will gobble up strawberries and peaches and bananas anytime! He also loves Mexican food which I think is pretty funny! I guess all that mexican food I ate when I was pregnant he must have thought was quite tasty! He also loves the outdoors and begs to go out or go on walks all the time! He is very curious too he wants to know what everything is. This is great because I think he will be very smart but sometimes it can get annoying when I am busy but I just have to remember it won't be like this for long. These days are precious I know and even when I get annoyed I try to stop myself and think one day he might not want to be around me all the time so I should really enjoy it! He is in size 18-24 month clothes. They fit perfectly except pants are a little long but 12-18 month would be too short. He wears size 5 diapers also. He still likes his bottles and binky but I hope to work on these after the first of the year. In January I am going to try to wean him off the bottle and the binky will come at 2 hopefully. I don't think he will have too much trouble but we'll see. He is also attached to a blankie and his blue ring. He brings the blue ring everywhere! I am so thankful that he is a growing, healthy boy though! He really is precious!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Well it finally feels like Christmas in our house. We got our tree up and decorated by Tuesday. It has been wierd going this long without one. We usually get ours the first weekend of December but with our cruise trip this got pushed back. The weather once we got back too has been partly why it almost took us a week after getting home to get it up. I hate that Colby and I didn't even join in the fun of going to get it though. But the weather has been so yucky that I just sent Austin to pick out one. There weren't many choices apparantly. Our tree is very skinny and kinda straggly looking but thats ok its a tree and its still cute! It also looks a little funny b/c we had to put most of the ornaments out of Colby's reach so there is about a 2 foot gap of no ornaments. Oh well we will look back at it and laugh I'm sure! But Colby thinks its wonderful. As soon as we got it set up his little face just lit up and he started saying "touch". So far he has been pretty good with it he likes to touch the branches and jingle ornaments but nothing has been broken so far!

Its been so fun seeing Colby light up about all the Christmas things so far. He loves the outdoor lights too. Its so much different then last year. I mean last year he would stare at the tree but it wasn't as exciting! Now I am just excited to see what he thinks of all the presents he's getting. He's gonna have a blast I know!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

church and gymrompers (our only outings in this rainy season we are having)

So we haven't gotton out much since we returned from our trip due to the bad weather. So the 2 outtings we have had we have tried to soak up every moment and enjoy it. It even seems as if Colby understands this too. Sunday we went to church like usual. Colby was very good in Sunday School. It was just him though I just keep hoping one week we will actually have more kids! My mom was with him in extended care and she said he also did well in there. Sunday night was our Christmas music at church so we went back for that. Colby enjoyed it last year...well he fell asleep but the music seemed to really calm him. So we hoped we would make it through the whole thing this year. He hasn't been with us much in church since then maybe only 1 other time and we had to leave. But he did so well! I figured he would enjoy it since it was all music. I kept him busy with teddy grahms for the first half. He started to get a little antsy so we blocked him in on our row and just let him play on the floor. I had to get up with him a couple times just to stand up but for a 1 year old I think he did pretty awesome!
Today was Gymrompers! Again we were excited just to get out! The weather is still bad but this made Gymrompers even more fun. Since we can't really go outside least Colby could run around in an enclosed area. He had a blast too! He did so much...he is really starting to be a daredevil. He used to be more timid there but he gets right in the middle of things now! I have been contemplating if I should do another session or not since we have done 2 in a row I thought about trying something different but now he seems to like it so much and its great for such an active boy who loves climbing so I am now thinking of signing him up for the spring too!

Monday, December 14, 2009


So it seems like New Orleans is in the midst of a rainy season. It started last week while we were on the cruise my parents said it rained almost every day. So during that time they kept Colby they weren't able to get out much with him. Well once we got back the weather has still been yucky. We were able to take a walk Thursday night and I think that might have been the last time. Saturday night it flooded which it also did while we were gone last week. Now everything is just so wet and yucky. We are supossed to get more bad weather today.

I hate to complain about the weather too much because I know God probably thinks we are never satisfied with the weather he gives us and obviously rain has a purpose but I feel so sorry for Colby. He loves outside and we really haven't been able to go out much at all. He has been begging us to go on walks but we haven't been able to go. I finally got out with him this morning and I am glad I did because the weather is not looking good now. We have also yet to get our tree so we hope to get that sometime today if the weather isn't too bad. Well hopefully we will find some good indoor activities for Colby this afternoon!

