Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Weekend

Ok let me start off by saying I can't believe I didn't take a single picture yesterday! I meant to bring my camera to my parent's house but forgot it sitting by the computer last night since I was uploading pictures.

Well we had a great day and I am truly thankful that we have a day set aside to remember all those men/women who fought and died to keep this country free. I think this day means more to me the older I get. Anyway our day began since Austin was off with him mowing the yard. So while he did that Colby and I played inside and got things ready to head to my parent's. We tried to play outside at one point but it started raining on us so we had to come in.

We got to my parent's house around 10:30 and went swimming right away to dodge the rain. Colby once again had a blast! He is gonna be a tan, blonde headed, fish before the end of summer! He already is there! He's so cute in his swimsuit and swim shirt and little floaties! We swam pretty much right until lunch was ready! Colby was having a blast! He is doing so well in the pool! I am quite proud of him. We ate lunch and Colby did really well and ate well. I thought about letting him stay up since it was a holiday but he was getting cranky and I knew we wouldn't be able to just sit and visit! Fortunately he loves his naptime so it was no problem getting him settled down for a nap! Since my parent's got him a crib there he sleeps so well! He slept for almost 3 whole hours. It was nice having him down we were able to visit with Randall and Elizabeth a lot more.

After Colby's nap we decided to come on home because Allie had been in her kennel all day and we needed to let her out. The rest of the day was pretty low key from there we just hung out at home and played with Colby.

Today has been another great day so far! Austin went in for a half day of work. Colby and I decided we would try the park again since Saturday we got rained out! I was hoping one of our friends would meet us there but no one showed up. It was ok though Colby and I still had fun. It was pretty hot but Colby didn't seem to mind. He played on all the equipment, pushed his police car around, and drank juice oh and watched for trucks on the road. It was a fun time! He also came home a sweaty, stinky, muddy, mess! Such a boy! It was cute though! He had muddy shoes, muddy socks, and mud stains on his shorts and shirt! Ahh well I guess thats a sucessful trip to the park! I also ended the trip with stepping in ants! OUCH! I am glad it was me though and not Colby...he would have flipped out! I only got bit once though thankgoodness!

When we got home we were suprised to hear that Austin was on his way home as well! We are planning on enjoying the rest of our day as a family! Colby is now napping and Austin is doing some honey do's and I am fixing to take my nap! I think tonight we may go out as a family!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mommy's Day Out/Sunday Church

Yesterday was a great day! I got to get away for a little while and shop with a friend. First Colby and I were gonna go to the park though. I knew he needed to get out the house for a little while. We haven't done a lot this past week and Friday all we did to get out was the grocery store. So I figured I would bring him to the park then drop him off at my parent's. They were going to keep him while I shopped with a friend. We got to the park and Colby was having a good time. Well like 10 minutes after we got there it started lightning and thundering then the rain began. So much for the park! So I loaded Colby up and we went to my parent's house. He wasn't too upset about leaving...thankgoodness! He was happy sicne we were going to the grandparents!

I stayed and visited for about an hour before heading to the mall to meet Casee. We met at Food Court and ate lunch first. It was nice to visit and enjoy my lunch. Normally when we are at the mall I feel like I am so busy keeping Colby entertained!

After we ate we shopped for like 2hours. I forgot how much fun the mall is! I don't think I had been to the mall with just another friend in years! Usually its Austin and I and Colby or just Colby and I or Colby and I and a friend and their baby! Its so much different with a can't shop much we mainly just walk around and usually can only stay about an hour at the most! We both set out to get bras so we found those and also found some cute stuff for the boys! Her little boy is 7 months now. I would pass more of Colby's clothes down but they are sorta out of season from each other. He needs 6-12 summer clothes and Colby's 6-12 month stuff was winter.

Anyway the rest of the day was fine I picked Colby up at my parent's house then we came home and just hung out till Austin got off work. He brought home hamburgers and fries. Our original plan was to grill some ourselves but his work day ended up being later then we thought. Colby loves fries...he doesn't get them often but when he does he loves them! I think its mainly b/c he has recently discovered ketchup. He even took a couple bites of my burger. I am kinda looking forward to the day I can take him somewhere for a burger and fries for a treat!

