Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Weekend

This past weekend Austin was off which really was a treat! Its very rare he has off an entire weekend especially a weekend when we didn't have anything special planned. It was pretty low key but we really enjoyed it.
Saturday we had to go grocery shopping so we took a family adventure to Walmart. Its rare that we go there especially on a weekend but we needed groceries and household type things. It ended up not being too bad and Colby was very well behaved. Once we got home we stayed in the rest of the day. It was nice to not have anywhere to go and spend time with my 2 boys! We made chicken tacos for dinner that night which was really yummy! After dinner we even drove down to Belle Chasse to get icecream.
Sunday was ofcourse church day. Once again though it was nice to have Austin with us and also for neither of us to have any meetings or responsibilities. I was in the nursery during Sunday School. It was the last Sunday for each class because next week is promotion Sunday. Colby will stay in the same class though b/c he promoted early. He and Broc will stay another year in the 3 year old class but Emily will promote to the 4 year old class. I really hope we get some more little girls to join that class. During church Austin and I got to sit together which is rare. It was nice to enjoy church and worship in the service since I am often in the nursery.
After church we ate at McAlister's. Our friend Laura met us there with her 8 month old Jonathan. My parents ate there too so we just let Colby sit with them. It was nice to visit without 3 year old interuptions. That afternoon we all rested and just hung out and watched the Saints game! I love football time of year! Colby is really into it this year too!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Dentist/Date Day

Colby had a dentist appointment this past Wednesday. He has been going since he was 1 and had an appointment every 6 months. He used to hate it and scream and cry the whole time. The last time we went when he was 2 1/2 though he did better but he still wasn't too happy about the situation. I felt like he would do better this time though b/c he has done well at all his appointments the doctor and haircuts! He is able to understand now and we talk about it before he goes. I told him to be a big boy and he would get a treat. He understood that if he didn't cry or fuss he would get something special. The past times he has gone he has always sat in my lap and the dentist would come in and quickly clean/check his teeth. I wondered now since he was 3 though if he would start going in like a big boy. Sure enough a hygenist came to get him. I was allowed back there with him though thank goodness! I couldn't send him off alone at only 3. She told him to sit in the chair like a big boy! And he did...he seemed a little nervous at first but he never did fuss or cry. He sat there like a big boy. He had trouble keeping his mouth open but everytime they would tell him to open up he would say AHHH....he did really well. The dentist then came in after they were all clean and checked them. She said he had all (20) teeth and they looked great! I am so glad he has good teeth so far! I never had cavities until I reached adulthood so I hope he follows! He couldn't wait to get down and get his balloon though! I was so proud of how he did. He got his balloon and we left to get our promised treat. I was meeting a friend with her little girl at the mall so I was going to get him beignets.
On our way there though his balloon must have had a hole in it b/c he began to cry and ask me to fix it. I turned around and it was almost all deflated. Poor baby he was so happy about that balloon too I felt awful. I told him we would get a new one at home b/c we still have some helium and balloons left from his b-day party. He said he wanted one from the dentist. I told him I would have daddy stop by and pick one up on his way home from work....we really just blew one up here and pretended it came from there. He was brokenhearted too. He sniffled and tried not to cry and be a big boy! Once we got to the mall though he was happy again. We ate our beignets first and sat by the fountain. He scarfed down 1 1/2 and drank some chocolate milk. I think he was in little boy heaven! Afterwards we went to the rides and play area. Ofcourse he had a blast! It was fun watching him play while I visited with another mom. He even made friends with another little girl and her grandma. Somehow he got them to let him ride some rides for free! he's a charmer what can I say?
Anyway it was a fun outting for me and him! I am very proud of how he did at the dentist! I also love going on little dates with him and know I have to really enjoy them now b/c he will only be the "only child" for so much longer. But even after baby sister arrives I want to still do things just me and him! There will always be a special bond between a mother and son!

