Saturday, March 30, 2013

Good Friday

Today has been a good day. Its the first day of Colby's Easter break. We had a slower paced morning then met some friends at the park. There is a family from church that we have been getting to know. Her husband is deployed and she has 5 children ages 6 and under. She has a son who just turned 5 who is in Colby's class at church. They have gotton to know each other and get along well. She also has a son in Lindsay's class. Anyway it was a beautiful day and we stayed at the park over an hour. I was a little dissapointed in my kid's moods but I guess you can never predict these things. Colby has been whiney today for some reason. I don't know if its the change in routine or he's tired or what. He whined about things the whole time we were there. He had moments where he looked like he was having fun but not like I thought he would have. Lindsay also didn't play as well as I thought she would but she was getting tired and hungry so she got really clingy towards the end! AH well I guess we tried. And atleast the weather was nice and we did get out the house so that's what counts!
We didn't get home until after noon b/c I also had to stop at the grocery for a couple things. The kids didn't nap as well as I had hoped so church tonight wil be interesting...Colby I don't think napped at all and Lindsay's nap was only about an hour and a half!
That evening we went to the Good Friday service at church. I think its so special that our church has chosen to do a service that night. Anyway it was nice b/c they had childcare during the service. In past years when we have gone to something of that nature I don't think they had that. Anyway it was nice...the service though didn't start until 6:30...I was a little worried how Lindsay would do considering she usually goes to sleep at 7. Anyway we got there a little early so we let the kids run around outside which they LOVED! It was a beautiful night. When it was time to go to class I said something about ok let's go to your class and Lindsay got up and started walking right to the building where she goes! I was so impressed! It seems like she is really starting to enjoy church. She doesn't cry as much when we leave her and she is always having a good time when we pick her up. Colby always seems to have a great time too! I miss our old church but I am so thankful for so many kids for our children to have around as friends. This was our hearts desire since Colby was a baby. Anyway the service was very meaningful. I am so thankful we were able to go. After the service they had Easter Egg hunts for all the age groups. The toddlers had their own hunt under the pavillion and the preschoolers had theirs on the little playground. Both kids seemed to love it! Lindsay totally knew what to do. I couldn't believe I didn't think to bring their Easter baskets though. Oh well next year I will know! They had a blast and Lindsay hung in their very well. We went back in the sanctuary to talk to Randall and Elizabeth and both enjoyed running around on stage. Its neat to see them do the exact stuff I did as a child. Anyway Lindsay was starting to get very tired although she wanted to keep on going. We got home and put her right to bed. Colby went home with my parents.
It was a long, busy day but a great day and a great start to Easter!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Colby's Easter Party

Colby had his Easter Party today at school. I was able to attend this party b/c this is the one I signed up for. I enjoyed the Easter Party so much last year I wanted to do it again! The way his school works is you sign up for 2 parties at the start of the year and those are the 2 you attend and help organize. I like it that way that you don't feel guilty having to go to each one.
Anyway this morning I went back to his school at 10:30. My parent's kept Lindsay. I could have brought her but I hate to take the focus off Colby and his class. I knew she would be running around like a crazy person. Plus Colby was really excited about me coming so I wanted him to be my focus. When I got there they were singing and then playing a Bingo Game. I went in and sat down by Colby and helped him and the kids by him with their Bingo Cards. Afterwards they lined up for the Egg Hunt. I didn't get to see Colby gather most of his eggs bc I stayed behind but I got out there and he did great! he found 10 really quickly! The kids were so cute and excited! I am always amazed though at how well behaved they are! After the egg hunt they came in to enjoy their snack. I made Easter Egg sugar cookies for them and the other mom brought grapes and graham crackers. They all seemed hungry! After snacktime she had them sit back down on the rug for their Bible Story. It was ofcourse the Easter story. But she does this every day and they are almost through the entire Bible. I love that he's not only hearing these stories at church but also at school. I can tell he's learning a lot too. He usually tells me what story they did. His teacher I can tell is really trying to teach them the Gospel and she used our Ressurection Eggs yesterday to even go through the story with them. I am so thankful for this!
I loved seeing my big boy in action! I will always treasure getting to be there for his special school events. I am so thankful to be a stay at home mom and can do this!
It was also bittersweet b/c this was his last holiday party for this little school. I know I am going to be so emotional that last week of school. Thankfully Lindsay will be there next year so its not like we are saying goodbye. Its a chapter though that is closing in Colby's life. Sure I am very excited about his kindergarten adventure ahead but since he's spent 3 years at this little school and has been with most of the same children for 3 years its sad seeing his "preschool" days come to an end. He loves that school and so do we! But thanfully we will have Lindsay there next year and will get to do it all again!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Linday's Big Day Out