Today was church. It was another great day in Sunday School. We had Broc, Colby, and Cade agian. I was so excited to have 3 boys again! Broc and Colby did really well entertaining themselves and also sharing with Cade.

I got to sit in church again this week with Austin which was nice. I think Colby did fine in extended care it was just Colby and Broc. I think they took them outside also. After church we ate at McAlister's with some friends. Colby did really well but it started raining so we had to head home. Once we got home we all relaxed and took this afternoon we are probably going to try playing outside some even though its been raining off and on but we gotta get little boy's energy out somehow!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mid-Week Happenings

So its been a good week so far! Austin was off again Tuesday so Colby and I went to Gymrompers. Austin stayed home and did yardwork. Then we were all able to catch a short nap then head to my parents to swim that afternoon. It was so fun swimming with my 2 boys! Colby did great! He didn't fuss a bit! He just swam and swam. He loved going back and forth from my parent's fountain to the pool. I am just amazed so far all that he has learned. He knows to sit down right in front of the steps and scoot in. He also has learned places where he can jump safely into someone's arms. He also kicks a little and gets himself to the stairs. He loves when daddy throws him up in the air.

Yesterday (Wednesday) Colby and I made a trip to Target. We hadn't been in awhile so we needed lots of stuff. Colby is such a good little shopper he just sits in the cart like such a sweet angel while mommy gets the stuff we need. I did get him some little boy underwear while we were there. I am thinking of starting casual potty training with him. I am not gonna make a big deal though out of it until he is 2 1/2 so if he doesn't get it this summer I will probably just hold off until after our Disney trip in the beginning of December. After our shopping we got home and Colby wanted to swim. I filled up his pool and he had a blast playing. It seems like every day we are doing some type of water play...its pretty much too hot to do anything else! And Colby loves water! So last night Austin didn't get home until 8. Makes for a long day! I mean Colby was really good but even when he is good a 1 year old is just tiresome and I feel like we run out of things to do! Hopefully all of Austin's days won't be like that!

Today (Thursday) has been a great day too! We went to my parent's this morning to go swimming. I figured 1) it would be a great day to swim and 2) my parents hadn't seen them much this week so I figured we would go hang out! We had a blast! Colby was great in the pool. He swam and played hard. Afterwards we ate lunch and hung out with my parents. He has so much fun at their house! It was nice just to spend the morning away from home. After we came home it was naptime. We haven't done too much the rest of the day. Tomorrow I plan on grocery shopping so it will be a pretty uneventful day also!

Monday, May 24, 2010

A Great Day With Dad

So today Austin was off. He hadn't been off since last Saturday. And before that Destin. So really he hasn't been off for a day at home in I dunno how long! The last 2 times he was off we were traveling. So it was so nice to wake up at home knowing we didn't have to be anywhere.

We decided to get out and run errands though. I told Austin I could bring Colby to storytime at the library and he could have the house to myself but I think he really wanted to spend time with us. We decided to go to the new Michael's that is close to our house. Before it was like a 30 min drive to get to one. We needed some frames and I thought it would be fun just to walk around. I ended up buying Colby a play food set since he is getting more into pretend play. It will also be handy for Sunday School and any other teaching adventures.

Our next stop was Barnes and Nobles. They have a really nice play area for kids so I figured atleast we could let Colby run around and get out some energy. It was in the mid 90s today so its too hot for the park. Colby had a blast. He loved the train table and also the Sesame Street area. I thought we were going to go home with a Cookie Monster but he forgot about it when he got busy with the trains. I found him a few Elmo books...he loves his Elmo books plus we lost one at the grocery store last week. There were a few other kids there so I got to visit with some mommies and Colby got to play with a couple other kids too.

