Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween and Dinos

Happy Halloween! I had so much fun this year seeing Colby all dressed up and going trick or treating. It was really his 2nd Halloween but last year he really had no idea what was going on. Plus last year we didn't really get a costume for him either. He wore a pumpkin shirt and hate that was about it. We also went to Trunk or Treat last year. This year we decided we wanted to take him Trick or Treating around our neighborhood. As soon as we ate dinner we got Colby dressed up and let him play outside in his costume. He loved it and looked so cute! I wish he could wear his costume more b/c it was just so darn cute! I guess there would be a perk to having another boy he could wear this same costume. If not we will have to pass it along to a good friend. Anyway we got him loaded up in the wagon and took off to Mrs. Doris' house. She is basically like a grandmother to me so she is like Colby's great-grandma. She was dressed up like a witch. Colby wasn't too sure at first until she took off the hat. He really didn't get the concept of reaching in and getting the candy he just wanted to walk around. He did enjoy the wagon ride though. Next we took him to Mrs. Eva's which is basically like another grandma although she is really my sister in laws mom. Again he really didn't get the whole candy part. Then we went by my hair dressers house. Again no interest in getting candy but he did enjoy chewing on the package. So after that we went to a little couple's house who has a baby who is like 5 months old. The little girl wasn't out but they loved seeing Colby. So after we wrapped that up we thought we would drive him a couple places. We first went to the firehouse which he loved because they had 2 dogs out there. He also finally reached in to get candy. Then we drove over to Randall and Elizabeth's house. They haven't seen Colby in awhile (since he's been walking) plus I thought they would get a hoot out of seeing him dressed up. And they did. I think it really made their night and ours too. Colby had fun "touching" all the breakables in their house and chasing the cats. I was glad we went by. He was a mess too I hope he gets to spend more time with them so he really is close to them growing up. After that we knew he had had enough so we came home and did baths and bedtime. He was worn out I'm sure b/c he woke up from his nap around 2:30 so he had been up awhile. He didn't eat any candy tonight and I'm not sure he will. Most of the candy is not really toddler proof. I would have liked to let him have a sucker but for some odd reason we didn't get any this year. We got some chocolate so I may let him have a piece of that tomorrow if he will even eat it. But I really didn't want to make the mess tonight especially since he doesn't even know really. Maybe next year he will probably understand and get the whole process more which will be cool but we still had fun. He was in a good mood the whole time and really stayed a trooper considering he is getting over a double ear infection! Well that's all for now!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

double ear infection and trip to urgent care

Well my little boy finally has his first ear infection! I think its pretty good he has made it through almost a year and half before getting one. I am kinda sad that he had to get one at all but I know it was bound to happen one day the more he is exposed to other people and kids. Well we really had no idea until tonight when it must have been getting bad. He has had a runny nose for a couple of days and I kinda had in my mind that I hoped it didn't turn into a ear infection or worse the flu. We went to MS earlier in the week and I am not sure if he caught it from someone up there I know his other grandparents were complaining of not feeling well so he could have gotton it from them or he could have had it as early as Sunday who knows? You never really know with little ones. But other then the runny nose he has shown no symptoms until tonight. Well I layed him down at 4:45 for a rest and usually this is just playtime well he was quiet and napped but I didn't think too much of it but he woke up crying. Which sometimes he does this but he quickly gets happy again. Well I went and got him and something just didn't seem right. He was still kinda crying and acting unhappy. I even layed on the couch with him but he just couldn't get still. Well I put him down to play and he just kept crying. This is SO unlike him. He normally never cries. He never really has been much of a crier. He will fall cry for like a second and quit so I knew something was wrong. I even told Austin on his way home. He suggested he might be hungry so I was like well maybe. So I fed him sweet potatoes and apple sauce ( I tried to find things that might not upset him in case it was his tummy). He ate but he was still fussy. So I went and cleaned him up and changed his diaper and gave him some tylenol well he was still screaming. So by this point Austin was home. I called the doctor and they said to wait 2 hours and if he was still crying take him to the ER. I was like no way am I gonna let him cry for 2 hours when I already know SOMETHING is wrong b/c Colby never acts like this. So I told Austin lets go to a after hours clinic. He knew of a good one downtown so we left for there. We got there just in time b/c they closed at 7 and I think we got there at 6:45. We were the only people in there. They took us right away. And right away she looked in his ears and said YEP they are red. So poor baby really was in pain. Oh and I forgot once we got in the car he calmed down but after getting in the clinic which he already hates doctors he screamed the whole time. She took his temp too and it was 99.5 which wasn't too bad. She also said his throat was red. She asked if we wanted her to do a strep test and I was like sure it can't hurt. It came back negative. So she gave us some antibiotics and sent us on our way. I am so thankful that I stayed calm and went ahead and made the decision to take him in. Austin really was glad too. I mean if we had waited we might still be in the ER with a screaming baby. So all in all I guess things worked out well. I just hope he is ready for Halloween Saturday. We have been so excited even though its his 2nd Halloween its really the 1st he will totally enjoy! I think he will be good after the antibiotics kick in. He was already back to his self once we got home. I think the Motrin the doc gave him kicked in. He was playing and acting silly! So thankful though it was nothing more serious! Just pray for him that he gets over it quickly and doesn't make anyone else sick!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

pumpkin carving and Charlie Brown!

