Wednesday, May 31, 2017


We just returned from our first every family camping trip. Well let me re-phrase. the boys have camped and Lindsay and I have joined them during the day hours but we have never all overnight camped. Well several months ago Austin started talking about wanting to use his parent's camper to go camping as a family for his b-day. Well life got busy in early May and we ended up postponing it until the kids were out of school. Its also Memorial Day weekend but we left early in the week to avoid all the crowds. Well as we got closer to the trip I had this thought that we should invite Colby's friend Ella. She is our pastor's daughter and someone Colby and we know VERY well. The kids have known each other since they were babies and have been friends since they were 4. Anyway so we chose to leave Wednesday after the kids got out of school. Austin had gone up Tuesday to help get the camper all set up by the time we got there. 
So Wednesday after Awards Day I brought Ella, Colby, and Lindsay home. I basically spent 2 hours working full speed to clean, finish packing, and make them lunches, then finally load up the van. I think we pulled out about 12:30.
The kids were great in the car. They played on Ella's tablet and watched "The Secret Life of Pets" in the car. We got to the campground right at 2:30. We actually arrived and no one else was there. The kids got to scout out the place and we waited a few minutes for Austin, his mom, Shelbi, and Maggie to arrive. We spent a little bit unloading and setting up. His mom left shortly after we arrived with the girls b/c they were getting picked up that evening by their dad. We basically let the kids explore and ride their bikes around. We were all tired that afternoon. I think I finally even layed down on the bed a bit to rest. We walked around a bit with the kids so they could burn off energy and check out the sights. They even made fast friends with some kids near us. That night Austin's mom came back and we grilled burgers and hot dogs. They tasted so good and I was so hungry by that point! That night we were all pretty tired and by the time it got dark I think everyone was ready to call it a night. We got all the kids showered and ourselves. I was pleasantly surprised how well everyone slept! 
Thursday morning the kids were up and at it early. Austin already had them all dressed and they were outside playing by the time I got up. We soon started cooking pancakes and sausage for them. After breakfast the adults got dressed and ready and we decided to load up and bring them to the Armed Forces Museum. It was close to the campground and we figured getting the kids out the sun/heat for awhile would be good. The camper got the morning sun so it was hard to even really sit out there during those hours. We enjoyed the museum but the kids quickly got antsy and wanted to run around. I think they enjoyed looking at the planes and army vehicles outside the most! After we finished up there it was time to head back to the camper for lunch. We had sandwiches and pizza. It was nice to sit down and enjoy lunch. By this point we had some shade so we were able to sit outside and visit. Wendi and the girls hung out with us a couple hours. During that time the kids mostly played and rode bikes. The adults sat around outside just enjoying the gorgeous weather and visiting. They left around 2 to go get their haircut. Austin's mom also left during that time to go back to her house and check on some things. It was nice to have that full afternoon of just Austin and I and the kids. He decided to take them to the lake to go swim. I was relieved to have a little while all to myself. I really wasn't interested in standing in the hot sun and I knew I wasn't going to swim. I used that time to do my quiet time then I laid down for a bit. Once he got in with them from the lake we took it easy a little while. Then later he had to get out to run some errands. While he was gone the kids and I rested. They played inside and I laid down on the couch and we had about an hour to cool down. Then they were ready to go back out to play. I sat outside to watch them. Austin brought back BBQ and we made mac n cheese. His mom and Shelbi also came back that night to eat with us. The dinner was really yummy and once again we enjoyed a meal outside. Everything tasted so good on this trip! After dinner the kids wanted to go fish so that's what we did. his mom and Shelbi packed up to go back to her house. That night we got the kids to bed early which was nice. It was a little bit easier with just having us and the kids to get them wound down plus I think we were all pretty tired. We had a bit longer to just lay in bed and watch tv that night then we had the other nights too. 
Friday morning we made breakfast for the kids. Austin made them scrambled eggs and bacon. After they ate we all got loaded up and we took them back into Hattiesburg to my parent's apartment. I had originally planned to go alone and go shower but we got the idea for us all to go. I was able to take a bath/shower and Austin took the kids swimming in the pool. I think they enjoyed cooling off and getting cleaned up. I also did some laundry. After spending about 2+ hours at the apartment we loaded back up and went to his mom's house for lunch. We picked up chicken and took it to her house to eat. After lunch we went ahead and went back to the campground. Again it was nice to have a little time to ourselves. During that time the kids played and we tried to relax a bit. Austin took the kids fishing around 4 and that is when everyone started arriving for our big family dinner. We enjoyed just sitting out visiting with everyone. Harvey and Wendi grilled pork ribs, sausage, corn, and we had potato salad for dinner. We all ate around the picnic table which was fun. We just spent the evening hanging out and visiting while the kids played. We decided to do a campfire that night and roast marshmallows which the kids all loved! It was such a fun and sweet way to close out the trip. We definitely had a later night that night. His mom stayed with us and everyone else packed up for home. It took us a bit longer to get everyone cleaned up and off to bed. By the time we all got cleaned up it was time to go to sleep. 
The next morning we were up bright and early and ready to head back home. It was a great trip but I was ready to get home by that point. Plus I had a funeral to attend. Anyway the trip was great. I think we will try going back sometime this fall just the 4 of us. Maybe even try a new campground. Honestly I really fell in love with camping! Can't wait to try it again soon! 