We thought since it was close to lunch we would just go ahead and stop for lunch on the way home too. We figured Alligator Pear would be good. I had a BLT sandwhich it was really yummy. Colby did really well until he had a pooping situation. Again I think he is soo close to potty training I know I need to consistently work with him this summer...we could tell he had to go but he was crying and getting embarrassed. So I took him into the bathroom and finally convinced him it was ok to go. He didn't go on the toilet but I think he is starting to understand what is going on. Hopefully he will be easily trained. It was havic trying to get him changed and undressed and cleaned up in the bathroom though by myself. He hates those changing tables in restrooms...which I don't blame him they kinda gross me out but I had no other choice. So he was kicking and screaming and I was trying to get him cleaned up as quickly as possible. I'm sure people in the restaurant could hear us! After that though he was an angel. He went back to the table and finished up his lunch.

We got home and ofcourse it was naptime. We all took naps...I think we were all exausted from the past few days! After Colby woke up we had promised him some water time in the backyard. We got his spray pool out. He hadn't played in it since last year. He had the best time though! He splashed and squealed and played for about an hour in it! It was so cute! He cried when we put it away. We finally had to just let all the water out and then he played in his wet swimsuit for awhile. He doesn't mind playing outside in the heat when he is wet so that is the thing to do!

Our friends Josh and Laura called us while we were outside because they were heading to the westbank for an errand. We told them to just come by and have dinner with us. It was so nice to hang out and visit with them. We always have the best time when they come! Colby seems to like them too and ofcourse he keeps us all entertained. He is so good though we keep him on his normal schedule and put him down for bed and he doesn't get upset at all. I know he was tired tonight!

So that was our day! A very great one! I am so thankful for my little family! I had the best time today with my hubby and little man and look forward to another great one tomorrow!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Let the children come

So today was church! I ofcourse as always prayed for lots of children to be there. I look forward to seeing lots of little children come to Sunday School and church. I enjoy teaching so its much more fun when we have lots of kids plus I want to see Colby grow up in church with lots of little friends.
I knew it was going to be a fun day when we got there and Broc and Cade were already there. I knew it would be busy also to have 3 boys! Broc is 2, Colby 1 1/2 ofcourse, and Cade is 1. They are all so cute and fun to watch. Colby and Broc mostly do "big boy" things now like paint and play with cars. Cade is still learning the ropes but learned to crawl so he was able to check out the big boys more today! Our art activity was painting with cars. I had done this a few weeks back with Colby at home. I knew Broc would love it...he loves art. You can tell he already goes to school b/c he knows just what to do. Colby on the other hand is getting a little more interested but still not totally sure about it. Broc painted like 3 pictures. Colby wanted to get into it but he wouldn't wear the smock. He ended up picking up a car with paint on it though and rubbing it all over his belly! Sure hope the paint is washable like it says! My mom told the story which suprisingly the older ones listened pretty well!
During extended care they moved Colby and Broc to the 2 year room. I think it helps because after an hour in our room they are usually bored so this gives them a new place and new toys. Well they had 2 little girls in there I think one is 3 and the other 2 1/2 then Broc and Colby and Glenn Paul another little boy who is 1 1/2 were all there. Its funny how some weeks it might just be Colby and then other weeks they have tons of kids! I was glad though that Colby had other kids to play with. My mom ended up staying and helping b/c they were short handed. I was glad she did it made me feel better though about Colby. Plus I didn't really want to stay because I had stayed last week plus this was the first time Austin had been at church in awhile so it was nice to sit in church with him.
After church we went to our favorite McAlister's. Colby did really well! He has been eating a ton lately he must be growing. But he seems like he is getting taller and skinnier! I also forgot to mention he ate a bacon/egg/cheese biscuit and fruit today for breakfast! Well now I am at home...Colby is napping and the rest of our afternoon will be pretty lowkey. Austin won't be home again until late so I will have to do the bathtime/bedtime routine again but thats ok it wasn't too bad last night!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hot, Sunny, Summer Days

So summer has officially arrived in Nola. I think we were so spoiled by a cool spring that the heat has taken us all by suprise! Its just been in the last week too that it has just gotton SO hot! Let me just catch everyone up on our week!