Monday, August 22, 2011

It's a GIRL Weeks 21-24

Well we officially found out today we are having a girl! We are so excited! Lindsay Anne Westbrook will be joining our family in December! I am very happy about having a girl but I would have been equally excited to have another boy! But its awesome to think we get to raise one of each. Not sure if we are done now but I feel good knowing that if we are I will get both a boy and a girl! It will be exciting to find out the joys of both! Ofcourse we would have been just as happy to have another boy...obviously boys are pretty cool too!
The ultrasound showed that our baby girl is doing great. She's growing great she was 1 lbs 10 oz. She is within 6 days of her due date. It also showed us how active she is! She was bouncing all over the place. That was fun to see b/c Colby was always sleeping during his big ultrasound sessions! The tech also confirmed that she is breach hence all the kicking into my bladder and pelvic bone. Since she will be a csection that doesn't really matter plus at this point she could turn 100 times before the due date!
Everything else is going great as well. I have gained a total of 9 lbs. I don't think that is bad at all. I think with Colby I had gained atleast 20 by now. I am hoping to keep it under 20 total this time around. My blood pressure was a little high but I think since everything else is so good they have learned that its nerves. I take it at home and its been fine. It was high approaching the doc appointment but I think that was anxiety.
I am thinking she will be born sometime between December 5-9 since the 11th is a Sunday.
We have done a little shopping now that we found out. I bought her first little dress for church. Its a newborn Christmas dress. I figure when she makes her debut at church or a Christmas function she will have on that! We also shopped Tuesday and picked out her bedding. Its from PB kids and its pink and brown with little birds. I don't think we will do a huge theme in her room b/c we just got the bumper, skirt, and a sheet. We will do pinks and browns but no set theme other then that. I have also ordered a few things from Gymboree. I have been holding off placing an order for fall stuff for Colby until we knew so now they both have some really cute wintery stuff!
I am so thankful so far for a healthy baby and pregnancy. I continue to pray that there are no issues. I am not sure how much Colby understands as of yet. He talks about baby sister now. I think he's excited in a way. I try not to talk about it too much just enough that he knows its going to happen but not so he feels pushed aside. So that's all my updates for now! I go back in 3 weeks for the glucose test so praying that all goes well!

Friday, August 19, 2011

3 Years Old

I forgot when Colby turned 3 to do an "official" 3 year old post. So I thought I would update on what all he's up to! He can talk and say about anything now! Around 2 1/2 is when he really just started talking all the time. Now he never stops! The things that come out of his mouth are halarious! In fact today when getting out the car he kinda slipped and he said "oopsie daisy won't do that again!" I can't believe how grown up he is. He is also in an "I do it myself" phase. This began about 3 months ago. He wants to dress himself and do everything by himself! Which I am glad it will help that he is so independant when the new baby arrives. On that note he's still looking forward to being a big brother. I'm not sure that he totally gets it or gets how his life will change but he is looking forward to it I think! I think in some ways 3 is harder then 2. Maybe not harder then 1 b/c 1 he was so active and always making messes but now he can talk back. He doesn't pitch a whole lot of fits but when he does watch out! He's still a pretty good kid though he just has his moments. We talk a lot about obediance and doing things when you are asked. He gets a kick out of testing us! He's very smart and I'm not just saying that b/c he's mine! I have never seen another 3 year old as detail oriented as he is. He knows his way around the city already. He tells me which way to turn depending on where we are going. He knows where people live and what they drive. He is still very much into cars. He knows his numbers, letters, abcs, I swear he can read, he loves to sing, and he knows how to spell his name. Oh and also he knows his shapes! I guess he learned most of that last year in preschool so it will be interesting to see what he learns this year! He's very physical and seems to be athletic. He still can't pedal a bike though. I hope by this fall/winter he learns! We are trying to practice with him its just been too hot! He can swim now short distances alone. He loves going underwater and is a complete daredevil. He's brave but also cautious. He does a lot of crazy things but I think he knows his limits he fortunately hasn't been majorly hurt. This year he has been overall very healthy! He's always been a healthy child thank the Lord but this year I guess was easier then 1-2. He seemed to always have a bug then but this year he only had a few minor illnesses. He's still a big boy but seems to be slowing down with his growth. He weighs 35 lbs and is 37 inches tall. He's in the 50-75% so to me he's about average. He wears a size 9 shoe right now and 3T clothes. He's done great this past year with potty training especially when it comes to peeing. He hasn't had an accident since March. We have had to work with the pooping but he seems to be getting that this summer also! He's just such a big boy and we are so proud of him. He's tough and crazy but also has a sensitive spirit. He always apologizes when he has done something wrong. He tells us he loves us all the time. He worries about other people which is sweet. his favorite toy is cars/trucks and he's also gotton into trains a lot lately. He's still a good eater but I think he is pickier then when he was a toddler. He has his favorites but we still believe in making him eat what we eat and try everything on his plate. His favorites are still mac n cheese, he loves pizza now, and those sort of things. But he will pretty much eat whatever we give him. He may not eat a lot of it but he will try it and doesn't ever really fuss about what is placed in front of him. I still can't get over how grown he is and can't imagine what this next year will bring! he is starting prek 3 in a few weeks. He will go 3 days a week! I am excited for him he loved school last year so I know he will love it again! It will also be nice to have the break especially when the new baby comes but I will miss him too since we have had all summer together!