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Last Days and Awards

This past week ended the 2016-2017 school year for us. Even though Lindsay had been out 2 weeks Colby was still going. Monday they had a regular school day. Lindsay and I had to get cupcakes for Colby's class then go grocery shopping. Once we finished all that we came home and Lindsay's little friend Claire and her mom came to visit. They ended up staying over 2 hours! The girls had a blast and I was glad to get to do something fun for just Lindsay. With all of the end of the school year activities she has been my tag along and I feel we haven't just had like a big fun day with her. It did make for a short and busy afternoon though. In fact after I got Colby home I told the kids I was going to lay down and rest a bit before cooking dinner. 
Tuesday was another whirlwind day! I dropped Lindsay off with my parents that morning while I met some friends for coffee. It was nice to visit with Abby and Jenn outside of the "school" atmosphere. After I picked her up and she and I ran errands. We rushed home and scooped up Allie and got her to the vet then we went to Target to get camping stuff. After we had just enough time for lunch at Chickfila. I tried to really enjoy that time with her knowing that our "Alone girl time" is quickly coming to an end. With summer and then next year her being in kinder we won't get as much free time =(. We got Colby and came home to enjoy a long afternoon. It was so nice having him home by 1. I honestly still wish we had a day like that every week. Its just nice to get caught up on house things and rest without having to make that late afternoon trip to go get him. Anyway that night Austin left to go to Hattiesburg to prepare for the camping trip. I had the kids in bed early b/c I had VBS work to do and I was so tired and just wanted some downtime. They were apparently tired too b/c I didn't hear a peep out of them! 
Wednesday was Awards Day and the Last Day of school! I cannot believe how quickly this year flew and that now I have a 4th grader and kindergartner. So crazy to me! Anyway the Awards Ceremony was so special. I look forward to the end of the year one. I wasn't sure if Colby would get Honor Roll and it turns out he didn't. Its ok though he made it twice this year and I was super proud of him. Well when it got to be the reading awards he got one of those! I was so proud!! His reading has really come a LONG way this year! He had earned a math award in first grade and now the reading one. Basically that means that in 1 school year they grew more then a year in either of those subjects. Well the very last award given and I love the Fruit of the Spirit Award. Well Colby has never received it but this year he did! I was so proud of him! I could hardly contain my tears! He has such a sweet heart and I am so thankful that his teacher and school can see it shining through. Basically the Award is given to one student in each grade and they say its the student who most exhibits character and the Fruit of the, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, etc. Of all the things he could earn this was the best! I mean we are proud of him when he makes good grades but those things fade away. It was just an affirmation of everything we've tried to teach him. I am so thankful that he not only gets these things at home but also at school. Anyway and after he received the award he went and gave his teacher the biggest, most sweetest hug ever!! So after Awards we loaded up with the kiddos and Ella. We were off to go camping! More on that in the next post............