Last night we decided to go ahead and carve our pumpkins. It was the best day to do it this week since Austin was off. He usually doesn't get in from work most nights until 6 or later so carving them later this week would have been tough and I didn't want to wait until Halloween to do it! This way we get to enjoy them all week! This was Colby's first pumpkin carving. We didn't even carve them last year. I wanted to but we ran out of time. And really he was only 3 months old so he didn't know the difference. We got all our supplies together and headed out to the front yard. Colby mainly enjoyed the time outside. He is such an outdoor boy! We tried to get to him touch the inside of the pumpkin...he did once and that was it. I guess he thought it was yucky! He really doesn't like to be messy I don't think. Maybe next year he will be more interested in that part. I have been thinking of getting him some sand to play in...I feel like he doesn't really get too many chances to get messy so I figured that might be fun? We'll see! So we got the pumpkins carved...they look so cute! Then before bedtime The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown was on tv so we let Colby stay up for a little while. He didn't really watch it...he isn't too much into TV yet. But we loved comparing him to Linus. Well I am so excited about the upcoming holidays and can't wait for Halloween Saturday! Here are a few pics from the pumpkin carving!

Out in the Country

Monday morning we took off and drove to Hattiesburg. We were supossed to go over the weekend for USM's homecoming but Austin just couldn't get off work. Austin's family hadn't seen Colby since early September so we figured we should bring him up! We left early Monday because we wanted to have plenty of visiting time with his parents before lunchtime/naptime. We got to Hattiesburg around 10 am. I think his parents were very suprised at how much Colby had grown. The last time they saw him he was barely toddling around. Now he's full out walking and doing a lot of talking too. He has graduated from baby to little boy. He seemed to enjoy the visit. He loved walking around a new place. He explored every room of their house and the front and back yards. It was a little nervewracking at times though because when you are at someone else's house its not guaranteed to be baby proofed. Our house for the most part is but here where they aren't used to having a 1 year old around (his cousins are now 3 and 5). So I constantly followed behind him making sure he didn't eat anything he wasn't supossed to. This gets pretty tiring! So we ate lunch and then headed to the apartment for naps. Colby is in this phase of where he poops like 40 minutes into his nap so this happened Monday but we went in changed him and he didn't fight being layed back down so I know he was exausted from the traveling and playing with the grandparents and cousin.

Once he woke up we drove out to the country to where Wendi and Harvey live. Wendi was working but Austin's parents have to go pick Shelbi up from preschool so they usually fix dinner for the girls and Harvey. So we just went over there too. This is the first time we really went there where Colby could play outside with the girls. The only other time he had been there was for Maggie's b-day and then he wasn't walking so he stayed inside. I think he really enjoyed walking around out there. They have chickens, cats, ducks, and dogs so he had a blast chasing and looking at all of those! They also have a toddler slide and swing that he really enjoyed. I was glad he got to explore and do some little "boy" things. I think he will enjoy going out there more the older he gets. I had to kinda sit back though and let him get dirty. I am kinda OCD about that he doesn't get very dirty here so I just had to let it happen. He started getting a little cranky though b/c he wanted to explore and there house is on a hill with a lake behind it. He wanted to go walk down the hill towards the pond type thing. I was scared he would get going and fall down. He obviously isn't used to hilly country so I tried to grab his hand and get him to walk with me. But he DID NOT like that! He is in a new independent phase of life where everything is "I do it". We finally went into eat and he ate a TON. He loved Austin's mom's cheesy chicken over rice and green beans. He ate 2 bowls of it! I am so glad he's a good eater and doesn't have to eat "kid food" all the time. I want him to be well rounded and eat the things we eat. He also ate applesauce and then some vanilla icecream. He loved the icecream and couldn't get enough. He has had it a few other times at birthday parties but we don't keep it around the house so its not something he has had a lot of. But now I think I am gonna have to buy my little guy some vanilla icecream for a treat. I wouldn't let him have it every day maybe just 1 or 2 days out of the week. I think he really had a good time with his cousins and I enjoyed watching them all play. Shelbi and Maggie also seemed to take to Austin and I more then they have in awhile too which was neat. I really wish they would come stay with us...especially Shelbi. I think she would have a blast with Colby and we could take her to do fun things with us. Maybe sometime soon!

Yesterday we got up and met his family at Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Colby was really good and so was Maggie. He loves walking around the little store. And ofcourse he always ends up with something. This time it was a little stick pony. He loves it! Granted he doesn't really know how to gallop on it yet but he will one day! I can just picture him in a little cowboy hat and boots playing around the house on it! Well after Cracker Barell Austin and I headed to the campus bookmart to stock up on USM wear. I ended up with 1 long sleeved t-shirt and Colby got another jersey and some sweat pants. He always looks so cute in his little football player gear. Afterwards we went to his parents to tell them bye before we headed home. It was a quick trip but a good one. Again a little tiring with Colby and I thought he was actually fussier then when we went to TX but I think when there is that many people trying to love on him he gets a little overwhelmed but for the most part he handled it well! The pictures are just a taste of the 2 days and all the fun!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Praying for Patience