Just a Look Back

Summer 2008

Summer 2009

Summer 2010

Summer 2011

I can't believe my little baby boy is already 3 years old! This is our 4th summer with him. Its amazing how much he has changed! I thought I would post a few pics from Colby from the past summers compared to this summer!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Summer Days...

So it has been so hot here lately...its been heat index in the 100's and we haven't had any rain. But we are trying to soak up and enjoy these last few weeks of summer before Colby starts back to school.

Sunday we had Austin with us at church which was so nice! I hated though that I didn't get to sit with him I had nursery duty in Colby's class. It went pretty well but that class can get very hyper. We had 7 kids. We had two 3 year olds. One four year old and 4 five year olds. They are a very active bunch. We finally decided to let them watch a Veggie Tales movie. It was too hot to take them outside to burn off steam and they were just all wired. It worked pretty well. Colby was very well behaved though and I am very thankful for that!

The rest of our day was pretty low key once we got home. We took naps and austin worked in the yard. It was so nice that afternoon it was overcast and windy so we took advantage and let Colby ride his bikes in the front yard.

Monday Austin was off again. We took Colby to the aquarium. Like I say its miserably hot so outdoor activities aren't too fun plus we hadn't been there in awhile. But the heat made it hard just walking to and from the car. Colby enjoyed it but really rushed through it. He doesn't stop at many of the exhibits he just runs from point to point looking for places to climb or buttons to push. Great thing about having a membership though! We don't feel as if we have lost anything! He did enjoy the new bird exhibit Parakeet Point! It was really cool but I wasn't too fond of holding a feed stick it kinda freaked me out to have a bird landing on you. Anyway glad we got to do it though but I think we will only do that when daddy is with us! After going through the aquarium we decided to eat lunch at a place in the quarter called Cafe Maspero's. I don't think we have been there with Colby except once when he was a baby. He was tired by this point but he still did pretty well. It was fun just eating out with my 2 boys! He loved seeing all the cars and trucks going through the Quarter though!

Today (Tuesday) we had errands to run. Mainly we had to get my car into the shop. Austin got backed into last Wednesday night when he was putting gas in it! So he and my dad went to get that fixed while Colby and I continued getting ready. Whenever he got home we ran a couple quick errands then went out to the church to do our "Back to School" bulletin board for the nursery! As always Colby did not mind being up there and getting to play with the toys! We got it done pretty quickly though then went to Bravo for lunch. I think we all 3 enjoyed our lunch there. That's only the 2nd time we have brought Colby. He definitely enjoyed it more today then the last time! The rest of the day we hung out at home. It was a good start to the week having Austin home with us!
The rest of the week will be pretty routine for us: errands, swimming, grocery shopping that sorta thing!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Playdate with Jax

Thursday we met our friends Casee and Jax at the Children's Museum. We have gotton together with them off and on since Jax was born. It hasn't really been until recently though that he and Colby could play together. He will be turning 2 in October. But even though there is a pretty big age gap they have similiar likes and personalities. She and Jax had never been to the children's museum so I was anxious for them to check it out. Colby played tour guide ofcourse since he goes so often. We went to the toddler room first. Colby had a blast playing with the trains and jumping on the all the soft block type things. Jax really enjoyed the trains. At one point they were both very seriously lining trains up...so adorable...we may have 2 engineers on our hands!

We then went to the grocery section. Both enjoyed dragging out lots of food. Colby got caught up in the fruits and veggies today! He loaded his cart full. It took us awhile to pick everything up!

The next stop was the play houses. They enjoyed this and the blocks that you could build things with around it. Then we checked out Mr. Roger's neighborhood and the swamp house. Both really enjoyed the boat or pirouge? We also went and enjoyed the big boat section. I think both boys like this but it was pretty crowded with big kids so we didn't stay long.
They wanted to go downstairs afterwards. They checked out blocks and the bubbles. That's the first time Colby has really shown any interest in the bubble room. I think he will make us go in there from now on though! He again played a lot with the train table and cars!
I think both boys really had a blast! It was fun to see them playing and interacting some! Colby loves the Children's Museum so I know he can't wait to go back. Hope we can make 1 more trip before school starts back in September!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

These Are the Days....