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Field Day and Wedding Showers

So Friday was a super busy day for us. Colby had Field Day and I had volunteered to go help. Lindsay of course had to tag along with me. Such the life of the younger child! Anyway we arrived and got to hang out with his class in assembly for a bit before heading out to the playground and getting to work. The first hour or so they did relays. They played in teams according to grade. I don't think 3rd grade ever won any ...their class seems to argue and not cooperate with each other enough to win. After the relays they went to lunch. It was nice to get a reprieve from the heat and sit down. Lindsay and I were able to go sit and eat before the mad rush of school kids which was nice. I love their lunch lady!! After lunch they went back outside to recess. It was nice again to just chill while the kids played. We mostly just visited with Colby, Ella, and some of the other 3rd graders. After that they went back up closer to the buildings to play Slip N Slide Kickball and some other various games. It was during this time that I was really feeling the heat and just overall tired. Finally Lindsay got to go play on the WaterSlide before all the other kids got there. It was nice to see her getting to do something fun. She had a blast! She was such a trooper during the other events. She stuck by my side and was actually a great helper. The 3rd graders finally got their turn on the water slide and I just finally found a bench and sat down. The time seemed to go so slow and it was so hot. Finally Colby and some of his peers decided they were ready to dry off and change clothes. It was after that that I told Colby it was time to go. They still had about an hour of school left. They were going to go back out to the playground and have popsicles but I had had enough. I picked them up milkshakes and we came home to just chill out. It was a nice evening. Austin got home and we had chicken tacos. We did our usual movie night and watched Planes Fire and Rescue. 
Saturday goodness it was nice to sleep in! We did have to get moving fairly quickly though b/c we had a wedding shower to get to. The shower was for our Children's Pastor's fiancĂ© Courtney. My dad came over to watch the kids and my mom and I attended the shower. The shower was nice and it was lovely to visit with the ladies and be without kids for a bit. I don't go to many of these things now I guess b/c my "age group" is out of weddings/having babies for the most part. Once we came home I just enjoyed a low key day around the house with the kids. 
Sunday was church...Austin was off and we both taught together in first service. We ended up having 14 kids. It was busy but I didn't feel as crazy as some other Sundays we've had lately. Its just still we are having so many kids I just wish we could get a 2 year old class going. That afternoon we just rested. Austin had to count so he was later getting in. It was lovely having no where else to be though the rest of the day! 

