Tuesday, October 25, 2016

October Weekend

This past weekend was really nice! It was nice having Austin home for most of it. He got home early Friday and we were able to have a nice night with the kids. He brought home dinner and we did movie night with the kids. They watched Spooky Buddies. He actually got home early enough to mow the yard. We had fish and chicken tenders. It was nice to have him home early. 
Saturday morning we were up early so we could head to Hattiesburg. Our plans have changed so much this month! Originally we were going to spend the weekend there for USM Homecoming. Then Austin got really busy at work and we figured it wasn't going to work out so we had just figured we would stay home and enjoy a low key weekend before Halloween. Then Austin's dad called on Monday and wanted Austin to come visit. I really didn't want him to spend another weekend away. After thinking about it I decided we could just go up as a family for the day. It was a nice compromise. It got us all up there to see him, we still got to be together as a family, and we were still home for a good part of the weekend. We left around 8. We stopped for breakfast though at Chickfila first. We were on the road shortly after and to Hattiesburg by about 10ish. We got there and visited with his family. I had also decided since we were going up during the day that I should still take the kids to the USM homecoming parade. They love going to this plus I knew it would get them out the house and allow Austin to talk more with his family. So shortly after we arrived my dad met us over there and we went to the campus. We finally found a parking spot and walked to watch the parade. I think the kids had a lot of fun. Ofcourse the parade was pretty low key but it was perfect. They caught some stuff and just enjoyed looking at all the different "floats" and bands and groups that went by. After the parade we took them to look at the decorated "floats" at the front of campus. They enjoyed this too. It was hot though and they were starting to get tired and hungry so we left to go back to the car. We dropped my dad off then went back to Austin's parent's house for lunch. By the time we got there they had lunch about ready. We had hot dogs and hamburgers. We basically spent the afternoon just visiting. It was nice to catch up with everyone. The kids played with Maggie. It was a nice afternoon with family. I think it meant a lot to his parents and sister for us to be there. We left around 4 though to head back home. We wanted to be in before it go too dark plus it had already been a busy day! We stopped in Slidell for dinner at McAlister's. We figured the kids would be hungry plus this way when we got home we could get them ready or bed. We arrived home about 7. We quickly got everyone bathed and headed towards the bed. 
Sunday was a nice day as well. I was thankful to have Austin off with us. We went to first service. I was teaching of course. We ended dup having 11 or 12 in class with us. I felt like they were really good though. I didn't have much of a voice so I had to really rely on my help. I was super thankful for them! We made little pumpkin handprints for the kids that came out super cute! After church we went out to eat and ran a couple errands. This has become our standard thing I guess. That afternoon we rested and just enjoyed being together. We also worked on getting things ready for the new week. That night we were able to take a walk which was fun. Our kids love their walks! 