Thursday I had a haircut so Colby spent the morning with my parents. I always enjoy my haircuts because I get to veg out a little plus carry on a conversation with another adult for 2 hours uninterrupted. After my haircut I picked Colby up and Austin was already at home. He had taken off the afternoon so he could mow the yard and catch up on some house things. Since he started this job he hasn't been off work a ton. After Colby's nap that afternoon we went out to eat at Adam's Catfish. We haven't been there in forever plus I thought catfish would be a nice change of pace! It wasn't crowded at all...we got there a little after 5! Colby loved the catfish and mac n cheese! We all enjoyed the meal. I always like their catfish b/c they don't have a real fishie taste and are cooked just right! I see us going back there soon! After we ate it was still daylight but cooler out so we thought we would take Colby to Mell Ott to play. We didn't stay long because it was completely overrun with kids! And ofcourse Colby wanted to play on the big kid area where all the kids were. He had fun on the little one though for a bit! Then we came home and took a walk.

Friday Colby and I had to grocery shop. After grocery shopping Colby always wants to go outside. So we went out and I didn't know Austin had put the baby pool out for Allie to cool off in. Well I decided to fill it up with cool water. Well Colby enjoyed the hose so much he wanted to get all the way in. I really didn't feel like bringing him in and changing his clothes so I said what the heck I would just let him swim in his diaper...well I found out quickly how absorbant those diapers are. I took it off and it probably weighed 6 lbs! So then he just swam in the nude. I always said I would never do that haha but since it was just him and I and we were in our backyard I said why not?!? Allie even joined in the fun! It was quite a picture! Finally when it was time to come in he was not happy with me at all. We spent most of the rest of the day inside since its SO HOT!

Today was a church workday for the preschool playground. Well austin was off this morning but had to go in later so him and I couldn't work. We felt bad not to contribute anything at all so we decided to get breakfast for all those involved. We just drove out to the church and dropped it off. I was glad we atleast got Colby out of the house. He didn't seem to notice that we drove all the way over there and he didn't get out. We promised him when we got home he could swim in his baby pool! So as soon as we got home we changed into his bathing suit and we headed out. He spent about 45 minutes out there. He did not want to come in. We pretty much have to drag him kicking and screaming in the house! After swimming we ate lunch and I let him play up until Austin had to leave for work. Austin left around 12:45 so then Colby went down for his nap. It was nice to relax and take a nap myself...this heat just wears me out! The afternoon wasn't too exciting just playing with Colby. We took an hour long walk. We didn't go very far its just that Colby has to visit with all the neighbors as we go. He's so funny! He loves to stop in at Mrs. Doris' house. Its really neat though b/c she was like a grandma to me growing up so now she is playing with my little boy and being like a great grandma to him! Its really sweet! He discovered she had a red wagon and she pulled him down the street in it! He did not want to come home! My mom always told me sometimes when I was upset I would call for my "doris" instead of I think Colby may be calling for Mrs. Doris too! He loves her house! So then we got home and I got to do the whole bedtime/bathtime routine alone. It wasn't bad...its definitely easier then when Colby was a baby! But I still miss the hubby! Colby has been really good though I think he knows daddy is gone and he needs to be good for mommy! We had a good time...its not as lonely now that Colby is getting older b/c he is like a buddy now to me! Well its been a good day! Austin should get home in about 2 hours. I guess I am gonna try and stay up! Tomorrow is church though so its another early day for us!

Yesterday I had to grocery shop so Colby and I did that. Well when we got home Colby always wants to go we went out and I didn't know that Austin had got the baby pool out for Allie to get in and cool off. So I started filling it up for her...well ofcourse Colby wanted in. At first he was content just playing with the hose and splashing but he eventually wanted all the way in!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

2 Fun Play Days!

So my little guy has had a busy/fun week! Monday was storytime. Yesterday was Gymrompers and today we went to the Children's Museum!

Let me go back to yesterday at Gymrompers, he had a good time. Although he is going through a phase of when my parents are there with us he wants to be a baby and go cling on to them when he gets upset about something. The last 2 weeks they have been with us they end up having to leave. I know they enjoy watching him and its fun to have them along but they really are distracting. Once they leave Colby does great! And its not that my parents are even drawing attention to themselves Colby just wants to go love on them. Its all well and good any other time but in a class that we paid for and he only has 1 more time to go I want him to get the most out of it! I know he loves it. So once they stepped out he did fine. I think he will miss it but since we have done it for almost a year I think its time for something new. The teacher has been great though...she is so sweet and I just feel like he has learned so much!