Monday, May 22, 2017

May Crazy

I title this post...May crazy b/c this entire month has been so busy and as the closer we get to school ending I feel like the crazier it has become! This month so far has seen the ending of kickball, Pinewood Derby for Scouts, Teacher Appreciation, Lindsay's Field Day and Last Days of school, Teacher lunches, Mother's Day, Austin's birthday, trip to Hattiesburg, Baseball game, and the list goes on! 
So here's a run down of our last week:
Monday Austin was off. It was nice to have him off to start our week. He ended up staying home with Lindsay that day while I had coffee with a friend then went to the grocery store. I enjoyed having one last coffee with a friend before the start of summer. She had also been my tagalong for quite a few days so it was nice to get a little alone time. He also had special daddy time with Colby during the weekend so it was nice he got to spend time with her too. Well the day seemed really busy b/c I didn't get home from the store until lunch time. That afternoon Austin got Colby from school. We grilled and enjoyed some time outside which was nice. It was great spending time together. 
Tuesday was a VERY busy day for me. My parents were so sweet to volunteer to keep Lindsay that day for me. They miss keeping her on Tuesdays since this year with big girl school she doesn't get to stay with them while I'm at Bible Study. It worked out well though b/c me and a couple ladies had made plans to go visit an older lady in our church who has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. We stayed over an hour. It was nice talking to her daughter and son who I have both known my entire life. I think the visit meant a lot to all of them. After that I was off to our Bible Study luncheon. We ate out at Red Maple this year. It was fun and nice to spent more time visiting with ladies I don't normally get to talk to much. It lasted about 2 hours though so by the time I got home I was just emotionally and mentally worn out. I really felt so drained the rest of the day. I picked the kids up and we came home and I had a little while to relax before having to cook dinner. Austin worked later that day so I felt like we didn't see much of him. 
Wednesday was the very day I needed in the midst of the chaos. I have really felt a little bad that I haven't been able to do super fun stuff with Lindsay while she's been out of school. Life has just been so busy. She's been quite the trooper though and hung in there with whatever I've had to do. We ended up going to breakfast at Chickfila. This is something we did all the time the last few years so it was a nice treat. Afterwards we had to run to Petsmart and Hobby Lobby. I enjoyed just taking my time and shopping and chatting with her. She's such a great errand buddy. After we finished we came home and spent the rest of the day here. It was lovely to have some down time. She enjoyed playing and watching tv and I was able to catch up on some much needed housework. 
That evening we had church though. We had missed 2 straight weeks so it was definitely good to be back. We had 6 kids in our class. Ryan helped me out though which was nice and also gave Patti Rae and I a chance to meet about VBS. 
Thursday was my music day again. Once again Lindsay had to come with me. This time though she was more comfortable and she stuck with the big kids mostly. I think she definitely enjoyed it more. She was invited to a friend's kinder graduation celebration but we were both so tired. Wednesday nights and Thursday mornings are tough and I couldn't imagine being away from the house the entire day! I knew it would cause me to be in an awful mood that night. I hated to miss the party b/c its a friend from church that we don't get to see much due to life's crazy and different schedules. Anyway so she and I had a brief time to relax before picking Colby up. That night Austin worked late so the kids and I had left overs. 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Mother's Day Weekend

So this Mother's day weekend was awesome! I am so thankful for the little people that call me mom. I am also so thankful for my mom and the inspiration and role model she has been to me and still is. I am also thankful for the many other women who have poured into my life. 
So back to the weekend! So Friday once we got home from the teacher's luncheon and all that it was nice to just relax and hang out. Austin ended up picking up BBQ that night for dinner. It was for sure nice to not have to cook and then nice to spend the evening together. We watched BRAVE for our family movie. 
Saturday the kids and I were able to sleep in and have a nice slow morning around the house. I feel like this is so few and far between that I really try to soak it up when the rarity happens. We left our house about 10:30 to go pick up my parents. I was dropping Colby and my dad off at Austin's hotel so they could go to the USM baseball game and have a guys night away. After we dropped them off Lindsay, my mom, and I went to Chickfila for lunch. It was nice to have that "girl time" as well. We ended up running into several people we knew. After a nice lunch and visit we had to go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond for a shower gift. Lindsay was great and super patient while we did that. I feel like she's really had to be a tag along since she got out of school but she's been amazing with it. By the time we dropped my mom off and got home it was after 2 I believe. She and I decided to rest for awhile. Once we both got up I worked on things around the house while she played. We spent a little time outside then she wanted to watch Moana before bed. I really enjoyed the quiet and it was honestly probably a nice Mother's day present for me to have that chilled time. Once she got to bed I stayed up and watched a show and just enjoyed relaxing. 
Sunday was ofcourse Mother's Day. I was so relieved to not be teaching that morning. It was nice to go and know I could worship and truly relax. The worship service was wonderful and very inspiring. I felt with a renewed hope of why I do all that I do. The theme was basically impacting the next generation. After church we went to go eat lunch at the food court in Lakeside. It was nice b/c we could all get what we wanted. After that we had to go pick up Colby's new glasses. We got all that done and then came home to relax. That evening we had dinner over at Randall and Elizabeth's house. It was very nice to not have to cook and enjoy a meal with the family. We have hosted the last few holidays at our house. Well Christmas and Easter oh and Halloween so it was wonderful to go to their house. They also have a lovely back yard so we enjoyed eating outside and visiting! The kids had a blast as well and Lindsay even wanted to spend the night! 
It was a great weekend and I am so thankful for the 2 that call me mom. They are growing into such big kids. 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Last Preschool Days and Teacher Appreciation

