Tuesday, August 30, 2016

First Days

So school has now been in for a little over 2 weeks for Colby and a little over a week for Lindsay. So far I think they are loving their classes. Colby is in the 3rd grade and has Mrs. Caygle as his teacher. She is new this year to the school. She is older and has 20+ years teaching experience. I am honestly a little excited about him having a "seasoned teacher". I think she will be good for them. He's had younger teachers the last 2 years. Not that that is a bad thing I just think sometimes the older ones have a lot to offer. His class has 13 students I think? He has made some new friends this year and also still has his best friends: Ella, Makyrin, and Nijel. 
We are definitely on a learning curve in 3rd grade. First of all they are using a new behavior system called Dojo points. I still don't understand 100% how it all works. There have been several days he has gotton 1-3 taken away so his behavior grade was a B. He has always been an A behavior student so I am not sure if she counts off for bigger things or he's more comfortable this year and talking more in class. Another thing we are adjusting to is he has a planner. He is responsible for writing down his homework and such. Well first of all for the first few days I honestly didn't think of signing it. In the past we have signed their behavior sheet and since their behavior grade isn't written in their planner I guess I didn't even think of it. I also threw away a Bible study guide one day and he ended up making a D on the test. Again I am totally getting used to the "planner". He used to have a homework page for the week so we could see when tests were coming up. Plus as far as Bible their grade was always based on just memorizing the Bible verse. Agh I felt so bad! But again another thing he probably should have shared with me instead of just expecting mom to figure it out. 
Lindsay has now been in school 2 full weeks as well. She has adjusted beautifully and far exceeded any of our expectations! I really was nervous how she would do with the ALL DAY thing since she had only ever been in 1/2 day preschool before. She really never even seems cranky afterwards. She is super tired at night but not overally cranky or emotional like the transitional year of when Colby started kinder. Its obvious what different children they really are. Her teacher is Mrs. Kuan and Mrs. Hart. I think Mrs. Hart is a little strict but she is loving Mrs. Kuan. I love her room and everything just seems perfect for a preschool class. I love the pace that they seem to be going as well. Its different then her last preschool but she is ready for the pace. Although I have realized Colby at this age would have hated it. I think its a nice balance of work/play for Lindsay though. I took a peek at her schedule and it sounded super fun! So far she has even had a little homework. She had to practice writing her name, find and glue things that began with the letter i and also work on an all about me poster. She has loved doing it all thankfully! 
The only bump we've really encountered with her was that the assistant approached me one morning and told me she wasn't sleeping. She said she would squirm and play around. I got a little annoyed b/c I can't force her to sleep. I told her she pretty much dropped her nap about 6+ months ago. I emailed the teacher though and it looks like they will let her look at books or they will work one on one with her. 
So far they are having a great year! I miss them but I am enjoying my new schedule too! 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Weekend with Daddy

Austin had a 4 day stretch off this past weekend that was super nice! WE are not used to having him off on weekends so this was a treat especially after the first week of school.
Friday we had a busy day planned. I brought Colby to school then met Austin and Lindsay at the Honda place. My van was due to be serviced. From there we went to the bank then out to the mall. I wanted to get Lindsay some plastic lunch containers from PB kids and I figured with waiting they would be marked down. We got out there right at 10 and picked out her containers and they were marked down! After we just browsed and went into the Disney store. Ofcourse she and Colby both left with a small happy. We don't make it out there often so I let her get an Alice in Wonderland set and Colby got a car. From there we walked a bit then decided to go have lunch. We enjoyed our time with just Lindsay. I think it was becoming real to us that she was about to start school and this won't be a regular occasion anymore. After lunch we came on home. Lindsay was also spending the evening with my parents. As you might recall Colby had his turn last week. So they came and got her about 2ish. Once Austin got home from school with Colby we just enjoyed our time with him. We had loaded potato soup that night which he loved! After dinner we even took a walk and he was able to walk Allie. That night he chose Milo and Otis as his movie. It was fun just hanging out with him. We realized how quiet it is with only 1 kid! 
The next morning after sleeping in we went to pick up Lindsay. We promised the kids a fun outting and again with the rain we had to get them out and get some energy out! We ended up deciding on BooKoo Bounce. Honestly not my fav...I really wanted to just bring them back to the Children's Museum but that's where the kids chose. They had fun though for about an hour before getting bored. We came home and had lunch and rested. We then spent the afternoon working around the house. That evening our friends Ashleigh, Makylee, and Makyrin came over for pizza. It was fun having friends over. Its something I feel we don't do enough of. The kids had a blast together and enjoyed playing. 
Sunday ofcourse was church day. This week we made it a family goal to go home after 1st service. We have had a few long Sundays lately. We also knew with Lindsay starting school we needed to rest as much as possible and have them to bed early. It was so nice to get home around 11 and just hang out as a family. We ended up doing a lot of playing outside which was fun. We cooked that night and just enjoyed being together! It was a wonderful weekend! As I always note: we appreciate weekends so much more after school starts! 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Back 2 School!

