Friday, January 30, 2015

Life with Lindsay

So I always enjoy Tuesdays and Thursdays b/c they mean days I get to spend with Lindsay! This week on Tuesday we really didn't have any set plans until the day of and it ended up being quite a busy morning but we got to hang out together so it was fun! We first went to Target after dropping Colby off. I try to squeeze in most of my shopping when they are both in school but sometimes that just doesn't always happen but atleast only bringing one child is a lot easier! Afterwards we were going to her school b/c they were having the firefighters come and do a presentation and they brought the firetruck. I was glad her teacher invited us since Lindsay doesn't normally go on Tuesdays. We had a good time. I just always enjoy seeing my kids in action at their schools. She had a few minutes to play in the classroom with her friends while they were setting up. They first went into a classroom to hear a presentation from the firefighters. I am glad they get to hear this stuff and get exposed to it early on even though I feel like most of the presentation was well over Linday's head. The 4 and 5 year olds were really into it but I am not sure how much the 3 year olds got it! They enjoyed it though b/c the firemen made it very fun and entertaining.
That lasted about 25 minutes then they got to go outside and see the firetruck. Out there one of the guys put on all the gear and showed them that even though it looks a little scary its ok b/c he's there to help. They were able to climb on the firetruck also. I think Lindsay had a lot of fun even though she's not quite as into firetrucks and that type of stuff as Colby was. It was quite a fun morning. We also had to stop and meet with Laekan briefly about the upcoming Children's Meeting. I love that Lindsay gets to do ministry with me. A lot of people would see it as a burden that she is my shadow and I have to often bring her to those things but I love that she gets to see that part of my life and I pray that one day she will want to devote her self to sharing the Gospel in whatever shape or form.
So Thursday she and I also had a chance to hang out! We met her little friend Claire and her mom at the park! I am enjoying getting to know them. They are new to the city. Claire is a complete joy and sweetheart! I don't feel like Lindsay gets quite as many playdates as maybe Colby did but now that she is getting older I want to try to make them happen. The girls had a blast at the park. We stayed for about 2 hours. We were able to visit a lot while they played which was nice. Lindsay got filthy and even busted her lip but she had a blast anyway!
I really treasure my days with her b/c I know too soon she will be off at school full day! I love our girl play days!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hattiesburg Weekend

So we had a lovely weekend in Hattiesburg. We left as soon as we picked Colby up from school. The kids traveled great and we made great time! Car rides are getting so much easier!! Lindsay still asks for snacks and needs help with her earphones alot but atleast she isn't screaming and crying like she used to! We got into Hattiesburg right at dinnertime so we met Austin's parents at Georgia Blue. Its a restaurant we have wanted to try for awhile. Its southern cooking and was delicous! Again the kids were really good. Eating out isn't nearly as stressful! I mean gosh part of me wants another baby but I love love the ages our kids are at now!
So we ate and visited then went back to his parents house for kingcake. The kids had a good time playing and it was nice to just visit. Again we stayed out later then we used to also! We got back to the apartment and got them bathed and headed to bed. They sleep in the same bed there so they like to keep each other awake. They talk and play! Honestly its kinda cute. They didn't end up falling asleep until after 10:30 and they were up at 6:15 a little annoying but hey I guess that's trips for you!
We got ready and went back to his parents house. Austin's dad likes to cook a big breakfast for us which is awesome when we go there. The kids again got to play for awhile. Finally around 10 we went to the Campus Bookstore. I wanted to get a new USM sweatshirt. I have been wearing the same one for YEARS! Also I wanted to get the kids something new too! Lindsay got a long sleeve cotton dress and Colby got a basketball jersey! Then we went to the mall. I was in need of some makeup plus I thought it would be a good place for the kids to walk around. They enjoyed the trip. Colby got to do the trampolines and they both rode the kiddie rides. We rarely go to the mall so I think they see it as a treat! Afterwards we dropped Austin's parents off and went to eat a quick lunch. We just went to Zaxby's. Again nice family time. I just enjoy it being the 4 of us like that! Then we went to back to the apartment to rest/nap. Lindsay was def in need of one since they were up so late and up so early. Colby also needed time just to key down. He doesn't nap ofcourse but it helps for him to just have quiet time. He usually gets to play on the iPad during these times. Lindsay took a good long nap. The boys eventually went back over to Austin's parents. I know Austin enjoys having a little more visit time with them plus Colby wanted to go back and play. After Lindsay woke up we headed out to the country to visit Wendi, Harvey, and the girls. Colby was super excited about going out there and I think Lindsay was too!
The kids played outside for a long time before dinner. They swang on swings, jumped on the trampoline, played in Paw-paw's camper, rode bikes, and different things down the hill, played basketball, and chased animals! Its great they get these experiences! Around 5 it was time to eat. I think the kids were too excited to eat they just wanted to play. Lindsay loved playing with all Maggie's toys. Colby mostly played outside with Shelbi. Then Maggie another cousin Anabelle, Shelbi, and Colby all played games outside. I stayed inside bc that is where Lindsay wanted to be. Wendi and Austin's mom played with her a lot. Around 7 we decided it was time to head back to the apartment. The kids still stayed up late but not quite as late as the evening before thankfully!
We all slept well and were up early again ready to head home. We packed up and got dressed and went to eat at Cracker Barrel before heading back! It was a delish breakfast and fun for the kids! The kids traveled well again on the way home. It was good to get back. We spent the afternoon getting things in order for the week ahead. It was a lovely weekend. Love travling but also love coming home!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Date with Our Girl