Fall Fun

This week we are starting up the excitement of the Holiday season with all things fall and Halloween! i love how each year has been different but we always end up with plenty to keep us busy! This year life has changed a bit with them both at the same school. In the past I have been balancing life between 2 schools. 
So last night at church we had a Fall Family Festival. This was the first time they have done that since we have been back at Calvary. I was excited b/c it reminded me of the "good old days" of my growing up years. I was thankful Austin got home early and was able to attend with us. We got there a little after 5. They were offering free Cane's chicken for dinner. They had chairs set up outside so we just found some chairs and ate our dinner. Colby of course ended up sitting by his friend Nijel. Lindsay on the other hand hung close to us. Oh and they got to wear their costumes. Lindsay is Princess Elena of Avalor and Colby was an old man. They were both so cute. They were both super shy though at first. I think just the different set up and all the people around! There was a ton of people there. So after we ate they started doing the Dunking Booth. During that time the kids were able to do that or just run around with their friends. Lindsay's dress was really long so finally I found a way to "tie it up" and then she was good to go. Once I did that she was less clingy and hung out with Genevieve a little bit. 
Soon they started putting wrist bands on families and getting them in groups. This was the part of the evening I wasn't sure how it would work. We ended up being in the "blue" group. Everyone went upstairs though to the middle school hallway. Colby had a great time and was right in his element. I think Lindsay had a good time too but she was still kinda quiet and didn't quite "connect" like Colby did. Truly it was too overwhelming for the preschool crowd. I was glad my boy had fun but I was hot and wasn't feeling the crowds. We bolted before everyone grouped up together in the Jumpstart Room. I hated to miss the "lesson" part of the evening but were all tired. I knew the kids needed to get home and get headed to bed. Plus Colby had studying that needed to be done. All in all it was a fun night and I think the kids enjoyed the experiences. I love this time of year! 
Too bad I started feeling sick and really didn't feel well overnight. I think its allergies but I have a sore throat and scratchy voice. I am hoping I can get well soon and enjoy the rest of the festivities with my family.
Today I skipped music class. I really hated to do so! I was looking forward to letting them sing and do our Halloween songs one more week. I knew though if I went I would really be pushing myself. Tomorrow is Farm Day so I really want to feel good for that. So a quiet day alone is truly what I think my soul needed. 
Farm Day was a blast! I was thankful as always to get to spend a day with my kiddos. This was the first year I could stay for the whole event. In the past I have had to go pick up Lindsay or get to her school to see her at her halloween party. I was glad to have them both in the same place. I was assigned to helping with games. The game I was helping with was pretty low key. They were to find "treasures" in a pool of corn kernels with their feet. I also had some 8th graders helping me. Since the game itself was pretty low key I ended up going back and forth to see Lindsay and hang out with her. I enjoyed the first group of kids a lot since that was Colby's group. During that time Lindsay's class was having story time and checking out the decorated pumpkins. After that Lindsay's group went to see the animals. I wanted to spend that time with her. She truly loved all the animals. It was fun doing this with her after so many years of experiencing it with Colby. Her favorites were the ducking and the bunnies. Next her group went to the bounce houses. I went back to check on my game station at this point. The middle schoolers were out there then. there wasn't much I could do except fuss at a few who kept knocking everything out! I finally left and walked back over there to see her. they were getting out the space walks at that time and going to have a juice break. After they finished it was their turn to play games and do trunk or treat. During that time I hung out with Lindsay and her little friend Brielle. After they finished up they went back to class to take a potty break. Their last activity before lunch was candied apples. I loved how organized they had this station. After that we went to lunch. I sat with Lindsay and some of her classmates. Soon Colby's group came in but he just sat at a table with his friends. We ate and packed up all our stuff and came home! It was a great day and I was so thankful it was a 1/2 day! 


