Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Museum & Coffee

Yes, Lindsay and I had another playdate today. Yes, I'm trying to soak up every moment with her that I can! This time last year even when Colby started school she was really still too young to take many places I mean we did GymRompers but that was mostly it. This is the age/stage I LOVED with Colby! Although honestly she is not as easy as he was! He was happy to always be on the go and he and I ALWAYS went on adventures! Anyway I love taking her out but she's not quite as easy to please as he was! So today we started our morning with another trip to the coffee shop. Yes, it seems like we do that a lot but when you drop your child off at 8:15 in the morning there isn't much else to do but go get coffee and breakfast and wait for other things to open. Today we went to Starbucks. I discovered Lindsay loves banana nut bread so each time we visit a coffee place she gets a slice of bread and a milk. Its a fun little girl time with her! Afterwards we went over to the Children's Museum with a friend and her son. He's about 15 months old so he and Lindsay are in the same class at church. We were a little dissapointed when we got there b/c the toddler room was closed. That was my main reason for going! The good news is though they are remodeling it which will be nice for future visits! Lindsay had an ok time but def not as much fun as our last visit. I don't know if it was due to the toddler room being closed or she was just in an off mood. She didn't want to do much but sit in her stroller. To her defense the rest of the museum is kind of boring to a toddler. For Colby's age its wonderful but to a 1 year old who just wants to climb/slide its kinda boring. Oh well it was still a nice outting!
The rest of the week will be pretty low key for us as we get ready for our 4 day MS trip! I am excited about getting out of town for a few days! We stayed home all summer so it'll be nice to get away the 4 of us! It will also be a nice break from the school routine!
Oh and update on Colby in school:
He received his first progress report:
He had all A's and B's! I was so proud of him! I was surprised to see him getting so many grades this soon but also proud of him for doing so well! I worried how he would adjust to kindergarten but so far he's doing great! I knew he could do it!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Playdate Disaster & Weekend Highlites

Well we are having a pretty quiet weekend here. Last night the kids and I just took it easy! I think by Friday we are all SO tired! I picked up McDonald's for the kids per Colby's request. I figure after a full week of school he deserves a fun dinner plus momma is too tired to cook! I promised the kids after dinner we would take a walk! We went a mile! It was still kinda hot but not too bad we had a nice time! I really want to encourage a healthy lifestyle and physical activity with the kids. Colby loves riding his bike and actually asked to go the extra 1/2 mile. Lindsay still enjoys riding and looking around in her stroller. After we got home it was bathtime. We put the kids to bed between 7-8 during the week so on Fridays its more like 8-9. Cinderella was on tv so I let them stay up and watch it. That's sort of our Friday reward too! A movie b/c during the week Colby is only allowed to watch 30-60 min of tv. After such a busy week it was nice to just sit and relax with them.
Saturday was another slow day for us. I know as fall goes on Saturdays will probably get more and more hectic. After going somewhere all week all I want to do is stay home! We decided to have one of Colby's preschool friends over for a playdate since it was rainy and we were staying home anyway. It was nice having someone for him to play with. I feel bad b/c I feel like we don't do this often enough. They had fun but there was also a lot of fighting. I am really not sure what the deal was...they used to play together so well. I mean there were times they weren't fighting but there was definitely more then usual. The playdate ended when Colby locked himself in our office. I probably over reacted but by this time they had been slamming, locking, and playing with doors after I had fussed a few times. Also the only other time Colby has locked the office door was another time Max was over. I am not sure what they were doing. Colby says he was just trying to get away from Max b/c he kept trying to take his I dunno. Colby did get punished though...he has learned the art of locking doors and is doing it more and more recently. His bedroom and the bathroom are one thing but I was very angry about him locking the office b/c yes there are toys in there but its also mommy and daddy's space and its where the cat boxes are. Luckily he got himself out but I was still perturbed. I hated the playdate ended on a bad note like that. Also Colby was tired...a week of kindergarten is wearing him out and not napping. Thankfully we were all able to lay day and rest. We did another icecream run that evening after dinner. I am liking starting this new Saturday tradition! We drive down to B.C. and get icecream then just drive around while we eat our icecream so the whole thing takes about 45 minutes its just a nice uninteruppted family time!
Sunday was finally a busy day for us! Austin was off and we were able to go to church as a family! Always a blessing! Today was Pastor Michael's 5 year Anniversary. They did a special service to recognize God's work done at Calvary over the last 5 years. It was a really special service. The kids seemed to do really well in their classes. Lindsay has gotten to where she walks in and no crying! So nice for mama! We spent the afternoon at home relaxing and watching the Saints play. Its so nice to get home early! That night we went to lifegroup. This is our 2nd week of the fall semester. We have several new people so its a totally different group then last year. Its nice though! I really enjoy the fellowship and conversations. Colby also enjoys playing with Jax and Tiano. We still don't bring Lindsay...not b/c of her early bedtime but b/c 1 there are no kids her age there and she isn't old enough to consider it really a playtime. I am not sure how she would do being closed up in someone's bedroom and if she were out with the adults she would be completely distracting. So that was our weekend...they go by soo fast! I am glad we have Austin home Monday then we go out of town Friday after school so it'll be a short week!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Lindsay's Big Day!

