Monday, March 31, 2014

Eventful Weekend

So the last 24 hours at our house have been quite eventful. Friday started out being what I thought would be a pretty calm day. I dropped Colby off at school and for the first time in FOREVER Lindsay and I came straight home. I had really wanted to bring her to the zoo or park but the weather was awful. Luckily we were able to get out and enjoy a walk though before the rain. So we were enjoying having a low key day. The weather got really bad though...streets were flooded, lots of lightening, it was crazy! Thankfully that afternoon when we went to pick up Colby the rain had slacked off. We got in that night and the weather got bad again. We just had a low key night around the house. Pizza and movies...that's how we like to do it around here! Austin got home at a decent time and we were just having a nice family night. We were all so tired and looking forward to a good nights sleep and sleeping in the next day. Only around 2ish Austin's work phone rang. Well at first I thought it might just be a simple question but he was on the phone for 30 min and after that he had to go in. He thought it would be a matter of running in and checking something out but nope he worked from 2:30 until 8 am. I hated he was gone all night like that and I was up most of that time as well. He finally got home soon after the kids and I woke up and brought breakfast for us all. I thought he might want to go to bed but he was a trooper and said he would hang out with us. Our first errand was taking Colby to get new glasses/lenses. We got that done then we ran a few more errands before stopping at Chili's for lunch. It was fun just being together! I wish we could have done more fun stuff but all this had to be done! I guess it was a blessing Austin ended up being off!
That afternoon we all took a nap...well Colby watched a movie. After naps the boys got out to run more errands. Lindsay and I decided to take our party outdoors and sit in the sunshine. The weather has just been beautiful after Friday's storm! Once Austin and Colby got home they joined in as well! The kids enjoyed splashing in the hose and getting soaked! That evening we ate grilled cheese sandwhiches and just had a relaxing evening!
Sunday was such a pretty day and so nice to go to church as a family. Colby was excited to see all his friends. Lindsay got upset when it was time to go to her class and apparently cried awhile. I think I am going to talk to our Children's Intern about letting her promote early. She loves being in the big girl room on Wednesday nights. I had to teach this week but it was a really great week. We only had 4 kids so it was really low key and they were all very well behaved. I really enjoyed the morning though it was refreshing for it to be calm. That afternoon we mostly relaxed and Austin and the kids worked/played outside. I caught up on phonecalls and inside work.
It was a fun weekend I am glad we had austin here for most of it!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Atlanta Birthday GetAway

So we just got back from a nice little getaway just the 2 of us! Austin won this free stay in an Atlanta JW Marriott about a year ago. We talked about going last summer and just bringing Colby but the summer got busy and then the school year and we just never went. Well the offer was about to expire at the end of this month so Austin suggested that he and I just go and we use it as a birthday get away for the 2 of us! I thought that sounded great! We have only taken 1 other trip just the two of us when Colby was a year and a half so it was def time! Thankfully we have my parents who will watch the kiddos!
We left Friday morning...we brought Colby to school and got everything packed then dropped Lindsay off with my parents and we headed to the airport! We realized how easy it is flying/traveling with no kiddos! We got to the airport early enough to grab a sandwhich and relax a little. Our flight was on time with no issues so we got to the airport and took the subway to our hotel. Austin figured we could use the subway to get us around so we didn't worry with renting a car or anything! We checked into the hotel and rested for a little while. Our hotel was actually in the middle of a huge mall so we just decided to spend the first afternoon there. We walked around for a little over an hour. I got some makeup but that was it. I would have loved to clothes shop but we knew we didn't need to spend the $ plus it would be hard to bring back with flying and all. It was fun just browsing. We ate an early dinner at California Pizza Kitchen which was really yummy. That evening we got back to the hotel pretty early so we decided to just relax and we watched Frozen. Haha I know no kids and we watched a cartoon!?
The next morning we slept in a little then got ready and went to eat breakfast at the hotel. Breakfast was included which was nice too. We then set out on the subway for our days adventures. We did the aquarium first. It was really neat. They had whales and dolphins. They had a lot of stuff our aquarium doesn't have. It was really crowded though most of the time so I don't feel like we got to enjoy it as much as we do ours. It was nice though! We ate lunch there. After finishing up there we walked next door to the World of Coca Cola. We spent a couple of hours in that museum. Again we had a good time. Both were really fun and interesting! Afterwards we decided just to get a table outside and sit and relax for awhile. We were too far from our hotel to go back and the weather was so nice. It was nice to get off our feet and just soak up the pretty spring weather. We did SO much walking on this trip!
After resting up we got back on the subway to head to our dinner stop. We had many recommendations to go to this place called Mary Macs. Again we had to walk a pretty good distance to this restaurant but I guess it was good on the way back we had a chance to walk our dinner down. This place was good ole southern cooking. Austin had fried chicken, mac n cheese, greens, and dumplings. I had baked chicken, mac n cheese, dressing, and green beans. They also brought you started breads which consisted of cornbread, rolls, and cinammon rolls! Talk about yummy! We ended the dinner with homemade apple and peach cobblers! I am so glad we decided to check this place out! We will def return there! Once we got back to our hotel we just decided to settle in the room and relax. We had a very early flight out and didn't want to stay up late.
The next morning we were up at 4:30 central time but I was ready to see my babies. We finally arrived back in nola around 9 am. My parents were bringing the kids to church so we decided to waste a little time and let the kids enjoy sunday school there. We picked them up around 10 and came home. It was a great trip and I think we really needed the break! Its always great coming home! We've been SO busy and will continue to be busy for quite sometime! With church and school and friends I feel like life never slows down!

Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patty's Day 2014

Happy Green Day everyone! Well today has been a busy day in our household! It was quite a kick off to our week! Well Mondays both kids have school so it makes it busy anyway but Colby also had to bring snack today and Lindsay had her St. Patty's Day party at school. Colby also earned a free dress down day along with a special lunch with the principal. I got both of them dressed in their "green" attire this morning. It was sure hard getting up this morning on a cold and rainy Monday. I got everyone delivered to school though. Afterwards I met a friend for coffee. It was nice getting to hang out and visit without kid interruption. It did make my morning short and I hardly had time to even come home between that and getting Lindsay. From her teacher's reports though it sounds like she had a fun day! They had green cupcakes which her teacher said she devoured and they took selfies! Sounds like a fun day in the world of preschool!
When I picked Colby up from school he seemed like he had a great day as well. Tonight we did Chickfila night for his school. I really hate getting out 3 nights in a row but I know how much it means to my baby boy to be there so I got us all ready to go. Plus tonight was a special one b/c the k-2nd grade were singing. my parents ended up meeting us there which was good b/c Austin ended up working late. Lindsay was a total mess and I felt like a wreck too. Today was extremely busy so I don't feel like I really got any downtime today. I was tired and grumpy. She didn't take a nap today so she was tired and grumpy. She cheered up long enough to play on the playground but then pitched a major fit about leaving! UGH exhausting!! It was all worth it though to see my little man singing his heart out about God! Also to hear him singing all the songs as we got home! I know I have said it before but this year has been such an amazing blessing! Its so amazing to see how far we have come in a year! This time last year I was doubtful if he would be ready for kindergarten and scared and nervous for him! This year he has rocked kindergarten! Not to say he hasn't had to work hard or is doing perfectly...we have a C+ in reading this quarter! But he has come so far socially and academically and spiritually! His teachers and principal are just amazing! I love that he's learning so much academically but he's also being fed spiritually at school which is awesome! Anyways so even with the hard points of the day its been awesome! So much to be thankful for! I know the days are long and busy but this season of life is short! I love my 5 and 2 year old and all the fun stuff that there is about this stage of life!! So one day when I am 50 I will be able to rest! =)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Weekend Roundup

