Friday, August 28, 2009

Is it Fall Already?

Wow I can't believe that it is that time of year again. School staring back up, cooler weather, and Halloween quickly coming well in a couple months! Well this week we have been blessed with some beautiful weather. It was great especially after several rainy, muggy days! It was actually even cool some mornings which is very weird for August. Sometimes God just chooses to bless us by surprise!

Well this has been a good week with the pretty weather. It hasn't been too busy either which has been nice. It began on Monday with Austin, Colby, and I eating lunch and swimming at my parent's house. Randall also joined us which was nice. It had been awhile since we had really had a "family" lunch over there so it was nice. I know my parents enjoyed having all their kids there. As always Colby had a blast. He loves playing with his grandparents and he LOVES the pool! That evening we ended the day by driving down to the Lake and taking a walk...Colby has never been out there I think he really liked seeing the water. Its a great place to go and walk I don't know why we don't do it more often. There are so many great places in New Orleans that we don't take advantage of often enough! Well on to Tuesday. Tuesday Austin went to play golf so Colby and I just hung out at the house. Wednesday was library day. Now that we have a break from Gymrompers Colby and I go to infant/toddler storytime on Wednesdays. Its actually pretty fun. Its pretty short but it gets us out of the house and Colby gets to see and interact with some other kids. We have kinda made a friend there too. Thursday and Friday were also just stay at home days for us. It sounds boring but I am never bored with Colby! He keeps me on my toes! He is constantly on the move! Its a good thing he sleeps well at night and takes a 3 hour nap or I would lose my mind! But it is fun to watch him learn and discover new things! Today we got his Halloween costume in...I had ordered it a couple of weeks ago. I don't know why I did so early but I got excited when I saw all the Halloween stuff coming out in stores. I guess since Colby was so young last year we didn't buy a costume. He had an outfit but not an actual costume. So we got it in today! He is going to be a dinosaur! Its so cute! I think he really liked it too! He looked like a big stuffed animal! So fun now I can't wait to take him around the neighborhood!

Tonight I had a Sunday School meeting at church so Austin got to spend time with Colby! I think they had fun its always good for them to get to do this since I spend SO much time with Colby its good for him just to have his daddy every now and then! The meeting at church went well! I am really excited about all that God has in store for our church. Its been a rough past couple of months I just hope we can start a new year fresh and hopefully get a lot of new people in! Colby will be promoting to the 1 year old or toddler class. I am glad that he will now have new teachers instead of just his mommy but I have to say I will miss him. I didn't think I would ever want to "teach" my own child but it really was fun! He has done really well too...I thought he would always be really clingy to me but he wasn't he always let me tend to other kids if I needed to which was good! But now he is a big boy so he will be in a new class and I will be split between the pre-toddlers or creepers and the 3's. My heart is really with the babies but I am filling in with the 3's until they can find someone else or I get some children in my class. Right now we have no kids that age. So I might be waiting until Cade promotes. He is only 3 months now so it will be awhile. Maybe by January? Anyway I know God will place me where I need to be for the time being and will use me wherever I am needed! I just feel like I do better with the babies right now since that is what I am used to! Who knows though! Well I better close for tonight! I have included some pictures though of my little dino!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

5 Little Blessings

Wow God answers prayers when we least expect it! Well we have been praying for a few weeks that there would be so more children Colby's age come to church. When he was a baby there were 4 in the baby room. He had 3 little friends. His closest Cameron and Blake both just moved. This left us very sad and dissapointed that there was no one else Colby's age at church. Since he does not go to daycare church and Sunday school are really the only chance he gets to play with other children and associate with other adults outside family. Lately its just been Colby and I. I teach the creeper/toddler class.

This week I have been a little discouraged about everything. We worked very hard to create this class and get the room in shape! I love our little room and I just always wanted some children back there to get to enjoy it! Well my mom has also been praying. In fact she goes to WMU at our church and they do a prayer walk around the church. Well my mom has been going in our room and praying for a room full of children. Well wouldn't you know God answered that prayer today. We had 4 other children other then Colby. It was wonderful. I know Cameron won't be back every week but I sure hope the others come back and that we get more!