So today Lindsay and I had a very fun girls morning! I am really loving this special time with her. We decided to hang out with a friend who has a daughter a year older then Lindsay. Both their big brothers are in full day school now so we thought it would be fun to take the little sisters on a playdate. We first met at PJ's since we are all out the house so early and nothing else is opened! Lindsay enjoyed her banana nut bread and milk. We took the girls to the Aquarium after that! This was her first trip the Aquarium without big bro. She has been 3-4 other times. Recently we took Colby on his birthday and she seemed to really like it then! Today was a great day to go! We pretty much had the entire place to ourselves! The girls loved running around. We just went with the flow wherever they wanted to go. We didn't spend much time actually looking at fish. We spent most of our time in the play area and by the big shark tank where they climbed chairs and ate their snacks. It was just really just getting to enjoy her! Don't get me wrong I REALLY miss Colby on trips like this but its nice getting to enjoy and see her personality come out!
Tonight we also went to Aurora for her parent orientation night. Even though this is now old hat to us...this was our 4th parent orientation there =) we still went with smiles on our faces! I'm excited about the new adventures awaiting her there. Colby loved AUMC and made so many close friends there! It did bring back that emotion though of knowing he's a big boy now and has left preschool world and now my baby girl is entering that place he entered 3 years ago! So hard to believe how quickly that happens! It was 3/4 of the way through his first year that I found out I was pregnant with Lindsay! Anyway we are excited about her starting MDO. She will be in a class of 8. Well actually they have 2 teachers for those 8 children and 2 rooms so for some activities they will be split...other times they will be together. I am sure they will go to recess together. I think Lindsay is one of the younger ones there although she technically is considered in the "2 year" class b/c she makes the Dec 31st cutoff. I know she will love it! She will have school on M, W, and F. I really only want her to attend 2 days a week. I thought they were going to offer T, TH this year but I guess not. Its ok though I will still probably only send her on M and W. But it will be nice to have that 3rd day option I guess. She starts the Wednesday after Labor Day!
I know this post has been mostly about Lindsay but I have one quick little insert about big brother just for my own memory. Colby had to clip down today for the first time in k. I wasn't mad at him and didn't punish him...I knew it would happen eventually. He's the type of kid that will get in trouble once and it will stick! I think he went to timeout once in prek 3 and once in prek4! Anyway he apparently was talking/making noise in the bathroom. We have learned that Nigel must be a trouble maker b/c Colby talks about him clipping down daily. And go figure that's who Colby was with. Anyway we just had a nice talk about making good choices and that next time if someone is doing that he should just do his business and leave the bathroom. I made him tell me the story though which he didn't like but I wanted him to understand the importance of honesty. I felt bad bc I think it really made him sad and nervous to tell me. But I know he won't always be perfect at school he just has to learn from this! Anyway all that said I just want to be able to remember that! But other then that so far he's still doing great in kindergarten! We are so proud!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First Test Grade, Super Student, & Planes

