Friday, April 30, 2010

Disney on Ice last year and this year!

Softball, Disney on Ice, Company and Birthday!

Wow I feel like the last 24 hours have been crazy busy but in a good way! It started out last night Austin had another softball game. Once again him and I ate dinner together then headed out to the field. My parents kept Colby at home b/c it was just too late for him to go. I had a good time this week b/c Laura was out there to keep me company. Once we got home it was go go till we went to bed trying to get our house "company ready".

Today we began our day by taking Colby to Disney on Ice. I was very excited. We took him last year when he was only 9 months old and he liked it then but I'm not sure how much he got out of it since he was only a baby. I knew this year would be different b/c he actually knows some of the characters and is also more aware of things like that. It started out ok he was oohhh and ahhhing at the characters when we first sat down...but quickly things went downhill. He brought in a small little ball with him well about 2 minutes into the performance he dropped it and it fell down to the row in front of us...well this sent him into hysterics. There was nothing we could do to get the ball either. We tried to distract him with snacks and juice. Both worked for a small amount of time. Finally I told Austin to go buy him one of the spinny light up toys they sell at those type events. Again he was distracted for a little while but quickly became bored with that as well. He also wanted to "shake it" which made us nervous that he would club someone over the head with it. His legs were also almost too long to be held in our lap he kept coming close to kicking the lady beside us and in front of us. I'm sure they were annoyed with our squirmy toddler. We also passed him back and forth from Austin to me to my dad to my mom. He would sit for 5 minutes then start crying. Well at Intermission Austin let him walk around some to burn off energy. He wasn't happy when it came time to sit so I took him in my lap and really thought I was gonna have to spank him b/c he was getting so unruly. Finally though he settled in to my lap and actually watched a good part of the show! He was saying "mickey" and loved the beach scene and Christmas scene. So I finally felt like maybe we got our money's worth and all was not lost. If I had to do it all over again I might have purchased a ticket for him so we would have more year we will have to. I am still glad we brought him though...I want him to get used to sitting at these things so he won't be a pill when he's older. I think its good just for him to experience different stuff too. So all in all I think it was good and he enjoyed it it just wasn't quite as I expected!

Next once we finally got home (seemed to take forever traffic was crazy) Austin's parents were already at our house. So we got in changed and got lunch set out. I had bought roast beef and sandwhich fixings so we could just make our own sandwhichs or poboys. Colby loved the lunch meat and cheese and some cheese puff things. He also ate grapes and yogurt. He really pigged out...poor guy was probably starving since it was 1 or after before he sat down to eat! He normally eats at noon. After that he was in need of a nap! He was a little upset about that fact since he had an audience here. But once he got in his room we didn't hear another peep. He slept until 4:30 and man did he need it!

Once he woke up it was time to go to my parent's house for Austin's b-day dinner. We headed there. We had a good dinner. Colby was a little ill mannered at first I think he wasn't totally awake. But he finally got in a good mood and played soo hard! He had the best time. He was quite the ham and showed off for everyone! He's a mess! I know he will sleep good tonight too b/c between climbing the stairs, running around, and bouncing on the couch he was surely worn out! I am tired too! Its been a great day! Tomorrow will probably be busy as well! I only got 1 picture today of Colby at Disney on Ice and none tonight guess I was so busy having fun I forgot to take pictures!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Week so Far

This week hasn't been too exciting just normal stuff going on. Colby had Gymrompers Tuesday. He did really well again. I think he only has about 4 classes left. I am kinda sad it will be ending. His teacher always carries on over him. I think several of the parents get a kick out of him too! I hope to keep in touch with some of the mommies and kids he has made a few friends (Ruby, Lola, and Aiden).

Wednesday we went to my parents house to bake a cake for Austin. He requested a German Chocolate cake. My mom makes these from scratch. I would have never been able to make it on my own. So we went over there and my mom and I made it together. I hope it turns out yummy it looked good! Colby also helped a little! He enjoyed sitting at the counter and watching. This was his first time to sit up there he looked like such a big boy! I think now my mom is going to start letting him do painting and stuff up there. Yesterday afternoon we just hung out at home. Colby and I played in the backyard with paints and cars. After dinner Austin mowed the yard so we hung out outside the whole time. It was really fun just hanging out with my 2 boys like that! I couldn't believe we were out there for like over an hour and a half. Colby enjoyed every minute. When you see the pictures though he was in a funky outfit. He had spilled half his dinner in his lap so I didn't want to mess up a cute summer outfit for an hour and while he was just going out to play anyway so I had some of his too small winter clothes sitting in a stack that haven't been put away so I grabbed a shirt and pants and that is what we ended up with haha.

Today was our usual grocery shopping day! Colby did well he got a little antsy at times but he is still very good for a 1 year old. He also flirted with lots of the women workers. He always impresses them with his charm. The deli lady even gave him a piece of turkey to munch on. He ate the whole slice! The cashier was also quite taken with him! Now we are back home just hanging out! We were outside but that ended on a bad note. I was on the phone with my mom and Colby was just being very needy and whiny. When I got off the phone I drug him inside and put him in timeout for 5 min in his bed. I hate when he gets like that. I mean like last night we were outside for over an hour and he was entertained then today on another gorgeous day he was just whiny and discontent. He's been good since the timeout though. I know he really wanted his juice but its always practice that we come in and have juice after we play outside. So now he is happily drinking his juice and watching Dragon Tales. He will soon eat lunch and nap which is exciting for mommy! Tonight Austin and I have another softball game. Its not until 7:40 though so my parents are coming over again to keep Colby like last week. The break tonight will be good for both of us!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Another Mommy/Son Park date!