So this week is full of excitement. Its a busy week with Teacher Appreciation and the ending of preschool for Lindsay! Its so weird b/c last week was testing and its so hard to not already feel in summer mode. But this week has brought normalcy to Colby's schedule with tests and homework. Its hard to balance one still needing to focus and the other getting out and celebrating. 
So Tuesday was Lindsay's last full day and last day in uniform. We had to take pictures and commemorate the day. 
So as a I mentioned its Teacher Appreciation and I feel like I have fallen down on doing stuff like I used to but Monday I sent the kids to school with cards that said "Have a Cup of Coffee on Me" with $5 gift cards from PJs. Today I made Lindsay's teachers bath salts and gave them handwritten notes. Lindsay's class decided to all go in together to get a big gift card to give them so that was nice. 
I am still working on Colby's teacher but I think we will do a $25 gift card to Panera and a handwritten card. I wanted to do more but I am just running out of time and ideas. 
Anyway today Lindsay had Preschool Fun Day. This has been tradition at the school and in the past they have met at Chuck E. Cheese for this last day. I am so thankful that this year her teacher wanted to do something different and chose to do a Field Day type event at the school. I was so so glad! This event was so fun, easy, and cheap. It was also very low key. So I had been asked by her teacher to help with things. We had to get there early for set up. I was in charge of the Bubble Station and snacks. Anyway the kids came outside at about 9 and they played until about 11:45. They had a blast. I enjoyed interacting with the kids, teachers, and other parents. Days like that make me miss teaching. I am glad I get to be up there enough on special days. I think Lindsay really had a great time. She stuck close to her BFF Brielle the entire morning. Once they finished outside though she was ready to go. She wasn't interested in staying for lunch. I went on and brought her home so we could rest. I was so so tired after that. I guess being on my feet and in the sun/heat I was just flat exhausted. Plus dealing with a slight cold. She and I relaxed and watched tv until Colby got home. Anyway we had planned to skip church that night. I hated to miss 2 weeks in a row but with all of us dealing with slight colds and being so worn out from the activity that day I was glad we chose to stay in. I felt so drained that evening. It was nice to have a low key evening at the house. 
Thursday was another SUPER busy day for us. Now that Lindsay is out of school she gets to hang out with me. Austin was off but I let him have the house to himself. He had yard work to do and some errands. Therefore Lindsay got to teach music with me. She was super shy at first about being back at her old school but she finally warmed up and played with several of the kids during their "playtime". I couldn't get her to join a class though. I was hoping she would go hang out in Mrs. Breaux's room since those kids are actually her age. Anyway the first class the 3 year olds were crazy! I felt all "off" anyway b/c we couldn't get the DVD player to work so I was having to wing it. I felt really frazzled. Plus having Lindsay around just made it slightly more difficult even though she behaved great it was just the added worry. So the next class the 4s and 5s they were great. And Lindsay really enjoyed them. She hit it off with the kids and we had a lot of fun. That age really is my passion. I love 4 and 5 year olds! So the last class the baby class is always my least favorite. I hate saying that b/c they are so totally cute but its hard to get them to sit still and do much. Plus there are SO many of them! It just always feels out of control but I do the best I can. Finally towards the end of class they got the TV working! I felt bad it was just something silly that I couldn't figure out! Lindsay was having a meltdown though by the time they left. She said they were too loud and crazy! She was done by that point. I tried to tell her if she would have stayed outside with the big kids she would have more fun! 
Anyway we came home and it was nice having Austin here. He picked up Colby that afternoon. We had Pinewood Derby that night. It was so much fun! I just love our Scout family. This was our 3rd one to participate in. Its always such a fun event. Colby's car didn't place this year but he did win BEST DETAIL which I was proud of b/c he painted his car all on his own this year. Lindsay however won 1st place in the sibling division. I am not quite sure how she always has such a FAST car! Her car even ran neck and neck with the winner. It was a night of fun and laughter. I love the group of kids that they are growing up with. It was a long day but oh so fun and worth it! 
Friday was a SUPER busy day for us. It was the day of the Teacher Appreciation Lunch. I really had no idea how much I was stressed about it until it was over and I felt a deep relief. Anyway so we dropped Colby off and started unloading things. Lindsay once again was along for the ride. We were meeting a friend up there at 9 to decorate so we hung around and waited and waited. She was running late so finally we went to get coffee and she was there when we got back. Lindsay got to play with her daughter Eden though who is one of her friends/classmates. I was glad she had a playmate there. Once she arrived we were busy setting up. I really didn't expect for it to take the entire morning but it worked out fine. Around 11 though the worst storm came up and we were under tornado warnings and all kinds of crazy. The power even went out! Needless to say it became a very exciting and crazy lunch hour. The luncheon was still able to take place though which was good. We stayed out there in the lunch room to keep an eye on things while the teachers enjoyed their lunch. Melody and I ended up being asked to scoop ice-cream for the children who had the Positive Behavior Bands. Both Lindsay and Colby were able to get some ice-cream. After lunch they decided to call off school the rest of the day. Naturally as the kids were packing up though the lights came back on. I was thankful though to end the day early and get out of there and not have to get back out! 