So my little man had a big day today! First of all he came home and first thing he told us is he was a Super Student today! They have a behavior chart where they all start on green each day and if they misbehave they have to clip down. So far Colby has never had to "clip down". There is also the option of clipping up to Super Student which he apparently did today! He said Mrs. Bailey who teaches the 4 year olds told him to go clip up! I like that the whole school or atleast the younger classes all use the same behavior program. So if another teacher catches them being really good they can tell them to clip up in their class. He said he was being really quiet in the hallway! I am so proud of him! I also want him to understand though we expect him to be a great student but I will also be forgiving and understanding when he messes up. I would definitely punish him if there was a pattern but if he has one bad day that's totally understandable!
So the next thing is he came home today with his very first progress report. They will get these every Tuesday. So far his only grade was in Bible. They have to memorize a Bible Verse every week and say it back to the teacher on Fridays. So he got a 98 on that! Another proud mommy moment! But again I don't expect all A's. If he gets them great but I am not going to punish him nor will I pay him for good grades! Now yes like tonight he did receive a reward and I will probably take him on outtings or treats when I know he has worked hard but he will definitely not receive any type of pay out for every good grade he makes.
So onto the movie reward! Well it actually didn't really start out as a reward. We wanted to take him to see Planes for awhile now. It just came out last weekend. Austin works most weekends and Sundays are tied up with church so we really weren't sure now that Colby was in school when we would actually go. We figured we would just bite the bullet and take him after school to an early show. It started at 4:40 we figured that was reasonable to do movie and dinner and still get home to get in bed in time for school the next day. This was only his 2nd movie theater experience. We took him to see Cars2 When he was almost 3. I have to say he did better last night! He still got a little antsy but not nearly like he did at 2 1/2. I really liked the Planes movie too! I thought it was actually better then Cars 2. After the movie we ate at La Madeline's before coming home. Oh and my parents stayed with Lindsay! I CAN'T imagine bringing her to a movie yet! Plus it was nice to just have time with Colby.
So far he's doing so great in kindergarten! I think he's really exceeded my expectations! I am glad he loves it and I hope he continues to love learning and school! Now onto the rest of the week! Next big event: School Orientation for Lindsay!!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