Its hard to believe another fall weekend has come and gone. Friday as I mentioned earlier the kids spent the night with my parents. It was nice to have some quiet but also weird too without them here. We actually like having our kids home! I know some friends/family who don't mind shipping their kids off every weekend to family or friends but I really love our traditions. They of course love time with the grandparents though so it was nice they got to do that. It also helped Austin and I catch up on some much needed rest. 
I slept until 8 Saturday morning! That felt amazing! I got up and caught up on a few chores and talked to a friend on the phone. Once I was dressed and ready I headed out to go pick them up. We had plans of going to City Park. We hadn't been out there in awhile and the weather was just so gorgeous I wanted to do something fun with them outside. We invited our friends Nijel and Mia to meet us. It was definitely more fun with friends! The kids had a blast and I enjoyed another mom to chat with. We first took the kids into the Botanical Gardens. This was the first time we had done that in awhile. We brought both kids I think when Colby was 4 and Lindsay was a baby then I think we brought just Lindsay once when Colby was in school. Its such a beautiful and peaceful place. They also had a "scarecrow trail". They had different organizations decorate themed scarecrows and had them placed all around the gardens! It was so fun looking at the different ones. We also enjoyed seeing the plants and sculptures. The boys were less into it. They mostly just wanted to run around and play. I think the girls could have hung longer with the moms. We spent about an hour in there though which I thought was good considering...
We finally went over to Storyland which is really where they wanted to go. They had a blast and we were able to just sit and visit while they played. It was nice visiting with Melody while the kids played. I enjoyed watching them! They are so big now! We hung out in there about an hour until lunch time approached. Once we left it took the kids and I an hour to get back home! We stopped to pick up lunch then got home! I think we were all ready. I just enjoy my slow Saturday afternoons. Austin was in Hattiesburg so I like to try and make those times fun when its just the kids and I. Its been hard on them this fall with him being away so much. We spent a lot of time outside and I let them watch Lilo and Stitch while I cooked and cleaned up dinner. After dinner we took a walk...again tried to keep things as fun and normal as possible. They went to bed early and I found myself bored without Austin here. 
Sunday it was nice to wake up to a new day! I looked forward to Austin getting back into town. We got to Aurora about 9:20. The kids were able to see their prey 4 teacher and even help her get some things in her classroom. After that we met up with Melissa and the preschool families that were arriving. We gathered the kids up in a room and waited on time for church to start. My kids got to see old teachers and friends! They were super shy at first though. I was glad when Austin arrived before we had to go on stage. I wanted them to be able to sit with him while my kids sang. The kids did an awesome job! We had 13 out of 20 show up so that was really super! They were adorable! After they sang we took them back to Children's Church. Shelley did the story with all the kids then they split up according to age. Shelly took the big kids and Melissa and I took the littles. We made a little craft with them. I really enjoyed my Sunday there. I love our church and I love what I do there. I missed the people and my little preschoolers but I have to say it was refreshing to be somewhere else for a week and gain a different perspective. After church the 4 of us ran some errands and went to lunch. It was so nice to have Austin back home. We worked on the kids pumpkins for their contest at school. We spent a lot of the afternoon outside which was nice. As always the weekend was great and it was nice to get that refreshment before beginning a new week! 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Busy Fall Week

