Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gymrompers and looking back....

Well today Colby and I had Gymrompers. Wednesdays are always fun I think we both look forward to them! It gets us out of the house and I get to visit with other moms and Colby gets to play in a huge gym with all toys! Today there were 7 kids. This was a big group! It was nice to have that many! Colby did really well I thought he might get overwhelmed and frightened with all the kids. But he did great! He was right there in the middle of them. Ofcourse he doesn't "play" with other kids yet and in fact sometimes he likes to get off by himself but least he is getting exposed to what it is like to be around other children! He is also the youngest in the class but he hangs in there pretty good. He got upset in the middle when they picked up the instruments and the animals. He always has a tough time "letting go" of the toys but today he just fell to pieces. I am not sure if it was more of a toddler mood and being overwhelmed and tired or what. I basically tried to get him to move on and even ignore him a little bit so he would act like a big boy and continue playing. After about 5 minutes he got it out of his system! But really he is getting so big! He walks so well now and just talks all the time. I really feel like he is pretty advanced with his talking b/c he says about 15 or more words. And he always uses them correctly! It sure is different though to see him as a toddler and not a baby anymore. Everyday he gets more independent then the day before! Well I posted some pics from this time last year and then from this week! Crazy how much they change in a year!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mommy's big UH OH!

Well today was a first for me...I had my first accident. Well let me rephrase I hit the garage today while backing out. I have never hit anything in my life with my car before. My car is nearly 8 years old and I am 27 so I guess its a good record. It just sucks to now have that "black mark" on my driving record. Well least it was the garage and not another car. Well we were having a great was beautiful we got up and got ready and were headed to my parent's house so Colby could get out and spend a little time with his grandparents. I think he gets bored if we stay home too much. Well I was backing out and I noticed my mirror was out and I was close to swiping it on our trashcan so I put the car in forward and tried to back up again to miss the trashcan. Well I noticed that the trashcan moved but I figured the car just hit it no biggie. Well I got out and saw a huge streak of paint down my car. Well this is not good but not too bad either...I failed to notice the large dent in the bumper. It wasn't until I got to my parent's house that I saw that. NOT GOOD AT ALL! Well we are hoping insurance will fix it but we also hate to claim it but I don't think they will raise our rates b/c I have never gotton into a wreck so we'll see. I just hate that I was so dumb. I was just in a hurry and thought I could squeeze by with no problem! Well that will teach me to be more careful as I back out from now on!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gymrompers/MOPS Round 2

So this has been a great week for us and busy again! Yesterday was Gymrompers. Colby did great! After last weeks episode of crying due to the juice spilled all over him it was a big relief for me! He was into doing everything and didn't act afraid at all. Its amazing how far he has come since we first started going back in June. He began Gymrompers at 11 months now he is 14 months and he has learned so much! I think he impressed everyone with his walking skills too! He walked everywhere. There were 2 other kids there. I really think Colby is more advanced then the others. Not b/c I am partial but he actually participates in the circle time more so then the other 2. He was also the youngest but the only one that I ever heard actually "talk." He is really into saying "touch" these days. This is due to my parents haha but he wants to walk around and touch everything! Its really cute he just wants to learn you can tell!
Well today was MOPS! I was really excited b/c last time was so fun and Colby did well too! Well the group meeting went pretty well. We discussed safety and CPR on little ones. It was pretty informative to be refreshed on these things. Well at close to 11 a lady appears at the door with Colby and another little girl. Well Colby was really crying. So I went and got him she said they weren't able to calm him down. I asked if she had tried giving him his blanket and she said no. Well I was a little more discouraged this week with the childcare situation. First when I was dropping him off I felt like they were pushing me out the door. And believe me I am not a mom who is going to stand around and watch their kid I have been in the teacher place and I know this is not helpful. All I was trying to do was get Colby signed in and settled. I barely had time to set him down and give him his juice. Well I gave him his cup b/c this is what seemed to calm him last week and immediately the lady took it away saying he didn't need that right now. I mean really? He is 1 if the cup makes him feel more secure let him have it plus this is the time when he drinks his juice. He doesn't do milk anymore in the morning so usually about 30 min or so after breakfast is when he will lay down and drink his juice! Well that kinda preturbed me but I didn't think too much of it since last week they said he did well. Plus last week when I picked him up he had his blankie so I figured they would find that again and give it to him! Oh well I know these things will arise more and more the more often he gets left but I guess the protector in me just wants to say fine and leave him with my parents from now on! But I know in my mind I can't do that b/c he needs to get used to the preschool environment. Especially considering I might put him in Mother's Day Out next year. He usually is pretty good at church and I thought he was good last time at MOPS so I hope this doesn't become a norm for him! Well I guess its just all part of mommyhood and we have to take it one day at a time. But I am glad we got to get out this morning and he should take a good nap after all that!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Colby's new Ride