First Full Week of School

So today Colby is finishing up his first full week of school. He's done really great and hung in there well. I can tell he's getting tired though! Lindsay and I have had a good week hanging out. We've mostly just run errands.
Monday we did eat breakfast at Stanley's in the Quarter and went to Lifeway. Tuesday I went to Target and Wednesday to the grocery store. Those days we just did a lot of hanging out at home. Thursday Austin was able to go in late so after dropping Colby off the 3 of us ate breakfast at McDonald's. It was a nice break in routine. After that Lindsay and I went to visit my parents. They are def missing seeing the kids since now we are so busy with the school routine. It was a fun time visiting plus they always wear Lindsay out!
Friday was really our first free day! I wanted to make it a girls morning and do something fun with Lindsay. We ended up going to the park by Colby's old school (Lindsay's new school). I haven't been there in forever! Its not nearly as nice as most other local parks so we don't go there much. Lindsay had an ok time. She's not quite as into parks at this age like Colby was. She did a little climbing and sliding but not much. We ran into a mom from MOPS and her little girl. It was kinda uncomfortable though b/c she had her big german shepherd out there without a leash! That made me a little weary having Lindsay out there. I mean I am sure the dog was fine but it kept barking at us. I just don't think she should have brought a dog like that to a public park. I am totally a dog person and am not scared of them but that's just not appropriate at a kid's park. So we left after like 20 min. Plus it was hot and I was in jeans. Next we decided to go to Barnes and Noble. They don't open until 9 which is one reason we did the park first. We got coffee and milk and sat and drank our beverages. Its so fun doing girl things with her. I missed Colby but he and I had many adventures like this when he was 1 so now its her turn! This was the first time I brought her in there without a stroller. Usually since I have both kids I make her stay in the stroller b/c it makes me nervous trying to keep up with 2 in a big store like that. So I think she enjoyed the freedom. We played in the kids section for like 30 min. It was fun just to let her explore, touch things, climb, play trains. After Barnes and Noble we headed to PetSmart because we needed cat food. Lindsay enjoyed seeing the animals there as well. It was a fun easy outting with her.
I can't believe Colby has finished his first full week of kindergarten. I think things are going well. So far they are doing Bible, Phonics, Reading, Writing, Math, and Social Studies. They have also been to PE, Library, Computer, & Music. I am glad he seems happy and seems to love his teacher! We get a few stories here and there but he's really a man of few words about his day! I can't believe all that he's already learning!
I am definitely excited about the weekend! Getting everyone dressed and fed and out the door by 8 is exhausting! Saturdays will be much more appreciated now! This weekend we don't have too much planned. Colby is spending the day with my parents. I know I hate to send him off after he's been gone all week but they have missed him and he's missed them too! Plus I have a shower today so I am taking Lindsay with me to that. I know he will have a fun day and we will enjoy another girl outting. Tomorrow will be church...its supossed to rain a lot I hope we can get to church without getting soaked! I have to teach the preschoolers tomorrow. I got a call from our children's minister this week and he wants me to teach the younger preschoolers now. I really prefer the older ones b/c they can do more but I also am willing to work where needed. So now I will be teaching the 2s and young 3s. It will be fun b/c I will get Lindsay in a few months! She will promote up after her birthday in december a long with her 2 little friends!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Back To School Routine

So we are getting into a new routine around here. Colby started school last Wednesday and its now Monday! I posted about his first day and first full day. Its taking me awhile to get used to him being gone so LONG! Before he has only ever gone to school 9-12 or 9-2 but this 8:30-3:30 stuff seems like FOREVER before we see him! On the other hand it is nice too though I feel like I am getting a lot done and I am definitely enjoying the one on one time its giving me with Lindsay.
Friday Lindsay and I met a friend at the mall. She had her son who is 1 but was also keeping another friend's children so there were 5 kids total! The other kids were ages 3 and 7! We let them play in the indoor play area while we sipped coffee. It was nice to chat and let them play. Lindsay really seemed to have a fun time. After they played we decided to take a potty break which ofcourse with 5 kids was interesting. We then went to Children's Place to do a little shopping. I bought Colby some more white socks...since that is what he wears every day now I figure we can't have too many! I also got Lindsay some pjs and some little play jewelry which she loves! Afterwards she and I came home to enjoy the rest of the day! After picking Colby up it was a busy afternoon. The Saints were playing at 7 so I had cancelled his tennis lessons. Our friends Samantha and Ryan came over to watch the game. I loved having friends over to visit with. Its something we don't do often! It was tiring though b/c we stayed up until after 11.
Saturday morning Colby had tennis lessons at 10:30. I was glad we didn't have to be out the house early so it was nice to have a low key morning. I think the kids enjoyed their pancakes and watching cartoons in their pjs too. Although there was a lot of fighting/fussing that happened that day. I think everyone is just adjusting to this new school thing! After tennis we came home and didn't do much the rest of that day. I think we were all tired and ready for some downtime!
Sunday Austin was off thankfully! It was nice to go to church as a family! It was also my off week from teaching so we were all able to sit in church together. It was a great service kind of kicking off the Fall semester! I am looking forward to all the exciting opportunities coming up this fall. The kids enjoyed their classes. My parents came to church with us so we all went to eat Mexican after! This was fun and like the old days! We don't do much eating out on Sundays anymore just b/c with 2 young kids its easier and cheaper to grab something quick and come home but it was a nice change of pace! The kids actually did really well too! We came home to rest and nap! That afternoon Austin and I attended Group Link. This was the kickoff to the fall Lifegroup semester. Austin was asked by our leader if he could come and help "represent" our group. I was glad we went b/c several of our members weren't there. Anyway I think we will have 1 new couple joining us in the fall. We were excited about getting to know them. They came here from Meridian, MS and the wife is a teacher at Belle Chasse Primary. It was nice to get out and visit with other adults for awhile but it also made for a busy and tiring Sunday. We came home and quickly ate and put the kids to bed to get ready for a new week!