Ok wow this week has been crazy! I am not sure if I am just really tired or Colby has been very active or what! It all began with going to the doc Monday. He got 2 shots. Well the shots always seem to mess him up for about a week. Its not so much that he is really cranky or even doesn't sleep or cries a lot. He just changes! All this week he has been driving me crazy! Ever since Sunday I don't think he has napped for very long. He has had a busy week too so you would think he would appreciate his naps. Sunday he was with my parents, Monday the doctor and errands with mommy and daddy, Tuesday he had Gymrompers, Wednesday we went to the library and grocery store, and Thursday we had MOPS. Whew I know I am exausted. I have really been losing my patience with him all week and I feel so guilty afterwards. I know he really isn't a bad kid. I mean he sleeps through the night and doesn't whine and cry all the time. On occasion he does but he is usually pretty easy to distract. But gosh this week I have just not been able to deal with it I guess the fact of him not napping bugs me too. He goes down really easy and then like an hour later he starts playing. I know I should be grateful that he naps at all but he typically naps 3 hours a day. I know I shouldn't complain and I knew one day those 3 hour naps would end but I just didn't see it as being this soon. Especially b/c he has been down to just the 1 nap for quite awhile. Although I should have known better b/c I was not a napper. I am now but wasn't as a child I always had boundless energy and that is what he seems to have.
Well today after being annoyed all week I told myself I would be better and I was happy just to stay home and not have to rush out the door so I figured it would be less stressful b/c we had no deadline or schedule to meet. Well the morning began with cleaning up puke. I stupidly made Colby scrambled eggs...well I made them for me but I wanted him to eat some. I want him to expand his morning breakfasts from just the cereal and fruit he eats. I mean I am glad he eats so healthy but I would like him to change it up some. So I gave him a few bites. Well he really didn't want any but I kinda tricked him with atleast 2 or more bites and he ate it. But it wasn't much at all. Well I left him alone and went to the sink to start cleaning up the mess and I turn around to see him throwing up all over! I ran over and grabbed him and had to hurry and wipe him down then I ended up just putting him in the tub. Well about the egg thing...I am not sure if he is allergic...he has done this with scrambled eggs on about 5 occassions now. The other times though he was much younger so I didn't think much of it plus a few weeks ago I had given him eggs (I can't remember how they were prepared) but he ate them and had no problem. So I am very confused. I would think if he were allergic he would break out in some type of rash or the throwing up would be later on once he digested it. But it literally goes in his mouth and 2 minutes later he throws up...wierd I dunno. Guess I will leave scrambled eggs alone for awhile. Well I still stayed patient though after all this b/c I knew it wasn't his fault. So on our morning went. Well by naptime I knew he was tired and cranky and after not napping well all week I thought to myself this is it! He will hopefully sleep for 3 hours and I can rest and get stuff done. NOPE at 1 or so he was already up. Well I left him in there for awhile. Because I just NEED that time! Its the only time during the day I really have to myself. So that just put me in a bad mood and the rest of the day I know my patience was very thin with him. I feel bad b/c I know he is too young to really know any different. I love him more then anything! Anyway I am just praying that tomorrow will be a GREAT day for us! We don't really have any plans as of now but I will probably let him play outside some. Well thats all for now...but if you do read this pray for me and that God will just teach me patience...I know every mom has this kinda day but I want to be the best role model I can be for him so God just grant me patience please!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


We had MOPS today and I think it was just what we both needed. Time away. Colby has been getting on my nerves all week..he has been a little more ill mannered then usual and just getting into more trouble. I am not sure if its due to teething, his shots from Monday, or just a normal toddler attitude. Probably a combo of all 3! Well yesterday I had about had enough! I finally lost it with him after dinner. I really feel like I don't get a lot of time to myself...I know no moms do but I guess sometimes it gets to me more then others. I also recognize that a lot of this is my fault b/c we do have people who would keep Colby while I got out. But I guess I want to do it myself and I also feel guilty and miss him when I leave him. Well today we had MOPS and I was even tempted not to go just because we have had to go somewhere every day this week since Sunday and I am tired. But I knew that if I didn't go I would regret it. Plus we missed the last meeting and I know if I missed 2 in a row it would be hard for both of us to go back at all. So we went ahead and went. It was really great...they had pampering type stuff for the moms today. I really didn't participate much in that but it was nice just to visit and kinda sit back for a couple hours without dealing with Colby. Although in the back of my mind I was feeling bad and praying that he was not crying the whole time like he did a few weeks ago. Well a little after 11 I decided I would go ahead and get lasts until 11:30 but I knew he would be getting tired so I went and picked him up. The lady said he did great...she said he got a little fussy at times but I am sure all the kids did! So I was so thankful for that! I hope now each time he will do better and better! I keep telling myself and him that we gotta get used to this b/c next year I really want to put him in a Mother's Day Out program 2 days a week. I think it would be good for him and I. I need the time and I think it would mature him and get him ready for preschool. Right now he is a little timid around other kids especially older ones and since his b-day is in July he will always be at the younger end of his class (unless we held him back which I really do not want to do) so I think start MDO next year would be good for him. So this is just a little taste of "school" for him! Well we got home and played for a bit then ate lunch and now Colby is napping and I am planning on resting too some! Although there is lots to be done around the house also!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mommy's lil wild man