Today we didn't have anywhere to go or anywhere to be so I decided I would take Colby to the park again! I know it seems like we go all the time but he loves it so much! I think its important to get kids outside and let them play hopefully this will lead to a life of healthy activity! This is probably the only time we will get to go this week atleast until Saturday. We have a pretty bush schedule ahead of us!
Anyway we decided to try out Terrytown playground again. We went there about a month ago with my parents and Colby LOVED it! It is usually full of school kids during the week b/c Terrytown Elementary uses it also. But this week schools are out so I figured we would have a good shot of getting to play. Sure enough at first we had the place to ourselves. I really prefer it that way unless its other toddlers. I don't really like Colby playing around school age children. They are too big and aren't old enough to realize he's a little guy. Colby was quite fascinated with the lawn mowers who were grooming the baseball field. He had a good time on the play are as well. He tried the slides but once again they have been toasting in the sunshine and were too hot for bare legs. This is the only downer to warm weather. He played for awhile and loved the bridge on the playground...soon though a little girl and her dad came. She was probably about in the 1st grade or so. Well they were running around and chasing each other and she about knocked into Colby a few times. After that we both decided it was time to go. I didn't want him to get hurt. I was glad we left when we did too b/c another boy about the same age was coming up when we left too.
We took the fun home and played in the backyard for atleast an hour! Colby had the best time! Its another beautiful day so we played and played! I love that he loves the outdoors so much! Now he is off napping...I'm sure we will have more outdoor time later today! I love the days when him and I can just hang out and play!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My sweet Angel

So I know every parent wants and expects the best from their child. And especially as a Christian my biggest prayer is for my son to have a relationship with God and grow to love God as he grows older. We want this to begin from the time they are babies. I have tried to do my best to teach Colby about God, church, Jesus, prayer since he was an infant. We have been praying with him, reading his Bible, and taking him to church since he was a newborn. Sometimes you feel like you will never see the results. Sometimes you might think its not worth it to do these things when they are so young because they can't understand anyways. Well my precious baby is already showing that he has learned and is already showing a love for Jesus.

He first began bowing his head and folding his hands to say "Thank You God" at mealtimes. Some days I forget but most of the time he will remind me.

The last two weeks when we pull up at church he says "church church" which makes me proud that he knows where he is and already seems to love church. I know I was blessed to have parents who brought me to church everytime the doors were open. I always loved church because of that.

Today he really made me proud though. My mom was reading him the Bible story in Sunday School. The story was about Jesus. Well after the story she asked him "Where's Jesus" and right away Colby pointed to Jesus in the picture. I don't recall ever testing him on this either. I mean he has Bibles that we read, and flashcards from church and different things with Jesus' picture. But he did it twice so it wasn't a fluke! It just shows how much his little mind is learning! It makes me proud that he is learning these things. It is some affirmation the we are doing things somewhat right with him. But its also scary to think that if he's picking the good things up he is probably picking up our bad habits as well.

So anyways I am so happy to see that my little guy is already starting a relationship with the Lord. Right now its a simple one but the Bible says "Let the children come" and also "have childlike faith" so this is where it all begins! I can't wait for the day when he accepts Jesus as his Savior and decides to walk with Him. But I had to share these little precious moments!

Out of Normal Sunday

So today was just an off day for some reason. Its one of those days where one thing gets off so the rest of the day seems to follow. It wasn't a bad day just an off day! It started out with Sunday School. We arrived and Kristie and Cade were already in our room. Again not a bad thing or big deal its just we normally arrive there early so I can feel a little prepared and it usually gives Colby that time to warm up. Well he got thrown off thinking I was going to leave him there. He didn't get too upset but he just seemed shy and not sure at first. The second part that made it different was Mrs. Shirley the other teacher wasn't going to be there today. My mom volunteered to stay. Again not a bad thing and I enjoyed working with her it was just again another adjustment. Colby and Cade though were doing real well and playing really good. Colby was enjoying having his mommy and grammy in there. It was all going well until one of the "baby" teachers decided to stick her head in there. She happens to be friends with my mom. My mom was carrying Cade around at the moment. Well the "baby" teacher decided to take Cade and said she thought he wanted to go swing. Well Cade was a little disatisfied at the moment but I was going to break out the puffs which after that he is usually fine. I think he was just disatisfied that Colby was moving around and he isn't mobile yet. I remember this age very well for Colby. Well she ended up taking him anyways...she also announced it loudly that Cade was going to swing. Well Colby heard this and thought she meant the outdoor swings. So he headed towards the door as well. Then he got really upset when we made him get back in the classroom. Well after that I told my mom since no one else was there let's just take Colby out for a little while. I knew he would have it stuck in his mind that whole time now about swinging. So we brought him out the little toddler playground and let him swing. He had a blast. It kinda worried my mom and I though b/c there were tons of bumble bees around. I don't think they would bother us but I was worried about there being a nest near by and that when Colby got down he might disturb them.
He was fine with going inside though we bribed him with snacktime. So he contently ate his snack while my mom told him the Bible story. Cade stayed in the babyroom the rest of the time. I was really dissapointed though b/c I hoped he would come back so atleast Colby would have someone to interact with. It got confusing around extended care time also because usually Colby goes up to the 2 year old room for ec. Well there were no 2's today so I thought maybe him and Cade could just stay in our room and since my mom had ec with the babies that would mean she would stay back with Colby too! I always feel better when its one of us with him. Well they left it like that briefly but then another baby came in and then the other workers for Colby's age came in so my mom switched back with Cade to the baby room and Colby was in our room with the helpers. It kinda perturbs me though b/c both workers bring their older kids with them. I don't agree with this practice at all. One little girl is 3 and she should be in her own class and the others were like 6 and 8 or something. All 3 girls are sweet I just don't think they should have older kids in there. I would never dream of keeping Colby with me when I work back there. That would be like me bringing Colby in the baby room and trying to keep up with babies. 1) I wouldn't want Colby possibly getting the babies sick, 2) I know he might hurt them not on purpose but just because he is bigger, and 3) I would probably end up paying more attention to him then the kids I am there to watch.
I know these Sundays too Colby seems more worn out. I'm sure the little girls all want to play with him and in turn it probably really wears him out. I want him exposed to other kids just kids his age. Anyway that is my soapbox. Luckily though I picked him up after church and he was in a fine mood just seemed tired. So we went to McAlister's like we always do on Sundays. Usually Colby does really well here. He loves the good and the atmosphere. Plus its quick so we are usually in out and before he gets fussy and bored. Well today he was not happy at all. He ate for a couple minutes but then got really upset. I know this is probably b/c he had to poop. I know how he gets when that is the case. He only ever poops at home so he got really aggitated and upset. I didn't want to make him eat since that was probably his deal. So we quickly packed up and brought him home. It was annoying but I couldn't be mad at him b/c he wasn't being a brat he just really was uncomfortable and wanted to get home to relieve himself.
Once we got home he was fine I think just knowing he would be in his own little bed later which is where he usually poops. So he was able to eat his lunch at home. I really gave him no other choice though. I didn't want him to go to bed hungry and wake up 1 hour later. On Sundays he NEEDS his 3 hour nap for sure to recoup from the day. I haven't heard him so I assume he is out! Again a good day just kinda a strange off one! Its beautiful outside though so I hope to enjoy the outdoors once he wakes up around 4 or 4:30!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Today we decided kinda last minute to take Colby to the aquarium. It was a rainy, nasty day so nothing outside would have worked. Colby had only been 1 time before and he stayed in the stroller most of the time b/c we were with 2 other mommies and babies. I hoped today he would be able to walk more. But being a Saturday it was pretty crowded.