It was tiring and hectic but I really enjoyed it. My heart is really with the babies right now. I love this age I guess since I have one and I feel like I can be very effective since I have the experience of dealing with a toddler on a daily basis. I was also very proud of Colby...he wasn't clingy to me at all! I was able to help the other children and even hold them if they were upset and it didn't bother him! Shows my little man is growing up! He played very hard today and enjoyed every minute of it! I know it was good for him to experience this type of situation b/c I am thinking of putting him in Mother's Day Out next year. We also went out to eat afterwards and again he was very good. All in all it has been a wonderful day! Not to mention the weather is gorgeous! I just wish we had time to take Colby to the zoo or something. We will probably take him outside this afternoon though and play or take a walk! I didn't bring my camera today to get a picture of all the kids. I sure wish I would have because at one point they were all sitting in chairs at the table eating a snack like big boys and girls. Colby has never done that before and I thought it was so cute. He was sitting in a little chair at a table like a little person! Well thats all for now but I will post a picture of Colby from last year and this week just to show how much he has grown up!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Just another day in paradise

Well I guess its all just in a day's work for a housewife and a homeowner. These last 2 weeks we have had to call like 3 repairmen out! It seems like when 1 thing breaks a string of things break afterwards. Anyway so first it began with our dishwasher. The handle broke so we had to call Sears to send someone wouldn't believe how expensive it is! Next time we said we will just buy a new one! Then our lock on our front door broke so we had those guys come out and fix it. Again very expensive for 5 minutes of work! Next we notice one of our BRAND NEW WINDOWS is cracked so we had to call them and they are in the process or ordering a new window for our front office. Crazy! Well now to top it off our ac started leaking yesterday so we called the ac repairman and they came out today. Said the thing was just clogged hopefully that is all for now! We have had our string of things happening lately! I am not too upset about it though b/c I have to put it in perspective of least we have all these things that can break, atleast we live in a nice house in a safe neighborhood, and atleast we can call repairmen out to fix it!

Not much else going on this week. I got a haircut today so my parents kept Colby from like 9-12 basically like grandparent preschool! He had a blast though they took him swimming. He was also very tired when we got home which was nice for mommy b/c I was able to put him down for his nap right away so basically I get off easy today I will just have him for a couple hours this afternoon before Austin gets off work. We are having redbeans tonight. Colby loves redbeans...that's right my lil cajun baby! Other then that we plan on just hanging out at home like we did yesterday! Oh and the pictures at the top just show Colby on a regular day at home!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Library Fun and Home cooked meal!

Today I took Colby to the library for infant/toddler storytime. I have been wanting to take him to this but it always conflicted with GymRompers. Well right now we are between sessions for that so I figured now would be the time to go! It was mainly just to get out of the house but I figured it would be fun for him to be around other kids too. I have to say its not nearly as entertaining as GymRompers but I think Colby had fun. The lady that does it just isn't very peppy so she didn't keep the kids attention at all. I was glad we went though. We met another mom with a little boy who is about Colby's age just a couple months younger. So we got to visit and Colby played with Andy. He just needs that interaction ya know. He is the only one right now at church his age so even on Sundays he doesn't get to interact with other children. So we will continue our library visits until GymRompers begins in September.

Today I was also proud of myself I cooked a pork roast with rice, green beans, and corn on the cob. It was really yummy! Colby ate really well too. He ate a lot of pork roast, mac n cheese, peas, carrots, and green beans. I am so proud of my little boy for eating so good. He also had applesauce and Teddy Grahms to top it all off.

Oh and today I feel bad but Colby really tested my patience. I find some days I have more patience with him then others. He acts the same every day but I guess sometimes it bothers me more then others. Either my mood or I am more tired. Anyway he aggravated me several times today and I had to fuss. I just pray tomorrow I will have more patience to sit down and play with him. I know these days are so precious that I need to soak up all the time I can with my little boy before he is off to school and doesn't want to play with mommy! So God, just give me the patience I need tomorrow to be the best mommy and wife that I can be!