So here we are winding up what has been another super busy week! I love October and all the fun stuff it brings! It sure can wear a busy momma out though! 
Monday- Austin was off...It was nice to finally have him off on a school day again. I love our family time but its nice to have couple time too. Well that morning I went grocery shopping after bringing the kids to school. When I got back and we put everything away he and I got out to run some errands. I always enjoy having him around for those things. We went to SAM's and then out to eat lunch. I was happy to get back to our lunch dates. That afternoon was busy...he went to get the kids and I stayed home and left a bit later bc I had parent/teacher conference with Colby's teacher. I was glad to get to meet with her even though she had assured me he is doing great! He had all As and Bs and 1 C this quarter! I was super proud of that! His C is in math so we are working hard on that on our off time. She said he is a wonderful student. We attributed the couple weeks worth of challenges in behavior to all that was/is going on with Austin's dad. Since then he has been doing much better. As long as he maintains positive points I told him I will be happy. That night Austin cooked steaks and potatoes for us then we took a walk. Again it was nice to have a nice family night and stay in. 
Tuesday- It was another routine day for us. Austin was back to work. I had volunteered to help the school count the cookie dough money. I met my friend ashley up there and it took us about 2 hours to get it all counted. It was nice visiting with her. I was happy to have a few hours to myself afterwards before picking the kids up. The afternoon was super hectic! We got home and did homework then ran out the door again to go to the school's open house. The kids were asked to be "model students" so we all had to be there. I picked them up Cane's and they ate outside before the open house started. After they ate I walked Lindsay to her room. Her teacher had asked a few kids to participate. I was proud of Lindsay! She was such a big girl and excited to help her teacher! I walked Colby upstairs. He split his time between the 2nd grade room and the computer lab. He of course was super independent. His friend Makyrin was there so he was happy about that. It was a wonderful evening. I had kind of been dreading it but I ended up having a great time. I enjoyed meeting some prospective families. 
Wednesday- This day ended up being a much slower day for me and for that I was thankful. Our house cleaner was supposed to come but she didn't show up. I was honestly a little relieved to have the day to myself. I love having a clean house but I don't love having to work around someone all day. I brought the kids to school then went to Aurora. We were practicing music for this upcoming Sunday to sing in church. I practiced first with the 4s and 5s then with the 3s. I finished up around 10 which was super. I stopped and picked myself up some soup for lunch and came on home. I really enjoyed the down time around the house. I was also able to rest and take it easy. I think after the busyness of the day before I was due a day of rest! My parents picked the kids up from school. I had already made the decision that we wouldn't be going to church. With being up there the night before I felt it best for the whole family if we came home to rest. Colby was upset at first but they both handled it well and I think were honestly a little relieved. They didn't have homework so they were able to spend more time outside. I was glad to get to cook jambalaya for us and just have the time to let them play. It seems like school nights are so busy for us there is rarely time for play. The only day I normally really get to see them play is Saturday. It was a nice change of pace for us all. I even let them stay up and watch Charlie Brown that night! 
Thursday- Another full day! The day began with Awards Day for Colby after dropping the kids off. This quarter he got Perfect Attendance. I was super happy for him! He's always bummed when he doesn't get anything. He is doing really well this year though bc he only missed honor roll by 2 points. I was thrilled to see him! After that I had to head over to Aurora and practice with my little preschoolers again for their singing on Sunday! I was so proud they did awesome! It was our first practice with them all together! They rocked it! I hope Sunday goes well! I know everyone will think they are just adorable! I once again finished up by about 11 so I came home and had a few hours to rest before going to get the kids. Thursdays are another busy afternoon bc we have to get homework done then dinner then head off to Scouts. I was a little worried we might not be able to go to Scouts b/c Colby had gotten 6 dojo points taken away in one day and he was hanging out at a 1. He was so happy to be back after missing 3 weeks so I was happy for him. We all went together which was nice. They spent some time talking about the upcoming campout. Once we split into dens our boys talked about some animals then did an activity about compost. I loved how into it Mrs. Melody got!! We are so thankful for her leadership. I think the boys had fun and learned a lot! 
Friday was another busy day! We had our house cleaner rescheduled for that day and I had a haircut at 11. I hated going late morning like that b/c when its in the middle of the day I feel like it takes up my entire day! I had to leave the house about 10:15 to stop by the bank first and I didn't get home until after 1:30. I was glad to have about an hour alone but that was all I got before going to get the kids. I picked them up then my parents actually got them from the school parking lot and took them home. We had scheduled them to spend the night since I had a conference at 4 and they had been wanting the kids to come over again! The conference went really well. The teacher said Lindsay is doing great! I was shocked she had this paper of formal assessments. She did pretty good on that. She still has some "math" that she needs to learn but her teacher thought it was more the way the questions were asked or that she was just shy and didn't necessarily want to talk even though she knew the answers. All in all I think we were pleased. Its such a different preschool then Aurora was though. I am just thankful she loves learning and seems to be thriving in this atmosphere. After the conference I came home to a quiet house. I missed the kids but it was nice to have a little while to myself. Austin got home around 6:30 and we ate and then took a walk. Looking forward to another weekend and ready to spend time with my kiddos! 