Colby loved the entrance tunnel and he played peek a boo with a scuba diver man. We let him walk for some of the parts but he would mostly just want to walk and not even pay attention to the fish. We had to either pick him up or set him on the sides of the exhibit to really get him to look. He paid attention to some fish but I think after awhile fish were just old news. Once we got to the play area he really had a blast! He loved climbing up and coming back down. There were about 6 other kids up there but it didn't seem to bother him at all. We eventually had to drag him away kicking and screaming (literally). I think he would have stayed there all day. There was another play area in the next room so he and Austin played around in that. It was cute to see them play together! I know Austin misses him so much during the week while he works so I tried to back off mostly and let the 2 of them spend time together. After that he wasn't too interested in fish anymore. He basically just melted down after that he didn't want to be in the stroller or look at fish he just wanted to roam around. We hit the giftshop on the way out and he ended up with a toy scuba man. He loves that thing! I figured it was appropriate since that seemed like one of his favorite parts was playing peek a boo with the scuba man.

It was a fun time I am glad we braved the weather and went! Good thing about being members too we can go for short visits like that and not feel like we wasted our money! I hope we can go back soon I actually wouldn't mind taking him this week if I can round up a friend to go with us!

Friday, April 23, 2010

April Showers

Today has been quite a rainy, stormy day! Honestly I don't mind. We haven't had much rain lately so a day like this is welcome to me. We don't have anywhere to be either so its nice just to kick back and enjoy the rain! Colby and I both enjoyed naps. Once he woke up though I figured he would want to go outside since that is what we do everyday!

He has a cute little raincoat so I figured it had slacked off enough we could just put that on and his crocs and let him go to town! I think he really enjoyed it! I wish he had some rain boots too though! He loved splashing around and holding his little hands out and letting htem get wet! He also tried to get a rain drop on his tongue. Having a child makes me remember all the little things like this that I enjoyed. Its nice to relive simplier things when you have a kid. Sometimes its not about big and fancy things just about the small quieter things in life that are really the fun ones!Here are a few pictures of our rainy day fun!

Last Couple of Days

This week has been pretty low key for the most part. Yesterday was our usual weekly grocery trip. Once again Colby did great. We came home and hung out the rest of the day. Last night though Austin had a softball game so my parent's came to watch Colby and I met Austin downtown. We left early so that we would have time for dinner. We got to eat a nice peaceful dinner out just the 2 of us. Then we headed to the game. We knew we were gonna be early but it was ok. We got to the field and visited and watched the other game. Well when it was time for Austin's game the other team didn't show up. Our team just decided to scrimage. We were both dissapointed on how the evening went. If we would have known we probably would have gone out to eat, gone shopping and headed home. I think Austin hated to miss the night to hang out with Colby for nothing. I mean we enjoyed the time together and with friends but it kinda sucked to drive all the way out to the ballfield for not a real game! Oh well it still got me out of the house and gave my parents time with Colby. They said he did really well. They have kept him a lot lately and I think they have enjoyed it! They just kept him at our house though b/c he spent the night out last week and with austin not seeing hime a whole lot lately we decided it was best to keep him at our house.
Today we didn't have any specific plans in order so after our bug sprayer lady came I decided to load Colby up and go to Petsmart. I really wanted to take him to the aquarium today but I hated to go alone plus with the bug lady we would have been later leaving which I like to get there right when they open. So we opted for Petsmart. The cat and dog needed some food plus since they have live animals there I figured it would entertain Colby and it would be an outting at least. Sure enough he really liked it. I let him walk around and check out the fish, birds, rats, and cats by himself. He sure enjoyed that part. The kitties and birds though were his favorite! Once it was time to really shop though I put him in a cart. We got our things and headed home. Once we got home Colby wanted to go out and play as usual which I am glad we did b/c its pouring now so outside time the rest of today and probably tomorrow is out of question! I got the bright idea while being out there to get his cozy coupe out of the garage and put it in the backyard. Why I never thought of this before I don't know! Sometimes he gets bored out there b/c we don't have a whole lot for him. We do have a swing, a toddler playset, and some gardening tools for him but thats it. My goal this summer is to work on getting some outdoor things. This time last year we didn't need them but now he is outside all the time! He had a blast though with his coupe car. He scooted and pushed and played with that thing for over an hour I think! It was nice out b/c it was cloudy and breezy so it wasn't hot at all!
Once he got down for his nap the worst thunderstorm has been going on for 3 hours I think. Its raining, lightning, and thundering. I was worried it would wake him but so far it hasn't. I think we are under a flood watch too. This afternoon we will just be hanging low it looks like inside! If it slacks off some and not lightning I will let Colby go out in his raincoat out front! Well thats it for today's post. Austin is off tomorrow so I am hoping it doesn't do this all day tomorrow too! I want to take Colby some place fun! Its rare that daddy is off on Saturday so we'll see!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mommy Son Playdate!