Tuesday we were able to have a day with our girl! These days actually don't happen a lot to where Lindsay is out of school and Austin is off and we have no other plans! We decided to make it a day about her. I feel a little guilty leaving Colby out but then I remember he had 3 years of just time with us and got to go on MANY field trips. So we brought him to school then headed to breakfast at the Ruby Slipper. I had never been there so it was fun trying a new place! The breakfast was delicious! We will def have to go back and bring Colby. After we walked around by the river before heading to the Insectarium. This is a place I rarely think to go. Since you have to park and walk a little farther then the other places I don't feel as comfortable bringing the kids alone I guess. Colby has only been a handful of times b/c we always go with Austin. Lindsay had never been. I wasn't sure how she would like it but she LOVED it! She was actually more into it then Colby ever was at that age. We think though since he hasn't been with his glasses might be one reason he was never as interested. I think he would like it now! So we will def be going back!
Lindsay loved looking at all the exhibits and was very well behaved. I think she was just soaking up the special time with us! She really paid close attention to most of the exhibits. She also did love things she could climb on or press buttons! We stayed over an hour I was shocked at her attention span. She really liked the butterfly room but was more interested in the birds and fish. She would shriek if a butterfly flew towards her. It was a fun morning!
Our week will be getting back into the swing of things. We started back to Lifegroup that evening. It was a good study on church membership and what that means. Looking forward to this series. It was good to be with all of our friends again.
The rest of the week is pretty quiet. There is a Women's Fellowship tonight. I hadn't planned on going bc Austin was supossed to take Colby to Cubscouts and I was going to stay in but at the last minute that got cancelled. I dunno I hate to miss I know I would have a fun time. But the introvert in me just wants to stay i my sweats especially on a rainy night and not go. We will see it will be a last minute decision. I do need nights out but honestly I enjoy nights with my kids too especially with Colby since I was gone Tuesday night and since he's at school all week. Lindsay and I have had a very low key day. Our typical Thursdays. We had breakfast at Chickfila then came home. Really she likes playing at home and I felt like I needed to catch up on housework and just have time to breathe. Yesterday was a very stressful day. Anyway its been a good and quiet day. This weekend won't be quiet so I guess that's one reason why I am avoiding tonight. Tomorrow will be busy then we leave for Hattiesburg after we pick up Colby. It will be a fun weekend and I am excited for the kids it just won't be very restful. I will update when we get back!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