Weekend Life

I was so happy when the weekend arrived! It was such a busy week I was ready for a slow down and to take it easy. Once we got back home from the field trip Friday the kids and I were pretty beat so we were pretty lazy and mostly just watched tv. Austin brought home dinner that night and we did an abbreviated movie night. 
Saturday I was so happy to finally have a quiet Saturday morning with the kids. I did my usual blueberry muffin breakfast and we just took our time getting ready. I was able to do some cleaning which was helpful too. We were finally ready to get out the house about 10:45. We first stopped at the bank then Party City. We were in search for b-day invitations for Lindsay. We unfortunately lucked out so we went and had lunch at Chickfila. Sometimes I just really love my alone time with the kids. Its neat to just focus on them and watch them interact. After that we went to Target. We didn't find invitations but we did manage to find some other fun stuff. It was fun shopping with them. We got home and relaxing was the main thing on our agenda. I just love quiet Saturdays like that. I have so many friends who run around with sports and I am so thankful that we don't do that. I think the kids need the quiet and rest as much as I do. I love seeing them pull out all their toys and really use their imaginations. Its truly what rejuvenates me for the upcoming week! That afternoon my parents stopped by to visit with us for a bit and Austin got home early so we watched the USM game together! It was a fun evening! 
Sunday was a busy day for us. Thankfully austin was off. he had "counting" duties on Sunday. That meant I taught my class and he had to work both services. I had 6 kids I think in first service so it was pretty calm and quiet. We ended up staying for 2nd. Colby stayed upstairs and I brought Lindsay into church with me. She got restless during the sermon but Austin and my dad took her out for a bit and walked her around. We had to wait about 30 min after the sermon ended for Austin to finish up. I was proud of the kids how well they handled themselves though during that wait. Finally he came out and we were able to go eat. We went out to eat with my parents at Olive Branch. That afternoon we mostly just rested and caught up on house projects. 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Fall Break & Destin 2016