After Gymrompers we spent the rest of the day at home. It was really hot outside and the ozone was bad so we didn't even play outside. I think we were both really tired. But Austin suprised us and came home really early. It was a nice suprise! I really wasn't expecting it! I wish we could have spent the afternoon doing something fun but I think we all needed the rest so we really didn't go anywhere. We did pick up chicken and mashed potatoes for everyone at Chili's. This is what I was going to cook but since Austin got home early I knew he wouldn't want to spend that time in the kitchen so we opted for takeout. We did get to have a nice family dinner at the table which we haven't done in a loong time! After dinner a really bad thunderstorm came up so we weren't able to walk. Colby also had a pooping problem yesterday...he hadn't gone since Saturday. I knew he had to go and was just holding it in. He is either getting close to potty training so he is embarrassed now or he gets busy playing and forgets then it hurts I dunno. But it was obvious he wasn't comfortable last night he kept climbing around and whining so finally I took him and put him in his room alone and shut the door. Austin thought I was being mean but I knew it would be the only way to solve his problem. Sure enough after like 15 minutes he had pooped! Poor guy you could tell he felt so much better!

So today we didn't have anything specific happening so I thought it would be a good day to do something with Colby. I thought of the Children's Museum because its almost too hot to go anywhere outside these days. I am so glad we did because Colby had a blast! He played so hard! We stayed in the toddler area for like an hour. His favorites were the stairs, the padded climbing thing, the train table, and the touchy flowers. He was soo busy! After some of the crowd left we took him to the little grocery store part! He was so cute filling up his buggy with groceries! He played in there for a good 15 or more minutes! After that he was worn out so we came back home. Then I made him a pb and j sandwhich and put him down for his nap! I think he is taking a good one because I haven't heard him in awhile! We will probably try to play outside later today. Hoping Austin gets off early again!

Monday, May 17, 2010

22 Months!

Wow Colby is only 2 months away from being 2. In fact though he seems more like a 2 year old every day and like he left 1 a few weeks ago. He is getting so grown up and talking so much. He has learned alot of new words lately and can parrot a lot of things too. He isn't really talking in simple sentences yet but I know that will come.
He is starting to be really good at following commands though. He understands SO much. He is also beginning to "pretend" play. Its so fun to watch him learn things. One of the cutest things he did lately was "pretend" to talk on the phone while driving his car in the backyard. He loves being on the go. I try to take him places every chance I get. He only has a couple weeks left of Gymrompers but then swim lessons will start. I can't wait to see what he thinks of that. He has been swimming about 5 times so far this summer and loves it! He gets a little more brave each time! The last time we went he was wanting to just walk straight into the water. This year he wears floaties and really does good with them. He is starting to learn that they will hold him up so he lets go of us and "swims" occassionally.
He still hasn't been to the doc and unless he gets sick he won't go until July for his 2 year checkup. I still have no idea what he weighs but I would guess atleast 30 lbs. He wears a size 5 diaper still and size 2T clothes. I am hoping he will be in size 2T until next spring. That would be great. I mean I will still have to buy winter clothes but a lot of his shirts atleast he can wear through the winter too. I am hoping we can work on potty training...right now he isn't totally interested and I don't want to force it and discourage him. I know boys are usually closer to 2 1/2 anyway before they are ready so we'll see.
All in all he is just a healthy, active little boy and I love him!!


Today we didn't have anything happening and I saw a few of my friends post that they were going to Storytime at the library. I decided I would take Colby. We had gone when he was a lot younger but not lately. I kinda forget about it plus we get so busy we can't always make it weekly.
I was so glad we went. They had like redone the children's part of the library. Its really has a castle the kids can climb and play in and all kinds of new tables and chairs. Colby had a blast. He even made a couple friends. There was this little girl who was 3 sitting at a table and they sat down together and she just talked to him and he just sat and listened. It was precious!
He really liked the song portion of storytime he even did the motions and danced. He wouldn't sit down on the carpet yet but I hope if we keep going he will get to that point. He got antsy and wanted to run around. They also close the castle during the storytime which is good b/c I wondered how they would ever get all those kids out of there. I hope next time to get some pictures. They even do an art project at the end. Colby at first really wanted to do it before it was time but by the time they finished the story he was ready to go. I brought the project home though so me and him can do it later. Its a kitty puppet. Anyway I am glad we went and that gives us something to do this summer!