These were the best pics I could get of my little man at the park. He was being nosy and digging in his bag. He found his juice and mommy's keys. It was too hard to try to take pictures while he was on the equipment I feel like I have to keep both hands free so I can catch him if he almost falls or something...its easier when there are 2 adults to get cute pics!

Since my grocery shopping has been pushed back to Thursdays now today was a free day for Colby and I. I like to try to have 1 day a week where its just Colby and I and we go to the park or something. Well today was gorgeous out so we decided to head to the park! I hope to continue this tradition of having just mommy/Colby time as he gets older and even when there is another child in the picture.

He had a great time at the park. We pretty much had it to ourselves the whole time. There was a mom with 2 little girls that were there a little of the time. Colby was very curious and wanted to play where they were playing. He enjoyed swining and walking on the bridge the most! I couldn't convince him to slide much. The only bad thing about warmer weather and shorts they aren't very good on slides. Those slides heat up pretty fast when they aren't in the shade. There were also 2 dogs there. Colby was fascinated by that also. Not sure you are supossed to bring dogs to that park but they were both friendly and kept on leashes so it was ok. Colby is not afraid of dogs at all he even pet one of them. The guy commented he couldn't believe how brave Colby was. I told him we have a 90 lb lab at home so he loves big dogs.

I enjoy these laid back spring days...we came home and played in our back yard also. Its so pretty outside to not enjoy! I really want to take Colby to the aquarium later in the week but I want to find a friend to go with us! Well thats all for now...the rest of our day will just be spent hanging out at home. We don't really have any plans the rest of the day which is nice!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another Fun Daddy Day!

Man have I said how much I love when Austin is home?!? Colby and I both enjoy daddy's off days so much! We try to soak each of them up as much we can! Today Colby had Gymrompers class so he got to have both mommy and daddy take him!
He was so cute when we got close we were a little early so I told Austin to just drive around for a bit---Colby hates sitting still in the car...well we passed by the gym and Colby started kicking the seat and protesting as if to say "hey guys you just passed it". Poor thing thought we were just going to drive by and not go in! He was so excited to get there! I have to say I was too! Last week we did a makeup class and I don't like the Wednesday class as much as his normal Tuesday class. He hopped right in and went off to doing things. His main thing he accomplished today that was new was jumping on the trampoline and his feet actually left the trampoline! He was proud and so were Austin and I!
He got a little antsy towards the end because he spotted a mommy's purse with a sippy cup in it and thought he had to have it! He saw me fill his "juice" cup this morning and so "juice" was on his brain! I never let him have it until after Gymrompers. He drinks his milk on the way that is the last part of his breakfast. And I know if I gave him his juice on the way he would slug it all down and not have anything to drink after and I know he works up a thirst! He interacted with a couple kids. He still seems to have a crush on a little girl Ruby!
After Gymrompers we decided we would stop and eat Mexican before coming home! We knew this would be ok with Colby because he loves mexican! As always he loved the rice and beans and even ate part of a quesadilla. He was really good in the restaurant too! He is getting much better! Especially at lunch he is good...sometimes at night he is more cranky I think b/c he is tired. We are definitely eating out more then this time last year!
Once we came home it was naptime. Colby went down easily. He always sleeps well on Gymromper days! After naptime we played outside because Austin worked out in the yard! Today was a gorgeous day! It actually felt cool out so we enjoyed our front and back yards and also a family walk!
I am kinda sad to see Austin go back to work tomorrow but Colby and I are probably going to have a fun outting like a park or something because I don't have any errands tomorrow! Hope the weather is nice again! No pictures today---I was too busy enjoying the moment to take pictures!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Park Play!