So Austin and I had to go to babiesrus to get a baby gift for a friend this weekend. We never go to this fact I have only been 1 other time back when I was pregnant with Colby! Its just so far away its not that we don't like it. Well we did find a baby gift but we also found lots for colby! Not that he NEEDS anything! I ofcourse browsed the clothes section and found him a couple sweatsuits and pjs. We then headed to the toys just to "look". Well they had that cozy coupe car. We have been saying we wanted to buy this for Colby. We didn't get it for his b-day since we got the toddler playset so I figured it would be Christmas. Well Austin couldn't resist. I think he wanted to go ahead with it since he doesn't get to shop for Colby a whole lot! He was like a little boy himself I think he liked the idea of the little car! Well we got it and Austin spent about an hour last night putting it together. Well Colby got to take his first ride when he got up from his nap! He was so cute! He was squealing and laughing and just had a grand ole time! He right away knew how to steer and how to honk the horn. Typical little boy I guess those things must be built in! Well I know he will have lots of fun in this! It gives him something else to play with outside. We have it in the setting right now where we have to push him but by 2 he should be able to peddle with his feet like the Flinstones! Well I am glad he enjoyed his little treat! That's all for now!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Testing Mommy's patience

Well I am sure you all can tell from the previous posts that this has been a trying week. Colby and I have both been a little under the weather and it just seems like this week has drug on and we just haven't been able to get out of this "funk" that we are in! I woke up today feeling much better and thought hey this will be a good day! Little did I know haha...well I got up and got myself and Colby ready so we could go to the store. I hadn't been to the grocery in like 2 weeks. We have also been doing poorly on our eating this week...we had eatin out or picked food up almost all week mainly b/c I have been sick and not feeling like cooking or going to the grocery. Besides a couple breakfasts I hadn't cooked at all. So today I went to the store with my planned out menu and was very proud. Well Colby was pretty good at the store...he has learned though how to reach behind him and chunk things out of the basket which is kinda a pain but other then that he did good. So we got home and unloaded everything then played before lunch. My thoughts were still thinking hey this is a good day we had already gotton a lot done and I was looking forward to a healthy lunch (sandwhich, carrot sticks, peaches, and a sugar cookie) =). Well no sooner then I had Colby about asleep while drinking his milk the doorbell rang. It was our lawn company b/c our grass has all of a sudden died. They were coming to spray. So I had to get up set Colby down and answer the door, go unlock the gate, and put Allie away. Well all this activity must have hyped Colby up b/c after that he didn't seem like he was ready to nap at all. Well I went on and put him in his bed, made my lunch and settled down to eat when the phone rang (stupid wrong number). I sit down again to eat and the doorbell rings. Again its the lawn people telling me we have some type of worm in our yard. Oh goodie! Well all of this again I'm sure disturbed Colby. Well he went down for his nap around 12:30 or so. At around 2 I already heard him playing. I thought that was not a long enough nap at all. He should have slept until 3:30! Well I waited until about 2:45 then I thought I would be nice and go get him and let him lay with me on the couch and we would both rest for 30 min or so. Well that did not work! All he did was squirm around. So finally I just got him up and was going to let him play until about 4:45 then I would lay him down for a little while before dinner. Well he was playing and knocked a hUGE glass of icewater over! This did not set well with me at all! I know it probably was an accident but I put him back in his bed for 45 minutes. I figured he needed the rest plus a time out for playing with things he shouldn't be. Well again he did not sleep! So Austin came home and rescued me by playing with him for a bit. Then we ate dinner and he worked in the yard. Colby probably slept for about 15 minutes while we ate but that was it! So he was quite cranky tonight! I was so glad to see him go to bed! I always feel bad after a day like this but man did he put me through it today! I know he doesn't mean too but gosh he is exausting some days! I know my patience is running low anyway though from being sick! I am just praying we can start tomorrow on a good note and have a great week next week. Tomorrow Austin and my dad are headed up the USM game (we were all supossed to go this weekend). But I decided with the week we had that I really didn't feel like adding anymore stress to my life! So tomorrow Colby and I are going to spend a couple hours in the morning at my mom's visiting with her. Then we will come home and he will (hopefully nap) and I will watch the game on TV! Well that's all for now! Hopefully my next post will be a happy one!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