So since Colby had school today and Austin was off and GymRompers was cancelled we decided to take Lindsay on her first big outting with just mommy & daddy. She is usually privaledged a couple times a month to go with us on errands and maybe a lunch but never a BIG outting just for her! I told Austin we should take her to the Children's Museum. She has been several times but never for just HER! I knew she would love the toddler room. The last time she went we let her crawl around but we were still with Colby and his friend so we had to spend more time in other areas. Today we stayed in the toddler room and devoted the whole time to her! She loved it! She was able to do so much more this time. she climbed and played. I am sure she loved having all the attention too. After the museum (we only stayed about an hour). Since she's still so young she was tired and hungry after that amount plus we wanted to eat an early lunch since Colby was in school until 2. We drove around the Quarter some and she got so excited when she saw the mules. She also liked the streetcars when we went down St. Charles. Now that she is getting older I have decided we need to do this more often. This is about the age we began taking Colby on big adventures!
We ate lunch at La Madeline. I think she liked it but it was a good thing we were able to eat quick b/c she gets quite antsy. She starts trying to stand up in the high chair and throws her food! Anyway we really enjoyed our time with our little girl! She doesn't get the spotlight often so these times are sweet! We missed the big boy and honestly I felt a little guitly about going and doing this without him knowing how much he loves the children's museum but I reminded myself how many trips he got alone to the museum!
The rest of the day was nice...we hung out at home and tried to get stuff done once Colby got home from school. We all went back up to church tonight. I love Wednesday night church and I am so glad we have gotton in the habit of going. I can see the kids love going too! Dinner is always yummy and its also great b/c I don't have to cook! After dinner we always go out and let the kids run and play which is nice too! Then Austin takes Lindsay home and Colby and I stay for our classes. He seems to really be enjoying his class and never wants to leave! We get home late and thats hard but I think its totally worth it!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Easter & Birthday

So today I am 31! Wow I can't believe that!
Anyway this is my birthday weekend. The weekend before Easter so ofcourse its busy! Yesterday was a very busy day! I had to go to Target while Colby was in school to get Easter basket goodies for the kids and also get some stuff for Colby's Easter party at school next week. By the time we got home it was almost time to feed Lindsay lunch then go back to pick Colby up. The days I bring him and pick him up seem so short! Not much gets done! I was worn out and the kids really didn't take great naps either. Which made for a hard afternoon. Everyone had the grumps. We finally turned on the movie Beethoven and the night improved! Austin brought home takeout...we have been doing great with our cooking during the week so Friday and Saturday are my days off =).
Saturday my actual birthday....the kids were invited to participate in MBC's Preschool Easter Event. My mom is in charge so that's the main reason we went. But it was nice to be back and see old friends. Colby was very excited about this. He still talks about Metairie or the Yellow Church. He misses his friends and old teachers. I think he had a pretty ok time but he kept wanting to go play in the nursery with the cars. I wouldn't let him b/c that's not what we were there for. He seemed to like the eating and finding eggs and the crafts at the beginning but then he seemed to get bored. Lindsay did dad mostly handled her though. But she never once got fussy! Quite a change from last year! I am glad I was able to focus more on Colby though b/c last year I was so busy with Lindsay being an infant I didn't have much time for him!
The afternoon the kids and I rested. Austin came home around 4:30 which was great! The kids and I got dressed and we all went out for Mexican. This has been our "tradition" some years. Especially with 2 small kids we wanted a cheap, quick, family friendly place that we all love! I don't need fancy I just enjoyed time out with the family and not having to cook! Austin and I will go out next week alone though =) The kids seemed to enjoy their food! Colby ate a TON! Poor kid must have been starving! Lindsay did well too once she figured out how to eat with a fork! Afterwards we came home for cake and then put the kids to bed!
I had a wonderful birthday. Even though I spent it mostly doing mom things I wouldn't have it any other way. Austin and Colby made sure to make me feel special. I had many texts, calls, and fb messages from friends too! I am so thankful!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Another Busy Week