We just got home from a lovely trip to the beach. If you recall this is our 2nd beach trip this year. We took one in February for Mardi Gras and it was super cold!! The kids were out Wednesday-Friday this week and we decided it was a perfect time to head to the beach. I was so thankful for a long weekend and break with them. Its truly what I think we needed to heal from the craziness that was September. It was also a time of refreshment and rest before we head into the holiday season. 
Wednesday we got up early and were ready to hit the road by 9. We did our usual late stop for lunch at Ruby Tuesdays. The kids were great travelers and watched movies or just chilled during the trip. We were all starving by the time we got to lunch about 1:30. We had my parents and Randall and Lizzie on the trip as well which always makes it fun! We arrived at the condo around 3. We unpacked and got settled before taking the kids out to the beach. They were quite ready to get out to the water. The beach felt wonderful. It was in the 80s and the water was cool but not freezing. We stayed out there about 30+ minutes before heading to the pool. I let Austin get in with the kids and I just relaxed in the chair. The day of traveling there is always so tiring. We let them swim for about 30 minutes before heading up to clean up for dinner. By the time we changed and got to my parent's condo dinner was about ready. We had a lovely dinner that night of chicken, mac n cheese, and green beans. As always it was a great time of visiting and just being together. We were about 8:30 or after getting to our condo and getting the kids to bed. 
Thursday we did our usual get up and have breakfast in my parent's condo. We all work together and make a yummy and big breakfast! Its one of my favorite things. After a leisurely breakfast and visiting we set out to get dressed for the beach. It was so nice getting down to the beach and enjoying the chairs. The kids are at perfect ages now as far as being pretty independent and being able to play. The weather was amazing as well. We spent about 2 hours out on the beach before the kids were ready to move on to the pool. We let them swim for about an hour before going back up to the condo. We got cleaned up and went to make sandwiches for lunch. That afternoon Austin went back down to the beach and I stayed in the condo with the kids. I always enjoy a good nap there. The kids watched a movie and Colby played on the iPad some. We got cleaned up and ready for dinner at 5. We had plans to eat at the Back Porch but the line looked horrendous so we went further down to eat at Pompano Joe's. I was honestly a little excited for a change. It had been years since we had eaten there. The food was great and we ate outside. After that we went to the outdoor mall. The kids weren't quite as into it as they usually are. They both said they were too big to play on the playground. They did ride the train though. They also both enjoyed the boats and such at Bass Pro shop. It was nice out and the fall decorations were so cute. We went back to the condo though after that. I think we were all pretty tired. 
Friday was much of the same....big breakfast then time out on the beach. It was much hotter that day! We only stayed out on the beach about an hour and a half that day. Lindsay was done by that point and ready to head to the pool. My parents and I brought her down there to swim. We swam for awhile then the boys joined us. By the time they got there I was ready to get out. They played for awhile longer then everyone got out and we went to change and get ready for lunch. That afternoon the boys spent more time on the beach and Lindsay and I napped. I could tell by that day she was getting pretty tired and would need the down time to stay up later that night. We got ready around 5 again and just Austin and the kids and I went out for some family fun. First we went to eat at Johnny Rockets. It was ok but nothing too crazy to rave about. We then went to play putt putt. That was fun although the kids got tired of it by about hole 14! We then took Colby to ride a go-cart! He loved it! He was able to ride on the rookie track this time instead of the little preschool track he had drove on before. He was in little boy heaven! Lindsay wouldn't use her tickets to ride the preschool track. She didn't want to ride anything alone. After that the place was getting super crowded so we decided to head back to the condo. We had cookies and visited with the family for awhile before heading to bed.
Saturday we headed home...well not home for us but to Hattiesburg. We were able to stop for lunch all together before splitting directions. We arrived in Hattiesburg around 2. We unpacked and took a potty break at the apartment. After that we went to the facility where Austin's dad now is. The kids were a little hesitant but did well over all. I think Colby was relieved seeing that Pawpaw had actually improved and was up sitting in the recliner when we arrived. Lindsay was very hesitant. I didn't want to force her in the room. I think it was a combo of a new place and the room being full of people. It was his parents, his sister, Harvey, and Shelbi and Maggie. It was a lot. Once they all left and it was just us and his parents she livened up and came out of her shell. We hung out and visited a couple hours. Colby had taken a ride with Wendi and the girls back to their house for awhile. Once he got back we could tell Lindsay was ready to move on. We enjoyed our visit though. He even as access to the outdoors so we were able to take Lindsay out there some to stretch and run around. We took the kids to eat at Olive Garden that night. Once we got back to the apartment Austin went back to visit with his mom and dad while I stayed there and let the kids play and take baths. It was nice to finally be in for the night. 
Sunday we woke up early to head home! We knew it would be a long and busy day as well. We ate a quick breakfast at McDonald's before hitting the road. I can't say enough what great travelers our kids are! We got in and all got to work on unloading and unpacking. We ate lunch outside before then heading off to Lindsay's dance class. I felt like that was poor planning on my part. It was hard to think about getting out again but she so loved it! Their theme was Cinderella. She loves dancing so much but I just haven't been ready to sacrifice our Saturdays for something like that. I am thankful this is just once a month. After that we got home and were all ready to unwind and get ready for bed! 