MLK Weekend

AHH so excited its the weekend AND its a LONG weekend at that!! Austin is off today so that makes this sunny Friday even better! After a week of really cold, rainy, and cloudy we got a beautiful day of full sun! And its in the 50s!! Anyway so to kick off the weekend I sent the kids off to school with kingcakes to share with their classes. Lindsay got the baby last Friday so we had to bring one and well...couldn't have little sis having all the fun. I contacted Colby's teacher to see if it would be ok for him to share one as well =) I think they will all enjoy that treat!
Since the kids were in school and Austin was going to be at home doing yard work I decided to go visit a friend. She has a 6 month old baby. It was fun just visiting with her and playing with her baby boy! He reminds me so much of Colby. Gave me baby fever all over again! Anyway it was a nice start to the weekend. Austin also gets to pick the kids up which gives me a little more free time at home which is lovely. We will also go out tonight which will be fun! We rarely go out on fridays. Usually its our night to stay in and watch movies but with Austin home and the kids having a long weekend I thought we should celebrate!
So Friday night was a lot of fun. We went over to a park in Metairie. The kids had such a great time running around and climbing! It was MUCH needed after such a cold, dreary week! We stayed about 45 minutes. There were tons of other kids as well. I guess a lot of parents had the same idea! It was nice going out on a Friday since we never do that! The kids are good ages now to where we don't have to rush home for early bedtimes! Afterwards we ate a dinner at Phil's Grill. It was yummy and the kids were really good. It was a little crazy at times but not nearly like a couple of years ago!
Saturday Austin was back to work. I still wanted to have fun with the kids. We decided on a Zoo trip. It had been a few months since we were able to go. And the weather was so beautiful after a week of yucky I felt like being outside was a must! My parents decided to go with us. Its always fun to have them on these trips. 1) Because they are a lot of help and 2) its just fun to have them along and get to experience these things with the kids
We really had no agenda at the zoo so I kinda let Colby call the shots. We saw the bear and tiger then he decided going to play on the playground was the next thing! Sure it was a pretty day I wasn't going to argue. They had fun just playing. Afterwards it was the carousel...again sure not going to fight it. As usual Lindsay freaked out. She stayed on her horse but she was crying and begging to get off! I am not sure this girl will ever enjoy a carousel! Then he wanted to ride the train. It was nice getting to see the zoo this way and relax. Afterwards we did the reptile house. The kids had fun. Then we just walked around the oaks some and made our way back to the front. We didn't get to see as much as we usually do but my goal was to be back for lunch and I still wanted some time around the house. We had a good afternoon just relaxing and hanging out.
Sunday we had church. It was my Sunday to teach. The kids were happy as always I think to see their friends. We had a huge class of about 13-14 children. It was QUITE busy! Although having that many kids they were all really well behaved. I am so happy to see so many preschoolers. I love when we have a full house! I also love having Lindsay with me and seeing her interact. After church we actually had to grocery shop....something we never do but it had to be done we were out of food and with the next day being a holiday I really didn't want to go then either! We got it done and were able to enjoy our Sunday afternoon just relaxing and playing!
Monday was MLK day! It was so nice to have a long weekend and an extra day to sleep in! We had a Cubscouts hike planned for that day! I love all the fun field trips Colby is getting to go on with the scouts! We met at the park at 10. My parents joined us since they know more about Brechtel then anyone and since they are right across the street. I think they enjoyed being included. The kids all did really well. It was the 3 boys and 2 of the sisters. I think Lindsay had fun but she was a little overwhelmed at times especially when walking through the woods. It was great just to see the boys enjoying nature and being outdoors. It made me realize what a jewel we have near our house and we need to take advantage! I think we will be going back more! We stayed about 2 hours. It was just a fun fun morning and the weather was awesome! Loving these 70 degree January days! After the hike Nijel's mom had so graciously invited all the kids back to her house. She invited Lindsay but I felt she was still too young to be gone that long plus she really needed to nap and I wanted Colby to have his fun with his friends. I think the boys had a great time! They stayed until 4. I enjoyed the quiet and time to relax. Although all hell broke loose after I picked him up. He was upset about leaving...honestly he was just tired and overwhelmed. He gets overstimulated and acts out like that when he hasn't had quiet time to himself. He acted crazy then crumpled up a leaf in my car! All sounds so silly now but I guess after a busy morning and being tired I blew my fuse on him and Lindsay. I feel bad now but it was just one of those moments he pushed me too far! Anyway we salvaged the night and went on to have a good evening. Austin worked late so the kids and I ate an early dinner and they just played. We read that night and I enjoyed learning about Dinosaurs with them. We are doing the Magic Treehouse books and I feel like Colby is learning so much science/history with them as well!
So thankful for the last 3 days to have with my littles! This week will be busy as we get back into routines and spring activities start up! We also are taking a trip to Hattiesburg over the weekend so there will be lots to post about soon!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Cold & Dreary Days