So last week began our back 2 school! We were back into the full time routine with Colby starting back on Monday. Monday after dropping him off Lindsay and I went to get coffee then had to grocery shop. I was glad to take her to get coffee before she is in full time. That afternoon we hung out and enjoyed our time together before going to pick him up. I think she really missed him and was also upset b/c she didn't get to start to school that day! 
Tuesday was a very busy day for me. We were watching our little friend Makylee that morning. We picked her up whenever I dropped Colby off at school. I decided a park trip would be necessary b/c I wasn't sure I wanted to be home all day with a 3 and 4 year old! it was nice b/c it was fairly overcast and breezy at the park. Our friends Sadie and Ebbie met us as well. The girls all had a great time playing. We got there at 8:30 and stayed until about 10:30. It was about 11 when we got in. I tried to get a few things accomplished around the house but I was distracted with the girls. Finally around 11:30 I made them their lunch. By 12:30 they were ready to watch a movie. I was shocked when during the movie I looked over and Makylee was asleep! My kids have never fallen asleep watching a movie! She ended up sleeping the whole afternoon. We finally woke her up at 2:30 so we could get ready to go pick up Colby. After getting Colby her dad met us in the parking lot to get her. We came home and relaxed a bit before I had to get ready that night for parent orientation. My parents came over and watched the kids and we went to the orientation. I am excited again for a new year! We think its going to be a great year for both kids. After orientation we did our yearly thing and went to have dinner. We just went to Chickfila...even though its nothing fancy its just a sweet time to get to talk and catch up and if nothing else just enjoy the quiet of no kids! 
Wednesday was another school day for us ofcourse. I had a meeting with our new preschool director at PJs. Lindsay got to be there for the ride. She did really well and was super patient. She colored and played games on my phone. We met for 2 hours. After that she and I went to Target to get a few things. We came home and just enjoyed some down time. She took a long nap that afternoon. We thought we were going to church for a children's meeting that night but the bottom ended up falling out as Colby was getting home from school. My parents brought him home. Well it slacked off so the kids and I got ready and thought we would try to go anyway. We were going to eat at Cane's before. Well right whenever we crossed into Algiers the sky opened up again. I could hardly see and I couldn't imagine trying to get the kids in/out of the car in that! At that point I just knew it wasn't worth it. We picked up our chicken and came home! I felt bad not being there but I feel like maybe God knew we just needed a night in. It was nice to get them in bed early. 
Thursday we had a nice girls day. We ended up meeting my friend Ashley and Jackson for an early lunch. It rained again almost all day so it was nice to get out and let Lindsay do some playing. We ate at chickfila and visited while the kids played. That night we stayed in. 