Well today I decided to take Colby to the library for storytime. We started going during August but had to stop because it coincied with GymRompers. Well our Gym day has changed so we decided to go back. I mean its free so why not? Well its never been all that entertaining. The lady who leads it is not very peppy. I think they really need a person up there who loves kids especially younger kids. She just doesn't seem to even want to interact with the babies. Its infant/toddler storytime. So right there you should know that these lil guys are not going to have long attention spans. I hate to complain but I do think it could be better. But we will probably still go b/c it gets us out the house and gives me a little chance to talk to other moms and Colby time to be around other kids. Well we got there and Colby loved walking around the library and he would even say "books" as he passed the shelves. Well once it was 10 I brought him over to circle time and at first he did ok but then he decided it would be much more fun to get up and walk. So he pranced around everywhere. I didn't know whether to be embarrassed or just laugh it off. I mean he's 15 months he really doesn't know better...although at Gymrompers he always sits in circle time but I think its b/c that is more interesting. Well I basically followed him around b/c it wasn't worth the fight of trying to make him sit still he would have just pitched a fit which in turn would have been even more embarrasing. There were a few other restless kids too but I think Colby definitely tried to steal the spotlight. When she turned the CD player on he ran up there and started trying to press buttons. I just don't want anyone to think my child is out of control b/c I always talk about those people. And he is really a good kid its just toddler years and he's soo curious. I think I am going to have a little Dennis the Menace on my hands. I see him as the type of boy who isn't bad as far as being defiant I just think his curiosity and love of life will get him in trouble! Well after the circle time they have coloring sheets for them to color. Well all he wanted to do was eat the crayons. I have tried working with him lately to get him to color but he just puts them in his mouth. Not sure when he will learn to not do that! I do want to try finger painting with him soon b/c I do think he would enjoy that. I think though we might start off with baby food first to "paint" with. Who knows. But back to our day we left the library and went to the grocery store. I didn't get a whole lot mainly just stuff for breakfast and food for Colby. He loves cereal so I always have to keep like 2 boxes on hand. I am glad b/c its so easy for breakfast and healthy too! He loves his cheerios! Well that was our morning now he is in bed and mommy has lots to do and hopefully time for a nap too!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Well Colby and I joined a new Gymrompers class. We started going to the Tuesday class instead of the Wednesday. They cancelled the other class b/c there was only like 2 kids each time. Now this class today was crazy but it was fun. There were like 12 -15 toddlers! Talk about a madhouse! But they were all good. I thought Colby would be a little intimidated with all the kids but he jumped in there and had a great time. He got shy a couple times and wasn't sure about jumping up in the middle of the circle with so many kids there but I'm sure he'll get used to it. I was just glad at how well he did. I was a little worried this morning b/c he was very cranky and ill mannered when we got up. I am thinking it might be the shots. I can also tell his appetite is a little down. Darn vaccines. I just hope it doesn't get any worse then this. We dealt with so much after the 12 month shots. Anyway he acted like he felt fine at Gymrompers. He played hard. He was so cute when it was time to go I said "Colby wave byebye to your friends" and he started waving. And also everytime they clapped or said clapped he would start clapping and smiling! I wish I had some pictures but next week they told us to definitely bring the camera b/c they want the kids to wear Halloween costumes. I hope its cold though b/c if not Colby will be so hot in his little dino outfit! Well stay tuned we have storytime tomorrow!

Monday, October 19, 2009

15 Month Stats

Colby went to his 15 month check up today. He weighed about 28 lbs. I think he is more around the 27 range but he was in jeans, t-shirt, and sweatshirt today. So I think without all that he is 27 not 28 b/c the scale kept going back and forth anyway. Not to mention how hard it is to get a toddler to stand still on a scale. He was also 32 inches tall. That means he had grown another inch since 12 months. He is still in the 75% for both. So he is still above average in size. Colby does not like the doctor at all though. I hate that he gets so upset but he does not like them fooling with him at all. I told the doctor he is normally very happy he just doesn't show it there. He got 2 shots. I hope they don't make him too sick. He already seemed a little tired and cranky before his nap. But hopefully by tomorrow that will wear off. One of the shots was tetanus which can leave the leg very sore. The doctor seemed to think he was very healthy he asked questions and it sounded like Colby is right on track for his age which I think we pretty much knew. He had him walk across the room to us I guess to see if is walking seemed right. Again nothing to report so I guess he is doing well. I am so thankful for that! I mean there are so many things that could be wrong with him but he's a healthy typical toddler. Praise God! After the doctor we went to Parrot Pete's to get beignets and let Colby walk around. He loved it! Although he just wanted to explore on his own and did not like us trying to keep him near our table! He is definitely reaching that independent somewhat defiant age! Fun times ahead! We went to Target afterwards and spent way too much but hopefully got all the household things we need for another week! Its amazing with 2 adults, 1 toddler, a dog, and a cat what all you need! But we had fun! Now everyone is resting! Again another great day!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Well today was our usual Sunday routine. Sunday School, church, then lunch, go home watch Saints game. First let me start out with Sunday School! Colby was in a great mood today! He did wonderfully in Sunday School. I don't think he cried a bit! It was him and Broc there today. They really don't interact much. I wish they would play more. It just seemed like Colby and Blake played more together I guess maybe it was because they were together in church for the whole first year of their life. Oh well maybe they will warm up to each other eventually. They definitely enjoyed snack time! I could not get over how much both boys ate. They had a smorgusboard of goldfish, puffs, and animal crackers. Colby loves the snack time. He always goes to the table and starts pulling out chairs when he is ready and saying "lunch". I am not sure if maybe this is b/c this is about the only time during the week he gets snack?
Well after Sunday School I dropped Colby off in the 1-2 year old room for extended care. He cried a little at first but by the time I passed by the room and asked how he was doing they said he was walking around playing...whew...that always makes me feel so much better. He really has never been one to just cry uncontrollably for me (except for that one MOPS meeting). Maybe he does well at Metairie b/c he has been going there every week pretty much since he was 1 1/2 months old. He knows the surroundings and people. They always give me a report when I pick him up. They said he was very busy and squealed a lot. They also said he took to Mr. Brent which I think is funny. I guess besides his dad and grandpas I have never seen him interact with another man...wish I could have seen it! Oh well sounds like he had a fun day!
Then the grandparents got to take him home today. They keep him atleast once a month on Sundays. It really could be more but it just seems like we always have other stuff going on that it only works out once a month. This allows austin and I to go out to eat for lunch. Its rare that we get to sit peacefully in a restaurant and eat. We chose to go to Alligator Pear. It was really good and it was nice to just sit there and visit. Although it always feels wierd to not be carrying a toddler around! We then came home and got in our comfie clothes and settled in to watch the Saints! What a game! I am so proud of the Saints! This might really be their year! We took naps and now I am just catching up on a few things before I go pick Colby up. Again it was a great day! Wish I had pictures I keep forgetting to bring my camera to church!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