Friday, August 9, 2013

20 Months and Children's Museum

Well Lindsay turned 20 months a few days ago. I took note of it on the day it occured but with all that's been going on this week with Colby starting to school its gotten pushed to the side! Poor baby...2nd child syndrome! Anyway so yes she is 20 months officially!
She is getting so big and acting more and more like a 2 year old! She is talking so much more! She says: "done, shoot, hey, elmo, hi, cat, allie, dog, barks, meows, eat," and many more things I can't think of right now! She can say 2 word phrases like "all done". She also can count almost to 10 and can partially say her ABC's. This credit goes to her big bro! She hears him doing these things and she just picks up on it! She can now stack blocks as tall as she is a new skill I just noticed! She loves shoes and hairbows! Typical girl! She's really into pitching fits right now especially when we go out in public. I don't know if she gets overwhelmed or frightened but she has pitched a major toddler fit atleast once on every outting we have been on lately. She's at a difficult age but also a fun age! She is defintely a different child then her big bro. She likes adventures but she is also more content to stay at home more then he ever was. She's very athletic and I think I may sign her up for gymnastics in the spring.
She is still pretty petite. I would guess she weighs around 24 lbs. She still wears size 18 month clothing and some 12 month even. But she can also wear 2T dresses and tshirts so it really depends on the style. She is still in a size 4 diaper. She wears around a 5/6 shoe.
She will start school in a month and go 2 days a week to Aurora Methodist 9-12. I am looking forward to this time for her. I know Colby grew up so much that first year of preschool. It will be a good change for her I know. She is VERY attached to me so it will be good for her to get out and do something with other people and get to know kids. I know Colby formed some friendships his 2 year old year.
So since Colby is now in school I am enjoying the 1 on 1 time with Lindsay again. I am so thankful I get time with her just like I had with Colby when he was young. So yesterday was Colby's first full day of school and I decided to take her to the Children's Museum. Austin and I took her one other time by herself. My mom went with me and the 3 of us had a blast! Lindsay LOVED the toddler room there. We didn't even have to go anywhere else! She was content to stay in there! She mostly loved the slides and plastic/foam climbing pieces! She's so rough and tumble! I was watching her play and then watching other little girls her same age! Well its so obvious she has a brother! Anyway so we stayed an hour which was a perfect length of time for her. I think we will make that part of our regular routine. Its not that far and it wore her out! She came home and slept 3 hours! So far she is adjusting well to the new schedule. I have to wake her at 7 and she goes down for a nap at 12 and I wake her from that at 3. Its not too different from what she was doing this summer except maybe waking up a little earlier.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