Monday, May 8, 2017

Sweet Simple Weekend

This weekend has been a very quiet and simple one and for that I am thankful! Friday after we picked Colby up from school we just had a low key afternoon/evening. Austin got in in time to have dinner with us and then we enjoyed outdoor time together. And of course we had movie night! 
Saturday the kids and I had no plans! I was so happy to not have anywhere to be or rush off to! I asked the kids what they wanted to do. They ended up choosing the park first. It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed watching them just play at the park. I have always been so thankful for days like that. They played so well together all day. After the park they decided to go on to the Library. Again I was happy to oblige. The park and library are a few of my favorite places. They were both anxious to check out new books. I am so thankful that they both love reading. Colby has just really taken off this year in his reading and he flies through chapter books. Our next errand was to get gift cards for their teachers. We then stopped at Panera Bread for lunch. Its so sweet being able to take them out to lunch now. I just sit back and realize sometimes that they are truly big kids! We had a nice lunch then we came home to relax. I truly love weekends that are focused on rest. The kids played great all day. Austin got home early and fried fish for us! It was a great day! We tried to go on another bike ride but I had a tire blow out so the boys got to go and us girls came home. I hope Austin can get it fixed soon b/c I have the bike riding bug! 
Sunday Austin was off. Its always nice to have him home and go to church as a family. I had to teach first service though. I had a helper this week though so he got to go into church. I was glad he was able to take a break from helping me. I love his help but I feel like we are both getting burnt out lately. Anyway the morning went pretty well. We had 14 again though so it was kinda hectic. I really wish we would split the class. I feel like with 7 you could be so much more intentional. I feel like right now I just barely can keep my head above water and I am constantly rushing around I don't get much time to spend one on one with the kids. After church though we went over to Metairie to eat lunch at Zoe's Kitchen then to order Colby some new glasses. After an hour in the eye glass place we decided to treat the kids with ice cream on our way home. It was a lovely day but we were all ready to get home and take it easy. We rested then cleaned for about an hour before we took the kids outside to swim and play. We then grilled burgers and took another walk/bike ride. 
I am so thankful that in the midst of a really busy and crazy season of life that we had this weekend to just be still and enjoy one another. 