Sunday, December 13, 2009


So Thursday morning we set out for our long journey home. We had to wake up at 5:30 because we had a 6:30 breakfast seating. After breakfast we headed out of the boat to the port terminal. After going through customs we loaded on a bus to the airport. Once we got to the airport we had a couple hours because our flight wasn't scheduled until 11:30. Therefore, we browsed some stores, ate a snack and just hung out in the Orlando airport. Then we had another connection in Atlanta. Once we got to Atlanta we had like no time to spare. So we had to rush to our next place. We were able to pick up a sandwhich though for the plane. We got on the plane and what seemed like forever waited to take off. Then finally we arrived in New Orleans! My dad was there to greet us. We got our suitcases and headed home!! My mom and Colby were out strolling when we got home. Oh I can't even begin to describe the feeling of seeing my little boy's face after not seeing him that many days. I had thought of this moment all week. I wondered how would he react? Would he ignore me, would he be upset, would he care, or would he be overjoyed? Well thankfully he was completely overjoyed to see us. I don't think I have ever see him light up the way he did when he realized we were home. It was the sweetest moment ever besides the first moment I saw his face after he was born. Wow what a relief! I am glad he adjusted so well! My parents had said he was fussy that day like he knew we were coming back and was just waiting for us to get there! That whole day he was such an angel. I think even now he's still a little unsure if we are going to leave him again...poor baby! Anyways this melted my heart completely! Our trip was fantastic but man that made coming home awesome!
I am glad Austin and I took this trip though and I do not feel guilty at all. I think like everyone said it would be good for us and him. I feel more refreshed as a mom and I also feel like he's even more precious to me after not seeing him for that long. It also makes me feel good to see that he can in fact survive without us for a few days. I can't say we are going to leave him again anytime soon but I don't think I will worry as much the next time. I am so grateful for my parents and that they are able to keep him like that so we can get away.

Day 5 Day at Sea

So our last day on the cruise was a full day at sea. I have to say this was probably the MOST relaxing day of them all even though they were all relaxing. We were able to sleep in this morning and weren't in a rush to do anything. Once we did get up we went to breakfast at Parrot Cay. This was nice because it was a little more relaxed and not so crowded like the buffet that we had been eating at earlier. After breakfast we walked around and found a nice little nook on the 9th deck to read magazines. Afterwards we went back to the room and relaxed and took a nap. Afterwards we walked around some more then we ordered room service back to the room. After lunch we went to the movie theater to see "Disney's Christmas Carol" it was cute but a little slow at times. After that we took a tour of the galley on the ship to hear about how all the food preparation works...this mainly fascinated Austin. Then we went back to our room for another nap. See I told you this was the most relaxing day. Once we woke up it was time to start getting ready for dinner. We ate at Animator's Palate. It was cool but it was so hyped up in my mind that I really felt a little let down. After dinner we saw the show "Disney Dreams". It was really good. I do think it was the best show which they all were good though. After dinner it was time to head back to our rooms to start packing. We had to have our luggage out of room by 11 pm that night. I had a hard time sleeping that night partly b/c I had slept so much during the day plus I think I was excited about going home to my little boy! It was a fun trip but I was ready to get home!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Day 4 Castaway Cay

So our next stop was Disney's own island Castaway Cay. We arrived there early Tuesday morning. Austin and I headed out and ate breakfast then got off the boat. Our first stop was the Stingray feeding adventure. This was really cool. We put on snorkling gear and then a guide led us to a shallow part in the water where they feed the stingrays. It was really awesome there were stingrays just swimming all around our feet. It wasn't scary kinda freaky but not scary. All of the stingrays had their barbs removed so you couldn't get stung. After they ate you had the option to wade and swim with them. We stayed in the water about 10-15 minutes just watching and hanging out with them. Afterwards we headed out to the adult beach and serenity bay. I am so glad Disney created a beach just for 18 and over. The family beach was very crowded and tons of kids running around. I obviously wouldn't have minded the chaos if we would have had Colby but since the purpose of this trip was relaxation we were glad to have a quieter place to retreat to. The beach wasn't crowded at all...we were able to find some great chairs and had a wonderful view. We layed out and listened to music then we got in the water. Austin enjoyed snorkeling in the water also. This wasn't really my thing. I prefered to just wade in the water and watch the fish swim by from above. After a nice relaxing morning on the beach we went to the little bbq place. Wow the food was awesome. Probably partly since we had been swimming and in the sun all day but it was great! They had all sorts of bbq, sides, fresh fruit, and desserts. I am telling you Disney does it right. So after we ate we decided to head back to the boat. It was getting hot by this point and we were both getting a little tired. So we boarded back on the ship and headed up to our room to rest. Once we rested we walked around the boat. Dinner this night was Pirate themed. We ate in the restaurant Triton's but it was a new "pirate" themed menu. The food was ok but this definitely was my least favorite meal I think. After dinner instead of a show they were doing the pirate party on deck 9 later that evening. So we went and walked and hung out in our room until it was time for that. We got up there early which was a good thing we were able to reserve spots and get seats too. The party was really fun and entertaining! There was fireworks after too which was really cool! Well after the deck party we headed back to our room. The nice thing about the Disney boat too was we did have a tv that had select chanels so we could watch a little tv and keep up with the world somewhat.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Day 3 Nassau