So we have another full week ahead at our house! I guess its good though to stay busy!
Monday Colby had school so I got him to school then Lindsay and I went grocery shopping. We didn't have much time at home before I had to leave again to drop Lindsay off at my parent's house so I could pick Colby up from school and take him to his eye appointment. I took him to lunch first at McDonald's. His choice! I love going out to eat just me and him! He always acts so obediant and is a perfect gentleman! He talks more too when we are out like that then when we are at home. I think it makes him feel special to have that one on one time! The eye appointment went well and fast! The reason we brought him back before his scheduled 6 month appointment in May was b/c there was a slight concern with him again at his eye exam at school. Anyway thankfully we did bring him. They said one eye had gotton worse. He has one strong eye and one much weaker eye. They said this may lead to a lazy eye in which he would have to wear a patch but for now they can hopefully correct it with glasses. So since there was a change we had to drop the new prescription off at the mall. That took about 30+ minutes plus I promised him a cookie! We then still had to pick up Lindsay before heading home. By the end of all that I was exhausted! I came home and did a few things then let Colby watch a show and put Lindsay in her bed. Neither kid every fell asleep so it was a long exhausting day! That coupled with the fact that Austin didn't get home until after 8!
Tuesday again Colby had school and I had Bible Study. I am fortunate to have my parent's help on these days...I bring Colby and Lindsay to them at 8:30. They get Colby to school and keep Lindsay during the Bible Study. This semester we are doing a Beth Moore study called "His Inheritance" I am loving it so far. I love women's Bible study. I love getting to fellowship with women of all ages plus have that time during the week for JUST ME! Afterwards I picked Lindsay up. We came home to hang out. On Tuesdays most weeks my parents keep Colby in the afternoons. this is their special "hang out time". Plus our housekeeper was here so its just easier to have 1 kid making messes. Lindsay and I had a relaxful afternoon and Colby got home around 5. Then it gets hectic. Both kids are tired and hungry...I'm exhausted and Austin is still usually an hour away from leaving work. Its by far the hardest part of the day!
Wednesday- Sick again? This has been a totally stressful day for me. Well it started out fine. I got the kids ready and Colby off to school. This is Lindsay's GymRomper day so we were headed out to that. I called my mom and dad to touch base with them. They usually pick colby up on Wednesdays and bring him home b/c he's at schoo until 2. Picking him up at 2 would be right in the middle of Lindsay's nap. So when I called them my dad informs me my mom was sick all night...stomach bug sick! My stomach just sank! Really? I feel like we have been sick ALL winter! Now I am panicked b/c both of my kids were over there yesterday. I'm also worried about the rest of the week and what this will mean. So far the kids seem fine I think. Well Lindsay has had diarrhea the last few days so now I am starting to wonder if she has a touch of it. I just pray though that Colby stays well. He's had a rough year and he literally just got over this cough thing and has missed so much school I would just feel so bad for the stomach bug sent him to the ER in November! Anyway praying through this...its so hard though I feel like we have had one thing after another lately! All I can do is pray and wait! We are supossed to go to church tonight but now I am 2nd guessing this point since Lindsay has had diarrhea I don't think she should be there at all. So I will see if Austin gets home early enough that Colby and I can still go. I hate for him to miss b/c he was so excited about going! So we will play it by ear! But if you are reading this please say a prayer for my mom to feel better and for Colby to not get sick. I think I could handle the rest of us but for his sake I want him to stay well! I trust God though and the reasoning for all of this. But its been a very hard year!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Weekend Fun

We are having a fun & and busy weekend!
Yesterday Colby had school. They had their St. Patty's day party. He seemed to really have a lot of fun. While he was in school Lindsay and I met Casee and Mason for coffee. I enjoy my morning coffee times with another mom and baby friend! We didn't get to stay long but it was nice to catch up over a cup of coffee! Lindsay and I spent the morning at home just trying to catch up on housework which took a backseat due to our busy week! That afternoon after the kids napped we enjoyed some outdoor time then watched some movies! Friday is our movie day!
Saturday Austin ended up being off work. His parents were in Waveland camping so we decided to drive up to see them! They have been wanting us to go camping since Colby was a toddler. Still not sure if we are ready for an "overnight" visit. Austin and Colby might be but Lindsay will have to be a few years older before I am ready to tackle that! Anyway with such a pretty day and it only being about an hour away we decided it would be fun to meet them. We ended up bringing Colby's friend Max with us too. Now that they are in different schools they don't get to hang out much! Colby misses him a lot. I figured this would be a fun time for them to hang would also give his momma a break for a few hours on a Saturday! We had our hands full though! Two 4 year olds and a 15 month old! They were good though! When we got to the camp they wanted to play on the playground first thing! They had a blast! After chasing Lindsay around awhile we decided to load her up in the stroller and check out the park while the boys played with Austin's nieces. By the time we walked back they were back in the camper. By then everyone was getting hungry for lunch. The boys spent a lot of time riding bikes around. I chased Lindsay all over the campground! She is such a busy girl! I think she had fun and it was fun watching Colby and Max enjoy themselves but it was a little stressful for me. I feel like I had to watch Lindsay non-stop and spent the entire time chasing her around. Then she started getting cranky around lunchtime so it was hard to keep her happy. I am glad we got to experience what "camping" is like during the day though! Hopefully austin will get to bring Colby back soon! The drive home went well. The boys finished watching a movie and Lindsay slept! The movie ended and Lindsay woke up when we got in New Orleans east so we stopped to get everyone milkshakes! We rarely do anything like that so I figured it was a good treat! That afternoon we were all exhausted. We made the kids "rest" even though neither actually fell asleep. Austin and Colby did some stuff outside and we had takeout for dinner!
Sunday another extremely busy day but I was thankful to have Austin home for it! We had to be at church early b/c we are required to take a members class before joining Calvary. This was the first opportunity we had. Anyway it went well. It was kinda funny b/c we met with Mr. Ancil who I have known for YEARS b/c I wa great friends with his 3 kids! Anyway he gave us some info but it was also more of a "chat" session. After the class Austin went to the doc b/c of his bad cough and I went to worship service. I peeped in to check on Lindsay before I went into church and she was happily playing on the floor so I didn't disturb her! Austin ended up getting back about halfway through church! I was glad he didn't miss the whole service. After church we came home to eat lunch and rest. We had lifegroup that evening so it was a FULL day! I am so thankful though for Calvary! We have enjoyed getting involved and just enjoy church so much more!
It was a very fun, but busy weekend! I have a feeling I will be tired the rest of the week but that's ok! We had fun and created memories!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Getting Back to Normal