We were lucky to have austin home with us Monday & Tuesday of this week to begin our week. Monday we decided to take Colby to the Monkey Room. This was his 3rd visit but Austin hadn't been with us yet so he was anxious to see what all the fuss was about! Colby had a blast! i think he had even more fun since his daddy was there to watch him! He loves when Austin is home so much! Its adorable how much he looks up to his daddy! Anyway he played really hard there! We stayed about an hour and a half. When we left we decided to go eat lunch uptown at La Madeline. I haven't been to that place in years and I was craving a good salad. I think we all enjoyed it. It was a different place to go and healthier then most other choices too! Since we were uptown Colby got to see several streetcars...or carstreets as he calls them! We haven't ever taken him on a ride but this convinced me that we need to! So we are going to try and wait until the weather cools and take him I know he will love it!

After coming home and resting we headed out again to my parent's house to go swim. It had been awhile since Austin had been in and Colby always enjoys swimming. We had a good time spending time together in the pool. We stayed and had a spaghetti dinner with my parents as well! We don't get to go over there often for dinner except special occassions so I think we all enjoyed it!

Tuesday with Austin being off again we went on another adventure. We took Colby to a park in Metairie. We went all the way over there b/c its the one park I knew was mostly in the shade. It was still hot but not as hot as most parks would have been. We still only stayed about 45 minutes but Colby had a blast. Afterwards we set out to BabiesRUs...Austin had promised me a trip over there soon. We were looking for a stroller. I know we already should have one and we do. We have the travel system stroller had with Colby. We wanted something lighter and more mangeable for traveling. I also got a few small items while there and also some things for colby as well! I can't wait till we know if its a boy or girl so I can really shop! I got a couple little newborn outfits in white and yellow but I am ready to outfit this one's winter wardrobe! We decided to go in to Petsmart after which was right next door. We needed dog/cat food. Well when we got in there Colby wanted to go look at the kitties. So I went over there with him while Austin proceeded to shop. Well they had a Maine Coon...we haven't seen another Maine Coon up for adoption since we got Bailey. I called Austin over to check it out. I never thought that we would actually get him I just wanted him to see it. Well he fell in love...he thought we should get him. We talked it over while we waited on someone to let us go in and check him out. The decision was yes. I mean Bailey is almost 9 years old, Allie is 4, Colby is 3, and the baby is not due until december...so we can handle it! Plus its not like cats are that much trouble anyway. Well we got to hold him and check him out and he seemed really sweet. We already had plans though and promised to take Colby to Chickfila so we asked the girl if we could come back and get the cat. She said sure and we went ahead and paid for him. We only had to pay a dollar b/c he had been there so long. That affirmed to me even more it was the right decision. We didn't leave the house today thinking we would get a cat nor did I even think we would get one anytime soon. But I think we made the right choice. So we went ahead to eat at Chickfila. We almost turned around though b/c it was SO BUSY! I hate that our city only has 1 stand alone chickfila. It ended up being ok though we found a table and were able to eat. Colby was so tired though when we left he pitched a fit about the playground and balloons. We usually let him play and sometimes they give balloons. We had told him he could play this morning but we didn't know how busy the place would be and that we would have a cat waiting on us! So we got back to Petsmart and picked him up! He did well on the ride home and Colby was so excited to now have 2 cats!
update: The cat is doing well. He is settling in really well and seems to be really sweet. He curls up with me on the couch often and seems to really like to love on people. He is handling Colby's roughness very well also. Bailey seems ok with it not happy but not mad either. He tries to ignore him for the most part. Allie I think is having a harder time accepting the cat. Since we had Bailey first and brought her home as a puppy I'm not sure she even sees Bailey as a cat but she hates other cats. So she barks and chases him. she is finally starting to get better now at the end of the week. Beaux (the new cat) is scared of Allie and tries to intimidate Bailey...I think this will all go away soon they have to get used to each other eventually! So yes now we are a circus around here!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