15 Months!

I can't believe my baby is 15 months now! It seems like he was just a tiny baby now he's a walking, talking toddler. He is still doing lots of new things. I think he learns new words all the time some of his latest are (truck, up, I do it, and many others). He seems to really enjoy learning and every new experience he enjoys and soaks up! I am so glad he is entertained with small things. So far he is not into tv and I am grateful for that. I mean some days I wish he would sit down for 15 minutes and watch a show while I get stuff done but I am glad he isn't a couch potato kid who would rather sit in front of the tv then explore. So far we don't even have a DVD player for our car! Almost everyone has those these days. And I hear of so many kids that can't ride in the car without them much less travel without them. We debated when we drove to TX a couple weeks ago if we should purchase one. We decided not to and Colby did fine! He was entertained by looking out the window, and playing, and having us talk and sing to him. I hope he stays this way! I think he will be better off for it! Anyway he is walking really well basically almost running. We go to the doctor Monday so we will know his stats. He was 25 lbs at a year so I would guess he is maybe up to 27? The last time he had only grown an inch since his 9 month so I would guess he has atleast grown an inch or 2? We'll see though! The pictures at top are from 3 months and now.

Fall weather and Austin's interview

Well the weather the last couple of days has been awesome! I am so happy that FALL is finally here. This is the first cool spell we have had since late August. Its such a relief. I feel like it puts me in a better mood and makes me feel like doing more! I was also excited to put Colby in his new fall clothes. He looks like such a big boy in them. I mean last year he had some cute fall things but they weren't as fun b/c he was still a baby. Anyway yesterday Colby and I got out and went to Target. I would have liked to have done more to enjoy the weather but since Austin wasn't home. We got a bunch of things and even a few baby items for a friend. Colby loves Target and so do I so we always have a good time. Last night we were able to get out as a family and enjoy the weather and take both Colby and Allie for a walk. They are both always so sad when we don't get to go. Colby got to try out a new windbreaker that I bought him...needless to say it looked adorable! Well today the weather is still nice and chilly. So again Colby and I got out and took a walk. Today he got to wear some windpants and a cute little thermal shirt from Old Navy. He looks like a big boy! I think he really likes the cool weather. He loved being out there. I am sure we will get out again this afternoon and tonight. He also really loves all the Halloween decorations. Everytime we see some lights he gets so excited! He just has no idea what he is in for at Christmas time!

Well yesterday Austin had his interview. He thinks it went really well and seems really excited about the prospect of a new job and moving. He should find out sometime next week whether or not he got it. I am actually excited too. I mean I would be fine either way. It would be fine to stay in New Orleans b/c I am happy here but the thought of moving is exciting and we have thought of a lot of pros about Hattiesburg. So who knows we'll see! I know God has a plan for us. Just like he did 3 1/2 years ago when we moved into this house. I will keep everyone updated on where our life journey is taking us! Austin is off the next two days and I am very excited about that! Tomorrow we are planning on going to church then possibly going to lunch with some friends. My parents will take Colby home if that is the case so we can actually eat and visit with our friends. I know my parents will enjoy that time they always do! Monday Colby has his 15 month checkup and I am glad austin gets to go with us. He hasn't been with us I don't think since Colby was 6 months old or something or younger...its been awhile! Afterwards we may try to do something else since the weather should still be nice. I think Colby is only supossed to get one shot so I hope it doesn't make him feel too bad. Those 12 month shots really did a number on him! Well thats all for now! I have included a few recent pictures of Colby and Austin getting our Halloween lights out and then Colby in his new fall jacket! Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