So the weekend is starting out beautifully! We couldn't ask for better spring weather right now! So this morning Lindsay and I met our friends Ashley and Michael at the park. It was such a nice outting and what I needed after a busy week. I just love taking my littles to the park! Lindsay had a great time! I think she had a blast playing with someone close to her age! We were out there almost 2 hours! We were able to visit a lot and the babies entertained themselves which was awesome!
Friday night I had Dinner and a Craft at church. I had signed up to help set up so I had to leave the house around 4. My parents came over to watch the kids and picked Colby up from school. I was honestly kind of dreading getting out on a Friday night b/c that's usually our stay in night but it was so nice just hanging out with other women and I really enjoyed helping out. I don't get to do stuff like that often so it was great to just have some time to myself. It was really nice we had enchiladas and salad and chips and salsa. I was able to visit with some friends/ladies who I don't normally get to visit with much other then briefly on Sundays.
Saturday...has been a great day! We first slept in a little this morning which was FAB! We then got everyone ready and went to Touch a Truck. I have heard of these in other cities but never one here. As soon as I found out about it I knew it was something Colby would LOVE! Since Austin was also off and the weather turned out to be good we decided we MUST go! As we predicted Colby LOVED everything about this! I know most boys like trucks etc but Colby LOVES any form of transportation he always has! It was perfect for him! They had dump trucks, Mac Trucks, farm trucks, ambulances, firetrucks, police cars, race cars, army vehicles, etc! You name it and they had it! The kids could climb in all of these things, sit at the drivers seat and pretend to drive, and honk all the horns and make the sirens go off! He was truly in little boy heaven! Lindsay mostly observed as sometimes poor little sisters have to do. She liked going inside the cars mostly. She was far more concerned with snacking and drinking juice! Towards the end she warmed up and got in things with Colby and Austin. It just wasn't her cup of tea but she was patient and was there to have fun and enjoy the day with her big bro! Afterwards we ate lunch at Five Guys! It was so nice just to have a fun Saturday like this! Since Austin works most Saturdays I feel like we don't get to do what normal people do so it was nice! I think the kids really enjoyed the special day as well.
We didn't get home until almost 2 so we were late taking naps/resting so therefore that time was cut a little short. The kids got out with Austin that afternoon while I tried to work on cleaning up the house. We ate pizza then went for icecream! It was the perfect ending to a perfect day!
Sunday will be church and then resting! I really believe in making Sunday a rest day therefore we go to the 1st service and then hang out at home the rest of the day which is nice! Especially today on a rainy day!

Friday, March 14, 2014


So this week I have been dragging! We have been extremely busy, plus its the first full week after a holiday, PLUS the time change! I just haven't had much energy but it has been a great week!
Monday started out great. It was a beautiful day and Austin was off so he and I worked in the flower beds after getting the kids off to school. It felt great just to be outside and working together! I feel like our yard has taken the backseat for quite sometime. We usually do spring and fall flower beds but for some reason this past year we have not gotten around to either. They were looking quite raggedy. I was anxious to get them spruced up for spring. They look great now! So proud of our hard work. That afternoon we all got out as a family and finished them up!
Tuesday was a crazy day! Austin was off so that helped me keep my sanity but Tuesdays are just very busy. First we had our housekeeper and a guy coming to install a door in our kitchen. So there was a lot going on plus I had to be out the house by 8 with both kids. I went to Bible study. I was thankful to just have that time to put a pause on life and soak up God's word. It really does refresh me for the middle of the week! When we got home we ate lunch and tried to have a little downtime. That evening we had lifegroup! I love going to lifegroup but it does make for a short afternoon/evening. It was nice having Austin off though so we were able to go together and he helped prepare the food that we brought. We finished our study on James. We are just really loving this new lifegroup! Not that we didn't love the people in our last lifegroup it just wasn't going in the direction we needed. It was made up of a lot of singles or young married w/o kids and so we just didn't have a whole lot in common. Now most of the people in this group have kids so its great for us!
Wednesday another crazy busy day for me. Since Austin went back to work that leaves me with all the kid/school duty. Well after getting the kids to school I made a trip to Target to get snack stuff for Colby and Easter things. I totally forgot my stuff that I needed for church. I got home and was enjoying some quiet time when I remembered so I had to pack up and leave early to pick Lindsay up and stop by Walmart...which is always an adventure! Anyway she and I got home and ate lunch and rested. Thankful my parents pick up Colby b/c it gives me a little longer to relax and get stuff done. Then that evening we had church. I am always so glad to be there but its hard to get motivated sometimes to be gone at night and be out that late with the kids. One of the main reasons I do it though is b/c Colby loves it so much and really is learning so much! I also want him to have that church family and home away from home feeling. Which I think he def does!
Thursdays are a little bit slower days for us which I am really thankful! We bring Colby to school then hit up the grocery store then spend the rest of the day at home! Sounds dull and boring but its nice to have that after such a busy start to our week!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Weekend Fun