14 Months!

Wow Colby is 14 months already! He is growing so much! He is now fully walking. He started really walking about 2 weeks ago and just this week he is pretty much all walking. He has left crawling in the dust! He's so cute to watch toddling from room to room. I still chuckle when I watch him. Its hard to believe this time last year he was just an infant not really able to do much now he is walking, talking, and full of personality! He has about 15 words or more that he says now. He calls every meal "lunch" when you ask him if he's hungry he'll start saying "lunch" "lunch". In fact today we went to a company picnic bbq thing for austin and as soon as we got home he was saying "lunch." He also says "juice" now which is basically anything in a sippy cup. "milk" for a bottle basically b/c that is the only thing he gets in a bottle. He's funny though. But now that he is walking man does he make a mess. All he does all day is bring toys from one room to another. Its quite hard to keep up with him sometimes. Especially this week we have both been a little under the more so then him. I think he is quite tough though b/c I am pretty sure I got what I have from him but he hasn't slowed down any! Well I will close with some pictures of Colby a year ago and some from this week. Just can't believe the difference a year makes!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bad morning!

Well today I feel as if Colby and I both woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Well let me recap a little from earlier in the week. Sunday Colby was a little off in Sunday School. He normally has a blast in there and does really well with not being clingy onto me even though I am one of his teachers. But this past Sunday he was a little whiny and clingy. He was wearing some Harley Davison overalls. But he kept seeming frustrated so I thought maybe what he was wearing was getting on his nerves. So I finally changed him into a t-shirt and shorts and that seemed to help a little but he still wasn't himself. I at first just attributed this to him missing the week before and maybe he was just out of whack. This does seem to happen whenever he misses a week of church. Anyway onto Monday afternoon...I woke up from a nap and felt like I had a sore throat. So now I think back and I wonder if Colby was sick too. He drank a lot that day which is also kinda unusual for him. He drank 8 oz of juice in Sunday School then that afternoon drank about 6 oz of water which he never does! He will sip on water but he never just downs a whole cup! Well Tuesday I started feeling a little worse. Well now onto today Wednesday. We woke up like normal and planned to go to gymrompers. I knew I was getting sick or have a cold but thought Colby might be over whatever he had he had no fever this morning so I figured he would be ok to go ahead to class. Its only 50 min long so I figured this meant he would just come home and take an extra long nap. Well he seemed fine at the house playing and having fun before we left. Well on the way in the car I had given him his sippy cup of juice. I didn't even notice to make sure the cap was on good. Well we were almost to gymrompers when Colby threw it on the floor...well I picked it up and noticed the cap was half off but I thought this had happened when it I started looking at him real closely and he was SOAKED! This would not have been bad if it were just water I would have said ok well he will dry! But it was grape/apple juice so he was a sticky mess. Well this upset me b/c he was in a new white t-shirt anyway. He looked so cute! I always try to dress him cute for things like this! Anyway I picked him up and he had juice all over him and he started to cry. He doesn't like being dirty so I think he could tell that this gross sticky juice was all over him! Well at this point I am thinking let's just go home but then the other part of me is like we drove all the way here we might as well stick it out right? Well we got in there and Colby was acting shy but that's nothing unusual. So he did a few things and started having fun. Well it was time for the circle time which Colby normally loves and he just started crying and pitching a fit...I am not sure if its due to him not feeling well or if he was being hard headed b/c I had taken him off a toy...either way I was outdone at this point! I am already not feeling well so this just capped it off. So I told myself why are we here? I am sick...Colby is pitching a fit...there is no need. So I picked him up without saying a word and walked out. I hope the other mommies don't think I was being too harsh or rude but I was not going to sit there with a child pitching a fit and acting like someone was pulling his toenails out! So we came home and I crazily let him play with water in the kitchen and play his music instruments. I guess this is due to mommy guilt! I put him in gymrompers so he could have a place to go each week and make friends. We have done a few things this week but not much so this was our outlet. So I gave in when we got home and made sure he had fun for 30 min even if it did make a mess so he could expel some energy and feel like he still had a special morning! Well in closing I hope we both just have a cold and get over it by the weekend but I am second guessing going out of town this weekend anyway maybe we need the rest!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Gymrompers and MOPS