GymRompers and the Future

Well I will start out on the lighter topic! GymROMPERS! We finally got to go back. We only missed 1 week but it seemed like forever since we had been. Today it was only Colby and this little girl Lola. Kinda sad when not many show up...I like it better when there are atleast 4 or more there. But Colby didn't seem to mind. He was very busy the entire time. He is also getting so much braver. I think back to June when he would hardly do anything there unless we made him do it and now he goes off and explores on his own. He is getting a little more antsy during circle time then he used to but I think thats just due to the walking stage. But he still comes back and sits for the majority of it. Which none of the others do. Well the lady told us today though that they were going to cancel this class. But there is a Tuesday class same time same age group with a lot more kids. So now we will be going on Tuesdays. That is fine with me since our weeks are usually pretty open it should work out fine. Now I just have to remember next week =).
Well the other part of my post is about Austin's job situation. While we were in San Antonio he recieved a call from Wesley Medical Center in Hattiesburg. He had applied there way back after Katrina. But now it turns out they are creating a new position and liked the sound of his resume. From what we understand it would basically be what he does now only in a hospital instead of a hotel. He has an interview Friday. I think he really likes the idea of moving there. The cost of living is a lot lower so we would be able to afford a much bigger house and Colby could attend public school. I like the ideas of these things as well but I guess I am just nervous about the idea of moving. I love Hattiesburg and I guess if we had to move it is the best option, but I am a New Orleans girl through and through and I know I would miss my hometown. I know there are not so good things about New Orleans but there is so much good too. I mean I feel like there is TONS of stuff to do and since I am used to the city life I am just worried I will get bored there. Luckily though it is close to several big cities so we could make day trips to New Orleans, the coast, or Jackson, or even Mobile. So I guess all in all it wouldn't be too bad. The other thing I have reservation about is the family situation. I am not sure what my parents would decide to do. They have an apartment there so I know they would defintely spend a lot of time there. They really love Hattiesburg as well. They have even talked of moving there. Which they might do. But then we would have my family and Austin's. And now granted it would be nice with a lot of stuff but at the same time Austin and I are pretty independent and we don't even do stuff with my parents a whole lot. I just don't want it to get awkward to where people get their feelings hurt that we don't always want to hang out with family. We like time with family but we also like time to ourselves. I guess it would be cool though that Colby would grow up with Shelbi and Maggie. They are each 2 years apart so I hope they would be close. Not sure though how close he would be when he's older since he is the only boy but I am sure we could have some fun times while they are all young. I think I would enjoy having the girls over too and being the fun aunt again. When we lived in Hattiesburg after Katrina I kept Shelbi a whole lot. And that was fun! She always adored me. I don't think she knows me as well now b/c we only see them every couple of months and Maggie really doesn't seem to know us but maybe if we moved there we could be close to them! So who knows we are really just praying about it at this point. So we'll see! Austin will have the interview Friday so we will know more then just keep praying!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Pumpkins and Trains OH MY!

Well today Austin was off so we decided since we had to go across the river to pick up my car we would take Colby to do something fun. We needed to get pumpkins anyway so we took him to the St. Martin's Pumpkin Patch. I really hoped to take Colby a "real" pumpkin patch or atleast one in the country but we'll see maybe before October is over we can still do that! Well he had a blast. He didn't care all he did was walk around saying "touch" and touching each pumpkin! It was very cute! The holidays are going to be so fun this year while he is at this age of discovery! I am so excited about each new experience he has because he seems to enjoy it! I am not sure if its just because he is my first child but I have never really seen children this young get into and enjoy things like he does. I mean we were around Shelbi and Maggie a lot at this age and I don't remember them liking to do all he does...but maybe its just b/c I am a parent now and know him so well who knows. But he does he loves life! Well we stayed at the patch for about 30 minutes and just let him roam around and scout the place out. It wasn't crowded so he could pretty much go wherever.

Afterwards we said we would take him to Lakeside to ride the Ghoul Train! You know the little train they set up with each holiday with a different display! I used to love this when I was a kid. Well people kept saying he's too young he will get scared. And honestly I wasn't sure! But I knew we just had to try it and if he cried then we wouldn't make him do it. But he loved Chuck E. Cheese...and he just seems to be fearless when it comes to rides like his mommy. So we brought him straight to the train strapped him in and walked away. I expected some tears since he often will tear up when we leave him in nursery situations but nope not a one he just sat there like a big boy read for the train to go! He had both arms propped out and was just chilled out! He was so cute! He was the youngest on the train! In fact the lady running it had to ask us how old he was. I guess they have to be a year to get on! Well he loved it! I think he was more chilled then some of the older children. It was fun because everyone at the little parent station was laughing and pointed saying look how cute that little boy is in the back! Well as a proud parent I think I almost welled up with tears. It was one of those moments when you are like wow my little baby is growing up! I can't imagine what a wreck I will be when he toddles off to preschool. Well after the train we shopped a little then ate lunch. Again my big boy ate a happy meal and enjoyed it all! This will not be a normal occurance in our home for him to get 2 a week but it just happened this week! Plus I figured it was a special day for him so why not! But he eats mainly the nuggets I only give him like 6 fries. He also still ends his meal with some type of fruit so that is good too! Well we came home and put him to bed and he shouted and squealed with excitement for a little while but now all is quiet so maybe he is dreaming of pumpkins and trains!

Saturday Night Football and Sunday Church

This post is from the weekend. Saturday night USM played on TV so we invited my parents over for jambalya and steamed veggies and to watch the game with us. I think they really like being invited for dinner at their kids's house. I mean they are used to cooking for us but how often do we cook for them? Well it turned out really well. We ate then the guys watched the game while my mom and I cleaned up and played with Colby. He also had a blast. He had the attention of 4 adults!
Sunday we had Sunday School and church as usual. I was excited because we ended up having 3 kids in Sunday School. There was Broc, Colby, and Gracee. They were all very cute! Colby played the most with Gracee. She was very friendly. In fact she was so friendly with me it made Colby get a little possessive like hey thats my mom! But she would come and sit in my lap and all. When she would do this Colby would come up from behind and grab my hair and start rubbing his face on my clothes as if to leave his scent behind! It was quite funny! But all in all he did very well. My mom was in there with that class during church and they ended up having 4 kids. Another little girl Eden joined the fun! I am glad Colby got a chance to play with friends! It was a good day! I didn't get any pictures though =(

Saturday, October 10, 2009

My big longer a baby

Well each day I guess it hits me a little more that Colby is a little boy now and not so much a baby. Its really wierd how it seems as if they go to sleep one night a baby and wake up a big boy. But he officially seems more like a little boy now. He is walking really well...almost up to a run. He says many words (he seems to learn a new word a week on average). Some of his new ones are (truck, blankie, good, fish,) these accompany the ones he has been saying for awhile (milk, walk, dada, work, dog, book, juice, lunch, mama, touch) there are probably many I am forgetting too. He is also eating all table food now. He still eats the graduates meals but I think those are more like table food then baby food now anyway. We try to feed him whatever we eat at night for dinner. He did really well on the trip experimenting with new things. Yesterday he ate his first Happy Meal. I don't want him to be a "fast food" kid but I figure once in awhile as a treat is ok. He hardly ever has that type of food. He normally just eats a couple french fries. But yesterday Austin was bringing home lunch so I said get Colby a meal too and yes he ate almost all of it! Then last night he had lasagna with us for dinner. Tonight we are cooking jambalya but I think it will be too spicy for his taste so I am going to steam some veggies and give him some mac n cheese. My goal is not to cook seperate things for him too often but in a case like this where the food is too spicy I will make an exception.