The kids and I are enjoying our weekend so far! The weather has turned out nice and we have been able to get outside FINALLY! It was last Saturday since my kids really played outside! They got to ride bikes a little in Hattiesburg but it was really cold and rainy there as well!
Friday as soon as we got home from school I said "Let's play outside!" We don't usually do this on school days b/c I usually have to do homework with Colby and then there is dinner to cook but Fridays also mean Fast Food! We played outside for quite awhile then we hopped in the car and picked up Wendy's. I know I know not healthy but we really don't eat out much anymore so this is my night off and a fun thing for the kids! After Austin got home we even went to get icecream! Which again we NEVER do! We usually do this during the spring/summer so its obviously been quite awhile since we have gone but I figured again it would be a fun Friday night treat for the kids.
Saturday we had another open day! Its crazy we haven't had anything going on like we did during the fall but honestly I am not complaining! I like not rushing out the house. We take advantage of dry Saturdays and go to the park. We have actually visited several here lately. I love free fun! I also like to see the kids getting exercise and enjoying nature! Its a win/win for all! We stayed a long time today at the park in Belle Chasse. Once again my parents met up with us. This works out well b/c they play with the kids and they love getting to see them since during the week we don't see them much.
After playing at the park for awhile we decided to stop at Rotolo's for lunch. Its rare that I take the kids out to eat by myself or really that we go out to eat at all so this is always a big treat for them! Lunch was good...a little slow but hey I didn't have to cook it or clean it up so for that I am thankful! We made one more stop before coming home for naps. The rest of the afternoon was very low key. We mostly just rested and caught up from a pretty busy week.
Sunday Austin was still working but the kids and I were off to church. I didn't have preschool today so I was able to go into worship. It was a great service. It was the first Sunday of LENT and it was so convicting! I can't believe I have never participated in LENT before I just always thought of it as just something for the Catholics. Its been really neat though going through this process as a family for the first time! Colby even came home with a reminder on why we are "giving up" things. Its not just about giving things up but getting closer to Jesus. He has chosen to limit his TV time. I didn't want him to totally give it up b/c wow that would be really hard for a 5 year it would be really hard on his momma. I figured we would all be miserable which would lead to no getting closer to God. Anyway we decided to limit it. I am still not sure what exactly that will look like just that we will make an effort to turn off the tv more and enjoy games, outdoors, and face to face conversation. I think the biggest area is when we are eating dinner. So again I will update on how this is all going over the next few weeks. Austin and I have also given up our snacking habit at night. We always watch tv together at night which I love that time reserved for him and I but we realized our snacking was out of control. I have also chosen to give up judging/talking about people. I have felt very convicted here recently about how often I judge people and about my own pride. Its been hard but I am relying on God through this season. Anyway its an exciting time in our house!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Play Day @ the Mall

Today the kids and I had a fun little special day! I wanted to do atleast one special thing with them before Colby heads back off to school tomorrow. I originally hoped we could do the Zoo this week but with the cold and wet weather I knew that was out. Plus tonight we have church so I wasn't sure I wanted to be gone that long anyway. We opted for a little trip up to the mall. We actually don't go up to the mall much anymore. We used to go a lot but now with Colby's school schedule we just don't. Anyway so this is what they wanted to do! We first stopped at the play area and played for about 20 min. It was good for them to run and jump around and get some energy out! They have been pent up a lot this week with nasty weather so I thought some exercise would do them good! Afterwards I promised 1 ride each. Well Colby rode the old blue towtruck that he used to love as a toddler and Lindsay rode nothing. She is still scared of those types of things. Afterwards we went down to Children's Place. I just wanted to look at their spring stuff. Well we walked through the boys section and I noticed they had Superhero shirts so I asked Colby if he wanted one. Ofcourse he did! Well I figured if Colby got a shirt Lindsay def needed one too. We found the little girl stuff and she picked out a Princess Sophia shirt. Neither of them picked out the ones I would have chosen but I wanted this to be a fun moment for them so I just went with it. I also saw some adorable little girl shorts and Lindsay def needed some so I got those well then ofcourse Colby had to have shorts. So I let him pick out a pair that would match his t-shirt! Anyway I think they were both really proud of their "outfits"! I never let them shop for themselves so it was a fun experience for them both!
At this point they were ready for lunch we headed to the Food Court. My friend Jenny and her 2 boys Braden (5 1/2) and Jude (2) were meeting us. It was fun to have friends to eat with! The kids were so excited about eating at the mall b/c we rarely do that! It was fun listening to the big boys chat about school and birthdays! The little siblings enjoyed being along for the ride! After lunch we took the kids to pick out cookies and sit by the fountain. Again they all enjoyed this! It was so reminiscent of my childhood. It was a simple day but I think the kids really enjoyed it! I was glad I could have 1 special day before Colby went back to school on Thursday!
It brought back so many memories though of all the times he and I spent up there when he was a toddler! He's just growing up so fast! I miss having him for these little outtings!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mississippi Mardi Gras