First Day of Kindergarten 2013-2014

So the day has arrived that we sent our baby boy out into the real world to big boy school! I can't believe it! The last 5 years have flown by! Its so sad knowing how quickly this day will come for Lindsay! Anyway so here we are! We have spent all summer talking and preparing for big boy school. He was at first sad when we started telling him he wouldn't be attending Aurora this fall. He wanted to meet at his little safe haven where he knew everyone. We crossed that hump and since he's been out of school since May he has been talking more and more about kindergarten! We have tried to make it a very positive experience. This summer we bought uniforms and school supplies and tried to make it all very exciting! We worked on worksheets to prepare him for real big boy work. We already read books during the day but we have begun our first chapter book "Charlotte's Web". So after 2 1/2 months of prep the day has come!
First yesterday he was able to go Meet His Teacher and drop of school supplies. He was excited to do this. Austin took the last 2 days off so he could participate in all this fun too! After meeting the teacher we took a trip out to lakeside just to look around and enjoy our last family outting of the summer! Last night Austin and I attended the parent Orientation. There are so many changes and exciting things happening at Calvary. Back up a minute---so this is my former school and the school I taught 2nd grade at! Anyway a lot has changed and for the better! The new principal (this is her 3rd year) is making a lot of changes and doing some great things for the school! We enjoyed hearing about all of this at orientation. We also got another glimpse into his classroom.
Today was his first day of school. Luckily on their first day they only go a half day. That was a nice ease into this big boy school thing! So the whole family got up and brought him into school. Once he's settled in I am sure on Austin's day off just one of us will go but being the first day neither of us wanted to miss out. His teacher said we could walk him in on the first day. The whole school meets together in the cafateria for an assembly time. I think he was overwhelmed at first with this. He said it was too loud and too crowded! I helped him find a seat. When I told him we were gonna go he acted like he was going to cry so I told him we would stick around a few minutes. You could tell he was really uncomfortable at first. They stood up to do the pledges and he had no idea what was going on...finally a teacher's aide went over and encouraged him to get up. Once he sat back down and the principal started talking he seemed to settle in. Once we knew he was ok and wasn't going to burst into tears we quietly slipped out. It was so hard leaving him...especially for daddy! I can't imagine had we been leaving him in a strange place! Luckily we go to church there and he has some friends plus he knows so many of the adults which is nice! I couldn't wait to hear about his day! Lindsay and I grocery shopped and yes I missed my buddy but I also think it was quicker and easier with just 1 child and one that still rides in the buggy! We had a nice morning at home and lunch at Cane's before picking him up at 12:30. He seemed very happy when he got in the car and excited about school. He filled us in on a few details: We know had a brownie at lunch, he ate his chicken, he went to the potty twice, Mrs. Birden read "The Night before kindergarten" and a few other minor things. Not sure what else he did in between! I am so excited for my big boy! I will enjoy the one on one time with Lindsay but I will miss him so much during the day! I know he's going to grow up so much this year! I am so thankful for the 5 years I've had him at home with me! I look forward to many fun school events and being very involved with his school!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


We've had a pretty good weekend around here. The only downfall is Austin had to work for all of it!
Friday morning I picked Colby up early and brought him and Beaux to the vet for Beaux's annual appointment. Colby LOVES going to the vet. My mom and dad kept Lindsay during this. I could probably handle all 3 but since I had to stop by their house to pick up Colby it was just as easy to leave her in the process. We basically came home and spent the rest of the day here. That night Colby had tennis. He is doing so well. He's had about 6 lessons so far. He's really getting the hang of it. I am so proud of him. The only thing I hate is how hot it is! But I feel like all the sweating I do out there might be good for me! I've also been so proud of Lindsay. I had no idea in June how she would do but she has done great each week. She sits by me and just walks around...she has gotten a little braver each week but I've never had to fuss at her for going to far or getting near the pool.
Saturday we took the opportunity to go swim at my parent's house. We don't get to see them much during the week just b/c we are so busy and since Austin is working and most of my friends are having family time on Saturdays that's the best option for us! Plus the kids love it! We were able to swim for over an hour too which was nice! I know swimming season is ending! Especially for Colby since he is starting school. I am so proud of how well he's doing by himself. Lindsay also learned how to jump in from the side and got quite a hoot out of herself. The rest of the day was very low key. When Austin got home we spent a little time outside letting the kids play in the front yard!
Sunday was church. It was just the kids and I again. I also was teaching. Lindsay did great in her class I hear. I think she is one of the happiest ones in there. Colby also seems to really be getting the hang of JumpStart and his kindergarten class! I am so happy they enjoy church and have many friends! I taught in the Clubhouse! I am really enjoying teaching that age!
We had a great weekend! We missed daddy but look forward to the exciting week ahead of Colby starting big boy school!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Last Week of Summer