So this week has been full of cold and cloudy days. I don't mind so much b/c honestly it has given us the time to slow down and rest. I have learned to be thankful for all seasons. I think God gives us January as a month of quiet, rest, and reflection. The fall is so busy and then comes the holidays that there isn't much time for that. I love that our church sees this opportunity as well and takes breaks from most activities. Other then school our life has been pretty quiet. Which is nice. Its been nice to get the kids re-adjusted to school without a full plate of other activities.
This week I have spent a TON of time at home. Yes I look forward to sunny days and getting out again with my littles but I am thankful for the quiet time I have had. I have also had a lot of quiet time while my littles are back in school and my parents have been keeping Lindsay on Tuesdays.
My only "social" activity other then church Sunday was a lunch  meeting with Laekan on Tuesday. We discussed upcoming changes and things in the preschool.
Thursdays are my play days with Lindsay. I love our quiet days of just her and I. Yes I miss Colby and I do miss my quiet days with him too but I am thankful I get these days with just her. Typically Thursdays would be our day to go do something fun but today with temps in the 40s and rain coming home seemed like a better idea. She also likes to play at home unlike her big bro. She doesn't "need" to get out every day. She is content playing with her toys. We also did some painting today. I tried to get her to do school work with me but she wasn't feeling that. We did talk about inside/outside though. I have a phonics book that was too easy for Colby so I figured I would start with her. It begins with vocabulary words like that. Anyway she seemed to get the point =)
She's also talking about forest animals at school so we discussed that too. We are going to take a hike this weekend with cubscouts so that'll be good for her too. I also might try to find some interesting books for her.
Anyway tonight we have Cubscouts so it'll be good to get out and get some people interaction =) Thankful tomorrow is Friday and we have a long weekend as well! Be back with a post about that! Looking forward to some pretty days this weekend so we can get out!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

6 1/2

Wow how did that happen? Seems like my baby boy should still be a toddler. He is growing up so fast! He's halfway through 1st grade which just blows me away? He is doing really well and loves school. For that I am thankful! He is still doing really well. The first quarter he made ALPHA honor roll. This last quarter he missed BETA by just having a C in math. I am ok with it though as long as he's trying his best. His reading is coming a long really well also. He has many friends and I think the teachers at his school enjoy him as well. He keeps an A in behavior and for that I a most thankful. His best friends are Nijel, Ella, and Makyrin.
He's been involved in Cubscouts now for about 3 months. He's really loving it and has learned so much from it. Plus its a nice bonding time with him and the other boys. I love that he has this to take ownnership of. He's not doing any other extracurriculars right now just with school and church I feel like that's enough. This summer we will hopefully do tennis and swimming, He's taking a huge interest in football but I am not sure that he's ready to play but he loves to watch!
He's growing like a weed and getting so tall! I really don't know his measurements but I think he's still about 52 lbs. He wears a size small (6-7) or just size (6) clothes. His shoes are 13s.
He has a really good appetite and isn't picky at all! He's still very high energy! He likes to be on the go. He's still very TYPE A and also 6 going on 60. He's a mess! He's a great big brother although they both fight like crazy!
He really loves church and is asking a lot of questions about God and Jesus lately. I pray that as he gets older he will accept Jesus as his Savior.
He's just a great kid and we are so thankful for him and love having him as part of our family. I love his serious personality that can come out with a FUNNY when you are least expecting it!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Cubscouts Field Trip