What We've Been Up To

Since we got home from our trip Monday we have just been trying to catch up and get back into a routine around here.
Tuesday-I had a dentist appointment so my parent's kept Colby during that. Unfortunately the dentist found another cavity! I had my first one while being pregnant with Colby. They said its probably due to the baby taking so much calcium! GR if we have 3 kids I think my teeth my just fall out! Anyway after my appointment I went back to my parent's house to hang out with them and Colby went swimming. He even swam across the pool by himself! I am so proud of all he's learned this year! He really is a fish!
Wednesday- Colby and I got out to run errands. I had to mail some things from the post office and go by the Educator for some church supplies for the new year. Afterwards I took Colby to the library. We sat and looked at books for a little while and he drank his juice and we just enjoyed the AC...not many park trips lately for us! After that I decided to take him to Calvary where I worked. We have made this visit each summer since Colby was born. Its always nice to see my old co-workers and friends.
Thursday- Grocery shopping day...nothing exciting! Colby does love going with me though and is usually very well behaved!
Friday- My parents and Colby and I went to work at the church. My mom and I had some things to do with the new church year approaching. My dad mainly entertained Colby. Colby always has a blast though. He loves having the preschool area to himself and all the toys! We joke he is going to grow up like a preacher's kid b/c he's at church so much! I think sometimes he thinks he's the prince there! After working we went to McAlister's for lunch...Colby's request! =)
Saturday- I took Colby over to my parent's house again to swim. This is our usual Saturday thing...Austin works most Saturdays and most of my friend's are spending the day with their husbands so we usually go over there to get us out the house!
Sunday- Church day...Colby seemed excited to be back at sunday school and church. I got to sit in church which was really nice. We ate lunch at PF Changs after. Overall a really good day!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Hattiesburg Weekend

Well we just got back from a trip to Hattiesburg to visit with Austin's family. We had a blast. I honestly wish we could have stayed longer. I really enjoyed being in the "country" this visit. Our visits are usually rushed when we only spend one night and really this trip was pretty busy as well being there only 2 nights but we did get to relax a lot which was nice. We left here Saturday morning and drove straight there. We got to his parent's house around 11. His sister came soon after with the girls which made Colby happy! We all ate pizza for lunch and the kids played for awhile. Colby loves playing with them now and its so neat to see them have fun together! He fell in love with their FurReal cat and had to drag it everywhere the entire trip! I think he enjoyed having a cat that he could drag around and wouldn't run off.

After lunch we went back to the apartment to rest and let Colby nap. I think we all napped though! After we woke up we went back to his parents house to hang out some more. His dad grilled hamburgers and hotdogs for us. And once again the kids all got to play and hang out. They played hard for awhile until it was time for the girls to go home. We sat outside and let Colby play for awhile longer in their backyard. When we left we had to make a trip to Target to get Maggie's birthday present. Her party is next Saturday and we don't know yet if we will make it so we wanted to go ahead and get her present just in case.

That night we all slept good. Colby does so well sleeping when we travel. He has no problem sleeping in his own room and going to bed at his usual bedtime which is so nice. It gives Austin and I time to watch tv and unwind.

The next day was Sunday. We were going to church with his parents but we still got to sleep in b/c their church service doesn't start until 11. We had a low key morning in our pjs before heading off to church. We planned on putting Colby in the nursery. We have never left him in a nursery other than at our church. But I figured now he would do just fine. He is 100% over stranger anxiety and loves church and other kids. Plus we knew it would be more relaxful for us to sit in church without him. We bring him in "big church" on special occassions and he does pretty well but he still squirms and likes to play. We hope to start training him soon though to sit in church with us regularly. We talked to him about going to Sunday School at Mawmaw and Pawpaw's church and he seemed excited. Now that he understands that type of stuff I knew he would be fine. We walked him down there and filled out the paperwork and he walked right into his room with the nursery director and never looked back! I was so proud of him! We really enjoyed the service. It was nice to just go to church and not have any responsibilities. When we went back to pick up Colby they said he did great! After church we ate lunch at Sweet Peppers...its very much like McAlister's our usual Sunday lunch place here so Colby was happy! After lunch we went back to the apartment to rest up.

That evening we drove over to Austin's sister's house in the country. They live about 30 min away from Hattiesburg. Colby was very excited to go to his cousin's house. They have lots of fun outdoor things to do. Colby road the big 4 wheeler, then got to drive the mini 4 wheeler, chase chickens, pet bunnies, fish, play on their swingset and trampoline. He had quite a fun time out there in the country! They fried fish for us and I think Colby enjoyed his meal also. It was really hot though especially for a pregnant woman I am looking forward to going back out there in the spring...I enjoyed watching Colby have fun though even though I was baking! When we left Shelbi and Maggie wanted to ride with us b/c they were spending the night with Austin's parents. We drove back to the apartment and let the kids swim for about 30 min. They really had a blast! Colby had quite a day and I think he slept well that night! We enjoyed the rest of our stay then got up Monday morning and stopped at his parent's house for breakfast then drove home. We really had a fun time. I think we are all ready to go back!