So after the craziness and sickness of last week we are working to get back to normal here. Ofcourse with the time change though I feel like we are still lagging behind some!
Well Monday started off normal. Colby woke up seeming to feel good and so I was going to take him to school. He was so anxious to get back to his friends. I was also anxious for some time to get back into routine! We knew he couldn't stay a full day so we were already going to pick him up at noon so he could rest and take a nap. Well on the way to school he started a really bad coughing spell. He said he was ok though and I told him to get water when he got inside. I also explained to his teacher what was going on. Well I set off to the grocery store with Lindsay. Only about 10 minutes after being there I got a call from their principal saying he was too sick and needed to be picked up! I freaked out. Well since I was in the middle of the grocery store and really needed to finish I called my mom and she went to get him. I was so worried...well my parents got him and I finished at the grocery and they brought him home. By the time he got home he seemed FINE! But in the mean time I had called Austin all freaked out so he went ahead and made him a doc appointment. He volunteered to even bring him. He knew how crazy the last week had been for me. So he got home, Colby got home, I got home! I stayed here with Lindsay while they went to the doc. Baiscally the doc said it was post-nasal drip causing him to cough. Wow well we were relieved but thinking school sent him home! So he got a note saying he could return the next day and was not contagious! That afternoon the kids and I just laid low. Austin worked until 10 so it was a LONG day for me!
Tuesday-Thankfully austin was off! We all needed a break! He kept Lindsay that morning while I brought Colby to school and went to Bible Study. I was so glad to return to my ladies' Bible study. Its such a nice break in the middle of the week! I think he enjoyed bonding with Lindsay as well! After Bible study I came home and he soon left to pick Colby up from school! That afternoon we rested then played outside. The weather has been gorgeous so we have all been trying to enjoy it!! It was so nice finally having Austin home with us! We even took a walk after dinner!
Wednesday- Another daddy day off but another busy day! I brought Colby to school then made a quick trip back to the house to pick up Lindsay for her GymRompers class. She enjoyed the new class again. I didn't think I would like switching classes but I think its been a blessing in disguise. The kids are more her age and the place is just nicer. Anyway we are happy with our choice to go on Wednesdays even though its probably an extra 15 min drive both ways. After her class we came home and ate lunch with Austin. He then left to pick up Colby to go to the dentist! Gosh I feel like between kids and animals someone always has an appointment! Austin said he didn't do well at the dentist. i hated to hear that b/c he's done so well the last couple of years. I should have brought him but on the other hand he needs to get used to doing stuff like that with daddy too! After the appointment everyone rested. Colby even took a long nap which was good b/c we had church that night. So we all went to church which was nice! We are really enjoying the Wednesday night dinners. The kids really seem to like it too! Austin always brings Lindsay home after dinner though. Had she taken a long nap that day we might have let her stay but getting home at 8 is still just too late for her! So Colby always stays with me. I think he really enjoys the class. I am also glad this gives him another chance to get to know some of the kids he will be in school with next year. He seems to really hit it off with the pastor's daughter Ella though!
Thursday- austin was off once again! Colby ofcourse had school. Its nice to be able to run some errands with just 1 child...feels less like a circus. So we went to the mall and bought Colby's Easter outfit and let Lindsay play on the play area before running some other errands before picking Colby up from school. Its nice now that she can stay awake longer to do all that! Colby seemed to have a great day at school. I think he's been happy to get back to that routine FINALLY! That afternoon we hung out at home. Its been great having Austin home on a week with such pretty weather. We have been able to take walks and let the kids play outside after dinner!