Monday, August 17, 2009

13 Months Already!!

Well today Colby is 13 months old! Its so hard to believe! Its amazing how much babies change in a year! A year ago he was still a helpless newborn and now he is a toddler on the move! He is taking a few steps, talking (he has a vocabulary of about 12 words), just so much going on. I think it won't be long before he is really walking...each day he takes a few more steps and he is so excited and obssessed with walking he is getting lots of practice! He has the concept down its mainly just working on balance and confidence. But if you tell him to walk to you he lets go and heads your way sometimes he makes it and sometimes not so much! His words he is saying now are (walk, milk, horse, juice, dada, mama, yes, no, and dog). He also loves climbing. We bought him a toddler playground for his birthday and just recently he has figured out the art of climbing up the slide and turning around to slide down. Very cute but he keeps me on my toes. I still have to watch and help him though he has taken a few spills off the top! Anyway thats the main thing going on with him now! The pictures up top are from his 1 month and then one from today. Amazing how much he has changed!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lunch with old friends

Today was Sunday and it was a great day! We went to church and Sunday School as usual. It was great because Austin was off too! He is usually off on Sundays but sometimes has to work. It seems easier whenever he is there to help with Colby plus it is nice to be able to sit in worship with my husband.
Sunday School was good...right now I am teaching the "creeper class" which is babies 6-12 months. Right now it is just Colby and I. We are longing for some families to join our church with kids Colby's age. He used to have a large class. It was him, Cameron, Blake, and Madi. It was so nice and fun to see him interact with "friends". I really have a heart right now for this age and I have put some work into the room so I hope soon we will have a few babies in there for me to teach. Colby will actually be promoting to the toddler room in a few weeks. He really loves church though. He always has! I think he enjoys the different atmosphere and the freedom of a whole room of basically just toys. He has a blast! He did really well during extended care too. Sometimes I worry that he will cry since he isn't used to being left. The only people who really keep him are my parents. But he always ends up doing great! I think he has only had a couple of Sundays where he has cried and those I think ended up b/c he wasn't feeling well or something! They said he took a nap during the class which I was glad because we had lunch plans.
Well on to we were able to meet the Picketts for lunch at Cannon's uptown. It was so great to see Stefanie and her parents. I miss them so much! I feel like though each time we just pick up where we left off. I just wish we had more time to visit! Colby did really well...he got antsy but he didn't ever pitch a fit or anything so we have to be proud of that! He wanted to be in someone's lap though most of the time! He also tried chicken off of Austin's plate! He will eat just about anything! I hated I didn't get a picture of us today but I didn't even bring my camera with me!
Once we got home we changed Colby out of his church clothes and into a onesie and some comfie shorts, made a bottle for him, and we expected him to drink it and then be out! Oh no he had other plans! We put him in his crib around 2:45...well until 3:45 or later he decided to talk and squeal. I was fine with this until he started getting whiny then I told Austin to go lay him down and turn his music back on. Apparently thats just what he needed b/c we have not heard a peep and its now 5:15. I really don't want him to sleep past 6 b/c then he will not want to go to bed tonight! So I will probably go in there in a little while and try to wake him up!

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Saints are coming!

Well today I was excited to put Colby in his Saints jersey! His Aunt Lizzie gave him this over a year ago and this is the first time he gets to wear it! It is a size 18 months which ofcourse was WAY to ig for last years season and luckily now this is the size he is in so its perfect! We are planning on watching the game tonight as a family...well Colby may see the first half. We are also going to grill burgers, have french fries, and baked beans, and top it off with vanilla icecream with fresh peaches! Yes we are excited about football season so we thought we would celebrate! We don't eat like this often so it will be a nice treat! I am hoping to get Colby to try some hamburger meat, he will also eat a few french fries...hopefully he will try the beans too...and he LOVES peaches!