Friday, August 12, 2016

Weekend RoundUp

So on Friday we went to pick up Colby early that morning. But first I did take Lindsay to get donuts. That's a rare treat for us and it had been awhile since we had had them. I figured since her brother was getting a special day I would do that for her. 
We picked him up about 9:15 and headed off to the Children's Museum. We hadn't been in a few months and somehow we had let most of summer go by without going. The kids were super excited! I love now that they are old enough to pretty much do their own thing when we go there. The first thing they chose to do was go to the grocery store. We stayed there for quite awhile. They were so cute going back n forth from shopper to cashier. The next place they wanted to go was the cafe then the play houses. That area kept them busy for awhile then it was off to the boats. Again it was just so nice to sit while they were off playing. I loved watching them have fun together. They played in the boats for quite some time before we moved on to the forest area. After that we headed downstairs...the new Vietnam area didn't impress them much but it was almost 11:30 by that point so we were winding down anyway. They played a bit in the exercise area before we headed home. I enjoyed having them home the rest of the day and we sat down together and watched the Olympics ceremony as a family. Good times! 
Saturday we had a low key/lazy morning. The kids had a b-day party later in the day but it was nice to relax and get some stuff done during the day. We ate lunch then got ready and left for the party. It was for 1:00 at the Monkey room. We left right around 12:30 and got there just in time. Lindsay had a blast seeing all her old friends. It was so neat getting them all together one final time before they all start school and make new friends. Colby even had a good time since he loves the Monkey Room. The party ended at 3 and we came home. I was pretty tired when we got in so I laid down for a bit. By the time I got up Austin was home. We cooked dinner and ate. He put up a swing in the front yard in one of the trees so we enjoyed going out that evening and letting the kids play. 
Sunday was church day. It was quite a busy day for us! We taught in first service. We had 10 kids I believe. It was quite busy too! The dynamics of the class have shifted now that the older ones have promoted. Lindsay was one of the oldest. There were 2 other boys who I believe are also 4. The rest of them were 2 or 3. It will shift the way we do things for awhile. It went well though. They loved the space and rocket theme. We ended up staying for 2nd service b/c our little friend Ella was being baptized and neither us or the kids wanted to miss that. They sat in church with us...they were restless at times but overall did well. I am glad that we don't have to wrestle them in church every single week but I do like to bring them in with us occasionally so they can see what big church is all about. After church we ended up going out to eat with my parents and brother. It was a fun lunch and not something we get to do often with all of us! It was a great day but a long one! That afternoon we just rested and focused on getting Colby ready to start school! 

Monday, August 8, 2016

Last Week of Summer

So this week has been all about enjoying the last week of summer and recovering from camp. 
So on Monday I felt like we hit the ground running. We were up early that morning b/c I had a 9:00 dentist appointment. I brought the kids to my parent's house so they could swim and play. After the dentist appointment I went and did my grocery shopping for the week. I have to admit it was nice going alone again. Not that my kids are bad in the grocery its just a whole other experience of constantly talking or answering questions and a lot of times I feel frazzled. My parents kept them all afternoon until about 4. I did enjoy the quiet and rest and it came at a perfect time with camp. 
Tuesday the kids and I had a fun day. First we had to wait until the dryer repairman came. After that we were able to get dressed and go to Target. We had to get Layla a b-day present and exchange one of Colby's Lego sets. After that we had a fun outting. We went to meet Lizzie at the hospital. We had been telling her all summer that we wanted to do that. Once we finally found a parking space we went up to the 2nd floor to find her in her office. She showed us around the cardiology unit a bit. She even did an echocardiogram on Colby. After that we went down to the 1st floor to the cafeteria. She bought us lunch and we had a nice visit with her. The kids had chicken tenders and fries and she and I had gumbo. After that she brought us up to the top floor to see the helicopter but unfortunately it wasn't there. We then went down to the Ambulance Bay and actually saw an ambulance pull in. I think the kids really enjoyed it and now they might consider something in medicine as a future career to explore. The rest of the day was pretty low key. 
Wednesday we woke up to what seemed like was going to be bad weather. We had debated a park or even the Children's Museum. When I saw how overcast and stormy it looked I wasn't sure we would be able to do either. Luckily by the time we were dressed and ready it still hadn't rained so we decided to pack up and hit the park. We went to the park closest to our house not knowing if it would rain shortly after arriving. It was a park we hadn't been to in quite awhile. It doesn't have a whole lot of shade so going there on a sunny day during the summer would be miserable. It was perfect though! It was overcast, windy, and even a slight mist at times. The kids had a blast! We ended up staying an hour! There was only one other kid there and she was 4. I loved watching them swing and climb and just be kids. There's always been something special about going to a park for me. I don't think kids get enough "park" time. I love it and I guess I appreciate it more now b/c with them getting older and more activities and school we just don't get to go as often as we once did. It just made me thankful for their ages right now. After the park I decided to take them to lunch at Chickfila. I figured it would be our last "lunch out" before school. We had a nice time just visiting. I even let them turn in their books for icecream. It was just a sweet morning! The rest of the day we hung out at home. 
Thursday was Meet the Teacher for us. We were excited to go and meet both of their teachers since they were both new. Colby's teacher is an older lady that has been teaching for 20+ years. I look forward to the year ahead. I think she is going to do great things with them! He hasn't had a "seasoned" teacher since prek so I am looking forward to what her life experience has to offer in the classroom. Lindsay's teacher was also very sweet. She seems excited to teach prek and I think will be a great fit. After that we went to my parents house to let the kids swim. I hated I didn't get in b/c it was SO hot but the kids enjoyed it. They swam then we ate lunch. Colby stayed and spent the night with them. It was nice having a quiet afternoon with Lindsay. 