Today we took a field trip with the Tiger Cubs. Thanks to Melody who is a fabulous Den Leader and her hubby who is a NOPD they set us up with this wonderful field trip to the Special Units Department. One week we talked about community helpers so a field trip was to go to a police station or fire station. Anyway this worked out perfectly. Since Austin was off today we were all able to go as a family which was a ton of fun!
The tour started at 11 and went about an hour. I think Lindsay got a little bored but thankfully austin was there to help with her. Colby, Nijel, and Mackyrin had a blast though! They got to go in the big vehicles that the police use to stake out a situation. They were able to see their special workout area. We saw their boats, and cars, and motorcycles. A traffic cop was there and also gave the boys a big talk about being safe and wearing seatbelts. He also talked to them about the importance of always obeying law enforcement. In light of recent events I was glad he did that. They even let the boys climb up on the motorcycles and get pictures. So fun! We made our way around to the Armor vehicles. They have these bulletproof trucks that the kids got to climb in. They also got to hold the police shields. It was a boy's dream! I feel like the boys learned a lot and also had a great time! I am thankful for the decision to put him in Cubscouts. Since he isn't huge on playing sports and I am also not HUGE on the big time committment it would take this is perfect. He gets such a variety of topics and experiences. He has completed 3 of his 5 field trips now: basketball game, library, and police station. We have a news station and hike left. After the tour we went to Mahoney's for lunch. I love going to local nola places. It was just a fun family day. I know I say that every single time but I just love outtings just the 4 of us. Now with the kids in school I really try to soak up when we are all together.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Girl Time and Cubscouts

So this week we have spent getting re-adjusted to our school routine and waking up early. So far its been a good week and the kids have done fabulous! It hasn't been too busy since a lot of spring activities haven't started yet.
Thursday since Lindsay didn't go to school I wanted to spend some fun time with her. We went to Chickfila first since really it was too cold to do much else. We had a nice breakfast and just time together. I really hope we can continue this as she gets older. Breakfast before school or maybe sometimes even letting her skip! Afterwards we went to the library. Again not much else to do when the temps are below freezing. It worked out well though b/c I was able to check out several new books for them to read especially Colby since he's having to do reading every night.
The rest of the day we spent at home. She had a blast playing trains. It was nice to just relax. I stayed in the den with her mostly and caught up on the news.

That evening it was back to Cubscouts. They had been off the last 2 weeks with Christmas and I had missed the meeting before so it was fun getting back. This week was focused on weather/seasons/nature. They were asked to bring some leaves in and did a few fun crafts with those. Melody is a wonderful Den Leader. WE are blessed! Its such a fun time seeing the boys bond and learn! I love the variety of things they are doing and learning! Saturday we are taking a field trip to a police station where they store their equipment and vehicles. Should be exciting! Austin is off too so it should be a fun family outting!

I am missing the kids but it is nice to have some downtime and time to clean! I am super excited though its Friday!! We will have movie night to kick off the weekend! Then Saturday the field trip and Sunday church and Grouplink!! Busy busy!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Back 2 School

So Christmas Vacation has ended and we are back into routines and school mode around here. Both kids went back on Monday. I think they were excited to see their friends but it was hard waking them both up!
Colby is starting the new semester with a new teacher. His teacher quit we aren't exactly sure what happened. He has a new teacher who we actually know from church and she has a son in prek. I think things will be fine but I am sure this week will be a week of adjustments for everyone.
Lindsay started back also and had a sub and not many in her class. I think older siblings were still out of school so many didn't come back yet. She seemed to have a good day anyway.
I definitely miss them but its been nice to have some much needed time to myself. Yesterday Austin and I went to see Unbroken while the kids were in school. My parents picked Lindsay up and kept her that afternoon. We made it back in time to get Colby from school. It was nice getting out and going to the movie though. It was our first time alone since our anniversary trip in Dec.
Today is another busy day as well. I had to get Colby to school then drop Lindsay off at my parents again. I have a hair appt and the maid is here so they get to hang out with her again for a few hours. I also had a few errands to run. This afternoon we have a meeting at Colby's school about all the changes with the teacher and everything. I will be glad to know more what's going on. Although I do hope it doesn't take long b/c I will be ready to get my kiddos home.
Yesterday he didn't have any homework so it'll be interesting this week if he gets any or if they are going to give them a break with all the changes. I know they will take good care of them.
The rest of our week isn't quite as busy. It will just be filled with getting kids to and from school and other errands. Nothing else major to report!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas Break Cont.