So Monday was our official first full day on the cruise ship. We woke up and were soon in Nassau. We ate breakfast first at the buffet on the 9th deck. Then we got ready to head off the boat for our excursion. We chose to do the Atlantis beach excursion. We took a bus to the resort. Once we got there a tour guide led us around the resort pointing out different things. After about 30 minutes she left us on our own. Austin and I decided to explore the aquariums first. They were pretty cool but I guess we were a little let down that they really weren't as nice as the aquarium right here in New Orleans. It was sorta hard to follow and things weren't labled. There also wasn't a lot of information to even read to know what you were looking at. The tanks also seemed a little dirty. After we completed both aquariums we decided to head to lunch. We had lunch tickets provided by Disney but the only place we could find was this one little fish/chicken stand right by the beach. We both had fried chicken. It was ok but nothing to really rave about. Plus it was hot and we were surrounded by seagulls. After that we walked along the beach...the water was pretty but the beach was nothing to get excited about. It seemed dirty compared to Florida beaches and it was pretty crowded. After this we were ready to head back to the boat to rest. We were both dissapointed with Atlantis. We would never choose this excursion again. It was not worth the money at all. Nassau seemed like a pretty neat city. I think next time I would rather take a bus tour or explore on my own.

Once we got back on the boat we got a snack and chilled for awhile so that we could be ready for dinner. Our dinner this night was at Triton's. I have to say this restaurant was awesome as well. I got lobster mac n cheese and it was delicious. The desserts were awesome too! After dinner we went to the show "Toy Story the Musical". It was adorable! It made me wish Colby was with us though b/c I think he would have really enjoyed it. It was really well done!

Day 2 and First Day on the Boat!

We woke up fairly early Sunday because we had to have our luggage outside our room by 8 so that Disney could transport it to the boat. So we got ready and headed out to the Magic Kingdom area to eat breakfast at the Grand Floridian. We took a bus to Magic Kingdom and it was kind of depressing to be that close but not be able to go in. We took the monorail though to the Grando Floridian which was nice to do that. We really enjoyed breakfast there it was quite yummy. Afterwards we walked around the hotel some and reminsced of our honeymoon there 5 years ago. After that it was time to head back to the Swan to get on the bus that would take us to the cruise ship port. The bus ride was only an hour long so it wasn't bad. We got to the port and checked in and then headed onto the boat. It was amazing how big and nice the ship was. I have never been on a boat other then small ones and the ferry. We decided to go straight to our room to check it out. Our room was really nice. The Disney Cruise rooms are larger then other cruise ships. So our room felt very spacious and not claustrophobic at all. We settled in and then headed up the buffet on the 9th deck. Oh and our room at a verandah which was awesome to have our own private balcony. So we ate a snack and then explored the ship for awhile. Our dinner seating was at 5:45 so it wasn't long before we had to head to that. We ate at Parrot Cay the first night. It was really yummy. I had a steak with a twice baked potato and a salad. We had dinner with 3 other couples. They were all really nice and we enjoyed talking to them. After dinner we walked around for awhile then went to the show. It was "The Golden Mickey's". Very cute. It was basically set up like the Academy Awards only for Disney Movies. So they had a bunch of different scenes from various Disney movies. It was really cute. After the show we checked out the shops on board then headed back to our room. We were both pretty tired after the last 2 busy days of traveling!

Orlando Day 1 of Trip

So we left early Saturday morning to fly to Orlando. We had to leave our house at about 5:30 am. It was a little sad because we only could kiss Colby bye while he was still sleeping. He had no clue we were leaving. Anyway so we were off to the airport. We arrived there early so we were able to grab breakfast while we waited for the plane. We had no problems on either plane...we had a connecting flight in Atlanta. Our 2nd plane was really cool it had tvs in each seat so you were able to watch live tv or listen to music. This was great it really passed the time although our flight was really only about an hour anyway. After arriving in Orlando we boarded a Disney bus to take us to our hotel. We stayed at the Disney Swan Resort. Once we got there we got checked in and got a little bite to eat and were able to explore the hotel a little and then take a nap. After our short nap we got cleaned up and headed out to Downtown Disney. We met our friends Beau and Andrea there with their son Blake. We ate dinner at the House of Blues. It was nice to meet up with them and see Blake. Blake was one of Colby's first friends. They moved a couple months ago and it was amazing to see how much Blake had changed. It made me wish Colby was with us though because I would have loved to see them 2 of them interact. After dinner Austin and walked around Downtown Disney. I love shopping there. We were able to find fun souvenirs for Colby. He got a Mickey t-shirt, Mickey crocs, Mickey and Friends plastic figures, and a stuffed Mickey Mouse. We didn't buy anything for ourselves! After shopping we ate icecream and watched a show. It was a very fun evening. We headed back to the hotel pretty early though b/c we knew the next day would be a busy one also!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Less than 12 hours = bittersweet mommy