Since Austin was off today we had in our mind that we would take Colby to the Children's Museum. It was forecast to rain so we kinda ruled out any outdoor activities. Well we got to the Children's Museum and lo and behold they are closed on Mondays! Who knew?!? All the zoo, aquarium, and bug museum are also closed. I hate that because Austin is usually off on Mondays and we enjoy doing "family" outtings that day. But it seems to be getting harder to find things that are opened.
Anyway we decided since at that point it wasn't raining we would just come back to the Westbank and take him to a park. I had heard things of this Confetti Park in Algiers so we struck out to find it! We stumbled on it and it was really cute. Colby was unsure at first but after about 10 minutes to warm up he had a blast! I don't think he wanted to leave. He loved the fast slides. They also had little trucks and cars to play with. He had the best time pushing this truck all around the playground. We stayed for about an hour.
There were several other moms and kids out there so I didn't snap any pictures. I always feel silly when there are a ton of other people around. I have to say it was quite an eclectic group of people there though. There were definitely some hippie type people out there. One of the moms even let her child pee behind a tree. Anyway it wasn't bad just different. I am sure I will take him back there sometime though because he seemed to really enjoy it. It was also very shady so it never really got hot! Hope we can go visit again soon!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thank God for Sundays

I really love Sundays. I love going to church and seeing my church family and leaving refreshed from worshipping to gear up for another week. Today was a little unsual though Colby and I only went to Sunday School and left before church. We had planned this last night just because of us both being sick and the busy weekend we already had. I really didn't want either of us to get worse just because we were overtired. Plus Austin is off the next 2 days and I wanted us to be well enough to do some family things together!

Sunday School went pretty well it was just Colby and Broc today. Colby was a little clingy and whiny but not overall bad or anything. I think it was really because he had to poop and wanted to get home to do that otherwise I think he would have had a blast. I knew he was glad to get out the house though because other then going to my parent's house and the grocery store he hasn't done anything since last Wednesday. He and Broc interacted a little more today which was fun to watch. We did animal puzzles and talked about God creating the animals. What kid doesn't love that story right?!? I figured Colby would be darting out the door when Sunday School was over but we had to walk Broc down to the 2 year old room for extended care and Colby went in with him and just started playing. At that point I probably could have gone on and left him but I hated to leave just in case he would be miserable for most of the hour and I really didn't want to stretch him anyway. So we left and picked up lunch and came home. It was nice to come home and have some time to play before he had to eat and nap. We even played outside some. After all that I cooked his green peas to have with his mac n cheese from McAlister's. I was so proud he ate a great lunch. He ate almost the whole bowl of peas and all the mac n cheese. He also ate a thing of yogurt.

After naptime Colby and I had a good afternoon he was in the best mood. Much better then friday! We played all up until Austin came home. Then we ate and all took a family walk. It was rushed tonight though because of the rain coming. It was so nice though to come home and hear rain, thunder, and lightning. Even Colby was fascinated it seems. He kept whispering ooh whats that? I am glad so far he isn't scared of storms! I just told him when we tucked in not to be afraid that mommy and daddy were in the next room and he had his Scout and Elmo in there with him and God was always with him.

All in all a wonderful day! Oh and Colby is starting to talk soo much! Today when we were pulling up at church he started saying "church church" then at breakfast he said "oatmeal". Its so cute to hear him saying all these new words!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Year Ago

My little guy a year ago. Can't believe how much they change! Every month I love looking back at what he looked like and what he was doing a year ago! I remember this time last year wanting so badly for him to crawl. It wasn't soon after this he took off! Now he is running all around my house! Can't imagine what he will look like and be doing in another year !

21 Months!!

Colby is 21 months today! I can't believe in 3 months he will be two years old! He seems more like a 2 year old every day in good and bad ways. Some days I feel like we have hit the terrible two's. He is getting more and more ideas of his own. He is so smart and wants to be very independent. He still loves the outdoors and has had a blast this spring. We play in our yards quite often. He also loves to walk...he now can walk the entire block on his own 2 feet. So long stroller!

He is very much little boy. He is a rough, tumble little one! About every week we have some type of booboo. He hardly cries though just long enough to get a hug then he is done more concerned with what he is going to do next! He loves parks and loves to climb. Now he thinks he is big enough to do everything on the playground so when he can't he gets very upset.

He is still a good eater. I am trying to get him to try new things all the time. My new rule is I make him try one bite and if he doesn't like it from there that's fine. But I can't stand kids who won't try new foods. He is starting to eat more things like grilled cheese but he has learned about ketchup so he dips it in there along with fries and chicken nuggets. I definitely have to cook for him more now! He still loves fruit too! His latest discovery is grapes and raisins. He loves them both! I cut the grapes in half but he just chows down on those! I am glad he likes his veggies and fruits so much! He is also easier now that he can pretty much eat something no matter where we go.

His new obsessions are Elmo and Mickey. He has an Elmo doll he got for Easter and that thing has not left his sight! But anytime he sees either character he gets very excited! He also still loves trucks, jeeps, school buses, and cars. This month he also discovered he likes the Disney movie "Cars" he also likes "Lilo and Stitch" he laughs everytime Stitch would come on! I am so excited he knows some Disney people b/c we are going to Disney World in December and I want him to recognize stuff! He still doesn't watch a whole lot of tv but he will pay attention a little bit more which is nice when I need to get stuff done. I don't ever want him to be a "Tv kid" but if a program or movie can entertain him for a little while that is fine. I will probably limit him though when he does really start watching to 2 programs or 1 movie a day.

He hasn't been to the doctor lately so I am not exactly sure how big he is. My guess would be about 31 lbs and 34 inches. He wears a size 2T now...I think he could still fit in 18-24 month its just I bought all his summer clothes in 2T. He is not on the big end like he used to be. He's probably closer to average. He is in a size 7 shoe and size 5 diaper still.

He hasn't started potty training yet but I hope to later in the summer. Definitely before the weather gets cold again!

He still is learning a lot of the alphabet I would say he can recognize a dozen letters and he knows and says "H" when he sees it. He also knows some colors. He knows many animals (cows, dogs, cats, birds, giraffes, elephants, fish, etc.) He knows what the sun and starts are too!

Its amazing how quickly kids grow up! I see it in him every day he is getting bigger and older and acting like a little boy! Even though he can't talk in sentences yet he does a pretty good job getting his point across. He has 2 more months of GymRompers. I will be sad when it ends b/c he has so much fun and has learned so much! But then he will start swim lessons this summer!