Saturday, August 6, 2016

CentriKid Camp 2016

So our entire family just got back from CentriKid Camp. We were excited when we found out about a year ago that this year for camp they would be taking the completed 2nd graders with them. We knew we would want Colby to go. We talked throughout the year and had decided that Austin would go along with him. This was our plans until about 2 weeks ago. I had looked forward to a girl's weekend with Lindsay. 
Well about 2 weeks ago while at church I was asked to be a girl chaperone. They said we could even bring Lindsay and go along as a family. We thought about it and said YES! We talked to Lindsay and gave her the option and she was super excited to go to big kid camp! 
So on Friday off we went! We were to meet at the church at 12. We got there a few minutes before. Most of the children were already there. We hung out for a little bit while everyone arrived and the kids got settled. We then took a picture and prayed and we were off! Since our whole family was going we took our van. In our van we also carried: Ella, Makyrin, and Raymond. There were 5 other children in the other van. The kids were super excited and it was quite a noisy ride. We drove to Slidell to stop at Chickfila. We arrived a little after 1. It was super crazy and busy there and a little overwhelming! We finally got all the kids settled and their food. I sat at a table with Colby, Ella, and Lindsay. We left there about 2 and drove the rest of the way to camp. We arrived about 4:30. We got there and immediately the CentriKid staff took the kids from the car. I am not sure where they went or what all they did while we parked the car. We finally were able to park the car then we went down to the worship center and met up with them. From there they played a few games and then had our picture made. After that we made our way back to the vans and unloaded them so we could get settled in the cabin. When we got in our cabin we were a little surprised to already see another church group had settled in. We had a moment of panic that there wouldn't be enough beds but we got it figured out. The 2 sisters took a bottom bunk together, Ella slept on a top bunk alone, and Lindsay and I shared the bottom under Ella. After settling in it was time to go to dinner. At dinner we had chicken tenders, mashed potatoes, and peas. They also had a selection of cakes and such. It was so hot though I wasn't very hungry. After dinner we had a little time before worship so the kids wanted to try canoeing. That was their FAV thing of the weekend. Worship was fun! I liked the high energy worship service. After that the kids were dismissed to their "teams". The adults hung around for a meeting after that. Once the meeting was over the kids came back to the worship center and we joined up and headed to our church time. This was basically a time for us to spend together as a group and Stephen gave us a few pointers for the weekend. After that we had "hang time" and it was our night for the pool. We rushed back to the cabin and the kids got on their swimsuits. The only problem was it was about a mile walk to the pool. It felt like it took us forever to get there! by the time we got there they really didn't even have long to swim. Lindsay only swam for about 10 min b/c she got out saying she had to go potty. She and walked back to the cabin but the rest of the group wasn't far behind. We got the girls all showered and ready for bed. We were all in bed I think by 11. We were all quite exhausted. I didn't sleep well though...I guess just first night in a new place. 
That morning we were all up bright and early on Saturday! The other two adults in the room got up at 6 and jumped in the shower! I had to wait around until like 6:20 to get mine. I felt very rushed the whole morning since I not only had to get myself ready I also had to get Lindsay dressed as well. We finally made it out the cabin shortly after 7 and everyone was waiting on us. We went to breakfast. At breakfast they served bacon, grits, and eggs. After breakfast we went to Morning worship. Again another great time and a great way to wake up and start the morning. After morning worship the kids went to Bible Study. During this time we had another Adult Meeting. During the Meeting Lindsay started to get very restless. I mean 2 hrs in one place will do that to a 4 year old? I decided to step out and walk her around. We ended up finding a bench in the shade. During that time the kids came out for rec. We wanted to watch Colby participate some in this but it was so hot and there was no where really to sit in the shade. We ended up telling Stephen that we were going to take Lindsay to walk some of the trails. So we took about a 25 minute walk through the woods then went and sat on the cabin porch. It was nice to just have that quiet time with her. Around 10:45 we went to where they were having rec. We waited