Ok so we have less then 12 hours before we take flight to Orlando. We will stay there one night and then head to the port for our cruise. I am excited about the Orlando part b/c we will get to go to Downtown Disney and meet our friends Beau, Andrea, and their son Blake for dinner. I am also excited about being able to do some shopping in Downtown Disney. I know Colby will end up with some souvenirs there! I am also excited about the cruise neither of us have ever been so I can't wait to see what its like.
Now onto the bittersweet part of my day. Putting Colby to bed tonight was definitely a bittersweet moment for me. We are leaving tomorrow way before he will wake up so that was the last time for us to really love on him. We will probably go in his room and kiss him in the morning but we won't wake him. I don't know which is better to leave while he is sleeping or while he is awake. In some ways I think it will be easier to leave while he is sleeping b/c we won't really have to tell him bye. But at the same time I just wonder what he will think when he wakes up and won't see us again for several days. Its hard leaving him behind but I know deep down it will be good for him and my parents to spend time together and it will be good for Austin and I to take a trip. Its obviously been awhile since just the 2 of us were on vacation together. So this will be nice but boy I will be happy to see my lil boy again! I know he is in good hands too but its hard not to worry about little things like will they know when he's sleepy, when he's hungry or had enough to eat, etc. I have to tell myself they did raise me after all but still its just hard when you are a stay at home mom to relinquish all those duties! Well enough of my sob story I need to go finish packing so I can go to bed. I think I am waking up at 4 am that will be here very soon!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Countdown to the Cruise

So Austin and I are leaving in 2 days for our very first cruise! We are taking a Disney Cruise to the Bahamas. This is in celebration of our 5 year anniversary! Wow I can't believe we have almost been married 5 years! I think it will be a blast! I do know however I am going to miss Colby so much! This is the first time we will have left him to go on a trip. We have left him only about 4 times overnight before for only 1 night at a time and we were over there to pick him up the next morning! I know he is going to have a blast though with my parents and they are going to have a blast as well! Its just hard not to worry even though I know he's in great hands! Since I do stay home with him I think its almost harder to leave since he's not in daycare or anything I am so used to doing everything for that little boy! But I think it will be good for Austin and I to get away and it will be fun to just be the 2 of us again. As fun as vacations are with a little one they aren't very relaxing. You are constantly worrying about them. So it will be nice for us to be kids again. It will sorta be like a 2nd honeymoon and really our honeymoon was the most fun I have ever had a on a trip! We leave Saturday and come back Thursday. It seems like a long time but I know it will fly by! I gotta start packing and getting things ready for Colby. So my next 2 days will be quite busy preparing for all of that! But I will look forward to posting this time next week on how much fun we had!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Gymrompers and Cold, Rainy Day Fun

Today we had Gymrompers class with Colby. It seemed like forever since we were there. It was cancelled last week with the Thanksgiving holiday. Austin was off today so he got to go with us! I was really excited about this. This was only his 2nd or 3rd time to go and he had never gone with us to the really big class. Colby seemed excited about being there and did really well. He showed off many of his skills to his daddy. He climbed stairs, slid down slides, crawled up hills and through tunnels, played instruments, picked out puppets, and just had a blast. I think Austin was impressed with all that he had learned since the summer. He is getting more and more confident especially with his climbing skills. I knowe we are gonna be in for it with this little monkey when he can climb on furniture. He is so busy and active. I am just glad he sleeps well. So after his class we came home and he ate lunch and went straight to bed. He seemed really tired which is crazy b/c he slept from 7:30 last night until 8:30 this morning. I hope he isn't getting sick!

The last 2 days the weather has been really icky here. Which is not good for Colby because he loves the outdoors. He begged to go out all day yesterday. We went on one walk in the drizzle just so he could get out and then I let him play for about 20 minutes outside while Austin was hanging our outdoor lights. Today it has been nasty all day and he is dying to get out hopefully the rain will stop so we can take a quick walk and bundle up! We'll see! But here are some photos from yesterdays fun!