On another note I think Colby is about to start walking! He has become obsessed with the concept..its really cute but all day he says "walk" and he tries to "walk" from object to object. He has taken about 4 or 5 steps alone. But he tries very hard! He also is really into pushing his little walker toy around. He goes all around the house now! I guess he enjoys seeing the house from a different perspective rather then on all 4s. He was very active this morning I can hardly keep up with him sometimes. He wants to explore every room! I have given up trying to contain him in one room b/c he had figured out how to bust out of our set up anyway. We aren't going to buy gates either I think they are just more annoying then helpful. Lately I just follow him around and do things in whatever room he is in which works out pretty well. His new thing too is climbing up his slide thing he got for his birthday! He climbs to the top stands up and just screams like he is so proud of himself! He's such a little mess now! Its fun to see him growing up and changing! But sometimes its bittersweet because he is really not a little baby anymore!

Monday, August 10, 2009

For This Child I Prayed

I was reading in my baby magazine that I picked up from church tonight and ran across this prayer I thought it was wonderful and is something we should all pray for our children daily. This is my prayer for Colby.

Dear Lord,

As I hold this baby in my arms, I dedicate him to You. Your Word expressly declares that children are a gift from You. The Scriptures explain that children are like arrows in the hand of a warrior, meant to leave a mark. Children are a righteous heritage, a precious blessing, and a powerful responsibility.

There is no way that I can parent this child without Your help, Lord. Standing before you today, I realize the great miracle of birth. I acknowledge Jesus as the giver of breath, the sustainer of life, and the only hope of eternity.

Listen! I hear his gentle breathing.

Look! Have I ever seen such a masterpiece?

How can I help but know You made him?

I see your handiwork every time I look at him. When I hold him, I feel Your presence like never before. I loving him, I catch a glimpse of Your love for me - unconditional, everlasting, and relentless.

Lord, I rely on You for my baby's health. May he grow in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man (Luke 2:52). May the oil of joy be his strength. May he have a cheerful heart and a positive outlook. Protect not only his physical health, but protect him emotionally, dear Lord, and assure his safety and well-being. Plant a hedge of protection around this child, Lord, that wrong people will not have access to him and that he will not find himself in wrong places. Prosper his health physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

O God, I pray for my baby's heart. May he give his heart to Jesus at an early age, and may he assume Christ's servant attitude. Give him hands quick to help the hurting, arms open to love the lonely, and legs willing to go the extra mile.

Bless him with the hope of Immanuel, God with us, working intimately in his life. Give him the hope of being completely accepted, unconditionally loved, and outrageously forgiven. Give him the hope of a future, a home, and an eternity with Christ Jesus. May he know and accept Him as the lover of his soul, the healer of his wounds, and the knower of his name.

Heavenly Father, I dedicate myself to You. I cannot parents without You, dear Lord. Make me the godly example I must be! Allow me to show my little one Christ through my own life: His dying sacrifice, His utter selflessness, His consuming joy, His complete mercy, His undeserved grace, and His unlimited patience. Rally my church family around me with supportive prayers, encouraging words, and generous affection. May their loving kindness provide accountability, strength, and determination to parent my child in wisdom, righteousness, and truth.

For this child I prayed, and for this child I will pray without ceasing. In Jesus' Name, Amen

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Chuck E. Cheese...grandparents...birthday party...and the excitement of toddlerhood

Wow this has been a very busy week since I last posted! Well Thursday we headed up to Hattiesburg to hang out, visit with family, and to attend Colby's cousin Maggie's birthday party! So Thursday we got there around lunchtime. We were able to drop Allie off at Austin's parents house and visit for a few minutes with Austin's dad. Afterwards we ran a couple errands and quickly got Colby to the apartment before he turned into a grumpy, tired little boy! After his nap we went back to Austin's parent's house and ate dinner with them. At their house Colby discovered a new toy! Shelbi and Maggie had a toy shopping cart over there that they used to play with. Well Colby found this to be quite fun! He pushed it all around their house and was practically running behind it! It was so cute we decided that he needed one of his own! Daddy went out the next day to Target and found one similiar but actually cuter b/c it came with food and everything to put in the cart! So now if you tell Colby to go grocery shopping he goes to his cart and starts pushing it around!