He is a very busy boy and keeps me on my toes. Since we got in from our trip we haven't done much other then grocery shop and hang out at home. I think we will both be ready for some socialization tomorrow at church. But when we are home he is always on the go. His favorite thing to do now is to scatter his toys throughout the house. I look forward to in another year when he can help pick up. Right now he just doesn't understand but one of these days he will have to pick all the toys up himself. He loves outside too. We have been trying to go walk twice a day. He also enjoys playing with balls outdoors. I just wish we would have some cooler weather then we would probably spend most of our day out and that would be just fine with him!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Glance at our Trip

Here are just a few pictures from our trip! As you can see we had a great time in Texas. And my little boy did so awesome! He has always been a great baby and always done well on trips but this is the best he has ever done. He is a pretty scheduled baby so usually when we are off schedule he is pretty grumpy but he did great and adapted really well to each situation. We tried to keep him on a routine as best as possible especially with eating/napping. It wasn't exactly as things would be at home but he did wonderfully! Now I know he is ready for other big trips! This was our first trip as a family of 3 alone! We had a great time! I missed having grandparents there at times to help with Colby but in a lot of ways it was less stressful b/c it was Austin and I making all the decisions and we could do stuff when we wanted. But we still missed them! Oh and our way home was good too. It was a lot shorter then the way there. We left at like 6:45 and were home by like 4! We only stopped once too! Pretty good for having a 1 year old with us! Well this October is shaping up to be pretty busy so I will have lots more exciting posts hopefully! We have MOPS today but I think Colby and I are going to skip it. I hate to but we are both so tired and there is so much around the house that needs to be done. Plus I hate to put Colby through all that after such a long trip I know he wouldn't have fun. So we will hope the next time he does great but I think him and I just need a day at home!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Days 2 and 3 in San Antonio

Well we are now into day 3 on our trip. Well actually day 5 if you count the others we spent in Austin. Well back to yesterday day 2. Yesterday we woke up early and headed out to the San Antonio Zoo first thing. I was very excited...from everything I had seen and heard it looked like it would be fun. Plus I knew Colby would have a blast! He has been to the New Orleans zoo twice but he was much younger. Well I was right he did have fun. He was excited just to be going on a "walk" in his stroller and also to get to "touch" all sorts of nature type things. The zoo was huge. I think it was just as nice as our zoo at home. It also seemed bigger. I think Colby's favorite animals though were the fish, flamingoes, and the monkeys. The reason I think b/c they were all very easy for him to focus on. Things like bears he really didn't even notice too much...we missed the giraffes and zebras but I think he would have liked those too! The zoo had a toddler area that was just for children like 3 and under which was really cool. There were all sorts of places for them just walk around and explore and get dirty. Colby loved playing in the sand and seeing fish. There was also an inside play area which was also really cool. He met a few little friends in there. It was fun just to see him explore and check things out. He is still a little timid though especially around other children but hopefully one of these days he will grow out of that!
Well after the zoo we decided to just pick up lunch and bring it back to the hotel. This is just easier with Colby. We have a booster seat in the hotel that he can sit in and eat and plus we don't have to worry about him being loud and when he is finished eating he can get up and play. So we went to Jason's Deli. I so wish we had one of those in New Orleans. The only one I had been to before was in Baton Rouge. It was quite yummy though! So we ate and then all took much needed naps. After our naps we got cleaned up and headed down to the Riverwalk for dinner. We found a mexican restaurant called Rio Rio cantina. It was good and we are right by the river which was nice. Colby did well...he ate beans and rice. He is so funny he loves his mexican food. Afterwards we walked around... headed out to see the Alamo thenwe ended up in the riverwalk mall and then out to a park called Hemmisfair Park. There was a really cool playground there but Colby was really too little to enjoy it. He got to swing though and walk and slide but again he really didn't get much out of it b/c he is still a little shaky on his feet and can't quite climb stuff yet. Afterwards we walked back to the hotel! Wow we were all exausted so we came in and took baths and got in the bed.
Now today day 3 of our trip we woke up early again and headed downstairs for breakfast and then to the Children's museum. I think Colby really had fun. I do think our children's museum though at home is bigger and better but it was still fun. Again it was a place where he could walk around and explore a little on his own. His favorite parts were a fish tank, a ball area, and the grocery store. He loved pushing the cart and throwing the groceries on the floor. Something he always wants to do at the "real" store! We finished the museum in less then an hour so we decided to go back to the Alamo. I was glad we did b/c 1) I knew Colby wouldn't be tired yet and 2) there is a chance of rain this afternoon so it was better to knock it out while we were out. Now I am really tired. Now we are back at the hotel and Colby is resting. We are thinking we may just drive to a restaurant tonight. I am not sure if I feel like walking the riverwalk again. I am thinking we can possibly find an outdoor mall area to eat and walk around. This trip has been a lot of fun! Its been nice to take just a family vacation the 3 of us. But it will be good to get home tomorrow. We hope to be home by 4 but we'll see its a long way back! And we have so much to do when we get back! Well I will post pictures from the trip tomorrow!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Austin, TX/Family Reunion & Day 1 in San Antonio