Monday, March 11, 2013


Well this has seemed like a longer then usual weekend. But all in all its been nice except the fact that Colby is not feeling 100%. Friday since he didn't go to school he came with me to Lindsay's 15 month doc appointment. This was the first time I brought both kids to the doc alone. They both ended up doing VERY well! After the doc I promised Colby a trip to the toy store. He ended up getting a doggie carrier and some vet stuff. My little boy and his love for animals. The rest of the day was very low key after that. With Colby being sick and such a busy week we just hung out at home.
Saturday even with the sickness plauging our house I knew we needed an outting. Its always nice to have a low key Saturday though. I called my mom and dad to see if they wanted to meet us at a local park then do lunch. The kids really enjoyed the park and the weather was fabulous! Springtime is here! I could tell Colby still didn't feel good though he didn't do nearly as much running around as he normally would. Lindsay had a ball though! She's really getting to that age she needs these types of outtings to burn off all her crazy toddler energy! She is so social too she loves watching and playing with the other kids. We stopped at a pizza place after to grab some lunch. We have been eating at home all week and I didn't feel like messing up the kitchen. Colby didn't hardly eat but Lindsay made up for that! She ate a TON! Anyway it was nice visiting with my parents and hanging out. Afterwards we came home and just rested. Again Colby still not feeling well so we just hung around at home.
Sunday we had hoped to go to church but Colby still woke up coughing and not seeming himself. I really hate to miss church and had Austin been home one of us would have brought Lindsay b/c I think she is ready to get out the house! Anyway since we stayed home we took a walk. I could tell colby didn't have as much energy as normal. He was pretty mopey all day. He didn't really even want to eat/drink which concerned me. Finally my parents called that afternoon and asked if they could take him for icecream. I think that perked him up. They said he enjoyed the outting and even played at the park. When he got home he ended up going to the potty then seemed to feel REALLY good after that! We figured by that point he was fine. We were all looking forward to a new week and getting back to routine!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

15 Months

So I am a few days behind on posting Lindsay's 15 month! But if you have read anything before this you know its been a CRAZY week!
So little Miss Lindsay is 15 months old! That seems crazy to me!! Its like up until now she still seemed like a baby sorta but now when I say 15 months I am like ok no that sounds like a toddler! Anyway she's a mess! She is not just walking now she is RUNNING!! She is also climbing and getting into everything! We thought Colby was active but I think she has her big bro beat! She is saying words like cat, bye, wolf?, oh for uh oh, etc. She understands so much that you say to her now. She understands commands like go get etc...also you ready to bathe or eat?
She is still a great eater although this past month she has been harder to please but is finally getting back to eating almost anything! Between teething and a recent throat infection she got picky for awhile!
She is VERY active and tries to what the big kids do! She is very social...way more social then Colby was at this age. At this age he preferred to play alone or shyed away from kids but not her oh no she stays where the party is! We have been taking her to more parks lately and she loves it!! She is also still doing great in her GymRompers class. Her fine motor skills are amazing! She can feed herself with a spoon and very neatly! I guess she learns so much from her big bro! She does well at church but she does cry when we leave her still.
She will take swim lessons this summer and possibly 1 last session of GymRompers. She will start 2 year preschool in September!
She is still a tiny thing. At her 15 month checkup this week she weighed 20 lbs 8 oz. and 30 inches tall! She is still wearing size 12 month clothes...some of them are even still too big! She wears between a size 3 and 4 shoe and still in a size 3 diaper. I love my tiny princess. She is in 10th percentile for weight and 25th for height. So basically she's tall and skinny!
She's growing up too fast! But we are enjoying her learn and discover new things daily!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Kindergarten, GymRompers, & Breathing Treatments