Wow this has been quite a busy week for us! Wednesday Colby started back to Gymrompers! I was really excited because he had so much fun over the summer and learned so much! He seemed to be really excited to be back as well. He seemed more confident and wanted to try new things. He also as always was very attentive during the circle time portion. He is always the only one that sits and participates! I hope that is a sign of things to come when he starts school! Right now he is just so excited to learn and I love that! Austin got to go with us since he was off all week. I think he also enjoys seeing Colby have fun there! There was only 1 other little girl though in his class which was dissapointing! I figured it would be a bigger crowd being in the fall and all when older siblings are back in school. I talked to the teacher and we may switch him to the Tuesday class if more kids don't show up. I wouldn't mind at all. They said there were 5 or more in the Tuesday class. So if our Wednesdays opened back up we would start going to the library again! Which would be good! I really enjoyed the story time too.

Thursday was MOPS for Colby and I! I think we both had a great time! I have heard such great things about it. Colby did fine being dropped off...he kinda wanted to cry when he could tell he was being left but I got his sippy cup out and he went and sat in the teacher's lap and started playing. They said he did really well too. He was crying when I got there but I think it was b/c other kids were crying and some were already being picked up so I'm sure he saw other mommies and wondered where his was. I enjoyed my part though meeting other moms and just having a couple hours of adult conversation! I think it will be good for him and I. I think it will make being a stay at home mom easier knowing that I have something to look forward to. I really liked my group I got paired with. Hopefully I will form some lasting friendships here. I am really glad about Colby getting a preschool type experience. Even though he stays in the nursery at church he is often the only child. And next year I think I am going to place him in Mother's Day Out twice a week so this is kind of a warm up to that! I just can't believe my little baby is so big! Well the pictures included are from Gymrompers and MOPS!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

now and then....

The top picture is Colby all ready for the first USM game this year and the bottom picture was Colby dressed up for the first game of the season last year! Hard to believe how much he has grown!

Football + Family = Great Weekend

So this weekend we headed up to Hattiesburg for some college football. It was the first USM home game. We drove up early Saturday morning. When we arrived we went by Austin's parents first thing to drop Allie (dog) off and to visit and eat lunch. We had a good time. Colby was a ham ofcourse. He showed them how much he loves to eat strawberries and even walked a little bit for them. After that we went to the apartment to chill out some before the game. I think we all took naps. We had planned to bring Colby to the game. This would be his first college football game and we were very excited. But at the last minute it looked like rain and we decided to leave him home with his 2 grandmas. In the end we figured he would have more fun this way too. Plus he was already tired due to the car ride and already busy day. So Austin, myself, and our two dads went to the game. We still had a lot of fun. USM won by a lot....they were 52-0 before the 4th quarter even ended so we left early. It was fun though. I like football but I have to say I do get a little antsy sitting there after 2 hours.