Man it really feels like I just wote the "first week of summer" post. Its very bittersweet to write this knowing my baby boy is headed off to big boy school in a week! We've had a great summer! I feel like we got to do a lot! We did VBS, swim lessons, Children's Museum, Zoo, Aquarium, many parks, City Park, tennis lessons, birthday party, etc!
This last week of summer we are trying to enjoy the laid back days but also have some fun as well. As you recall Monday we did storytime at the library.
Tuesday was my final summer session Bible study. I brought the kids with me. It works out great that they get to play with friends while I'm there. Afterwards since Austin was off we went to eat at NO Hamburger & Seafood Co. It was a fun lunch as a family of 4! Lunches are crazy and loud but I just had to sit and enjoy the moment! Even when Lindsay was pitching a major fit and refusing to eat anything! The rest of the afternoon we just hung around the house. Austin and Colby did run some errands. We had a nice family dinner! Which is rare these days in the dining room! That night I was able to escape for a couple hours and have coffee with my friend Jenny! Its been so nice to escape this summer on Tuesday nights with a friend. I really am thankful Austin has been such a help in making that happen!
Wednesday we had to grocery shop so nothing that exciting during the day. But we are going to church tonight. Its the final summer session of Wednesday nights. They are having a big celebration for the kids. They are going to have waterslides and icecream so Colby is very excited!
So update from Wednesday night: Colby had a blast!! It went really well. I dropped Lindsay off in the nursery. A couple of her little friends ended up staying out there with their older siblings but since I was alone and I wasn't sure how she react I felt it better for everyone's enjoyment to put her in the nursery. She wasn't alone either there was a little boy probably 8 months old and her friend Maggie in there. This allowed me time to really focus on Colby although he did his own thing the whole time the only thing I really did was take his picture and open his ice cream sandwhich. It gave me time to visit though which was great! I enjoyed just watching him and the other kids. I was also so thankful to see him with this group of boys and girls that he is going to grow up with! A few of them will even be together in school! Austin got there right at the end which was a HUGE help though b/c he was able to change/dress Colby while I waited with Lindsay.
Since both kids were up late on Wednesday we were a little slow going Thursday morning but we did get up and get ready in time to head over to the Cool Zoo like we had promised Colby. If you remember I tried to take him last week and it was a BUST! Anyway we got there around 10:15. Luckily we were able to snag a table and some chairs in the shade. At fist Lindsay totally freaked out! I really thought we had made a HUGE mistake in bringing her but Austin took her around. He wore his swimsuit thankfully. I guess I should have but I usually just sit in a chair in the shade and let the boys have at it! Well once he started walking her around and she figured out what was going on she quickly settled down! He spent most of the time with her and she would occasionally come to the table and get a snack then go back out. Well around 11 my friend Casee and her mom came with her 2 boys. We had a good time visiting and watching all 4 kids play. Colby was definitely the easist one there to deal with. He pretty much did everything on his own. Jax still wasn't too sure about it but he is younger then Colby and Colby was probably the same way at 3. Lindsay ended up getting pretty brave too! She was running through all the water and Austin even took her down some slides! It was a really fun morning! By noon we knew the kids were getting tired. We dressed and went to McAlister's for lunch. The outting was such a sweet and fun time! I know we are going to miss these fun days when school starts! That night Colby spent the night with my parents. I missed him but it was also fun to just focus on Lindsay and spoil her for the night =)