and played a bit with Lindsay. At 11 it was time for lunch. I think we were all hungry and ready to be in the AC for a bit. They had pizza for lunch...which ofcourse my 2 hardly touched. Thank goodness for the chocolate frozen bar they also served :). After lunch the kids had to get ready for their Track times. Some of them had swimming so we all walked back to the cabin so they could change. Then they went to their tracks. After this we decided we needed a change of scenery with Lindsay. She was getting antsy and didn't understand why she couldn't participate in the big games. So we bribed her with a trip to Walmart. It was nice to just have a little break. We got L a small toy which helped her being sad about not being able to play with the big kids. We also got some orange shirts for the OMC competition. Once we finished we got back to camp and Lindsay and I went to the cabin to cool off. I laid down and actually dosed off a bit while she played. The other two adults were in there during that time too. After about an hour she and I got up and found Austin and we walked over to where Colby was participating in outdoor games. We could tell by that point that he was very HOT and TIRED b/c he just wasn't really even participating. Once we walked back they went to their Bible study and we had another Adult meeting to prepare for OMC. 
B/c of bad weather in the area OMC got moved indoors. It was a little disappointing that we didn't get to see an outdoor one but the kids had fun. The only thing was during this Lindsay was VERY tired. She finally gave up the ghost when I sat down in a chair with her. I was glad she could get some sleep in. She slept for probably 30 min in my arms. After that we walked back to our cabins. The kids needed just a little bit of down time. We let them cool off for a bit before heading out to dinner. That night they had spaghetti. We ate dinner then had a little more free time before evening worship. I felt like by that point the kids were SO tired! Many were falling asleep during the service. Afterwards we went to our church group time again. We had a little time together and our church host girl presented her testimony. After prayers we were allowed to have free time. Ella, Lindsay, and I went back to the cabin. We were absolutely exhausted. They got their showers and I even got a quick one as well before the other girls in our cabin arrived. We all settled down early that night and I slept really well. 
We were up bright and early though on Sunday. Alarms went off at 5:30 so I went ahead and got up and got myself ready. Ella was up as well and got completely dressed. Soon the others were up and dressed and packed their stuff. We had a little time to just sit outside while we waited to have our stuff together. We loaded up the vans then went to have breakfast. After breakfast the kids went to one last Bible Study and we had an adult meeting. The guys had decided during this time to move the Vans closer so that when we got out of worship it would be a quick exit. I took Lindsay into the church b/c it was getting hot and she was wanting to sit down. The meeting was hilarious as they showed all the lost and found stuff from the weekend. Well I found out during this time that the other van we brought had a flat tire and Austin and Millard were going to Walmart to fix it. It made me a little nervous about if they would get back in time and also it was pretty much just me left to watch for the kids to return. The kids got back at 9:45 for the the Closing Worship service. It was cute b/c Lindsay really warmed up during this time. She was singing, dancing and clapping her hands! After the worship service we packed up the kids and headed out. Oh and it was such a God thing b/c the guys made it back like 5 min before it was over with the fixed tire! 
So the trip home was loud and boisterous. I think Makyrin was the only one that fell asleep. We let the kids watch Zootopia so that helped to keep them semi-calm. There was a little more attitude and whining on the ride home. You could tell they were all just tired. We stopped in Hattiesburg at McDonalds which was a nice break. After that we had 2 hours for the ride home. The last hour they didn't have a movie to watch so there was a lot of talking during that time. We got back to the church about 2:30. They were having Laekan's reception. We hated not to stay but we felt gross and were so tired and knew we had so much to do when we got home! 
I am thankful for this trip to camp. It was tiring and a lot of work but it was so fun! i think I would definitely sign up again to go next year. I am glad Colby got this experience as well. He seemed so grown up on the trip and loved every minute. I was also thankful we were able to bring Lindsay too. There were times it was more tiring and challenging but I think she had a great time too! She will be a camp expert by 2nd grade!