Since the kids and I had a free day on Tuesday we decided to go to a local park. We hadn't been to this particular one in awhile but its always been one of their favorites. We met a friend and her 3 year old daughter out there. We stayed almost 2 hours. The kids had so much fun! It was cold though...I think if it hadn't been so cold we would have stayed even longer. The kids were just having so much fun! I was glad that they got to run around and get some exercise. Yesterday was kind of a lazy day so they needed that!
Afterwards I took them to lunch. We really wanted to do Chickfila but the one in Metairie was crazy...we ended up at McAlister's. It was a little crazy there too especially me being alone with both kids but it worked out well. They are both old enough for us to do fun stuff like that. Tonight Colby is spending the night with my parents so I am looking forward to some girl time.
Wednesday was New Years Eve...see seperate post
Thursday was New Years Day...see seperate post
Friday our last week day off from school. We made plans to go see a movie with Nijel and his mom and sister. We saw Annie. It was really cute! I think the kids all had fun. Colby got bored at times but I think Lindsay LOVED it! It was nice to see them and just have a calm activity like that. The rest of the day will be really low key. I am still tired from New Years Eve and need to do some housework.
Saturday we had a Stay at home day which we rarely ever do. It was our first one in quite awhile. I have to say the kids were really good though. We had their friends Nijel and Mia come over around 10 and they stayed until about 12:30. The kids all played really well together. Its so neat them having a brother/sister friend like that! The rest of the day was pretty lazy for us. By the end I felt pretty useless but I guess we all need days like that. I feel pretty well rested from this fact maybe too rested =). It was nice though I will remember this feeling in a month or two when we are stressed and tired again!
Sunday Austin was off and we had church. I was teaching again. It was good to e back. After missing last week I really missed the kids. We had 8 or 9 I think. I think both kids were excited to be back with friends! Afterwards we ate at BWW. Looking forward to our last family afternoon. We will get Christmas stuff done and work on getting everyone geared up for tomorrow! I cannot believe this is the close of Christmas break! Its been a great one! We've done parks, eating out, friends, church, small trip to MS, many family gatherings! Its been great! I love their ages of 6 and 3! I know next one will be here before we know it! Look for a post later about our week back to a routine! Especially how things go with Colby and his new teacher.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Years 2015

Wednesday was New Years Eve. Colby had spent the night before with my parents so Lindsay and I enjoyed a quiet morning before going to pick him up. We even made a trip to PJs' for our coffee and bread ;) We got him and I gave the kids a few choices of where we could go. We ended up going to Barnes and Noble. I really didn't want to buy new books but I always hate to turn down a trip to the bookstore! Needless to say we left with about 4 books. We had to also make a quick stop at the grocery.
We were in the rest of the day seeing how it was already getting crazy out! That evening Austin got home early enough to do fireworks with us! So glad we got to do that! We popped them around 6 right as it was getting dark. We have yet to let our kids stay up until midnight! I just don't think its necessary right now! Maybe if Austin wasn't working and we were at a party then maybe but right now we will save that for when they are older. We did however let them stay up later then normal with us to watch the Orange Bowl. That was exciting enough for them!

New Years Day...Thursday. It was nice to sleep in and have a slower paced morning! Wow I am going to miss those when the kids start back to school. We had a nice breakfast and just hung out for awhile. The kids watched the Polar Express while I got dressed and ready. We went over to my parent's house about 10:30. I always like to get the kids there early before it starts to get busy. This year we had Mrs. Doris, Mrs. Eva, Janet, Henry, Randall, Elizabeth, myself, the kids, and my mom and dad. The kids were definitely entertained and played really well. I find holidays so much more relaxing now. I don't make Lindsay take naps anymore either b/c really she is fine without them especially a day here and there. Its just nice b/c they are independent and can play and I can enjoy the adult company. Once we got home I was wiped out. I guess the staying up late and just continued business the last week. We've had so many family gatherings. Don't get me wrong I love them all but it will be nice to have a break for a bit. The heavy eating and sitting around just tires me out haha!

Anyway we are excited about the new year! So far any big changes include Colby starting with a new teacher. A little excited and a little nervous about that! 2014 was a really good year. Lindsay went from 2-3. She went from still a toddler baby to a full blown little girl. She's in her first year of preschool and loving it! Colby went from 5-6. He's halfway through 1st grade and reading really well. Austin started a new job about 3 weeks ago and we celebrated 10 years of marriage! So much to be thankful for!