The next day (Sunday) we got up and drove to Waynesboro which is where my dad is from. We were going to go to church with all his family then go out to eat. We figured we would just bring Colby in church with us...I didn't know about putting him in a unfamiliar nursery. I am sure he would have done fine but since the whole family was in church I kinda wanted him there too. Plus he is always in the nursery at home so I thought it would be nice for him to sit with us in church. WELL THAT DID NOT LAST LONG AT ALL! He was antsy from the beginning but was beginning to calm down during the music. So I figured well maybe he would go to sleep. That is what he used to do anyway. Well he just started crying and pitching a fit. I know he was in a bad mood though already b/c he was up a lot earlier then normal plus he sat in the car for an hour and sitting in someone's lap during church was not what he felt like at all. So Austin and I took him out and were going to sit outside the sanctuary with him. Well he was sitting in my lap about to go to sleep and all of a sudden I felt something warm. Yes he peed everywhere! All over me all over him and ofcourse none of us have a change of clothes and we are an hour away from the apartment! Yea fun times. So we quickly ran into a bathroom and blotted my skirt dry and then took him out to the truck and changed his diaper and put his pants in the back of Austin's truck to dry. By the time church was out they were dry thank goodness so we got him dressed again and headed to the restaurant. At the restaurant he was pretty good but again I never feel like I fully get to enjoy myself. Much less did I really get to visit with anyone which is a shame b/c 3 of my cousins were there. We did get to talk to them a little at the end I just wish we all lived closer and could hang out with them. Well after lunch we headed back to the apartment and again we all took naps. We were all exausted...well Colby was a little wound up but eventually went to sleep. After relaxing we got dinner and just hung out visiting with my parents and austin's parents then all went for a walk. It was quite a fun trip but tiring! We have several more USM games to go this season so it will be a busy fall! But that's all for now!

Monday, September 7, 2009

BUGS and more BUGS!

Austin was off Friday so we decided to take Colby to the bug museum. We had also never been ourselves. So we headed out bright and early to take this trip. We have been wanting to take Colby somewhere fun for quite a few weeks. Anyway we got there and it was pretty crowded. There was a middle school in front of us so they had the place pretty packed. We were able to scoot around finally though and move away from them. I think Colby enjoyed the outing. He loves being walked around in his stroller. I made the mistake though of giving him his sippy cup when we got in. I thought he would be hot and thirsty since we had to park a few blocks away and walk in. Plus he is weaning off the morning bottle so I figured he would want a little drink. Well little did I know that this started a battle throughout the whole museum. He wanted only to hold onto his "big boy" cup. I am glad he is getting so attached to the cup in some ways so hopefully it means taking the bottle away will be easier. But right now he pretty much only downs juice. He won't really do milk in the cup. Maybe one day when he's really thirsty I dunno. I haven't tried weaning him off completely yet. Well needless to say he held the cup the whole time. I don't think he noticed too many of the bugs though since they are so small. He enjoyed though when we would let him out of the stroller and he could "touch" things. His favorite part of the trip was the butterfly room. I have to say it was my favorite too. They have about 400 butterflies flying around and flowers and plants and even a little pond. Its a very cool place. He was very curious I think with the flying butterflies and he has always loved flowers so this was right up his alley! We took him into the cafe at the end and he had a snack of goldfish. They have bugs to sample but Austin was the only brave one to try that! Maybe when Colby is a little older he will be adventurous also!

Afterwards we took Colby to McAlister's. And man was he a pill. He sometimes is really good in restaurants and other times he wants no part of it! Well this day he wanted nothing to do with it. I think he was so tired from all the bug fun though. We ordered him Mac n cheese off the kids menu (which most of the time he loves) but it was a struggle to get that in him then he didn't want their applesauce at all. Well this left a very frustrated mommy. These days I don't think eating out is really worth it b/c I don't feel like I get to enjoy it. I feel like I scarf down my food while trying to keep a 1 year old fed and happy at the same time! This is why I would just rather eat in! much easier! If Colby pitches a fit its ok or we can let him play or sleep while we eat! Maybe one day eating out will be fun again haha!