So yesterday we had some torrential rains in the Nola area. It had also rained bad Saturday. I woke up Sunday though and it was dry and not raining so I figured it would be alright to go to church. Plus my parents had Colby so I had to go and pick him up anyway.
So I headed out not thinking anything of it. By the time I got to the Superdome I could barely see in front of me. I haven't driven a lot in bad weather like that so it was kinda scary. Everyone was going really slow and had on their emergency flashers. Some areas of the streets were already starting to flood I was so scared I would get stuck somewhere and I was by myself. I had to drive through some pretty deep stuff to get to church. Luckily I arrived safely. We knew with the rain that there wouldn't be many people at church.
So in Sunday School it was just Colby and Cade. Cade wasn't too happy most of the time so he ended up going back and forth taking walks with people. I think he wasn't feeling well and tired. Colby did really well though. He is such a big boy now. It amazes me how grown up he seems. Him and Cade are 10 months apart but there is such a difference...they grow up so much in that 2nd year. I also had to do extended care for Colby's age 1-2s. Again Colby was the only kid. It was a little dissapointing especially after driving through the torrential rains I was just there to basically keep my own kid. I know there probably would have normally been someone else there but with the weather most people stayed at home.
After church we decided to skip eating out since it was still raining. But it had stopped for awhile so we figured all the water had gone down. We were so wrong...we got down Airline and almost got stuck the water was so deep. I hopped the curb in my little honda...that was my only option that or get stranded. We went out a different way and made it home without any issues thank God! The rest of the day was mainly just relaxing. We played outside for a little bit yesterday afternoon but it was pretty wet still. Austin had a Deacon's Meeting too so by the time he got in it was time to bathe and put Colby to bed!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hattiesburg Wedding

Today was Austin's friend Jamie's wedding. It was in Hattiesburg. We planned a day trip because Austin had to work yesterday and has to work tomorrow too! It wasn't bad though. But since it was such a whirlwind trip and a wedding involved we left Colby home with my parents.
We dropped him off this morning. I know my parents were looking forward to this! Austin and I got to Hattiesburg at lunchtime so we decided to go to lunch. It was nice to have the trip up there and lunch just to sit and chat. I missed Colby but it was nice to not have to worry about pleasing a squirmy toddler. We then went to Target. We bought several things for Colby probably b/c we miss him.
After that we were soo tired we went to my parent's apartment for a quick nap then to get refreshed and dressed for the wedding.
The wedding was really small. It was at a golf course place in Hattiesburg. It was very quaint but small and pretty. It only lasted about 15 minutes. We then drove downtown to the Bottling Company which is where the reception was at. It was a really interesting place. It is the place where coke used to be bottled a loong time ago. I enjoyed the reception. We got to talk to several of Austin's old friends. Once Jamie and Melissa got there though and we could speak to them we headed out since we had a 2 hour drive back home.
It was strange getting in to a quiet house but nice at the same time! I miss Colby but a night just the 2 of us is nice once in awhile. Plus I know its good for him to spend time with his grandparents too. My parents say he has been really good! I will just pick him up tomorrow at church! So that was our a day! A busy but good one!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Swim Time

Well today we did our normal grocery shopping but we finished up rather early so I called my parents to see if we could just come swim. I had planned on taking Colby over there this afternoon but since we still had half the morning I figured it would be easier just to go ahead and go. I knew it would be hard to get motivated to get out later plus I am making pasta primavera tonight for dinner so I wanted plenty of time to prepare that. I think my parents were really excited about us coming too.
Colby was a little unsure of at first...that and the water is still a little cool. Its 82 degrees right now. It didn't take him long to warm up though. He did better then he even did in Destin. He let go several times and swam on his own (with floaties). He even ran and jumped in a couple times toward the end. I have a feeling he is gonna be a fish by the end of summer.
He starts swim lessons in a couple weeks and I am anxious to see what all he learns there. He loves the water and it was hard to get him away from my parent's pool. He is gonna have so much fun over there this summer. We only swam for about an hour but it was plenty enough time to work up an appetite and hopefully tire him out so he takes a long nap this afternoon! The rest of the day we just plan on chilling out at home now...praying Austin gets off by 6 too so we can all hang out tonight!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Park Friends