So we finally got word yesterday that Colby WAS in fact accepted to kindergarten! I am sure God is laughing at me and all my worrying I have done over the last 24 hours! Anyway all day yesterday I still stressed...then I got even more stressed b/c Colby had an eye exam at school yesterday and didn't do well and I am wondering what has happened to my little boy? Anyway after talking with his teacher I decided to go ahead and schedule him an appointment this month rather then waiting until May. That way if his glasses need to be adjusted we will know.
Well after that I was so worried about school and I had a speech all prepared to give I called them myself and they said ooh yea he was accepted! YAY! I knew my little guy could do it! I also feel totally guilty about not trusting God. I mean I knew God had reasons if he didn't etc but I was doing WAYY too much worrying when God was probably trying to tell me "look I got this". Anyway I am all excited now and feel like we can rest and enjoy the last 2 months of preschool! All year I have been worried/stressed about where he would go and where he would get in. I know God had it all in his hands the whole time. Anyway so he is officially a Calvary Eagle! I really never thought my life would come full circle this way: my mom taught preschool there, I went to school there, I taught there, and now my child is going to school there! I feel a total peace about it though. The school is going in a great direction and I also feel like he will be sheltered and will have a good experience there as well.
So the GymRompers news...well Lindsay and I have joined a new class. We had to actually b/c of my Tuesday morning Bible study starting back and uptown no longer offering a wednesday class. So we had to start going to the Metairie location. I have been a little bummed b/c Metairie is SO much farther then uptown. Plus I knew our little uptown class and despite the little boy who tackles here it was a good class. Well we went to the new class and I loved it and luckily it didn't take us TOO long to get there! But the class is made up of young toddlers like her so she got along great with everyone. No one tried to tackle her! So we are excited! We will still go back to the uptown class when we can though.
So on top of all the business, craziness, and stress of this week my little man has also not been feeling good. He started with a cough early in the week. Didn't think too much of it b/c he has had an off/on cough since January. He's never seemed to feel bad. Well I noticed by Wednesday afternoon it was getting worse but we still went on to church b/c he hadn't run fever or even slowed down any. Well by Thursday morning it was a lot worse. he was also sniffly and sneezy. I figured I better keep him home from school. He went ahead and came with me and Lindsay to run all the errands. This included a stop by his new school Calvary to pay the deposit and to shop the book fair. He seemed to enjoy the errands and still feel good despite his cough. Well we came home had lunch and got ready for naptime. Well by nap he was really coughing a lot! He was coughing so much it worried me being in his room alone so I let him come sleep on the couch...something we NEVER do! Well he coughed and coughed and didn't ever really sleep neither did I! So we were both exhausted...well by that time I knew after 2+ hours of continuous coughing he needed to be seen. So we called the doc and they were able to get us in. Well I knew afternoons would be rough but I still didn't think it would be too bad. Well boy was I wrong! We were there from like 3 until 5! The doc checked him out and ordered a breathing treatment. That was his first experience with that! He's had liquid albuterol twice when he had bronchitis but never an actual breathing treatment. He freaked out at first but did fine once he realized it wouldn't hurt. Well they even wrote up a prescription for us to get a breathing machine at home. So by the time we picked all that up from Walgreens it was 6! We were both worn out! Poor little guy though! The doc said its reactive airway disease. Most likely caused by allergens. I think its just b/c our winter has been so crazy and now things are blooming and the air is so dry! So now he has to do these treatments 3 times a day!
Update: He woke up today a lot better...thought he would be able to attend school at first but after he was up a little while I realized he didn't seem totally himself...still grumpy, sniffly, and snotty so I figured one more day at home would be good! He also went with us to the doc b/c Lindsay had her 15 month checkup! I figured this way they could also look at home and make sure he was ok. He was upset at first but then was ok with the idea. Poor guy I hate he's missed 3 days of school this week! Anyway hopefully he will be good as new soon!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

School Days...

Well this has been a big week in our house. Its that time of year for school registration. We got the papers from AUMC to enroll Lindsay in their 2 year old program next year! I can't believe the time has come! Due to her birthday she will be the youngest in the class but I think she will be ready for a little social interaction! Plus momma will be ready to re-gain some mommy time as well! We have been going through the kindergarten process with Colby. We have toured a couple schools. Last week we did Open House at Calvary and really felt at a peace to send him there! He had to take a kindergarten entrance test today. I wish I could say he passed with flying colors. And I think with the questions he did answer he did....he just chose also to be a little stubborn and uncooperative! I'm sad he did this b/c I know his potential. We have talked with him all week about this upcoming day. I tried not to word it as he was taking a test, but more he was going to meet the principal and see his new big boy school. He's slowly coming to terms with the fact that he will be leaving his little preschool behind. He's sad but I think a little excited too. We have slowly tried to introduce this idea to him. Well this morning he was sad about missing a day at his regular school. But I explained to him that he needed to do this and then he was going to get to spend the afternoon at my parent's house...which ofcourse he was thrilled about! He seemed all ready for his day/morning. He was very well behaved and helpful this morning at home and I thought well maybe I really got through to him. But once we got to the school and the office he got really shy and uncooperative...I have to think this is normal though? I mean he's entered this less confidence stage this year and I am not sure where its coming from b/c he wasn't like this last year....I don't know if its the glasses...but we have also noticed a difference in his personality after being around this one little boy in his class. Anyway I left him with the principal and went on to Bible Study. It worked out well b/c my Bible Study was right across the hall. Well like not even 10 minutes later she came and got me and said Colby was not I went in there and tried to rationalize and talk to him. He was almost in tears...not sure if he was scared or what. We talked and we finally decided to go get his puppy dog by the time I got back with that he was doing great! I didn't even go in the room by that point b/c he was doing so well! Well I went back to Bible study thinking/hoping/praying all would be ok. And so it was I thought....he was gone for about 30 more minutes. Well when she appeared again I thought well they must be done. But when I got in the hallway she said he still wasn't cooperating. She said they finished part of it but he didn't want to continue. So once again I tried talking to him. I mean I had no idea what to do...I didn't want to act angry b/c I figured this would cause him to shut down more. Anyway so she went on to ask me some questions and we went to look at the kindergarten room. He was still kind of in a  mood...he kept saying he ewas ready to go. This is just how he is...and something he will just have to learn to deal with. He gets ready for the next part of his day and he's just like ok I'm done ready to go...he's done this since he was a toddler. Anyway so we went back to the office and she asked him a couple more questions...she finally said he was done. She said she would take the scores and add them up if she could.
My heart really sunk today and I know God wrote Colby's story before I even had him so I am trying to trust in God knowing there is a reason/purpose for it all. My mommy instinct though really thinks he will be fine in kindergarten...I see his weaknesses and immaturity but with me being a stay at home mom I think I can work with him at home. I knew kindergarten will probably be a hard year for him...but it was for me too. Anyway but ever since meeting with his teacher and her expressing her concerns about his fine motor skills its had me on edge. So I am trying to give it to God. If they call and say he passed then great he will go to kindergarten I still expect struggles but that will mean he can do it! If they call and say no he's not ready then we will still send him to Calvary and do prek4. That's not what I WANT at all...but I have to trust and do what is best for my son. So right now I have a lump in my throat and knots in my stomach waiting on them to call and let us know! I know either way he will be fine. I read over the kindergarten readiness packet and I really think he hits all of the standards. I mean he's a bright kid he can be stubborn and maybe not quite as good with his fine motor skills but he's just really started learning to write the letters this year and really been taking an interest since October. So I think he excels in everything else. But again I have to let go and let God. But in the mean time I am a nervous wreck. Not to mention the day has just been stressful anyway...trying to get everyone out the house by 8:30...the maid coming...the yard people coming...its just one of those days!