Monday, October 3, 2016

Weekend Blessings

This week has felt like a true hug from God. Its been a weekend that I felt we all needed. 
Friday I was able to meet a friend for coffee. I love my coffee Fridays. It helps to just sit with another mom and hear stories and know that ok we are not alone in this thing called life of raising babies! After coffee I came home and put in some work around the house. That afternoon the kids and I went outside b/c it was such a beautiful day! We were expecting Austin home early and were looking forward to dinner together. Around 5 he called though and said he would be super late coming home b/c they had a flood at work. Well since I had no dinner plans the kids and I drove and picked up Chickfila. We ate our dinner then got baths and prepared to have movie night. I felt so bad for them with Austin being away so much that he couldn't make it for movie night. They were troopers though! We watched the new Jungle Book movie and we all 3 loved it! Once the movie ended I got them tucked into bed. Austin didn't get home until around 10pm. Poor guy was so tired! 
He had planned on going to Hattiesburg on Saturday for the day but with having such a late night I think he knew he didn't need to push it plus the kids really needed him home. We had promised Colby a donut picnic b/c he brought home all As and Bs on his progress report that week. We picked up donuts that morning and brought them to the Belle Chasse park. The kids had a blast playing and eating. It felt so good to just finally be together! The kids made Austin work the whole time but I think its b/c they have missed him so much!! We stayed out there for over an hour! The weather was beautiful as well! Afterward we decided to stop at a Farmer's Market to get a few produce items as well as some pumpkins to decorate with. The kids loved this as well! I love that they still love simple things like that! 
That afternoon we worked on little projects around the house and just rested and played. It was truly wonderful! It was the type of day I had been craving for so long! I felt like we were all truly happy and enjoyed being around each other! 
Sunday it was so great to go to church as a family! I was in a much better frame of mind then the Sunday before. I worked in preschool. We had 12 kids! It was the busiest I had been in awhile but we have a great group of kids. After church we went to get Mexican and then once again we spent the day together: resting, working, and playing! This weekend was truly a gift from God. I think he saw what need we were in and gave us this time. I think it helped the kids, and Austin and I prepare for a busy week! 

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Growing Pains And Fall Fever

This month has been quite a month for us all. Between just normal fall busyness and all that's been going on with Austin's dad...I just feel like its taken a toll on us all. 
Monday- I had to do the grocery shopping. I was really looking forward to just coming home after though and not doing anything. Well work around the house ofcourse but having a quiet day. I got a text that morning wanting to know if I could sub the 1 year old class. I told them no. I felt guilty but 1) I literally found out on my way to bring my own kids to school and was not dressed or prepared in any way and 2) I knew I needed to grocery shop and focus on the house that day. It really helped me to have that day mostly around the house. Austin was gone that night so it was just the kids and I. We had chicken tacos though and even took a walk so it ended up being a pretty nice day.
Tuesday- I had Bible study that morning. I was glad to go back to that. I always feel so refreshed after going. Its the one thing I do for myself so I like to keep that time of my week sacred. I just love being with the other women and working on our relationship with the Lord. That afternoon Austin got home. We were able to hang out and rest a bit before he went to get the kids. That night we just hung out at home and had grilled burgers. It felt nice to have him here and be together as a family.
Wednesday- Austin was off again. I was so happy to have him with us for a full day. That morning I brought the kids to school then went to run a couple errands. We had our maid here so between her being inside working and Austin working in the yard. We hung out at home. We spent a lot of time outside just visiting which was great. The kids got home and we were off to get ready for church. It was nice going to church as a family. That night in preschool though we only had 3 kids. We had Lindsay, Cohen (3) and Avalynn (1). I feel bad b/c Lindsay is basically in a class with "Babies". She did ok though and still seemed to have fun. We mostly spent the evening outside then came in to do one craft. I was glad we could get back to our church family though. 
Thursday- This was quite a busy day! i had an 8:15 meeting so the kids really had to get ourselves in gear. We had to leave the house by 7:30. I literally had to drop and run at their school. I got to the meeting on time and was the first teacher there. We basically just reviewed the October calendar. That morning music went well. It always wears me out but I enjoy it. I love my 4 and 5 year old class the most. They really get it and seem to enjoy it! We read "We are going on a Bear Hunt" and talked about rhythms and chanting. We've also been practicing our songs to sing in church. Once I got home I was glad to have a couple hours to myself. This day was really hard b/c I had watched Colby's behavior take a dive throughout the week. He had continually lost points to where on Thursday he had a 0. I had to make the tough call of keeping him home from scouts. I so badly hated to do it! Especially since that day was a Pack Meeting and he would be earning some awards. But I knew if we didn't we would be sending the message that what he was doing in school was ok. I fully believe a teacher/parent should be on the same page and support one another. I wanted to show support for his teacher and let her and him know that we were going to try to make some changes. He was upset but I think we still had a pretty ok night. He and I took a walk which was nice.