Refreshed Momma!

Wow I feel so much better today! I guess sometimes a break from the little one is what you need in order to feel refreshed and like a good momma again! Since Colby spent last night with my parents I had from around 5 last night until 9 this morning for just me.
It was great to go to the game and hang out with friends. I missed Colby especially once I saw a few other toddlers out there but at the same time I was glad he wasn't out there because I know he would have been tired and miserable the whole time! Austin hurt himself in like the 4 inning so he was out the rest of the time boo for that! So I didn't get to watch him play a whole lot! After the game we went out for dessert with some of our friends. That was nice too because that is something we never get to do much anymore! By the time we got home though we were both pretty worn out!
This morning even though I didn't sleep past 8:15 I felt refreshed and it was nice to just get dressed and get some chores done without an antsy toddler clinging to me! I even got to Starbucks and got myself some coffee before picking him up! I was a little worried when I talked to my parents that he would be grumpy again today. He woke up at 7 and also didn't eat a big breakfast they said and was coughing some overnight but he has been in a great mood so far! I think we both just needed a break from each other. When I arrived at my parents he came running to the door and was ready to leave. Its not that he didn't have fun over there but just like yesterday he was ready go leave here and go home with them. He just gets bored after awhile and wants a change of pace. My parents will be coming over here tonight and keeping him so he will enjoy that too! Austin and I have a Deacon's Banquet to go to. We won't be real late coming in though so that is why my parents are just gonna stay here with him. It will be nice again to have an adult function to go to and kinda sit back and relax a little!
I hope today goes as well as it has so far! I am enjoying playing with my little guy though I missed him last night! So that is all for now! Tomorrow we have church but I am thinking of just going to Sunday School and coming home. It really depends on Colby's coungh/runny nose. If it gets a lot better we will stay the whole time if not we will just go to Sunday School and come home!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Tired of sickness and teething!

Ok well let me begin this post by saying I know I could have it so much worse and I am thankful each day that Colby hasn't had any major sicknesses. But I just feel like as far as "small" bugs go we have been through it this year! We have had something every month this year! January bad sinus colds, February stomach bug, March horrible stomach bug, and now April more cold/allergy type stuff plus teething!

Its been awhile since Colby has been THIS grumpy from teething! He is getting his 2 year molars now and PRAISE the Lord they are the last ones to come in! I know he will be ready too to have all his teeth in! I really hope this is the worst year for sicknesses. I hear the 1-2 age is the worst for catching everything so I hope that's true! He was such a healthy baby and not that he is not healthy now it just seems like since last October about every month he has something. I can't even imagine what it would be like though if he was in daycare! So this has seemed like quite a long week. I think all this stuff began last weekend and we were so busy until Wednesday that I think it just took its toll on Colby. He has just been happy to sad happy to sad for the last 2 days. I think more of it is his teeth though then the cold that is slowing him down! Last night I was brushing his teeth...which he normally loves well I got to the back and he screamed and cried! I am just praying all 4 are coming in right now and not just 1. To think of having to do this 3 more times just makes me cringe!

Today we had the option to go on a Zoo playdate or even go the park but I opted out of both. I know he's still sick and doesn't feel well. I don't want to get anyone else's child sick or make him worse. We have quite a busy weekend so I hope he is well for most of it. Tonight Austin and I are going to Austin's church softball game. We are leaving Colby home this week b/c the game is not until 7:40. Actually he is spending the night with my parents. Honestly the way I feel right now I am very glad and I think it will be good for me to have a break! Last week at the game all he did was cling to me and whine anyway. It will be nice tonight to actually visit and watch the game. Although I do hope he's good for my parents and doesn't act the way he has acted so far today with me.

Tomorrow we don't have anything during the day but then tomorrow night Austin and I have the Deacon's Banquet. Again Colby still have to sit this one out. I don't think children are invited anyway. My parents are keeping him over at our house. I didn't want him to spend 2 nights away. And since we won't be coming in late they will just watch him at our house. Sunday ofcourse is church and I hope Colby is better and not worse so we can go! So if you are reading this just pray for patience for me b/c I am really worn out and trying to get over a cold myself. I know he can't help the way he feels. Also pray for him to get well soon and get back to the happy little boy he normally is!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My little Gymromper

Today Colby went to Gymrompers. This is not his usual day. I think it through us both off going today. I started to just not go and go to the grocery store but the session ends in May and this is his last one so I want to take advantage of all the classes. First off this class starts at 9:30 which is normally when we leave so our morning was a little rushed it felt like. But we got ready in time and actually arrived early.
This was a different teacher today so it just seemed different altogether. I was glad to see some of the other mommies and kids from our Tuesday class there though. That made it seem better and more familiar. This was this girl's first time to teach so it wasn't as good as normal but I have to say she did really good for it to be her first time teaching it. I missed Miss Kim though. Colby loves her and she always makes a big deal of when he comes in.
Colby did pretty well today but seemed a little off. I blame this on several reasons. 1) He has a bit of a cold. 2) New teacher and different class 3) He is probably tired we haven't slowed down much since the weekend. He did good though he participated really well he just got upset a few more times then he usually would. He was so cute though during the instrument time he usually runs right for them. Well today he was distracted playing and didn't get to them during the "mad rush" so instead of just going to get his instrument late it was like his feelings were hurt that he missed part of that playtime. So he sat on my lap and waited (which he never does). It was like he was waiting patiently for the animals to come out so he could be first for those! As always he got the kitties. I think he wrangled them both from 2 mommies. Oh well though least he didn't take one from another kid. He even picked up the kitties though when it was clean up time. He did most of his usual stunts but just didn't quite seem as peppy as usual. I saw him watching a couple other boys real close and he played peek a boo with a little girl! We had fun but I am looking forward to next week being at our real class!
Now the rest of the day we are staying home! I have lots of house chores to do and I am hoping Colby sleeps well back in his own bed for naptime. His naps have been off the last 2 or 3 days so I am hoping to get back to our routine today!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Hattiesburg Trip