Today was one of those days we didn't have anywhere specific to be or anything really to do. I decided that I would take Colby to the park. When we first got there there weren't any other kids/moms. I thought it was just gonna be us which was fine Colby was having a blast anyway. Then a young mother came with her little 18 month girl. Colby was fascinated by this girl. He followed her everywhere. If one had to see saw or swing so did the other. It was really cute! Soon came another mom and her 2 kids. Her little girl was 3 and the boy was 17 months. The mom acted as if she knew me and I thought she looked familiar too. We started talking and discovered that our boys had been in the same Gymrompers class. Small world! She also asked if Colby went to Aurora Methodist...I said not yet but he will in the fall. Well same with her little boy! He and Colby will actually be in the same class which I thought was crazy. Anyway I got her name but we didn't exchange numbers hopefully I will see her again in Gymrompers and then next year when the boys are in Mother's Day Out. It was a fun time getting to talk to other moms and watching Colby play with other kids. We even had an invite to a mom's group today and out to eat at Picadilly then to another playground but we had to pass that up. I hated to but the mom's group started at 10 in Belle Chasse and I didn't want to rush off anywhere today and I would have gone out to eat with them but we already were home when she called to tell me where they were going. Colby will miss the park too with that group because he is now napping and I think they were going early afternoon. I am hoping Friday to get another playdate together too! Looks like our summer is gonna be quite busy with friends but that's a good thing!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sprinkler Fun!

Last night Austin had been working in the yard so we decided after he finished to let Colby have some water play time. He had so much fun at the beach swimming every day we knew he would miss that yesterday. We set up his water table and the sprinkler and let him go to town. Since it was the end of the day we didn't even worry about putting him in his swimsuit so he didn't get soaked...he's not a fan of getting his clothes real wet. But he had fun and cooled off nonetheless. Believe me this will probably become a daily activity for us!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Colby's Trips to Destin

Colby's 1st trip to the beach at 3 months old

Colby's 2nd trip to the beach at 9 1/2 months old

Colby's 3rd trip at 1 1/2 years old!
Man has he progressed and changed! It will be fun to look back each time we go! Its amazing how each time is more fun then the last too!

Beach Trip 2010

Begging to go out on the balcony!

He was such a big boy in the pool!

Ready for the pool

Headed out the door

Colby on his 3rd beach trip!

We just got home from Destin, FL. This was actually Colby's 3rd trip there but by far the most fun! I can only imagine though how much more fun its gonna get as he gets older. Its amazing how he has changed from those other 2 trips. The first trip we took when he was only 3 months old. He basically stayed in the condo the whole time with my mom. The 2nd trip he made it down to the beach and pool a couple times but he was still only 9 months old. He did learn to crawl there though! This year he is 1 1/2 and had a blast! Let me start at the beginning!

We left Friday morning. Colby did really well in the car the whole way up. We only had to stop twice. We stopped at Ruby Tuesday's for lunch. Colby was such a big boy and sat in a booster seat at the table with Austin and I. He did really well for the first time. We haven't completely taken him out of the highchair it just worked out well since it was just Austin and I and we had a whole booth. He loved it too I think. I had a chicken quesadilla and Colby helped me eat some of that. He only slept for about an hour of the trip up. I couldn't believe he stayed awake the whole time! I think he was so excited about going somewhere! He loved seeing jeeps, flags, and the water from the car. He would go "ooooh" everytime he saw something he liked!