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Testing Week & That Busy Life

Well this week is testing week at the school. Ofcourse Colby is testing but Lindsay is not. Monday was of course Austin's b-day and I blogged about that already. 
Tuesday I had Bible study. I have really enjoyed this study. Most of my friends were out but I still enjoyed the time and fellowship with the ladies who were there. I came home and had a brief couple hours to hang out before going back. Colby had a kickball game at 2 so it was a very short afternoon. I checked Lindsay out early too since she wasn't napping. She got to play with her friend Mia so she enjoyed that. The kickball games went well and Colby played really well. I am so proud of him. He's not really athletically inclined but he's stuck with it and tried his best and that's all we can ask. Its been perfect for him too b/c its gotten him playing a team sport but it hasn't been stressful. We got home that afternoon and I cooked a big dinner of chicken tenders, mac n cheese, and green beans. We were also able to take a family bike ride again that night! Its been so nice lately that Austin has been home in time to eat dinner with us. Such a blessing! 
Wednesday I got the kids to school and I had signed up to do hall monitor that day. It actually wasn't too bad. It went by surprisingly fast. I brought my Bible study to work on so between that and getting to visit with a couple people and watching the classes it was a busy and quick morning. The weather started to get bad though towards the end of testing and it looked as if it was going to rain the rest of the day so I made the decision to just check both kids out early and go home. i was thankful that we had no where else to be. We had already planned to miss church so that Colby wouldn't be out super late on testing week. His kickball game too was also cancelled. It was so nice to have them home and have a laid back afternoon. It did end up storming all afternoon and night though. We were able to take a walk/bike ride in a break of the storms though. We had baked potatoes for dinner. 
Thursday was back to the crazy/busy! I had music class that morning. We found out that once again Colby's kickball game would be cancelled. I was sorta relieved though bc it mad the day a little less crazy. Music class went well. I have really enjoyed that job this year. I cannot believe how fast the year has gone though! That afternoon I relaxed until time to get the kids. I picked them up we came home for about an hour break before getting dressed to head back out again. I sure have enjoyed the last 2 weeks that Colby hasn't had homework! We met our friends Melissa, Jackson, and Preston at Cane's for dinner before Scouts. I hate cooking on Scout nights b/c its so hard to get it all done. It was nice to visit with her and Colby really enjoyed hanging out with Jackson. I am really hoping the 2 of them can grow closer and that can be a little friend for him to hang out with. Scouts that night was fun. The boys and little sisters worked on painting cars. They had a great time! I cannot wait for the race next week! 
Friday (The last day of testing Hallelujah)! Well the day ended up being a little disappointing b/c Lindsay was supposed to have a field trip the YMCA which we were super excited about. Well it got cancelled b/c of the "cold front" that came through. During the time of the field trip it would have been in the 60s which I guess they assumed was too cold for swimming. I told Lindsay she could just stay with me on Friday since I had already planned out my morning to be with her plus since I figured they wouldn't do much in school since the teachers were planning on a field trip day. She and I didn't do much but we had a nice morning together. She requested breakfast at McDonald's which is where we started our day. Then we went to the bank and Walmart. Nothing fancy! I had wanted to take her to the park b/c it was beautiful outside but she didn't want to go alone. Colby had a kickball championship at 12:30 but I never could get a straight answer from the school if it was happening or not. We decided to skip it and relax at home. She ended up falling asleep on the drive to get him. We were all happy to see the weekend arrive! 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Happy Birthday Austin!

So Austin is celebrating his 38th b-day today. We have been celebrating with him over the last couple of days though. 
First off on Saturday we made him a strawberry and cream cheese cake. It was delicious! 
We were able to eat it that night! We also had Copeland's Take out. Normally we would have gone out to eat but the kids and I were pretty gross from swimming and playing and baking all day. It was a nice night in. 
Sunday we went to church and we originally had plans to go out and also let Colby go shopping for glasses. Well these plans fell through b/c after church the weather started getting really bad. We scraped the idea and ended up coming home to eat sandwiches. It was honestly nice to stay in on a rainy day like that. That afternoon my parents did come over to eat cake with us. The afternoon cleared off and we were able to go for a family bike ride. 
Today (Monday) is actually his b-day. I tried to make the day special even though it was a day we had to go on with our normal routines. I brought the kids to school and grocery shopped while he stayed home and did some work from home. We then went and ran an errand together and had lunch out. It was sweet and simple. I really treasure our time together with the kids at school. That afternoon we were able to have a family dinner together and take a 2 mile bike ride. We ended the day with more birthday cake. It wasn't anything extraordinary but I hope Austin felt loved and special on his day!