We just got back from Hattiesburg we took our yearly April trip there a little early. We usually go around the 20th for Austin's niece's b-day. We didn't know if we would make her party so we just went ahead and went. It was a short visit we were only there 2 days but we still managed to have lots of fun! Its amazing how each time we go there how much Colby has changed. I was thinking back to last winter when we were there and he was just a baby. Our trips there are more fun I think now b/c he can interact with his cousins and everyone can watch him play! Plus he's on a lot less tighter schedule now that he is older too. It seemed like when he was a baby everything had to be planned around naps and feedings...I mean we still have to take those things in consideration but he is a lot more flexible now.

We headed up there Monday morning and got to his parent's house around 10:30 or so. Colby right away wanted to play in their yard. He had a blast running around and swinging. By noon Colby was starving so we met his parents and sister and Colby's cousin Maggie at Sweet Peppers. Colby did really well poor thing ate a ton he was soo hungry after all his playing and showing off! After lunch we knew Colby would be exausted so we went back to the apartment with him to nap. We all took naps it was really nice. I love that we have a quiet get away like that when we are there! After we all woke up we went back to his parents house. By this time both girls were there. Colby had a blast playing outside with his 2 cousins. He is starting to interact with them more. It took them a little while to all warm up to each other but I think he was very curious about them. They ran around and played before dinner. After dinner we all went back outside to let the kids play some more. Eventually this led to all 3 of them playing in the garden hose. It was too cute not to let them play! The girls enjoyed watching Colby "drink" from the hose. I enjoyed seeing the 3 giggle and have fun I look forward to many more of these times! We could tell by about 6:30 though Colby had had enough. He didn't take a long nap and from all the excitement of the day you could tell he was worn out. We got him back to the apartment and he played for a little while naked he loves this! He just ran around like a wild man! Typical boy! I was a little worried about bedtime b/c last time we were there he fell out his bed and would cry everytime we would put him in there. This time though he did fine. He slept for about 12 hours with no crying at all! I was so proud!

This morning we got up and met his family again at Cracker Barrel for breakfast. I had blueberry pancakes and sausage which I shared with Colby. I am glad he is starting to try more breakfast foods. He got very antsy though so I finally took him out to the store then outside. He enjoyed climbing in all the rockers. Once we left Cracker Barrel we took him to the zoo. We first let him play on the playground part. He had a good time and tried most of it out. I think he would have done more but there were 4 adults calling him and I think he would just get confused. This is why I prefer to take him to the park by myself or with just Austin. He likes to play alone and figure things out on his own without much help. After that we took him into the zoo and road the train. He seemed to really like it. He didn't smile much though he just looked around. I think he enjoyed it I think he was just wondering where in the world we had taken him. This was his first train ride besides the little one at the mall. After we let him walk around and see some animals. His favorite was the jaguar. I think its because he knows its a big kitty cat! It was a great morning and I was glad we got to get out and do something with him. The lst few times we had been up there it was too cold and when he was a baby we didn't really go places like that. I am glad Austin's family got to see him experience these things too! After the zoo we ate lunch ate hit the road. It was a wonderful trip! Glad to be home though! Now we are all relaxing!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunny Sunday!

Today was another busy day. Our Sundays are usually busy although this was the first "normal" Sunday for us in awhile. Lately with Easter, and our church's 75th Celebration there have been special things to go to after church. I was thankful today that Colby and I would be returning home after church to take naps.
The day began with Sunday School. It went really well. Cade joined our class again so it was just Colby and Cade. Both boys did really well. Cade really took notice of Colby and Colby really took notice of Cade. There were a few times they even tried to talk to each other. They are 10 months apart so there is a big difference in age right now but I think they will grow up to be buddies!
During church I had extended care and I got placed with the 4 year olds. This is the 2nd time I have worked with that class. I really sorta enjoy it. Because by 4 kids can talk to you and they are pretty funny. We played inside and had snack then we decided it was soo nice a day we took the 4 of them outside. They had a blast. I loved watching them do the monkey bars and swinging. It made me think what I will have to look forward to with Colby in a few short years. His teachers told me he did really well too. His class also played outside and ofcourse he loved that! He always looks happy when I pick him up too so that is encouraging!
We ate lunch at McAlister's with my parents since Austin had to work. Colby was really good and didn't fuss the entire time! Afterwards we came home and both napped. Its nice to have a quiet Sunday afternoon now! I am sure though once he gets up we will spend the rest of the time outside!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Softball and Birthday Party!

Today was a very busy Saturday for us but also very fun! I see many Saturdays being like this in the future though with t-ball games and birthday parties this will probably be a norm!

First Austin had his first softball game of the year. It was at 9:00 which meant we had to leave our house a little after 8. We had to wake up really early but it was fun I didn't mind so much! I even woke up and baked cinnamon rolls for everyone before we left!

I was excited to see how Colby would like it this year. He has been the last 2 years first year he was still in my tummy last year he was just a baby! He always loved it last year but by the end of the season he was just learning to crawl so it was a whole different ballgame. I always brought a blanket and a bunch of toys and a bottle and he always had a blast. Plus he had his friend Blake there to keep him company.