Well back to our trip...Friday we woke up and headed out to the mall. We both love the mall there its much different then our lovely local mall Oakwood. I tried to find a swimsuit for our cruise but was not successful! Hopefully I can find one online! Anyway after shopping for a little while we took Colby to Chuck E. Cheese for his first time! I wasn't sure what he would think...I thought he would like it but also didn't know if it would overwhelm him! We knew he liked those little kiddy rides b/c he had ridden one once in the mall before. Well we got him on the cars first thing and he LOVED it! He had so much fun he wasn't scared at all! We also ate some pizza and salad and played a little ourselves. It was fun remembering what we used to have ShowBiz I miss that place but we talked about how much bigger it seemed when we were kids! Anyway glad Colby enjoyed his first visit there. I'm sure it was the first of many to come! Afterwards we took him back for his nap then went out to eat with his parents that night! An overall fun day!

Saturday morning Austin and his dad went to play golf so it was just Colby and I. We hung out at the apartment and ran to Hobby Lobby. I love that store! I could have bought so much there! I got a few fall decorations for our house. We usually put out some stuff but I want to be more festive this year since Colby is getting old enough to recognize things and enjoy holidays! That afternoon was Maggie's birthday party! It was at Austin's sister's house..they live WAYY out in the country. We realized yet again out "city" we are compared to how "country" a lot of their family is. We had fun though. The big kids played on a water slide thing. Colby didn't get that experience we figured he was just a tad too little. But he enjoyed playing inside with Shelbi and Maggie's toys.

In closing I think Colby may be close to walking. He's also doing so much talking these days. But lately I'm not sure due to the excitement of the trip or because he might soon start to walk he loves to talk and squeal in his crib for like an hour after you put him down. It doesn't really bother me b/c he isn't upset he is just basically throwing a 1 man party in his bed! Welcome to toddlerhood. Its a bumpy ride at times but worth every minute to see him soaking up the world and learning new things every day!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

spots and more spots

So Colby has spots! Before anyone freaks out though they are caused from the MMR vaccine he recieved about a week and a half ago. It freaked me out a little yesterday when I got him up and started undressing him and I see red spots all over! My first thought was oh no he got the chicken pox then I started thinking he might be allergic to something! I spent most of the day yesterday trying to figure out what had happened to my little boy! It finally hit me to check the internet. I typed in rashes and it came up with an article about a toddler who had a rash after getting the MMR vaccine. I then looked up more info about the vaccine and found out that this is a common occurance! I don't know why the doctors don't really inform you of these things when they give your child shots who I know though! I also found a great website Its a great place to go for new moms especially! Anyway nothing else major has been happening. Colby had a swim playdate with the Grubbs girls on Monday. It was a lot of fun but did tire Colby I could tell he wasn't totally feeling himself anyway with the oncoming of this rash thing plus he is cutting more teeth. What fun being a 1 year old must be! Lots of shots and lots of teeth coming in at once! My poor baby! Well tomorrow we leave for Hattiesburg! I am looking forward to the change of scenery/pace. It always gets Colby a little out of his routine but we are fortunate to have an apartment there so it does help we can get away and keep him on schedule as much as possible! It should be a fun trip and just a fun time to get away and the 3 of us spend some quality time together as well! We hope to take Colby to Chuck E. Cheese while we are there. I think he will really like it! We have said since last year when Colby turned a year we would take him! He got to ride a little car ride last time we were in H-town in the mall and he loved it! So going by that I think he will love Chuck E. Cheese...he hasn't really eaten any pizza but maybe he will try it and like it! Well I will close for now b/c I have an antsy baby who is ready for his mommy to go play with him!