Sunday, March 3, 2013


What a busy weekend!
Friday Colby had school and I had mommy plans! I don't get to go out a lot with moms it seems but this week I got to go to Target with Casee and Friday I met my friend Casee and another friend Ashley with their babies at the mall for coffee and beignets. Ofcourse I had Lindsay with me too. I got there early b/c when I got to Colby's school (somehow we got there at 8:40) I have no idea how we ended up early...usually we get there just a couple minutes before 9. Anyway we got there the same time as his teacher from last year who also is now his assistent in his classroom this year. She was always so sweet to let him come in early this year so she said she would walk him in and watch him so I didn't have to get Lindsay out. I was thankful for that but knew we would get to the mall WAY early. Since we got there early I brought Lindsay in to the play place. We have been a couple of times now she loves it! Well she played for maybe 10 min then was begging to get back in her stroller? I guess since there were no other kids there she was bored. So I walked her all around the mall. Well we made the entire loop and still our friends weren't there. So I went back to the play area...she wanted in the rides though. I let her ride one and then she just walked around. Well by the time she was doing that my friend Casee showed up so we ordered our coffee and beignets while we waited on the Ashley to show up. We enjoyed our visiting! It was so nice to visit with other moms although Lindsay kept me busy! She wouldn't just sit in the stroller so she was up and down wanting to be held, not wanting to be held, wanting food, not wanting food, throwing stuff, etc! I love my girl but geez she is going to give me grey hair! I hope next year when she is at MDO I will have more of a break. Right now some days I feel like I'm going on empty! Anyway so once we figured the babies had had enough sitting we shopped in Old navy for a little while. I didn't buy anything since I do so much shopping online but it was still fun to look! After that we was 11 and I knew Lindsay would start having a real meltdown soon! Plus Colby got out of school at 12. That afternoon we just had a lazy day inside...the kids both napped and we were just really lazy! But hey that's what Friday afternoons are for?!
Saturday another busy day! I like the laid backness of Saturday mornings but I don't really feel like we had that today. Even though we didn't have to be anywhere until 11 for a b-day party it ended up being crazy! Austin had an insurance guy showing up supossedly at 9:30 to look at our roof from last Sunday's hail storm. Well he ended up coming at 9! Well I was still in my were running around like crazy and Austin was no where around! Just my luck! So I had to quickly get Lindsay corralled in her room, turn on a show for Colby, put the dog up, then talk to this guy! Anyway it worked out it just made my morning more crazy then I wanted it to be! Well we went on and got ready for the birthday party. My parents were keeping Lindsay during the party. I try to only take Colby to parties unless its a joint friend. Plus she would have been really hard to keep up with. Colby had a blast. It was a party for one of his little school friends. There were about 6 kids from his class there so he had a great time. His little girlfriend June was there and he had a blast running around with her! Its so adorable his little preschool/puppy love! I enjoyed visiting with some of the other parents/grandparents. Its hitting me hard that this is his last few months at this little school. He has been with these kids for the last 3 years. He feels so comfortable there! I know he will love Calvary and will do great there but May is going to be very bittersweet! Atleast Lindsay will be there next year so we don't have to tell the teachers/friends goodbye! Its so sad that all his little friends will be going seperate directions next year...I just wish there was a way to keep them all together! Anyway so the birthday party was great fun! Colby always has a blast at these events! I like party Saturdays...its free entertainment it gets us out the house and it always wears Colby out! We picked up Lindsay and came home. We didn't get home until about 1:30. The three of us shared some chicken nuggets b/c none of us had much lunch then I put everyone to bed. Colby fell right to sleep...he even told me he was exhausted after the party ha...Lindsay never fell asleep so I never really got a nap. It was a busy afternoon. we were supossed to go to another friend's house to celebrate her son's 5th birthday too but Austin was late getting home and with having such a busy day and week we cancelled. I felt so bad doing so but we REALLY needed the night at home!
Sunday another busy day as well! It was nice to be able to all 4 go to church together this Sunday! That hasn't happened in atleast a month! 2 weeks ago Lindsay was sick and Austin stayed home with her then last week he had the flu. So finally everyone was healthy and we went to church! The kids as always enjoyed their classes! I stayed after for a children's ministry meeting. It was focused on the move to 2 services and VBS! I am so excited about both. Having kids in this ministry makes it even more important but I've always enjoyed working with kids. I plan to work with the 2-3 and year olds twice a month during the 1st service. Part of me would like to work with Colby and Lindsay but I know we probably do best when we aren't together so far now its probably best I work in a different class! I don't mind subbing in their classes ocassionally though! I also plan to work VBS. This will be Colby's first REAL year of VBS. He has gone twice at our previous church as a worker's kid and he loved it but this year he will get to go and be in the prek program! I am not sure yet if I will bring Lindsay or not. Maybe a couple of the days and the other days I will let my parents keep her. So after our meeting...we actually got out a little after 1 I came home and rested with the rest of the family! Then we had lifegroup tonight! Its a busy day but filled with a lot of good things! Lifegroup is such a nice time to bond with people our age and just enjoy doing life together. Its been really good for Austin and I!
Well it was a great weekend...busy but great! This upcoming week isn't slowing down either! Lots going on! The biggest things this week is Colby getting tested for kindergarten, Bible Study starting back up, Lindsay going to a new GymRompers class, and Colby has a dentist appt on Friday! Lots and lots to do!