Well today he didn't seem to like it as much. I hope by the end of the season he will be more used to it and actually let himself have fun! The whole time he was whiny and clingy. I couldn't figure out why. It could have been the fact that Austin was on the field and he couldn't figure out why, or that he was still sleepy, or he just was overwhelmed. I figured I would be chasing him the whole time and he would be running all over but he just stayed clinging to my leg or on my lap the entire time. It wasn't too bad I don't guess least he wasn't trying to run on the field. I just wish he would have warmed up to everyone around us and had a little fun! He finally got comfortable right at the end for like the last 10 minutes. Once we got home I could tell he was already worn out and probably hungry. So we played out back for like 20 minutes then came home and he ate and crashed. This was a good thing though b/c we had to leave at 3 for his little birthday party.

This afternoon his little friend Cameron had her 2nd b-day party! I was so excited for him to get to see her. They grew up together in the nursery for their first year before her family moved to Slidell. We still see them every couple of months. I hoped that he would have a good time. I remember last year at her party he was only about 9 months old and he was just learning to crawl so he didn't do much at the party. It was amazing to see the difference in a year! He had a blast! Most of her party was outside in their backyard so he was in heaven. They had a dog, swing, trampoline, and little playset so he had the time of his life! There was 3 toddlers: Colby, Cameron, and another little girl. It was halarious watching them all play. Colby also wanted to get in on the action with the big kids! He even sat at the table and ate some cake...well mainly he licked icing off his finger! His favorite part I think though were the trampoline and swing. He was really good and in fact didn't want to leave! I am glad he had such a good time! Now I am looking forward to his next little kid birthday party and his birthday party!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Colby's Photo Shoot with Katie Hodas

Last weekend Colby had his 1 1/2 year pictures taken with a childhood friend of mine. Its so great that I have a couple friends who are into photography! We took them at Brechtel Park in Algiers. I think they came out fabulous! Colby did a great job and she just captured him in the moment having fun being a typical boy! I think he really enjoyed it because it was in a new place and he had plenty of room to run and explore! I can't wait to bring him back out there! He looks so big in these pictures! Enjoy a preview of them! She gave us 106 photos here are just a few! I am gonna have fun trying to narrow them down to decide which ones to buy though!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Colby's bobo

So first I have to say gosh my little boy is so tough. He gets banged up and scraped up all the time now and it hardly seems to phase him!

Well tonight we had a big uh oh accident. We were leaving to go on our walk and now Colby insists on walking like a big boy so he was already in the sidewalk when Austin and Allie went to run ahead of him. Well as Colby was walking and Austin and Allie were going they all seemed to get tangled up leaving Allie's leash to catch around Colby's neck knocking him to the ground with his little head hitting the concrete! Well my heart just stopped for those couple of seconds until I could see he was ok. His head was a little scraped and bruised but it wasn't major swelling or anything so it must have sounded worse then it really was. He ofcourse was crying but I think it scared him more then anything as it seems it always does. I think his pride gets hurt way worse then his body! I quickly brought him in though to get a cold pack and just make sure he was ok. He was more upset at this point about being drug back in the house I think. After I cleaned him up and could tell he was alright we decided to go on with our walk b/c Allie and him were already excited about it!

And as a tough boy that he is...he continued to walk almost the entired block by himself. I swear he will play football but that makes me nervous b/c as much as a cringed tonight and keep replaying him falling in my mind I can't imagine watching from the sidelines as my little guy got tackled! So anyway he seemed fine as the night went on he played in the tub and all as usual. Ofcourse I am still a little worried and still can't get the picture out of my head. But I just thank God that it wasn't more tragic because it could have easily been. Luckily there wasn't even any blood shed. Guess I have to get used to these things happening with a rough, tumble little boy! But my heart will never get used to seeing my little boy get bobos.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Fun!

Austin was off today so we have had one of our usual fun family Mondays. First off we got to sleep in until 8. It was so nice to get that extra hour of sleep! We got up and made Colby's breakfast and our coffee and got ready for the day. Colby is such a big boy now he eats at the big table for snacks. He always starts his morning with fruit so he sat at the big table eating his strawberries and grapes and drinking his milk. He wanted back in the highchair though for his oatmeal. Then he eats his last part of breakfast puffs or dry cereal in front of the tv. Guess he likes different scenery?

Once we were out the door we headed to the park. We tried Terrytown but it was full of school children so we went to Mel Ott instead. I like this park but I feel like the equipment is a little too big for Colby's age. It will be great when he's like 4. But he still had fun! We almost had one accident where he slipped down a step then almost fell off the side but Mommy caught him just in time! After the park we went to Lowe's to pick out some flowers...we needed springtime/summer flowers for our back. We also got some veggies to plant. Now that Colby is getting a little older and he loves veggies I thought it would be fun to try our hand at gardening! We always do tomatoes but I wanted to do more then that. So we got creole tomato plants and some garden bean seeds, okra seeds, and peas. So we'll see how it goes! I have a friend who is willing to offer some tips!

This afternoon after Colby's nap we played outside. I thought it would be a good idea to get his splash pool out. I have seen pics of other kids swimming already so I thought hey its like 80 today why not? Well Colby was excited at first but once he sat in the water he was not so much. I guess it was still too cold for this! But he enjoyed running around in his swimsuit and splashing once he got his shoes back on. We must have stayed out for over an hour! He had so much fun! But man on man did he get dirty! We had to hose him off before he came back inside! I guess this is what I have to look forward to with a little boy! I think we will all sleep good tonight though because it is warming up so much outside so if you spend anytime out it wears you out! But its been a great day we are just staying in and possibly getting italian takeout tonight. I am craving some pasta alfredo!