Happy Mardi Gras Y'all! So today is Mardi gras. We just got home from a quick trip to Hattiesburg. Austin was off Mon & Tues. so we figured it would be a perfect time to escape to Hattiesburg for a little overnight trip! At first I hated to miss the parades but it ended up being cold and wet so I guess its a good thing we left town. We haven't been able to go up there since December so it was def time for a visit! We would have loved to stay longer but Austin has to return to work tomorrow and Colby to school on Thursday.
Anyway we woke up bright and early Monday morning and left. We drove straight there and arrived about 10 or so. The kids were very excited to play at MawMaw and PawPaw's house. They played inside and out! We got chicken for lunch and just enjoyed some low key family time. After lunch Austin and I brought Lindsay back to the apartment to nap. Colby stayed with the grandparents b/c he doesn't ever nap anymore plus he wanted to go with them to pick up Shelbi and Maggie from school. I think it made him feel like a big boy and they enjoy the alone time with him I think. It was nice to just relax although Lindsay didn't take much of a nap. Once she was awake we went back over to his parents house. When we got there Colby was having a blast with his cousins. Lindsay joined in the fun! Its always great watching them all play together! They played hard and we had an early dinner. After dinner we hung out for a little while longer then got the kids back to the apartment. They were both tired plus it was a school night for Shelbi and Maggie. The kids did well in the bed for the first time. Now that Lindsay is in a toddler bed we let her sleep in big beds. She actually stayed awake a lot later then Colby though. Austin and I just enjoyed our usual downtime while the kids went to bed.
The next morning we woke up early and went back to his parents house for breakfast. We were originally planning to stay until after lunch but the weather was getting nasty and we were afraid of icy roads so we headed back soon after breakfast. We did get to visit over breakfast and the kids got to play a little more. It was a very quick, low-key trip but it was so nice to see everyone! I think they enjoyed seeing the kids. Both kids loved it too!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Dr. Seuss & Mardi Gras

Today was a busy day for me and my littles! Both had special, fun days at their schools before getting out for Mardi Gras break.
Colby had Pajama day/Dr. Seuss day. I volunteered to go help...not so much with his class but just with whatever teacher needed me. They assigned me with Mrs. Fulmer. I did get to see Colby's class though which was neat. Basically in the room we were in Mrs. Fulmer read Horton Hears a Who to the students then they did a craft. I enjoyed working with and seeing the various classes. I think Colby enjoyed having his mommy around for a bit too! From what I understand they basically rotated throughout stations for the entire morning going from one place to another. They read books, made crafts, and watched a movie. I think Colby really enjoyed it. It was a perfect way to end the week going into Mardi Gras. He is now out of school until next Thursday.
Lindsay had her Mardi Gras party and parade also today. This was all happening at 11 so I left Colby's school to go to hers. They first were in their room making masks for the parade. She was so cute and working so hard on her little mask when I got there! I am so proud of how far she has come this school year. There were times I wondered if putting her in school was worth it or should I make her go this young but seeing her maturity and how much she loves it...Yes its totally worth it! She didn't cry or get up from the table to hop in mommie's arms! I am so glad she loves and trusts her teachers now! After finishing masks they had their little parade down the hallway! This. was. adorable!! This was the first year they have done this with the littles and I loved it!! They made the traditional "shoebox" floats and pulled them down the hallway. The big kids lined up the hallway and watched! They also ofcourse had carnival music playing! Cutest thing ever! Afterwards they went back into the room for their "party". They had kingcake and fruit and quiche. Lindsay loved this! She chowed down on her kingcake! Again she did so good and was such a big girl sitting at the table. Once all the kids finished eating we went outside to get ready for the big kids parade. Gosh this brought back so many memories! This was my 4th "parade" there! The first year we had it in the gym b/c it was raining, the second year they had it at a nursing home, and last year we were out on the playground! It was amazing to think that Colby was the "big kid" last year and Lindsay was still in the stroller. She has grown up so much this year! Anyway she loved it! She stood there and caught beads and just enjoyed playing! It was a great way to wrap up the day and kick off our holiday! She will be off an entire week so we will have lots of bonding time and fun!