Friday, March 1, 2013


So this week has already been pretty busy and will continue to be busy for us this weekend.
Austin went back to work Tuesday. He seemed to feel a lot better and had a good day. Colby ofcourse had school. Lindsay went back to GymRompers. She had missed 2 weeks with Mardi Gras then being sick so it felt like forever since we had been! She had a blast though and seemed so happy to be back! Plus that litlte boy really didn't pick on her! She seemed a lot older though...ofcourse now there is a 4 month old that joined the class so that made Lindsay seem like one of the big kids! I was amazed at seeing how far she has come. She now walks all over the gym. She climbs everything and even mastered climbing to the top of one of the slides and turning around and sliding down on her tummy. I think Colby was over 18 months before he figured that out! She still likes the music part and pays attention very well. She interacted a little with one of the little girls who is just a few months older then her but for the most part she does her own thing! I am sad b/c we have to stop going to that class and join a new class in Metairie. I hate that b/c I have gotten to know the people in that class b/c we have all been in there since September. My Bible study is starting back on Tuesdays though and that's important to me too. Anyway Lindsay and I had a quiet day the rest of the day b/c Colby went home with my parents after school and didn't come home until around 5. I always miss him a lot but it is nice to get that break.
Wednesday was another really busy day. Another work/school day. After getting Colby to school Lindsay and I met my friend Casee and her little boy Mason at Target. I needed several things but it was also nice to shop/visit with a friend. We didn't finish up until after 10:30. Lindsay and I came home and once again I had some quiet time since Wednesdays Colby is at school until 2. Since we have started going to Wednesday night church our afternoons are cut pretty short. My mom and dad weren't going to their church tonight so I asked them to come over and sit with Lindsay. It worked out well b/c it just scares me to think of bringing them both to supper alone. Anyway I enjoyed the time with just Colby. He was very well behaved and pleasant at dinner. Most of the time when its just the 2 of us he acts like a little gentleman. It was nice to just sit and talk to him. With Lindsay there I would have totally missed that moment! I think he likes going to church he was excited about his class. I am so glad we are making it work to be able to take him to Wednesday night church with us. I know he really enjoys it and enjoys making friends! The dinner was great and I enjoy not cooking! I am really enjoying the parenting class too. Its making me realize some changes I need to make in how I parent. The only thing about Wednesdays though is its very exhausting...we don't get home until 8 and its rush rush till we get Colby in bed. Its worth it though...does make waking up on Thursday a little difficult!
Thursday we got up and Colby had school. We had to get moving though b/c I had to drop the kids off at my mom and dads then get over to Calvary for their Open House with the principal. Austin was able to meet me there and two of my friends who also happen to be friends that I grew up with at Calvary were also there checking it out for their 2 sons. We decided that we are pretty sure Calvary is the place for our boy. Its soo strange that I grew up there, went back to teach, and now I am sending my baby boy there. He has to get tested next Tuesday so I am just praying about that. I think he will do fine but as a mom I am already nervous for him. Its not a formal test or anything its more to assess their skills and coordination. I am sure he will do long as cooperates! I am so excited about his future there! I am also excited about how far the school has come! Anyway after open house I went back to my parent's house they kept Lindsay for me. I hung out till it was time to go pick up Colby. We all came home and just had a quiet afternoon!
So thankful for a busy, but good week!