Well we have begun our Texas vacation. We left Friday and headed to Austin, TX. We left around 7:40 but didn't get to Austin, TX until about 7 pm that evening. What a long day! But I have to say our little Colby was SO GOOD! I think this is the best he has ever done on a trip! I mean he has always done well but this time he did exceptionally well. Well let me explain why it took 12 hours to get to our destination. First there was horrible traffic in New Orleans so we had to take a round about route to get to TX. We went highway 90 all the way to Laffayette. I have to say it was an interesting drive though. Well after that all was going well and we stopped somewhere in TX for lunch. Again Colby did really well. He scarfed down chicken nuggets at wendy's. Oh and we had also let him use this snack trap thing I had gotton awhile back with cheerios in the car! He figured it out and it kept him quite entertained! Well we finally made it into Houston and it seemed as if it took us 2 hours just to get through that city! Well we got to the other side and we knew we needed to take a potty break/stretch our legs. Well I really wanted coffee so we finally found a Starbucks to stop at. Well the whole way Colby had been really quiet since lunch but we just thought he was being really good and he was but it comes to find out he had gotton a bad crick in his neck. So we got to Starbucks and got Colby out. Well he seemed fine but he wouldn't pick his head up. He just wanted to be held and keep his head rested. Which this is not lik him at all. He didn't even seem excited about anything. Well after a few minutes of this my mom and I got really worried about him. He almost seemed as if he was paralyzed. I got worried that he was going to have a siezure or something. It was really scary. We would set him down and he was like lifeless. But we still kept thinking it had to be his neck b/c he would only cry whenever you moved it. So finally austin took him and started to massage his neck and move it around slowly. We also gave him some tylenol. Well after about 10 minutes he was back to his old self THANK GOD! We were so worried. He is such a spunky little boy so it was not like him at all. But it turned out I guess he just sat too long one way and his neck got stiff. Well needless to say everyone wanted me to sit with him the rest of the way. So I sat in the back which really wasn't comfortable! But this is what mommies do for their little boys.
Well we finally got to our hotel around 7. So we checked in and hurried and fed Colby dinner then we went to my aunt and uncles house just to see everyone and eat. I hated we couldn't visit long but we were all so tired! But Colby really hung in there great. He got to meet his 2 cousins Zoey and Fallon. but none of them seemed to interested with the other. Oh well maybe one day he will get to play with them more. I was really worried about how much sleep we would get that night b/c we have never stayed in a hotel with Colby before. But he did awesome! We got him bathed and gave him his milk and he went right to sleep! We also didn't hear a peep the whole night!
Saturday morning we headed back to my aunt and uncles for the reunion. They had bruch set up at 10 which was really yummy. Afterwards we just spent the afternoon visiting. It was nice to get to sit around and visit with my aunts. I didn't get to visit much with my cousins though b/c every time they were around Colby was awake and I was pretty much chasing him around. Again he did really well though...he napped great at their house. But they had a completely child friendly house which made things so much easier. In fact they had a crib in a quiet little room with fans and everything so Colby slept for like 3 hours in there. That night we watched a slide show of all the family growing up. It was really neat to watch! Well after that and dinner we had to leave b/c it was getting near 8 and we were out late already the night before. Plus we had been at their house since 10 that morning so it was time to go! Again Colby slept well.
Well today we got up and headed to San Antonio for the 2nd part of our trip. It was only about an hour drive from Austin. We got here and our room wasn't ready yet so we went to Hard Rock Cafe for lunch. We then went to the Riverwalk area and walked around and took one of the boat rides. I think Colby enjoyed the boat although he didn't get as excited as I thought he would. I guess he is still a little young. He didn't fuss though so I know he enjoyed the sights and the movement. But probably by the time he is 3 or so he would really love the fact of being on a boat! But that was his first boat ride! Afterwards we were all pretty hot and tired so we came back to the hotel well our room still wasn't ready. This was a little frustrating but we hung out in the lobby which was ok. We finally got to come up to our rooms (yes we got 2). We got adjoining rooms one for us and one for Colby! I am sure everyone is like wow your 1 year old has his own room but its really more for Austin and I. It just sucks being in a hotel and having to put him to bed and then go to bed ourselves. For 2 nights it wasn't bad but that would get old quick and since we get an employee rate we figured we could just get the 2 rooms. It has been awesome. Colby was able to take his nap while we were in the other room watching tv and using the computer! It really helped me to finally unwind. I feel like I have been going nonstop since Friday. Well tonight we got dinner at the hotel. They have a great bistro in the lobby and so we just ate that in the room. Much easier then dining out with Colby. 1 restaurant a day is enough! He does well but I just don't feel like I get to enjoy my food at all. This way eating in the room he can sit and play while we eat! It works out great! After dinner we packed Colby up and walked the riverwalk again. He loves walks so this was right up his ally. Again we got hot and sweaty so it was time to come back and get baths and get in the bed. So that is where we are now. Colby is sleeping and we are soon going to be too! Tomorrow we plan to take Colby to the zoo! I am excited...the San Antonio zoo looks really cool. Plus he loves animals. He has been to our zoo twice at home but the first he was only 3 months and the other time he was like 7 or 8 months. So now he should really get more out of it! Well I will post back tomorrow and post pictures when we get home!