Once we got to the condo we got settled then decided to go ahead and take Colby down the beach. He was not fond of the sand/beach experience at all. This is how it was last year too. I hoped it would be different since he was older and could splash in the waves. I don't think he was scared of it as much as he just didn't like the way the sand felt on his feet. I am hoping he outgrows this! Needless to say we didn't stay on the beach long. We took him to the pool instead. I bought floaties for him for this trip...he had never used them before but since he is now too big for an infant float and I didn't want to hold him the whole time in the pool we invested in floaties. I really wasn't sure how he would do with them. Suprisingly he loved them and had no problem at all putting them on. He was a little skittish in the pool at first he wanted to be held up close to us but he still did well for the first time. He loved playing on the stairs though. After the swimming experience we thought it best to take him to the room and let him relax. Since he only had slept for an hour that day and all the stimulation and excitement he needed some down time. I am not sure if he really slept or not. We left him in his bed for about an hour. We didn't hear him but when I went in there he was standing up wide awake. We soon ate dinner then pretty much bathed him and put him to bed. Austin and I stayed up watching the movie "W" about George W. Bush.

Saturday we woke up and headed to my parent's condo for breakfast. After breakfast Austin and I got Colby ready and brought him down to the beach and pool. Once again he cared nothing about the beach but loved the pool. This time he was braver in the pool. He even let go of us a couple times and floated/swam to the steps or one of us. I can tell by the end of the summer he will be a little fish. He had the best time playing in the pool. After swimming we went upstairs and just chilled out in the condo. It was nice to not have anywhere to go. At lunchtime we went to my parent's condo again and ate. Colby was starving and ate so well the whole trip I guess from all the swimming we did! After lunch we went back to our condo so he could nap. He took a good nap well we all did. Once again it was nice just to relax. That afternoon though we got dressed and ready so we could go out to eat. This was only "eat out" night as a family so we went to Popano Joe's. As always I enjoyed the food and scenery here. I got a bowl of gumbo! It was soo good! Colby also did really well. After we ate we went to the Destin Commons which is an outdoor mall area and walked dinner down. After we got back to the condo and put Colby to bed Austin and I stayed up and watched "Blind Side". I really enjoyed our time together at night watching movies. That movie was sooo good though I can't wait to see it again!

Sunday we slept in a little more then Saturday. We then went and ate breakfast with my mom and dad. A cold front came through overnight so it was wayy too cold to swim at the beach or pool that morning. We knew we couldn't just hang out at the condo either with Colby. He had fun in the condo but he would get bored after awhile. So we took him out to SanDestin to this cool playground we had heard about. I think he enjoyed it. The play equipment was hot though so he didn't want to do much other then swing and walk around. It was still nice. We will definitely go back there now that we know where it is. We headed back to the condo b/c my aunt and uncle were coming for lunch. They were really anxious to see Colby. So we hung out with them in my parent's condo for lunchtime. Colby was hungry then cranky and tired. I finally had to take him back to our condo for his nap. He was definitely ready b/c I didn't hear a peep out of him! So we visited with my aunt and uncle a little while longer while my dad stayed in the condo with Colby then Austin and I went and took naps too! I swear I took the best naps while we were there. It was so refreshing to get to relax like that! After our naps we got dressed in our swimsuits and headed down to the pool. It was a little chilly but not bad. Colby had a blast. This time he really wanted to be out in the middle of the pool and even let go a few times and went on his back and tummy. He will probably be a fish by the time he gets in swim lessons.

After we swam for about an hour we brought him back up and got changed because Austin and I were going to hang out while my parent's babysat. We ended up going to O'Charley's. I got chicken it was really yummy. We then went and played puttputt. It was nice to have a date night. We always play putt putt when we are in FL so it was fun to keep that tradition and just have time to ourselves. We got back right in time though to get Colby to bed. It was good that we got to see him before he went to sleep. Then Austin and I stayed up and watched movies.

Today we got up and got packed and headed home. We only stopped twice. We stopped to eat at Panera Bread. I got some of their yummy soup! We stopped one other time to change Colby so he wouldn't spring a leak. I swear that little boy drinks so much he can fill up diapers quickly!

All in all it was a wonderful trip! I really feel like it was the most fun we have had since going there with Colby. I loved watching him swim and spending mother's day relaxing with my family! I had a great time and am so thankful we got to get away like that! The weather was gorgeous and it wasn't crowded at all!